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The Best Pans T Fal
Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- I forgot and went shopping, two hrs later when I got home. My T Fal pan of eggs I left on was smoking but it did not burn. Great stuff. I will always buy nothing but T fal. I have some pictures, it never did burn up. Amazing Glenda Deal
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Alain on 05/11/2011:
I bought a large T-Fal frying pan about 4 years ago and it's still my main frying pan. I agree with you, Blackietwo, these are well made and durable pans that are worth the money!
Venice09 on 05/11/2011:
Some of my T-Fal is almost twenty years old and still in good shape. I haven't purchased any in a long time, but now that it's so widely available in stores, the quality doesn't look the same. Based on this review and your comment, Alain, maybe I'll try a new piece and see how it holds up.
Alain on 05/11/2011:
When I bought mine, Venice, I noticed that some of the pans were made in China and some made in France. The one I got was made in France. I don't know if that affected the quality, but the one I have has held up well.
Venice09 on 05/11/2011:
I think that makes a big difference, Alain. All of mine were made in France. I'm sure the ones I see in stores now are made in China. Also, mine have vented stainless steel lids. I can't find anything with stainless lids anymore. Everything has glass lids, which I don't like.
Alain on 05/11/2011:
Now that you mention it, I haven't seen any stainless lids lately. I'll bet glass lids are cheaper to manufacture. I don't like them, either. I think I'll take very good care of the cookware I have to make sure it lasts!
Venice09 on 05/11/2011:
I've looked everywhere for pots and pans with stainless lids, and they are nowhere to be found. I'm sure glass is cheaper to make. Holding on to the cookware you have is a good idea. That's why I haven't replaced any of mine in such a long time.
Anonymous on 05/11/2011:
Lagostina, an Italian company, makes some quality stainless cookware Venice, and is sold at major retail stores.
Venice09 on 05/11/2011:
I've never heard of that brand, ript. I'll definitely check into it because I really need to replace some cookware but haven't been able to find anything I like. Thanks!
Starlord on 05/11/2011:
I just got Crystal a 12-piece set of cookware under the Paula Deen Signature label, and she just loves it. She got the purple set,a pale purple with black speckling, non-stick inside and out, with copper accents on the lid handles and copper clad hanging loops.
CrazyRedHead on 05/11/2011:
T-Fal has some awesome pans. I bought some new pans and they are so much better, either that or I was just used to using some worn out, beaten up pans. I think I am getting a cookwear fetish, I love to go out and buy pans that I probably won't use more than once or twice in a year. I have grown quite a collection of pot and pans, and kitchen gadgets.
Venice09 on 05/11/2011:
The thing I like about T-Fal nonstick finish is if it does get scratched or gouged, it doesn't spread or flake. It stays put and doesn't affect the non-stick aspect of the finish. And even if the finish looks worn, it remains non-stick. I have never had anything stick to any of my T-Fal.
Starlord on 05/11/2011:
Crystal has had T-Fal in the past and over the long run was not impressed. Sure, it lasts a long time, but when it starts to go bad, it does so very quickly She had the set that had the two silver lines around the gunmetal grey pans. As Alain said, more and more of the T-fal is being made in China, so by all means make sure you get the French manufactured T-Fal.
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T-fal's Rebate Scam
Posted by on
MILLVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- I bought a T-fal brand fryer that had a $15 mail-in rebate. I filled out the rebate form and enclosed all requested materials (UPC code, receipt, rebate form, etc.). Then T-fal told me I was not getting my rebate because I did not enclose the original UPC. Grace with T-fal responded with, "I am sorry but this was not a fraudulent rebate program. If you had sent in what was required, or kept copies of what you sent in, which is always a good idea with any promotion, you would have been qualified." I did send them what was required and I did make copies of everything before I sent it in. T-fal is obviously running a scam here.

Apparently, sending your rebate in exactly as their instructions say and still not receiving your rebate is not considered a scam to Grace at T-fal. I worked at Office Max for a long time. I have delt with many rebate scams. This is one of them.

Update: A T-fal drone continues to say the rebate isn't a scam. It is when the customer submitted all the information that was required and still didn't get the rebate. This is common with rebates. Rebate companies often claim they didn't receive all of the information in an attempt to cause the customer to give-up. More information on this is available at http://www.consumeraffairs.com/consumerism/rebate_madness01.html. Also, if rebates weren't scams, the manufacturers wouldn't make you jump though hoops.
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Sparticus on 06/15/2006:
Good thing you made copies. I always copy everything just in case they try to pull this type of scam.

Problem may come when they reject the "copy" version and require the original that they have and "lost". Thanks for the warning.
Doc J on 06/15/2006:
Now that you opened the bottle and let the genie out...what kinds of rebate scams are run at Office Max? My pixels are twinkling at the prospects.
Anonymous on 06/15/2006:
Pixelization! I heard that teflon is causes health risks. Search "Teflon a health risk" so I rekon it's T-fal's backlash.
WMUstudent on 06/16/2006:
Well, the Office Max rebates I was referring to was manufacturer rebates. While I worked at Office Max, I had tons of customers come in with rebate problems. A few times, the manufacturers would even rip me off with rebates. Luckily, I always kept copies of everything I sent (which didn't always work but usually did).
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T-fal Durabase Pans
Posted on
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I bought some T-fal Durabase pans at a kitchen shop about a year ago. Our pans were made in France; some apparently are made in China. We've used these pans with every conceivable sticky substance at high heat and they still clean up like new. The food cooks evenly.

These are somewhat expensive (a large skillet will cost $30), but worth every penny. A great product!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/06/2008:
Thanks. (VH)
There are a few members here that eat nothing but baked frozen TV dinner entree's so this will be of great help to them.
Suusan B. on 05/06/2008:
I had major shoulder surgery in January and thought if I had to eat one more meal that required me to "cut film to vent" I was going to scream.
Ponie on 05/08/2008:
zz--yeah, but can I put the pans in the microwave/dishwasher? What? You're telling me that big box with two doors on it (one with a window where I store my foil, plastic wrap, etc.) that stands in my kitchen is where I'd use these pans? Holy moley--what'll they think of next? :)
Anonymous on 05/08/2008:
Zz, rumor has it that a little sea salt add's great flavor to those baked frozen TV dinner entree's.
Anonymous on 05/18/2008:
Ponie, the dishwasher is fine (in my house, that's me), but I wouldn't try the microwave. Susan B., I sympathsize with you. I had back surgery in March and cooking was one of the few things I was allowed to do. I have found that when I'm cooking it's preferable to have good equipment. Turns out I enjoy cooking and most of my meals, while not fancy, are better than the microwave stuff. My wife (a nurse) appreciates 'em, too. Zz, superbowl is right! Sea salt and fresh ground pepper can really help those frozen entrees! Thanks to all for the feedback.
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