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Worst bank ever
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Opened a new business account and made deposits by certified cheque so to avoid the 5 day hold. First deposit and withdrawals were no problem, but the second deposit of a certified cheque for $18,000 was withdrawn on deposit by bank drafts to my suppliers for $8000, $2100, and $900. Two days later $2000 on online transfer. Next day my online account was frozen. TD claims the activity was suspicious and locked my out of my own money in the name of Customer service. Neither the branch nor central customer service were helpful and passed me back and forth. I was told that only my online was blocked and had full access at the branch, so I went to the branch to retrieve my money and close this useless business service and was told there was a hold on MY MONEY and I could not have it. They needed to verify the deposit was by certified cheque? They wrote $11,000 in drafts on it but have no record that it was a certified cheque? This bank has no idea how to service business clients. Seems like " security trumps all" and customer service is non existent. Avoid these idiots like the plague!
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ticia232 on 09/19/2011:
Many scams use fake certified checks to get people to deposit them into their banks and then withdraw the money for them (the scammers).
That might be why they put a small hold on it to begin with and then a bigger hold when you went to just pull the money out.
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MISSISSAUGA -- I ordered a mattress on 10th Aug 2004 online being a new resident in city from Canadian tire.

To my astonishment till today (March 2005) I have not received the ordered items which was paid by TD visa green Card.

But my credit card company TD CanadaTrust Visa charged me 189 C$ for third time for the non delivered goods. I have been so far charged $567.00 and have wasted so much of energy in complaining to them by way of making cold calls which lands up in voice message and any online complaint sent is responded by automatic mailing system.
To my wonder my own credit card agency has done such illegal activities, I have supporting documents which shows that It is intentionally carried out by bank in league with Canadian Tire, thinking that customer hardly bother to look at the monthly statement. I have called to Resolution centre many times on toll-free numbers in last many months but the problem is not solved and I feel this will continue to happen as long as I hold the credit card. Wonder how many innocent customers are chea-ted by this Canadian Bank who do not look at their statements hoping things to be in right order. Also I called their resolution dept in London, Canada on 519-9646026 (carry smith) but all the time it just got into voice mail.

I have no hopes with this cheating bank, but would suggest everyone to be careful of such mal-practices. Also they are in league with so many stores like Canadian tire to increase their sales and in return expecting similar business from them all at the cost of innocent and ignorant customers.

I called my local branch of bank and one staff said Canadian Tire has done fraud,So I need to report this matter in fraud cell and Canadian Tire says it is my problem, since their claim is that TD visa is doing fraud.
you can not find any responsible person to help you . All you can get in touch with is
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hybev on 03/19/2005:
Don't know if you get this syndicated radio show in Canada but he great at resolutions. Here's his web site. Give it a shot.
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