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Horrible Customer Service / Damaged Furniture
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
IRVING, TEXAS -- We purchased a dining room table and chairs from The Dump. On the FIRST DELIVERY, the table was badly damaged. They left chairs and rescheduled another day to bring a new table. On the SECOND DELIVERY, the table was again badly damaged. (again, we're not talking scratched, it looked like it had been dropped from 20ft onto the corner of the table.) A THIRD TABLE was then brought out several days later, AGAIN badly damaged. We'd been speaking to their customer service department begging them to inspect the table before they came out and of course we were assured they would, but they obviously did not. On the FORTH DELIVERY, finally the table itself was not damaged, BUT it was missing 2 pieces needed to attach the legs. The delivery guys thought it was a manufacturing defect at the time, so that one also went back. At last, on the FIFTH DELIVERY it was put together and all looked good. After me taking out 5 days for delivery, and complaining to their customer service dept for an hour, they were kind enough to offer me a $100 gift card to The Dump. Thanks for nothing. If I had been able to locate the table to match the chairs we already had, I would have taken my business elsewhere. I certainly will go elsewhere in the future.
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Poor Customer Relations
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I'm a business man who decided to kill some time before my next duty so I decided to stop by The Dump in Atlanta. When I got there I looked around a bit and found myself in the clearance area were I noticed a pile of blankets all the same price but different colors. There was one blanket I noticed that matched my colors in my bedroom but this blanket was missing the price. A worker told me the price should be the same as the others but he went and spoke to a lady over the department who was on break in the break area eating and just off the top of her head without seeing it she tells him to tell me $40 more than the other blanks. I asked to speak to her cause this made no since to me and she comes out with an attitude and says "its because its bigger" I say "no" its the same, so I walk back to clearance and measure it next to the others and guess what it was the same size. Moments later she comes racing up behind me and I showed her that that was not accurate and she says its because its a better color. I said I'm going to find the store manager this makes no since. So I find the store manager and right away he acts defensive and I tell him about the situation and he acts real rude, short, and condescending and then tells me that its because of the date so I look at the dates and the one I wanted said 2009 and the other at a lower price said 2011 so I point that out. He says, well we don't go by that date, I say, there is no other date so again where is this mystery price coming from. He storms off and says I'll just look it up in the computer and I said that would have made more since to do that before you'll made up a price. As he was looking up the real price, another associate comes up to me an ask if I had got my previous needs met, and as I'm talking to her, the store manager jumps in and threatens to kick me out if I didn't shut up and I told him she asked and its our private conversation and he wasn't in it. The store manager then gets on his cell phone and calls security and upon his arrival they converse in the corner and the security waits to the side. Then the store manager walks up to me with some papers and I'm thinking at that time he's going to tell me the price so I can buy it and leave, instead he walks up to me and starts off with 'first of all blaw blaw blaw and this and that',trying to pick and argument to escalate the situation. I then tell him I don't need the back lash all I need is the price cause I know what you are trying to do, he says , "well you can just get the hell out of my store" and then told the security to escort me out. I've since called customer service twice and after almost 3 weeks I still haven't got the call back I was promised.
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Store Manager on 04/20/2013:
The reality of the customers visit and scene he caused in the store is much different that he is portraying.

