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Terrible Service and Dogs in Terrible Shape
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Rating: 1/51

GREENWOOD, AR, ALASKA -- My closest friends purchased a puppy from this whack job and she refuses to communicate via telephone and only uses email. She insisted on using an airline to transport the pup but our friends hired a transporter to pick the dog up from a predetermined location from the lady. The night before the transporter called her to make sure there were no changes and she tried to switch the dog out for no reason and refused to give explanation, "as a breeder I don't have to" is what they got in response. When the transporter received the dog it was lethargic, and vomiting, not to mention bloody stool.

Halfway home the transporter decided that it was bad enough to take it to the vet... after hours in the middle of Colorado. When the tests came back the vet told the transporter that the pup had parvo and has had it for a series of days prior to pick up, and the vaccine chart that the scam artist gave the transporter showed that the pup had received her shots late and that the booster shot was give the day of pickup and not on the recommended scheduling cycle. And that the wormer being used was a cheaper brand that is too harsh for puppies livers.

The pup had to be left in Colorado for 5 days at the vet while they try to save the poor puppy. So in this whole mess when trying to contact the breeder, she refuses to call still and she is trying to blame the transporter for the disease. Terrible person, breeder, and business if not willing to make right. DO NOT PURCHASE A PUPPY FROM THIS lady!

Do Not Buy From This Breeder!
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Rating: 1/51

GREENWOOD, ARKANSAS -- We chose a pup after carefully researching both mother and father, sent the entire amount plus shipping. When it was time for us to have our girl shipped, Glenda said she didn't want to send her and told us we had to choose another pup. When asked what was wrong and if she could send a pic, she refused, saying that as the breeder, she didn't have to give us a reason. We suspected that the pup was dead. If she didn't already have our $800, we would have backed out right there. We chose another pup from the litter and she shipped her using Delta.

I could NOT believe the state our poor girl was in when I picked her up. She was emaciated, skin and bones, dehydrated, and could barely stand up, and had a horribly bloody stool. We immediately brought it to the vet who told us she was "full of worms", and had coccidia which was causing bloody diarrhea. He told me that coccidia has a 13 day incubation period so it was brought from the breeder.

I wrote her an email detailing everything so that maybe she could get her dogs to the vet, and all she could do was reply hatefully, totally on the defensive, and the next day there was a diatribe on her website blaming Delta for everything.

So, now, our pup is 6 months old. She has a scabby spot on the top of her head and the vet told me today that it's non-contagious Demodectic Mange which is passed from mother to pup. The vet told me to contact the breeder and tell her to have the mother fixed. I won't contact that Wack Job, but I am contacting the local shelter.

Wonderful Dog
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Rating: 5/51

GREENWOOD, ARKANSAS -- I purchased a red heeler boy out of princess and tuffy five years ago. Glenda was great and everything was what she said. He arrived safe and barking. After letting him out twice his first morning he was trained to go to the door and let me know it was time to go out. He's been the easiest heeler I have ever had with no health problems. My other heeler not from her lived till 16 with no health issues. 3 people who have met my dog at age two and purchased puppies from her with no problems. I see their dogs often and talk to the owners and they have no problems. I adore my dog and can't imagine my life without him.

There's a few people that he does not like. I don't either. There are a couple of dogs he does not like. If a cat runs he's in for the chase. If it stops he turns and runs himself. I tell people all the time that these dogs are not for everyone. My last heeler was not social so I made sure I took this one everywhere. I even travel out of the country with him. He's awesome. I had the chance to stop in to see Glenda's new place in park last fall. She did have a lot of dogs, borderline puppy mill/hoarder, BUT there was not a skinny or unhealthy dog, horse or cow on that property. (I saw no roosters.) Those dogs LOVE her and are very attached.

Yes she should save some of the best of her dogs and maybe have 4 litters a year and fix and find homes for some of her adults. Will she? Who knows. I would take one. I would also purchase another dog from her. These dogs need hard training from the very day you get them and no matter what breeder you get them from they are not always good with kids because they DO nip at heels (heelers).

My dog does not but the one I had before did. I am sad to hear about all the problems some are having with the puppies but do not tell people not to purchase or (rescue) from her. They do need homes and maybe they will not have any problems. How do you know if you got one from another breeder you would not have the same or worse problems???

Puppy Complaint
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Rating: 1/51

WAGGONER, OKLAHOMA -- Two puppies were purchased from "The Cowgirls" and love the dogs, they are precious--one red and one blue. I know newt is the father of the blue and don't recall the other parents. Enough said about that--the biggest problem is the little red one ended up with genetic hip dysplasia before the age of 2 and had to be on pain meds for quite some time, then laser treatments and we have just had surgery on one hip in November. The other will be done in six months.

The little blue one came to us with coccidia (which I am sure is misspelled) and her immune system was quite low. Within a week, it was confirmed that she was deaf. The cowgirls of course wanted to argue the issue and was very nasty insisting that we didn't like the dog. We decided to keep her as we didn't want her to be either killed or bred to death and she is a blessing. She has learned sign language and quite a smart little girl. The little red one is so smart that we tell her to go get her sister, she will run outside and bring the blue one in with her through the doggy door.

We hope to see these people not be able to breed and produce any more unhealthy animals. I have tried reporting them everywhere I can and will continue. On the other hand, I must say that ours don't appear inbred and with the money spent are doing well and are very loved. Best of luck to those of you who have had even worse problems.

Disappointing Puppy Mill...
By -

WAGONER, OKLAHOMA -- Bought a Queensland pup here. Blue Heeler puppy was a tri color and very cute. We were skeptical from the word go when we arrived and they had 30 plus pups to choose from, but we drove all the way from AZ to look at one pup and all the pups appeared to be very shy and meek... Chose one of the most outgoing. She is a barker, and oddly shaped Heeler, with a very poor immune system. This dog to me reeks of being inbred. I am very disappointed with my choice to purchase a dog from this puppy mill.

When we first started having health issues with the pup, at 6 months I informed the "Breeder" and was basically told they would Sell me another if I was not happy with this one. I am actually not even sure if I want to keep this dog now but am sort of stuck with her and have a TON of money invested in a skittish yard dog. Two thumbs Down on this Puppy Mill! Not to mention that customer service was not one of their strong points either...

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