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REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- If you are getting married, we would like to warn you about registering at Target. Their return policy for registered guests is very misleading and it is falsely advertised. Had we known it would be such a hassle to return the gifts we received from our wedding, we never would have registered with Target. This would have been avoided if the return policy was stated accurately on the registry.

We had almost $500 in returns to Target from our registry due to duplicate gifts. We returned around $300 with some hassle for in-store credit. Even though we had receipts for $75 worth of product, we did not receive any cash on these gifts. Just recently we received a second set of the knives we had registered for - priced around $200. When we tried to return them we were denied credit because they said we were over our $200 return limit. No where on the registry policy does it note that there is a limit on the returns.

So now we are out the $200 that could have been applied toward other gifts. The knives will sit unopened in our cupboard... a waste of money for the guest who purchased it.

You can not expect to get gift receipts on every gift and it is very possible that some of these may get misplaced. Target holds the bride and groom responsible for this, which is absolutely ridiculous. Target's return policy for bridal registries should be closely reviewed and re-evaluated for the guests best interest.

We have complained to Target directly about this through their stores and through their corporate office. All they could offer was a brief apology for our dissatisfaction. No one has tried to rectify the situation in any way.

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Anonymous on 08/28/2002:
More to the point, WHY were there duplications? In Australia, Target registries are computerised (I assume the US is the same), so that for each purchase from the registry, those items are marked off. It's how most department stores work; even smaller stores nowadays have similar computerised services. I was maid of honour for a girlfriend, and we found the Target service to be excellent. However, keep on them!
Anonymous on 09/14/2002:
I hope you sent forwarded your complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I sent mine to my home state's office and Target NEVER replied to them. I was told by my local BBB that the more complaints on record for a sorry company such as this, the BETTER.

They put their pocket books first, NOT the Customer.
Anonymous on 11/23/2002:
I am sorry you & your husband had such problems with Target. I have received and bought gifts at the Target stores here in Michigan and have never had a problem. I was given a gift sales slip that I taped to the gift before wraping. The print of the gift list was kept by the register person and was inputed in the computer. As for returns here in Michigan I've never had a problem. I am sorry for your problems. Would you give them another chance?
tgtman on 08/27/2004:
I'm not sure if the policy has changed since you've been there, but I wouldn't be blaming Target for this - it isn't a babysitting service. I guarantee that each gift priced over $10 had a gift receipt print - it is automatic. That is why the machine will print gift receipts for anything over $10: diapers, dog food, etc. included :) So, it sounds like you are having a problem with the gift-givers. Also, on Target's registry, any items that have been purchased will be deleted or grayed-out. If not, your gift-givers aren't giving the registry to the cashier to remove the items.
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Do not register for wedding or babies at Target
Posted by on
The "new" policy at target will not let the people that registered at Target for wedding or for baby to even get a gift card in exchange for a duplicate gift - if there is no receipt. Most people do not put a receipt with a gift. And that is one of the reasons that couples register - so that they can exchange without letting the people that bought it know. How tacky would that be to ask the gift giver - do you have the receipt. When a couple registers at target and puts the cards in the shower or even wedding invitations it is an advertisement for target. Then they do not even let the couple exchange or get a gift card. They would not be out of any money - it is just the right thing to do.

So tell any young couple or a couple that is going to have a baby - DO NOT REGISTER AT TARGET!!!

Patricia Holbert

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Anonymous on 11/20/2007:
I learned long ago to always include a gift receipt with all my gift giving. I usually tape it to the inside of the card. That way if they don't like what I purchased, they can exchange it with no hassle. That in itself is a gift.
fazie on 11/20/2007:
I also put the gift receipt in with the gift. when I bought baby stuff off a register recently the cashier asked me if I wanted a gift receipt, they should always ask when it is from a registery....
Suusan B. on 11/20/2007:
"And that is one of the reasons couples register - so that they can exchange without letting the people that bought it know." Silly me - - I thought that couples registered to let people know what they want in order to minimize exchanges and returns.

