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Not a smooth transaction
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I needed a car in California and found what I thought to be the right choice that fell within our budget. Bought unseen but based on the information I received from researching the car, the company and in speaking with the salesman from Texas Auto OnLine - it turned out to be the worst car purchase experience for me. I have owned many cars over the years and both bought and sold some over the internet long before today's popular websites appeared having no issues, nada, zilch.

To start, issue after issue dealing with the dealership in completing the necessary paperwork. Much to my surprise one day early on, the current title arrives and upon contacting the title department at the dealership, they stated that it was a mistake and would I please return it which I did gladly as I was only going to be in the state of CA for 2 weeks and needed to finalize the necessary paperwork ASAP. Now for a company that claims to 'sell many cars to the state of CA', they appeared to be clueless as to what was required of them by the state of CA. Back and forth we went and in my mind thinking that if the professional handled the paperwork that would be more efficient even if it cost me a few dollars more as time is money and we all know how short time can be. Murphy's law happens again but 'if you want something done, do it yourself',so we did and due to the delays the dealership caused, it cost me an additional $204 dollars in late fees through CA DMV. BTW - the folks at the DMV facility in CA were absolutely wonderful to work with.

After contacting the dealership via fax (which they claim they never received)to recoup the money incurred from the late fees I refaxed it again while I had the gentleman on the line and he acknowledged receipt and would get back with me.

Two weeks goes by and not a word even after I called and left multiple messages with his staff and on his cell phone - 'he never got them'. Great customer service...not at all. Now they did address most of the other issues with the car and shared some of the costs but to be honest this car has cost me much more than what was originally paid.

They make the cars look pretty on the outside and where you have access to the engine bay but mechanically - when you ask for records and they can not produce them, walk away. The car had issues! Needed motor mounts, needed trans mount, motor needed a set of gaskets as they were saturated. Some exterior bulbs were missing even after I had checked with the salesman to make sure everything was in working order. In addition, the stop/hinge broke on the drivers door and you could not lower the window. The speaker grill on the drivers door was busted - never disclosed. On the 2nd day after I took the car for the CA emissions test (which it passed) the infamous 'Check Engine' light comes on...Murphy's Law. Luckily it was the gas cap and a vacuum line that was diagnosed through having a 'smoke test' performed...not an inexpensive test.

One thing the dealership did disclose by law was that on the title it stated that the car came from a 'flood zone' area and added that it 'had never been in a flood as they would not buy cars like that at auction as it would tarnish their reputation'. Now this may be true but difficult to confirm. The local MB dealership in CA just replaced the 'harness' under the drivers seat that controls the SRS system...faulty harness means NO AirBags. NO AirBags and an accident really don't go together too well. The local MB dealer felt that it got wet. As for Texas Auto their final reply today was that 'we've done enough on this transaction'. With that, I am out an additional $584. Don't get me wrong, after all the issues were fixed I can say that it is a nice car but I can only attribute that to the manufacturer (MB) and the local MB dealership that brought the car back to where it should have been in the first place.

I would like to add that above I mentioned I received the current title in error and it was either on that title or with the accompanying paperwork at that time it stated that the car was 'repossessed'. One thing I recall the salesman saying to me at pre-sale time was that 'the car came from an affluent area in Texas' - well why was it repossessed? And why didn't the salesman ever disclose that bit of information. Either he had not done his homework in knowing his product well enough or simply chose not to. And to add, this is how I think the speaker grill and door stop/hinge broke, repo man doing his job.

They are probably not the only used car dealership that is at fault like this but if you can't take or make the time to go and check out a car, hire someone reputable, third party unbiased to be your eyes and ears.

