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I Had a Tempurpedic Bed Replaced
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Rating: 5/51
ARIZONA -- We purchased a new Tempurpedic Bed in 2004, and recently decided that it was not living up to it's warranty. I called the company and explained my concern. They asked me to perform a couple tests on the mattress and take photos. I sent the photos and heard back from them within the week, and was informed that they would be replacing my bed with a new bed.

Approximately a week later I was contacted and a time was given for the delivery. It took about 3 weeks but they delivered the bed promptly, on time, set up very professional and the old mattress hauled away. The new bed is beautiful and I feel that I have no reservations about referring this company.

P. S. I love, love, love, my Tempurpedic Bed.
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Shayen on 09/06/2013:
This company is in the top 5 of worst customer service experiences I have ever had. I still regret purchasing their product and threw it out, a California king mattress, 5 years after it was purchased. It had started to sag after only 3 months and although I had my paperwork and it was under warranty, they refused to replace it. The boxsprings they did replace, because they broke after only a few months. The company rep actually asked if perhaps I was too large of a person and my weight was causing the damage. I said "I don't know, do you think a woman who weighs 120 lbs is too large"? Both a shoddy product and customer service experience with them. Never again will I buy anything they sell.
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Break down of mattress
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I sleep on a Tempur-pedic mattress and I am one my 5th one now. They last for a couple of weeks or a couple of years but after this they do break down. Mine is at the point that I can barely got off the mattress in the morning due to so much pain. Mattress has been replace 5 times at no cost to me but now I find myself in same position of having to fight with the company to get a mattress that doesn't break down after a few years. These are extremely expensive mattress's and they surely should last longer than a few years. When they are new, most of the ones I have slept on they were great, they just do not last. At first, I had no problem receiving another mattress at no cost, due to the 20 year guaranty. After I had returned so many defective mattress's, they told me they will have to start pro-rating the cost. The mattress that has just broken down is only 5 years old and should not be failing. I believe the first ten years is an unconditional guaranty so it looks like I will be fighting with Tempur-pedic again. Just so you don't think you're crazy if you have one and it is not as comfortable or painless as it once was, it's not you, it's the mattress. They just do not last long.
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Cwazychicken on 12/26/2011:
I got a test sample of the material and by the sample, I could tell its a pretty weak mattress.I don't see the point paying thousands for something that seems weak. Judging by the material, I got it wet and it was like a sponge. It tore pretty easily before that as well. I figured a big mattress would break down before 10 years was up, let alone 20. I love my bed (its nothing fancy, but it was built to last obviously. Its a spring but it works for me. Its over 30 years old, but hardly slept on til recently....I got it from my grandmother...very good condition. I never get back aches.)
trmn8r on 12/26/2011:
There's a few things here. First, if the mattress goes bad time after time, it is likely that this pattern will repeat itself. Next, if the company keeps replacing mattresses, it isn't surprising (though perhaps not legal) that they are saying they will start prorating them. They are probably hoping you will give up and go away, if they have given you 5 for the price of 1.

How long ago did you buy the first one?
GenuineNerd on 12/26/2011:
You would be better off buying an old-fashioned innerspring mattress set-preferably a two-sided one-those have been proven to last for years. If there is a location in your area, I would recommend the Original Mattress Factory. They make a high quality product. Gimmicks like Tempur-Pedic and Select Comfort are just that-gimmicks. Same with the one-sided "no-flip" mattress designs today. When it comes to mattresses, the two-sided innersprings are best...just choose the firmness you need next time you shop for a mattress set. I am happy with my Original Mattress set-and I've had it for 7 years now.
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Don't buy a Tempur-pedic if you aren't the exact size of your sleep partner
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We purchased a Deluxe Queen Tempur-pedic mattress from Slumberland (separate review there, stay as far from that store as you can). My husband is 6'5" and 250 lbs, I am short, 5'4" 150 lbs. We were told that you won't feel a thing from the sleep partner. Well, that is absolutely not true. I am forced to sleep on the edge of the bed, because otherwise I roll towards him. They won't tell you that the mattress sinks in all around, causing the whole side to cave in.

This might be an okay mattress for average sized people that are the same size, but if you are 2 completely different sized people, PLEASE do not buy any Tempurpedic mattress, you will get stuck with something you will be very very uncomfortable sleeping with-the biggest $3000 mistake I've ever made.
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madconsumer on 06/02/2009:
great review, very helpful. these types of mattresses are not good for people who like a hard mattress. as you said, they sink all around your body, and allow a dis-alignment of the back.
Sparticus on 06/02/2009:
Thanks for the review. We have been thinking of getting one. I have a bad lower back and thought this would help me sleep. We might have the same problem.
Plots on 06/02/2009:
VERY Helpful review! Thank you SO much for letting us know!
L Lake on 06/02/2009:
I almost bought one of those Tempurpedic mattresses. I changed my mind when someone told me that they get hard during the winter months hot during the summer.

