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Poor Customer Service and Poor Resolution
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS, TEXAS -- This email is to serve as a complaint. I am very dissatisfied and upset with the way I was treated today by Manager Ricky, representative for the Limited. I took a pair of pants to the Limited store, located off Park Lane, for alterations approx. a week ago. The pants were new with tags still attached. I took three (3) more pair today 4/28/13 to be altered, and told the young Asian lady I needed to pick up as well. The young lady went to the back to retrieve my pants. I went to fold the pants and place them in my bag, when I noticed a red stain on the leg of the pants. I brought the problem to the young lady attention, who then paged for the manager Ricky.

Ricky look at the pants and stated "I can try to get the stain out, we send them out, so I don't know how that happen" or "if they were that way when they were brought here". Ricky had a very none caring attitude and I was really upset that she implied that I may have brought my pants there in that condition.

The limited provides a service, I entrust that my clothing will be handled with care when I leave them. I am more upset with how she handled me and the lack of customer service she offered. She asked if I wanted to take my pants home and wash them to see if the stain would come out. I know if I had been a white female, I would not have been subject to this type of treatment. I observed how careless they were with my clothes. My pants were thrown on the counter, possibly location were my pants were stain from residue left from their drinks. If you're going to provide a service, be organized.

My pants should have been hung in a location designated for alterations and not thrown on the counter subject to stains, being lost, or damaged while left unattended.
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User Replies:
Anna Molly on 04/29/2013:
I was completely unaware that The Limited offered alterations. Thanks for the info..

cryistalyoung on 04/29/2013:
If you have their credit card they will provide simple alterations. I get my pants length extended. They only provide alterations to either extend or take in the length.
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Unethical Business Practices Online
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I had been eyeing a peplum top from the Limited for some time but since everything goes on sale there I wanted to wait until it went on sale before I bought it. I finally saw it for half off ($19.99), ordered it, and got my confirmation email. Two weeks went by and the item still had not shipped.

I checked online to see the status of it but all it said was that my order was "open". It had no estimated ship date or any reason for the delay. The website also says orders ship within 6 - 8 business days so it had been longer than that. I decided to email customer service to see if I can get an update and got a reply this morning. They said they were out of stock of that top, did not expect to get any more in, and that they would refund my credit card. So basically they charged my credit card and never intended to give it to me! And what if I didn't follow up on my order? Were they just going to hope I never noticed and keep my money?

With tax and shipping it was $28 so it's not a ton of money but it's the principal of the matter. This seems shady and a bit unethical. Also, I told my sister about this who ordered a dress over two months ago and still hasn't received it yet. They keep telling her it's on backorder but who knows if she will ever get it! I've been a long time Limited shopper but after this and the fact that every single skirt or pair of pants I buy from them the hem comes down after a couple of wears, I think it's time I take my business elsewhere.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 08/25/2012:
Normally when a brick and mortar, or online retailer offers an item for 1/2 the normal sale price, the item is being discontinued or seasonal changes are about to occur in their offerings (which necessitates liquidating stock to make room for the next season's items). In almost all cases such as this limited quantities are available and will sell quickly. As you ordered online, it may have been available when the order was placed but there were potentially many customer's ordering the same item and your order may not have processed prior to the stock being depleted.
JISCal2 on 08/25/2012:
I agree. If they cannot take the time to follow up on your order after that much time had gone by, it is bad. Whether computer or human error they are still responsible to make sure you are notified and your money is returned in a timely manner.
CowboyFan on 08/27/2012:
when it says "6 to 8" business days, that is really almost 2 weeks, since there are only 5 business days in a week. That they had not notified you within 2 weeks was not inconsistent with their practices.

The store may in fact have not known for 2 weeks whether they had enough product that your order would end up being shipped or not, I.e. as they run down through the multiple purchase orders with limited stock, they may or may not get to your order for shipping before they run out. At that point, they would automatically refund your credit.

Most companies charge your credit card when you order, not when shipped. You then get a refund.
If an order is backordered, you can always cancel it, instead of waiting to see if you get it.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WAUWAUTOSA, WISCONSIN -- I bought a top on sale at the store, loved it, had no intention of returning it. But when I wanted to wear it for an out of town wedding, I found a tear in shoulder seam. I took it back as soon as I could since I didn't save receipt or tag. A nice sales person was willing to have me switch it out with a top of same price but I was in a hurry and couldn't shop so she offered to leave the manager a message documenting my situation. Again I could not return the next day but made it back in about 3 days. And the manager nearly had my head.

