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Disappointing Puppy mill....
Posted by on
WAGONER, OKLAHOMA -- Bought a Queensland pup here.. Blue Heeler puppy was a tri color and very cute. We were skeptical from the word go when we arrived and they had 30 plus pups to choose from, but we drove all the way from AZ to look at one pup... and all the pups appeared to be very shy and meek... chose one of the most outgoing, she is a barker, and oddly shaped Heeler, with a very poor immune system. This dog to me reeks of being inbred... I am very disappointed with my choice to purchase a dog from this puppy mill... when we first started having health issues with the pup, at 6 months I informed the "Breeder" and was basically told they would Sell me another if I was not happy with this one. I am actually not even sure if I want to keep this dog now... but am sort of stuck with her and have a TON of money invested in a skittish yard dog... Two thumbs Down on this Puppy Mill!!! Not to mention that customer service was not one of their strong points either....
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MJGoldfarb on 06/19/2011:
Personally I would like to see all puppy mills shut down & have people adopt from a humane society or animal rescue league. There are many deserving animals there - including some pure bred animals. We recently adopted a dog that was an abused puppy mill survivor. He is - after a year - turning into a "regular" dog. He displayed the attributes the OP mentioned in the above article. A shame people put money above the animal!!!! (end of rant)
trmn8r on 06/19/2011:
I don't know where to begin here. First, Oklahoma is one of the seven leading states for puppy mills. So, you would have to research a breeder thereby visiting their facility and meeting their dogs. You did this, and all the pups appeared "shy and meek". Warning sign one.

Next, a reputable breeder has only a couple of litters a year, and their dogs are of such a quality that word of mouth will sell some, and they only have a few left over after they pull out the show quality ones. There were THIRTY plus pups to "choose from," which means you should choose none and move on.

MJGoldfarb - the problem is the DEMAND created by poorly educated buyers KEEPS the SUPPLY coming. You mention the consequences of ignorant consumers and disreputable breeders who pop up to supply them (overpopulation and overflowing shelters), but there are many many reputable breeders too. I chose to buy my dog from one of them, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do so. I have a beautiful, healthy dog (see my blog). My breeder cares deeply about her stock - puppy mills see only dollar signs in theirs. HUGE difference.

People just aren't smart. They pick up the local paper, and John Q Moron is selling pups for $300 each. The person who buys one of these should do as you advise, and go get a dog from a shelter, because those puppies can't have been bred properly. Others go and spend $3000, and they think they are getting a well bred dog because the paid lots of money. This "thinking" is obviously unsound. Far too many breeders rely on thinking like this to prey on buyers.

It takes only a little research. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't realize the illnesses and hereditary diseases and temperament issues that come with a poorly bred dog. (/rant)

The best way to find a pure bred breeder I have found is go to a site like AKC, and look for a list of representatives for the breed you are interested in, or a list of breeder clubs that can point you in the right direction. That is what I did, and I highly recommend it.
trmn8r on 06/19/2011:
I just did a search for "Cowgirls of Wagoner" and the THIRD hit was a site with three very negative reviews (I never did get to their website, and won't waste my time)
"If you are in the market for a puppy in the Oklahoma area, STEAR CLEAR of "The Cowgirls." They have ZERO Customer Service skills and have no business selling puppies to families. Anyone that has any knowledge of Blue Heelers, DO NOT PURCHASE A PUPPY FROM THESE SCAMMERS!
Vandalia, MO
Sep 2, 2010 That place screams puppymill!
Broken Arrow, OK
Mar 24, 2011 Beware of any place that doesn't allow you to come inside until after you have paid a non refundable deposit,This is stated right on their website "

Like I said above, all it takes is a little research.
trmn8r on 06/19/2011:
More warning signs. Just visited their website. These people are all about selling dogs. A reputable breeder is just as concerned with the breed - they show their dogs regularly.

Also, it says "we always have puppies available." Reputable breeders don't overbreed and don't always have puppies available.

Last (done with this one) they themselves say that they breed "designer" dogs. A reputable breeder breeds to match or exceed the breed standard. Designer dogs are bred to make money. If I want a piece of jewelry, I go to a jewelry store.
Anonymous on 06/19/2011:
Terrible. I hate puppy mills and pet shops that support them, like Petland. If you really want a certain breed and do not want to adopt from a shelter, at least do some research and buy from a reputable breeder.

There was a woman down the street who was constantly breeding dogs. Mostly toy breeds. They were always getting loose, and were so filthy that anytime we caught one we would bathe it and feed it. The mother dogs had mange. They were kept in a garage that was likely well over 110 degrees. They were reported but nothing was done. They were renting the only rental house in our neighborhood and luckily their lease was up a few months ago. I really hope animal control takes her dogs. Plenty of us contacted them.

I can't stand people that abuse their animals, and all puppy mills should be shut down.
trmn8r on 06/19/2011:
Nicole - there is such a problem with backyard breeders and puppy mills in this country. It is like we are a third world country or something. Laws just aren't properly designed to protect the interest of the dogs. So the dogs and buyers are at the mercy of those who decide to put a shingle up "Puppies for Sale".

Honestly, if I had no sense of morals or ethics, and had no interest in doing anything else, I'd consider running a puppy mill myself. You don't even need a high school diploma.

The best you can do is report a problem when you see it.
Anonymous on 06/19/2011:
Yeah, you are right Trmn8r. It is a big issue here. When I used to go to a certain Walmart, there would always be people selling puppies in front of the store or giving away free kittens. I'm not talking about shelters doing adoptions...just regular people. I stopped once because a lady had a box of Chihuahua pups that looked way too young to be sold. It made me want to buy all of them because they looked so tiny and unhealthy, but she wanted 600 per puppy.

