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Great Service,great taste...cooking Chicken, Pork, Beef on Flat grill?Healthy?
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
VALDOSTA, GEORGIA -- I'm not sure so I'm going' ask, is it okay to cook chicken, pork & beef on a flat grill all at the same time? I love to have a" rare" prime rib seasoned & seared on the grill added flavor, but when it's going on the grill with raw chicken, pork which is allowing my" rare" Prime Rib to be cross contaminated with the parasites of the chicken & pork, am I right? Is this the reason I have stomach after my favorite meal? Someone Please if you know tell me so I can handle this.Be aware this is a flat grill which holds the juices to cook in.Help!! Better yet if you know let TexasRoadHouse know,'cause I love TRH prime rib!This restaurant has the greatest staff of any place in south Georgia!
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Three Dollar Ice Tea
Posted by on
In case some of you haven't noticed and never asked (and by the way, you have to ask) that glass of ice tea you order here is THREE DOLLARS. There is no price stated for ice tea on the menus.

So, in the atmosphere of ole Texas, peanut shells, George Strait dronin' in the background...and some buds to chew the rag with, you probably feel like its another hot day in the lone star state, but never realize that that refreshing glass of ice tea you order (maybe thinking its a cheap thing to drink with your meal) is in fact, a ripoff - sneaky too, because, frankly, this restaurant has pretty reasonable prices for food (by today's standards anyway) so who woulda thought that the tea flavored water you ordered cost THREE DOLLARS!

I've been to places where you can order call drinks with top shelf for a bit more than that. I also know more than a few people who will only go out for "a meal and drinks" if its free food. But that ain't me. Nonetheless, three dollars for a glass of ice tea? No way. Not even when I take the inlaws out to "show off."

I guess if you have a 3000 cubic inch gizzard and can down 2 refills, it gets close to worth it. But if that's not the case, you are getting ripped off.

It reminds me (in my face) of why I almost never order beverages with a meal these days - including and especially fast food joints. $1.89 - one price for any size, for coffee or tea or for soft drinks is too much...but three dollars for iced tea is way over the top.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 10/16/2012:
very helpful review.
MDSasquatch on 10/16/2012:
I agree, the tea is pricy; but I usually have 5-6 glasses with my meal and for me, it is worth it.
Bill on 10/16/2012:
Another way to rip-off the consumer. I rarely drink more than a small beverage and end up paying for all the people that have to have 3-4 drinks with dinner.
No wonder people are overweight. There's a lot of sugar in that sweet tea.
Anonymous on 10/16/2012:
Eat at the Spaghetti Factory. Your meal includes iced tea or milk, bread, soup or salad, the main course, and ice cream.
KevinTX on 10/16/2012:
Ever heard of the phrase, "Nothing is free"... where do you think they make up for the peanuts.. and oh yea, that bread you gobble down?

I agree with MDS, I drink the heck outta that tea :) I get my monies worth I tell ya! :) I LOVE ROADHOUSE!!! 10oz Filet with sweet potato and a Salad.. and between the mrs and I we still get outta there for less than $40... not bad.. so maybe they make up a little different with the $3 tea :) ... BTW, did you eat the bread?
FoDaddy19 on 10/16/2012:
At the places I frequent soft drinks and tea generally run around $1.99 to $2.49. $2.99 is a bit steep, but not totally out of the ballpark IMHO.

Pray you never go to places like the Capital Grille or Mortons. You might crap the proverbial brick if you saw their prices.
melissa253 on 10/16/2012:
I only order water with my meals. I know that most places get you with the price of soda/tea/beer
Anonymous on 10/16/2012:
Better be some good ice tea for that price.
Jeff on 10/17/2012:
Been there done that. This is how restaurants make most of their money. Off of drinks. YOu pay 3.00 for a drink, and it may cost the restaurant 25-50 cents max to make it for you. Theres very few restaurants I've been to that actually display the price of their beverages. I guess they think people will be more apt to buy them if they don't know the price ahead of time.
Anonymous on 10/18/2012:
I go to Texas Roadhouse all the time and the price for iced tea and soda IS listed on the menu.
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Forget the Ft Worth Ribeye - at Least for Now
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ROSEVILLE, MICHIGAN -- One thing about TRH is that I was always willing to put up with the noise because I could count on a good (sometimes great) Ft Worth Ribeye for a reasonable price. I'm an old "Steak 'n Ale" patron in its heyday and I know what a good steak is. But the TRH in Roseville MI unabashedly served me a piece of soup beef as a Ft Worth Ribeye in late July, 2012. Tough, fibrous, cut about half as thick as usual, and flaverless not to mention how on earth did something med-rare come out like a dried out piece of beef jerky? Worst steak I ever had. Even worse than Brann's.

