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Ripoff Report
Posted by on
Went to TGI Fridays on a Sunday, very low traffic, we ordered 1 appetizer, 2 Entrees, 1 Drink a piece, and 1 Dessert. Bill was $74.00. We both had Jack Daniels Chicken an Shrimp. No Steaks. I ordered a Double shot of Seagrams Seven on the rocks, come to find out, any call drink is charged Top Shelf Prices whether it is or not which S S is NOT. Charge was $6.19 an ounce. $12.38 for a drink that is not 2 inches tall. Seagrams costs about $15.00 for a 60 ounce bottle.

$6.19 an ounce means they are selling a $15.00 bottle for $371.00. I don't mind anybody making a profit but this is BS.
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Anonymous on 07/10/2011:
That's allot for TGI. The food is even worse than Applebee's. The frozen dinners are decent though
drugdoc121 on 07/10/2011:
What is a "call drink"?
PepperElf on 07/10/2011:
I just asked my bf cos he used to own part of a bar...

A "call drink" is drink where you name - or call - the brand of alcohol you want, usually when you're specifying a good brand.

For example, you can get rum & coke as a "well drink" where you don't care what brand of rum they use... or you can get it as a "call drink" when you say you want a Bacardi & rum.

As for the actual prices of the alcohol per shot, that's their choice. Most bars are not open for negotiations on their pricing. It's their alcohol.
trmn8r on 07/10/2011:
The prices of the food are clearly stated in the menu. If you had asked the price of the drinks prior to ordering, you may not have been as shocked when the menu arrived.

There is a comment above that TGIFs is below AB's in the food chain. I don't agree, after frequenting each for 2 years. AB's is as low as it gets. TGIF is midstream in casual dining. The selection is a lot better than AB's. It used to be more so before they jettisoned all the salmon entrees off the menu due to lack of popularity. The cedar smoked salmon pasta was outstanding. AB's could only dream of making a dish like that.
drugdoc121 on 07/11/2011:
thanks pepper
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Spilled Food All Over My Head
Posted by on
I've eaten at Fridays for 20 years and I remember when it was the IT place to go for cocktails and apps or dinner. The food and service seemed to just get worse and worse over the years. But, it was across the street from the mall and since theres never ever a wait and this was in December right before Christmas, off we went. I was sitting at a table with my back to the table behind us when a server came to deliver the table behind me their food. I had taken my leather jacket off and hung it on my chair. He must have had two many plates because he didn't drop the plate, I just felt something pouring all over my head and down my back. Among other things mac and cheese. I jumped up and it was all over me and my jacket. At the same time our food server arrived with our food and set it down. I grabbed my jacket and laid it on a empty table across from us and tried cleaning it with napkins. No one offered to help me so I just asked please for some cloth towels. It was everywhere, all over the floor.

Then a busboy came and mopped up the floor with pine sol smelling cleaner. My food was getting cold, I had mac and cheese all over me and no manager in sight. Finally everyone settled back into dinner and at the very end a manager came and said, "I understand there was a little incident" Clearly my jacket was ruined. Now this was a 400.00 jacket. Suede. He offered to pick up the cleaning bill. The jacket was ruined!!!Did not comp anything. I declined the dry cleaning, no point.

I understand accidents happen because I was a waitress when I was young so I let it go as I didn't want the server to lose his job. Just bad management.
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Anonymous on 02/07/2009:
I'm struggling to believe that NO ONE apologized to you or offered assistance until the very end ofyour meal.I would have taken his offer re: the cleaning bill. If the jacket couldn't have been cleaned, chances are he would have also considered replacing it for you by the sounds of it.
BokiBean on 02/07/2009:
I'm not sure it was bad management, more like a bad accident that could have been avoided.

Short of comping your meal, which would have been nice and they should have definitely done, they offered to clean your coat. I think you should have taken them up on their offer and if the coat was unable to be cleaned...gone from there.
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Got CC Stolen
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Went to eat. Waitress stole CC info. Made over four hundred dollars of charges on card.
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Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
???, TEXAS -- Out of the 4 bags of frozen foods I've tried, all 4 have come out of the microwave with some leakage. The food has been wonderful, but if you could prepare a better bag for the microwave process, it would really be nice.
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raven2010 on 04/29/2012:
UGH!!! I notice this also occurs with the PF Chang nukable bags.

