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Customer Service?? What Customer Service?
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So, my 'protected by Norton' laptop contracted a horrible virus... I contacted Norton for help and they pressure-sold me a $99 package where a 'technician' gains access to your system remotely and removes the virus. They assured me that it would be fixed to my liking before the process was complete.

Well, four-hours later, my system was INOPERABLE! I tried to contact them via online chat and telephone chat for hours, constantly being booted off, put back into the endless queue, or giving some half-witted 'excuse'. I even scheduled a call from them one evening... which, SURPRISE, never came!

I did this for four days straight and finally took my laptop to a local repair shop who told me that the virus was STILL there!

So, a week later, I am still fighting with them to get my money back... just today, I was transferred to three various reps when I went online to get a refund... are they kidding??

HORRIBLE software, HORRIBLE company, HORRIBLE customer service. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!
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Soaring Consumer on 02/25/2009:
Dispute the charges.

I recommend Kaspersky's Internet Security suite. It is the best protection available.
ok4now on 06/20/2009:
WOW!!! It doesn't get much worse than this. Symantec really screwed you. Their poor customer service is without equal. I gave up on these people years ago. Stop fighting for a refund and aggravating yourself. Just file a dispute with your C.C. company. You'll get your money back and won't have to deal with these azzholes. I had a similar problem with WebRoot. Read my review if you want the details. I've had good luck with Zone Alarm. Not a big name player but they offer solid performance and decent customer support. Modified Kaspersky anti-virus and a great firewall. Highly configurable with alert warnings. Free 15 day trial and easy to delete if you hate it. Give it a try.
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Norton 360 stinks
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I bought Norton 360 in July and installed it on my two computers.
In December one of my computers got "hyjacked" by a bot that sent out over 400,000 emails a day. I only learned of the security breach because my ISP shut down my service.
Norton technical support was no help. They could not understand my problem and kept telling me that the problem was with my ISP.
I went with another security provider, OneCare, and they solved my problem.
When I returned Norton 360 to get my money back they refused because it was passed the six month refund period.

Stay away from Norton 360
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jktshff1 on 01/19/2009:
Yes it Does
Starlord on 01/19/2009:
I had Norton 360 as part of the installed software when I bought my Compac at WalMart* and had to end up uninstalling it. It was a bear to get done, because they do not mean for you to be able to do that, I think I still haven't gotten it all out. Every time I tried to surf, I would get a message that Norton had shut down the Windows Autoupdate feature. I deleted it and fired up my Security Suite 8 Professional, a fantastic security program. I now have version 9 installed and it is a dream.
Carlytoes on 02/09/2009:
Version is Beta and 360 doest not nor is it intended to work with any Beta and your Security Suite 8 probably is not working properly either and you just don't know it..
Starlord on 02/09/2009:
No, my Security Suite 8 was working just fine, and 9 is out now, and I have it. Do you mean the Norton 360 was a beta version? If so, it should have been noted so the owner/user would be aware of it. I have spoken to many others who also believe that you cannot completely uninstall Norton. it is like a stubborn virus, you can't get it out with dynamite.
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Beware Of Downloading From Symantec
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I kept encountering problems while trying to up date my Norton Antivirus program. Symantec suggested contacting their consumer service dept. which I did. After three separate attempts the technician asked to take control of my computer which she assured me would be perfectly safe. One and one-half hours later, with no progress I suggested that I could find a different supplier. She requested fifteen minutes to make one last attempt. Unfortunately I agreed. I then saw folders flying across my screen and some were erased. In short order I found that I could not even get on the computer. The reason, it turned out, was that she had completely erased my hard drive.

The manager who responded to my complaint (after I found the problem) offered me a one year free subscription to one of Symantec's products. Given that I have now spent approximately $2,000 to recover my data and purchase a new computer I feel that his offer was a bit insufficient.
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Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
It's a shame you had to find out the hard way what kind of junk software Symantec is pushing these days. Symantec as you found out will take a good computer and make a paper weight out of it. Try AVG, they have a home version that's FREE!
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
I second the AVG suggestion. Yep, free, and I've been using it for years with NO problems.

Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
Why would you need to purchase a new computer?
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
Wondered that myself, Ken. In the dark days before I went to Mac (cheers erupt from the auditorium) I used Spybot Search and Destroy for spyware. At their site, I read enough horror stories about Symantec. While Macs aren't totally immune, they are much easier to keep clean. Good luck poster...visit your local Apple store ;-).
MRM on 01/14/2009:
Doc J, in my personal experiences, Spybots, adaware, and other similar programs, do not work. My clients would turn on the computer and the anti-virus ad would pop up telling them to purchase the program. I would just skip the malware scanning and format the harddrive and re-install Windows.
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
Agreed, MRM. I had run Spybot, 'cleaned' what it found, run Adaware, find things Spybot missed, clean it with Spybot, and find the original bug was still there. I spent a bundle on such programs until I made the logical choice and went Mac. Today, I wouldn't use a PC for a boat anchor.
MRM on 01/14/2009:
As a personal preference, I like using Windows due to programs that I need. Also, I have never have any malwares or viruses attacked my PC as long as I have a firewall installed.
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
MRM, very true and best answer. Mac's will always have a niche market but PC's will dominate the market for a long time to come mainly because of the software needs of the users. If everything on a Mac just works, then why does a website called "Mac fix it" exist? Here are a few choice topics on

-Login window stuck!
-lower case "S" key not working!!
-Menu bar keeps flashing
-I can't drag and drop!

Here are the results of the Mac -vs- PC market share for 2008:

PC = 90.73% (Windows)
Mac = 8.03%
Linux = 0.76%

Mac did pick up a point and a half over 2007 to their credit. We have PC's, Mac's and Linux boxes because of the testing we have to perform but "to build it" it's almost always done on a PC.

The reason the Mac guys rant and rave so much is because with windows having 91% of the market they also have 91% of the problems. Mac problems may seem less but it's only because Mac's have such a small market share.
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
Super--indulge many PC consulting sites, repair sites, etc exist? And, gosh, I'd far rather have a malfunctioning 's' key than the catastrophic system failures detailed on the PC sites. Your comment is a bit misleading. A better comparison would be mean failures per machine comparing the PC to the Mac. More simply put, since changing over, I spend more time with my Mac doing something, rather than fixing something. If keeping a 10% market share will ensure this continues...I hope PCs continue to outsell Macs. PCs outsell Macs for one reason...consumers want 'cheap' computers.
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
PC's will always have a 10-1 complaint ratio because they out sell Mac's 10-1. Bought the Wife a Mac a few months ago, she loves it. It did have a few bugs that had to be sorted out. I have no love/hate thing between the PC's and Mac's. The Mac users are a very vocal bunch from what I see. Just as the Linux PHP/MySQL guys are very vocal about what they do. They only have a 20% market share but seem to make 80% of the noise out there.

Mac's are not without issues just as PC's are far from bug free either. My opinion is that we hear a lot more PC problems mostly because PC's have 91% of the market.

If Ford had 91% of the auto market you would hear Ford compalints 9 out of 10 times too.
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
Great comment superbowl! Yeah, Mac isn't just a computer it's a cult. I firmly believe that.
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
I'm in 100% agreement with you that a product with a larger market share will have proportionally more reported problems than the product with a smaller share. You have a great (well-earned) reputation for digging up obscure (valid) stats. Have you seen anything comparing 'mean time between failures' comparing Macs to PCs? My own experience (and that of my colleagues running Macs) suggests Macs are more reliable and less prone to the things that annoy the PC crowd. Actually I think we're (Mac owners) so vocal because we're so overjoyed at not having to commune with Gatesean Hell every few weeks. *grin*
madconsumer on 01/14/2009:
just re-install the software and OS. this is something I recommend everyone do from time to time to ride yourself of all those nasty little bugs and stuff.