We had a Petland, but I was very happy to see that it closed. They are known for supporting mills, and the way they keep the dogs in small glass front cages with no access to fresh air, sunshine and exercise is horrible.
Roy on 01/21/2012:
This lady is a fruit cake and I have become more and more skeptical of this place. I paid 750 bucks for a dog 2 weeks ago and have yet to hear from her. She is rude when I do finally get her on the phone and has yet to try to help me get my new dog. Wish I had done much much more research before contributing to this puppy mill. Wish she would just give me my money back and I would be done with this inbred redneck. Glenda your a freakin joke and your customer service is zero. F- is your grade
USA on 01/21/2012:
ROY - we put a deposit on a puppy in December and have since been unable to get in touch with these people. We've sent emails, tried calling and have left messages on the answering machine. She never returns our phone calls, emails or answers the phone. She DID answer our emails and calls before we gave her our credit card number. I am wondering if we should ask for our money back and/or cancel that credit card. I doubt we will ever see the puppy we ordered.........
carole on 01/26/2012:
I did buy one of these dogs. Terrible customer service, she is too busy to talk? Wtf. I am a breeder not of these but mini aussies, I demanded pictures! Emailed called constantly that's what it took. I am costantly in touch w my clients answer any questions immediately send pictures weekly. If I ship them people know weeks ahead of time. Not the day before. They also ship @ 8 wks, not 9 or whenever they get the "time" to do it. I love my new pup, timid but that is going away...I would NOT recommend them that is for sure. Dimwits....
USA on 02/03/2012:
Carole - thanks for sharing your experience. So glad you have your puppy! We've repeatedly asked for a current picture with zero success. Claims it's computer problems..... Not sure what to think and wondering if she is even going to ship us the right puppy.........
TDJ on 02/10/2012:
I also purchased one of these puppies. Every time I called Glenda, (at least 8 times) I was able to reach her by phone. My puppy flew to Oregon the same week that was posted on the website with the parents stats (NIki and BIlly) my puppy is healthy, playful, smart, not timid at all and a pleasure. I took her to the vet and got a clean bill of health. She did get another de-worming treatment because as my vet said "most puppies are born with worms". I also have a 12 year old heeler/Aussie mix that I adopted from the shelter as a puppy. When I took that puppy to the vet, I had to treat him for worms, parasites, fleas, ear mites, and skin issues. I think adopting from shelters are important, however it is not fool proof. I expected the worst when I took the puppy home from the shelter and though I did not purchase the pup, I spent way more money in vet care the first week than purchasing my mini heeler. Do your research! For those of you complaining about these dogs and the "puppy mill", did you research Cowgirls to the full extent? If you thought the customer service was initially bad then you should have moved on. How many more pics do you want than the umpteen ones on their website? And to Heeler guy: skiddish yard dog? If you know anything about heelers, you will know they want to be with you and to stuck out in some yard! Please find a good home to give your dog to. One that does not consider it a skiddish yard dog. I am not defending Cowgirls. I have never been on their property or met Glenda but I did do a ton of careful research on this place and the dogs, contacted people who purchased these dogs as well as checked with the Better Business Bureau. If you don't receive your dog, file a complaint.
USA on 02/14/2012:
Thanks TDJ for posting your comments. I'm glad to hear that you've had a good experience and your puppy is healthy and happy! I plan on posting an update once we get our puppy. As of today shipping has been cancelled two times and we are waiting for them to call with our now third ship date. The puppy was brought to the airport this morning and not accepted b/c the crate did not meet the airline standards. No - it doesn't leave us with a good feeling, but we'll wait to see what happens before we make any judgements. We've owned a ACD for almost 11yrs and are very familiar with the breed. We've wanted updated pics of our dog b/c the only one we've seen is the newborn pic where he is white and our kids are trying to come up with a name for their puppy. We have found that when you are purchasing a dog and getting ready to ship a dog they do answer the phone are very responsive. During the 'waiting' time when the puppy is btw 2-7wks it is nearly impossible to get a response via email or phone. Would I work with them again? Maybe I would - we'll see how this turns out. I have done some research as well and although they are a large breeder their dogs do seem to be very well cared for and they do not seem to use the same females endlessly. Their website always shows different "mother" dogs. Good Luck to you and if this is your first full ACD you have found yourself the best dog you can ever have. Hoping everything works out for us, too. Hopefully soon........
USA on 03/07/2012:
We are very happy with our ACD puppy from the Cowgirls. He has a wonderful temperament - is very sweet, smart, etc. Definitely not skittish at all. The only issue we have is that there is something "off" about his leg. Our Vet says that he is very healthy and doesn't find anything wrong with any of the joints in his leg or the formation of his leg, but it does look funny! Our vet thinks it's 'fine' so we aren't going to be too concerned about it YET. It is possible that it's an issue with the growth plates and as he grows it will have a normal appearance. I guess we'll see...... Of course a call to the breeder about this went unanswered and we left a message and our call was never returned. We have no plans on sending him back to her, so I guess it's moot. But for a breeder with SO MUCH experience and so many puppies, you would think she would be willing to share some of her knowledge/experience - she must have seen this before in her puppies. The jury is still out if I would recommend them or use them again. But we do LOVE our puppy!
TDJ on 03/11/2012:
I am so glad you received your puppy and he is healthy! How big is he? Our giirl is now 3.5 months old and weighs 11 pounds. She is as cute as can be. She is pretty feisty and we are constantly giving her direction and training as she is so smart. Our family adores her. Very busy and high energy. Keep me posted about your puppy and his leg. I hope his leg turns out fine. I am also anxious to hear about his temperament. Very happy you have him finally and that he is fitting right in! Take care!
Near Pittsburgh PA on 03/12/2012:
We purchased two cattle dog puppies from the Cowgirls OK in February 2010. They born Dec 15 and 16, 2009 from two different litters. They were nice and helpful from the time we picked them both out until they arrived here at the airport. They main issue I have is that one of them, a male from Princess/Tuffy born Dec 15, 2009, started having seizures in Nov 2011. He had one on a Thursday morning and then just four days later another on Sunday. Took him to vet and was told he had epilepsy. Unfortunately he had another called cluster seizures just 9 days before his 2nd birthday and we had to have him put down. He had like 10-12 seizures in just 2 hours. The female just had her first seizure three weeks ago but it was mild and no more since them. We think it was because they were bred so much. Anyone else have problems with seizures from this breeder?
Near Pittsburgh PA on 03/12/2012:
I forgot to mention I see on their website today that they are moving again. Just bought land in Arkansas and moving immediately. First moved to Missouri and selling that land/property and now moving to Arkansas. What is wrong with this picture? So sad these ladies get to run around the laws just to breed puppies.
USA on 03/14/2012:
TDJ - thanks for the update on your puppy! Our puppy is almost 3 months old and weighs almost 15 pounds now. He is adorable and fun - he sleeps really well at night and is pretty much housebroken (YAY!). I still think his leg looks funny but it seems to work just fine. I'm hoping the next time we take him to the Vet we can see the 'other' Vet in the practice just to get a second opinion that everything is OK!! I am SO SORRY Pittsburgh about the seizures :(( That is horrible. We had an australian cattle dog for 11yrs and he recently passed away. He had cancer and did have one seizure before he died - it was so sad and scary
USA on 03/14/2012:
My last comment was cut-off - ugh. I am worried now about the inbreeding and epilepsy, since there is a connection. Our dog's father is Max and I notice in the Family photo pages, she uses him with A LOT of her females. AND the mother of our puppy (Oakley) is a daughter of Chili Pepper, who has been mated to... MAX. Hopefully not for the Oakley litter, but still - a little too close for comfort not to have me worried. With so many litters I hope she is really keeping track of who she's mated to who. YIKES. Keeping my finger-crossed that all our dogs remain strong and healthy. GOOD LUCK Pittsburgh - hoping no more seizures for your female and she lives a LONG healthy life.
TDJ on 04/04/2012:
USA- how is you puppy doing and how is his leg?
USA on 04/06/2012:
Our puppy isn't doing well - his leg is not growing properly. The Vet suspects he has Angular Deformity and we have an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon in mid-April (first appt we could get!!!). I am heartbroken over this - and especially upset that The Cowgirls shipped him to us with his leg in this condition - it was apparent something was wrong with his leg the second he stepped out of the shipping crate. I am also upset that we didn't ship him right back to her before we became attached and in love with the little guy. I don't know what is going to happen - I just want to cry about it. The surgery to fix Angular Deformity is very expensive and involves very special care. It can also involve a SERIES of surgeries, physical therapy, etc. We are a hardworking family with young children - we aren't a family with the unlimited financial resources that we may need to deal with this problem. The initial surgery alone can be over $4000 - I've even heard $5000. And that doesn't include having x-rays/exams done every 2 weeks!! Can you imagine having to spend about $300 every 2wks at the Vet? We won't be able to pay our mortgage. Right now our only hope is that the surgeon tells us that it's a condition he is going to be able to live with - meaning it is mild enough not to cause him to become lame or in pain. If it looks funny and he walks/run with a weird gait, we are okay with that. But if he is in pain and becomes unable to use his leg - we are going to have to do something. Meaning probably find a Rescue Group willing to adopt him and raise the money for the surgery. I am starting to cry even typing this because I love the dog so much. My advice right now to anyone thinking of adopting a dog from The Cowgirls - please don't. They shipped us this dog when they HAD to see a problem with his leg. We're not dog experts and we knew right away.
USA on 04/06/2012:
Just wanted to add that I did some research on epilespsy and found out that in younger dogs there is usually a genetic component involved with this condition. And our their website I noticed there is a litter for Princess/Tuffy again. If she knows one of their previous puppies developed the condition she really shouldn't be breeding them together again - should she?? Just wondering........
UhOh on 04/12/2012:
Oh boy I wish I had found these comments about 7 weeks ago :( I found their page and fell n love with the cute little mini heelers! So, when one of the right gender and color turned up I bought her. It's a lil female puppy from Foxy n Newt. Went ahead n paid full $500 that day, since we had the money. I'm supposed to go get her this weekend from greenwood, Arkansas where they've apparently recently moved to. Crossin my fingers n praying she's a healthy, happy puppy now, whereas before today I really had no skepticism. I will say that I've never had a problem getting her on the phone, she has always answered n always been helpful. HOWEVER, I cannot seem to get pics of my new puppy, though I've asked her 3-4 times :( I'm starting to wonder now if she does this on purpose, so that when ur puppy is ready she can hand u whichever puppy she wants, n u don't know the difference because the last time u saw it it was a tiny white ball of fur? Guess I'll find out this weekend. We talked very extensively about how u can figure out what they'll look like grown by what they look like born, so I have a very good idea of what she should look like. I really wanted Jenny's girl1 but can't c payin $1000 for a puppy (actually she upped her price to $1500 couple days ago!), cause $500 is more than I've ever paid for a dog. I've always adopted but usually have health or behavior problems, so thought I'd try a pure breed dog from a home breeder. I didn't really realize how big of a breeder she is. However her website does claim she's about to cut back on her breeding program by quite a bit, so that's probably good news for all involved. I'll update again after this weekend n let everyone know how my experience was, as well as how the dogs/puppies and environment seemed to me.
USA on 04/13/2012:
Good Luck! I hope everything is OK with your puppy!! We were in the same position - the puppy pic we had was just a white ball of fur so we really wanted an updated pic, but never got one. If we had a pic of him sitting facing us (like all of her For Sale pics), we would have noticed his leg looked a little funny before he was sent to us. Our puppy is otherwise beautiful and sweet. We are waiting to see what the surgeon says next week and will definitely update here. The other thing about our puppy is that he is almost 4mos and still under 20lbs. She said his litter would be 50-60lbs (we wanted a bigger dog) and I doubt at this point he'll reach 40lbs. I can't imagine he will dbl his weight from this point. Pls post again about your puppy - I am sure you will love her!! And I'll keep sending good Karma to this board for GOOD HEALTH to all these puppies. I really love the temperament of our little guy - he's amazingly mello for a cattle dog pup! He is very active but not at all hyper. Praying though that he doesn't need surgery. Can't wait to hear more about your little girl - I am glad you can meet her before you bring her home just to make sure she looks okay! I think the Foxy/Newt pups are gorgeous. Wishing you the best.
USA on 04/18/2012:
UPDATE: Just met with the Orthopedic Surgeon - the cost of her consultation plus x-rays almost equals what we paid for the puppy!!!!! Now I am really getting MAD. Our puppy's right leg is already 2cm SHORTER then his left leg. The surgeon says that at some point in early puppyhood he had to have suffered a traumatic injury to his leg which damaged the growth plates. I asked her if there is any way it could be a birth defect and she said "NO". Since both bones are effected we can't do surgery yet - so she is going to recheck him in 2mos but if he has a rapid growth spurt between now and then, we may have to go back sooner. The main issue is that the bigger the gap in size between his left leg/right leg becomes - the more difficult it will be for the dog to walk/run. He already walks funny, poor little guy. She said that he does already have limited mobility in one joint and it will continue to get worse as he grows. I am soooooo depressed about this right now. And the surgery to correct it will be in the neighborhood of $3000. Don't know what to do........... I am so angry. We put a deposit on this dog when he was less than one week old. If the dog was injured at some point after that - shouldn't she have noticed and told us about it????? If she didn't notice - WHY NOT???? The poor thing must have been in pain to suffer an injury like this. He must have been limping/crying. Poor puppy - poor us :((
TDJ on 04/19/2012:
USA-oh I am in tears reading about your pup. It just makes me so mad and terribly sad. Have you tried calling Glenda? I think she needs to give you your money back and help pay for surgery of this little guy. What can I due to help? What is your next step? My girl pup is healthy so I know there must be some hope for these pups. So upset by this. To UHOh- Please keep us posted on your pup.
USA on 06/19/2012:
UPDATE: Good news - the growth plates in the damaged leg are still open at the 6mos point! This is great news because it is unexpected AND it means that (for now) the leg is still able to continue to grow. So, we are currently no worse off then we were two months ago. The surgeon is still hoping he doesn't have a major growth spurt so we are supposed to take him off of puppy food and put him on adult food. I know it's a long shot - but I am starting to hope he can manage without the surgery. He does have limited mobility in his 'wrist' and his one leg is shorter, but if it stays at the 2cm it currently is he may be able to get by without the surgery. Especially since he is still running, jumping, without any problems. The vet bills are already adding up with the surgeon visits and x-rays, but if we can avoid the surgery - that would be a blessing. Thanks for thinking about us!
abby234 on 08/10/2012:
The Cowgirls customer service is not a strong point. I have purchased puppies from them and over all I am pleased. I did purchase one male that was terrible. Skiddish was an understatement. There was something wrong with this puppy from the moment he came out of the crate. My vet seemed to think that he has been abused in some way. This little guy contantly bit me---arms, legs and hands and he attacked my Aussie shepherd. It was beyond aggression!!! I finally had to rehome him. Not sure of the outcome for him. My vet had never seen such behavior in a small pup. When I brought this to the Cowgirls' attention I was dismissed and screamed at. Not what I expected from the lady. I was shocked that she was unconcerned!!!! I think she has so many puppies that she can't really socialize them properly. I am pleased with the little females I currently have. One is pretty bossy, but nothing I can't handle. I would not purchase anymore puppies from them. As far as I think, once the sale is made---you get no help or advise from them. It is all about the money.
SoCal on 08/31/2012:
Not sure where to start. I had lost my Heeler and have been searching for a while for another. Where I am at they are not a popular breed. I looked at adoption but could only find older dogs and since I have cats needed a puppy-I have dealings with Heelers and am aware of their nature to chase ANYTHING.
This place is now in Arkansas. I called on a Sunday and got a very fast response. I had a puppy in mind and Glenda assured me of her health even saying she was inside with her right now because of the heat. Understandable and I thought how sweet. Good communication then she got my money. I was told the puppy would be on one flight then told another. I stopped dealing with what Glenda told me and contacted the airlines-Delta, which they say they never use. I was able to track the puppy down and it was not close to what Glenda had told me.
Picked her up and noticed a lot of waste in carrier-but OK who really knows how long she had been in there.
Made the 1 1/2 hour drive home to a night of bloody projectile pooh and mucus vomit. I immediately took photos of the waste and emailed and called Glenda-I NEVER GOT ANY RESPONSE. Rushed (Annie) to the vet and it ends up she had Giardia and Coccidiosis. I assume her well vet checks before being shipped do not include fecals. Another note-her nails were so terrible over grown they were curving down and she had fleas. She is also absolutley freaked out about a carrier.
On a nicer note-Annie is brilliant-quick, sharp, eagar and willful. After medication in 3 weeks she doubled her weight. Beside the intestinal stuff and some bowed legs I love her personality-always up for a challenge. I am looking forward to some wonderful years with my new friend.
Would I buy another puppy from this place NEVER-would also not return a sick one even if given the option. As I said after the got my money I never heard from them again.
Hope this helps someone who may consider this breeder. This has been far from cheap or easy to get her better.
Tammy on 09/10/2012:
Hi there, the Cowgirls, or they should be known as money hungry dog breeders. I purchased 2 puppies from Glenda, although we are happy with the one pup the other is extreme timid and has the body of a Jack Russell, I question her all the way. I was a breeder for 15 years and no one who is responsible would have this many puppies, she is also trying to say they registerable, completely false. Also when I received these puppies at 8 weeks it was quite obvious that they did not came from a puppy mill, they were the dirtyist puppies I have ever seen, they would poop right where they were laying. Please everyone stop buying from this puppymill!
USA on 09/14/2012:
Currently she says she is going to stop offering puppies early next year - but then lists the boys she is keeping for possible future breeding options? Currently she lists 13 or 14 females she has already bred or will be breeding shortly. I can't even imagine how many puppies she is going to have in the next few months!!! Too many to manage, that is for sure. Our puppy is 9mos old and was supposed to be in the 60lb range. Not even close - more like 30 to 35lbs. He has a rat terrier face, so I have no doubt he is a mutt. Aside from the angular deformity I have already talked about in his leg - he has a biting problem that we haven't been able to solved even with a private trainer coming to our home. Hoping it gets better with age and our constant correction, but my husband claims to "hate this dog" - we have young kids and the biting is too much for them. I keep hoping it gets better.
missymd on 09/20/2012:
Stay away from these people. I purchased a pup from them and what a mess he was from the start. Sick, filthy, very aggressive. I had to find him a new home. Glenda totally ignored all my attempts to contact her. Puppy Mill!!!!!! After the sale, she is totally done. What a poor example of a "so-called" breeder. There is no way she can care for all the pups and dogs she has listed on the website!!!
carolina pa on 09/28/2012:
Just a word of advice. These ladies are awful. Glenda says she is stopping breeding heelers!!! Her new dog of choice is Cowboy Corgis. She is not stopping breeding!!! Just a different dog>>. I have purchased a female mini-heeler from her a year ago. The dog was sick and ended up with parvo-virus. This is a fatal virus and thankfully our girl pulled through!! It was very expensive and my vet seemed to think she never had the initial shot prior to shipping??? HMMMM We love our dog, but Glenda was not available to discuss this issue? Go figure. Once monies were paid to these vultures, they did not care one bit> Not people to do business with. Be very careful. We love our girl, but we were certainly not satisified with this breeder----LOL if you want to call these people breeders..... What a joke this puppymill careful
TDJ on 10/08/2012:
Our mini heeler is 9 months now. We love her to pieces and she is smart, healthy, active and great with our other dog. However we have spent so much $$$$$$ in training. She is vicious and aggressive outside our home. If she sees someone outside our home, she runs outside to bite them. She can not be walked down the street without barking and trying to attack other dogs and people. We have a dog trainer that comes to our home twice a week. We also have her in dog training outside the home 2 times a week. She is getting better with all this and maybe maturity. It has been a struggle. She is sweet to our family and is good around us but she is a constant struggle in keeping her and others safe outside our home. All this with a 20 pound mini heeler. Our trainer thinks she was neglected or abused and I would swear she is not 100% heeler, NIkki and Billly are her parents. I love this dog and refuse to rehire her. I will do what I need to due to break the aggression. Would I purchase from GLenda again. NO!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with your pups everyone!
abby234 on 10/09/2012:
To TDJ: Good luck with the training of your pup. Cattledogs are a difficult breed anyway, but the male pup I purchased from Glenda was a carbon copy of your pup. We loved him dearly, but when he attacked another dog----he also had professional training we finally decided to rehome him. My fear was he would bite a child. My vet and trainer both stated they have never seen such an aggressive behavior in such a young pup. Both agreed the pup was neglected/abused. Do not think he was 100% heeler either. I also have a female pup that I bought from Glenda and she is just about perfect with everyone and everything on our farm. I would never purchase another pup from Glenda after dealing with my poor male "heeler". It was not the pup's fault. She has so many dogs, I do not see how she can spend quality time with all of them.
