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Symantec Corporation
20330 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014-2132
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Symantec Customer Service
By -

I had a rogue program, later identified as a misleading application on my computer which is "protected" by Norton 360 with up-to-date Norton Antivirus. I called Symantec, talking to technicians in India and the Philippines. First they wanted to charge me $99 for something their program is supposed to protect me from. Finally a supervisor gave in and said a technician would call within 24-48 hours and fix the problem at no charge. 72 hours later, I called back and got a supervisor, this time in India. After going around about what was promised, he said he would put me through to Customer Relations, and would NOT put me on hold.

I think I would still be waiting for the call transfer if I hadn't finally hung up. Symantec, get your act together. Stop outsourcing. Put solutions to know problems on your updates or let us know how to prevent such problems BEFORE they occur. Right now, I consider you to be a company without honor. How can we possibly trust your products if you do not live up to your word. If you have to, hire these people who develop these ugly programs. They seem to be ahead of the game and ahead of your technicians.

Symantec/Norton Rips Off Consumers and Has No Customer Service
By -

GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK -- Symantec/Norton (one name must be an alias!) has to be the worst company around. I have the feeling their "customer service" is really non-existent. I downloaded and paid for a security system for my PC on January 27th, 2008. The subscription was to run through Feb. 3rd, 2009. On April 18th, I started getting notices that my Symantec/Norton function was due to be renewed. Thus started my quest to contact Symantec/Norton to straighten out the problem. Forget it. It is such a scam.. I am going further with my complaints, and posting negatives and warnings about this company everywhere I can. I hope they get out of business.

The website is inactive, the emails are all form responses from a place called "digital river" - it is like they are in a river! They gave me a website address that didn't exist. I will never buy another Norton or Symantec product again. I was amazed (when I got to your site) at the number of complaints about this company, but I think we need some solutions. They should be shut down and not allowed to do business on the ISP's. I was never for regulation of the internet, but it is companies like this that will force regulation to happen. Boycott Symantec/Norton, and for those about to choose a security system, do yourself a favor, and don't get Symantec/Norton!

Snubbed by Symantec
By -

OXNARD, CALIFORNIA -- Several months ago the motherboard fried on my desktop PC. After replacing the motherboard and reloading the OS (Microsoft XP) I attempted to load Norton AV-07. The software informed me to contact Symantec regarding the license as it needed to be authenticated. This was also the case with Microsoft as the OS needed to be validated; a very simple process. Getting the OS completed was a snap. Symantec on the other hand informed me that there was nothing that they could do given that all three licenses had already been registered. I also had Norton installed on my wife's laptop and on my school laptop.

After explaining that I had just replaced the motherboard and only needed to be validated, as I had the original key and licenses, the support services told me basically to get lost, nothing they could do. I reviewed their policy regarding hardware failure and it was not addresses. I spoke to a few people and they thought that maybe I had just talked to the wrong person so I tried again, same story. I removed Norton Anti-Virus 2007 from ALL my computers along with System Works and sent the CDs along with the keys back to their World Headquarters in Cupertino, CA. I will never buy nor advocate another Symantec product again.

Symantec Customer Support
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I have worked in IT for over 20 years and I have never seen a company's tech support and customer care deteriorate as badly as Symantec. Anyone considering a corporate product such as Backup Exec (formally Veritas) or Corporate Antivirus (the server-based platform) should seriously consider alternatives before they commit to this company. Current case in point- One of my client's Backup Execs stopped working after I upgraded it to version 11d. I opened a tech support call a week ago and it took five days to get a callback even though I rated the call as critical since we had been without a backup for days.

I was on hold for 75 minutes yesterday after getting back in the queue and still never spoke to anyone. And by the way, if you happen to be on hold at 5:00 PST, guess what? They dump all the calls in queue and go home. Our company has an install client base of 50 or so that use Symantec products , and I am here to tell you we're MAKING EVERY EFFORT to throw them out the door. Talking to our software distributors (I will let them remain nameless) they confirm they are hearing this from many integrators such as ourselves. They should be ashamed of themselves. Their stockholders should throw the management out the door.