I knew a guy who refused to buy a windows computer, so he did the mac way. 1 week later, he sold the mac and went back to a windows system. it is all on what one wants and expects from a computer.

I use the payfor version of avg internet suite 8.0. I just love it. as said, there is even a free version.
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
Every G-4 comes with a year's supply of Kool-Aid.
old fart on 01/14/2009:
If I read you right, re-installing the software and OS would be fine but considering the 10,000 updates and the xp-3 program that you have to re-install How would that be an advantage..??

It took an act of congress to GET XP-3...LOL
madconsumer on 01/14/2009:
I know oldfart, it sucks, but it is a good way to cleanup and not have to buy a new computer. often times, computer issues are related to confused or corupted files.

with a recent format I made, it took two days to complete all my updates.

lastly, I dislike norton products!!
old fart on 01/14/2009:
Did you download xp-3

I have an AMD Processor and that update doesn't play nice with that processor...
old fart on 01/14/2009:
I suspct that it makes just as much sense to just buy a new harddrive... and download Xp fresh..
Anonymous on 01/14/2009:
Doc, I will check on up-time stats when I have time. In the server area Windows Servers run at 99.9% while Mac Servers are a little behind that at 98% but ahead of Linux. I do know that on the desk top Ubuntu is showing some great uptime reports. Mac runs ahead of PC's but I can't quote a percent as I just do not know what it is right now till I do some checking.
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Symantec And The Big Issues That They Have
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We recently had to upgrade from Backup Exec Version 8 to Version 12.
The IT Manager was hesitant of upgrading, as there had been massive problems with upgrading to Version 10 which eventually got axed.

"It will be fine" I told him. My God was I wrong.

As an IT professional I have never had to deal with such a horribly managed company. Even after 6 months, our Backup Exec 12 software is still not working correctly due to continuously being issued incorrect Installation Keys.

It got to the point where the Upgrade process was so complex and mixed up by Symantec that we had to involve the Distributor from whom we got the software off. 3 months he has been working with Symantec to get us 11 License Keys.
This is not a joke, this is real... unfortunately.

Symantec Portals and processes are so tied up with trying to prevent piracy and copyright infringement that they have made it too hard even for the IT professionals to get what they require.
Stay clear of Symantec and Backup Exec.

The worst company I have ever seen, and I have seen some real shockers!
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Anonymous on 07/15/2008:
Everything about Symantec is dangerous. Just putting their crap on your PC will turn it into a big paper weight. Far better solutions for what you need out there than Symantec, stay away from them unless you really have a need to screw up your comptuer.

Excellent review and info.
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Snubbed by Symantec
Posted by on
OXNARD, CALIFORNIA -- Several months ago the motherboard fried on my desktop PC. After replacing the motherboard and re-loading the OS (Microsoft XP) I attempted to load Norton AV-07. The software informed me to contact Symantec regarding the license as it needed to be authenticated. This was also the case with Microsoft as the OS needed to be validated; a very simple process. Getting the OS completed was a snap. Symantec on the other hand informed me that there was nothing that they could do given that all three licenses had already been registered. I also had Norton installed on my wife’s laptop and on my school laptop. After explaining that I had just replaced the motherboard and only needed to be validated, as I had the original key and licenses, the support services told me basically to get lost, nothing they could do. I reviewed their policy regarding hardware failure and it was not addresses. I spoke to a few people and they thought that may be I had just talked to the wrong person so I tried again…same story.