USA on 10/09/2012:
To TDJ: Wow - I am so sorry to hear about the issues you are having!!! Our puppy is almost 10mos now and the biting problems we have are within our own family. Like chasing our kids and nipping at them. Or jumping up and nipping our arms/clothes when he wants to play. My kids don't want to play in the yard when he is out there b/c even if they are standing still he runs up and nips at them! The private trainer felt it was more of an aggressive playing. We started him off with LOTS of early socialization but when he started getting carsick and then started biting, we backed-off taking him everywhere with us. I think we need to get back on track with really getting him out there with people. Currently he pees on the floor/ground when anyone new comes into our house or driveway! He will wag his tail but get down really low/act very submissive. We know his leg was injured as a young puppy but I can't help but wonder what else happened to these poor puppies when they were with Glenda :( Our puppy came to us at 8wks and we thought by getting him directly from the breeder we would be avoiding these very problems (as opposed to a shelter dog). We had an ACD for 10yrs before this puppy and he never nipped at anyone or bit anyone - EVER. He definitely had the energy of a cattle dog though - so I keep hoping that this little guy will settle down at some point. Our puppy was 'fixed' yesterday and he weighed 36lbs. That's MUCH smaller than the 50-60lbs Glenda told us he would be! TDJ, you puppy is very lucky to have you so committed to helping her get past her issues! I am hoping we can do the same, but if he gets any worse we'll have to make a decision as to whether we can keep him with our young kids. I'm still hopeful he can get past this though - he is a super sweet dog otherwise!!! And he walks great on the leash - no problems with him barking or biting at strangers, thank goodness. If you look at the current Cowgirls website there are A LOT of litters right now. WAY TOO MANY for anyone to manage if you ask me...........
pepperore on 10/10/2012:
Wow--I wish I would have seen these remarks before we bought our pup. She arrived sick, dirty and so scared. All she had done since she has been here is cower down every time someone raises their voice. With 5 noisy children in the home, this poor pup is a bundle of nerves. I make a point to take her everywhere with us. She is mal-adjusted to family life. She is not picked-up by the children, they can only visit her on the floor. As she pees every time someone touches her. This is so sad. I really wish we would have gone to the local shelter. I thought getting from a breeder would be better. "Breeder" is that is what you want to call Glenda> I tried to speak to her about this and she is unavailable---of course that is after she got my money. I will continue to work with the pup as we do love her and I have to teach my children about the commitment of a puppy. I am hoping things do improve, however, it has been almost 1yr. Good luck with all your pups and dealing with these uncaring puppy mill breeders.
I am sadly disappointed with the "Cowgirls"
B.A. on 10/31/2012:
pepperore on 11/02/2012:
To: BA
Your new puppy is lucky to have you for a new companion. My poor girl was shipped to me, so I did not have first hand info on the living arrangements of these poor pups. I just know my girl---we love her so much --- was also a rescue.
She is finally coming around, but has taken so much time, money and exhaustion mentally. This girl will sit in the family room and just cry for no reason. She has a clean bill of health is spoiled--sleeps with me. My heart aches for each and every still left with that horrible worman. It is a shame she can't be closed down permanently. If you look on the website, she is actually trying to sell one of her adult male dogs for $10,000. I can't stop laughing!!!! What a joke. This woman is insane. Wish you luck with your new pup.
Kathyaz224 on 11/02/2012:
YIKES----I am thankful, I read these comments and then checked out the website. Why in the would one person say they not breeding then add more dogs to the already overpopulated area. She just got another male corgi----she is not stopping the breeding at all. Just changing up the mixl I hope someone reports her and this type of puppymill can be closed. I have not found a breeder that has this many puppies available. Usually one or two litters a year. I am purchasing our new companion elsewhere. Thanks to all that posted reviews on the Cowgirls. Saved me a bunch of money and tears.
TDJ on 11/19/2012:
My little girl will be a year old tomorrow. As I write this she is asleep on my lap. I love this pup so much as does my husband and 3 young sons. She is lots of work. Dog training, dog day care, dog behavior trainer. I work with her daily to help her become socialized and not be fearful and vicious. She is never out of my site and never able to leave the house without a leash or she will bite someone. My 12 year old Heeler was never this way. This pup has helped me learn a lot about dog behavior, aggression, fear, and training. Would I change my decision and not have purchased my pup from crazy Glenda? I can not imagine life without her so I would do it all over again. I have submitted several complaints on her puppy mill with the county. I do not want any more dogs being born in that environment. What a sad life for those dogs . I would love to see her shut down and all of those dogs and puppies duspursed to shelters for care and good homes. Keep getting the word out! Good luck with your dogs. I am so happy they all have such great owners.
USA on 11/20/2012:
TDJ: I was just cuddling with my little guy this morning and wondering how such a sweet puppy can have so many issues. In the short 8wks they were with Glenda I am afraid to think about what they must have gone through. I know at some point my puppy's leg was injured and deformed, but I had hoped that was the worst of it. These puppies are rescue dogs for sure. I still don't know if we are going to be able to keep our little guy - I want to keep him but my husband doesn't have the same level of commitment as I do. And my kids love him but they are so young I always have to be present when they are in the same room as him. He still plays very aggressively in spite of all the training. When I think about the beautiful ACD that we had for 11yrs -- it's like night/day how different their personalities are. Our other dog was soooo gentle and sweet. And he feared no one and loved everyone. Wish this little guy could have the same life. GOOD LUCK. Your puppy is very lucky to have you. I would love to write to someone, somewhere about this woman. Is it best to write to the area where she is now residing?
SB on 11/20/2012:
I was getting ready to send in my deposit for a little girl and I have had constant contact with Glenda via email. She has sent me updated photos of both pups I was interested in. In reading all of these reviews, I am just sick. I too had a heeler who was so mellow and sweet. Are you all telling me not to buy a pup from her or should I pay the $500 and rescue that little girl?
pepperore on 11/21/2012:
To SB:
At the price she Glenda charges, plus shipping if need I think I would maybe check other breeders. She is not the only one with small heelers. I spend so much money on our sick, mal-adjusted girl and she is still not correct. I have had dogs all my life and I have never had a dog just sit and cry---all the time. She gets tons of attention, sleeps in our bed, but she is the saddest dog I have ever seen. We love her, but the cost was awful. Glenda is in contact now because she does not have your money----once that happens, look out. All the reviews can't be wrong. Good luck and best wishes on your final decision. The $500 deposit is a drop in the bucket for your rescue---trust me.
SB on 11/25/2012:
I did not get the puppy. I was not looking for a mini heeler. She was to be a standard. When I advised her of these posts she really turned on me. I told her to defend herself if they were untrue as she says they are. She says they are other breeders trying to ruin her business. After a few words she advised me that if I offered her a $100,000 she'd never sell me one of her pups. assumption is is that all of the above posts are true. I had done nothing to her and she responded to me with such hatred. I wished her luck and that was the end of the contact with her. I am feel so sorry for all of you who have had such problems with the pups, but do know that they are in a better place with all of you.
USA on 11/26/2012:
Hey SB: You made the right decision and I give you lots of credit for giving her a chance to explain things. I would like nothing more than to say she is a great breeder and her pups are fantastic - but it's impossible to do that. We did not want a mini heeler from The Cowgirls either - but I think that is what we have. She assured us that the parents from our puppy's litter would produce standard to large standard pups and gave us an estimate of 50-60lbs. Our little guy is 11mos old and only 36lbs!! The Vet expects him to fill-out a little but not get to be much bigger. Even though it is not what we wanted it has worked to our advantage due to his leg deformity and the fact that he has biting issues. His smaller size makes him a little easier to control - I like that I can pick him up and carry him away if I need to :) He still loves to be held - what a little goofball :) Maybe petfinder will have the perfect ACD pup for you? They are hard to find in my area but I did find one just before our puppy shipped to us. We actually considered cancelling this pup to get that one - but of course we didn't. GOOD LUCK to you!
pepperore on 11/26/2012:
To SB:
See, once your confront her and she knows she is wrong, she turns ugly---really ugly!!! I am glad you did not purchase from her. This is what needs to happen to end her from selling these poor pups to people. Yeah for you!!!!! This woman should be forbidden to even own animals. She is such a fake!!! I know.
pepperore on 11/27/2012:
It is all about the money for this woman, was I not only stupid enough to buy the pup---I also bought a mess of a horse. What a friggin nightmare. Please people stay away from the Cowgirls. We love our mal-adjusted dog, but sold the crazy colt. It was just terrible. I just about ended up in the nut house dealing with Glenda. She loves to scream at folk......not just me but my whole family. I wish all folks that have a Glenda "pup:. these pups/dogs are lucky to have such loving owners:)
ms.t on 12/02/2012:
I just got my pup today. I too had no problems at first talking to her and the minute she got my money I emailed and emailed but never really got responses. Got the email yesterday that my pup was coming in today.
I picked her up. She is COVERED in red pus sores. She is dehydrated and just doesn't look well at all. We will be going to the vet tomorrow first thing.
USA on 12/02/2012:
Oh my God - the poor puppy! Poor you!! Please keep us posted on how you make out at the vet. How did this poor pup pass the vet check to fly? Wishing you the best - our pup came out of the crate looking fine except for his deformed leg. We never ever got a call back from her regarding that problem though. Good Luck - hoping everything works out.
ms.t on 12/03/2012:
Well the vet went better than expected. The red pus sores are infected flea bites l, antibiotics and probiotics to help with her diarrhea. She is only 6 pounds. If we move to fast she gets scared. Getting much better loves to give kisses. Is very oddly shaped. I say that because I have another heeler 12 days older then this one and the difference is night and day. Re check at vet today. How is your pups leg doing? My girls front left foot seems way flatter then the other......
USA on 12/03/2012:
So happy that you had your vet visit already - you must be relieved! Our puppy has limited mobility in the lower portion of right leg and it is a little shorter than his left leg. At 4mos the difference in length (2cm ) was significant enough that surgery seemed inevitable. But by some miracle his growth plates remained open and the leg continued to grow to the point where he is at now, which is less than 1cm shorter. He manages just fine with the limited mobility - he doesn't know anything is wrong, I guess!

