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Warning to writers about TVWV - scam
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Watch out. I was told I had over 30 script reviews by the biggest studios in Los Angeles, then had my subscription canceled 6 months early without a refund, and when I chased everything down, got a letter from an attorney at Warner Brothers saying they never heard of this company!!! I paid to register 9 scripts at $20 apiece, and was told the guy changed my password to prevent me from finding out if the studios reviewing my script ideas wanted to go any further BECAUSE GETTING THAT MANY 'BITES' FULFILLED HIS END OF THE CONTRACT WAY BEYOND WHAT HE PROMISED. If WB never heard of him, what do you want to bet he shuts you down for no good reason (told me I needed to apologize for asking him to refund a duplicate registration fee or he wouldn't let me back in - where do you imagine that is in the contract?) because he can't deliver? In my opinion, this is a scam because if one major studio never heard of him, the others probably haven't either and that's why they didn't even bother answering.
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Anonymous on 02/03/2011:
Best to research a business before climbing into bed with them.
Stop Online Rip-Offs on 10/09/2012:
The owner of TV Writers Vault was previously flushed out for online deception and he also has a very bad reputation for billing multiple registration charges at STAY AWAY and spread the word of this rip-off site! He likes to post under variations of his name to promote his own site as if he isn't involved in any way - totally illegal.
TVWritersVault on 02/25/2013:
Hi- The original poster of this review is confused, and misinformed. Warner Brothers is not a client of the TV Writers Vault, so we're not clear on why they would be needing to contact them. We have registered executives using our service from ABC, CBS, NBC Uni, Fox TV Studios, and countless other production companies. We're the only TV industry website to have brought "Ideas" from people outside the Hollywood system to global broadcast on networks including Discovery Channel, A&E, SyFy, UKTV and others. We're sorry for any confusion, but we didn't deserve this false review. We welcome all visitors to our site, and to contact us with any questions. We're happy to expand with further insight on our services for Writers and Creators.
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