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Taco Bell Poison...Please read for your own safety
Posted by Pouttypuppy on 03/26/2004
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Part of this is my fault I guess for going back to the same terrible restaurant multiple times. However, since making fast food is not rocket science, I have always assumed that one day the Taco Bell on Bayless, in St. Louis County, would have enough half qualified employees to get atleast one order correct. I had even not went there for a month or two hoping the effects of high turnover might work in my favor.

The most frequent complaint I would have about this Taco Bell in particular is their uncanny ability to screw up each and every order. I am not an overly critical person, and I understand that mistakes happen, but this is ridiculous. Once again, not rocket science people! If you order a hard taco, you should basically expect to recieve a mexican pizza.

However, my food last night made that complaint fade to the background. We ordered one of this 10 packs. The option to mix and match burritos, soft tacos, and hard tacos. We also added on the Mexican Pizza and Nachos Bell Grande. To my surprise, the order was correct and very prompt. So prompt in fact, that there is no way it was precooked atleast 10 minutes before we arrived. My boyfriend and I arrived home again began to eat. I opened up my bean burrito and took a bite. There was a distinct chemical taste. I thought it must have been on my hands. So I got up and washed them. I finished then took another bite of my burrito, same thing. The only thing I might be able to liken the taste to is when you inhale oven cleaner by accident and the taste resinates in your mouth. Thinking I might be crazy, I said nothing and asked my boyfriend to take a bite. He did and the first that came out of his mouth was, "This tastes like Windex". So, I quit eating that burrito, and got another thinking it might not have the same problem. I opened that burrito, but didn't even need to take a bit because the fumes were very prevalent. I gave up on my burritos, and began to eat my Mexican Pizza. It was fine, or so I thought. I ate half of it and towards the center of it, I began to taste the chemicals again. I didn't taste or inspect the rest of the food, because well, why should I have to? I picked up the phone and called the restaurant and asked for the night manager. The woman on the phone very rudely stated "This Is". I then explained to her that my food tasted like it had been laced with some type of cleaning agent. Then, in an annoyed voice, she says "Well, bring the order back up and we will replace it." Then she hung up. No apology, no concern that the food my be poisoned, no nothing. I sat back and thought to myself, "Why on Earth would I want them to replace the food after this?" I decided a wanted a refund of my money. We brought the food back and asked for a refund. She informed us that she would take down our names and address and then we would be sent a check in the mail. We declined that and asked that the refund be done immediately. She stated in was company policy and that she would not give our money back right then. It might just be me, but when your company's food is laced with harsh and dangerous chemicals, you might want to consider bending the policy.

So, in the end, I really don't know what I ate in their food, nor do I know if it is harmful to my body. I kept one of the burritos in case I needed to get it tested later on. I plan to take further actions and inform the health inspector of this incident. Taco Bell made their case clear. They don't much care what is in their food, nor will they apologize for it. So, please, for your own safety, smell your food before you eat your food. If you don't, who knows what may happen.
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Posted by dvsmadcow on 2004-03-27:
get that food tested and to the health inspector asap. if they're contaminating the food of the people in your area, they need to be closed down.
Posted by kapapineau on 2004-03-29:
First off the Mgr should have refunded the purchase total from the register..she just wanted you to go away it seems. Secondly she should have communicated the urgency to investigate if someone mishandeled product in the kitchen. Taco bell doesnt have a means of sending checks in the mail for satisfaction purposes.
Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-03-30:
So NOW have you learned your lesson, and will you finally stop going there? Does it really take chemical poisoning for you to realize this is not a good place to eat? And by the way, since you do not mention any side effects from your "poisoning" ordeal, I highly doubt that there was anything at all wrong with your food.
Posted by pouttypuppy on 2004-04-01:
To Paul Pickle 6969...ur a jacka**! Just because I was intelligent enough to not consume the entire meal and avoided getting sick, doesn't mean there wasn't something wrong. I wouldn't waste me time on this site writing a consumer warning if I was fabricating my story. My advice to you...get a life, and quit trying to attack people who are concerned for other safety. The very fact that 6969 is in your name, says a lot about your personality.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-04-05:
Pup - I did some research for you and came up with little. This is what I know based on the basic chemistry. Cheeses, when heated, sweat. (Even at room temp). Cheese is made from milk. Milk contains a lot of sugar in the form of lactose...when lactose starts heating up, it's chemical make-up changes, as does any matter where molecules are accelerated. However, with sugars, a unique reaction takes place...it carmalizes. You may be tasting that which is left over that isn't part of the synthesis of the sugar. That or someone dumped windex in your burrito.
Posted by TC on 2004-06-02:
I find it odd that "you gave up on you burritos and started on your mexican pizza" after that I myself would have been hightailing it back to tacobell!!!!! I smell the pungeant odor of bullsh&& myself in this story
Posted by JustMe on 2004-10-12:
At least the food was clean! J/K. Seriously, like sue or something.
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-10-21:
I have to agree that after the first, ok..maybe second bite, I'd be done. No more tasting. On that note, I do agree with you that the manager(and I hate to even use that nice of a title) acted out of line. She may just have wanted your name and address to (a)pacify you so you will go away (b)egg your house. I'm not suprised at the service though.
Posted by Blake on 2013-09-14:
Please connect me potty puppy. I just had the same xperience to a T? Amy's really strange. It taste just like oven cleaner or bleach. I'm going up there tomorrow with a health inspector. Contact me at bsakal@hotmail.com please
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Unprofessional / Bad Service
Posted by on 12/21/2013
OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- This was one of the worst fast food chains ever run in Oak Creek Wisconsin. 5 cars including myself waited in the drive through line for 15 minutes before someone answered. The car that was first in line actually beeped her horn numerous times to get them to answer. When I finally was able to get my food from the window, a punky mouthed teenager handed me my tacos, and slammed the window door saying good night. When I opened my bag, all the tacos were not wrapped and all the fillings from the tacos were in the bag. I called to talk to their manager and they had me in hold for 30 minutes until I finally hung up. I went into the establishment and they told me their was no manager on staff today and won't be able to replace the food without a managers okay. You people suck at the Oak Creek Taco Bell. You should be ashamed how you interact with people. Don't go there, go to a better run establishment. I won't be visiting any Taco Bell soon.
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Triple Steak Stack?
Posted by Vanessad_taylor on 11/29/2013
I went to try the triple steak stack for the first time and was highly disappointed. Not only was the bread soggy but it was not triple the steak. Maybe half the steak. When I made it home and opened the sandwich I was disappointed but did not want to drive back to Taco Bell to have then explain why they served customers something like that. I don't eat at Taco Bell much and never will again.
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It Is Sad for This Taco Bell to Charge Customers for Water
Posted by M2000arr on 11/24/2013
NORWALK, CALIFORNIA -- On November 21-2013 I visited the Taco Bell 11005 Imperial Highway Norwalk CA, with my family my son is obsessed with Taco Bell but when they charged us for a cup of water we were all disappointed. I feel that this is unfair. I also contacted Consumer Affairs to place a complaint regarding this situation and they stated to write a complaint to you guys because theirs a law that water should be free to customers.