On Saturday at around 3:30 pm on 2/2 I was assisting a sales associate in the bedding department. Once we finished another sales associate indicated that a customer wanted to speak to me. I introduced myself and asked how I could help him. He said that he wanted to buy two throws from the clearance department and “that old b...h back there tried to charge me more for one of them” he said that one was $49 and the other was $79, but the one she said was $79 had no tag on it so she was making that up. I indicated to the customer that it was not necessary or appropriate to use vulgarity. Furthermore I would look up the sku and determine how old the piece was as they were progressively marked down based on their age. I also showed him another throw that was exactly the same as the one he selected at $49 on our sales floor, not the clearance department that was at full price of $149 based on it being just received. He said OK. I then walked from the bedding department into the business office as the kiosk’s in bedding were occupied. As I was entering the sku’s into storis to determine the receiving date of the purchase orders he came up to the counter. He told me that the manufactures tag said it was 2 years old and that it was clear that I was trying to lie to him. I again informed him that the markdown pricing was based on when we received it, not when it was made. I then told him that it would just take me another minute to obtain the data necessary to make the decision on price. At that point he said “you don’t know who your dealing with, I’m a dr. I will buy this place and fire you, you little peon” . There were customers at the register to my right. I informed the customer again there was no need to be vulgar and abusive. I also stated that if he were to act in a polite and professional manner, that I would be more than happy to help him, however if he continued to be vulgar and make a scene I would have no choice but to have him escorted out by security. Our Business Office Manager walked up next to me and asked him how was everything, he proceeded to bash me and use vulgarity. He then put his sunglasses on and said he was not interested in anything I had to say and to just give him the information. At that point I called our Loss Prevention Manager and asked him to come to the counter. I printed out the receiving dates on the PO’s and saw him approach the business office. I walked over to him and informed him of what had transpired. He asked if I wanted him to be removed from the premises. I said give me one more opportunity to see if I can get through to him. He stood by. I approached the customer with the reports and told him that it was not necessary to be rude or cause a scene and that I have the information needed to determine the price. He responded with “shut up and give me what I want”. I then turned to the LP Manager and asked him to escort the customer out of the building. He did in fact do that and on the way out the customer turned to me and said “you f.....g fat punk a.. little b...h” then said “your mama’s a b...h also”. The LP Manager guided him out of the building where he continued to make a scene. The customer then drove his car up to the front door of the store, rolled down his windows and continued to make a scene and insult our LP Manager.

I spoke with Brenda Evans, the sales associate that dealt with him in the clearance center. Brenda indicated that both of the throws had tags on them and that the customer stated “I’m not paying a cent more than $49 for each of them” he then state “I’m done with you peon, I’ll go find a manager that will give me what I want” upon leaving the clearance department, the customer pulled off the $79 price tag and shortly after approached me claiming there was no tag on it.

I did capture and save his escapades on camera to my laptop.

I was more than patient with the individual and gave him multiple opportunities to act appropriate. Having someone removed from the store is always our last resort and we have only had to act on that on a few occasions where individuals have acted in a vulgar, violent or abusive manner.
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Damaged furniture, unreliable customer service, delayed replacement, damaged replacement...NO PERSONAL SATISFACTION
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We purchased a 5 piece bedroom set from this company on May 30, 2009...until today, we haven't received the dresser in proper condition and we are VERY VERY unhappy. We received a damage piece and now we have a replacement that is also damaged. The drawers and frames are broken and chipped and the wood/veneer is flaking off. The dovetails on the drawer are separated by 1/2 of an inch and pieces of wood are cutting into your hand. There is also mould at the bottom inner part of the dresser. If you are a future buyer and care to read our complaint, my one advise - don't shop here! ...Please be wary of this store and their furniture quality, this should be your last resort if you ever need to shop for a special piece for your home. I would recommend Star Furniture and many others over this company.
For many reasons, a few of which I may take time to list:
What you see and order, is not what you receive, the pieces on the floor are better and more sturdier, what you get is nothing in comparison. Made in China - poor excuse.
Customer Service are rude and impolite and doesn't care to help you even when THE DUMP has just dumped a damaged piece of furniture in your bedroom; I can list names...but lets be nice and don't.
Furniture was delivered on June 5 with damages and not replaced until August 28, only to find more damages than before. PS: They promise to replace damage furniture within 30 days, but 90 days approach and no follow ups.
We call 5-6 times for help, we explain over and over, we get no apologies, no kind answers, it's just one excuse after another. We ask for a manager, even by name to no avail, the manager was standing right there but our calls go right back to the original rude customer service representative who once said we have none left in stock.
Our last resort was to go back into the store and find our sales representative and of course the manager was there to help us, very cordial and very nice. But in the end, he does nothing more than promise another immediate replacement. This is sad, given the status of our economy right now - the standards of customer service is at its lowest point. How can we the consumer be confident to make purchases? They take our money and they don't care what happens after.
At one time I called to follow up, only to find that our file was covered under rubble on someone's desk who was sick or out of the office for a week and I was told that no one would interfere with her desk or her job...Well obviously they did when I called to ask for my replacement of a damaged piece of garbage furniture they delivered to me.
Delivery people don't care about you or your product...the wrapping is just a piece of blanket which probably lead to more damages in the truck.
Also, we were told our furniture was damaged by termites...hard to believe but termites may be crawling out of our bedroom pieces. the driver nicely said that the truck is sprayed.
I am so frustrated at this point, I felt like standing at the door of this company and tell every single customer that the furniture is no good...beware. I hate to know that many may have gone through more than I went through with the DUMP. I can go on and on with more specifications...but I am tired and why should I, in the end, it's my money, no one cares but me.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 08/28/2009:
Although they are offering you replacements, what is the point if they are all damaged? Just because the truck was sprayed doesn't mean that the furniture wasn't already infected before it was delivered to you. If they refuse you a refund sue the store in small claims.

