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Posted by on
LANSING, MICHIGAN -- My husband and I went to Texas Roadhouse one evening with our 2 young children. When we arrived at 5:00 we were told it would be a 20-25 minute wait. At 5:40 we went to the Hostess' stand and asked when we would be seated. They said it would be with-in 20 minutes. We were finally seated at 6:20. It took them 15 minutes to bring us our drinks. We then ordered our food and when we got our salad's mine had shredded pieces of plastic in it. We finally found our server and they took away the salad and said they would bring another one out. I ordered the chicken tenders and all but one of them was raw in the middle, so I had to send that back also. I got my salad after I was done with my whole meal. They brought my salad when they brought the bill. We were so angry at that point that we wanted a supervisor and the couldn't even do that. They sent the HOSTESS to the table to apologize.

About a week later we were still so angry about what little they did to make us even want to come back that we called. I called and spoke to someone and she said she would send out a packet and some certificates for us to come back...... That was about 3-4 years ago. We have never received anything and we will not be going back to give them a second try.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/20/2008:
you were still thinking of this a week later? Geez mix in a hobby

Raw chicken? Where have I heard that before?
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/20/2008:
No Steve, she's still thinking about it three or four years later.
heaven17 on 06/20/2008:
Wow. Grudge much?
It was one bad visit almost half a decade ago.
Move on.
Anonymous on 06/20/2008:
Well, at least you have patience going for you, if not smarts.
Slimjim on 06/20/2008:
Some people can't let go. I saw someone take a beating over a complaint made here regarding how McDonald's made his fish sammie, and 4 years later he still trolled here looking to right the wrong.
Anonymous on 06/20/2008:
Got to watch that tarter.
Anonymous on 06/20/2008:
Slim, wasn't that the same guy that ranted about the lack of beans in his TV Dinner and how Orville Reddenbacker (sp?) was shorting him on popcorn kernels?

EMS, you waited all that time for chicken tenders? Next time have the Steak. Looking forward to hearing from you in 2012.
Anonymous on 06/20/2008:
It's been 3-4 years, try them again and let us know if the service is any better now.
TGT101 on 06/20/2008:
It was obviously busy at the time that you went. Everything that you stated supports the fact. Of course you are going to run into the problems you did, as you would anywhere that was busy. I find it easier just to eat at home and use that thing in my kitchen ... I think its called a oven.
Anonymous on 06/20/2008:
My favorite restaurant!
Anonymous on 06/21/2008:
How was the air conditioning?
Ponie on 06/21/2008:
In addition to the a/c, did they have high chairs available for the rugrats? Looks like we grow them pretty dumb in MI. :)
chris513 on 06/21/2008:
ponie, you could always send them to Ohio for some higher education...
Ponie on 06/21/2008:
Higher than what, chris? :) Any time I see postings like this (not just on M3C) I think: OMG, this is why we have such high taxes in our state--look what our great educational system turns out. But I suppose I shouldn't make assumptions. Since the poster is an adult with two children, she could have been educated in any state. Most probably in the state of confusion.
chris513 on 06/21/2008:
I just grew up in Ohio, so I couldn't help but take a shot at MI:)
DebtorBasher on 06/21/2008:
I'm in Ohio...but I haven't grown up yet.
chris513 on 06/21/2008:
well, maybe more like I lived the first 18 years of my life in Ohio....
Ponie on 06/21/2008:
DB, don't know where I got the idea you were out west somewhere. Guess that's what I get for thinking.

chris, we're so accustomed to others taking shots at us, we've grown a thick skin. 'Course I have an uncle who told me Lake Erie caught fire once. :) At least when our lakes/rivers catch fire, they shoot off fireworks. But not Big Lake Supe. That one will never catch fire--or warm up.
tander on 06/21/2008:
If it was 3-4 years ago, I would give up on getting the certificates but I would try the place again, it could have changed some since you were there.
DebtorBasher on 06/21/2008:
I don't want that crappy Western weather! It was a beautiful 68 degrees when I went out to some garage sales this morning..it's now 72 and I like it that way...no 90+ degrees for me...
Ponie on 06/21/2008:
DB, I'm in complete agreement with you there. My systray shows it's 75 here right now--going up to 80 today and as far as I'm concerned, that's too high. Even though we get the snow and slush during the winter months, I've always said I can put on enough clothes to keep warm, but can't take off enough to keep cool! :)
DebtorBasher on 06/21/2008:
That's exactly what I told Steve the other day...pile on the clothes and blankets...but once you're naked, what do you do? *No answer necessary....lol*
sarahnkrystal on 06/21/2008:
My favorite restaurant!!! Yumm!
FoggyOne on 06/21/2008:
1 hour and 40 minutes to be seated and you stayed? Egads!
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Hope your not in a hurry
Posted by on
SHILO, ILLINOIS -- I was in a group of ten that wanted to try your new restaurant. I have been to other Taxes Roadhouse restaurants and was thrilled when you opened in the area, but I was very disappointed with our service last night - January 18th.