B\Very annoying when you follow the directions exactly and end up with a mess microwave and loss of sauce.
trmn8r on 04/29/2012:
Leakage is usually undesirable, and certainly in this case. Excellent feedback.
GenuineNerd on 04/29/2012:
You may want to put the bag on a plate before putting it in the microwave-the plate will catch any spills or leaks. I often have issues with pot pies leaking filling, even though I slit the crust before putting it in.
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Support family first
Posted by on
Some TGI Fridays restaurants were closed on the major holidays. However this year..2009... they plan on forcing every employee, regardless of length of service OR even if your the sole caregiver to your child to work one major holiday. Show your support for family first by complaining to 1-800-Fridays OR by not shopping at TGI Fridays from Nov through Dec. Try Applebees, Chilis or Ruby Tuesday instead ! Sometimes there are exceptions to the rules. Working a major holiday without additional holiday pay and without the right to decline is just not right. It's not like restaurants are as important as Dr's, Police officers, etc...all important career positions.
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Anonymous on 10/11/2009:
I take exception to the last sentence in your complaint. Many young adults work in the food service industry to put themselves through college to become doctors, nurses, and to work in the police sciences. Therefore, restaurants are just as important as the other careers that you have listed. Let us not forget that any job that brings in a paycheck is important.
Anonymous on 10/11/2009:
They know people go out and spend money on Christmas morning or New Years Day so they need the staff there. Did they actually say there would be no holiday pay? Even if there is not rules can change for a company.
Ytropious on 10/11/2009:
Where I work we're open every day but Thanksgiving and Christmas, and there is NO such thing as holiday pay for us.
jktshff1 on 10/11/2009:
somehow the nic HAPPY just don't fit.
If you are so down on your job, just quit...there are 100 other people that are willing to do what it takes.
Anonymous on 10/11/2009:
I finally had the holidays off last year for the first time in 4 years. Try working for an airline on Thanksgiving and Christmas and getting screamed at because the weather is bad and the flights are all delayed. I dealt with it, so do you. If you don't like it, take jkt's advice and quit
Anonymous on 10/11/2009:
And if you shut down will you stay home and not shop? Or do you think only YOU should be off but not the rest of us working stiffs?

I have worked every holiday this year, and will only have Christmas off. ONLY because we are closed that day.
PepperElf on 10/11/2009:
Do you have any idea how many times I've had to work on Christmas day?

Or how many times I haven't even been able to be in the same state or country as the rest of my family?

Neither do I. I've lost count. Go Navy!

and yeah I know it sucks, you had to work on a holiday.
and you might have gotten customers who were mad you were open, or you were bitter that you had to work....

but as sucky as it is, there are people out there who have it worse.

And there's no rule that says you can't do gifts on a different day. I found out later that when Sis and I were very young, my parents would do Christmas on a different day, so Dad could save his days off.

Anonymous on 10/11/2009:
Very true Pepper. When I was a kid, we would volunteer at the Salvation Army on Thanksgiving and hand out food to the homeless. We would eat our Thanksgiving dinner the next day.
Anonymous on 10/11/2009:
pepper I feel ya. I have not had Christmas with my father since I was 18 (I am 38) and I haven't had Christmas with my mother in 12 years. I haven't been in the same room with my brothers and sister at the same time since we were teenagers.

Not everyone can get off at Thanksgiving and Christmas for a week to go home and see the family. We have to work for employers who have to serve a public made up of people like the OP.
shayen on 10/12/2009:
I think the 1st poster misunderstood the last line. I don't think he was saying restaurant employees aren't important, they just aren't VITAL on a day like Christmas, like say a doctor or officer. You HAVE to have officers and doctors and 911 dispatchers and such on duty 365/year.
i_am_canadian on 10/12/2009:
I agree, I think that's exactly what they meant.
sarahnkrystal on 10/12/2009:
My husband has to work Christmas this year. I'm sad about it, but it's just the way the job works. Instead, I am grateful that he has a job that is reliable and keeps our family fed.
redmx3racer on 10/12/2009:
So-TGI's is going to be open on the holidays? Great news. Now I know where I can go out to eat on those days should I choose to.
Principissa on 10/12/2009:
I can't begin to tell you how many holidays both me and my husband had to work. I missed my first son's first Christmas because I had to work. Hubby hasn't had a Christmas or New Year's home with us in almost 8 years. Last year was the first time he was home for Thanksgiving. It's the way the job works. I'm more grateful that he has a job and am more than willing to give up Christmas and Thanksgiving if it means keeping my kids fed and keeping the roof over their heads.
PepperElf on 10/12/2009:
personally I also don't harass any place that's open for business on Christmas day... sometimes those places are life-savers.

like back in 2006. my ship pulled in off deployment on Dec 22. I didn't go home on leave because I knew I'd be going home for over a month at the end of January anyway.

