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Prescription fill at Target Pharmacy
Posted by on
JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- I had my prescription filled at taregt located at 100 14th Street, Jersey City, NJ. They partially filled 10 out of 60 quantity saying stock not available and asked me to come after few days. When I went after few days they again filled only 10 which I did not check when I picked them. I realized they are only 10 when I started using the mdicine. When I called them to find why they filled only 10 and did not tell me, they are very rude to me and asked me to bring back the old and new prescription bottles to verify if what I was complaining is true. They are not sorry for what they did but besides spoke to me as if Iam lying. I will never go to target pharmacy.
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NickL11354 on 2010-11-14:
All I can say it is just another example of Targets 'legendary customer service' that they are known for,

Anonymous on 2010-11-14:
Target sucks all around. they are expensive, never have a variety, and their customer service sucks too.
Venice09 on 2010-11-14:
My Target store is great in every way. No complaints here.
olie on 2010-11-14:
My Target pharmacy is awesome!

OP, depending on the medication, the pharmacy may be making sure that you are not one of those drug-seeking *people* who shop for doctors who will provide them with their drug of choice.

There may also be issues with your insurance company.
MS on 2014-03-10:
This is typical to my case. They partially fill. They don't tell. When you discover, "this what we had in stock." When you discover after leaving, they don't return!
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Pharmacy Short Counts Pills on Prescriptions
Posted by on
CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- Purchased my medications on Friday, June 12th for a 30 day supply (30 pills). When I began refilling my daily dispensing tray, I only had enough for 27 days - the pharmacy had shorted me by 3 pills. I immediately called the Pharmacy at 8 PM - although the store was open - the Pharmacy wasn't. Left a message for someone to call me - the call never came.

On 6/15 I called the Pharmacy and the rude tech said that they triple check the count. My response to her was that there were only 2 people working and if true - the same person could make the same error.

The Pharmacy said they'd never had it happen before and the electronic counter is "NEVER WRONG". I asked the Tech to have the Manager call me.

The Pharmacist never called back. Not sure where to go with this one but will keep you posted.
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BokiBean on 2009-06-16:
Mistakes happen, and if there was a mistake, it can't really be solved over the phone. Once the customer leaves, its a he said/she said deal.

If you find yourself shorted again on an Rx, you might want to start taking a plastic baggie, pouring the pills into it at the counter and counting them right there before you turn away...that way, there will be no questions asked if you are short.
PepperElf on 2009-06-16:
yeah there's no way to prove that you didn't lose them after you leave the store

I suggest... next time, count the pills out before you leave.
that way they can fix it right there.
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Target Pharmacy Liars And Thieves
Posted by on
HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA -- I filled my prescription at Target at 2499 Whipple Road Hayward CA. It was a controlled substance for 60 pills. When I got home there was only 30 pills. The girl who filled the prescription of course said she put 60 in there. I do not like to be accused of being a liar or a drug addict. They said they could not check there inventory. If it is a controlled substance they should have a count on there stock, they would not bother. I am so disgusted with them I will not ever use that pharmacy again.

People count your pills before you leave the counter. I learned the bad way.
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Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
The state requires a pharmacy to keep detailed records on dispensed medications.
yoke on 2009-02-23:
If what you are saying is true call the police and file a report. It is illegal for the pharmasist to short you. They will be able to tell if the pharmasist kept the extra 30.
Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
Yoke is right on the money on this one! (BA)!
MRM on 2009-02-23:
This is the second post of a pharmacy accused of stealing controlled substance medication. This is defintely a problem.
jktshff1 on 2009-02-23:
OK, if the pharmacist shows on his records that the proper amount was put in the bottle, and put them in his/her pocket, unless it was checked by the customer at the counter in front of the cashier or pharmacist, there would be no "proof" that the product wasn't delivered. On the other hand if the customer checked it at home or in the car after receipt, the customer has no way of proving their claim, and filing a police report would do no more than putting them on alert since the pharmacy records would be in order.
Does that make sense?
Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
Absolutely right, jkt!! BA and point. Poor Crabman, he thinks someone would be stupid enough to right the actual amount dispensed in the pharmacy log and on the patient record...AND short the patient by 30 tabs. The missing thirty tabs, if the OP is truthful, went right into the pharm-tech's pocket. Happens a lot more than people think...usually it's not so brazen...just 2-5 tabs short on every customers controlled Rx. Enough to supplement one's income.
BokiBean on 2009-02-23:
Good lord, it would be hard to catch a pharmacy tech doing this at all! Even if you busted them by counting right at the counter they would just said it was a mistake or something ("oops! I thought the Rx was for 30, not 60").

The pharmacy would have to be diligent enough to pull out the security tape and review it.
Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
Absolutely right, Boki. It gets worse...the tech can call a friend who has an Rx for 30 tabs. Then, short the first patient 30 tabs and place them into the 'friends' bottle. The count comes out right and the tech is never in possession of the narc. And, it is even easier to call it a mistake. We had a nurse at our hospital who was stealing MSO (morphine) from terminally ill patients. She'd shoot it into a sterile container. Worst of all, the poor patients were shown to be 'maxed-out' for their morphine (but still in severe pain), but were only getting 1/4 of what was prescribed.
madconsumer on 2009-02-23:
this sounds familiar .....
Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
We weren't there, we don't know what happened. We can speculate all day about who stole what. I can tell you having previously worked in the pharmacy for many years I've seen just about every conspiracy there is. From drug addicts claiming to be shorted, to the opposite end of the spectrum where pharmacy techs and/or pharmacists helping themselves to the controlled substances. If the patient honestly feels that they were shorted the medication, they should contact Targets corporate office loss prevention, the drug enforcement agency and the State Board of Pharmacy.
Nohandle on 2009-02-23:
Doc, the same thing happened in this area. An individual died from an overdose of "prescribed medications" while at his home and it was quickly confirmed how that overdose took place after the police did the investigation. His live in was a nurse working with terminally ill patients and she would mark the patient's chart as administered when in fact she was dropping the pills in her pocket. He had become addicted and she made certain his addiction was satisfied. This probably happens more than most realize.
Anonymous on 2009-02-24:
Right on John. Whether or not anything can be proven from this particular incident, the OP should definitely report it..if there is something going on at this pharmacy, it has undoubtedly happened to others as well. By filing a complaint, the OP is at least making an attempt to have this pharmacy investigated.