Sounds like the name of the store is self explanatory.
moneybags on 08/29/2009:
You bought from a place called THE DUMP? 'Nuff said!
Dumped On on 07/14/2013:
I feel your pain. All we can do is sure and tell any and everyone about this "Dump". Word of mouth speaks volumes!
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Bed Broke and Fell Apart
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEMPE, ARIZONA -- Bought a bed that was a final sale close out and could not be returned at The Dump. The bed was delivered and the drawers would not close once they were opened. So we reached under the bed, positioned the drawers in a closed position, and vowed never to open again. That was the end of extra storage. A week later the bed broke and we fell to the floor. My husband made a part and fixed the part that was broken.

Several weeks later, again, we fell to the floor as another section of the bed broke. My husband again made a replacement part and we were able to return to our bed for the remainder of the night. Two days ago, the real challenge came when the main support frame cracked and broke. It was late, we were tired, and the bed was not useable so my husband used a piece of wood and a hydraulic jack to hold the bed up for the remainder of the night.

The next day, it was necessary to replace the main support beam for the bed. The bed is not even three months old and a call to The Dump brought no results.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/07/2013:
In fairness to the "Dump", it was a final closeout with no returns.

I have never understood how they came up with the name "The Dump". By comparison, would I buy a car at a place called "The Junkyard"? Not a chance. I'd expect to get trash at "The Dump," which unfortunately is what happed to you.

Thanks for the warning.
cfhc_linda on 08/07/2013:
I did not call The Dump expecting any response or compensation, I just wanted them to know what kind of garbage they were selling. Now I know why they call it The Dump.
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Fraudulent Advertising - Bate and Switch
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I heard an advertisement for The Dump on TV and the internet stating that The Dump is going out of the mattress business and mattresses are on sale at 15 cents on the dollar or 85% off. So I drove to the Dump all the way from North Phoenix to find out this was a lie and they had two mattress sets not much else on sale. I looked at the one for a Queen sized bed and thought this looks nothing like what they were advertising. Most mattresses were not even on sale. When I spoke to the sales person - she said I needed to listen to the add more carefully, that this inventory is going so new could come in that they are not going out of the mattress business - What the heck!! Then I was going to purchase a mattress set but did not want the box springs as my is very new and would have matched. The sign with the pricing was on the bed and it said mattress only $309.00, box springs and mattress $398.00 (something like that), then she said I can only give you $50.00 off for not taking the box springs - what. She told me never mind the sign stating $309.00 that was wrong.

I bought my daughter's mattress at The Dump a year ago and got a really great deal, quality and a real sale. If you look at the furniture and the pricing you can pretty much pay that at any good furniture store or a little less. They are not going out of the rug business like they advertise either.

