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Taca The Terrible!
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Taca thinks it is so special that they charged me a $242 flight change fee on a $305 flight. After learning of this fee I decided to book a flight with another airline to my missed destination or to meet my connection but Taca decided that I was even allowed to use my return flight. They did not even have a scheduled flight for three days if I wanted to pay the $1000+ and the $242 flight change fee.

Thanks Taca I missed my daughters Birthday. You are not above US ethics even if your a foreign airline. I advise anyone to choose another service its just not right!
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Anonymous on 09/11/2009:
That was the change fee and the difference in fare that you agreed to when you bought the ticket. By the way, on any airline if you miss your flight the return flight cancels. These ARE "US ethics" as all U.S. airlines follow them.
Ben There on 09/11/2009:
Many airlines charge $250 plus fare difference to change international flights. Almost all will not let you use the return portion of your ticket if you don't fly the outbound. They are just doing what all the US airlines are doing. You agreed to the terms and conditions of the ticket when you purchased your flight, so why are you upset that they are imposing them? You can always buy the much more expensive flexible tickets which cost hundreds more, but you are free to change them for all you want and even get a refund.
pura vida on 09/12/2009:
Dear Taxa Rep.,
You are obviously a Taca Rep. I never said anything about an international flight and the change in fare does not include the $259 surcharge. Sounds like you have some inside information. I did buy an expensive ticket. Apparently this was a promotion flight. There are two overnight layovers and thus this flight is priced in accordance to its inconvience factor. What are they promoting..."the chance to see every crappy airport on the way to your destination!". It does not have the value of other flights. Regardless just because they can charge 80% of the ticket price doesn't mean they have to. I will re-state my opinion YOU SHOULD NOT FLY TACA. Has Taca ever offered me $250 when they have cancelled my flights or when they are so late I miss my connection. FYI- I have changed dozens of international flights with Continental, US and American Airlines and have never once paid over $100.
Ben There on 09/12/2009:
Most Taca flights are international... that was a pretty easy assumption to make Pura Vida. And with than name, I am assuming the flight was from or too Costa Rica. I just had a look at flights from the USA to CR, and Delta, American and Continental all charge at least $150 to change tickets - just like Taca. The additional $92 was most likely fare difference which is very common if you are changing a ticket last minute. Also, $305 in not an expensive ticket.
pura vida on 09/13/2009:
Thanks but your missing the point. The change penalty was $242 on a $305 ticket. The fare difference was over a thousand dollars in addition to the $242 penalty. If your not a rep., you must be unemployed to have all this free time to research airline complaints.
Anonymous on 09/13/2009:
pura, we are all here for the same reasons you are. Leave the personal attacks out of this.
Ben There on 09/13/2009:
Sometimes change fees cost even more than the original ticket. Most domestic fares have a change fee of $150, yet those same fares start at $39. If you tend to change your travel dates a lot, maybe you should wait much closer to your travel date to buy a ticket.
MzDLBrand on 09/16/2009:
Easy solution... buy a completely changeable, refundable ticket.

Problem solved.
Fufu487 on 09/16/2009:
Firstly, in Ben's totally logical defense, you did say "You are not above US ethics even if your a foreign airline." Which is easy to assume it would have been an international flight. Simple mistake. Secondly, almost all airlines charge a standard change fee, its not based on % of the dollar amount of your ticket, but a flat rate. Your ticket was a minimal one, so that's why it came to so close to your tickets value.

Finally, making assumptions about someones employment based on the fact that they are commenting on your review, completely unjustified and hypocritical. Many people can access this website from their office. Can we assume you also are unemployed with too much time on your hands because your commenting on us as well???
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