I removed Norton Anti-Virus 2007 from ALL my computers along with System Works and sent the CDs along with the keys back to their World Headquarters in Cupertino, CA. I will never buy nor advocate another Symantec product again.
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killerklown on 10/21/2007:
There are so many much better programs out there. I might suggest trying Zone Alarm Security Suite.
Anonymous on 10/21/2007:
You did the right thing, it's the only way the idiots at Norton will ever get the message. Plus Norton is about the worst software you can put on a PC, it is dangerous software.
miketech on 10/21/2007:
Try AVG antivirus by Grisoft. It's free for home use and you can get it at
I use it on my Windows machine and every computer I wind up near gets it. It doesn't slow your computer down like Norton and Mcafee.
For spyware I install Spyware Blaster by Javacool and Spybot Search and Destroy. They can all be downloaded at and used for free.
MORENORED on 11/09/2007:
I agree with you 100%-they take your money and then they just ignore you--bad business
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Symantec Customer Support
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CALIFORNIA -- I have worked in IT for over 20 years and I have never seen a company's tech support and customer care deteriorate as badly as Symantec. Anyone considering a corporate product such as Backup Exec (formally Veritas) or Corporate Antivirus (the server-based platform) should seriously consider alternatives before they commit to this company. Current case in point- One of my client's Backup Execs stopped working after I upgraded it to version 11d. I opened a tech support call a week ago and it took five days to get a callback even though I rated the call as critical since we had been without a backup for DAYS. I was on hold for 75 minutes yesterday after getting back in the queue and still never spoke to anyone. And by the way, if you happen to be on hold at 5:00 PST, guess what? They dump all the calls in queue and go home.

Our company has an install client base of 50 or so that use Symantec products , and I am here to tell you were ARE MAKING EVERY EFFORT to throw them out the door.

Talking to our software distrutors (I will let them remain nameless) they confirm they are hearing this from many integrators such as ourselves.

They should be asahmed of themselves. Their stockholders should throw the management out the door.
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Anonymous on 04/26/2007:
Please don't get mad because I cut and paste old posts, it's quicker than doing a new post and I would just say the same boring thing again anyway.

Norton / Symantec has become a arrogant oversized colossal joke of a company. They outsource customer service to Asia and India so you can't understand anything from the person your speaking with. For the most part these outsourced CS reps are stupid idiots and can't fix a thing, but will screw up your computer so bad it will never run right again. Norton hides all there contact info because they know they sell a crappy product and can't afford to have people calling for help as they could never handle to volume of calls if they published a toll free support number. You can find support numbers buried deep within their web site, but they only ring to untrained idiots that can't speak English and have zero ability or authority to do anything.

Over the last couple years Norton / Symantec's products have become damaging and dangerous to use as they will take a good PC and make it a useless piece of junk.

There are much better products out now by U.S. companies using toll free U.S. CSR's. The management at Norton / Symantec are kept in dark closets and have no clue what a piece of junk they are selling and how completely alienated they have made their customer base. Norton / Symantec has become a classic example of a company run amok and has lost site of what it is supposed to be doing.

Stay clear of them unless you want to end up trashing your computer. I work in I.T. and have had to clean up "many" of the messes Norton / Symantec CSR's have created. Bad CSR's and a poor product = a nightmare you do not need.

That's My3Cents.
tnchuck100 on 04/26/2007:
I, too, hope they go belly-up soon. My subscription runs out in November. That will be the end of Symantec. Each year it was always a super pain in the butt to renew. No more. I've had it. In addition, I never like the fact they don't let you determine when updates happen or checks are made. They run several instances of the same routine several times a day and use 80% of system resources when they do.
Nohandle on 04/26/2007:
I've commented on this subject before. I was well pleased with my Norton's until I decided to go with the premium edition. Biggest nightmare I've ever had. I finally had my computer guys uninstall the "premium" and put the basic no support edition back on. Hey, Norton/Symantec didn't have rip for support to begin what was I to loose? I've had no problems since then.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
We were having license activation problems with our Norton Antivirus and were forced to call customer service to resolve...or even find out what the problem was. There is no way to resolve activation issues on line. Normally, these issues are handled by staff. Because I happened to purchase this license, I offered to contact Norton.

I was on hold for over 25 minutes. When finally helped, it was by an individual with a heavy accent. The individual's English skills may be excellent, but I was having trouble understanding her.

She proceeded to imply my company had abused its number of licenses and we were essentially dead in the water. I was stunned. It was a 'you have got to be kidding me' moment. I offered, at our IT guy's suggestion, to reinstall all active machines to resolve the issue and prove we were under the number allowed on our multi-seat license. She kept repeating an unintelligible scripted mantra over and over, refusing to have a discussion...then just hung up on me. After 40 minutes of my time regarding a legitimate issue that is the fault of the vendor...I was listening to overseas air on the phone.