I found some info on the internet about reporting Puppy Mills. There is even a reward of $5000 if the tip leads to an arrest and conviction. If I had been there myself or had any first-hand knowledge I would be on the phone right now. If anyone is interested in the info I would be happy to pass it on. Just let me know!
ms. t on 12/03/2012:
recheck went very well. She is playing more and more. I am still a little worried about her foot, maybe I'm just being paranoid. I hope your little mans leg continues to get bigger. My little girls sores are still oozing but hopefully they get better soon
TDJ on 12/11/2012:
Wow! Such health issues! So sorry! My little girl is healthy but she is fearfully aggressive and it is NOT getting better. She is now a year old. She is terrible with strangers and other dogs. We are always on constant alert. She is a little love to our family and super super smart. I can not imagine how a puppy at 8 weeks became so aggressive. We work with her daily and she wears a tshirt in public that says"do not touch me, I am in training" just so people do not engage her. Sad! She is a full time job but I would not ever think of sending her back. I am not sure that someone else could have the patience for her. She is way more than we bargained for. Can others please let me know how your pups temperaments are as the mature?
Good luck everyone! So happy your pups have good homes. My heart breaks for the ones that are there with Cowgirls.
USA on 12/11/2012:
TDJ: I am going to post again for you after the holidays, because our house is going to be total chaos with family here, so I am very curious to see how our puppy handles it. He will be one year old next week and I "think" he is getting better. Our neighbor has a 18mos old female dog and he loves to run around with her. When they are along the fenceline he acts like the alpha dog, but when they are together in our yard he is more submissive and she chases him everywhere. They never fight. My husband wants to take him to the dog park, but I don't know.... So far he seems okay with the neighborhood dogs he sees on our walks. He smells them and they get leashes tangled, etc. He is usually okay when people approach him on the leash BUT there are times when he looks really scared and gets that look that I am NOT comfortable with. I have to politely tell the person to back off. Other times he'll wag his tail and act like the stranger is his best friend. So very inconsistent. He is typically happy to see people but even those few times he freezes makes me worry. He is still playing more aggressively then we like - chasing the kids, nipping at them, etc.
USA on 12/11/2012:
PS: One thing I read recently from a Vet website is that dogs that are too closely bred often have unstable temperments and it says:

"Dogs that are inbred are sometimes much more aggressive than their mixed breed counterparts. This can result in behavioral problems including biting, chasing cars and other animals, escaping and playing too roughly, among many others."

This is sounding too familiar......

TDJ on 12/12/2012:
TDJ on 12/12/2012:
Hi USA- thank you for sharing! From that description I could guarantee she is inbred. Wow that is my dog 100%. She goes to a dog day care 1 day a week. She will spend the day with over 25 other dogs and she gets along great with them however outside of daycare and our house, she is a nightmare. She is awesome with my 3 boys, husband and me. She has to be kenneled when the boys have friends over or she will bite. She attacked an 80 pound pit bull/boxer mix last week and the other dog got the worst of it. My mini heeler is only 24 pounds! The only thing that saved us was the other dog was not on leash and rushed over aggressively to us or else my dogs would have been in trouble with animal control.
I am not some crazy dog person. :) I just wanted another heeler but smaller. But I feel like I have turned into a crazy dog person trying to take care of this pup!! I will do my best to modify the behavior that I can change. It is going to be a long road. Some things I won't be able to change. In the last year I have become more knowledgeable about dogs, training, puppy mills, how to deal with aggressive dogs and rescue groups than I ever thought possible. Thanks for sharing!! Please do respond with update to let me know how your pup did over the crazy holidays!
ms. trapp on 12/12/2012:
So my little girls sores are getting better but oh my gosh is she aggressive now. She will sit at my feet and if one of the other dogs comes up she goes crazy and attacks them. we had a trainer come over the other day and she was biting the trainer.....we will be working with her closely but wonder how she will turn out. It makes me nervous as I have a 2 year old daughter. I guess we will see....
SB on 12/12/2012:
Sounds like everyone could use The Dog Whisperer. Maybe you all could put together enough $$ to have a group session with him? I still look at her site every day and my little girl is still there. Makes me so sad. But, it just wasn't meant to be. The flea bites is just too much for me. My daughter is a vet tech and that is the one and only thing that she cannot do. Fleas. Lots of love and time a patience is all we have as pet owners to help those poor babies. Thanks to all of you, these lil ones have a chance! :)
Fla10 on 12/13/2012:
We purchased a pup from Glenda a few months ago...hadn't done much research on the breeder other than typing in their name plus "reviews". Apparently you have to type in there name plus "puppy mill" to even bring this thread up. Luckily, we have socialized our pup very well, however, she is having skin issues and infections. Very weak immune system. I still love her to pieces though...
USA on 12/14/2012:
I was on her website the other day and noticed our puppy's mother (Oakley) is bred AGAIN. My puppy was born last December and if I am remembering correctly I think this is going to be her 3rd litter since then? Is that even possible? The last time she had Oakley up on the website I thought she said it would be her last litter b/c she was going to stop breeding, etc etc. Poor dog.......
SB on 12/20/2012:
If you go to Wildfires pups, the litle girl on there is the one I was going to buy. She has been on hold again since, and is available again. Read the note that Glenda wrote under the parents...

Wildfire girl $500 She is a beautiful true blue and just as sweet and friendly as she an be! I have held this puppy several different times for several different people. She is available for her new family and can leave for Christmas. I'm not going to hold her again, it isn't fair to her to be denied a family because she is being held.

Nice huh?
USA on 12/21/2012:
Oh no -- she is really a horrible person. I feel so sorry for this poor puppy
USA on 12/21/2012:
Hi SB - I keep thinking about your situation and wondering if you maybe shouldn't rescue that little girl :( I can't handle another one of Glenda's pups but thinking about how much my one yr old just craves attention and love, I can't imagine for the life of me why she won't even hold that little girl. Our puppy was held so much one of our neighbors asked if he could walk :) I know Glenda doesn't want to sell her to you, but maybe a friend could arrange it for you?
SB on 12/26/2012:
Hi USA, I just looked on her site and my little Wildfire Girl is gone. :( But at least she is not with that woman anymore. I sure hope she has gone to a good home, but I suppose anything would be better than where she was. Right? There are so many of her dogs on hold, I wish I had a way to warn the potential buyers. But, as I least anywhere is better than with her.
USA on 01/25/2013:
Just wanted to add a quick update on our dog! We kept him in his crate or on a leash on Christmas (we had 20 ppl here) and he was perfectly well behaved. He didn't bite anyone or even growl at anyone - whew!! He is a maniac when he is in his crate and someone (a stranger) approaches him, but the second we let him out he is calm, rolls over or just starts wagging his tail to be petted. He also acts this way when he is gated in the kitchen and a stranger approaches. He doesn't growl but he barks like crazy. He is getting MUCH better with nipping at the kids. He has a habit now of putting something in his mouth (like a bone) and then chasing after them while he carries it. There is no doubt he is a smart dog :) I am still not sure how he would do at a dog park or doggie day care - but we are going to give it a try. We would prefer he stay at a "doggie camp" when we are on vacation w/o him to a traditional kennel - so he needs to be pass an interview and get approved by the staff. Hope he can 'play well with others' - fingers crossed. He is fine with our neighbors dog, so we'll see. One on one and with the family our dog is a sweetheart - and he's fine when we have our relatives come to babysit our kids. So starting to feel better about this crazy little guy :) And he is a sweetheart with "us". Just saw that a dog DNA test costs $75 where you can determine the breed(s) of your dog
kimmie format on 02/12/2013:
This lady is a mess, she is not stopping breeding, just look at her website!!!! What a con job she is. My pup arrived sick and just nasty. He is a terror to the farm. He is now looking for a new home. First heeler with such a nasty nature. Not safe around kids, or other animals---not to mention people. My vet was shocked to see this in a young pup. Stay away. Yes, her pups are cute, but beware11
SB on 02/17/2013:
Just wanted everyone to know, I stubbled upon a website today called Blue Yonder Kennel. Their pups are gorgeous! I still frequent Glenda's site and I am amazed at how the current puppies almost look like they have Chihuahua in them. They just don't look right. Just keep posting people. The public needs to know about her.
TDJ on 02/21/2013:
Does anyone have a puppy from Nikki and Billy? If so, please let me know if you have had any health issues or behavior issues.
USA on 02/21/2013:
TDJ: I've been wondering how you are doing with your dog? Friends recommended a new trainer to us. Our last trainer caused our dog to be too frightened, so she wasn't doing us much good. Our dog is 'supposed' to be an Oakley and Max puppy.
TDJ on 03/18/2013:
My little girl is doing really well-
Hours and hours of consistent training and positive reinforcement just so we can walk outside where other people and dogs are and not have her be vicious and bark, growl or nip. I will say she is super healthy and hearty and is highly protective of our entire family. She is still a sweetheart to us at home and we adore her. Taking her on has been a very big challenge and commitment- more so than another pup. Due to her very poor breeding her temperament
TDJ on 03/18/2013:
USA Continued....She will never be able to be off leash outside of our home or trusted around people we do not know. She is quite a bit larger than Glenda had said... she was supposed to be 20 pounds and she is very slim and in shape at 35. I really do hope people read these posts before they purchase a dog from the CowGirls. I know we literally have several thousand dollars invested in this dog with health care issues and training to make her healthy and safe to be around. I would not give her up for the world and I know that no one besides our family could love her like we do. I just know there must be several of these dogs who have ended up with so many issues. How is your boy doing?
USA on 03/20/2013:
TDJ - Our little guy is doing okay. He still has his quirks but he seems to be getting less wary of strangers and other dogs. We are always on our guard though.... I think we're still adjusting to him
Lowenbrau on 03/22/2013:
My jaw literally gaped open as I read these comments about Glenda. I have a beautiful blue male from Angie/tuffy and he is about 3.5 years old now. He came out of the cage with some leg problems. I could tell from the puppy pics that he wasn't okay, and questioned Glenda. She told me to pick another puppy. Long story short, I took him anyway!! He drags his feet til there bloody, so we don't take him for walks. He sits out front, without a leash, and wouldn't walk away, even if he could. I think he has wobblers syndrome, from a TV show diagnosis. His back legs just aren't working right. He changed our lives immensely, having to take care of this special dog!!!! I cried to many times about this dog. Cuz we love him soooo much. He is so sweet and loves his Momma more than I could ask for. I got him, for her!!! But, he is such a mess, that I wish I would have started this blog years ago. I noticed these dates are old posts now, but I have tons of info about my interaction with her. We should start a rescue club!!!! She needs to get a real job, and stop feeding her horse addiction, with trafficking dogs online. Beware the cowgirls OK. !!!!!!
CJ on 03/24/2013:
I am a Heeler lover and my fifth Heeler is a 3.5 year old Female that I flew out to get from the Cowgirls. I was wanting a smaller one. This little red girl is from Sally / Newt and is one of the finest dogs I have ever owned. She is sturdy, 26 pounds and a ball of muscle. She has the kindest personality and is extremely gentle with our little Rat Terrier. She has never had a single health problem, is super smart (like the breed standard) and was doggie door/house broken within weeks. I am sick to death of hearing "breeders" go off on these dogs. I would much rather have a "non-papered" Heeler as these dogs are not made for show rings, they are made for working, playing and guarding their family. I love that Glenda has taken her line to a smaller (easier to pick up and carry) size dog. My dogs are NEVER on leashes and Cheeto is a fine example of a Heeler brought up in an appropriate lifestyle. She is loving, a licker, not a biter. Heeler dogs are not for everyone and if you don't have all the time in the world for them, DON'T GET ONE. I would go back and get another from the Cowgirls anytime.
CJ on 03/24/2013:
Quote from above:

"Dogs that are inbred are sometimes much more aggressive than their mixed breed counterparts. This can result in behavioral problems including biting, chasing cars and other animals, escaping and playing too roughly, among many others."

Describes a Heeler to a T. Don't get one if you don't have the time to work with a dog that is BRED TO HEEL. That are naturally aggressive dogs are they are BRED TO HERD CATTLE, take care of their "HERD".

