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'Paid for another table's meal???
By -

BROOKLYN, OHIO -- I visited the Texas Roadhouse in Brooklyn, Ohio with my mother to celebrate her birthday (go figure, it's one of her favorite restaurants). The server seemed a bit overwhelmed the entire evening and when it came time to pay the bill she came and collected the checks and credit cards from our party.

She returned to the table to distribute the charge slips and cards and was holding mine back. I noticed that she had a slip with my name on it for $48; I questioned why because my bill was only $20. She said that she mistakenly swiped my card for another table's check and she was going to rectify it. She returned saying that she deleted the charge before it went through.

I checked my bank account online from my phone and realized that the charge had indeed gone through and requested to speak to a manager. The manager came to the table and said that the charge had been voided but their system did not produce void slips and that the charge should come off my account within 24 hours.

The next day I went to the Texas Roadhouse website and entered an email complaint because I felt it was ridiculous that something like this occurred and neither the server nor the manager seemed to care that $50 of my money was being held for a meal that somebody I didn't even know consumed!

24 hours later the charge had not come off my account so I called and was on hold for 10 minutes (which is a long time to hold a phone) before a manager came to the phone. He stated that he had all my information and inquired if I'd emailed. He said that he didn't know why the manager told me the charge would come off within 24 hours because it takes between 48 to 72 hours to come off the account and asked wasn't it a pending charge.

I said no the funds had been deducted from my account to which he replied 'yea that sucks'. He also did not seem to understand that this could have been potentially devastating if I did not have those funds available. I was never offered an apology (unless you count 'yea that sucks') or any offer to ensure that I would return as a customer. FINALLY yesterday 3 DAYS later the charge came off my account.

I don't know what world the employees and managers of Texas Roadhouse live in but in my world it's never OK to hold any amount of someone's money and not offer anything in return. Because of this experience I will not return as a customer - I wasn't given a reason to return!!!

Three Dollar Ice Tea
By -

In case some of you haven't noticed and never asked (and by the way, you have to ask) that glass of ice tea you order here is THREE DOLLARS. There is no price stated for ice tea on the menus. So, in the atmosphere of ole Texas, peanut shells, George Strait dronin' in the background...and some buds to chew the rag with, you probably feel like it's another hot day in the lone star state, but never realize that that refreshing glass of ice tea you order (maybe thinking it's a cheap thing to drink with your meal) is in fact, a ripoff - sneaky too, because, frankly, this restaurant has pretty reasonable prices for food (by today's standards anyway).

So who woulda thought that the tea flavored water you ordered costs THREE DOLLARS! I've been to places where you can order call drinks with top shelf for a bit more than that. I also know more than a few people who will only go out for "a meal and drinks" if its free food. But that ain't me. Nonetheless, three dollars for a glass of ice tea? No way. Not even when I take the in laws out to "show off."

I guess if you have a 3000 cubic inch gizzard and can down 2 refills. It gets close to worth it. But if that's not the case, you are getting ripped off. It reminds me (in my face) of why I almost never order beverages with a meal these days - including and especially fast food joints. $1.89 - one price for any size, for coffee or tea or for soft drinks is too much...but three dollars for iced tea is way over the top.

Great Service, great taste... Cooking Chicken, Pork, Beef on Flat Grill? Healthy?
StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

VALDOSTA, GEORGIA -- I'm not sure so I'm going' ask, is it okay to cook chicken, pork & beef on a flat grill all at the same time? I love to have a" rare" prime rib seasoned & seared on the grill added flavor, but when it's going on the grill with raw chicken, pork which is allowing my "rare" Prime Rib to be cross contaminated with the parasites of the chicken & pork, am I right? Is this the reason I have stomach after my favorite meal? Someone please if you know tell me so I can handle this. Be aware this is a flat grill which holds the juices to cook in. Help! Better yet if you know let TexasRoadHouse know, 'cause I love TRH prime rib! This restaurant has the greatest staff of any place in South Georgia!

Forget the Ft Worth Ribeye - at Least for Now
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Rating: 2/51

ROSEVILLE, MICHIGAN -- One thing about TRH is that I was always willing to put up with the noise because I could count on a good (sometimes great) Ft Worth Ribeye for a reasonable price. I'm an old "Steak 'n Ale" patron in its heyday and I know what a good steak is. But the TRH in Roseville MI unabashedly served me a piece of soup beef as a Ft Worth Ribeye in late July, 2012. Tough, fibrous, cut about half as thick as usual, and flavorless not to mention how on earth did something med-rare come out like a dried out piece of beef jerky? Worst steak I ever had. Even worse than Brann's.

I am well aware that beef has become very high priced. But don't give me a piece of whatever that was... I presume to keep the price the same; just charge more and get the good steaks you used to have; or drop it from the menu if it's too expensive for the typical customer.

Unlike some people, I'm not one to put on a drama act while out with friends socializing, especially since they were taking me out for dinner and this time I wasn't paying. So, no, I didn't send it back. But next time I'll be sure to order something else.

Poor Food Quality
By -

KY -- My husband and I had been going to the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant in Denton for a long time. This past year we noticed the food quality has been going downhill. I ordered a prime rib dinner MEDIUM WELL and when I received it, the meat was the end piece of the prime rib and so dry and tough that I couldn't cut it with a knife. I had to send it back. Another time I ordered their fried chicken salad and they forgot to put half of the ingredients listed on their menu for the salad. Once they even forgot to put the chicken on their chicken salad (had to send it back).