It's not just the money we spent on the service/'s not the hours of staff time I have had to pay's not the time I could be spending running a is that I am the CUSTOMER. Norton, like some kind of authority, acts like we are at their disposal and have no choice in vendors.

I doubt I am alone in this revelation and will keep an eye out to see how the giant is affected, as others act on their disappointment. I have sent emails to Norton. If any resolution is forthcoming, I will update this posting.
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Anonymous on 02/08/2007:
We had the same nightmare. Because of Norton / Symantec's total lack of customer care and support we left them after 9 years and went to McAfee. We now no longer buy products or services from any company that outsources (that we know of) American jobs to India, Asia etc. McAfee may use outsourced facilities, however we have never come across it yet as we have never had a problem with McAfee or their products. They did jerk us around on a rebate onetime, we made a huge stink and they backed down and issued the rebate. McAfee like most companies will play the "don't pay the rebate game" knowing the odd's are in there favor of the customer giving up. If pressed McAfee will do the right thing and pay but you have to play hardball with them. Norton / Symantec now have millions of customers and when a company gets that big the only thing that counts any longer is the bottom line. Customers become numbers to be played with, gain three, lose one, they couldn't care less.
HJC on 02/08/2007:
I have had a bad experience with Norton.

I was on hold for quite some time.

I to experienced talking to a very pleasant individual, but with a very heavy accent, I also had trouble understanding her.

She stated that the problem I was having trying to renew my software was caused by a virus. I told her that if I had a virus that it was Norton Fault.

She tried to tell me that I need to purchase the new program for $90.00. I told her that my renewal fee was only $19.99. She said that I needed to purchase the $90.00 program. I felt bad but I just had to hang up on her as she did not understand.

I had to use Norton’s program to uninstall the entire Norton from my computer which it did. I never did get the update to load.

The worst thing is that my computer has now developed a mind of its own, I actually believe that Norton has sent me virus. I have run all kinds of checkers and everything appears OK. But my computer is acting very strange and I am thinking that I may have to buy a new one as I can’t detect anything that could be causing multiple problems that I am experiencing. I wish there was a way to sue them, I sure would. I have spent countless hours trying to correct the problems.

I canceled the order on line and just received my credit card statement and am being charged for the update. I think not because I will challenge them with my credit card company.

After so many years with Norton and to be treated like that is bad.

I will never buy another product from Norton.
Timboss on 02/09/2007:
Sign me out of Norton too. I called two different times with the same problem and after explaining in detail to the technician they each said "Hold on" and then finally my connection was broken. Great service Symantec. When my contract expires I am looking at other packages.
cowman75 on 09/18/2008:
Don't ever deal with Norton, or Symantec. They are impossible to deal with!!!!
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New Symantec "Scam"
Posted by on
Symantec has started issuing a Debit Card instead of a check for its rebates. Aside from the need to treat it as a Charge Card, even when it says "Debit", the outrageous usage fees if it is not used immediately ($3 a month after 6 mo.), and the uselessness at gas pumps etc, there is a real catch: If the item you want to purchase is of MORE value than the balance available on the card, it will be refused IN TOTAL! You can't make it part of the payment! So, you may never be able to get the full value of the card unless you can convince a merchant to ring up an exact balance on the card a the charge amount. Neat trick, huh! Oh, they say it was due to customer demand for this type of payment. Sounds like petty fraud to me!
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Anonymous on 10/15/2006:
Last year I purchased TurboTax from Staples, as I do every year. And as every year, there was a rebate, which I filed. What I got back was a debit card, good only at Staples... and here's the real kick in the behind... good only for SELECT Intuit products.

I never pursued this, and it was not a lot of money, but I'll never buy TurboTax again, and it's just as easy for me to shop at Office Max.

