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Order Cancelled
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On 12-30-07 I ordered a camcorder from Techon Digital for their price of $369.00. The item was listed as in stock (it actually stated "Availability: Yes"). After placing the order I was required to call the company for conformation of the order. After connecting with at least four other people, I spoke with a person who assured me the item was in stock. He then offered to sell me a 12 hr. battery for the camera; I declined. He then cut the price by $10.00 and assured me that I needed the extra battery; I declined. He then continued to make me offers that decreased in $10.00 to $20.00 increments with a carrying case thrown in until we got to a price approx. 50% of the initial offer. I continued to politely decline throughout the process. He finally gave up on selling me the additional items and said they would send the camera stating "enjoy the camera".

On 1-04-08 I received a notice from Techon Digital stating: "We regret to inform you that the order is cancelled due to the product being on backorder. When or if we get the product again in stock soon will send you an email to place an order please do not resubmit your order again."
I looked at their website today (1-05-08) and the same item (Panasonic SDR-H18 Hard Disc Drive Camcorder) is listed as "Availability: Yes" for $599.00.

It appears to me that they are being untruthful. I suspect that my order may have been doomed from the beginning because I didn't fall for the high pressure sales tactics for accessories and because they may have known that the price was going up. I wonder if I had I bought the high priced accessories if I might not be holding my new camera in my hands right now?
It goes without saying that I will not do business with them again.
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Anonymous on 01/06/2008:
99% of all online discount places do what they did to you. If you ever get the camera that's all you will get. No battery, strap, warranty, or manual. Did you get a refund? If not do a charge back. Otherwise they still have your money.
rojerdojer on 02/06/2008:
ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS shop at reputable places that have been around a long time, and have a proven track record. This means only big companies, sorry to say, if you haven't heard of them, there is a good chance they may be shady. Web sites are notorious for having bad information or being out of date too, even with good companies.
Lucky Dog on 07/26/2008:
If you want to listen to high pressure sales for unneeded extras go to Techon Digital. If you try to buy the low-priced item only you will get "enjoy your purchase" at the end of their spiel and an email a week later saying they are out of stock and have cancelled your order. This is fraudulent advertising! I cannot overstate this: DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!
moneydoc on 10/17/2008:
I had the same experience with this company and have to believe that they are running a bait and switch if you do not buy their high priced add-ons. I wish death on them.
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Sneaky, But Not Technically Illegal
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- My husband and I often purchase online and have had no problems over the years. A few weeks ago, we decided to order an Olympus Stylus 1030SW from Techondigital. They had a great price, and we do shop prices (we've even bought vehicles online with no problems). Then, on Sunday afternoon, I got two messages from the company on my answering machine saying that they needed to confirm my order. We live in a rural location, and this had happened before due to our address being changed and not always being recognized by UPS, so I didn't think much of it.

When I called the company to confirm, the salesman said I needed to purchase a battery. I said, "doesn't it come with one?" He answered that the one that comes with the camera only lasts about 20 minutes. He offered me two upgrades with a "deal" if I would buy it today. Unfortunately, I had not researched the battery, and seeing that Christmas was coming, I ordered. He then tried to sell me a memory card, but I had already bought one in person at a retail store, so I declined (twice).

After hanging up the phone, I felt uneasy, so I began to search online and discovered that an extra battery is not really needed. I then started to research Techondigital and found hundreds of complaints. I learned that the company uses several different business names. I then called the company back, but of course they were closed. I called my credit card company to see if I could do something like a "stop check" so they wouldn't pay them and I could cancel the order. They said I would have to wait until the charge showed up and the refute the charges if I did not get my merchandise. I then e-mailed Techondigital's "customer support" to cancel the battery, but they never responded.

To make a long story a little bit shorter, the company had already charged my card (under another name: Camera Wiz). After reading several complaints, I decided to cancel my credit card and have a new one issued, just in case.

Monday morning I tried to cancel the battery by phone and order only the camera, but they said the order had already processed and shipped. When I asked them for a tracking number, they said it went by Yellow Truck to UPS and the tracking number was not yet available.

I called back the following Sunday and they said my order had shipped, but that a tracking number could be obtained the next day.

To my surpise, the item did arrive by UPS. Here's the catch: the extra battery was a generic that you can buy online for around $13. I paid $109 (I know, it's my own fault). Also, the camera came with the exact same battery, only the real Olympus brand, not the generic, so now I have two. The receipt had $00.00 by each item with the total at the bottom saying it was sold as a "package". That's where they get you. If you read their policies online, you have to return the whole "package" and not just part of it, for a 20% restock fee.

All in all, the company is "shady" and sneaky; dishonest, but not truly lying; deceitful, but not really illegal. Smart guys.

I ended up paying about an extra $50-$75 compared to if I had bought from a known business or store such as or Circuit City...with a lot more hassle!

