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TaxSimple - be careful of this one
Posted by on
RANDOLPH, NEW JERSEY -- I went to the website and selected TaxSimple Ultimate Version. This link took me to

Their system guides you through a software download procedure. No problem there. I then started the software. It completely takes over your screen. You no longer have access to your desktop.

I followed the instructions and entered the personal information. Names, address, SSN's, etc. I went to the income entry section and entered my information for my 1099-R form (Pension W-2). Here is where things begin to malfunction. The box to enter the state is a drop down selection list. Normally one would expect to see a list of state abbreviations. Not this list. It contains one entry; "Randolph". A state name Randolph? I don't think so. This is not looking good. Time to back out. At the top of the screen is a "Delete This Form" button. Selecting it results in an error message that the state is in error. No kidding! The problem is you cannot delete this form until the error is fixed.

Now I select an option to move to another area. Now I just want to exit their system. It won't let me until I fix an error in the personal information. It does not say what the error is only that one exists. None exist that I can see. I try to exit a few more times. No good. So I try the "X" in the address bar (their X, not Windows). Now the entire system is locked up. Power down. Now I have my PC back.

TaxSimple - I think not. In the future I will select a site that the software stays on their servers and I just fill in the forms. Additionally I think I will put in bogus social security numbers until all other information is entered. Update the SSN's just prior to sending it to the IRS.

I sent them an email to delete this account. They responded stating due to IRS regulations the information would remain on their servers until October of 2010. They did not, however, make any acknowledgment whatsoever about the problems that were encountered.

I then went to Everything worked flawlessly.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
Yeah, I've used tax ACT for the last 3 years, and love it. Not any sneaky, already checked boxes when they try to get you to sign up for their "premium" service. A simple click of "no thanks" and onto the rest of the filling out your information. It kind of gets annoying, but I expect it when using the free service part.

Thanks for the heads up!
MRM on 02/02/2010:
Chuck, thanks for the warning! I have already filed my taxes with Tax Act with satisfaction. But one annoying fee is that they'll charge you for inputing last year's information into the present tax return. I thought that should have been free of charge.
madconsumer on 02/02/2010: is free, fast and simple. nothing to download. only time one has to pay is for a 1040 long form.
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
Mad, you have to pay $14.95 to do your state taxes.
madconsumer on 02/02/2010:
z I am lucky then, I have lived in states with no state tax for 25 years.
jktshff1 on 02/02/2010:
You and me both mad, me just 40 yrs longer. We do have a sales tax though.
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
Alaska and where else?
Also some of those services make you do your state taxes in order to get a printout of your State and Federal returns.
We used to get rebates until the politicians figured out a way to keep it.
madconsumer on 02/02/2010:
jkt, make sure to claim tn sales tax. I got an extra 100 dollars back!
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming... do not have state income tax.
jktshff1 on 02/02/2010:
bkk neither does Tennessee
mad, yep, ya got to take all you can get.
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
To work in Denver we have to pay a "head tax".
The sales taxes must be higher than usual in those states, right?
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
Additionally, New Hampshire and Tennessee limit their state income taxes to only dividends and interest income.

In Texas it's 8.25% .
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
I've never filed state taxes. Are you supposed to?
MRM on 02/02/2010:
Mad, while you were using, didn't it ask you if you want to import last year's tax return into the current return, and if you like to import, then there is a fee of $9.00, which is what I choose.

Heres the breakdown of the fee:
Federal 9.00
State 8.00
Bank fee 15.00
Total= $33.00 deducted from Refund
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
It asked me, MRM... but, I chose not to as I didn't want to pay for anything.
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
Not bad (Texas' tax rate) we dam near pay that much here now.
madconsumer on 02/02/2010:
mrm, yes I import all my info from last year. if it is within taxact, it is free. not sure were the charge you refer to is from.

"head tax" ?????
MRM on 02/02/2010:
That's good to know BearKat. I thought that importing last year's tax return should have been free.
jktshff1 on 02/02/2010:
My is 9.25 locally
MRM on 02/02/2010:
Madconsumer, Hmmm I must have missed something. Its not a big deal, though. And Yes, I did everything within
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
Mad, taxact is free... but if you want to import your tax return from last year, it costs money. I've used to for 3 years now, and it's not a new addition for using it for free. It asks me every time, and I decline to get my old tax return imported because I don't want to pay anything... hence why I use the "free" taxact.
But, you have the option of not doing as such.
Anonymous on 02/02/2010:
The head tax (Denver income tax) is $5.75 per month.
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