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Texas Teachers Alternative Certification Program Consumer Reviews

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Alternative Certification Program for Future Teachers in Texas
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DALLAS, SAN ANTONIO, HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I would not recommend Texas Teachers as an ACP. While they are most eager to get someone enrolled, they do not have adequate training or follow-up procedures. The trainings are not effective and teach concepts and ideas used ten years ago. I learned the exact same things in my college courses ten years ago. Only one of the required trainings was beneficial and helpful. The presenter was engaging and knowledgeable, unlike the majority of the rest. There is a "cattle herd" feel to this organization as opposed to an individual approach.

The support provided when an intern is teaching is minimal and it feels as though if you fill out your paperwork, get your card scanned, and sit in a chair, you can get your license to teach through this company. If you are looking to actually learn how to be a teacher, I would not recommend this program.

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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Please consider other available programs than this private organization because as one of their previous students, I can say this one was terrible. I can't express the frustration I and many other students felt at the mostly inept instructors this organization had leading the learning seminars.

For example, we had a librarian teaching us classroom management! Or how about the instructor who couldn't adapt her third grade teaching style (complete with children's books) to adults with college degrees?! They obviously aren't paying enough to get quality instructors. It was truly ridiculous because the material they were supposed to be teaching was (and is) so important to a teaching career. I hope you'll consider my review before making the same mistake I did. I can't speak for other programs, but this one falls short.

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