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Ted's of Beverly Hills Poor Service/Rudeness
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ALTADENA, CALIFORNIA -- My wife and I recently visited Ted's after hearing it advertised on the local A.M. talk show. We were surprised at the prices ($55.00) for a 9oz. filet}. The staff seemed very inexperienced and the waitresses were so heavy that they could not even maneuver around the tables! When we complained about the dirty silverware, the owner, Ted Bell came out and yelled at us for about 2 minutes! I could not believe some of the words that were coming out of his mouth....This guy should be shut down for talking to his customers like that. My wife left in tears, and he stuck us with the whole bill, even though we had not begun to eat our meal as he started his tirade.

The entire experience was demeaning. I urge everyone in the Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara and
Rock Island, Illinois areas NOT to visit his businesses. Despite the slogan, Ted Bell definitely did not "Put his meat in our mouth".
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viperpa33s on 04/08/2006:
If you paid by credit card, dispute the bill with your cc company. Just never go back there again. Word of mouth is a customers best asset and can be a restaurant worst nightmare. I been to Beverly Hill once, just driving through. I have to say it is a very interesting place.
CrazyRedHead on 04/09/2006:
"Put his meat in our mouth".
No comment.
Anonymous on 04/09/2006:
I will comment! that can't be a real slogan can it? if so ewwww, gross and why would that make anybody ever want to eat there? of course the owner would be slob
Shakra on 04/09/2006:
It is actually "Come and put our meat in your mouth," but that is still pretty gross.
Ponie on 04/09/2006:
Although I agree that (so-called) slogan sounds yucky, if you signed that credit card receipt, I don't believe you can now dispute it. I, too, feel $55 for a 9 oz. filet is pretty pricey, but you saw that the moment you were presented with the menu. Why did you even decide to stay if the place was so messy, I.e., dirty silverware? As far as Ted Bell yelling at you for about 2 minutes, sit still doing nothing for even ONE minute and see how long it is. I think there's a slight exaggeration here. However, it's his restaurant and he can speak to the customers in any way he wants. Why did you feel it necessary to reference the weight of the waitresses? I feel there's more to this story than written here--like either you or your wife are former employee's at Ted's. Your wife in tears? No backbone? My reaction to such a situation (if it in fact took place exactly as stated)? I'd have walked out the door without paying a single cent. Sure, Ted could call the police to complain, but if I hadn't 'begun to eat' my meal, no way could he force me to pay as you evidently did. I'd like to hear Ted's side of this 'story.'
Anonymous on 04/09/2006:
Hard to imagine !
Anonymous on 04/10/2006:
“Ted's of Beverly Hills” Your in California what the hell else do you expect!!!!
Anonymous on 04/10/2006:
Ted's of Beverly Hills is a creation of the talk show host Phil Hendrie!!! It's not real. Nice hoax, Francis. (LOL) Phil Hendrie is the best.
Anonymous on 04/10/2006:
I am going to have to look that guy up, dang I thought that slogan was too nasty to be real. LOL
Anonymous on 04/10/2006:
Lollerskates on 04/10/2006:
I would like to speak to Mark Mays please.
Tara21 on 04/20/2006:
I think the waitresses' size has absolutely nothing to do with good service. I myself serve for a living while I am in school and although I am not a nig girl, I work with a few who are great servers and good people. You should be ashamed of yourself. Only losers put others down to make themselves feel good.
beanbagbritches on 05/16/2006:
You are full of it.
RC Collins from Chatsworth High on 09/10/2008:
Ted's of Beverly Hills Steak House is the best in California and maybe better than any steakhouse in NYC- Gallagher's, Smith and Wollenski's, you name it. If your wife or daughter is hot, Ted will tell her she has a nice ass, if you leave with a dancer he will make sure your wife and kids are taken care of, and don't even try to play golf against him, he drives over 150 yards!!! He's Ted Bell!
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