I had a nice deal though where I got to stay in a hotel out on town for 3 nights.

But... no I didn't really plan things out well. I didn't have anything in my hotel room for Christmas morning breakfast and was thrilled to see 711 was open.

Come to think of it... I think I ended up getting Chinese takeout for dinner that night.

i_am_canadian on 10/15/2009:
Principissa, you've mentioned previous work in health care and I assume your husband also works in an essential service. Everyone knows those employees work Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. because emergencies don't stop for the holidays. I'm sure the people whom you treated and possibly saved their lives were eternally grateful that you sacrificed Christmas morning with your child. But I don't think there is any good reason for a retail store, restaurant or other similar service to be open during those days (with the possible exception of a pharmacy), it's just being stupid and greedy.
Michelle on 05/13/2013:
It's not about having a job, being able to feed your children, saving someone's live, or even FIGHTING FOR YOUR COUNTRY. Pay attention it's about GREEDY CEO's that want to make money by keeping their doors open period, Please stop smelling the roses/flowers and everything that has NOTHING to do with the original statement
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Customer Service
Posted by on
LAKE WORTH/FT WORTH, TEXAS -- The music was so loud that I could not hear the person sitting across the booth from me. I asked them to turn the music down. I was told they could not. I know this is not true because on a previous trip to this restaurant they had honored our request. A second person came up and asked to take our order, I again asked for the music to be turned down. This person also left without honoring our request. We got up and left.

Eating out includes conversation, background music is wonderful but when it prevents that happening it is actually an intrusion.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/31/2008:
It could be a cool place to take someone you don't want to listen to.

Kudos for getting up and walking out.
BobJohn on 10/31/2008:
That is why I went to Texas Roadhouse exactly once. They refused to turn the music down and we ate reallly fast and got out - never to return.
Anonymous on 10/31/2008:
LOL @ TW! I may take the wife there tonight! Thanks for the tip!
jenjenn on 10/31/2008:
C2O - LOL! You're bad! :)
Principissa on 10/31/2008:
I would have left to. No reason to blast horrid music. The food itself has me suffering all night, why make me suffer through dinner.
Anonymous on 10/31/2008:
I totally agree about the music. What is UP with that trend. I refuse to shop or eat where I can't hear my own thoughts for the loud music.
Starlord on 10/31/2008:
Being almost totally deaf does have its advantages at times.
jktshff1 on 10/31/2008:
Yea it does my aids out tonight cause the mrs has all this scary music playing for the ghosts & goblins!
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Too Much Money
Posted by on
NORTH DARTMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- With a $25.00 gift certificate. We, the poor retirees, on limited income went to TGIF for the 1st time.

Our bill came to $35.00. No senior discounts. The decor inside was not appealing. The waitress was nowhere to be found and the other waitresses were just standing doing nothing. My broccoli was hard, no butter. cole slaw cost extra$$$$.
Coffee was $5 + for 2 cups. I should be included. No water.

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User Replies:
*Brenda* on 01/07/2010:
sooo don't go there anymore. BTW unless you have unlimited funds, you're on a limited income so I'm not sure why people use that excuse.
Anonymous on 01/07/2010:
Coffee should not have cost you extra. You should have gotten free refills for coffee at TGIF as far as I know. I've been to TGIF a few times. They show the prices for their food on the menu, so you should have known what the prices were going to be. As far as your broccoli, you should have asked them to cook it better, or asked for another side. If cole slaw was extra, then it must not have been included on your entree so of course its going to cost extra.
Anonymous on 01/07/2010:
Maybe they don't combine discounts with gift cards or gift certificates. And not all restaurants include free bread with the meal
Eloise on 01/07/2010:
Why wouldn't they charge for coffee? Isn't it a beverage? If you wanted water or butter for your broccoli why didn't you ask for it? The waitress can't read your mind. As for the lack of a 'senior discount' did you ask if there was one? Better to ask then to assume. Just because you are old and cranky doesn't mean you deserve a discount.
Eloise on 01/07/2010:
BTW, TGIF doesn't offer free bread! Neither does Applebees for that matter.
Anonymous on 01/07/2010:
Chain restaurants also don't offer free coffee. Some may have free refills, some don't. It should say that on the menu
Nohandle on 01/07/2010:
It's a shame you had a bad experience but surely you were presented with a menu before you ordered. It should clearly state the price for every item plus the cost of drinks if extra. No matter your income or the fact you're retired has bearing on this. You received a meal for $10.00, good or bad. Thank the giver of the gift certificate and don't go back.
PepperElf on 01/07/2010:
Most restaurants have a Senior Menu of reduced portions and reduced prices

And technically you only had to pay 10 for the food, plus tip.
Anonymous on 01/07/2010:
Pepper, probably didn't leave a tip.

