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Digital Camera
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FALL BRANCH, TENNESSEE -- Placed order for camera via online. Instructed to call "to confirm my order". Got the old bait and switch to buy batteries, memory cards, etc. Will wait a few days to see if I get my camera.

Bait And Switch
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NOT PROVIDED -- These are the people who confirmed my camera order; told me it was in stock; told me it would be shipped asap; then asked me to call them to confirm shipping address; then pressured me to buy high priced accessories; then hung up on me when I said I didn't need any accessories; then sent me email saying order is canceled because item is out of stock! In the meantime I am waiting for them to credit my account for the charges. This borders if not outright consumer fraud.

Order Cancelled
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On 12-30-07 I ordered a camcorder from Techon Digital for their price of $369.00. The item was listed as in stock (it actually stated "Availability: Yes"). After placing the order I was required to call the company for confirmation of the order.

After connecting with at least four other people, I spoke with a person who assured me the item was in stock. He then offered to sell me a 12 hr. battery for the camera; I declined. He then cut the price by $10.00 and assured me that I needed the extra battery; I declined. He then continued to make me offers that decreased in $10.00 to $20.00 increments with a carrying case thrown in until we got to a price approx. 50% of the initial offer. I continued to politely decline throughout the process. He finally gave up on selling me the additional items and said they would send the camera stating "enjoy the camera".

On 1-04-08 I received a notice from Techon Digital stating: "We regret to inform you that the order is cancelled due to the product being on back order. When or if we get the product again in stock soon will send you an email to place an order please do not resubmit your order again." I looked at their website today (1-05-08) and the same item (Panasonic SDR-H18 Hard Disc Drive Camcorder) is listed as "Availability: Yes" for $599.00.

It appears to me that they are being untruthful. I suspect that my order may have been doomed from the beginning because I didn't fall for the high pressure sales tactics for accessories and because they may have known that the price was going up. I wonder if I had I bought the high priced accessories if I might not be holding my new camera in my hands right now? It goes without saying that I will not do business with them again.

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