How come no one has sued this place for false advertising?? How can you get away with what they are doing??

Not to mention how can they charge you 100.00 for box springs and only credit you 50.00 - how ridiculous. The quality sucks and you can see that these are not designer anything.

I came home and listened to the ad again and it is exactly what I told her that it specifically states that they are going out of the mattress business - do they think we are stupid.

They are liars so they can get you in the store - if I did business like that I would be out of business.

I will never step foot in the Dump again.


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trmn8r on 03/29/2013:
I always thought the name of this company was absurd. Why would anyone shop at The Dump?
ok4now on 03/29/2013:
The last time I shopped at The Dump was about three years ago and they had really good prices. Recently they had advertised a sale so I stopped by. I was shocked at the high prices and poor product quality. They now offer no value and it's a waste of time to even go there. Shop around for a better deal.
Soaring Consumer on 03/29/2013:
You definitely have a strong case to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about this. A company can not legally make false claims in advertisements like that.
madconsumer on 03/29/2013:
there are often exclusions and limitations with these types of sales. what were all the details and limitations of the advert?
JR in Orlando on 03/29/2013:
I would record the advertisement (and make copies thereof), with date, time and station noted. There must be a state consumer protection agency you can contact about false advertising.

There also may be state laws as to how often a business is saying it is going "out of business." My experience is that when a store says they are going out of business, not true. Has there ever been an oriental rug store that is not going out of business?