Lesson learned, hope this is helpful to others.
Buyer beware!
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Anonymous on 09/22/2010:
Not to deminish the review, but you bought a car in another state that you never even got to see or test drive? Are you really surprised the car ended up having problems? Id NEVER buy a car unless I got to see it and test drive it. That's just common sense.
unhappy999 on 09/22/2010:
I could never buy a car without test driving it first and checking it out. As far as "affluent" people having their car repoccessed it can happen to any body. A lot of people with money are over extended and if they have a good job and lose it, unemployment doesn't cover it. A lot of people are spending beyond their means. I work with a lot of people who make way more money then me but they are living paycheck to paycheck and are always complaining that they don't have enough money left after the bills.
Anonymous on 09/22/2010:
Unhappy, that's because they needed that 40,000 dollar SUV that gets 12 MPG.
Starlord on 09/23/2010:
I am sorry, but I do not mean to diminish the post. However, you bought a car, sight unseen off the internet, without ever driving it or having an independent mechanic check it out? Don't you ever watch People's Court or Judge Judy or Judge Alex? Did you even ask for a Carfax? Nooooo. I bought a Mustang once from what turned out to be a sleazy dealer, and that is when I learned about having a mechanic check prospective purchases out. when I was told that I could not test drive the car, but the salesman would take me on a ride, I should have walked away, but I had fallen in love with that car. Itself-destructed in three weeks, the payments didn't.
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I need your help!!!
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HENDERSON, TEXAS -- As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

November 23, 2001

Multiple Recipients
Hello, my name is Mary Fancher Lee, and I am writing you this letter to show what
An injustice I have been involved in.
My story starts back in September 1999. I hired an attorney, Joe Shumate to collect back child support in the amount of 12,000.00 Dollars. This begins my nightmare. I took my ex-husband to
Court for back child support he owned my children and me. The Judge Darryl Hyatt took my proof of the owed amount, then he without proof took my ex’s word on some payments. The judge started subtracting the amounts my ex was telling him. After it was over the judge said he owed
Then my ex (Ray Anthony Fancher) hired an attorney, Carl Barber. Ray was trying to get custody of the kids. My ex- Ray Fancher has an abusive background. He’s been convicted of two
Counts of deadly assault 1995, Two charges for injury to a child. Which leads me to what happened next. My daughter (Brittany Jo Fancher) age 10 came to me back in June 2001 and told me that her dad, my ex- Ray Fancher had beaten my youngest son up, and busted he’s lip.
I called my son in the house; he’s name is Denver FAncher age 13. I asked him what had happened
And he said nothing, he was afraid to tell me, cause he would get in trouble by he’s dad for telling.
I told my son I already knew and I assured him that I would protect him. So we called the law out
And we filed injury to a child on him and I called my attorney to file a protective order against their dad. We went to court to get the protective order. Both my kids got on the stand and told the same story and my son was crying and scared. My ex lied about what happened and the judge Darryl Hyatt, came back with a verdict of giving Ray back the kids and told me I was real close to contempt. I was divested and so were the kids. Denver was crying and asked what he was supposed to do when he’s dad got him home. MY attorney told Denver “ To deal with it!”
Then about one month later the kids Brittany Fancher 10, Denver Fancher 13, And Justin Fancher 14, was at my house for a visit. The boys broke into a building across the street and stole some stuff. I explained to them this was wrong and that we would have to take the stuff back and
Tell the owners what happened. The following morning I was woke up by the Rusk County Sheriffs
Deputy. He explained to me that the boys had been throwing rocks at vehicles and he was carrying
Them to Juvenile. I called their dad, my ex, Ray Fancher and told him what had happened, and I also told him about the building a cross the street. The boys were in detention two weeks. ON there
Day for release I went to court to be with them. When court started my ex’s attorney called Ray FAncher to the stand. He proceeded in telling the judge Darryl Hyatt, that the kids stay in trouble at my house and he wanted me to not have my visitation. My lawyer was not present so I raised my hand and objected. The judge told me to come to the front and he would let me cross examine my ex.
When it was my turn to ask Ray A question I asked him this, “ Mr. Fancher is it not true that three days prior to the kids coming to my house, the boys broke out eight windows od a school while in your custody.” And that was enough the judge said that the boys were released and I still had my visitation. Finally some justice for me, but wait till you hear what happened next.
Three days after that court hearing I was asleep in my bed, it was around 8:30 pm at night.
I was awakened by the DEA drug enforcement. They knocked my front door down came in my bedroom with masks on and they held guns to my head. They was screaming for me to get up
And calling me names like “Pill- Headed- Mother- Fucker” One said I needed an attorney and a carpenter. I was in shock; they handcuffed me and took me to jail. I was put in a holding tank for five hours. Then detective Duncan came and took me to be booked. He told me I was charged with burglary of a building, I told him it was a misunderstanding and that I would tell him everything.
And I did. I was released on a 10,000.00 bond the next day.
Now this next incident is the worst to me. About a week later my ex summoned me to court. Ray Fancher. My Attorney was there but it’s weird but I was served a protective order
and my right s to my kids was taking from me. The judge said reason for this was involving the kids in criminal activity.
Now I’m no lawyer but this is how I see this.... I was charged with a 4 the degree felony, no prior records. And I lost my rights to my kids. Now my ex-Ray Fancher had been charged the second time for Injury to a child, plus he’s prior convictions. He as total custody of my children.
I’m in disbelief. I’m really scared what this county will do to my kids and me next.
O and after that last court hearing I fired my attorney for misrepresentation. I am now looking for an attorney out of this county who isn’t afraid to go up against the county.
Please can you help me! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
My e-mail address is LadyTrouble32@aol.com.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter. I am inclosing two pictures of the building that was burglarized. .