CJ on 03/25/2013:
Makes me SICK to read "skiddish yard dog" ! The term I think you were looking for is SKITTISH and if you confine a Heeler to a yard, you are not worthy to own the breed. You people that go off on a web blog like this, in the comfort of your anonymous home, make me ill. DON'T ruin the life of a heeler, if you are not a STAY AT HOME parent, or the dog does not have a playmate to keep him/her company! I say this with great emotion. Queensland Heelers are not SHOW DOGS. They are NOT LABRADORS. They are keen witted, strong, aggressive dogs that REQUIRE strong human leaders and LOTS of exercise and LOTS of attention. Want a purebred papered dog? Get yourself a freekin POODLE. Want a dog you send to DOGGIE DAYCARE (wtf!), get yourself a YORKIE! Want a 24/7 companion and have the time to run and play? Consider a Heeler. This dog is originally 1/4 DINGO and has those instincts. Don't GET ONE unless you have the time, the patience and the PROPER environment for one. You people raging on the Cowgirls all make ME SICK! I can tell by your posts, none of you are worthy of the breed. I LOVE MY Heeler Girl from the Cowgirls - but I can tell by what you post, we are a DIFFERENT kind of people. Question for you: How would you feel if total strangers started an anonymous blog about you and how you work?!
USA on 03/30/2013:
CJ - I have to totally disagree with you. Our last dog was a beautiful heeler that we loved dearly. He was exactly as a heeler should be - extremely smart, active, etc etc. We were lucky to have him for almost 11yrs, he was extremely well trained, socialized, active, loyal, protective etc etc. BUT he was never aggressive in the way THIS dog is. I know heelers, too - and there is something totally "off" about this dog that we got from the Cowgirls. We are very attached to the dog, he is sweet with us - but he cannot be trusted around anyone. We have lots of property for him, someone is home with him ALL day, etc etc - so it's not US. There is something wrong with this dog and that is the bottomline. You are entitled to your opinion but this is a free country and you should respect other people's rights to speak freely about their issues and problems.
CJ on 04/05/2013:
Any one who "totally disagrees" with me should strongly consider another breed of dog.
TDJ on 04/13/2013:
CJ- I disagree with you as well. This is my 4th Heeler. I have 3 in my home right now. I AM a stay at home parent. My dogs have a 1 hour run in the morning, 1 hour run in the afternoon and another 1 hour run in the evening, on top of playing with each other all day on 10 acres and training with me EVERY SINGLE DAY. Where I go, my pup goes. This is because she can not be trusted around anyone other than my husband and myself. She is my constant companion. You have no idea who you are talking to when you are speaking about dealing with dogs. Yes, dog daycare has been awesome. It has been the only thing to help her not attack other dogs. She was actually kicked out of our local dog park. My other heelers were not. The pup I purchased from Glenda is not a normal heeler. I spent hundred of dollars treating her flee infestation and scabby skin once she came home to me as well as 6 months worth of treating her for worms and a bacterium infection that was discovered 24 hours after she arrived at my home. THIS IS NOT NORMAL! I actually consider this very poor conditions for a breeder. Then there is aggression that is so bad the Vet I see requires that I be the very last appointment or the very first so my pup does not run into other dogs and try to attack. I am well aware of the herding instinct. This particular pup's herding instinct is not the same as my other 3 heelers. This pup has been dangerous to people in my home. I will not ever let her get into a situation where she has to be put down due to her aggression. She is in my care constantly and lives a great, active , busy heeler life. She adores me and I am a very strong pet parent for this pup. I have to be to have her, I love her to pieces. So, before you go speaking rudely about how the rest of us are taking care of our dogs who we all love and adore, please know what you are talking about. Good for you that you had a good experience with Glenda. I initially did too. It was all good and fine until she told me to get a shock collar on my dog if needed. Are you kidding me? I should have trusted my gut when I first spoke to Glenda. She did not care who I was, where I lived, she did not ask if the dog was going to live inside or outside, be a farm dog or a city dog, she did not care at all. She was concerned about when I could send the money to hold the pup I wanted. I am happy my pup had to only spend 8 weeks in Glenda's care. I am saddened that all of those other dogs are in the conditions they are in. This is why I filed a complaint with her County. No surprise that they knew all about Glenda. Please do not post on this blog if you are going to be disrespectful and crude.
Julie Doane on 06/15/2013:
I would NOT recommend this Mother and daughter duo to anyone! I feel horrible for all these dogs and horses. To me, it seemed as though they breed and yes, inbreed these poor dogs to death....literally, to support their horse hobby and partying. I pre bought my blue cattle dog in 2009. We drove there from Indiana, at the time. I wish I had done my homework more, ahead of time. I showed up there and there were SO many dogs on so many different fences pens. Some by themselves, others with several together in one. There were no coverings over them. The puppies were in a makeshift shed. I was not allowed to walk around or go in it. It was nothing more than a business transaction. They handed me a wet puppy. They claimed she spilled the water bowl. I was very leery of the whole situation, but what was I to do, they charged my card in full over a month prior. No refunds. We got to the hotel and late that night she had loose stool. Same thing in the morning. On the way home half way there she was vomiting. I called the cowgirls and they finally returned my call on Easter. They yelled at me and said it was my fault! That I was supposed to call them and should've brought the puppy back to them for antibiotics. Really?! They're Vets too! I got her to the vet first thing Monday morning and she tested positive for PARVO! Let me mind you, I picked my pup up on Friday evening from them. Drove home to IN on Saturday. Sunday was at home where no other animal had ever been and Monday brought to the vet. I told the vet where I got her from and it was aHUGE red flag! They are well known all over the cattle dog breed as horrible irresponsible breeders. I contacted them again and told them that she tested positive for PARVO and they said it was not from them and their premises. They told me she got it from the hotel we stayed at. Really! They ended up hanging up on me and that was the last contact I ever had with them. Thank you to the awesome care from our wonderful vet who has the love for the breed, my girl pulled through PARVO and was a spunky Lil girl after that. At about 7 months old, I took her to a very reputable animal behaviorist at the same vet for training. He had a hunch that she was going to likely suffer from anxiety. It was confirmed by the time she was 16 months old. She has severe anxiety of noises, little kids(they move fast and make noises) and things that are out of place and unfamiliar things. She has been on anxiety meds for the last 3 years now. It is an extra expense ever month as well as yearly panel blood work to make sure her organs are working properly and not being damaged by the meds. Her dosage has been upped 2 different times. We were told that this is a genetic behavior. As you can see, they are not a reputable breeder to get any form of their so called purebred dogs from. I just wonder how many others have had problems like this with their dogs they've gotten from them. Surely I can't be the only one. Even though I paid money for a dog and ended up seeing it was a full blown puppy mill, I couldn't just leave her there. I seen it as saving her. If I left her there, she would've died. They wouldn't have gotten her the help she needed.
Lazyg on 06/21/2013:
I know of four dogs from this breeder and all of them are wonderful pets with jobs to do. If you don't understand the breed or have time for them get a different kind of dog.
Trooper on 06/25/2013:
I have a one year old dog from this breeder. He is high energy and demanding loves his people and all people and plays well with other dogs. He has been basically healthy and happy since he arrived. I contacted Glenda all through the process of getting him sent up to Canada and she always took the time to answer my questions-even after she got my money. He is actually smaller than the 25-30 lbs she thought he would be at 18lbs. I watched their website for three years before I bought a dog and think 1) Yes there are probably too many dogs (esp. for one woman to handle) but 2) I wouldn't say this is at all a puppy mill. How many puppy mills keep a neutered dog in a wheelchair? All I'm saying is do your homework, understand their policies in case things don't go as planned and understand the breed as much as you can. Any dog esp. bought from a picture off the internet is a gamble. Honour your own choice - good luck with all your pups. I couldn't be happier with mine.
USA on 06/26/2013:
Guess you are one of the LUCKY ones. Our dog was clean and not "sick" but he did come with a deformed leg. We called Glenda the day we got him and told her there was an issue with his leg - she NEVER called us back even after 3 phone messages. We had to take him repeatedly to an orthopedic specialist and spent a ton of money during his first year monitoring it with the surgeon. His leg was BROKEN as a young puppy (before he ever came to us) and he has angular deformity. His leg has limited mobility and is a little shorter than the other leg -- fortunately he is about 20lbs smaller than Glenda told us he would be and the difference is the leg size isn't enough to warrant surgery. At 6mos old there was a significant enough difference that we thought surgery was inevitable, but thankfully his growth plates remained open so the leg continued to grow and even caught up enough to avoid the surgery. But almost $2000 in vet bills later we are very angry that Glenda never even called us back!! Our dog also has a very quirky personality, very different then any ACD we've ever owned - we are not novices here. We've had trainers come to our house to help us work with him in different ways - it has helped somewhat but not significantly. I would never recommend anyone purchase a dog from her - it is too risky. You risk getting a sick or injured dog or a dog that has all the personality quirks of a puppy that was inbred or not socialized properly during the first 7 weeks.
TDJ on 06/28/2013:
USA- I thought about you and your pup this week when I have had to take my girl to the vet for all of a sudden limping on her leg. After X-rays, test and a 2nd opinion we have been told our heeler needs surgery on BOTH knees if she is ever to walk without pain or be able to run again. We are heartbroken. She is not even 2 years old! Both vets and the orthopedic surgeon said that it is her breeding that is most likely responsible for the degenerative knee caps at such a young young age. Right now she is not able to walk, let alone run around as she is used to and do her normal jobs. We have no options but to have the surgery so she is not in pain and so she will be able to fully walk again. We are looking at several thousand dollars to heal this issue. Upon the surgeon hearing the long story about our heeler, she started doing her own research on THE COW GIRLS. She called a few contacts she had in the state and was told that Glenda's operation is well known as a big time puppy mill that has become worse over the years. There are not the strict laws in place that we have here or she would have had her dogs taken away by now. For anyone who is considering purchasing from Glenda, please take time to do your homework and read the good and the bad. We love our heeler and will do anything we can to keep her healthy. No young dog should have to go through this type of surgery or be in this pain due to breeding.
Stay tuned....
TDJ on 06/28/2013:
By the way, I want to add that my pup's parents are Nikki and Billy. Be aware of this for all of you that are looking at pups from those 2 parents.
Julie Doane on 07/01/2013:
This truly saddens me hearing how the majority of people on this, have complaints about the pups they've gotten from them. This to me, should be a HUGE red flag for someone who is looking at purchasing one of her dogs. If she were a reputable breeder she would be testing her breeding stock and testing the pups. She is nothing more than a backyard puppymill!!!! I have my blue girl from the cowgirls and my red girl from a highly reputable akc breeder. Somedays, I wish I had bypassed OK and gone straight to the true breeder. I love my blue girl to death, but her with the aggression and anxiety is starting to wear thin in our household. We've had many dog fights break out and some severe. My blue girl gets a look in her eye and it is game on. My red girl can walk up and lay down and the blue girl will go after her. I always have to watch body language between the two. ANYTHING can set my blue girl off, especially lately. Let me also add, that people have said that her dogs are working girl is not. Her mental stability and work drive is not there. My AKC cow dog, is a worker. She has the instinct and has the drive. She is also a very go with the flow, easy going dog. Unlike my blue girl. My blue girl was bred out of CHERRY PIE AND ROWDY. Does anyone else have any pups out of their litters or from one of them? Just curious as to how your pup is doing and if you've had any issues.
USA on 07/12/2013:
TDJ: I am sooo sorry about your dog! Our little guy is due for a trip to the vet because he keeps licking his paw -- we didn't think it was anything too serious but it's been going on for too many days, so we want to get it checked out. I guess with their breeding we are always going to have to be prepared for some bad news - so sad. Our dog is running, walking and getting around okay -- but sometimes I feel like he moves like an older dog and not a 1.5yr old dog. I was thinking of having him tested for Lyme disease -- just wondering if that might be giving him that 'achy' looking walk. He isn't limping at although - at least not yet. Thanks for sharing your experience, it is really helpful to know what things we are going to need to be watching out for. I am so sad and disgusted and angry that this woman is still breeding these dogs. The last time I bothered to look at her website she has lots of "upcoming" litters. What happened to her closing up shop? I guess she makes too much $$$$ to give it up. SIGH.
Near Pittsburgh PA on 08/04/2013:
I have news about Honeysuckle, my 3 1/2 year old blue merle female heeler purchased from Glenda. This week she was not feeling well and vomited for a week. Then she had blood in her stool and the vomiting went to just water. Took her to vet on Friday, 8/2/13 and she had pancreatitis. IV for 3-4 days and may start food back today. The vet said it was genetic. If had waited another 2-3 days she would have died. He said most dogs get pancreatitis between age 4- 8 years old. Lookily she should be OK. I would hate to lose her like we did our Gator, who we got the same day as Honeysuckle, from Glenda.
Kiki on 09/03/2013:
We bought two heelers from Cowgirls in 2008. A boy (Newt/Sally) and girl (Newt/Katie). They have been incredible dogs. Our first ACD we had for 13 years so we know heelers. Then this last Feb the male dog's left eye was squinting, tearing up, and painful. Long story short he had a luxated lens (lens had fallen forward). We found a fantastic veterinary ophthalmologist who, unfortunately had to remove his eye. At this time we weren't really sure of the etiology of this. He did have high pressure but it was a "chicken or egg" first guess s to whether it was eroding zonules (ligaments that hold lens capsule in place) or glaucoma. When we took him back for his check up we decided to go ahead and take the female dog to have her eyes looked at. We were shocked to find out that her lenses were 'shakey' and she was put on same regimen of eye drops as male dog, to help prevent lens luxation. The vet gave us maybe 4 years of vision for them. Apparently they have some sort of genetic glaucoma. Two months later the females lenses luxated backwards. We came home and she was completely blind. We rushed back to the vet (a 200 mile one way drive). He said that had she not been on the medication the lenses would have luxated forward and she would have lost both eyes. as it is she does have some vision, but not good and is blind at night. We have her on two different eye drops and prednisone drops. Some days are worse than others and she will get pain medication for those days, which are pressure spikes and we are always wondering, "is the day she loses both eyes." It has been awful! I can't help but think that other puppies from Newt/Sally litters or Newt/Katie litters are going blind. It is heartbreaking and not mention incredibly expensive. We are crazy about our dogs, they are smart, athletic, and very much a part of our family (even crowding the bed at night).