And if the waitresses were nowhere to be found, how were they standing doing nothing? And if they were doing nothing, they were probably doing exactly what they were supposed to at the time: allowing their customers to eat until needed.

Being old is not a disease that gives you special treatment. It is an aging process that everyone goes through if they are lucky. Discounts are a luxury, NOT a right.
PepperElf on 01/07/2010:
well I'll give them the benefit of the doubt

my own parents are on fixed income and are senior citizens but they always tip
spiderman2 on 01/07/2010:
Wow, the last time we went there, my family ate for $40 and that included an appetizer sampler, two adult meals and two kids meals. I thought we got out of there pretty cheap. The food isn't the best there, but you get what you pay for. Also, Fridays doesn't have a seniors menu, but they have a section called Right Portion, Right Price, which has smaller portions and reduced prices.
Ponie on 01/07/2010:
Brenda, you brought up one of my BIGGEST pet peeves! 'BTW unless you have unlimited funds, you're on a limited income so I'm not sure why people use that excuse.'

Most retired seniors throw this expression round hoping to get sympathy. Well, it's in the dictionary under "S." If they consider their social security checks as 'limited income,' they get a raise each year. This year is the fist in ages that no increase was given. How many individuals in the private sector are guaranteed a raise the first of each year?
I suggest this 'poor retiree' read the menu in the future to find out what is or is not included with a particular listing.
voiceoff on 01/07/2010:
Well Cablevision told me there is a senior discount but only if the senior takes the barest package with only basic few channels. That is not a senior discount, then. That is a poor person who is a senior also discount.
Ytropious on 01/07/2010:
So you were given a gift to go to TGIF, and you went. The decor (crazy crap on the walls) is their signature thing, it's unfortunate you found it unappealing, but your in the minority. There are more places that DON'T offer a senior discount then places that do, so why assume? Why not ask? Coffee is almost never free unless it's a diner. Also, as pepper pointed out, you only paid 10+ tip! Why are you whining about price then? Even on a fixed income that's a pretty good bill! Did you want to pay nothing at all, because that's what it sounds like.
redmx3racer on 01/08/2010:
Gee, I'm on a fixed income. I'm on salary, and I get the same check every week. Unless I get a bonus, which I don't count on. Should I be entitled to things like discounts and free coffee?
yoke on 01/08/2010:
Unless you get a payraise every week you are on a fixed income. I hear it all the time from seniors when they want a discount.

Ben There on 01/08/2010:
I think the OP is more of a Denny's or IHOP customer and should stick to establishments like them.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Yoke, That's not the definition of 'fixed income'. Fixed income refers to an investment or annuity that pays a fixed amount over time which may or may not be adjusted for inflation. Examples would be various bonds, retirement pensions or social security annuities.
yoke on 01/08/2010:
Stew, then you may want to tell people to stop saying they are on a fixed income because they did not get a payraise in SS this year. I hear it all the time.
Ponie on 01/08/2010:
yoke, it's not just this year that they're claiming 'fixed income.' This is the first time in 30 years that there was no increase in social security bennies. I didn't hear an outcry when a couple of years ago they got a (I think) 3.5% increase. I always contend that unless you own your own business or work strictly on commissions--*everyone* is on a fixed income.
yoke on 01/08/2010:
This year is the first time since my husband retired from the Navy that they did not get a pay increase in their retirement pay. Does anyone know how much of a payraise congress gave themselves?