Mary Fancher Lee

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I only ask that Justice be served. I am a good person and my kids are suffering because of what money and influential powers acquires not what is the law..

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.
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Sales Tactics & Breaking A Contract
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DENISON, TEXAS -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

On July 1, 2006 5:00 PM we received a call from Chris Sanders, a salesman for Texoma Ford/Mazda Denison TX, and he stated that he had a deal on a new 2006 Ford truck that we could not refuse. We arrived at the dealership at 6:00 PM and asked to see Chris Sanders. He took us out to the lot and showed us the 2006 Ford Pick-ups and we saw a White F150 Ext Cab STX 2WD and he said we would get a lot of rebates from Ford IF we trded right then. We had a 2005 F150 King Ranch Supercrew 2WD (Paid in Full) and he asked what we needed to make a deal. I said $4000.00 and their new truck and he said he had to talk to the Sales Manager about it and we waited for about 30 minutes for his return. They offered $1000 the first time and we said NO and he said he would check with them again and another 30 minutes passed and he said $2002 and we said NO and he disappeared again for ANOTHER 30 minutes and this time he brought the Sales Manager with him. They then said we could finance $1500 through Ford and we said we were'nt financing anything--our truck was free and clear and we wanted to go home and think about it (now it is 9:30 PM) They said 'You can't leave' we will make a better offer. Then they disappeared again and returned with an offer of $3000 from them and the new 2006 truck. We were VERY tired and wanted out of there! We finally agreed and signed the papers. We were driving home to Durant, OK and my wife said her back hurt and I said to adjust the Lumbar Control on the side of the passenger seat, but there was none! I had one on the driver's side and I saw it when I looked into the truck previously. The dealership was closed the next day, being Sunday and on Monday we hashed it over and over and Tuesday was the 4th, a Holiday and on Wednesday I was contacted bye a woman from Texoma Ford/Mazda and she asked how we liked our new truck and I said we would not accept this truck, because of the passenger seat and we wanted our truck back and the deal cancelled. She said she would tell the Sales Manager and our salesman about it and have them call us back. We were NOT contacted bye them and I called them and was told they were not available. Thursday I called again and got the same answer, NOT AVAILABLE! Friday I called again and got the Sales Manager and he stated it was a 'Done Deal' and they would not cancel the deal! They also back dated the contract to June 30th, so that they could get extra bonuses from Ford Motor for the month! On Mondy, July 10, 2006 we tried to hire an attorney from Oklahoma, but after waiting all day to see him, he said he did not practice in Texas and he suggested a name of a Texas lawyer in Sherman, TX. We have seen this attorney and paid him $150 to write Texoma Ford/Mazda a letter and that they had 30 days to reply. This is 13 days after the fact and we have not been paid the $3000 as stated in the contract and they will not return our truck! There is NO loan involved and all they have to do is return our property and tear up the paperwork! But--they refuse!! They used very high pressure sales tactics on us for 4 hours and lied about paying us the money!

