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Poor Customer Relations
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I'm a businessman who decided to kill some time before my next duty so I decided to stop by The Dump in Atlanta. When I got there I looked around a bit and found myself in the clearance area where I noticed a pile of blankets all the same price but different colors. There was one blanket I noticed that matched my colors in my bedroom but this blanket was missing the price. A worker told me the price should be the same as the others but he went and spoke to a lady over the department who was on break in the break area eating and just off the top of her head without seeing it she tells him to tell me $40 more than the other blanks.

I asked to speak to her cause this made no sense to me and she comes out with an attitude and says "it's because it's bigger." I say "no it's the same." So I walk back to clearance and measure it next to the others and guess what it was the same size. Moments later she comes racing up behind me and I showed her that that was not accurate and she says "it's because it's a better color." I said "I'm going to find the store manager this makes no sense." So I find the store manager and right away he acts defensive and I tell him about the situation and he acts real rude, short, and condescending and then tells me that it's because of the date.

So I look at the dates and the one I wanted said 2009 and the other at a lower price said 2011 so I point that out. He says, "well we don't go by that date." I say, "there is no other date so again where is this mystery price coming from?" He storms off and says "I'll just look it up in the computer." And I said "that would have made more sense to do that before you'll made up a price." As he was looking up the real price, another associate comes up to me and ask if I had got my previous needs met, and as I'm talking to her, the store manager jumps in and threatens to kick me out if I didn't shut up.

And I told him she asked and it's our private conversation and he wasn't in it. The store manager then gets on his cell phone and calls security and upon his arrival they converse in the corner and the security waits to the side. Then the store manager walks up to me with some papers and I'm thinking at that time he's going to tell me the price so I can buy it and leave, instead he walks up to me and starts off with 'first of all blaw blaw blaw and this and that', trying to pick an argument to escalate the situation.

I then tell him "I don't need the back lash. All I need is the price cause I know what you are trying to do." He says, "well you can just get the hell out of my store" and then told the security to escort me out. I've since called customer service twice and after almost 3 weeks I still haven't got the call back I was promised.

Damaged furniture, unreliable customer service, delayed replacement, damaged replacement... NO PERSONAL SATISFACTION
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We purchased a 5 piece bedroom set from this company on May 30, 2009... until today, we haven't received the dresser in proper condition and we are VERY VERY unhappy. We received a damage piece and now we have a replacement that is also damaged. The drawers and frames are broken and chipped and the wood/veneer is flaking off. The dovetails on the drawer are separated by 1/2 of an inch and pieces of wood are cutting into your hand. There is also mould at the bottom inner part of the dresser. If you are a future buyer and care to read our complaint, my one advise - don't shop here!

Please be wary of this store and their furniture quality. This should be your last resort if you ever need to shop for a special piece for your home. I would recommend Star Furniture and many others over this company. For many reasons, a few of which I may take time to list: What you see and order, is not what you receive, the pieces on the floor are better and more sturdier, what you get is nothing in comparison. Made in China - poor excuse. Customer Service are rude and impolite and doesn't care to help you even when THE DUMP has just dumped a damaged piece of furniture in your bedroom; I can list names... but let's be nice and don't.

Furniture was delivered on June 5 with damages and not replaced until August 28, only to find more damages than before. PS: They promise to replace damage furniture within 30 days, but 90 days approach and no follow ups. We call 5 - 6 times for help, we explain over and over, we get no apologies, no kind answers, it's just one excuse after another. We ask for a manager, even by name to no avail, the manager was standing right there but our calls go right back to the original rude customer service representative who once said we have none left in stock.

Our last resort was to go back into the store and find our sales representative and of course the manager was there to help us, very cordial and very nice. But in the end, he does nothing more than promise another immediate replacement. This is sad, given the status of our economy right now - the standards of customer service is at its lowest point. How can we the consumer be confident to make purchases? They take our money and they don't care what happens after.

At one time I called to follow up, only to find that our file was covered under rubble on someone's desk who was sick or out of the office for a week and I was told that no one would interfere with her desk or her job... Well obviously they did when I called to ask for my replacement of a damaged piece of garbage furniture they delivered to me. Delivery people don't care about you or your product... the wrapping is just a piece of blanket which probably lead to more damages in the truck.