Principissa on 11/20/2007:
Any time I give a gift I include a receipt. I would rather have them get something they like than have them keep something they don't want.
Ponie on 11/20/2007:
'Most people do not put a receipt with a gift.' The actual *receipt* showing price, yes, I agree. But since the time they've been available, I've always included a gift receipt. The poster probably picked up something unused at a flea market, tried to take it to Target for a 'refund,' and is ticked because they refused.
yoke on 11/20/2007:
The new generation of brides and new parents of mememememe. What is so wrong with asking for the receipt? The people at the shower know it is a duplicate and would not be offeneded if you asked them for the receipt. Why the new generation think that is tacky is beyond me. What is tacky is asking for the receipt just to return the item for the money or gift card. Without a receipt Target has no idea if it was bought there. Just because it is on your registry does not mean the person bought it there.
Anonymous on 11/20/2007:
Good point Yoke- I never thought of politely asking for a receipt if I had gotten a duplicate. Most of the people I know wouldn't be offended.
Against target on 11/20/2007:
I am very confused when I posted a message on this site that is supposed to be about product and service reviews several people that replied were very rude. They acted like someone was trying to "rip" Target off. Or pass something off that was bought as a flea market as something from Target's. There is a number on an item that will identify it as Targets. I posted on this site to let people know of our expereinces with the wedding registry at Target. I only posted this message to let brides and grooms and parents to be know what the policy is for Target. If they still want to register that is fine. My daughter and her husband registered for a set of dishes - they already had one set and just wanted one more. They did not have the space for any more. The store did not monitor or take the item off the registry -like some other stores do and they got a duplicate. They did not even open the box and the item number identified it as Targets. Target would not let them get a gift card - they did not even want cash back just a gift card.

yoke on 11/20/2007:
Against target, all your daughter has to do is ask the guest for the receipt. The guest was there and saw there were duplicates. It is NOT tacky to ask for a receipt for duplicate gifts. The guests already know what they gave was a duplicate.
heaven17 on 11/20/2007:
What's tacky is not giving a gift receipt. It should be common sense when giving a baby or wedding gift.

Target has a policy for returns that you failed to meet. End of story.
jktshff1 on 11/20/2007:
I don't think I'd want to get a baby from Target
Anonymous on 11/20/2007:
What's tacky is giving a gift anymore, just don't mean anything. Greedy people!!
heaven17 on 11/20/2007:
You preach, Lidman! Ingrates!
Anonymous on 11/20/2007:
It's true heaven17, it's just like when you try and help people now a day they think your stupid and try to play you for all you're worth. The same thing with buying gifts, if they don't like don't buy them anymore. Vile, greedy people! For the day will come when there will be only one gift left to give and then see who gives?

Can I get an amen?
heaven17 on 11/20/2007:
Just because you're a pal, you got your AMEN.
Anonymous on 11/20/2007:
You're a good man, heaven17.
Principissa on 11/20/2007:
When we were first married and starting out we appreciated everything we got. And when I had my kids getting duplicates was awesome because I needed all of that. Babies go through clothes at almost every changing and feeding.

I ask for everyone to send me receipts when they send me gifts. That way my family that lives out of state can send my kids clothes and toys and if they don't fit or are broken I can return them. Asking for a receipt is not tacky, you aren't going to be able to return anything without it, registry or not.
2inform on 11/20/2007:
against target's point has been missed. Part of why people register is so that is (in theory) easier for the person who registered to exchange duplicates. For those who appreciate the multiples, that's great, but it is irrelevant to the point of this post. I appreciate against target sharing this information because it provides me with the information to make an educated decision about with whom I would want to register.
Suusan B. on 11/20/2007:
Maybe in theory people register so that they can easily exchange duplicates, but times have changed and retailers are tightening up their return/exchange policies. So in the end it's up to the person or couple registering to make sure they ask all the right questions, get the answers in writing and know how returns and exchanges will be handled prior to registering.
Suusan B. on 11/20/2007:
It appears that Macy's, one of the nation's largest chain of retailers, also requires a Return Form/Packing Slip/Gift Receipt for all refunds and exchanges for items puchased in conjunction with their brial registry service. So even they don't allow customers to walk in and get refunds and/or exchanges without a gift receipt.
Crown Jules on 11/20/2007:
I wonder how much of this kind of problem begins with the gift giver who doesn't tell the cashier that the item he or she is purchasing is from a wedding or baby registry. If the purchaser says that then the cashier scans the bar code on the registry for the particular item and it made note of in the system. That is why registries always have the columns indicating how many of an item have been requested and how many have been purchased already.

