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Financing and delivery scam! Stay away
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I have had such a bad time with this miserable company as a customer. I spent 5 hours picking out furniture to redo my whole living room and kitchen. In this time I had to fax paperwork to the store to be approved for their 24 months no payments no interest offer and they approved me for exactly that. That offer is called an x24 offer to the employees of that store. I signed all the paperwork stating I had 0 payments and 0 interest for 24 months, and took the area rugs I had selected to my car. I later received a call saying I wasn't approved for the x24 offer but the w24 which is 24 equal payments over 24 months with no interest.

Still a good deal but not what I wanted so I canceled the order completely and told them to write up the rugs on a new contract and I would pay cash for them. I didn't want to drive 50 minutes back to the store just to hand them their stuff back because they can't honor their contracts. Not only did they not honor their contract, they didn't cancel it either and went on to try to deliver the furniture to me when I wasn't home (according to "The Dump" and my neighbors).

Now "The Dump" is sticking me with the bill for almost 6k worth of furniture that was supposed to be canceled, and trying to make me make payments on it when I was supposed to have no payments no interest in the first place... I never signed a delivery slip nor did I sign any agreement other than the one that I signed in the store for 0 payments 0 interest for 24 months. How did they get a new contract with me agreeing to buy these products from them on a totally different finance structure? Your guess is as good as mine but I can tell you it wasn't legally..

Avoid this store at all costs. They may have deals on furniture but you could end up like me getting bounced back and forth between the store the main office in Virginia, the finance company, the delivery company and the police trying to sort out a simple furniture sale... btw it's been since 5/28/10 that this took place and it still isn't resolved.

I have since reported them to the Arizona attorney general and the federal trade commission. the store in turn has filled charges against me for "stealing" said furniture "that I never took delivery of" because I haven't made a payment on their bogus contract. I will be suing the ** out of them after I am cleared of this obviously ridiculous claim.

Customer Service Phone Number
By -

LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- My girlfriend and I went to The Dump in Levittown, PA on a Sunday and purchased a sectional. When we got back to Delaware, we went to another furniture store and saw a sectional that we originally really wanted on sale for literally half the price we paid in Levittown. We called to cancel our order at the Dump and were told that we would receive a call back. Since they only have weekend hours, and we canceled our order at around 4 PM, it's safe to assume that they were not able to get back to us since they closed at 6 PM. I got a call today saying that the furniture was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow sometime in the afternoon.

After going to the website, I noticed there isn't a number for their customer service department, which is open 7 days a week. Google did not pull up the number, so I had to call the delivery people and they gave me their customer service number. The Dump's customer service number is: 1(866)-662-8947. I was also told that the business office of each location is open from about 8 AM to 3 PM or so every day, so one could call the store and reach the business office. I cannot confirm this as of now.

I found it strange that they wouldn't have their customer service number, but only their hours on the website. I made a complaint about this to the customer service representative I hope she follows through. I hope this helps someone else.

Excellent Service and Quality Furniture
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Rating: 5/51

LOMBARD, ILLINOIS -- I was looking for a real wood dining room table. NOT plywood or laminate over particle board. The tables and dining chairs at the dump were exactly what I was looking for. REAL MAPLE ALL MAPLE, not bits and pieces of the table or chairs!!! I had searched other furniture stores and found particle board for the same price. Also my table has an amazing leaf that drops down into the table, self storage at its best. The staff was very helpful and not overbearing considering they work on commission. If you are looking for cheaply made furniture do not shop here. I will not bash other stores but those who know quality furniture know what I am talking about.

They also have an amazing program. (I had to pay a small fee that I will get BACK in a store credit if I do not use.) If something happens to my table I can get it repaired or replaced within 5 years. My friends and family are actually considering giving their 4-5 year old tables away to purchase what I now have. Thank you the Dump!!!

Defective Merchandise
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- For the past 2 months I have been working with customer service, ** to be exact. I purchased a new sofa from the Atlanta store. Upon having it for 2 months the cushions began to "pill up" and get lumpy. No one would come out and look at the sofa. I was then asked to provide pictures... then was told that the manufacturer would "replace the covers". However, I was made to pay shipping.

I have now been waiting for over 3 weeks. I am very dissatisfied with the "Customer Service" agent. Not only was she rude, unprofessional, and would not return my calls. I will never buy anything from The Dump again. They do not stand behind their products. All I wanted was my sofa replaced in a timely matter. But was told that was not their policy. Buy at Your Own Risk!

Sales people aren't telling the truth...
By -

5700 RT 42 TURNERSVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- We bought a Dormia Mattress from the Dump. The salesman personally assured me that if the mattress caused pain, (which he said is not the same as comfort) pain is pain were his exact words, they were exchange the product. Well, just got off the phone with customer service. The woman repeated to me, "unfortunately all sales are final, we don't exchange for comfort or height." I told her what the salesman told me, she just acted like she didn't hear me. She repeated "All sales are final. We don't exchange for comfort or height. It's on your sales receipt."

Omg! I am so upset. I am calling my credit card company with hopes they can help me! I am a nice person and I don't like being lied to. My husband was laid off from work for over 8 months. He finally went back to work. We needed a new mattress and this is what we get, very sad... Well, it doesn't matter if you're in pain, you're screwed if you buy a mattress from The Dump.... Buyer beware!!!!

Terrible Customer Service
By -

We have been trying, in vain, to get The Dump to honor the warranty for a defective sofa we purchased in March 2009. After much phone shuffling and visits to the store, we are now at the point where we want to warn anyone interested in making purchases at The Dump that their customer service is non-existent. The Dump refers to the quality of the furniture they handle. Buyer beware!!!

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