I am well aware that beef has become very high priced. But don't give me a piece of whatever that was....I presume to keep the price the same; just charge more and get the good steaks you used to have; or drop it from the menu if it's too expensive for the typical customer.

Unlike some people, I'm not one to put on a drama act while out with friends socializing, especially since they were taking me out for dinner and this time I wasn't paying. So, no, I didn't send it back. But next time I'll be sure to order something else.
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User Replies:
Tezrien on 09/03/2012:
If you didn't send it back then how are they supposed to know that a) It was a sub par cut, b) Cooked wrong and C) you were unsatisfied? When you are in an eatery it isn't drama or rude to complain about something you are paying for if you are not satisfied with it.
madconsumer on 09/03/2012:
I too would never send back food to be re-prepared. there are far to many horror stories of what cooks due to food that has to be re-made.
Ben There on 09/03/2012:
It is perfectly acceptable to send back a steak if not prepared to order. In the case of over done, they will just make you a new one. I had this happen to me recently at a Sullivan's, and they couldn't have been nicer and more understanding about it.
wjk898 on 09/03/2012:
I'm certain they knew that they were serving me crap. It was obvious. So what's the point of pestering them? I get more bang for my buck posting it here...maybe that way they'll think this thing through more carefully and patrons will know better than to order that item.
clutzycook on 09/03/2012:
I don't think anyone from TRH reads these posts. You'd likely get more "bang for your buck," as you say, writing directly to their corporate office.
Captain Neon on 12/18/2012:
I wasn't sure if it was just me, but it does seem that TRH has swapped out their ribeyes for a substandard steak. I got a nasty thing masquerading as a ribeye on 12/16, and I will not be going back. I used to eat there all the time, and even drove 4 hours once for an anniversary dinner when one wasn't close by yet. Looks like I'm heading Outback again.
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Poor Food Quality
Posted by on
KY -- My husband and I had been going to the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant in Denton for a long time. This past year we noticed the food quality has been going downhill. I ordered a prime rib dinner MEDIUM WELL and when I received it, the meat was the end piece of the prime rib and so dry and tough that I couldn't cut it with a knife. I had to send it back. Another time I ordered their fried chicken salad and they forgot to put half of the ingredients listed on their menu for the salad. Once they even forgot to put the chicken on their chicken salad.(had to send it back) In one years time we have had 5 times to send back the food. Each time they apologize and tell us that it should never have been sent out to a customer but the damage is already done. It not only ruined my dinner experience but my husbands as well as his dinner got cold by the time mine was resent to me as he didn't feel right eating while I had to wait for the restaurant to recook my meal. With so many restaurants out there that have better food quality and prices I will NEVER go back to the Texas Roadhouse again.
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saj80 on 07/12/2011:
I have noticed the same thing over the past few months, and my opinion is that restaurants are using cheaper ingredients in order to avoid raising prices. However, in providing marginal quality food, they are losing the very customers they are trying to keep by not raising prices. This is a dilemma for the food industry, and not one easily solved. Good review!
clutzycook on 07/12/2011:
That sounds like a restaurant that is near my in-law's house. According to my husband, the quality of the food used to be better. But, in the restaurant's defense, they really haven't raised their prices in about 20 years.
trmn8r on 07/12/2011:
I tried TRH for a few months. I also became tired of excuses and vouchers to come back for a complinentary meal. The heck with that - there is only so much time and frustration you can stand.