Understanding that we had a large group we used your call ahead option.
We called the restaurant at approximately 4:55 for a 6:00 pm arrival time. We were told that we could experience an additional wait time when we arrived. We were OK with that. At approximately 6:30, our pager/name was called and the Hostess informed us it would be 5 minutes.
Again, not a problem. 5 minutes turned into 10 which turned into 20.
We approached the Hostess again wanting to know what the hold-up was.
We were told the group occupying "our" table was chatting and as soon as they left we would be seated. After an additional 10 minutes - we were told the same thing. My main problem was, we informed the Hostess that our group would split up in order to get us in. There were several groups of 5 that came in after us and were seated before us -- why were we not seated first when we said we would split up? When we pondered this to the Hostess we were told that was "our" table and they were waiting for it to become vacant. What I don't understand was when we told the Hostess we would be split up why we were not seated but rather bound to the original table assignment.

We ended up leaving without eating after waiting 1.5 hours in the store (total of 2.5 hours including phone in time). So because you wouldn't assign us a different table you lost the business of 10 people last night (18 January). I really wanted to try your restaurant and food, and I was very disappointed to go away with an empty stomach.
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User Replies:
shawnp80 on 01/19/2007:
Are you seriously going to count the phone in time as part of your wait time.. That's totally ridiculous!
Aloe on 01/19/2007:
Asking to speak with a manager would of helped to resolve the problem. A
Anonymous on 01/19/2007:
So you think your group has more importance than the others? Nobody owes you a free lunch, bub.
Justusryan on 01/19/2007:
an hour of phone time?
Anonymous on 01/19/2007:
You should have gone to the bar. That time solves a long wait time.
Anonymous on 01/19/2007:
Texas Roadhouse is worth waiting for!
Sam Smith on 01/20/2007:
What did the manager of the store tell you? Did you even ask for a manager? Nothing like giving them a whole hour’s notice that you were coming. Next time go to White Castle. Boo Hoo
beanbagbritches on 01/20/2007:
I seriously wonder what was going on with that wait. What did the manager say?
Anonymous on 10/06/2009:
I Worked at Texas Roadhouse for about 2 years as the host manager and the main problem here was communication. The host should have told you earlier what was going on with your wait. Also you have to realize that If splitting you up, they did not work two parties of five in with their quote time, that is why others went before you because it would have thrown off every party of 5 for the rest of the night!!! but I hate Texas roadhouse now because management treats their employees absolutely horrible. And you have to give the hostesses a break, because not only are they in charge of getting everyone sat. . they are getting yelled at all night behind the scenes and making (some nights) less than minimum wage.
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Great Food
Posted by on
NEWNAN, GEORGIA -- Texas Roadhouse is one of my favorites! They have great steaks for any budget or hunger. And the prices are cheaper than Longhorns. Recommend to anyone!
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User Replies:
*Brenda* on 09/20/2007:
mmmm I love the Roadhouse!
MRM on 09/20/2007:
Mmmmmmm... hot, juicy steaks!
Anonymous on 09/20/2007:
Peanut shells on the floor! Yeeha!
Anonymous on 09/20/2007:
I like the TR too...right down to the shells on the floor
Anonymous on 09/20/2007:
I like the TR too...right down to the shells on the floor
caa on 09/21/2007:
We just ate there on Monday. YUM! The strawberry/banana margarita is da bomb.
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TR Waitresses should leave their pierced eyebrows at home!
Posted by on
Although I enjoy eating at Texas Roadhouse, I noticed that some of their waitresses have peirced eyebrows while on the job. I believe that weaing pierced eyebrows while working in a busy restaurant is rude and unproffesional. Those waitresses look more like Goth freaks than professional restaurant waitresses. Also, young children may be scared by their peirced eyebrows. Texas Roadhouse should require in their employee dresscode that their waiters and waitresses should only have pierced ears, not pierced eyebrows, bellybuttons, or lips, while serving customers such as me!
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 04/20/2005:
Cause that ^^ happens all the time. I have to agree with you on this one MJ. Aside from ears, body piercing jewelry is generally not permitted by most retail and customer face to face service establishments. It doesn’t offend me ( nor does it do anything for me), but it bothers enough genpop to have guidelines in most company compendiums. I’ll have to watch for that next time I take a TxRoadTrip to a Texas Roadhouse.