And to the OP, it doesn't matter if the item had a Target label or number on it. How is the return desk to know that the person doing the returning didn't just grab something off the shelf and take it to customer service and claim it was a gift and that's why there's no receipt? You expect Target to just hand over a gift card for possibly hundreds of dollars? Not in this lifetime.
yoke on 11/21/2007:
2inform, what you missed is not everyone buys the gifts from Target. Even if it is on the registry. Do you think it is fair for Target to accept something from Wal-mart, just because it is on the registery. Without a receipt Target has no idea if it was bought there. If you have been to a shower you would know the gifts are opened there and the gift giver will know if it is a duplicate and have no problem offering the receipt. It is also up to the bride/groom or new parents to go in to the registry and update it after showers, birth/wedding or if gifts have been received. How is Target supposed to know if gifts were purchased somewhere else? I had a babyshower to go to and I looked on the girls registry at Babies R Us. I knew I could get the items cheaper at Target (I was also amazed at the stuff new parents are asking for nowadays).
Anonymous on 11/21/2007:
Maybe in theory people register so that they can easily exchange duplicates but the truth is people are greedy!
STOP trying to buy your way into someone’s favor that is phony, like Bill and Ted said, "Be excellent to each other". Money is not the way to friendship and presents are just a way to get laid, if you must worry about what people can use then ask or just give them cash.
Anonymous on 11/21/2007:
I'll have to side with yolk on this one.
Anonymous on 11/21/2007:
I went to Target last night to purchase some snow boots for my child. When I paid, I was automatically given a gift receipt without me asking for one. Oddly enough, that happens at all the Target stores I've been to... Even if it was just for a pack of gum. Target goes out of their way to provide gift receipts, it's up to the giver to decide to include them or not.
CrazyRedHead on 11/21/2007:
I don't find it tacky to ask for or be asked for the receipt. I would rather see someone get something they want or need, then me giving them the wrong size or item, and if they already have the item then it would make me feel better knowing that they were able to go back and get what they want/need.
Tom Conway on 11/23/2007:
I agree completely with "Against Target." My daughter had an identical experience today after being married last weekend. All she wanted was a gift card to buy a more expensive item at Target. Target scanned the item and confirmed it had been purchased there. We were told of the policy by store personnel. Even the local manager said it was a bad policy. When we called the customer service number we were given, I talked to two people in India. The second one said "Rules are rules. There is nothing I can do." When we made returns to other stores (Bed Bath & Beyond, etc), they offered cash or gift cards with no receipt and no questions asked. Tell all the brides-to-be you know to STAY AWAY FROM TARGET!!!
jktshff1 on 11/23/2007:
I apologize in advance:
What part of company policy or rules do these folks not understand?
It's written, printed, published, on line, explained..get the picture...READ THE FINE PRINT and don't complain about it.
DebtorBasher on 11/23/2007:
If the gift giver doesn't include a gift receipt and you don't want to ask them for it...I've said it before, re-gift it. Do you realize how many people will pick up a new item at a yard sale and try to return it to the store for the full amount? That is why they have policies.
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Wedding gifts from Registry NOT Returnable
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently got married on December 15, 2007 and was registered with Target. Of the many gifts we received from Target, we only wanted to return 2 (they are listed in our registry). However, when we visited our local store, we were told that we were unable to return these things because they were over $20 and we didn't have a receipt. Why couldn't they just look up the items in our registry to confirm this??