As a resolution, I would like the following:

We want our 2005 F150 King Ranch w/1602 miles and our attorney fees of $150 paid bye them and if they say our truck has been sold--then we want proof of time and date of sale and the retail price of our truck IN CASH!!

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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rowdy on 07/27/2006:
All comments made are "In Our Opinion" !!
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Complaint against Earthlink and BillMeLater
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

I received a bill from a company called BillMeLater for $21.95. It was for Earthlink Internet service. I've never had an Earthlink account. In fact for the past 2 years I've had AT &T/Yahoo DSL. I called BillMeLater and they my Earthlink account was set up when I bought a new laptop from Dell in Jan. '07. I called Earthlink who said that I was given a free 6 month subscription to Earthlink when I registered my new laptop computer. They said that now that the six months was up they were billing me for the service via BillMeLater. I disputed the charge and Earthlink, after trying to get me to stay in the service, finally agreed to refund that charge from BillMeLater and they gave me confirmation number to that effect. I really resent a third party such and Earthlink and BillMeLater having my personal information and starting up accounts without my authorization just because I registered my new laptop with Dell. I also made a complaint with the Dell customer service department. Dell denied automatically setting up my Earthlink account and they said Earthlink did not even come on that new laptop.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I want this investigated. I believe Earthlink and BillMeLater are in some kind of scam operation. If I HAD set up an Earthlink account...why didn't Earthlink bill me? I never even heard of BillMeLater. I feel that it is just another scam. We protect our credit cards and try to stay safe but these companies even find ways to bill us without a credit card. Earthlink was prompt to take care of the matter after I became very angry on the phone with them. BillMeLater acted like I was responsible for the fee no matter what Earthlink said. It's all just a scam and needs to be investigated. I have account numbers and further information if needed by you.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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abobo on 08/14/2007:
Ask them to produce written documentation that you signed up for Earthlink, if they fail to provide it in a timely manner report them to the fraud department of your credit card company.
Anonymous on 09/24/2007:
That's not true. Dell is partnered with Earthlink and AOL. When you buy your computer, Dell will give you the option to have 6 mos free dial-up service with either with AOL or Earthlink. It's just that sometimes (or oftentimes) customers are not informed of this. On the seventh month, that's when you get billed. If your creditcard info is not available, Earthlink will be charging the bill to a third party (bill-me-later) who will in turn charge you a month after.With interest.
Anyway, Earthlink will refund/reverse the charge if found out you haven't used it- no problem with that. Earthlink is a good company.
Guess whose the culprit?
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Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I'm so disappointed of TIPIDTALK.COM, I bought 2 phonecards on Monday night to call my brother abroad to greet him happy birthday, but the pin codes provided are invalid. I called customer service that night and they told me that they will fix it within 2 hours. I waited and nothing happened. I called Tuesday, Wednesday and today and nothing has been done. I'm tired and feel like wasting my valuable time dealing with this unprofessional people who don't even care to their valuable customers. I want my money to be refunded or they better give me the right pin codes.
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Doc J on 05/26/2006:
THANK YOU! A lot of us buy phone cards to donate to overseas military personnel. We should avoid this brand of card until they become more responsive. Great post...worth every electron!
florcadoy on 08/26/2012:
TipidTalk is a scammer. The company will appear in your bank statement PINOY STORE 626-869-9539 CA. I purchased two $5.00 with a discount that came out to a total of $8.99. My bank has cleared the transaction but I never received the product. I purchased it on 8/20/2012, I signed up on their website, provided my phone number, and paid with my debit card. In the instruction, it says that they will send me some link to activate my account or they will call me to confirm my phone number. But after a few days, I never heard from them. My account never get activated. I called the number as stated above, left a voice message, but it is 8/26/2012 now but no call from them. I wrote an e-mail, no response. So please beware of this company. I plan to report this business to the BBB and to the CA Atty. General because it looks like this company is a scammer. I am not hoping to get my $8.99 again. The amount is not the point, the point is this business steals our money. So beware, do not buy from this company. website is : http://www.tipidtalk.com/
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Bristol Place Apartment Complex
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