Also I visited a different Taco Bells in the area. I've asked for water and they didn't charge me. So I asked them is water free here and they stated yes we never charge for water. Every restaurant has to give water free when you are a customer. My Ticket #s are 293 and 292 - Taco-Bell #028525.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-25:
This is becoming more and more common, the main reason for this is because some customers were taking advantage of establishments who would take the free cup and get soda (not pop, but soda). So more places started charging for drinks by the cup. You pay X amount for the cup and you get whatever kind of beverage you want.

I'm curious as to why you feel it's unfair for a business to charge for a good or/and or service they provide.
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Slow Service and Poor Quality
Posted by Dillow032 on 11/12/2013
GRAY, TENNESSEE -- On November the 3rd and 10th 2013 we waited both times over thirty five minutes for our food, we were dining in. Both times there were extremely long lines in the drive thru also. These two days were both on Sundays. One man who was behind me and had been waiting a lesser time asked the cashier for a refund because he had to catch a plane she refused his refund and pushed his order ahead of me and other people. We love to take our grand children to Taco Bell they love it and so do we. The food on both occasions was not has good as it usually is. This is will be our last trip to this store.
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Posted by Hvacman06 on 11/11/2013
NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I'm on the road a lot and like Taco Bell and usually get great service. Every time I go through New Milford I stop and give them another chance but I'm always disappointed. The same thing every time they either don't have cup, hot sauce, soft taco shells or like today out of cinnamon delights. If you go through the drive threw and get any item wrapped in the bag your lucky because you usually have to rebuild the item after waiting 10 minutes. The biggest gripe is that when you walk to the front door your greeted by at least two employees blowing smoke at you from there cigarettes. Sorry guys but never again
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Posted by Lisayenger on 11/08/2013
MTSTERLING, KENTUCKY -- I'm an employee here at the Taco Bell in Mt Sterling. Often I am a register person. Last night I got a phone call on my day off telling me that the manager was passing around a video to other employees showing them that I took money out of the register and putting it in my pocket. I couldn't understand why I wasn't even confronted with the situation or questioned. I wasn't even given a chance to defend or explain why I done such a thing. I couple days before I had told my manager that a man left his change. I also told him the man came back to collect it. They do not show all the video they are showing the part that makes me look like I'm stealing.

Though pulling money out the register is not policy there is no correct policy when changed is left. We are not allowed to be over or under. This night in question my drawer was not even short. I was so ashamed of this I could not even bring myself into work, I feel if they don't trust me I don't want to work there anyway.
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No More Volcanoes
Posted by Suzanne_mcdonell on 10/16/2013
They got rid of the only thing I like there, the volcano menu!
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Bad Service
Posted by Bloodwolf62719 on 10/14/2013
CAMDEN, DELAWARE -- It seems that almost every time I go to my local Taco Bell/KFC half my order vanishes. This most recent time I ordered(among other things) a Nachos Bell Grande(Just that, not a combo) and 12 cookies(which they had in stock, I could see them) and didn't get either thing. Several times before I've gotten ripped off unless I had a small order but recently it was getting better so I neglected to check my entire order while in the building. It wasn't until I got home that I realized my folly but it's honestly not worth the time and gas to go back out for those two items. This is the last time I'll go there though as I'm tired of paying for more then I get.
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Surprising Service!
Posted by Cindyhamm7425 on 08/06/2013
INMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I stopped in for a quick dinner on my way home from work. Let's be honest, fast food chains aren't known for customer service, and the people are usually unfriendly and unhappy. Which is why I was surprised to hear a cheerful voice in the speaker. She was polite, well spoken, and had a SMILE on her face. She was my FIRST good experience at a fast food chain EVER! Her name was Kelvin. I have no idea if Taco Bell will ever see this post, but I hope they do, and I hope they recognize her. I work in the customer service industry, so I'm sympathetic to mistakes, but most drive thru employees come equipped with a crappy attitude and rolling eyes. I NEVER write reviews. This is the first time in my life that I felt compelled to say something, and all I can say is Kelvin was awesome!
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