Good review.
Anonymous on 07/12/2011:
I guess I'm lucky that I've always had great food and service at Texas Roadhouse
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'Paid for another table's meal????
Posted by on
BROOKLYN, OHIO -- I visited the Texas Roadhouse in Brooklyn, Ohio with my mother to celebrate her birthday (go figure, it's one of her favorite restaurants). The server seemed a bit overwhelmed the entire evening and when it came time to pay the bill she came and collected the checks and credit cards from our party. She returned to the table to distribute the charge slips and cards and was holding mine back. I noticed that she had a slip with my name on it for $48; I questioned why because my bill was only $20. She said that she mistakenly swiped my card for another table's check and she was going to rectify it. She returned saying that she deleted the charge before it went through. I checked my bank account online from my phone and realized that the charge had indeed went through and requested to speak to a manager. The manager came to the table and said that the charge had been voided but their system did not produce void slips and that the charge should come off my account within 24 hours. The next day I went to the Texas Roadhouse website and entered an email complaint because I felt it was ridiculous that something like this occurred and the server nor the manager seemed to care that $50 of my money was being held for a meal that somebody I didn't even know consumed! 24 hours later the charge had not come off my account so I called and was on hold for 10 minutes (which is a long time to hold a phone) before a manager came to the phone. He stated that he had all my information and inquired if I'd emailed. He said that he didn't know why the manager told me the charge would come off within 24 hours because it takes between 48 to 72 hours to come off the account and asked wasn't it a pending charge. I said no the funds had been deducted from my account to which he replied 'yea that sucks'. He also did not seem to understand that this could have been potentially devastating if I did not have those funds available. I was never offered an apology (unless you count 'yea that sucks') or any offer to ensure that I would return as a customer. FINALLY yesterday 3 DAYS later the charge came off my account.
I don't know what world the employees and managers of Texas Roadhouse live in but in my world it's never OK to hold any amount of someone's money and not offer anything in return. Because of this experience I will not return as a customer - I wasn't given a reason to return!!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/04/2010:
Unfortunately, S*** happens in life. Especially in today's day and age of technology and everything going paperless. I try and pay cash at all costs. On occasion, I do pay with a card. People make mistakes. I've made a few in my life and also at work. "To err is human"! I can see past the slight oversight of the waitress charging you for another table's meal. And there is absolutely nothing that can be done about those funds while they are being held in "la-la" land for 24-72 hrs.

With that being said, I think at the very least the manager could've comped you some free meal vouchers of some sort, just as a way of apologizing for the inconvenience of the whole matter. S*** happens, but something could've been offered to ease the hassle.
MDSasquatch on 06/04/2010:
I used to be a fan of Texas Roadhouse myself, that is, until I discovered Longhorn Steakhouse. I agree this really sucks and my best guess is that they had you pay your bill as well as the $48 hold???

The manager should have comped your meal.

Good Review
yoke on 06/04/2010:
The management should have done something for you. I also would have demanded something in writing from the manager that they did indeed overcharge you and that a refund should be coming. That way when it did not go through as promised you had proof that it was an error if you had to go any further.
Anonymous on 06/04/2010:
good point yoke! +10
skelly39 on 06/04/2010:
Unless it was a refund, the charge was a pending charge, which can take up to 3 days to come off your account.
The manager's response was ridiculous. "Yeah, that sucks" is what one 15 year old says to another. I agree they should have at least offered you something for your inconvenience of not having those funds available for 3 days.
Venice09 on 06/04/2010:
If there was enough money in my account to cover the extra amount, I would have asked for a cash refund. That would have settled everything right on the spot. I'm not sure how far I'd get with that request, but there's no harm in asking.
Anonymous on 06/04/2010:
I hope you sent this to the TR corporate office, too. Absolutely ridiculous that a) this happened in the first place and b) why the waitress didn't immediately take care of it the minute it happened rather than bring out your card and slip and hold it back from you.

I've worked in restaurants before and when a mistake like this happens, a void has to be done by a manager. The manager in this case obviously doesn't know how a void works, what he did was a credit back to your card, which does take 2-3 business days to go through.

Venice09 on 06/04/2010:
Jc, just wondering. Could they have given a cash refund instead of a void or credit?
Anonymous on 06/04/2010:
Venice, I think it would depend on what their policy was for mistakes, and it certainly wouldn't have hurt to ask. At the last restaurant I worked, if a customer was overcharged, the manager had to do a void and then re-run the card, give the customer copies of both and keep copies of both for the till records, we weren't allowed to give cash because it was easier to have the machine record it all.
RestaurantGuy on 06/04/2010:
What happened here is the server charged the wrong ticket. When she swiped the card and got authorization from the bank the bank held those funds. When the manager voided the payment it just voids in the machine in the restaurant. At the end of the night they do a batch upload and that tells the bank that the restaurant wants the money. Because the manager voided the charge the bank never got the OK from the restaurant to release the funds to the restaurant. It takes 2-4 business days for the bank to release the funds back to the guest. Now a quicker way would be to have the bank call the restaurant, they can fill out a form and the bank will elease the funds immediately.... all bank except for BOA they will not release the funds for 3-5 business days. Only bank to do this
Venice09 on 06/04/2010:
Thanks for the info, jc. That would be a good reason not to give a cash refund. It seems like this was just poorly handled and at the customer's expense.