I moved into Bristol PLace 9 months ago. My lease is up in the middle of next month(April). We started looking for a new place earlier this month (March). Bristol Place asked us if we might consider renewing our lease with them. While somethings were wrong, we did consider renewing the lease. The reasons we didn't like the complex were that our ceiling fan fell out of the ceiling, we could hear everything our neighbors did downstairs and they disrespected our privacy byt walking into our apartment when we weren't home. When I asked them about why they walked into our apartment when we weren't home, they replied that we didn't really own the place so it was theirs to walk into whenever they felt like it.
My complaint is this, I understand that I can't afford my own house. I understand that I am lower class but I would still like to know that people aren't going to walk into my place whenever I'm not home. How do I know they aren't going to take anything? Or what are they handling/using of mine when I'm not there? If the cops can't do it why should apartment complex people be allowed too?

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I don't know what can be done about it but I'm willing to discuss my options.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/28/2006:
I don't know that there is much you can do about management having access to your unit - it goes along with apartment living. In theory, they need to get in there if a pipe were to break and you are flooding the apartment below. If there are regularly just coming in for no apparent reason, that's a problem with that complex's management and it's time to move.
dsmith68 on 03/28/2006:
Entering an apt when there is no emergency requires 24 hours notice.. otherwise it is illegal.. but it is unlikely you can do anything about it. There are good places out there with good landlords, you just need to continue searching.
Anonymous on 03/28/2006:
You said: When I asked them about why they walked into our apartment when we weren't home, they replied that we didn't really own the place so it was theirs to walk into whenever they felt like it.
They DO NOT, as long as your rent is current; you own the place that is the law. They must give you 24-hour notice and make arrangements with you before they walk in. You are not “lower class” as people like dsmith68 would have you believe simply because you make minimum wage or not as much as other people. You are only low class if you believe it. Apartment living sucks because you and your neighbors can here everything the other is doing but that is the way of it. Keep going forward and you will get there.
CrazyRedHead on 03/29/2006:
When I lived in Glen Burnie MD, I lived in Hidden Woods Apt. I checked in the lease and they do not need to give you any notice that they are entering your apt. I lived above the maintenance guy and his family and they told me that if there is a problem and they need access to your apt then they will go in. I understood this for pest control and maintenance, and they usually gave us notice when they went in. One day my smoke detector kept going off and on. There was a short in the wiring and it wouldn't stop. I know that this is an emergency situation but they would also go in unannounced when they were doing maintenance of any kind. Before you rent again, make sure that you check the lease for any clauses on this and make sure that you ask many questions. Most places won't tell you, you will have to ask. Although this was a long time ago and things could have changed by now.
Anonymous on 03/29/2006:
Try Expert-Expert.Com (Texas Rental Laws)
Landlord’s Notice of Intent to Enter Premises
This is a sample notice that a landlord may used to notify a residential tenant that the landlord requires access to the tenant’s unit at a specified time and date. This document is in Microsoft Word format.
dsmith68 on 03/29/2006:
Lidman: No where did I say or suggest that the OP was lower class. Please take your vindictive attitude somewhere else.
Slimjim on 03/29/2006:
I concur with what's been said. A landlord can not enter a rental without notice unless it is an emergency. I'm not so sure they can even if you are behind in rent without a court eviction.
Anonymous on 03/31/2006:
dsmith: you were thinking it.
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Please Deny rittany Holberg and Darlie Routier the Appeals on Death Row!
Posted by on
I am suggesting that you block any appeal processes made by Brittany Holberg and Darlie Routier, two women on death row in Texas for murder. In 1996, Brittany Holberg stabbed and beaten an 80-year old man to death then robbed him. She was convicted and put on death row. Then Darlie Routier in that same year stabbed her two sons to death then altered evidence to make it look like a burglary. She was convicted and put on death row. Both women are appealing their convictions. Holberg claims she was defending herself when she killed the 80-year old man. That is bologna! How could an 80-year old man attack a young 23-year old woman? There was no evidence of self-defense. Routier giggled when she sprayed Silly String over her murdered son's grave. That is proof she wanted them dead. I want Brittany Holberg and Darlie Routier executed immediately and their appeals turned down.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/28/2005:
Mj, have you 'exhausted' all of YOUR appeals yet?
ThouShouldNot on 06/08/2006:
Your assessments and views are not at all helpful in both of the cases you refer to.