She treated me like a criminal, even though you could see that I clearly did not take a scissor to the top. I know that there are a few bad apples out there that ruin it for the majority of honest people but her behaviour was rude, disrespectful, unprofessional and accusatory. The whole time I remained calm, while she constantly cut me off by raising her voice multiple times. This not only ruined my shopping spirit for the night but left me thinking I would never shop at the limited.
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The Limited Rewards Card
Posted by on
I never received my rewards card from the Limited. When I tried to call to check on it, the first rep said that it would be 4-6 weeks (it's never taken this long before, but OK I'll buy it). So 3-4 weeks later I call back to verify and of course the next rep had no clue as to what I was talking about. To say the least it was most frustrating. It's like someone holding on to money that is owed to you. I had absolutely no help until I called back in and spoke to a representative who actually knew what was going on.

The previous rep had NO clue. Her name is [snip], if you ever reach this rep HANG UP IMMEDIATELY and call back. I told her that I never received my reward for earning 300 points and she thought that I was actually talking about cash $$. I think what irritated me the most was her complete disregard for my situation. Never once did this person (for lack of a better word) say "I'm sorry" or try to make amends. She was very cold and condescending. I can only hope that if she's ever in a situation where she needs to find out what happened to money owed to her that she is treated with the same ill-treatment I received from her, after all its only fair!

Also, I would like [snip] to know that I received your name from a co-worker at your company, the same one that had no clue what was going on with my account, she was MORE than willing to give your first and last name, but would only give HER first name with her employee # I thought that was VERY disrespectful and dangerous and I think you should know!
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User Replies:
seriously? on 07/05/2008:
You want to warn her that someone is giving out her name... and then you post her name ON THE INTERNET and tell everyone to hang up on her?
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Deceptive practices at The Limited
Posted by on
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- I recently tried to return a handbag that I purchased at The Limited. When I purchased the bag, it was located in a section of the store with sale merchandise that was marked 30% off.
When I tried to return the handbag, I was told that I could not return it because it was a Final Sale item and that Final Sale items could not be returned.
However, there was nothing on the handbag ticket or receipt to indicate that it was a "Final Sale" item and could not be returned. I was told that there signs in the store indicating that Final Sale items could not be returned. The side of the store where I purchased the handbag had no signs saying that that merchandise was "Final Sale." When I told the sales clerk that there weren't any signs in the area where the handbag was located and that there was nothing marked on the ticket or sales receipt saying "Final Sale", she said there were signs "all over the store."
I don't know how I was supposed to know that this particular product was a "Final Sale" product.
I consider this to be a very deceptive practice, and would not feel comfortable buying merchandise at The Limited in the future, because of their unethical and deceptive practices.
I have shopped at The Limited for 20 years, and have a Limited charge account. I am definitely going to cancel my charge account and will not shop there again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/15/2009:
If I'm not one hundred percent sure about something I'm buying, I always ask if it can be returned, especially if it is on sale.
Buddy01 on 07/16/2009:
Maybe there were signs posted, just not in the area of the handbag. 30% off seems like a low amount for a final sale item. Perhaps it was 30% off the already marked down price.
tinydancer89 on 07/19/2009:
most mark down items are non returnable. it's a common practice.
eurochick on 08/02/2009:
This exact same situation happened to me at the Woodfiled Mall location in Schaumburg IL. In the past I have been an infrequent Limited shopper. The store/company had an opportunity to convert me to a happy return customer, instead they lost a customer for life.

I disagree with tinydancer89. I have often returned mark down items and have never had a problem until my experience at The Limited.
Andrea on 07/25/2014:
While in your Hamilton Place Mall Limited (chattanooga, tn). I witnessed a very rude situation. Not sure what was going on but your employee was not professional and handling the customer in what I think was just all out rude. After watching for a couple minutes I just sat my clothes down and walked out. See I live in knoxville and always stop in while in town. It is odd that this was happening because I always have been greeted and helped by the employees at this store but On Wednesday, July 23 (around 3:30) I can say that did not happen as the employee was just laughing at the customer. I feel for the customer as she did not deserve that type of treatment (no matter what the situation was). Hope you can fix your customer service issue with this employee.
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