goduke on 01/08/2010:
Unfortunately, pay raises in Congress aren't governed by statute. They can vote themselves anything they want. Pay raises for federal employees, Soc Security, etc., are governed by statute are are indexed to the cost of living generated by the government. In 2009, the cost of living officially went down.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
goduke, Federal worker's pay raises are link to the congressional pay raises or vice versa . I hear tell them federal workers got themselves on average a 2% pay raise this year.
sarahnkrystal on 01/08/2010:
On the comment about Dennys or IHOP. I have to say my hubby and I actually went to TGIFridays for lunch one day and got an appetizer, lunches and a dessert for $35. We went to Dennys the next week and got an appetizer and some gross sandwiches for the same price. I couldn't believe Dennys got expensive for the poor excuse of food they serve.
yoke on 01/08/2010:
Denny's has gotten really expensive. We used to go to Denny's for breakfast after church and would spend an average of $35-40 for the 5 of us. Then one week it went up to almost $50 for the same things. We went to Friendly's and only cost us $40 for all 5 of us.
Slimjim on 01/08/2010:
Denny's has gotten expensive. We took the kids there a couple weeks a go and the meals all looked to be about 2-3 bucks higher than I remember. Oh yeah, don't get the "new" prime rib Philly cheese steak unless you like paying over $8 bucks for burnt rubber.
voiceoff on 01/08/2010:
The problem of seniors is NOT that they are on a fixed income but on a limited budget that they have no way to replenish once exhausted (spent) since they have NO NEW income. So if you younger people keep getting a 50k salary every year. then Oh Well if you spend it, there is the next pay check for the next 50 years, whereas if someone loses all their pension money which they had ( 200k let us say) well they need public assistance now cause they have no way to get another job and keep ongoing. Seniors do eat and need a roof over their heads. GET IT? Not the fixrd part but the limited ability to get new income part is the problem.No new money can ever come in again, but all old money MUST go out to be used to live on. Could you live 30 years on savings alone? Maybe if the stock market didn't evaporate it or Enron or these other unsafe places.It is the income part that has stopped and dried up. Can YOU live on savings alone if the $ you saved back in the day are not likely to buy much and when all your life's savings are gone who can you turn to? Not guys with little comprehension or sympathy for this. How can you compare your young healthy selves to a senior?
Ytropious on 01/08/2010:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Denny's is really expensive now.
Ytropious on 01/08/2010:
"So if you younger people keep getting a 50k salary every year." PLEASE I wish I made 50 grand! Also I worked with two old ladies who were on SS and they got more hours then I did! Just because your on SS doesn't mean you are forbidden from working, so they could very well go out and work somewhere if they wanted to.
voiceoff on 01/09/2010:
What happened to my post?
I repeat some of it here.
It is not that the seniors have a fixed income but that most do not work after 65 and will never replenish what they use up.
voiceoff on 01/09/2010:
YTR where is my post? I used 50k as a salary in Ny for mangement, where expenses are very high ( rents not under 1000 for a studio).
It was to stress that seniors who lose their money have nothing to live on and NO they do not find work easily although a few may.
old fart on 01/09/2010:
Voice off... look at the "other comments" section... that's where your original post is...
Starlord on 01/09/2010:
With all due respect, ponie, not only are we not getting a COLA this year, but for the next two years, at least. They claim the COLA is to offset inflation, but that there is no inflation this year. I would like to know where they got their figures. Our rent went up, forcing us to move, groceries went up, gas went up, everything went up except our Social Security checks. When we did get COLAs, it was like 2 to 4 percent. My SSDI check is just over $950 a month. I doubt if many can live comfortably on that small amount of money. That, plus I had to fight the SSA for three years to get my So-so Security benefits.
old fart on 01/09/2010:
It's interesting that not only didn't I get a COLA increase. I am getting charged 5 dollars extra per month for some kind of extra benefit...go figure.
voiceoff on 01/09/2010:
Where is the "other comments" section and why was mine the only one put there? How can anyone comment on it if they do not see it. Hope it was not censored as this is the reason for this forum to express ourselves and our view. It certainly had no profanity. Just honest stuff you need to know.
Seniors have no way to get a new job and will be at the mercy of others if they are not helped to maintain their savings. Too much shenanigans went on with their retirement savings and fixed means the ONLY income they can ever hope to have. So when a DR or Lawyer eats it up, that is it. Nothing to do but be poverty stricken.
old fart on 01/09/2010:
Look down to the lower right of the screen between your last comment and the "add your three cents line... it's in BLUE...Just below and to the right of this line...
voiceoff on 01/09/2010:
Old, I think I respected others so if this was censored I have no idea why. I would gladly delete anything that is objectionable to leave the rest, which is highly informative.
Do you think there was something disrespectful in it? If so, what? I want a copy of it to reread.
old fart on 01/09/2010:
Just click on the blue link... it's not censored...
voiceoff on 01/09/2010:
What blue link? Do you recall it not meeting guideleines? I read them and none applied to that post. I want it right here with everyone else's.
old fart on 01/09/2010:
It is directly to the right of my last comment! as far as why it is separate, I'd take that up with admin. I saw nothing that would justify separating it.
voiceoff on 01/09/2010:
All guidelines were met. I feel for senors as they are in a very different category unless super rich. They save and save and then in one swoop it is gone sometimes even when it was supposed to be in a safe place. Or if not dwindles away it is gone via inflation. A salary of 20k may have been good 45 yrs ago but the savings hardly pays rent now. They cannot get a new higher paying job . That is my point. If it annoyed someone so be it bc it is true and needs to be repeated ad infinitum till understood.
voiceoff on 01/09/2010:
I would like to edit it as I see it may come across too forceful and has typos too. I guess I wanted to elicit a better undertsanding but maybe I will tone it down if I can edit it. It was just that all the comments failed to appreciate the difference between a younger person getting a paycheck and a senior using up savings. Feels like being kicked out of class. I think it enlightened on this serious matter where seniors live longer ( over 80) but their $$ won't stretch that far. Thanks Old fart has this happened to anyone else? Put "aside" literally boo hoo? In the corner ( missing the dunce cap).
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Over Priced For Small Portions
Posted by on
OXNARD, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I went to a Fridays because we had never been to one. We were not impressed at all but entertained by taking pictures of the ketchup bottle on our table. My husband got a steak of some sort that was 14 bucks and it was only slightly bigger than a dollar bill. I got a 9 dollar burger and fries all of which was the quality and quantity of a fast food restaurant. The waiter didn't leave a lasting impression so I can't say much about service.