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User Replies:
MRM on 12/30/2007:
It is as if people were just born yesterday. "Hpham," welcome to the brave new world!
Ponie on 12/30/2007:
Here we go--again!
Starlord on 12/30/2007:
Another mental midget who doesn't understand the 'mo receipt, no return' policy that is put isto effect by businesses to keep prices as low as possible for customers. Do you think when someone shoplifts, then cons the store into giving them a refund for the stolen merchandise that the funds that merchandise represents suddenly appears in the bank account of the business? WRONG!!!!! They raise the price of everything else, so every customer who buys anything after that pays for that merchandise. If you prefer to pay for stuff others have stolen, that is your business, but it ticks me off as a former Loss Prevention Agent to get charged for merchandise that someone stole. So you can just quit crying about Target's return policy. Registry, now that is just plain silliness. Who do you think you are? The Rockefellers?
Anonymous on 12/30/2007:
Starlord, good answer and post, I read someplace that something like 7% of the selling price of an item is now just to cover loss prevention at the major retailers. Not just theft but covers all loss prevention.

I remember working at Sears (long ago) in sporting goods a guy bought the biggest tackle box we sold and two packs of hooks. Thought that was a bit odd as most people bought lots of stuff when they bought new tackle boxes, plus the tackle box seemed heavy and rattled when I picked it up. I pushed the security button and took extra time to ring it up. When the store cop came over I signaled at him to get him to just stand back and watch. I then opened the tackle box and found six expensive reels inside.

I wonder how many expensive items made it out the doors like that before they started blister packing everything like they do now?
jktshff1 on 12/30/2007:
what the others said
CrystalSword on 12/30/2007:
Superbowl, I also worked at Sears in the Sporting Goods dept. and its amazing how many people tried that, unfortunately I didn't have a security button on my register but I did a convincing "price check" a few times, called upstairs to the security office and gave an item number for them to "look up" and while they had me on the phone, someone would show up in the dept and stand back and watch...then I could proceed with the sale...the person on the phone would tell me to NOT open a tackle box or sleeping bag, or whatever it just ring up the main item and when the person got to the door, it was "GOTCHYA" big time!
Nohandle on 12/30/2007:
Anyone notice now when a purse is purchased it is opened and examined at the checkout? Same goes for luggage, bed comforters or anything in a bulk packaging. Yes, people stealing. Starlord, I have a friend who owns a retail business and it's not unheard of for a so called customer to go to the counter wanting a refund for a purchase. No receipt of course. When the item was scanned there was no record of it having ever been sold. Funny how they made their excuses and left, with the product still on the counter. Hpham, you're suffering the consequences of the dishonesty of others.
Anonymous on 12/30/2007:
I am getting really tired of reading complaints about Target's return policy.
Anonymous on 12/30/2007:
Crystal, we did not have cameras back then either so it was a real war with the bad guys. Hidden peep holes in the walls and all that neat stuff. Now I think it is easy to catch them with cameras and stuff being blister packed.