Oh, and their customer service and personalities are terrible!
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Anonymous on 12/26/2008:
Typical SOP for most online electronics/cameras stores. If you had refused to purchase the battery then the camera would suddenly be out of stock. You might want to read the warranty as it may not be valid in the US. Most of these places sell gray market goods which are not intended for the domestic market.
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Misleading Pressure Sales
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HOLTS SUMMIT, MO, MISSOURI -- I ordered a camera online from Techon Digital. The price was very competitive and I thought I was getting a good deal. The order went through, but in a short while I received an email to contact the company by phone to "confirm" my order. When I called, the representative insisted I needed a special memory card and a 5 hour battery or I wouldn't be able to use the camera. I told him I wasn't sure I wanted the camera if it needed all that special stuff. It was for a gift and I wanted to contact the person who the gift was for to see if they knew it needed special accessories. The sales rep put my order on hold. A short time later, I got another email to call again to another person. When I called, he too tried to insist I needed these special items, and offered special pricing for the added accessories. When I insisted I just wanted the camera, I was told that all of a sudden the order had to be canceled due to the item being out of stock, even though the web site showed the item was available "yes".

I am sure that the order was canceled by Techon Digital for no other reason than I didn't buy all of the add ons they tried to push off on me. This "bait and switch" tactic is very frustrating. No doubt I will never do business with them again and will do my best to tell people to be aware and not to go there either. They are a disreputable company and should be investigated!
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Starlord on 02/03/2008:
We got all the details in your other post, it is not necessary to post things three or four times in M3C. Once is quite sufficient.
Ponie on 02/04/2008:
Starlord, I thought this sounded familiar. Thanks for the research.
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Techondigital = Horrible
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LINDENWOLD, NEW JERSEY -- I called to confirm my order and the guy went through the whole drawn out conversation about how I should buy all this extra stuff that I don't want. When I declined, he was extremely rude to me throughout the rest of the conversation. So, a couple of days later, no money is missing from my bank account (paid with debit card). I called yesterday to find out why and I got the same jerk who took my call a couple days previous. He tells me that the camera is a hot item and is on back order. When I asked him when the money would be taken out of my account he said, I dunno, maybe like late August? When they open today, I'm calling to cancel my order. I'm very angry that their website says it is in stock, my email confirmation didn't say it was on backorder, and when I called to confirm the order he did not bother to tell me. I've read other people's complaints on this company and they're all the same. I'd rather pay the extra money.
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Anonymous on 08/01/2008:
This is a very long running scam out of the NY and NJ area. You want to buy an advertised camera for say $299.99. It shows in stock and ready to ship. You end up talking to a phone rep that tells you that it has no battery or anything else. After he is done selling you the battery, charger, manual and the box it comes in etc the price is now $500.00. You tell them to pound sand you just want the camera, guess what? Now it's not in stock and they no longer want your order.

Many times they will grab the $300 and if you don't agree to the upsell you have to fight for months to get your $300 back.

Why these opeartions are allowed to do this while the law looks the other way is a mystery. Thank you for bringinag another one of these operations out into the open.

ps) many times the product is a Chinese, Korean or other language product so the screens etc are not even in English.
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Worst Customer Service Ever
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I placed an order for a GPS Garmin 260W because I was attracted by the low price. I received a call from Scott at TechonDigital stating that the GPS that I ordered did not come with a certain memory card. He explained it to me and in the process of asking question to ensure that I understand what the memory card is used for, if it is unique to the Garmin, is a common SD card, etc... Scott remarks "Did I not speak in English." At this point I requested that the order be canceled and the conversation went south from there. After more online research I realized that the name of the game must be to try to tack on expensive add-ons. When I started asking too many questions, Scott probably realized that I was not going to purchase anything else.

Thus, some type of fishy bait and switch with the worst customer service ever. Scott stated that he was the owner as well. STAY CLEAR!!!!!
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samtheman on 06/24/2008:
bob001, I've pasted the following "testimonial" from TechonDigital's website. I believe it amplifies their "required accessories" pitch and lends considerable credence to your review. Thanks for the warning. By the way is there really a place called Tennessee, KY, where this happy customer is supposedly located? "Thanks guys! My SD850 is great. I needed accessories with my camera and was not sure what I needed. Let me tell everyone that after using the camera I am glad that I got the bigger memory and the extra battery, case and cleaning kit. These things really do make a difference when you are out using the camera. The standard stuff that comes with the camera is not enough. Anyway thanks guys for recommending the RIGHT stuff. Thanks!
- Jason P., Tennessee, KY"
Anonymous on 06/24/2008:
No such place as Tennessee, KY. A MapQuest search did bring up a paid link to KY Jelly (insert appropriate joke here).
paulac23 on 07/02/2008:
The worst experience I have ever had with an order. Don't think you're done when you place your order. You have to call and "confim" which is another word for getting treated rudely when you don't buy any of their accessories. My confirmation email said I would get my product in "7-10" wirking days. Just before "William" hung up on me he said "you'll have your product in 8 weeks". I'm going to post this review anywhere I can find their name and a place to review them.
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Misleading practices & inventory
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY EVER!!!! There are similar complaints about them on this forum. If you order an item that they advertise for a very low price and then do not buy accessories for the item, they cancel your order and say it is on backorder. Despite the fact that it says very clearly on the website that it is in stock. Even on the phone they said "enjoy your camera." Then I immediately went to my e-mail and found a message stating that the camera was out of stock. When I confronted them about it they hung up on me the first time and second time I spoke to someone they could have cared less. I told them I would be putting my complaint all over the web and their response was "It's a free country."