Good info from you, too, RG. Thanks.
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Nightmare Service and Visit
Posted by on
HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- On Saturday August 25th my family and I went to Texas Roadhouse in the Union Deposit area in Pennsylvania. We called ahead at 4:45. We got to the restaurant and were seated right away. I had told the Hostess that I would need a high chair for my toddler daughter. We never got a high chair. We were never even offered one when the server saw my daughter wasn't big enough for the table. My children were acting up as it had taken an hour already to get our food. My kids were crawling under the table, and bothering the people at the table behind us. My son was told to eat on his fathers side of the table so he wouldn't bother the people behind us. He has a bad habit of screaming bloody murder when he doesn't get his own way. My husband covered his mouth and told him to shut up. Yes even though it was wrong my husband was so mad he used profanity. My son wouldn't stop his screaming and crying so my husband took him to the car. They were out there for about half an hour and we still hadn't gotten our food. During this time my server avoided us like the plague. None of us even once got a refill on our drinks. In fact I noticed that the whole section was being avoided.

I told my husband that I just wanted to get to go boxes and get out of there I was sick of sitting there. Come to find out our section was being avoided because someone had called the cops on my husband and accused him of kicking our son and pulling his hair. I feel positive that our food was being held because someone knew the cops were on there way. My husband never kicked, or pulled my sons hair. He only put his napkin over my sons mouth to try to get him to be quiet as he was making quite a scene. 5 mins after cops arrive and take my husband outside our food finally came. Medium well steak bloody and like an ice cube.

The server did ask us if it was okay but at this point I was so disgusted and humiliated that I said it was. The people at the table across from me came and went in 1/2 hour. The server didn't avoid them. I finally stopped the server and asked for a to go box and my check I told him at this point I really just wanted to get out of there. We ate there 3 or 4 times a month. I've had bad service before but we excused it as we liked the food. I spent $60.00 on an inedible piece of meat that looked like it had just left the cow. No matter how bad the service I have never been mean to a server and was not tonight. I have never been so embarrasssed or humiliated in my life. I understand my kids were not being great and that is not a good situation to have to deal with. We did try to discipline them in a proper manner and were accused of child abuse. This was like my worst nightmare come true. $60.00 for a meal I couldn't eat because someone thought it would be a good idea to ruin our lives over something we did not do!! I do not want any compensation, because I will never step foot in a Texas Roadhouse ever again!!

What I would like to see is your servers properly trained, and to check on a situation before you call the cops on someone for a serious offense that was not committed. We ate there all the time, so you will probably be losing about $200.00 a month. Oh and I plan to put this out to every complaint site, and all my friends and family who eat there too.
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User Replies:
*Brenda* on 08/25/2007:
Is this for real? It's their fault you have children who don't behave?
Anonymous on 08/25/2007:
I'd love to hear the other side of the story, here.
grandma005 on 08/25/2007:
Take your kids to McDonald's. They are not mature enough to eat in a sit-down restaurant. You can get your own refills and don't have to wait an hour to get your food. And you bill will be less than half.
ihatedumbness on 08/25/2007:
The customer is always right. There is a Texas Roadhouse here in IL. I was going to try it but not now...I have kids as well. I guess Texas Roadhouse is not kid friendly.
*Brenda* on 08/25/2007:
Yeah ihated, you're right. The Texas Roadhouse is not for bad, misbehaving, temper tantrum throwing, screaming children who belong to parents who use profanity in a nice sit down restaurant.
trumania on 08/26/2007:
What if it was another customer who called the cops? You just said something like 'apparently someone called the cops'. Are you 100% sure it was the employees?

If it was another customer then technically ... the restaurant is not to blame here.
jktshff1 on 08/26/2007:
ihated: can't add anything to Alley and Brenda. Not the restaurant's fault they can't control their kids and act like kid's themselves
yoke on 08/26/2007:
Think of how many other meals were ruined due to her children acting up.
spiderman2 on 08/26/2007:
People that live in our area would appreciate if you kept your kids home due to your description of how they act. I would love to know if the police showed up. I am going to watch the paper for the next few days for the blurb "child abuse is Susquehanna Twp."
Anonymous on 08/26/2007:
"We never got a high chair" HUmmmm?? Oh yeah, Hi T.G.! Some day them kids will grow out of that stupid High Chair and you will have to find something else to write about!
Anonymous on 08/26/2007:
What are some of the other inalienable rights?

