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Misleading Pressure Sales
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HOLTS SUMMIT, MO, MISSOURI -- I ordered a camera online from Techon Digital. The price was very competitive and I thought I was getting a good deal. The order went through, but in a short while I received an email to contact the company by phone to "confirm" my order. When I called, the representative insisted I needed a special memory card and a 5 hour battery or I wouldn't be able to use the camera. I told him I wasn't sure I wanted the camera if it needed all that special stuff. It was for a gift and I wanted to contact the person who the gift was for to see if they knew it needed special accessories. The sales rep put my order on hold.

A short time later, I got another email to call again to another person. When I called, he too tried to insist I needed these special items, and offered special pricing for the added accessories. When I insisted I just wanted the camera, I was told that all of a sudden the order had to be canceled due to the item being out of stock, even though the website showed the item was available "yes".

I am sure that the order was canceled by Techon Digital for no other reason than I didn't buy all of the add ons they tried to push off on me. This "bait and switch" tactic is very frustrating. No doubt I will never do business with them again and will do my best to tell people to be aware and not to go there either. They are a disreputable company and should be investigated!

Misleading practices & inventory
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY EVER!!!! There are similar complaints about them on this forum. If you order an item that they advertise for a very low price and then do not buy accessories for the item, they cancel your order and say it is on backorder. Despite the fact that it says very clearly on the website that it is in stock. Even on the phone they said "enjoy your camera."

Then I immediately went to my e-mail and found a message stating that the camera was out of stock. When I confronted them about it they hung up on me the first time and second time I spoke to someone they could have cared less. I told them I would be putting my complaint all over the web and their response was "It's a free country." Again, unless you want to buy very overpriced accessories from them to get your deeply discounted item, avoid them like the plague!!! Truly unethical business practices.

Digital Camera
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FALL BRANCH, TENNESSEE -- Placed order for camera via online. Instructed to call "to confirm my order". Got the old bait and switch to buy batteries, memory cards, etc. Will wait a few days to see if I get my camera.

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