You can laugh in grief as a release valve in order to cope with the stress that death brings?

Were you in Ms Routiers mind at that very moment. Perhaps there was a good memory about her lost sons that made her smile.

I lost my father in dramatic circumstance when death was immediate and final. It left me stunned and unable to cope.

Its easy to make someone out to be a monster. I am disgusted that you are attempting to sway these cases.

An 80 year old innocent? Don't you believe it. I lived with being hit by my mom for over 40 years when she was losing an argument she often struck out in spite and believe me it hurt until one day I couldn't take it anymore and replied with one strike back to let her know how it hurt - I am ashamed that I did it because I love her - she is my mom - but at 80 years of age and after taking it for 35 years... I was upset that she had hit me once too often. Look at the amount of years I put up with it before judging me. I have also admitted I was wrong to have done it also.

I said I was sorry immediately and we made up straight away.

But now she tells me that she thinks twice before she raises her hand.

Don't believe the hype that seniors are innocent. They can be just as manipulative as anyone else.
Caliope on 01/25/2007:
I don't agree with your views on Darlie Routier! The things you cite as proof simply does not hold water in my book and I am very familiar with her case. Sorry hon I think you are wrong about this one.
granddaughter on 02/26/2007:
I'm the granddaughter of A.B Towery, who Brittany murdered.If she was defending herself, why did he have 60 stab wounds and a lamp post shoved 5inches in his throat.She talked to a few other elderly in the complex and this was her second attempt with my grandfather, needed to use the phone she said.Once in, my grandfather went to the bathroom, came out and Brittany was into his medication. He asked her to leave, you know the rest. She wasn't finished,then took a shower @ changed into his clothes,took $1,000.00 and had the thirst for chocolate milk, which left her fingers prints. My grandfather was the victim, not the devil spawn of a human being that she is!!BRITTANY HOLBERG WILL BE EXCUTED SOMEDAY AND I WILL BE THERE. She should die the way my grandfather died. She won't feel the pain like my grandfather felt. Go to Hell, Brittany
PeaceOfMind on 09/10/2012:
I know that we cannot imagine all the sorrow and the immense pain the relatives of the victim are going through. But there has been enough violence. The healing is a very long and difficult process, and believe me, healing can happen only by love.
Not by vengeance... vengeance makes the real healing process impossible.

When you say that Brittany is the devil spawn of a human being, then please read her writings...
Writings By Brittany Holberg

Brittany has completely changed in all these years on death row, this woman has never had the slightest chance in her life. It is time to change it.
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Posted by on
KERRVILLE, TEXAS -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

Please go to www.my3cents.com and read about all the horrible experiences that people are having with Sprint PCS. I am one of many. Can you help?

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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Paid for Products Ordered and No Products Received
Posted by on
As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

J. D. Marvel Products, Inc. had an advertisement in the Parade Magazine for slippers. I ordered two pair, sent a check, which was processed and paid, and have yet to receive the product. That was two months ago. I looked up the company on the internet and there are lots of complaints about that company the same as mine. I would like my money back if they don't send the product.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I want my money back or the two pair of slippers that I ordered.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.
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Is this a legit business?
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- As a honest consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

Is Surface Masters of Houston a legitamite business? They say they are bonded and Insured? Are they?

As a resolution, I would like the following:

Are they bonded and Insured

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details regarding this incident.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/07/2002:
In most states, licensed contractors are required to present their state/county/city contractor identification number upon demand. In some states, they are required to display this number prominently on vehicles and in advertising. In some states, contractors cannot become licensed unless they are at least insured (not sure about bonding).
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