Mainly I think its over priced.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 05/27/2009:
Good post, short, sweet and to the point.
Anonymous on 05/27/2009:
From my experience going to Fridays I agree with everything the poster says. (VH)
Anonymous on 05/27/2009:
Why were you taking pictures of the ketchup bottle?
Ben There on 05/27/2009:
I would not expect much of a steak for $14.
Anonymous on 05/27/2009:
I have had good steaks for that kind of price before.
Anonymous on 05/27/2009:
Forget the steaks, what was so fascinating about the ketchup bottle?
Anonymous on 05/28/2009:
Buy some nice steaks and cook them at home. They're much better than way.
DRVROFRED on 05/28/2009:
That's interesting, I usually take pics of the salt and pepper shaker :-p . Sorry for the bad meal experience but I like the post.
Ben There on 05/28/2009:
Find a proper steakhouse and spend the extra money. Not only is the food normally much better, but the service is on a totally different level. I would much rather spend $40 for one steak at Ruth's Chris's than eat at TGIs or Outback 3 or 4 times.
Anonymous on 05/28/2009:
TGI Fridays is just another big corporate plastic casual dining joint serving warmed up food straight off the sysco truck. I'm sorry but plastic burns my eyes and sysco is the devil.

Great review!

jimboshippos on 05/28/2009:

We enjoy other chain restaurants and cannot afford 40 dollar dinners. Yes we buy steaks and cook them ourselves we also do pork chops and country style ribs. But some times I don't feel like cooking so we gi to applebees or chilis. As for the ketchup bottle the camera was new and we couldn't see the game that was on the tv. Not their fault though.
Anonymous on 05/28/2009:
Not everyone can afford places like Ruth's Chris, in fact the majority can't, that doesn't mean they should have to settle for slop somewhere else, and it certainly doesn't mean that they should cook at home instead.

BokiBean on 05/28/2009:
Ben is right though, I'd rather go to Ruth Chris once than TGIF 5 times....

Crabbie, Sysco is ruining American food.
Anonymous on 05/28/2009:
I was very unimpressed with Ruth Chris the one time I dined there on somebody else's dime of course. The meat tasted like corn fed feed lot cow. Personal taste I guess.

I make it a point whenever I can to spend my eating out bucks at locally owned and operated restaurants. You get better food, service and value. Also, it's good for the local economy and good for your restaurant owning neighbor.
BokiBean on 05/28/2009:
I get spoiled at home with such good steaks that I rarely order them when we go out. I MUCH prefer local restaurants...seafood is king here.

I do think that if a person orders a $14 steak, and believe me, the pictures they show on the menu and advertisements make them look good, they should get a good steak! Not top of the line, but dang good nonetheless.
Anonymous on 05/28/2009:
I refuse to dine at Ruth's Chris because the name is so hard to say.
BokiBean on 05/28/2009:
Haha@Sheriff! Say it 5 times fast with your mouth stuffed fulla steak...
DRVROFRED on 05/28/2009:
Never heard of Ruth's Chris. When I first read it above I thought someone was referring to 2 different places.

The best time to have home cooked steak is when you smell one of your neighbors BB-Q ing and you get the craving. Time to spark up the BBQ. Geez, now I'm hungry
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Alcoholic drink limit
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MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- My husband and I went to eat dinner this past weekend at TGIF in Marietta, GA located on Powers Ferry Road.

Threw out the evening I drank three (3) screwdrivers and as I was waiting for my husband's dessert to be brought out - placed another drink order (screwdriver).