Again, unless you want to buy very overpriced accessories from them to get your deeply discounted item, avoid them like the plague!!! Truly unethical business practices.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 02/27/2008:
Looks like someone left the Brooklyn hive of outfits doing this and migrated to Vegas. I can't believe the FTC doesn't open an investigation on at least one of these types of companies for deceptive business practices. Then keep bringing action against these places until they clean up or are shut down.
See my similar complaint against Infinity.
Anonymous on 02/27/2008:
Watch the credit card you gave them very close now.
Anonymous on 02/27/2008:
madredhead, thanks for the information about this company I will never use them and I will give you a tip as well, DON"T BUY ANTTHING OFF THE STINKING INTERNET! There I said it and I feel better now.
madredhead on 02/27/2008:
Until today, I have never had a problem with buying anything on the internet. I am always careful and like Slimjim, wonder why the FTC hasn't done something about this company and others like it. Electronics are so much cheaper on the net, it's hard to resist when you are on a very tight budget and need something. Thanks all for the feedback and advice.
Anonymous on 02/27/2008:
Here is the sleazeball running The Digital

jeffery ling
1755 ocean pkwy
brooklyn, NY 11223 US

madredhead on 02/27/2008:
Thanks superbowl. I think I will file a complaint with the FTC now that I know who the sleazeball is! Thanks again
bgs720 on 01/26/2009:
these guys must be in the same boat as On Time Digital. They are also located in Brooklyn and pull the same scams.
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Bait and Switch Scam
Posted by on
I ordered a Zumo 450 online due to their low price. I travel often and when I was out of town, I got an email to confirm my order. I was kind of upset as I realize that I had given them all of my info and that they had not shipped the product yet. When I called in to confirm, they told me that I must have an SD card to store any maps and that for $20, they would give me a warranty for a year. I knew that a friend of mine had one with an SD card, so I agreed. After I got the item, I called Garmin to register, etc, and learned that they have a one year warranty and that you can store up to fifty maps without an SD card. They totally lied about the warranty and card. I usually research everything, but I was on the road and needed the item for a trip when I returned. I checked into returning the card. No answer again and again. After reading their policy, it states that if your item was a "package deal," you can't return it. No problem, mine was not a package, I just added on.

Well, I checked out my receipt and at the bottom they typed, "sold as a package." This is obviously their way to stop any and all returns. Don't fall prey...THEY ARE A TOTAL SCAM. STAY AWAY!!!
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Anonymous on 02/14/2009:
You can probably use that card in your digital camera. They come in pretty handy. They even fit your Wii.
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Unjust Cancellation Of Order/Rudeness
Posted by on
We received a phone call from a representative of this company. I have given my email address as a way to be contacted however he chose to call. He told my wife what the call was concerning and ruined my Christmas surprise. Then the guy was very rude and wanted me to apologize to him for being hung up on earlier in the day. I had told him that we were having problems with our phone and he still wanted an apology.

He said our order was canceled and when I asked why he said it was because he was hung up on.
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Rude, Arrogant, Con Artist
Posted by on
Company has good sale and then calls you back and threatens you to buy an additional accessory. If you do not call back within 2 hours they will cancel your order. When you do call back, a sales associate gives you back to this rude person. He then tells you all sold out of Olypus cameras. I told him that he was false advertising and I would make sure that authorities were notified. He said he didn't care because he makes a half a million dollars a year. Do not buy from these people!!!

If it's the last thing I do on this earth I will put these people out of business!!!
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Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
Don't waste your time trying to put them out of business. Chances are they operate under a number of different names. And if you are able to close them down there are hundreds more just like them online.
sallieee1 on 01/30/2009:
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A Fraud!
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I ordered a GPS with Techon Digital early July. Received an order confirmation followed by an email asking me to contact the company. When I did, I was told that my GPS was on backorder, but I would receive the GPS within 6-8 weeks. 6 weeks later I contacted the company again and received confirmation that the GPS was on it's way. 8 weeks later, when the GPS had still not arrived, I called and was rudely told that the order had been canceled. When I asked to speak to the manager I was told that by the customer representative that his time was very precious. When I once again asked for the manager I was told that he was in fact the manager. What a waste of time!!!!

I suspect this is not the first time this company has acted like this. A quick Google search found numerous complaints. I for one will never shop there again.
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Anonymous on 08/29/2008:
Since you probably refused any extras (such as battery, owners manual or even the warranbty) the GPS was suddenly on back order.
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