The inalienable rights of mankind include such things as the right of self government; the right of human beings to beget their own kind; the right of parents to rear their children free from outside interference (unless there is criminal abuse or neglect); the right to freedom of belief; the right to freedom of speech; the right to assemble; the right to petition; the right to change residence or one's job, etc.
Anonymous on 08/26/2007:
Might suggest you order pizza at home since you have no control of your children. When the kid's get older try going out in public again. Can not comment on the Texas Roadhouse as we are only hearing one side of the story.
Anonymous on 08/26/2007:
We have a Texas Roadhouse in Asheville, NC and the food is OK but way to expensive for what you get, at least for my taste. The servers are a little slow but have always been nice. I give it one and a half stars!
Anonymous on 08/26/2007:
You'd do us all a huge favor if you kept your husband and your charming children at home.
sarahnkrystal on 08/26/2007:
I have 2 children (5 and 2.5) and while they are not always well behaved (and at times, it's been said my son is a monster) I have NEVER had them act so terribly in a restaurant. I feel bad for the other people sitting around you who had their dinners ruined by your kids misbehaving.
SarahinFlorida on 08/27/2007:
I have a toddler and we've eaten at TX Roadhouse before. Actually, I'm not a fan of the place but my husband likes it. Thank god they have Salmon or I wouldn't eat anything. I do feel this ladies pain on toddlers - they all act up at some point but this situation could have been handled much better. If I was in the same situation, I would have told the waiter 'because of the poor service, we're leaving and we don't want our food' - right away instead of waiting. No manager is going to make you pay for poor service. No one likes having a screaming child nearby.
Ponie on 08/27/2007:
Tabitha--Angela--is that you?
Anonymous on 08/27/2007:
I always find it to be a good rule of thumb to avoid any restaurant with 'Texas' in the name. goddessllp thanks for sharing your dreadful experience at this very kid unfriendly place. I'll be sure to spread the word. I voted your contribution 'Very Helpful' and I also dug it but I didn't Del.icio.us cause that would be a bit much.
jktshff1 on 08/27/2007:
when they ask me smoking or non smoking I tell them smoking...no children
killerklown on 10/28/2007:
We were at the Texas Roadhouse last year with my friends 15 month old. Aside from him making a game of repeatedly throwing his napkin on the floor and me picking it up, it was a very pleasant experience. Maybe the OP here should just not go out in public until her family grows up. All four of them.
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Another great dinner at Texas Roadhouse
Posted on
Rating: 5/51
Went to Texas Roadhouse this weekend to celebrate a family members Birthday. The food and service were excellent. I got an 8 ounce sirloin with a side of caesar salad and mashed potatoes.

The Steak was cooked to perfection, and the sides were delicious as well Best Casear salad I have had in a while. The rolls they give you cinnamon butter are awesome, Will be coming back for sure.
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User Replies:
Czar Chasm on 09/24/2012:
Location would be helpful.. I'm going to assume you mean mashed potatoes, as masted sounds pretty exotic and not something you'd normally expect from a place with a name like TRH. How was the steak cooked other than to perfection? I prefer mine medium rare, which many establishments fail to appreciably master.
madconsumer on 09/24/2012:
very helpful review!
Anonymous on 09/25/2012:
I prefer my Steak Medium. Don't like to see any pink or red juices coming outta it. I used to get my Steak medium well but it got to tough.
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Will Never Return
Posted by on
OLD BRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- The floor was littered with peanut shells al over, our table and booth was not clean, crumbs all over the place, I had to wipe it down myself, I ordered the steak special (2 for $19.95 ) and when they arrived they were ice cold, meaning they were laying in the kitchen for quite a while, the mashed potatoes were ice cold also. Told management and they offered to heat everything up which would have ruined the steaks. We ate them cold just to get out of there. I will never return to this place again.
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User Replies:
Jysi on 11/26/2011:
Texas Roadhouse is known for peanut shells on the floor. So is Colton's and Logan's. It's part of their shtick.
Skye on 11/26/2011:
We had a place in NY called, "The Ground Round", and they also used to do the peanut shells all over the floor.

