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Policy on Revoking Place Points
Posted by on
Just curious about whether anyone's dealt with a similar problem, and do some research BEFORE speaking with customer service.

I'm a fairly new but faithful customer at Children's Place, earning my 10% off reward level in 2006. I've been generally happy with their selections and prices. I just returned a jacket purchased for my daughter in December 2006 that included the 10% discount. They took away the points equivalent to the return and then reduced the points accummulated from this year.

While I agree with this concept, I don't like that they are "penalizing" against this year when the points were given in a previous year. I should add that returning this jacket, even if done during last reward year, would not have disqualified me from exceeding the Reward level amount. Now, it will take me longer to qualify for the discount this year.

Any comments/suggestions/personal experiences appreciated.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/20/2007:
My comment, that's their policy live with it.
rhondam718732 on 04/20/2007:
Children's Places' view could also be that you bought the jacket in 2006 but are asking for a refund in a different calendar year. I wouldn't be to bothered with their process. I am AMAZED they took back a jacket 4 months later...
heaven17 on 04/20/2007:
I don't know if all of this is worth 10% off...?
Not to mention most of these 'Reward' set ups seem to be designed to do nothing but confuse and frustrate.
spiderman2 on 04/20/2007:
Sounds fair to me. What would stop someone from buying a bunch of stuff to accumulate points and then returning it and getting to keep the points. It is nice to know that they stand behind their products, I would be happy with that. Most places you would have been SOL.
Anonymous on 04/20/2007:
Also why did you return the jacket, is it because the weather turned warmer and you don't need a jacket. This is a business not a library, you don't just return things when you are done with it.
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Quality of Clothing
Posted by on
ROCKAWAY, NEW JERSEY -- I had purchased a very few things at this store for my kids, and felt that the quality of the clothing was substandard. The clothing did not hold up well to active kids and did not wash well at all. You save on the cost of the clothing but pay later when it doesn't hold up well. If you have active kids it would be better to buy at another store such as Gap Kids, the clothing holds up much better and washes very well.
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rancar on 07/20/2006:
I, too, have a problem with their quality. Their styles are also a bit nerdish, so I won't be buying from there again. In addition, their sizes run way too small.
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Quality of Clothing
Posted by on
LORTON, VIRGINIA -- I bought swimming trunks May 1, 2006 for my 8-year-old son before leaving for vacation. I washed before vacation and while we were there the black color faded so bad they will be thrown away. The trunks were at one time black, orange, and white. The black is now burgundy. My youngest son’s trunks or my bathing suit didn’t fade I buy all of my sons back to school clothes from TCP, but I have noticed that after several washings the bright colors are dull and not brilliant as once was.
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firstrateconsumer on 05/16/2006:
At places such as this one you usually just wind up paying for the name. Try JC Penneys or some other department store - you'll probably find something of better quality for less money.
Ponie on 05/16/2006:
If you have the receipt, try returning them to the store. I'd be willing to wager they'd issue a refund. But if you tossed out the receipt, guess you'll just have to chalk it up to bad luck.
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