To my shock & surprise, I was informed that I was at my "LIMIT" for alcoholic drinks and they refused to give it to me....I wasn't even driving!!

We promptly asked for our check and cancelled the dessert. When I got home, I called the restaurant and spoke to the manager who informed me that they weren't a "bar bar" but a "family restaurant". Since when has TGIF catered to families? This place used to be the hottest "single" bar around....boy have things changed.

I asked the policy in the "bar" area and he said it was the same - a limit of 3 drinks. No wonder no one goes there anymore!

Has anyone ever heard of this?
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User Replies:
Tc1073 on 10/30/2007:
We ran into the same problem in St Louis. It would be nice if they told you that up front or had the rules posted somewhere.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
I've heard of it and it's not uncommon.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Just drink at home. It's cheaper.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
I've never heard of this.Were you loud and obnoxious?(don't take that the wrong way)
I agree with emt_c
Anonymous on 10/30/2007: comment was probably a little off kilter. Actually, the few times I was in this restaurant, I was also under the impression that it was sort of a single's joint. (They had a *very* populated bar)

This complaint is informative, and, I appreciate it.

Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
At the prices they charge, why would you want more than 3.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Pretty pricey, huh?
The commercials sure seem aimed at families...Ones without CHILDREN that is!! (VH)
They won't be on my trust list any time soon!
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
I've been to TGIF once,and I wasn't impressed.
sarahnkrystal on 10/30/2007:
TGIFriday's is my favorite. I can understand the 3 drink limit.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Are they that strong?
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
So what would happen if your husband is suddenly unable to drive? After more than 3 drinks you could be legally drunk. So who's going to drive the car? If you decide to drive and cause an accident it's very possible that TGIF would be charged for letting you drink too much. They are covering their butts with the drink limit.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
I cannot understand a drink limit,and probably would not go to a place that had one.

If there is a person that cannot handle their alcohol intake,then yeah cut them off.

Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Their ads on TV make it seem like it's "drown night" at the place. What a crock!
familytravel on 10/30/2007:
I can understand a drink limit, and personally I wouldn't want to drink more than 3 drinks at one meal.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Do they have a bar?
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
The commercials would have you believe that it is a place to hang out with friends,and have a few cocktails.I've never seen a family on their commercials.

ZZ,yes they have a bar
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Just Googled up their website. This place portrays themselves as a place to meet, hang out, flirt and promotes their "famous drinks!" I didn't see anything about a 3 drink limit. Owner/manager's discretion?
Slimjim on 10/30/2007:
I agree. The ads make it look like a place ADULTS go to eat, DRINK, and socialize. I agree with TC1073. If it's a hard rule of a 3 drink maximum, why isn't that posted for those who would have liked to have known that up front before settling in.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Three drinks, ha', that is just a good tune up before the real drinking starts. Drinks are getting out of hand price wise we down a couple before we leave the house now, that can save you an easy Andrew Jackson.
spiderman2 on 10/30/2007:
They probably got sued by someone who had one too many and swore they weren't driving and then did. Our Local Fridays is a family restaurant that serves drinks and overpriced ones at that!
heaven17 on 10/30/2007:
They really had no way of knowing which of you was getting behind the wheel once you left the place.
Personally, 3 screwdrivers sounds like plenty much to me, but, well, you know.
We're all different.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Super, that is the way to go, my friend. I know guys that used to smuggle in their own booze!
Heaven, it depends on who's making them too. I will say this. I get high quicker at bars than I do at my pad. Why is that?
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Zz, I'm not rich like you. To get a good buzz it takes a couple Jackson's.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
I hear you Super, I prefer going to the LQ and staying at home with guests. I can't afford the bars.
miketech on 10/30/2007:
I'd be scared to death to serve alcohol at a bar. Begging for a lawsuit.
I think the days of getting hammered at a restaurant are about over with, things aren't like they used to be and I'm with the others, it's a ton cheaper at home and safer.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
You cannot hit on hot waitresses at home.
Duckla on 10/30/2007:
I wonder how much alcohol they put in their drinks? I know at a few places I frequent to eat and drink, there are limits on the drinks they can serve. Such as, at one place, I can only have two cuban martinis...but its like having 8 martini's since you get the shaker to pour the rest. At another, you're limited to 3 regular drinks, or 2 purple margaritas, or 2 drinks if one of them is a purple margarita. But that's because Baby A's uses Everclear, not tequila.