This is a stupid business decision.
Anonymous on 10/16/2006:
Joe I must agree that really sounds like a scam and they must be in with the card company. Thanks for the information, very useful.
Anonymous on 10/16/2006:
OK JayD how about -- Fraudulent - [adjective] intended to deceive; "deceitful advertising"; "fallacious testimony"; "smooth, shining, and deceitful as thin ice" - S.T.Coleridge; "a fraudulent scheme to escape paying taxes"
Synonyms: deceitful, fallacious
Mel94531 on 11/21/2006:
I'd very much like to hear from anyone who has experienced problems with Symantec rebates, not just the debit card problem.

Such as whether you were told you did not send the required proof of purchase (when you did), and if so, whether you eventually got your rebate of just gave up and lost it.

It's time we put a stop to this stuff!
Mel94531 on 11/21/2006:
The debit card thing is a scam, mainly because you are not forwarned that this is the practice. Since the card doesn't come with a pin number, you can only get the full value out of it if you make a purchase for the exact amount of the card (and what are the chances of that?. Otherwise, they get to keep the unsused portion.
opflguy on 11/27/2006:
I just received this crazy card. After seeing the ridiculous fees, the fact that you had to spend not over $30 on the card or it would be rejeted, etc., I called Symantec and requested a refund check instead.

They tried explaining the fees, and it took me several times asking for a check before they finally agreed to send one. Of course it will be ANOTHER 4-6 weeks before it arrives! I am hoping it will be for the full $30 and not for $21 ($9 card cancellation fee). If it for anything less than $30 you will see an additional post from me.

I had previously sent an email to Symantec requesting the check instead, and received only a canned response saying that my debit card would be sent to me.
LovesPurple on 01/08/2007:
I agree with Joe and Mel, this is a scam because we were not forewarned and/or given a choice of check or card. A simple check box on the rebate form would work - give US, the customers, a choice in how we receive our refund. I received my card in a very timely manner, but was NOT happy with it because I've had experience with these cards before - it is a real pain to use them without losing at least a few cents of what you are entitled to. I sent an email to Symantec, but never got so much as a canned response. I don't plan to buy any more Symantec products, with or without rebates, unless I find that they have been responsive to their customers and changed their policy on this. Shame on you, Symantec.
ezthinkr on 01/19/2007:
I used to think that Symantec was a good company and I bought their products for several years. But after two recent experiences with their null customer service and their fraudulent maneuver under the guise of a rebate, they have just lost four customers. Plus as many others as I can warn.

Remember IOMEGA? They tried this fraudulent crap too and what did it get them?

Symantec Sucks, and there are better competitors with comparable products. Avoid Symantec products and make your voices be heard!
Anonymous on 01/23/2007:
Oh, wonderful! This is what I have to look forward to when I get mine????

I think that Norton 2007 will be the LAST Symantec product that I buy! Not only are the parental controls on it a MAJOR stepback from 2006 (it does not support multiple user accounts like 2006 did), I find it no where near as user friendly as 2006 was! It also seems to slooooowwwwww down my computer considerably. I deeply regret upgrading to 2007. :(
opflguy on 01/29/2007:
lovespurple you should call them like I did and request a check. They are reluctant to do so, but if you keep pressing, they will do so. When I first called, they said to destroy the card as it would be deactivated. I held onto it just in case Ididn't get a check. I just received my check replacement last week, a full two months after I complained. The check was for the entire $30 rebate amount. It was however confusing as nowhere on the check or the envelope could you determine that it was from Symantec. Even though an apparent third party issued the check, it should have at least indicated "Norton Rebate" or something similar.
temp on 02/03/2007:
Here is how I used my Symentec debit card- $50 value.
I shopped using it as a credit card in walmart and for few online purchases. The last amount was $8.03. I went to Amazon and purchased a gift card of $8.03.
I verified my account at
It had exactly zero balance. I hope, I would not be charged with any maintenance fee in future.

