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Should Be Taken Out Of Business
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After ordering the product, I received an email stating that I had to call them in order to "verify my order". What I got was a hard sell on accouterments that were "essential" because the product as shipped doesn't have enough memory, enough battery, enough nearly everything you can add to a camera. I refused and the sales person seemed quite upset. Then I asked when the order would ship since the web site had shown that the product was in stock and "shipment within one day of order receipt". He said, "Oh, about 6 to 7 weeks. It's on backorder." After 5 minutes of hard sell it seems that the fact it wouldn't ship wasn't important to him. "Cancel the order", I said, and he agreed.

To their credit, I received the notice of cancellation via email very shortly (followed by the notice that the product was on backorder). Never again will I place an order where I "have to call to verify the order". It's nothing but a scam to upsell.
Digital Camera
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FALL BRANCH, TENNESSEE -- Placed order for camera via online. Instructed to call "to confirm my order" Got the old bait and switch to buy batteries, memory cards, etc. Will wait a few days to see if I get my camera.
Bait And Switch
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NOT PROVIDED -- These are the people who confirmed my camera order; told me it was in stock; told me it would be shipped asap; then asked me to call them to confirm shipping addr; then pressured me to buy high priced accessories; then hung up on me when I said I didn't need any accessories; then sent me email saying order is canceled because item is out of stock!

In the meantime I am waiting for them to credit my account for the charges.

This borders if not outright consumer fraud.

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