Methinks it has something to do with the amount of alcohol in the drink, not the actual drinking itself.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
There is a place out here called "Logans Steakhouse" they have this Ice Tea drink that's supposed to floor you after one.(not long Island ice t,something else)they advise the customer that two of these is more than enough,but will sell them more.
shawnp80 on 10/30/2007:
People that say "Methinks" really annoy me.
Aerocave on 10/30/2007:
I have never heard of going to TGIF to hang out, drink, and flirt. Guess I need to get out more.
chris513 on 10/30/2007:
when was TGI Friday's the hottest singles bar around? I don't go there because they don't serve miller high life. this is a VH review because anyplace that doesn't let me get hammered is a place that I avoid.
Extended Warranty on 10/30/2007:
What snobs. Cancelled desset, went home, then called the manager. I would have been like "oh that sucks" and ate my dessert.
10retail on 10/30/2007:
they must have gotten sued and decided not to let you get drunk I've seen plenty of women and men get drunk off of 3 drinks.
killerklown on 10/31/2007:
It's ALWAYS at the restaurants discretion. If you need more than three drinks with a meal, you have a problem. You're at your reasonable limit. It's a restaurant, not a frat house. You want to get drunk, go to a bar. But if it's a responsible bar, they'll cut you off too. If you get wasted, then go out and hurt/kill someone, or even yourself, the place you obtained the alcohol at is liable.

If you really need four drinks with one meal, I might suggest a good 12-step program.
jktshff1 on 10/31/2007:
3 drinks are a meal!
most establishments liquor stores included have the obligation not to sell alcohol to someone who however slight has had too much.
Due to liability, quite a few establishments have set a limit on drinks purchase so the waiters and waitresses will not have to make that decision. Makes sense.
Aerocave on 10/31/2007:
I agree Killer, 4 screwdrivers before, during, and after long of a time period are we talking 1-2 hours? AA has a book out...and has meetings...
duwhit on 10/31/2007:
No, I wasn't loud, obnoxious or anything like that..after I posted, I realized I should have mentioned that. We were quiet - just eating our meal and I wasn't drunk at all! The drinks were not strong and were small in size.
I have never had a DUI and am responsible when it comes to going out to dine IF I have a drink.
I don't go out much SO this was just a surprise to me that a restaurant with a HUGE bar would limit drinks. If that is the case, they should POST that information FOR ALL TO SEE.
By the way, my husband wasn't drinking as he was driving us home.
CrazyRedHead on 10/31/2007:
Reichan1979 on 11/23/2007:
Another possible problem is that, in some states (NC had this at the time I was in the business from what I was told), different liquor licenses have different alcohol sales limits. For example, if you are operating as a restaurant with a bar, that limit used to be 35% alcohol sales for 65% food sales. If a restaurant violates that, they can lose their license.

Perhaps when TGIF's became a "hot spot" for drinking, they got into trouble with the ALE, which would then cause the drink limit to be made into policy.
Good2Know on 05/17/2009:
You probably appeared to be boarderline drunk and were probably loud... annoying... do I need to keep ongoing?? It is up to management and no offense their drinks are huge! 3 drinks with dinner u went over ur daily calorie intake without including the food yuck!
old fart on 05/17/2009:
My name is Old Fart and I am an last drink was 44 years ago...
Anonymous on 05/17/2009:
That's old fart, with a capital L. :)
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Overcharge at TGIF
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CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY -- I wanted everyone to know that I recently went to tgif and used by credit card. When I received my bill, I had been over charged $1.Oo. I know that it is only $1.00, But it is the principal. If tgif's over charges every customer that uses a charge card by $1.00, They are making a lot of extra money everyday. I contacted them and as of over a month of waiting I still have no resolution. I did get a phone call saying they were looking into it but still have not heard any outcome. I just wanted people to know how this company acts and treats its customers, so be wary of using your credit card at their restaurant and watch that you are actually billed for what you signed for.

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User Replies:
trumania on 08/22/2007:
Otherwise, when they hand you the receipt to sign, or your copy of the receipt make sure it's the correct amount.
Anonymous on 08/22/2007:
OP, don't type in all CAPS, it's rude.
DebtorBasher on 08/22/2007:
Maybe that was their tip.
Anonymous on 08/22/2007:
Maybe they just stoled it from you and you are right? Good luck
heaven17 on 08/23/2007:
How long does it take to check your bill when you receive it (versus having to wait over a month on a $1.00 refund)?
ernies on 08/23/2007:
I did check the receipt when I paid and the amount on my ticket it correct. I checked my bill as soon as I received it from my credit card and compared them to my ticket and that is when I noticed the 1.00 difference. And by the way I did not mean to type in all CAPS, nothing was meant by that.
jktshff1 on 08/23/2007:
call your credit card company. you will probably have to send a copy of your receipt
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