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Bad News Sunroom
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CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN -- The Atlanta Company who installed the Sunrooms for Temo, American Exclusives did really shoddy work. They were unreliable, they would go days and weeks and not show up, it is no surprise that they are no longer in business. Our roof leaks like crazy and water was pouring in through the light fixture. I called the electrician sent out to install the wiring and left a message, he never returned my call. I called Temo and explained how dissatisfied we were with the workmanship and they explained that there was nothing they could do, they only guarantee the sunroom, not the workmanship. They suggested that we hire someone else to fix the problem. More money spent.
That was in 2004 and we are still fighting leaks, we have tried everything we can to stop the leaks to no avail.

After reading other reviews about unsatisfactory customer service and workmanship, I think we should band together and start a class action suit. We are at retirement age, and love our sunroom with the exception of the leaks, but just are not in a position to continually put out more money to try to clean up Temo's mess.
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Alain on 10/15/2011:
You may want to contact the Michigan Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division at (517) 373-1140 or (800) 765-8388 to see if they can give you some advice about this.
ronnie on 04/16/2013:
Temo is a sunroom manufacturer in Michigan. How is it their fault if some contractor in Georgia installed the product wrong? That's like me suing The Home Depot because some idiot contractor I hired from Craigslist screwed up building my deck. But because he got his materials from The Home Depot I'm starting a "class action lawsuit". ..........
Kirk on 08/02/2013:
The last comment is absolute nonsense. TEMOs warranty gives specific rights including warranties against failure of seals. If the seals are leaking and did not leak before this is covered under their warranty.

Why do people like Ronnie feel the need to post things about subjects they do not understand?
Wally on 08/12/2013:
TEMO has been a leading manufacturer of sunrooms and patio covers for over 40 years. The laminated roof panels and window/wall systems are purchased and installed by builders and contractors across the country.

The TEMO manufacturer’s warranty covers TEMO materials only against product defects.

The attachment of the product to the house and to the floor, along with proper flashing and caulking, falls under the installation warranty and is the responsibility of your local contractor. This is because installation issues do not represent a product defect and also are beyond the scope of TEMO's control.

Unfortunately, many reputable contractors, through no fault of their own, were forced out of business in the housing market collapse. If your contractor was one of these, repairs can be made by a roofing company, sheet metal company or an individual that caulks homes professionally.
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Finished product does not meet code and high standards
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SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA -- The owner will not complete work to high standards. The only thing he wants is your money and once he has it he will not take care of you the customer. We had a sunroom and stamped concrete porch put in by Temo. Currently the unfinished product does not meet Minneapolis code as it needs a step from the sunroom down to the stamped concrete. For a nice looking finished product the company should put in a stamped concrete step to match the stamped concrete patio. The owner refuses to put in the step that will match the concrete and complete this project in the highest quality manner. AVOID THIS COMPANY AND THE OWNER BOB. I heard my husband trying to have a civil telephone call with Bob the owner--all Bob did was yell and never even let my husband talk. Also do a google search of the owners name for his past business history.
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Soaring Consumer on 07/25/2009:
To my understanding, the product must be up to the building code, by law. You should file a complaint with the county building inspector and have them look at it and file an affidavit for you that the work was not completed to code. Then you should get someone else to complete the work and sue TEMO for the cost.
madconsumer on 07/25/2009:
a step yes, but not to match the floor. that is asking to much.
Slimjim on 07/25/2009:
Why would we care to do a search of what businesses he owns? It doesn't sound like the step you want is in the estamate. This really isn't about codes, but getting an upgraded step included. Tough call without knowing what type of step he planned to install with the job and if it was an acceptable one without the designing.
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