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LAVERNE, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I are recently married and wanted to return a duplicate wedding gift we received for store credit only. We were not given the receipt so we wanted to just purchase other items in its place. We were told that we could not return anything over $20.00 without a receipt. We then asked the manager to contact his corporate office and get authorization over the phone to override the return. He then handed me the phone to explain my situation only to find that I was talking to someone in India who could barely speak English let alone understand what I was saying. We find this to be very poor customer service and think Target must be in trouble financially if they will not take a return over $20.00 without a receipt and give store credit. All they had to do was look up my wedding registry. No one in the store seemed to really care about satisfying us. We had been given gift cards as well and decided to just shop for what we needed and than never return to another target.

We wanted to purchase a BBQ for $99.00 and waited 30 minutes for someone to assist us, when they finally showed up, we were told the BBQ was the last one and they would not sell the floor sample to us. Why would they need the floor model if they don't have any left in stock???? Again, this was poor customer service.

My husband and I left very disappointed and will not be returning. We will give our business to Walmart from now on.
Do not register for wedding or babies at Target
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The "new" policy at target will not let the people that registered at Target for wedding or for baby to even get a gift card in exchange for a duplicate gift - if there is no receipt. Most people do not put a receipt with a gift. And that is one of the reasons that couples register - so that they can exchange without letting the people that bought it know. How tacky would that be to ask the gift giver - do you have the receipt. When a couple registers at target and puts the cards in the shower or even wedding invitations it is an advertisement for target. Then they do not even let the couple exchange or get a gift card. They would not be out of any money - it is just the right thing to do.

So tell any young couple or a couple that is going to have a baby - DO NOT REGISTER AT TARGET!!!

Patricia Holbert

Wedding gifts from Registry NOT Returnable
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently got married on December 15, 2007 and was registered with Target. Of the many gifts we received from Target, we only wanted to return 2 (they are listed in our registry). However, when we visited our local store, we were told that we were unable to return these things because they were over $20 and we didn't have a receipt. Why couldn't they just look up the items in our registry to confirm this??

Bridal Registration issues with clearanced merchandise
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Recently a couple created a wedding registration at Target. This past week, I checked it and noticed that many furniture items they had wanted were drastically reduced in price as well as many other items on their list and we could not find them in the several stores we went to in two different states. I asked a store manager and was told the merchandise was no longer available (I had seen the furniture in the stores less than 3 weeks ago). I asked if they could check another store and was informed it wasn't available at ANY store in the entire U.S. I find that hard to believe. I was then told "yes, it's available on-line for the orignal price PLUS shopping costs or "I" could call guest relations and try to find it myself.

I asked why the couple wasn't notified of this situation (they didn't know until I told them)and was told they should have been sent a postcard (which they were not). These were not seasonal items.

This is horrible customer service. The couple should received these items on-line at the clearance prices I believe as well as NOT be charged for shipping. Or someone should have helped them locate these in stores and get shipped to the nearest Target or their home.
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