As far as customer service and red flags: yes there were and I am embarrassed to say so. She seemed OK on the phone prior to purchase, very friendly, very helpful in assisting us to pick out a puppy. Then we drove over 8 hours to pick up the puppy. We wanted to see the parents and weren't allowed past the gate. Basically handed the puppy at the gate. There was another couple who had just arrived and got the same treatment. She had some excuse as being too busy. There was a front yard area with about 8 ACDs that appeared to be about 4-6 months and they went all Cujo when we arrived. I didn't think too much about it as I know this breed and they are very protective of their yard. And we even came back a month later and got another puppy as we wanted two. Handed dog at gate and she had zero interest to hear about progress of puppy 1. OK, I've been around horse and dog people my whole life and they can be odd. Still, I had this suspicion of puppy mill. Any contact with her later has been cold and unfriendly. Also, the constant moving is a red flag.

I am wondering if anyone else is having eye problems? We take excellent care of our dogs, they even get a special raw diet shipped in by Darwin Pet. We will give them excellent vet care and proper treatment no matter the cost for the rest of their lives. However, we are looking at two dogs who are extremely smart and athletic going blind in their prime.
USA on 09/04/2013:
kiki - this is heartbreaking!! I'm so sorry for what you and your dogs are going through. I know the dogs will adjust to being blind, but our last ACD lived to be almost 11yrs old and was healthy/active until the very end of his life. Surely you were hoping for the same (even longer) with these puppies!! Our ACD from Glenda is healthy at the moment (aside from the angular deformity in his leg, which he was delivered to us with). But I feel like he has a time bomb inside him - he is only 1.5yrs old but I feel like his future may hold epilepsy, knee/joint problems and now possibly eye issues from the genetic problems we've already heard about from Glenda's dogs. Our puppy was from Oakley and Max (if I believe Glenda's website that is). Since Max is the 'father' to many of her dogs, I've often wondered if Oakley is related to Max!!!! The last time I had to stomach to look at her website, she was still breeding like crazy. I would love for her to be put out of business someday. I contacted a few organizations, did some research but never got very far and hit some dead ends. If I lived locally, maybe I could do more. So depressing. Best of luck with your dogs.
Kiki on 09/06/2013:
Thank you USA. Praying you won't go through glaucoma. Just watch eyes for a shuttering or shaking of pupil. If that happens have vet check eye pressures and get on preventative treatment of latanoprost eye drops ever 12 hours to keep pupil constricted to hold lens in place and pressure low. We had to take female to Plano today to vet ophthalmologist as she was blind yesterday but rallied today. He said she is having pressure spikes. Not much else we can do. Praying we don't end up with seizures or pancreatitis. After reading about the pancreatitis I ordered some enzymes for them to hopefully prevent that. I am so sorry about your pups problems. This breeder is psycho. She has a Facebook page horse n ranch or something like that and if her web page makes you sick this is even worse. We are devastated about this.
Kiki on 09/06/2013:
Also want to add that in 2008 when we researched getting our ACDs there was nothing out there about Cowgirls OK but their website. Thank goodness folks who are considering a puppy now can at least see these reviews and be forewarned
Near Pittsburgh PA on 10/12/2013:
Update on Honeysuckle. It was confirmed during exploratory surgery that she indeed had a severe case of pancreatitis. We made a very hard decision to not let her suffer anymore and had her put to sleep on 8/11/13. We miss her everyday. She is with Gator in heaven. He was another one of our cattle dogs from Glenda. We had him put to sleep in December 2011 after cluster seizures. We love cattle dogs but this breeder is not the one to purchase from. We have another cattle dog who is 29 months old and came from Texas. He is thriving and making us smile every day.
Kiki on 10/20/2013:
I am so sorry to hear about Honeysuckle. How heartbreaking. Since learning about the pancreatic problems of these dogs we have out ours on a veterinarian enzyme. Our blue female is pretty much blind now. She has t lost her eyes but I can see changes almost daily. As long as she gets some light and shadows it is better than complete blindness but she hasn't been herself in a long while. It is killing us to watch. Our little red male with only one eye has not fared much better. On his last check up in Plano the vet told is his lens is starting to shift backwards. I've noticed his vision is decreasing. I hate this more than anything and there are no other treatments we can do. I've even held my hands on their eyes and prayed for divine healing to no avail. My prayer is that other pups from his lady do not have problems and no one else has to go through the heart ache we and others have gone through.
Jason on 11/13/2013:
Hi everybody, I live all the way in Connecticut and I bought a mini blue from Glenda. She is two years old now. I don't doubt anyone else's story but I have to say my girl has been nothing but an absolute joy and picture of health. Truly! I'm not kidding. I don't know Glenda, I haven't contacted her since I bought Myka. She is wonderful, smart, I have a video of her on YouTube under "mini blue heeler Myka catches a frisbee. I wouldn't say Glenda is a warm person, but the dog arrived healthy when she said she would so I have no complaints. Oddly enough I tried to get a rescue dog here in New England but they all want like $500 and the right to take the dog back at anytime if they see fit. Myka was $300 plus a plane ticket ($275) anyway that's my experience. Cheers,
USA on 11/16/2013:
Hey Jason - you are one of the lucky ones!! Can I ask who the parents of your dog are?? Our dog is from Oakley/Max although I'm not sure this is even accurate b/c he was supposed to be full-size and he's not. Our dog has a deformed leg and continues to have temperament issues, including "crate aggression" now. We've spend a lot of money on private training and frankly we can't afford to spend any more to deal with this latest problem. We're coping but worried it may get to the point where he has to go to a new home since we have young children in the house. Our dog will be 2yrs old in December......
Jason on 11/17/2013:
I'm so sorry to hear about your dog! That sounds so awful! My girls parents were Jackie (the mom) and Billy (the dad) It would appear I was indeed lucky. Interestingly enough my girl was from Billy's first litter and she said that was why she was so inexpensive because she (Glenda) always has the first litter a bit cheaper because she didn't know what to expect. Like I said, I don't doubt anyone else's terrible stories or anything like that but I figured I'd share mine. My girl is TINY she's about 20-25 pounds. That's what I like about her. We have a 3.5 mile trail in the woods we walk daily. I love my girl so much. She was the first dog I ever got as a puppy. It was a 40 year birthday present for myself. I really wanted to go through a breeder here in New England but everybody was just ridiculously expensive! I couldn't afford $1500 for a puppy which is what a breeder in Mass. wanted (she was a bit snooty to boot!) I fell in love with the breed when I spent some time at a horse ranch in Utah and they had a couple ACDs. They were so common out west but here in Connecticut we are an oddity. Anyway, I digress. I'm so sorry for your troubles. That's just such a heartbreak,
USA on 11/22/2013:
Jason - I am so happy you have a wonderful ACD!! We fell in love with the breed when we got our first one and I can't imagine having any other breed of dog. Our first ACD was brilliant and sweet and just amazing with his agility - and with kids
Kiki on 02/14/2014:
Update: our blue, Luna, 100% blind and in pain. Our red, Scooter, lens shifted back, 100% blind episode 2/01/14. Since relocating to Minnesota in November had to find new veterinarian ophthalmologist and head to Omaha, 200 mile drive, next week for appt. and from last check this idiot continues to breed dogs. WARNING: she is a money grubbing puppy mill. Our next move is overseas to either Shetland Isles or New Zealand. Guess what our odds are at finding veterinarian ophthalmologist there? And keep in mind, these problems did not show until year four
Oklahoma on 02/24/2014:
I'm glad I found this page.. About two wks ago I stumbled upon the Cowgirls OK page when looking for a Cowboy Corgi. I saw a boy pup and fell in love! I immediately contacted Glenda to let her know I was interested. I let her know I wanted to put down a deposit since I wouldn't be able to make the trip for another wk. I'm not a fan of shipping animals. She didn't seem to want to take a deposit. When I finally had a plan to drive to get "my new fur baby" I had my heart set on, I contacted her to let her know. All this time I kept in contact with her, mind you. I got with her to make sure he was still available, agreed on a price, date and time of arrival for me. The next morning, I received an email from her stating she had changed her mind about selling this particular pup. I was devastated and furious to say the least. She advised me she had plenty to pick from. I let her know I was not interested in another one because I had my heart set on this one. I had already named him, for God's sake! This just happened this wk yet she insist I have "plenty of other puppies similar to him to choose from." I'm heart broken and don't care for any other one. As I was researching this woman I stumbled upon this page. Although I am still crushed, I feel a sort of relief I did not purchase.
USA on 03/02/2014:
Oklahoma - so sorry about your disappointment but focus on the relief you feel! A dog is a LONG commitment and having one with either health or behavior issues that you'll have to worry about for 10-15yrs is not fun. Our dog from Glenda continues to have issues that I really wish we didn't have to deal with. We love him - but he has to be isolated when we have people over our house
NISHA on 03/09/2014:
A response from the breeder about people's complaints -
TDJ on 03/12/2014:
Our little girl turned 2 this month. We love her to pieces but her aggression has never eased. She can never be walked by our kids incase she sees other dogs outside of the house. She is perfect with our family but even after a year and a half of solid and extensive dog behavior training AND medication, she has not changed. She got out of the house a month ago and tried to attack and man and his dog walking by. The man was so upset he called Animal Control who came out to observe her and gave us a warning. I am able to handle her best in public as I have spent hundreds of dollars learning how to deal with her. If she was ever in a shelter she would for sure be put down. I have traveled near and far to vets that deal with dog behavior and ALL state it is her breeding and the fact she was put on a plane at 8 weeks. Such a shame. When the kids have friends over, she can not be out and about unless she is leashed to me. She really wants to relax and just a dog but she just can't as she is not wired the way. I have 2 other dogs that she adores but it is so sad she can not be out of the house without me 2 feet from her at all times. PLEASE EVERYONE THAT IS CONSIDERING ADOPTING FROM GLENDA "COWGIRLS"- DON'T UNLESS YOU HAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO PUT INTO VET BILLS AND BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT.
I love my dog however she is a 24/7 project to keep her safe and everyone else around her safe. So sad.
USA on 03/15/2014:
Hi TDJ - I'm so sorry for your experience. We have similar issues. We love our dog but my kids are young and he's not the dog we really want them to grow up with for the next 10yrs. I don't know what we are going to do. Like you - we can't have him around people that come to our house. I put him in his crate but I have to move the crate to our bedroom b/c he has developed Crate Aggression. When he is in his crate if anyone but my husband and I go near him he goes ballistic - he even does it with our kids!! And we have to keep him gated in our kitchen because we can't trust him to be alone with our kids. But now he's become territorial of the kitchen so if the kids go near the gates he gives them a warning bark. He hasn't bitten anyone or attacked any dogs - he is more submissive where he withdraws (ears down, tail under his body) but in a way where you know he'll bite if he's 'pushed'. He is a sweetheart with my husband and I and the even the kids when we're with them, but I still don't know what we're going to do long term. It's very sad. I've been thinking about asking our Vet about helping us to find a couple with older kids or no children. The plus side for us - he's a great watch dog!!!! And he is good on walks, he doesn't go after other dogs or people. I just have to make sure they don't invade his space too much. SIGH. The thread from Nisha above had some interesting comments from and about Glenda, but it seems the whole thing was deleted now. No surprise there.
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Wonderful dog
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
GREENWOOD, ARKANSAS -- I purchased a red heeler boy out of princess and tuffy five years ago.
Glenda was great and everything was what she said. He arrived safe and barking. After letting him out twice his first morning he was trained to go to the door and let me know it was time to go out. He's been the easiest heeler I have ever had with no health problems. My other heeler not from her lived till 16 with no health issues. 3 people who have met my dog at age two and purchased puppies from her with no problems. I see their dogs often and talk to the owners and they have no problems. I adore my dog and can't imagine my life without him. There's a few people that he does not like. I don't either. There are a couple of dogs he does not like. If a cat runs he's in for the chase. If it stops he turns and runs himself. I tell people all the time that these dogs are not for everyone. My last heeler was not social so I made sure I took this one everywhere. I even travel out of the country with him. He's awesome. I had the chance to stop in to see Glendas new place in ark. last fall. She did have a lot of dogs. border line puppy mill/hoarder, BUT there was not a skinny or unhealthy dog, horse or cow on that property. (I saw no roosters) Those dogs LOVE her and are very attached. Yes she should save some of the best of her dogs and maybe have 4 litters a year and fix and find homes for some of her adults. Will she who knows. I would take one. I would also purchase another dog from her. These dogs need hard training from the very day you get them and no matter what breeder you get them from they are not always good with kids because they DO nip at heels(heelers). My dog does not but the one I had before did. I am sad to hear about all the problems some are having with the puppies but do not tell people not to purchase or (rescue) from her. They do need homes and maybe they will not have any problems. How do you know if you got one from another breeder you would not have the same or worse problems????
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/20/2013:
If people are reporting problems, they are probably true. Unless she is in some kind of war with a competing breeder. In either case I would avoid getting a puppy from her. My dog came from a reputable breeder, and she doesn't have complaints for either reason.

To hear you describe her operation as "borderline puppy mill" that seals the deal - I wouldn't go near buying a puppy from her with a 10 foot pole. That's just me - for those who throw caution and good sense to the wind, "going for it" may work for them.
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Puppy Complaint
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Rating: 1/51
WAGGONER, OKLAHOMA -- Two puppies were purchased from "The Cowgirls" and love the dogs, they are precious--one red and one blue. I know newt is the father of the blue and don't recall the other parents. Enough said about that--the biggest problem is the little red one ended up with genetic hip dysplasia before the age of 2 and had to be on pain meds for quite sometime, then laser treatments and we have just had surgery on one hip in November the other will be done in six months.

The little blue one came to us with coccidia (which I am sure is misspelled)and her immune system was quite low. Within a week, it was confirmed that she was deaf. The cowgirls of course wanted to argue the issue and was very nasty insisting that we didn't like the dog. We decided to keep her as we didn't want her to be either killed or bred to death and she is a blessing. She has learned sign language and quite a smart little girl. The little red one is so smart that we tell her to go get her sister, she will run outside and bring the blue one in with her through the doggy door.

We hope to see these people not be able to breed and produce anymore unhealthy animals. I have tried reporting them everywhere I can and will continue. On the other hand, I must say that ours don't appear inbred and with the money spent are doing well and are very loved. Best of luck to those of you who have had even worse problems.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 12/17/2012:
Great info and you are great for keeping them!
clutzycook on 12/18/2012:
Report them to your local ASPCA or county animal control.
At Your Service on 12/18/2012:
I, too, am the biggest of animal lovers. My only hope for anyone is not to support breeders in any way. There are great pets available from your local humane society, all of which need a good home. The way to stop unethical breeding is not to support breeding at all.
Dakota1015 on 12/20/2012:
What breed are these dogs? If they are Australian Shepherds (one red and one blue) I may have an idea what may have happened regarding their breeding to cause some of these issues.
USA on 07/29/2013:
Wishing I had seen this post before we bought our puppy from her. Our dog came to us with a deformed leg!! The surgeon said it was actually BROKEN when he was a young puppy which caused him to have angular deformity. We spent a fortune in Vet bills - we noticed his leg was 'off' when he walked out of the travel crate but ALL calls to Glenda went unanswered. Please please please - don't anyone do business with her.
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Do Not Buy From This Breeder!!
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GREENWOOD, ARKANSAS -- We chose a pup after carefully researching both mother and father, sent the entire amount plus shipping. When it was time for us to have our girl shipped, Glenda said she didn't want to send her and told us we had to choose another pup. When asked what was wrong and if she could send a pic, she refused, saying that as the breeder, she didn't have to give us a reason. We suspected that the pup was dead. If she didn't already have our $800, we would have backed out right there. We chose another pup from the litter and she shipped her using Delta. I could NOT believe the state our poor girl was in when I picked her up..she was emaciated, skin and bones, dehydrated, and could barely stand up, and had a horribly bloody stool. We immediately brought it to the vet who told us she was "full of worms", and had coccidia which was causing bloody diarrhea. He told me that coccidia has a 13 day incubation period so it was brought from the breeder. I wrote her an email detailing everything so that maybe she could get her dogs to the vet, and all she could do was reply hatefully, totally on the defensive, and the next day there was a diatribe on her website blaming Delta for everything.

So, now, our pup is 6 months old. She has a scabby spot on the top of her head and the vet told me today that it's non-contagious Demodectic Mange which is passed from mother to pup. The vet told me to contact the breeder and tell her to have the mother fixed. I won't contact that Wack Job, but I am contacting the local shelter.
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Concern on 12/15/2014:
I would really like to speak with you personally if you ever see this response. I am locked in to purchase a puppy from Glenda, and am really considering cutting my losses as I read more into the complaints against this breeder. Is there any chance I could speak with you or email you?


Very apprehensive
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