madconsumer on 03/29/2013:
what are the details of the advert?
betty mckenny on 07/14/2014:
poor customer service spent $6,000 at dump have my money but junk mattress, will be suing for false advertisement in store, all three sets were made by the same company and all three sets is sagging like a hammock the mattress will wrap around you like slice of bread wrapping a hot dog, oh trust me to get my money they gave me a great line stating that these were heirloom mattress and that George Clooney had furnished all of the bedrooms in his home with these particular mattress, and this is what I thought I had purchased from the "dump" I purchased three sets one of the sets was for my mom as a gift, mind you it has only been two months since the initial purchase my mom who is 85 years young and weighs 150 lbs mattress is like a sliding board, poor thing didn't tell me about her mattress, I was telling her about my mattress and she said to me that mine is the same way I just did not want to say anything to you because of being so grateful and not wanting to selfish when someone does something so nice for you, she said that if I had not ever said that I was having trouble that she never would have mentioned it, and I tell you when I went to her home and stripped her bed down to have a good look at the bedding I was in total disbelief, thinking to myself how in the world could this be happening to not one mattress set but three, it's the manufacture who is making all three sets, one set cost me $1,200 and their are two sets that are identical which were $795.00 per set and this was suppose to be the sale price, I got these sets sometime around the end of may and have been complaining since the second week of June, when I called customer service about the problem I was told that I needed to take pictures of the mattress and the bed frame so that they could see if I had the proper type of frame in order to qualify for an exchange, they also told me that they will be sending me paper work to fill out and once I have received it and taken the pictures, send it all back to customer service and that the manufacturer will than determine if I qualify for an exchange, now keep in mind that they have over spent over $5,000 cash in their dump including a rug that was $1,300.00 and a small discount of $300.00 because there was a small tear on the backing. They told me all of the right things verbally until they got my money and once a problem arose everything changed, customer service was very rude and talked to me like I was an complete idiot and you know what I feel really stupid for trusting someone with the name such as the dump, they really need to send their customer service representatives to a special school for common courtesy in dealing with the public, I asked to speak with the store manager and they directed me to the bedding manager which was fine but he too talked to me in a very disrespectful way telling me to just go home and take pictures and wait, while in the mean time we are sleeping, scratch that I mean not sleeping but tossing and turning all through the night trying to find a spot where we just might catch a wink or two, getting up in the morning looking like a raccoon from the lack of sleep, this manager told me to my face that he had never laid eyes on me at no time and the sales person also said that he had never told me that the mattress that I purchased was heirloom and that many of the Hollywood stars this is the set that, I quote that George Clooney filled he bedrooms up with in his home, I tell you for someone to stand to your face and boldly state that they had said none of those things to me at any time, now why would I make these things up, how would I recognize the bedding manager and his position, why would know what stars are buying those mattresses, which I am sure now that all of that was just bogus lies. This is suppose to be a bedding expert craft, their profession, and their training in the field of expertise, which I have no knowledge of, I can't say what each mattress is made of and the comfort level that it will give you, one thing that I do know is that what I was sold is pure junk and no way is just the box spring worth fifty dollars or any set sold to me worth $300.00 dollars, whatever their made of is the complete bottom of the barrel junk, I was taken for big bucks but I will tell you this and anyone who will listen that they are not going to get away with bilking, milking out of my hard earned money and think that their off to easy street, I put them on the same level as trying to take advantage of a senior citizen and you know that's as low as you can go, low down dirty, I am sore from trying to sleep on this crap and my poor mom who is in continuous pain daily trying to deal with this and I am back and forward sleeping on my sofa, not to mention my poor husband who works hard daily and as of late with no sleep, I will be seeking representation against the (DUMP) for false advertising in claiming that an item is something that it's not and name dropping celebrities for the purpose of making a sale and I do hold myself partially responsible for believing the crap and thinking that you will get something for nothing, my faith lays with the lord and I do know that it will all be worked out and that I will be receiving my money back and they can gladly pick this dump up from my home, this store has only been open a year here in Lombard Illinois and trust me they will not be around long thinking that they can get over on people and beat them out of their money, at this rate I will feel very safe in saying that they will be closed in another year or two and if found guilty of selling knock offs and other fake merchandise I will see them falter right dead on their face, I even checked a lot of their bedroom sets and found that many was not solid wood so to my hard working sisters and brothers when shopping at the (DUMP GARBAGE (DUMP) JUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING UNLIKE MYSELF I TRUSTED THE SO CALLED EXPERTS. I know that I will be successful in getting my money back, no should have to go through this there are many places who send experts out to take pictures and report back, it's all set that way hoping that you will give up, then they would have WON but not here, careful my friends and family leave the DUMP alone to many reliable bedding stores and great furniture stores who do the right thing.
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False Advertising
Posted by on
IRVING, TEXAS -- I heard a radio ad stating that the Dump would give out $100 gift cards to anyone who showed up to the store on Friday the 15th. The ad said there was no minimum purchase required, no strings attached. In fact, it gave the example of finding something for $100 and getting it for free!

On the day of the event I and several other people stood outside to get our gift cards. When the doors opened the sales staff did not know what we were talking about. They acted like they did not know a promotion was going on. Later on someone came over with some cards that said $100 off a $199 purchase. We told the person that was wrong and they told us this is the offer they were told to pass out. I talked to a manager who told me that the higher ups played a copy of the radio ad and it was for $100 off a $199 purchase. I asked the people had they heard the ad on the radio and they all said no. They had only heard it in the meeting.

When I arrived home I filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau in hopes of getting the $100 gift card that was offered in the advertisement. Instead I got this response:

Date Sent: 4/22/2011 6:03:46 PM
Ms. Anderson,

I have reviewed the complaint you filed with the BBB concerning the advertising issue. An incorrect ad did air on the radio, but the issue was quickly resolved with the local station. While I apologize for the confusion, I am unable to offer a $100 store credit without a minimum purchase. However, I will be happy to extend the offer that ran that weekend: a $100 credit towards a purchase of $199 or more. Please contact me at if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

I should get the $100 gift card with no minimum purchase because that is what The Dump offered. A company cannot offer something in an advertisement and then not provide it just because they don’t want to.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 05/16/2011:
My understanding is that if a mistake is made in advertising, it must be honored until the mistake is corrected.