Also, we were told our furniture was damaged by termites... hard to believe but termites may be crawling out of our bedroom pieces. The driver nicely said that the truck is sprayed. I am so frustrated at this point, I felt like standing at the door of this company and tell every single customer that the furniture is no good... beware. I hate to know that many may have gone through more than I went through with the DUMP. I can go on and on with more specifications... but I am tired and why should I, in the end, it's my money, no one cares but me.

Fraudulent Advertising - Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I heard an advertisement for The Dump on TV and the internet stating that The Dump is going out of the mattress business and mattresses are on sale at 15 cents on the dollar or 85% off. So I drove to the Dump all the way from North Phoenix to find out this was a lie and they had two mattress sets not much else on sale. I looked at the one for a Queen sized bed and thought this looks nothing like what they were advertising. Most mattresses were not even on sale.

When I spoke to the sales person, she said I needed to listen to the add more carefully, that this inventory is going so new could come in that they are not going out of the mattress business. What the heck!! Then I was going to purchase a mattress set but did not want the box springs as my is very new and would have matched. The sign with the pricing was on the bed and it said mattress only $309.00, box springs and mattress $398.00 (something like that), then she said I can only give you $50.00 off for not taking the box springs - what. She told me "never mind the sign stating $309.00 that was wrong."

I bought my daughter's mattress at The Dump a year ago and got a really great deal, quality and a real sale. If you look at the furniture and the pricing you can pretty much pay that at any good furniture store or a little less. They are not going out of the rug business like they advertise either. How come no one has sued this place for false advertising?? How can you get away with what they are doing?? Not to mention how can they charge you 100.00 for box springs and only credit you 50.00 - how ridiculous. The quality sucks and you can see that these are not designer anything.

I came home and listened to the ad again and it is exactly what I told her that it specifically states that they are going out of the mattress business - do they think we are stupid. They are liars so they can get you in the store - if I did business like that I would be out of business. I will never step foot in the Dump again. Thanks Dump - You right I ALMOST GOT DUMPED!!! HOPE SOMEONE FINALLY SUES YOU FOR FALSE ADVERTISING - CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH YOU GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

Financing and delivery scam! Stay away
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- I have had such a bad time with this miserable company as a customer. I spent 5 hours picking out furniture to redo my whole living room and kitchen. In this time I had to fax paperwork to the store to be approved for their 24 months no payments no interest offer and they approved me for exactly that. That offer is called an x24 offer to the employees of that store. I signed all the paperwork stating I had 0 payments and 0 interest for 24 months, and took the area rugs I had selected to my car. I later received a call saying I wasn't approved for the x24 offer but the w24 which is 24 equal payments over 24 months with no interest.

Still a good deal but not what I wanted so I canceled the order completely and told them to write up the rugs on a new contract and I would pay cash for them. I didn't want to drive 50 minutes back to the store just to hand them their stuff back because they can't honor their contracts. Not only did they not honor their contract, they didn't cancel it either and went on to try to deliver the furniture to me when I wasn't home (according to "The Dump" and my neighbors).

Now "The Dump" is sticking me with the bill for almost 6k worth of furniture that was supposed to be canceled, and trying to make me make payments on it when I was supposed to have no payments no interest in the first place... I never signed a delivery slip nor did I sign any agreement other than the one that I signed in the store for 0 payments 0 interest for 24 months. How did they get a new contract with me agreeing to buy these products from them on a totally different finance structure? Your guess is as good as mine but I can tell you it wasn't legally..

Avoid this store at all costs. They may have deals on furniture but you could end up like me getting bounced back and forth between the store the main office in Virginia, the finance company, the delivery company and the police trying to sort out a simple furniture sale... btw it's been since 5/28/10 that this took place and it still isn't resolved.

I have since reported them to the Arizona attorney general and the federal trade commission. the store in turn has filled charges against me for "stealing" said furniture "that I never took delivery of" because I haven't made a payment on their bogus contract. I will be suing the ** out of them after I am cleared of this obviously ridiculous claim.

We don't have your item but we do have your money.
By -

IRVING, TEXAS -- On November 14, 2009 I purchased a mattress, box springs and a king-sized based from "The Dump"€ in Irving Texas. The total for these items was 1740.66. This includes $59.00 for a delivery fee. They set the delivery date for today November 21, 2009 between 3 and 9 PM. Around 4 pm I called them to find out when the delivery will happen. At that time I was informed that the mattress was not going to be delivered. The salesman had assured me that the item was in stock.