NeveragainAmazon on 04/20/2005:
What dining establishment would allow a waitress to wear a top to show her umbilicus so that a customer would know that it was pierced? Following that statement...then nipple, labial and clitoral piercings should be banned as well!
tpebop on 04/20/2005:
hate to admit but I agree this inane fashion statement says hey I an ignorant seep that will do harm to myself for status aren't I cool
tander on 04/20/2005:
A lot of retailers don't allow piercings, where I work it's only ears, but a lot of them get away with tongue piercings by not playing with them. At Walmart I see a lot of the young girls with bandaids on their faces, covering their piercings, it doesn't bother me in the least.
NeveragainAmazon on 04/21/2005:
Correct...body piercings are a fad as are tatoos! If they are hidden so not offend anyone... who is to say it is right or wrong? It is their body and it is their business how they choose to treat it!!!!
LegalCollector on 04/21/2005:
Who cares, its friggen Texas.
Anonymous on 04/21/2005:
Nice thought provoking post Mj. I think most of us are in agreement with you. I would like to know where tax/txroadie, stands on this. Hey tax, is this a local health department issue or the F.D.A. ?
Slimjim on 04/21/2005:
It's Thursday, which is usually a "work" day for tex, however, newbie VA tends to hog a lot time so some of the "regulars" have been working swing. I'll proxy in case she can't make it.---www.ftc.gov = www.bbb.org
Anonymous on 04/21/2005:
Sounds good.
Slimjim on 04/21/2005:
OK Larry, lets try that again in English, hmm. Congrads on picking a handle that fits this time around, cuz man, you are out there.
Anonymous on 04/21/2005:
Slim, are you sure that biz, tx and the rest of their crew would make tzone, look like a Rhodes Scholar? Tz is sinking very fast.
Slimjim on 04/21/2005:
Other way, tz makes biz look like Einstein. Scary, huh?
Anonymous on 04/21/2005:
Enjoy your short lived career tz. Your stock is rising fast with "My 3 Censors". What juvenile Detention Center are you at tzone? I just hope they put you back in P.C.
TXRoadTrip on 04/21/2005:
Sorry where is this place? Not in Texas. Really due to health codes wait staff, cooks etc should not wear jewelry such as that, and they tend to play with it and their faces without washing their hands, instead of doing their jobs. Just as smokers don’t wash their hands after smoking and go back to the kitchen and cook or serve food. It’s just nasty. Call the corporate office, talk to the restaurant manager, and let them know how you feel about it, tell them you won’t come back until their policies are changed and you cannot recommend there restaurants to anyone at all. At proper eating establishments people don’t have excess face jewelry and make up. So really go somewhere else to eat.
TXRoadTrip on 04/21/2005:
NOW for the mod squad remark: Slims new pet after-poster is ZZ! New gal pals! Poor Siffer boy tossed to the road side.
Slimjim on 04/21/2005:
Called that one ZZ. "twilights" handles always carry a short shelf life. he'll resurface in a couple months after he takes his truck in for service.
Anonymous on 04/22/2005:
Yeah, I figured tzone was on his way out when he replied that he'd like to have some people on here in his "sights" on a 'gun post'. Pure genious.
Anonymous on 04/22/2005:
Ha ha ha! You're so funny, tax! (NLOL) Enjoy your visit to the 'Roadhouse' and see if you can get bibuz, to pick up the tab this time. By the way tax, the peanut shells on the floor are not there to be eaten, okay?
rmsk on 04/24/2005:
It's a little difficult to leave pierced eyebrows at home, but perhaps they could leave the jewellery out of the piercings.
As to the pierced belly button, unless they wear cropped tops, and low rider pants, how would you know?
I don't like the look of facial piercings. They make my eyes water when I look at them, because all I can think of is pain.
That's not making a character judgment about people who have piercings, that's a personal preference.
I think the restaurant should have a dress code that covers this point. Facial piercings do not look professional.
opeth_lover on 04/24/2005:
Oh! It is everyones favorite troll, Mike H!!!!! If anyone wants a good laugh, check out his fake complaints on Planet Feedback too....never take him seriously!
synnep on 11/24/2006:
obviously mjholly is a fat sow and the waitress was young and cute.
mel on 10/10/2013:
You're ridiculous! Piercings and tattoos don't make a server more or less professional or good at their job! If your food was and your service was efficient then shut up!
I have worked in the serving industry for 9 years, 5 of which I have been covered in tattoos and piercings and I get complimented on my service all the time, because that's what is important!
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