Best one was a guy grabbed a shot gun and just took off running, they caught him two blocks away. Where did he think he was going running down the street with a shot gun? LOL.
MRM on 12/30/2007:
"Lunaan," you will hear more of these "Target no return" complaints in 2008. And we hope to hear more informative advice from you in 2008 also!
Anonymous on 12/30/2007:
Alley, now there is a million dollar question.
jktshff1 on 12/30/2007:
forget the others....AlleyS made sense!!!
2inform on 12/30/2007:
Who said the poster didn't want the item? Maybe the poster received duplicates. One of the perks of registering someplace used to be easier exchanges. Target, unfortunately, no longer follows that concept.
Anonymous on 12/30/2007:
2inform, I thought the idea of a registry was so you only got one of something? When you check it off the registry that tells the next person not to buy it. That is why you use a registry besides the bride listing what she wants of course.
DebtorBasher on 12/30/2007:
I was just going to say the same thing Super...but I guess not everyone looks at the registry.
GothicSmurf on 12/30/2007:
Ask one of the people that gave you the gift for a receipt. Inform them that you loved the gift, but got two of them. Or keep it in your storage in case it breaks or re-gift it and pass it along. I'm so tired of reading about Target and their returns.
Starlord on 12/30/2007:
When our Wal*Mart opened in Coolidge, a couple bought a vacuum cleaner. They brought it back the next day, claiming it did not work. The person at the service counter acepted it and the receipt and gave the person a refund, put the cleaner aside to be picked up and taken to the back. Somehow, it ended up back on the shelf in the Vacuum section, and was resold. The second purchasers came back and asked if this was a joke. They got the vacuum cleaner home and opened the box, only to find two cinder blocks in the box. Who pulled the switch? Who knows? The person who took the initial return did not check to see that the box contained what it was supposed to? Of course, we have to pay higher prices because of this. Are you saying you think the person should have been given a refund for it had they not had a receipt? I think they got away with a trick that depended on stupidity of the person at the service desk. Now, if the package does not have a window, it IS opened and examined. However, you will have a receipt or you will be told to take a hike.
yoke on 12/31/2007:
The OP is mistaken. Registry gifts are returnable, as long as you have the receipt. The OP was told of the policy when she registered and the gift givers were given a gift receipt. This is not a Target problem, but a bride/guest problem.
Ponie on 12/31/2007:
starlord, I see you feel about gift registries the same as I. The day someone tells me what I should buy for them for a wedding/shower, etc., is the day I go to Rite Aid and pick up a $7.99 toaster! :)
heaven17 on 12/31/2007:
Yoke, rock on.
beanbagbritches on 01/01/2008:
It's too bad that these gifts from a BRIDAL REGISTRY couldn't be returned. That's really the concept behind a bridal registry. The guests probably thought the same thing & therefore didn't provide the gift receipts. I'm going to make sure that I ALWAYS include gift receipts in my gifts from now on. I usually do, but now I'll try doubly hard to remember!
yoke on 01/02/2008:
Why should the rest of us have to go by the rules, but bride and grooms and parents to be get a free ride? The people giving the gifts are the ones responsible to abide by the gift registrys rules that states they need a receipt for returns, that is why Target gives gift receipts. If the gift giver is to dumb to give the gift receipt that Target gives then that is their problem, not ours.
Anonymous on 01/04/2008:
Stores who offer registries benefit a great deal since most of the purchases are made at their store. This is an instance where a little customer service could go a long way. Because of Target's lack of customer service, I am recommending to all my friends that they do NOT use Target's registries. Go somewhere that offers customer service.
heaven17 on 01/04/2008:
But Target DOES offer customer service.
It's the customers themselves who usually do the DISservice.
URWrong! on 01/14/2008:
I will be the first to agree with everyone here, if you cannot give gift receipts with the gifts you give, do not shop at Target.

I would rather someone shop elsewhere than to have them come in and be disrespectful with me for not knowing the very agreement they entered.
sunshine619 on 02/14/2008:
I HONESTLY can not believe all of the ignorant posters on here! When you receive a gift chances are the giver isn't going to wrap up the receipt in the package for you! Hence why you register in the first place. WHen I got married I registered at Target and returned tons of stuff, no problem they just look it up off the registry. And no, I didn't register for things I didn't want (Alley) you always receive duplicates. Any smart person would know that and wouldn't need the OP to spell it out for them.
GothicSmurf on 02/14/2008:
Ignorant? Ha.

Those registries are so you can tell people what you would like without having to tell them directly.

Does it mean because they found something you want they bought that item at Target? Not at all. I've known people to look at registries and go some place else to buy an item.