I drove immediately to The Dump. I asked for the manager. I did not want to talk to the salesman again. I asked for my money back. Again I was directed to salesman for a different mattress. I informed the manager that I had a house fire and had been sleeping on a rented mattress and bed. I did not want to do business with this company anymore and I need my money to go to a different place. I was asked to leave the business. I walked around and asked some salespeople if this was normal business practice for "The Dump."€

Then they called the police on me. You got it. They have my money, no mattress, and they call the police on me. I am the one being held hostage. I am the one being robbed. So I leave. I go back in about an hour later and quietly walk to the customer service desk. I ask for a refund. After about twenty minutes I hear one of the salesmen say the police are coming. Can you believe it? I am standing there quietly waiting on my refund and they call the police again.

So I leave again and call in. It will take 7-10 days to get my money back (remember I returned my rented bed). They wanted to charge me for coming to pick up the box springs and base. It only took 2 hours on the phone to get rid that extra charge. Now they don'€™t want to refund my original delivery fee. Anything they can do to hold on to my money. I paid them cash. I didn't hold payment for 7-10 days and then short then my gas and stress.

Customer Service Phone Number
By -

LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- My girlfriend and I went to The Dump in Levittown, PA on a Sunday and purchased a sectional. When we got back to Delaware, we went to another furniture store and saw a sectional that we originally really wanted on sale for literally half the price we paid in Levittown. We called to cancel our order at the Dump and were told that we would receive a call back. Since they only have weekend hours, and we canceled our order at around 4 PM, it's safe to assume that they were not able to get back to us since they closed at 6 PM. I got a call today saying that the furniture was scheduled to be delivered tomorrow sometime in the afternoon.

After going to the website, I noticed there isn't a number for their customer service department, which is open 7 days a week. Google did not pull up the number, so I had to call the delivery people and they gave me their customer service number. The Dump's customer service number is: 1(866)-662-8947. I was also told that the business office of each location is open from about 8 AM to 3 PM or so every day, so one could call the store and reach the business office. I cannot confirm this as of now.

I found it strange that they wouldn't have their customer service number, but only their hours on the website. I made a complaint about this to the customer service representative I hope she follows through. I hope this helps someone else.

False Advertising
By -

IRVING, TEXAS -- I heard a radio ad stating that the Dump would give out $100 gift cards to anyone who showed up to the store on Friday the 15th. The ad said there was no minimum purchase required, no strings attached. In fact, it gave the example of finding something for $100 and getting it for free!

On the day of the event I and several other people stood outside to get our gift cards. When the doors opened the sales staff did not know what we were talking about. They acted like they did not know a promotion was going on. Later on someone came over with some cards that said $100 off a $199 purchase. We told the person that was wrong and they told us this is the offer they were told to pass out. I talked to a manager who told me that the higher ups played a copy of the radio ad and it was for $100 off a $199 purchase. I asked the people had they heard the ad on the radio and they all said no. They had only heard it in the meeting.

When I arrived home I filed a complaint to the Better Business Bureau in hopes of getting the $100 gift card that was offered in the advertisement.

Sales people aren't telling the truth...
By -

5700 RT 42 TURNERSVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- We bought a Dormia Mattress from the Dump. The salesman personally assured me that if the mattress caused pain, (which he said is not the same as comfort) pain is pain were his exact words, they were exchange the product. Well, just got off the phone with customer service. The woman repeated to me, "unfortunately all sales are final, we don't exchange for comfort or height." I told her what the salesman told me, she just acted like she didn't hear me. She repeated "All sales are final. We don't exchange for comfort or height. It's on your sales receipt."

Omg! I am so upset. I am calling my credit card company with hopes they can help me! I am a nice person and I don't like being lied to. My husband was laid off from work for over 8 months. He finally went back to work. We needed a new mattress and this is what we get, very sad... Well, it doesn't matter if you're in pain, you're screwed if you buy a mattress from The Dump.... Buyer beware!!!!

Terrible Customer Service
By -

We have been trying, in vain, to get The Dump to honor the warranty for a defective sofa we purchased in March 2009. After much phone shuffling and visits to the store, we are now at the point where we want to warn anyone interested in making purchases at The Dump that their customer service is non-existent. The Dump refers to the quality of the furniture they handle. Buyer beware!!!

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