The response you received indicates the problem was quickly corrected with the radio station.

It is impossible to know, without more information, whose mistake it was, who discovered it when and how it was corrected.

I doubt this was intentional. It would be almost unheard of to give out $100 gift cards to everyone who comes on certain day, with no minimum purchase.
trmn8r on 05/16/2011:
I always shake my head when I hear the ads for this place. Who would buy furniture at a place called "The Dump"? I wouldn't.
Anonymous on 05/16/2011:
The Dump is owned by Haynes and they actually have some pretty nice stuff! I'm sorry you didn't get the offer but if it sounds too good to be true... Well, you know the rest. $100 off of $200 is still a pretty good deal. Don't let your anger get in the way of taking advantage of it.
trmn8r on 05/16/2011:
That's good information, bd - I didn't know that.

I'm still confused - If I were selling luxury cars, I wouldn't name the business "The Junkyard". I've never understood marketing.
Starlord on 05/16/2011:
The title of your post seems like an April Fool's joke to me. I believe you might have made an error yourself, Think about it, a $100 gift card for everyone who shows up on Friday, the 15th. May 15 was on a Sunday, Friday was the 13th.
Anonymous on 05/16/2011:
I always find these types of reviews interesting. Mistakes happen, to my knowledge a business is not required to honor a mistake...if there is a law somewhere that states otherwise, I'd like to see it.
Because if it's true, I want the house I saw on a real estate site this weekend that was advertised for $20,000...turns out it was missing a zero.
Anonymous on 05/16/2011:
Star, the OP is referring to Friday April 15th. Look at when the email was sent. It shows April 22nd.
Anonymous on 05/16/2011:
When something sounds to good to be true, most likely it is.
If the radio station botched the ad the store is not obligated to honor it and if that was the case that radio station may have lost a sponsor.
trmn8r on 05/16/2011:
I made the same mistake, thinking this was supposed to be a few days ago.
PepperElf on 05/16/2011:
There's a difference between a "false" advertisement and a "mistake".

And they offered you something as an apology for the confusion. Legally their behinds are covered.
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Financing and delivery scam! stay away
Posted by on
TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I have had such a bad time with this miserable company as a customer. I spent 5 hours picking out furniture to redo my whole living room and kitchen. In this time I had to fax paperwork to the store to be approved for their 24 months no payments no interest offer and they approved me for exactly that. that offer is called an x24 offer to the employees of that store. I signed all the paperwork stating I had 0 payments and 0 interest for 24 months, and took the area rugs I had selected to my car. I later received a call saying I wasn't approved for the x24 offer but the w24 which is 24 equal payments over 24 months with no interest. still a good deal but not what I wanted so I canceled the order completely and told them to write up the rugs on a new contract and I would pay cash for them. I didn't want to drive 50 minutes back to the store just to hand them their stuff back because they can't honor their contracts. Not only did they not honor their contract, they didn't cancel it either and went on to try to deliver the furniture to me when I wasn't home (according to "The Dump" and my neighbors). Now "The Dump" is sticking me with the bill for almost 6k worth of furniture that was supposed to be canceled, and trying to make me make payments on it when I was supposed to have no payments no interest in the first place... I never signed a delivery slip nor did I sign any agreement other than the one that I signed in the store for 0 payments 0 interest for 24 months. How did they get a new contract with me agreeing to buy these products from them on a totally different finance structure? Your guess is as good as mine but I can tell you it wasn't legally.. Avoid this store at all costs. They may have deals on furniture but you could end up like me getting bounced back and forth between the store the main office in Virginia, the finance company, the delivery company and the police trying to sort out a simple furniture sale... btw its been since 5/28/10 that this took place and it still isn't resolved. I have since reported them to the Arizona attorney general and the federal trade commission. the store in turn has filled charges against me for "stealing" said furniture "that I never took delivery of" because I haven't made a payment on their bogus contract. I will be suing the sh*t out of them after I am cleared of this obviously ridiculous claim
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
I am going to post my Haynes review now since you got me started. They are co-owned.
Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
We bought a desk at The Dump and we had to pick it up at their wherehouse a few miles away. They said they don't keep any stock in the showroom. So how were you able to leave with the rugs you had chosen? Do they give you the rugs on display?
Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
There's a place people shop that's called, "The Dump"? Catchy!
Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
Sing, the commercials are annoying, but the showroom is HUGE. It's all marked down furniture (desks, dressers, couches, beds,etc) and they have frames and rugs and mirrors etc. They have everything you need to decorate your home. When we went, we were there for about 3 hours. But even marked down, I still thought most of the items were expensive.
Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
With a name like The Dump I'd stay away.
Anonymous on 10/13/2010:
So, The Dump is really a graveyard for closeouts. They really should be discounted to the bare bones, yaya. If they aren't heavily discounted, it wouldn't be worth it to me.

