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Buyer Beware
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HAMILTON -- Well, it's one full year now and the device has NOT worked properly, technical support has been a farce, and promises have not been kept. ( i.e. We'll call back within 48 hrs - Never a call back...) If you want to save money by moving away from Bell Canada, then do what I finally did, go to NetTalk; the device works, the support is there, and wow… it's even less cost per year than the alleged cheapest, TalkIt… …about 50% less than Talkit.

I would have gladly renewed with Talkit to keep my money in Canada, but with amateurish service (or no service at all) and technical support that is off shore, why throw more money out of country?
Sorry Talkit, you are not the company I expected.

To prospective clients, be VERY cautious. Consider the options.

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