tnchuck100 on 2009-02-24:
This is the reason I ALWAYS open and check the prescription right there at the counter in front of the clerk. It did pay off one time.
BokiBean on 2009-02-24:
Good tnchuck! I have great faith in my Walgreen's people, when my back goes out (about every 3 years) I can trust they're putting all the pills in my bottle, but I would be counting pills LOUDLY at the checkout if I suspected otherwise.

John, you're right, we don't know. Its all postulation.

Doc and NoHandle, there's a special kind of hell reserved for people like that.

Just, they could also contact corporate and let them know..if they got a couple of complaints like this they would know something was up.
mathprofmatt on 2009-02-27:
If you go through the proper channels and get this reported, and an investigation is launched, Target Assets Protection will have full access to footgage from that day. If the person behind the counter pocketed those pills...they'll see it.
Don12345 on 2009-03-10:
I was shorted on pills at a walmart pharmacy. Luckily I counted the pills as I was walking away from the counter and caught it. It's very sad that people have to keep constant eye out to make sure someone isn't constantly trying to cheat them.
zazzi on 2010-06-18:
Mathpro is right -- Target's got the BEST surveillance cameras in the industry. They can review the pharmacist's and tech's actions and make a determination. PassingBy is also correct; pharmacies MUST maintain accurate inventory counts, especially for controlled substances.
As far as Target's cameras go, my location is just two years old, and theirs are Advanced. An angry driver once wrote a nasty note and stuck it on another person's windshield after that person had entered the store. Not two minutes later, the STL is walking towards the car and ripping up the note without reading it -- she already knew what it said, because the camera could zero in on the writing as it took place. She said the note wasn't necessary, and didn't want to have anyone harmed in her store or leaving with a bad memory. Point is, the cameras are everywhere, and are very very good -- for the safety of all.
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Richfield Target Pharmacy Is Awful! Stay Away!!!
Posted by on
RICHFIELD -- Two days ago, I had all four wisdom teeth removed. The day before surgery was, I went into the closest Target to get a few things for the week, and to get my antibiotic and pain pill prescription filled. I have never been on any sort of pain medication in my life, and have never had any form of substance abuse, ever, before! This morning, two days later, I woke up with an awful pain in my jaw,ears, and throat. It turns out that I developed dry sockets, I went into my oral surgeon again, and he filled out a new prescription for a pain pill to get me through the weekend. I went in to have it filled, only to be ignored. The man in the pharmacy had my prescription sitting next to him the entire time, and I had to have my doctor call TWICE to okay the refill. He ignored all of my requests and treated me like a drug addict. He denied that he had spoken with my doctor, and simply avoided the matter all together to avoid talking to me.

It would have been okay if he would have simply told me what was going on, and wouldn't have lied to my face, and made me embarrassed to even be there. I left target crying and in pain. Not only will I never be returning to that specific target again, but I've called the manager at the Richfield location to explain how rude he had treated me.

I would love to see him again and actually ask what the heck he was thinking, and how he was okay with treating a woman in pain this way.?
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User Replies:

bargod on 2008-04-25:
Sorry for your troubles. What did the manager say when you talked to him/her?
*Brenda* on 2008-04-25:
I had all four wisdom teeth removed yesterday! I feel your pain (literally).
Thelma74 on 2008-04-28:
That is absolutely awful. I would file an official complaint with the state of Minnesota regulation and licensing. I sure hope Target is wise enough not to
keep this guy on the payroll, he would definitely
tarnish their good reputation
Cora the Coffee Lady on 2008-09-30:
The same thing happened to me. My dentist gave me a prescription for pain relief after a fairly grueling procedure, so I needed to fill it right away. The pharmacists there -- who are always rude -- told me I would have to "wait my turn" because other people were waiting for their prescriptions, too. I said, "Is everyone else here waiting for immediate pain relief?" They said it didn't matter; I had to walk around the store for 30 minutes while they took their sweet time to fill the prescription.

The pharmacists there are beyond rude. They sigh loudly whenever they have to deal with customers. (First they try to ignore customers; apparently, they hope we'll just go away.) They roll their eyes. They get visibly angry if they have to call a physician or an insurance company on the phone ... I've complained to Target management, too, but they just say they know about the problem.
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Pharmacy Sucks
Posted by on
FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- When my doc faxed a form in to get my prescription refilled they lost it and then didn't follow up with my doc like they said they would, and didn't communicate with me. I went to Target because of the location convenience but got the worst service from a pharmacy that I have ever experience. The Target Pharmacy I went to is in Bailey's Crossroads in Falls Church, VA - don't use it.
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User Replies:

andbran on 2010-06-29:
I have been using Target pharmacy for 9 years. never had a problem with them.
clutzycook on 2010-06-29:
I used Target for about 2 years and they were just fine. I only switched because I was shopping less at target and more at other stores.
FlShopper on 2010-06-29:
Target sometimes has promotions where they'll give you a $10 giftcard for any new prescription. I've availed my self of that offer on at least 5 occasions, with no problems. If I don't do it more often, it's only because the Walgreens is much closer to my home.
Anonymous on 2010-06-29:
Andbran + 10. Same here.
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