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Spilled Food All Over My Head
By -

I've eaten at Fridays for 20 years and I remember when it was the IT place to go for cocktails and apps or dinner. The food and service seemed to just get worse and worse over the years. But, it was across the street from the mall and since theres never ever a wait and this was in December right before Christmas, off we went. I was sitting at a table with my back to the table behind us when a server came to deliver the table behind me their food. I had taken my leather jacket off and hung it on my chair. He must have had two many plates because he didn't drop the plate, I just felt something pouring all over my head and down my back. Among other things mac and cheese. I jumped up and it was all over me and my jacket. At the same time our food server arrived with our food and set it down. I grabbed my jacket and laid it on a empty table across from us and tried cleaning it with napkins. No one offered to help me so I just asked please for some cloth towels. It was everywhere, all over the floor.

Then a busboy came and mopped up the floor with pine sol smelling cleaner. My food was getting cold, I had mac and cheese all over me and no manager in sight. Finally everyone settled back into dinner and at the very end a manager came and said, "I understand there was a little incident" Clearly my jacket was ruined. Now this was a 400.00 jacket. Suede. He offered to pick up the cleaning bill. The jacket was ruined!!!Did not comp anything. I declined the dry cleaning, no point.

I understand accidents happen because I was a waitress when I was young so I let it go as I didn't want the server to lose his job. Just bad management.

Got CC Stolen
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Rating: 1/51

Went to eat. Waitress stole CC info. Made over four hundred dollars of charges on card.

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Rating: 4/51

???, TEXAS -- Out of the 4 bags of frozen foods I've tried, all 4 have come out of the microwave with some leakage. The food has been wonderful, but if you could prepare a better bag for the microwave process, it would really be nice.

Ripoff Report
By -

Went to TGI Fridays on a Sunday, very low traffic, we ordered 1 appetizer, 2 Entrees, 1 Drink a piece, and 1 Dessert. Bill was $74.00. We both had Jack Daniels Chicken an Shrimp. No Steaks. I ordered a Double shot of Seagrams Seven on the rocks, come to find out, any call drink is charged Top Shelf Prices whether it is or not which S S is NOT. Charge was $6.19 an ounce. $12.38 for a drink that is not 2 inches tall. Seagrams costs about $15.00 for a 60 ounce bottle.

$6.19 an ounce means they are selling a $15.00 bottle for $371.00. I don't mind anybody making a profit but this is BS.

Support family first
By -

Some TGI Fridays restaurants were closed on the major holidays. However this year..2009... they plan on forcing every employee, regardless of length of service OR even if your the sole caregiver to your child to work one major holiday. Show your support for family first by complaining to 1-800-Fridays OR by not shopping at TGI Fridays from Nov through Dec. Try Applebees, Chilis or Ruby Tuesday instead ! Sometimes there are exceptions to the rules. Working a major holiday without additional holiday pay and without the right to decline is just not right. It's not like restaurants are as important as Dr's, Police officers, etc...all important career positions.

Too Much Money
By -

NORTH DARTMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- With a $25.00 gift certificate. We, the poor retirees, on limited income went to TGIF for the 1st time.

Our bill came to $35.00. No senior discounts. The decor inside was not appealing. The waitress was nowhere to be found and the other waitresses were just standing doing nothing. My broccoli was hard, no butter. cole slaw cost extra$$$$.
Coffee was $5 + for 2 cups. I should be included. No water.


Over Priced For Small Portions
By -

OXNARD, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I went to a Fridays because we had never been to one. We were not impressed at all but entertained by taking pictures of the ketchup bottle on our table. My husband got a steak of some sort that was 14 bucks and it was only slightly bigger than a dollar bill. I got a 9 dollar burger and fries all of which was the quality and quantity of a fast food restaurant. The waiter didn't leave a lasting impression so I can't say much about service.

Mainly I think its over priced.

Customer Service
By -

LAKE WORTH/FT WORTH, TEXAS -- The music was so loud that I could not hear the person sitting across the booth from me. I asked them to turn the music down. I was told they could not. I know this is not true because on a previous trip to this restaurant they had honored our request. A second person came up and asked to take our order, I again asked for the music to be turned down. This person also left without honoring our request. We got up and left.

Eating out includes conversation, background music is wonderful but when it prevents that happening it is actually an intrusion.

Alcoholic drink limit
By -

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- My husband and I went to eat dinner this past weekend at TGIF in Marietta, GA located on Powers Ferry Road.

Threw out the evening I drank three (3) screwdrivers and as I was waiting for my husband's dessert to be brought out - placed another drink order (screwdriver).

To my shock & surprise, I was informed that I was at my "LIMIT" for alcoholic drinks and they refused to give it to me....I wasn't even driving!!

We promptly asked for our check and cancelled the dessert. When I got home, I called the restaurant and spoke to the manager who informed me that they weren't a "bar bar" but a "family restaurant". Since when has TGIF catered to families? This place used to be the hottest "single" bar around....boy have things changed.

I asked the policy in the "bar" area and he said it was the same - a limit of 3 drinks. No wonder no one goes there anymore!

Has anyone ever heard of this?

Overcharge at TGIF
By -

CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- I wanted everyone to know that I recently went to tgif and used by credit card. When I received my bill, I had been over charged $1.Oo. I know that it is only $1.00, But it is the principal. If tgif's over charges every customer that uses a charge card by $1.00, They are making a lot of extra money everyday. I contacted them and as of over a month of waiting I still have no resolution. I did get a phone call saying they were looking into it but still have not heard any outcome. I just wanted people to know how this company acts and treats its customers, so be wary of using your credit card at their restaurant and watch that you are actually billed for what you signed for.

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