And if it was bought at Target, they give you a gift receipt with EVERY SINGLE PURCHASE. Funny how that is. All the giver has to do it put that in the card.
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Bridal Registration issues with clearanced merchandise
Posted by on
Recently a couple created a wedding registration at Target. This past week, I checked it and noticed that many furniture items they had wanted were drastically reduced in price as well as many other items on their list and we could not find them in the several stores we went to in two different states. I asked a store manager and was told the merchandise was no longer available (I had seen the furniture in the stores less than 3 weeks ago). I asked if they could check another store and was informed it wasn't available at ANY store in the entire U.S. I find that hard to believe. I was then told "yes, it's available on-line for the orignal price PLUS shopping costs or "I" could call guest relations and try to find it myself.

I asked why the couple wasn't notified of this situation (they didn't know until I told them)and was told they should have been sent a postcard (which they were not). These were not seasonal items.

This is horrible customer service. The couple should received these items on-line at the clearance prices I believe as well as NOT be charged for shipping. Or someone should have helped them locate these in stores and get shipped to the nearest Target or their home.
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User Replies:
CHINGY on 05/05/2004:
well boo-hoo to them. just tell them to choose other items
melissa.messner.ni1q on 05/06/2004:
Ignore Chingy, sounds like s/he didn't get anything they wanted and are a little jealous.
I registered for items for my son at Target when I was pregnant, and the same thing happened to me. My husband and I chose a theme, and we found out after the shower (while we tried to return non-matching items), that the items we had registered for were no longer available. I agree, it would've been nice to have been notified somehow so that we could choose a new theme. As a result, we had to return just about everything to Target and, since they didn't have any other theme we really liked, took a store credit and spent our own money at another store.
chris75056_1 on 05/06/2004:
I love shopping at Target, but I don't think I'd register there, especially for decorative themed merchandise. I mean, that stuff goes out of style and gets replaced with something new every five minutes. Sounds like they might have been negligent in notifying the newly-wed couple about the discontinued items but just because a postcard was never received doesn't mean one wasn't sent.
bestbestbuy on 05/14/2004:
Here's a new one- items aren't made forever! They run out of stock! Surprise!!
contrarymary on 06/07/2004:
Discontinued/devalued merchandise for a wedding registry?

Can my eyebrow be raised any further?

OKMom4 on 07/01/2004:
The reason this happens is because people register too early. They need to register closer to their wedding date/shower. Target regularly changes items and that is a good thing. I mean, who wants to go shopping to find the same thing over and over. It really isn't Target's fault at all. Engaged couples get too excited, go register, and then get married months later and expect Target to still carry everything on their registry. That's just silly. I'm sorry, but I have to side with Target on this one. You really need to wait to register until its closer to the time people will be shopping with your registry. It's all common sense to me. I don't mean to sound rude, that's just my 3 cents :)
tgtman on 07/26/2004:
Out with the old, in with the new. Target is known for trendy goods that are not going to sit on a shelf for months. If you see something is clearanced, don't add it to your registry! That is nonsense. If it is clearance, wouldn't you think that they are "clear"ing it out of the store? It will be gone soon. If you add it to your registry, you are wasting Target's paper and your gift-giver's time!
Trgtkay on 08/23/2004:
To your comment "I asked why the couple wasn't notified of this situation" after the couple is finished registering at the kiosk they bring the registry paper to Guest Services to get a scanner to begin adding things to their registry. Guest Service Team Members are trained to explain to the couple or individual to stay away from clearance items for this exact reason. It is possible that the team member they spoke with did not inform them. Also Sessional items are not the only things that go on sale ... on average new merchandise is introduced about every three months and it is possible that no store in the U. S was carrying the item you were looking for I have seen it my self. Unfortunately does not ship specific items to stores, only to residence. I would suggest contacting Guest Relations, but it seems as though you have already done that. If they were unable to help unfortunately there is nothing that your Target store could have done.
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