Also sounds like they did not do well by this op either. It sounds like a place to stay away from--unless you have lots of time and cash on hand.
Anonymous on 10/13/2010:
The Dump has some pretty decent stuff - they are Haynes closeouts mostly.
Anonymous on 10/13/2010:
We don't have Haynes in my area--nw corner of US. Probably why I haven't heard of it or The Dump.
Anonymous on 10/13/2010:
We bought a desk that was originally $1000 marked down to $700. We also bought a mirror for $100. We paid cash up front so we didn't have the same issues the op had. The worst part was waiting at the wherehouse when we went to pick up the desk. We waited about 2 hours there because of all the other people who were waiting for their pick-ups.
Anonymous on 10/13/2010:
They are definitely not marking things down enough for closeouts. I would think it should have been at least half-price for the desk. But, if you are happy with it, that's all that matters :)

As a side note, if you are paying cash, always ask for a cash discount. Sometimes it pays off since they save when they don't have to process credit of any kind. It's worked for me in the past at all types of stores--especially furniture.
Anonymous on 10/13/2010:
Going back to that first comment I made; we did get to take home the same mirror that we picked out in the showroom. So they must keep the bigger items in the wherehouse. So the op must've been able to take the rugs from the showroom since its not a huge item
Anonymous on 10/13/2010:
I think so yaya. I have carried things out of The Dump.
PepperElf on 10/13/2010:
I remember The Dump - used to hear the add all the time when I lived in va. and that guy saying "The Dump, The Dump, The Dump dump dump"

I'd recommend returning the rugs if possible. or making sure you pay for them. regardless of the contract issues, you do owe on the rugs (can't remember if you specified paying for them or not).

