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In-Store Returns (Club Wedd)
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CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- For my wedding, I registered for over 50 gifts from Target and received most of them. One of the items I received from my registry was a hanging votive candle holder. When I opened the package, I found that several of the glass covers for the candles were broken. I was not given a gift receipt for this item, but I didn't figure it would be a problem to exchange it for another votive holder exactly like it that wasn't broken. Boy, was I wrong. At first I was given grief about not having a receipt.

Under normal circumstances, I can understand a strict receipt policy, but in this case, I was returning something that I have on my registry - something that they could look at my registry, see it was on there and that someone had purchased it for me. There was no doubt that this was a gift I had recently received and that it had come from Target. They finally let me go find another votive candle holder, but when I brought it back to the register, I was told that "it was ringing up $3 more than the original." When I asked why that would be, she said Target had a policy saying you have to pay a 15% restocking fee on returns with no receipts.

Again, considering the circumstances that this was something Target had on record that I had registered for, I thought this was ridiculous. The thing that bothered me the most however, was that the item I was returning was broken. Basically what happened, was Target sold a broken item and I had to pay for them to take it back and exchange it for another one exactly like it. The store took no responsibility for selling bad merchandise, leaving me to have to pay extra money for them to take it back. I was also told that since I returned this item with no receipt, that I would only be able to return one more item for an entire year.

Again, under normal circumstances, this would probably not be a problem. HOWEVER, I received many duplicate gifts from my registry, most of which I was given no gift receipt for. Basically what I am being told, is that I am stuck with these duplicate gifts because I can only return one more item. They have a record of everything I asked for and everything that was purchased for me. That should be more than enough compensation for not having a gift receipt. Target should know and understand that duplicate gifts will be purchased from registries and take that into account when doing in-store returns.

Only allowing two returns for a large registry is absurd. I will never set up another registry of any kind at Target. I will also not advise anyone else to have a registry at Target. I set up registries at several other stores and Target is the only one I have had problems with. Every other store has gladly taken back duplicate gifts and exchanged them for something else on my registry, without once asking for a receipt. I chose to register at Target over many other stores, but this was a big mistake. It's a mistake I will not make again.

Return Policy - Gift From Wedding Registry
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33813, FLORIDA -- Another strike against Target; Out of some 50 items included on a gift registry at Target, 3 items needed to be returned. One, Kitchen Aid accessory rack, was uneventful because we had the gift receipt. The next item was a 2-3 man tent which my sister had purchased for us. We took it camping and discovered it was obviously used (there was dirt throughout and an old makeup brush) and one of the tent frame posts was missing. I hate to return things and would've probably kept the tent if it hadn't been missing an important part.

At one Target, without a gift receipt, though the item was on our registry, we couldn't return the tent. A manager did finally offer to replace the tent with one from their shelves (thanks ** @ Lakeland South Store) but he was unable to help us with the last item. We had received a duplicate Salad Spinner, a really cool salad rinsing/mixing tool. We had no use for two but didn't have a gift receipt with this one to return. The item is about $32 and so exceeds the $20 limit we were informed prevents them from issuing even a store credit (that's all we were asking for).

The manager at least appeared to try to help us but in the end appeared powerless to resolve the issue and could only give us a number to call for possibly some sort of override from corporate or something. I spent some time on the phone and explained the situation but was only given the same response: you need a receipt of some sort or the purchasing info. This is from a wedding gift registry! I can re-gift this to someone else or return it to a store with a more reasonable policy but why do I feel as if I've done something wrong?

The only thing I can determine that I did wrong was to create a registry with Target - I personally will never make this mistake again... nor will I buy merchandise for myself or others through this establishment.

I know business and if I may quote Albert Schindler who wrote 5 Secrets of Good Customer Service: "Remember, no amount of advertising can repair the damage done by failing to properly address a customer'€™s concern. Even more damaging to a small business is the "€œsilent complainer."€ That'€™s the customer who simply walks out of your shop without saying a word, and you never see him again. These silent complainers have friends. And their friends have friends." - Correct you are Mr. Schindler. I refer friends and I warn friends.

So for those of you putting together gift registries (Baby shower, wedding, etc), I recommend avoiding headaches and avoiding the "convenience" of Target.

Warning: All Brides And Grooms - Do Not Register At Target

REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- If you are getting married, we would like to warn you about registering at Target. Their return policy for registered guests is very misleading and it is falsely advertised. Had we known it would be such a hassle to return the gifts we received from our wedding, we never would have registered with Target. This would have been avoided if the return policy was stated accurately on the registry.

We had almost $500 in returns to Target from our registry due to duplicate gifts. We returned around $300 with some hassle for in-store credit. Even though we had receipts for $75 worth of product, we did not receive any cash on these gifts. Just recently we received a second set of the knives we had registered for - priced around $200. When we tried to return them we were denied credit because they said we were over our $200 return limit. No where on the registry policy does it note that there is a limit on the returns.

So now we are out the $200 that could have been applied toward other gifts. The knives will sit unopened in our cupboard... a waste of money for the guest who purchased it. You cannot expect to get gift receipts on every gift and it is very possible that some of these may get misplaced. Target holds the bride and groom responsible for this, which is absolutely ridiculous. Target's return policy for bridal registries should be closely reviewed and re-evaluated for the guests' best interest.

We have complained to Target directly about this through their stores and through their corporate office. All they could offer was a brief apology for our dissatisfaction. No one has tried to rectify the situation in any way.

Do Not Register for Wedding or Babies at Target
By -

The "new" policy at Target will not let the people that registered at Target for wedding or for baby to even get a gift card in exchange for a duplicate gift - if there is no receipt. Most people do not put a receipt with a gift. And that is one of the reasons that couples register - so that they can exchange without letting the people that bought it know. How tacky would that be to ask the gift giver - do you have the receipt. When a couple registers at Target and puts the cards in the shower or even wedding invitations, it is an advertisement for Target. Then they do not even let the couple exchange or get a gift card. They would not be out of any money - it is just the right thing to do.

So tell any young couple or a couple that is going to have a baby - DO NOT REGISTER AT TARGET!!!

Bridal Registration Issues With Clearanced Merchandise
By -

Recently a couple created a wedding registration at Target. This past week, I checked it and noticed that many furniture items they had wanted were drastically reduced in price as well as many other items on their list and we could not find them in the several stores we went to in two different states. I asked a store manager and was told the merchandise was no longer available (I had seen the furniture in the stores less than 3 weeks ago).

I asked if they could check another store and was informed it wasn't available at ANY store in the entire U.S. I find that hard to believe. I was then told "yes, it's available online for the original price PLUS shopping costs", or "I" could call guest relations and try to find it myself. I asked why the couple wasn't notified of this situation (they didn't know until I told them) and was told they should have been sent a postcard (which they were not). These were not seasonal items.

This is horrible customer service. The couple should received these items online at the clearance prices I believe as well as NOT be charged for shipping. Or someone should have helped them locate these in stores and get shipped to the nearest Target or their home.

Wedding Gifts From Registry NOT Returnable
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently got married on December 15, 2007 and was registered with Target. Of the many gifts we received from Target, we only wanted to return 2 (they are listed in our registry). However, when we visited our local store, we were told that we were unable to return these things because they were over $20 and we didn't have a receipt. Why couldn't they just look up the items in our registry to confirm this?? My words of advice: DON'T REGISTER AT TARGET BECAUSE IN THE END, YOU, THE CONSUMER, WILL LOSE.

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