As per Terms and conditions:
"*Account Maintenance Fee: Subject to applicable law, a fee will be applied to Inactive** accounts after the 6 month anniversary date. The charge will be recurring each month unless the account becomes active or the balance of the account is $0.00."
Bellasmom on 02/04/2007:
After being scammed by Norton six times on rebates (don't ask me why I keep falling for them), I would be thrilled to receive a rebate from them in any form. They clearly have no intention of honoring rebate claims. Today I received yet another rebate rejection card from them and they didn't even bother to say what was missing from my submission. The time before the rebate was on a product I downloaded and they didn't honor it either, saying they wouldn't honor it because I didn't submit the UPC cutout from the box. It's clearly all a fraud and this time I'll make the effort to contact our State Consumer Fraud unit and Costco, Best Buy and Office Max where I've purchased Symantec products with fraudulent rebate offers. Wish everyone would and maybe Symantec would clean up their act. They ought to be ashamed of themselves for treating their customers this way. They're making McAfee look better all the time!
Anonymous on 02/17/2007:
Guess I was one of the lucky ones. I got mine the other day & used it today with no problem.
Patelwho on 06/19/2007:
Agree...these "rebate cards" are a nuisance. I have to keep track of how much is left on the card. Prefer to get a check - much easier! But everything Symantec does - from their lousy product to their lousy customer service doesn't surprise me. I'll be switching to McAffee when my subscription expires.
bunny92 on 08/14/2007:
AS to fraud, there is a case in the California courts against Cingular regarding these cards and fraudulent claims as to the "rebate". Also, in California, gift cards cannot expire, so these rebate/debit cards are one way of getting around that law.

I received one of these cards - it took them so long to send it that they started deducting the "account maintenance fee" almost immediately. I've also found it's difficult to use and of the original $20 amount, they've deducted $15 in fees.

AS to the antivirus package that the rebate was to cover, I had to uninstall it after 4 months because it caused too many problems and they tried to charged me to fix the problems in their package.
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Questionable Rebate Offers
Posted by on
ALABAMA -- Beware the Symantec (Norton) System Works 2005 combined offer of a $30 rebate on the basic software plus the $30 upgrade offer. The kicker is that one must submit the UPC code from the newly purchased software box with both rebate forms, an obvious impossibility! I submitted both rebate forms with the caveat that their offer was either flawed or purposefully deceitful. The upgrade rebate form was submitted sans the UPC code but with the previous Symantec CD as proof of ownership along with a detailed explanation of the duplicitous nature.

The upgrade rebate form was disallowed as not meeting the requirements, i.e. the UPC code, and therefore disallowed.. Their rebate operations center personnel either are not equipped to understand the problem as outlined, or there is a subterfuge involved.

A certified letter with return receipt explaining these circumstances was never acknowledged. There appears to be no other means to seek redress other than a warning such as this for other persons who should not take the bait. Try getting a “live” person with which to interact! Hope that some righteous executive from Symantec sees this and is able to initiate corrective business practices.
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virginiasoreback on 05/19/2006:
That is serious information that should not be taken lightly or dismissed!‎

I have been there. My joust was with Best Buy and HP. Among the two - rebates totaling ‎‎$250.00 were offered on an HP Pavilion Notebook PC. Both demanded the same original ‎codes printed on the box container - no copies accepted.‎

‎ I forfeited the $250.00 because by the time Best Buy offered to accept a copy - time ran-‎out. ‎

Obviously, I should have made a copy - sent the original to HP and a copy to Best Buy ‎with a sob story railing against the impossible - perfect dilemma.‎

Rebates are "tricky critters." Paranoid - I don't think so. I believe that vendors design ‎rebate offers to minimize the number redeemed.‎

‎ ‎

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SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA -- Why are you annoying me with demands for renewal of my security coverage with you, while I am paid up till Oct.25-09. I am getting fed up with you!!! Please stop bothering me. Or I will change to another company.

Moritz Altman
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Soaring Consumer on 02/27/2009:
Kaspersky is a better choice. They appreciate your business and their software offers better protection.
you billing stinks on 02/27/2009:
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