as for the rest... I'd recommend going to court.
MRM on 10/13/2010:
Pepper, that annoying commercial still airs.
MRM on 10/13/2010:
I didn't know they have The Dump in the west coast.
clutzycook on 10/13/2010:
I'm surprised that the financing wasn't approved before you left the premesis.
betty on 02/24/2013:
I have indured a nightmare from The Dump located in dallas area-I was delivered a 2400 leather couch 2-16-2013-that was sratched-scarred -etc-the del people are young -unex perieced-Spanish kids thatdont wrap etc-iv been told its their fault-but yet-at 79years of age-I was cussed and threateded''I'm in the process of having it picked up-if not-I will not pay anouther penny to them-be aware
Dumped On on 07/14/2013:
I also had a very bad experience at the Dallas/Ft. Worth store. I too had awful delivery. These young men were not professional furniture movers. They couldn't care less about you or the furniture. Not nice people either. Above all, the piece I purchased looks like it has mold on the interior of the cabinet. It's disgusting. I tried to comment on their Facebook page but my comments mysteriously disappeared. When I went back a second time, no comments were even allowed. This place is a sham. Buy your furniture from a reputable dealer. Sure wish I had.
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We don't have your item but we do have your money.
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IRVING, TEXAS -- On November 14, 2009 I purchased a mattress, box springs and a king-sized based from “The Dump” in Irving Texas. The total for these items was 1740.66. This includes $59.00 for a delivery fee. They set the delivery date for today November 21, 2009 between 3 and 9 PM. Around 4 Pm I called them to find out when the delivery will happen. At that time I was informed that the mattress was not going to be delivered. The salesman had assured me that the item was in stock.
I drove immediately to The Dump. I asked for the manager. I did not want to talk to the salesman again. I asked for my money back. Again I was directed to salesman for a different mattress. I informed the manager that I had a house fire and had been sleeping on a rented mattress and bed. I did not want to do business with this company anymore and I need my money to go to a different place. I was asked to leave the business. I walked around and asked some salespeople if this was normal business practice for “The Dump.”
Then they called the police on me. You got it. They have my money, no mattress, and they call the police on me. I am the one being held hostage. I am the one being robbed. So I leave. I go back in about an hour later and quietly walk to the customer service desk. I ask for a refund. After about twenty minutes I hear one of the salesmen say the police are coming. Can you believe it? I am standing there quietly waiting on my refund and they call the police again.
So I leave again and call in. It will take 7-10 days to get my money back (remember I returned my rented bed). They wanted to charge me for coming to pick up the box springs and base. It only took 2 hours on the phone to get rid that extra charge. Now they don’t want to refund my original delivery fee. Anything they can do to hold on to my money. I paid them cash. I didn't hold payment for 7-10 days and then short then my gas and stress.
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GenuineNerd on 11/22/2009:
I would suggest taking "The Dump" to small claims court in order for you to get your refund. As long as you have your receipt, and they're not cooperating at their end, maybe a court needs to get involved.
PepperElf on 11/22/2009:
Oh god. The Dump.

Do they have that guy doing the ads for you in Texas too?

"The dump, The Dump, The Dump dump dump" ones?
I don't miss those. we had them in va
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Customer Service Phone Number
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LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- My girlfriend and I went to The Dump in Levittown, PA on a Sunday and purchased a sectional. When we got back to Delaware, we went to another furniture store and saw a sectional that we originally really wanted on sale for literally half the price we paid in Levittown. We called to cancel our order at the Dump and were told that we would receive a call back.

Since they only have weekend hours, and we canceled our order at around 4PM, it's safe to assume that they were not able to get back to us since they closed at 6PM. I got a call today saying that the furniture was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow sometime in the afternoon.

After going to the website, I noticed there isn't a number for their customer service department, which is open 7 days a week. Google did not pull up the number, so I had to call the delivery people and they gave me their customer service number.

The Dump's customer service number is: 1(866)-662-8947.

I was also told that the business office of each location is open from about 8AM to 3PM or so every day, so one could call the store and reach the business office. I cannot confirm this as of now.

I found it strange that they wouldn't have their customer service number, but only their hours on the website. I made a complaint about this to the customer service representative. I hope she follows through.

I hope this helps someone else.
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tnchuck100 on 10/06/2009:
When doing business with any company found on the internet I check the following:
1. It MUST have a toll free number
2. It MUST have a non-toll free number
3. It MUST have a physical address
4. It MUST have a "Contact Us" link

Without all of the above they will never see my money.
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Shotty Delivery
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Rating: 2/51
HAMPTON, VIRGINIA -- I just received delivery of my new bed and I am very dissatisfied with the way the delivery men set up the bed. They were very rough with the handling of the metal parts of the bed on my hardwood floor. I could hear them slamming stuff around on the floor because they were in such a hurry to get out. I understand them having to deliver within time constraints but extra care needs to be taken with hardwood floors. We signed for the delivery but when we went in to apply sliders to the metal legs of the frame I noticed three scratches on the floor and a huge gash. I expect better care to be taken when paying to have store delivery having to redo a hardwood floor is very costly. I was satisfied with my purchase and store experience but completely unsatisfied with the delivery and would not recommend it to anyone.
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