In one year's time we have had 5 times to send back the food. Each time they apologize and tell us that it should never have been sent out to a customer but the damage is already done. It not only ruined my dinner experience but my husband's as well as his dinner got cold by the time mine was resent to me as he didn't feel right eating while I had to wait for the restaurant to recook my meal. With so many restaurants out there that have better food quality and prices I will NEVER go back to the Texas Roadhouse again.

By -

GRAHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been to Texas Roadhouse several times and I usually love it except for the last time. The hostess led us to our table and it had not even been cleaned yet. There were dirty dishes everywhere so we had to wait for five minutes for something that should have already been done. After we finally got seated we quickly realized that the guy who "cleaned" our table did a terrible job and so we had to wait for the same hostess to go get that same guy to really clean our table and when he arrived he just looked at our table like he didn't see anything wrong. It was an awful experience.

Down Hill
By -

I would take my family there about once a month for the last couple of years without a problem. Then every time we would go there in the last 6 months or so at least 1 of our steaks were not cooked properly. The last time it was mine 1-it was the wrong cut 2-it was rare instead of medium. Then they brought me out a new steak still wrong cut and it looked like road kill or somebody ran over it. The guy says "oh now I'm embarrassed 2 times wrong cut." If you want to be rushed in and out and a 50% chance that your steak will not be cooked right then go otherwise stay away.

Service, Food, Wait, Everything
By -

LANSING, MICHIGAN -- My husband and I went to Texas Roadhouse one evening with our 2 young children. When we arrived at 5:00 we were told it would be a 20-25 minute wait. At 5:40 we went to the Hostess' stand and asked when we would be seated. They said it would be with-in 20 minutes. We were finally seated at 6:20. It took them 15 minutes to bring us our drinks. We then ordered our food and when we got our salad's mine had shredded pieces of plastic in it.

We finally found our server and they took away the salad and said they would bring another one out. I ordered the chicken tenders and all but one of them was raw in the middle, so I had to send that back also. I got my salad after I was done with my whole meal. They brought my salad when they brought the bill. We were so angry at that point that we wanted a supervisor and they couldn't even do that. They sent the HOSTESS to the table to apologize.

About a week later we were still so angry about what little they did to make us even want to come back that we called. I called and spoke to someone and she said she would send out a packet and some certificates for us to come back... That was about 3-4 years ago. We have never received anything and we will not be going back to give them a second try.

Nightmare Service and Visit
By -

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- On Saturday August 25th my family and I went to Texas Roadhouse in the Union Deposit area in Pennsylvania. We called ahead at 4:45. We got to the restaurant and were seated right away. I had told the Hostess that I would need a high chair for my toddler daughter. We never got a high chair. We were never even offered one when the server saw my daughter wasn't big enough for the table.

My children were acting up as it had taken an hour already to get our food. My kids were crawling under the table, and bothering the people at the table behind us. My son was told to eat on his father's side of the table so he wouldn't bother the people behind us. He has a bad habit of screaming bloody murder when he doesn't get his own way.

My husband covered his mouth and told him to shut up. Yes even though it was wrong my husband was so mad he used profanity. My son wouldn't stop his screaming and crying so my husband took him to the car. They were out there for about half an hour and we still hadn't gotten our food.

During this time my server avoided us like the plague. None of us even once got a refill on our drinks. In fact I noticed that the whole section was being avoided. I told my husband that I just wanted to get to go boxes and get out of there I was sick of sitting there. Come to find out our section was being avoided because someone had called the cops on my husband and accused him of kicking our son and pulling his hair.

I feel positive that our food was being held because someone knew the cops were on there way. My husband never kicked, or pulled my sons hair. He only put his napkin over my son's mouth to try to get him to be quiet as he was making quite a scene. 5 mins after cops arrive and take my husband outside our food finally came. Medium well steak bloody and like an ice cube.

The server did ask us if it was okay but at this point I was so disgusted and humiliated that I said it was. The people at the table across from me came and went in 1/2 hour. The server didn't avoid them. I finally stopped the server and asked for a to go box and my check I told him at this point I really just wanted to get out of there. We ate there 3 or 4 times a month. I've had bad service before but we excused it as we liked the food. I spent $60.00 on an inedible piece of meat that looked like it had just left the cow.

No matter how bad the service I have never been mean to a server and was not tonight. I have never been so embarrassed or humiliated in my life. I understand my kids were not being great and that is not a good situation to have to deal with. We did try to discipline them in a proper manner and were accused of child abuse.

This was like my worst nightmare come true. $60.00 for a meal I couldn't eat because someone thought it would be a good idea to ruin our lives over something we did not do! I do not want any compensation, because I will never step foot in a Texas Roadhouse ever again!

What I would like to see is your servers properly trained, and to check on a situation before you call the cops on someone for a serious offense that was not committed. We ate there all the time, so you will probably be losing about $200.00 a month. Oh and I plan to put this out to every complaint site, and all my friends and family who eat there too.

Another great dinner at Texas Roadhouse
Rating: 5/51

Went to Texas Roadhouse this weekend to celebrate a family members Birthday. The food and service were excellent. I got an 8 ounce sirloin with a side of Caesar salad and mashed potatoes. The Steak was cooked to perfection, and the sides were delicious as well Best Caesar salad I have had in a while. The rolls they give you cinnamon butter are awesome. Will be coming back for sure.

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