Customer Service
By -

We were having license activation problems with our Norton Antivirus and were forced to call customer service to resolve or even find out what the problem was. There is no way to resolve activation issues on line. Normally, these issues are handled by staff. Because I happened to purchase this license, I offered to contact Norton. I was on hold for over 25 minutes. When finally helped, it was by an individual with a heavy accent. The individual's English skills may be excellent, but I was having trouble understanding her.

She proceeded to imply my company had abused its number of licenses and we were essentially dead in the water. I was stunned. It was a 'you have got to be kidding me' moment. I offered, at our IT guy's suggestion, to reinstall all active machines to resolve the issue and prove we were under the number allowed on our multi-seat license. She kept repeating an unintelligible scripted mantra over and over, refusing to have a discussion... then just hung up on me. After 40 minutes of my time regarding a legitimate issue that is the fault of the vendor, I was listening to overseas air on the phone.

It's not just the money we spent on the service/software. It's not the hours of staff time I have had to pay for. It's not the time I could be spending running a business. It is that I am the CUSTOMER. Norton, like some kind of authority, acts like we are at their disposal and have no choice in vendors. I doubt I am alone in this revelation and will keep an eye out to see how the giant is affected, as others act on their disappointment. I have sent emails to Norton. If any resolution is forthcoming, I will update this posting.

New Symantec "Scam"
By -

Symantec has started issuing a Debit Card instead of a check for its rebates. Aside from the need to treat it as a Charge Card, even when it says "Debit", the outrageous usage fees if it is not used immediately ($3 a month after 6 mo.), and the uselessness at gas pumps etc, there is a real catch: If the item you want to purchase is of MORE value than the balance available on the card, it will be refused IN TOTAL! You can't make it part of the payment! So, you may never be able to get the full value of the card unless you can convince a merchant to ring up an exact balance on the card a the charge amount. Neat trick, huh! Oh, they say it was due to customer demand for this type of payment. Sounds like petty fraud to me!

Computers Crash
By -

350 ELLIS STREET, CALIFORNIA -- Norton Utilities 15 was installed on two different computers to give them a tune up. Before running the program, both systems functioned properly. After running Utilities, both computers crashed - fragmenting Windows. The data on one computer is now unrecoverable. Besides useless telephone assistance from India, Norton will offer no other support or help to remedy the situation.

By -

SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA -- Why are you annoying me with demands for renewal of my security coverage with you, while I am paid up till Oct.25-09. I am getting fed up with you!!! Please stop bothering me. Or I will change to another company.

Moritz Altman

Symantec And The Big Issues That They Have
By -

We recently had to upgrade from Backup Exec Version 8 to Version 12.
The IT Manager was hesitant of upgrading, as there had been massive problems with upgrading to Version 10 which eventually got axed.

"It will be fine" I told him. My God was I wrong.

As an IT professional I have never had to deal with such a horribly managed company. Even after 6 months, our Backup Exec 12 software is still not working correctly due to continuously being issued incorrect Installation Keys.

It got to the point where the Upgrade process was so complex and mixed up by Symantec that we had to involve the Distributor from whom we got the software off. 3 months he has been working with Symantec to get us 11 License Keys.
This is not a joke, this is real... unfortunately.

Symantec Portals and processes are so tied up with trying to prevent piracy and copyright infringement that they have made it too hard even for the IT professionals to get what they require.
Stay clear of Symantec and Backup Exec.

The worst company I have ever seen, and I have seen some real shockers!

Deplorable customer service
By -

NOT KNOWN -- My vote for "worst customer service of the decade" goes to Symantec. Over the course of two weeks I was bounced around from one 800# to the next, six in total, but could never get a satisfactory answer to my problem because I was always on hold listening to a recording about "our usual fine service". Emails? Forget it - they don't answer them. Because their system couldn't identify my produce serial number I couldn't renew a subscription and was forced to buy a new (3 computer) package. Then, when I tried to download the new product to a second computer their system once again could not find the new serial number. They are literally forcing me to spend $209.85 instead of $49.95 but I can't endure any endless sessions being put on hold. I would appreciate a recommendation for another anti-virus company.

D Beaulieu
Nadi, Fiji

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