OP, what did management tell you when you complained about your cold lying around food? They cannot attempt to correct what they are not made aware of, and as you, the customer you have the right to expect a decent meal. But if nothing is said, then nothing can change.
Anonymous on 11/26/2011:
I'd give them another chance before writing them off.
Venice09 on 11/26/2011:
My family used to love The Ground Round, especially the kids. Our local one closed with no notice. The employees showed up for work one day and were sent home. We always got good food and service there at a reasonable price.
Starlord on 11/27/2011:
In Phoenix, AZ, they have a pl;ace calledm Bill Johnson's Big Apple. They have sawdust on the floor, various antiques decorating the place, and the waitresses alll wear fast-draw rigs with non-firing replicas (I think) of Colt 1873 Single Action Army pistols. the food is to die for, and the service is fantastic. I almost chipped a tooth on a piece of bone in their BBQ Pig sandwich, and for the sandwich, the deep dish apple pie and coffee, the manager comped everything but the coffee. If you are ever in Phoenix, look it up.
Anonymous on 11/27/2011:
I love the food at Bill Johnson's Big Apple. Their deep dish pies are amazing. I love their bbq sauce too
madconsumer on 11/27/2011:
we had a Texas roadhouse locally. it closed after a year or so.

very helpful review!
clutzycook on 11/27/2011:
As the others have said, the peanut shells on the floor is just their thing. Usually if the food isn't acceptable, the management is responsive and will do their utmost to make it right. However, as Mad's example describes, locations may vary. But, for myself, I have eaten in many different locations and never went to a bad one.
GenuineNerd on 11/27/2011:
Ground Round was also famous for the non-stop popcorn. Offten times, you're filled up on the popcorn before your meal arrives (LOL). There are still a number of franchise-owned Ground Rounds open; all of the corporate locations closed after the parent company filed for bankruptcy. Ground Round was once owned by the Howard Johnson's restaurant chain; many Ground Rounds opened in ex-HoJo locations...the chain grew pretty much at the expense of the HoJo restaurants.
GenuineNerd on 11/27/2011:
Also, peanut shells on the floor can be a danger to those with peanut allergies.
Kris10 on 11/28/2011:
GenuineNerd, I don't know about yours, but the TR near me has a warning on the door before you even go in about the peanut shells.
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Posted by on
GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been to Texas Roadhouse several times and I usually love it except for the last time. The Hostess led us to our table and it had not even been cleaned yet. There were dirty dishes everywhere so we had to wait for five minutes for something that should have already been done. After we finally got seated we quickly realized that the guy who "cleaned" our table did a terrible job and so we had to wait for the same Hostess to go get that same guy to really clean our table and when he arrived he just looked at our table like he didn't see anything wrong. It was an awful expirience.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/26/2009:
Seriously? Youre complaining because of a dirty table? They cleaned it properly the second time, so what the heck are you complaining about? Ugh people need to get over themselves.

If you went to TR tonight, it was PROBABLY busy since its the day after Christmas and a lot of people go shopping for sales after Christmas......and families still celebrating, theygo out to eat. SO if TR was busy, they may not have had time to clean the tables immediately.....If they did a quick job to get you seated, they probably just needed to re wipe it again, as your server did....Big freakin whoop. You ate there, right? So if it was clean enough for you to eat off of, then shut up and go away.
bunnyhead on 12/26/2009:
I guess people will complain about anything!
Anonymous on 12/26/2009:
Tables should already be clean before "Royalty" arrives to be seated!
Anonymous on 12/26/2009:
oh I know.....and the servers should have bowed down and greeted their presence on their knees...and all the other customers should have stood up and soluted them as they sat down.
PepperElf on 12/26/2009:
did you stay?
Anonymous on 12/27/2009:
"I have been to Texas Roadhouse several times and I usually love it "

And the first time they do not meet your high and mighty standards you come here to bash them.
Same Thing on 06/30/2011:
The Same thing Happen to me at Texas Road House today in Douglasville. When the server walked used to the table, the guy was still cleaning it. When we sat down the seats were wet and when we moved to get up the floor was sticky. There were dirty tables and the manager told me they have a 30 sec clean up rule.It did not happen told..which I was a secret shopper.
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Down Hill
Posted by on
This is for the New Berlin WI Roadhouse

I would take my family there about once a month for the last couple of years without a problem. Then every time we would go there in the last 6 months or so at least 1 of our steaks was not cooked properly. The last time it was mine 1-it was the wrong cut 2-it was rare instead of medium. The they brought me out a new steak still wrong cut and it looked like road kill or somebody ran over it. The guy says oh now I'm embarrasssed 2 times wrong cut. If you want to be rushed in and out and a 50% chance that your steak will not be cooked right then go otherwise stay away.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/10/2009:
Maybe you should stop going to that particular location.
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