I did pay around $150.00 for a Tempurpedic pillow, and it did get hard in the winter and hot in the summer, so I got rid of it. It's hard to pitch something that cost $150.00, but would be beyond hard to get rid of something that cost $3,000.

If you ever want a new mattress, I can't recommend Sterns and Foster enough. A good nights sleep may be worth selling your current mattress, because sleep is such an important part of your overall health.

Thank you for your post. It was very imformative.
goduke on 06/03/2009:
I found a tempur clone that had a "firm" option (the authentic doesn't). Tried out both the plush and the firm. The plush definitely gave a feeling of falling off the bed, but the firm was an amazing feeling. Bought and I haven't slept that well in many, many years.
lessthanzero on 06/09/2009:
I can't say enough good things about the Tempur-Pedic, king size
Rhapsody bed. I have had a couple of really bad back surgeries, and found that the "regular" bed we had starting to cause more issues. When we purchased the Tempur-Pedic I found that not only did my back feel so much better, I got a much better sleep. Not sure about the bed the OP purchased, but have never had the problem stated with the Rhapsody bed, and my wife is much smaller and lighter than I am.
Sparticus on 06/09/2009:
I wish you could try one out for a night or two. I have a horrible back and am spending so much money on chiropractors and doctors that I am considering getting a new bed to help... But with so many options, and many of them so expensive, it is hard to pick. These Tempurpedic beds are the most expensive of the bunch... and if I find out it gets hard/uncomfortable in the winter, I would be ticked off for spending so much!
Anonymous on 06/09/2009:
Spart, we bought one a couple years ago. It was the best sleep investment we ever made. I too have a bad back and even had spinal fusion. If it was not for our Tempurpedic bed I would never get any sleep. They have me as a customer for life. And we have experienced none of the issues the OP has. I wonder if they may be got a Tempurpedic knock off? A lot of places are selling look alikes as Tempurpedic's these days.

Buy the way they do not get hard in the winter. They are warm in the winter and cool in the summer as they hold one tempeture pretty much all the time. Spart, Tempurpedic has a 90 day in home trial, give them a call.
fbchic on 06/09/2009:
Hello, OP-ster here. No, it wasn't a knock-off. It was a Deluxe Tempurpedic, queen size. In all my research since, and also making sure I wasn't crazy, and also shopping many other beds/stores, what I keep finding over and over is those that are diehard lovers of Temps are a high percentage of people with serious back issues. I don't (didn't, I do now after sleeping on one for 3 months) and if you read all over the net, you'll see a similar pattern. For normal sleepers that don't have previous back surgery, car injuries, etc... this is not a bed I think you'll like. Also, it depends on how long you sleep. I sleep 8-9 hrs a night, and that is WAY too long to be in one exact position-you WILL get stiff, no matter how comfy your bed is. I also live in extreme climates, -40 winters, and the bed is VERY hard. I'd go broke keeping my house at 73-75 degrees all winter just to keep my bed soft!!
Anonymous on 06/09/2009:
fbchic, we bought the King Size, I had back issues and we live in So California. So it all works for us. Like you say some swear by them and some swear at them. Got to get what's right for you.
FaireMaiden on 02/15/2010:
Latex is your best bet for differently-sized folk.
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Online Order Process a Nightmare
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I order numerous products online because I travel 70% of the time and don't always have a lot of time to shop at local stores. It's easier ti find it online and have it waiting for me when I get home. However, I advise against ordering anything from Tempur-pedic online at their store. First, the correct sales tax is not calculated at the time of purchase, nor is there any warning at the time of purchase that the amount being authorized is different than what you will be charged. Second, it specifically states an email confirmation will be sent within 24 hours of the order being placed. It has been 7 business days, and I still haven't gotten a confirmation email. Though it does not say so on the website, it takes up to 21 BUSINESS days to process the order. I emailed customer service and after 3 days received a response that they were unable to locate my order??? Meanwhile, I had called the customer service line and found out about the 21 days and miscalculation in price.

I do have to say the customer service reps were super helpful and nice, but they do not make up for the horrible ordering process. BEWARE of ordering from Tempur-pedic online.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/26/2009:
Hang in there as the Tempurpedic is worth every penny you pay for it. We have had one for a couple years now and love it. There is no better bed on the market for people that have back issues. We found a local store that gave us a nice discount, delivered it for free and hauled away our old box spring and mattress. So going into a local store may pay off for you.
TXonlineshopper on 05/26/2009:
Yeah, I should have just taken the time to buy one at the store. We have one already, but we are buying a better model for our new bed. Next time, we will NOT be buying online.
zeldaz on 06/09/2009:
Rather than bother spending thousands for a TempurPedic, we bought a mattress-topper at Costco. We loved it so much, we got them for the kids, too - and haven't come close to the cost of a TempurPedic. It's been three years, and it's as if they were new. I knew to stay away from TempurPedic when I tried to order a sample piece as described on their commercials and never received it. Then I was supposed to receive a callback. Still waiting four years later! It's just not worth it - my back is great with a mattress topper - and I did suffer from our regular mattress. Good luck in whatever choice you make.
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