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The Worst On-Line Shop
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This is my worse on-line experience ever. Never encounter a company so dis-organized and so rude.

I placed the order via phone in July/2010 for fall delivery. It did not come. When I called late November, they said it was too warm to ship. When I called in December 2010, they said it was too cold to ship. Then in mid January, they called me that said they will ship. I told them everything is under ice and if they can delay the shipping until March, and they said yes.

Early March 2011, I called and they said it was shipped. But nothing came. Mid March, I called again, they said my credit card number expired, so I gave them my credit card number again. And they said it will arrive in 7-10D. Now, early April, I called again and they said they cannot find my order.

I said you made me wait to miss the fall season, and now I will miss the spring season again. And Mike (the guy in CHARGE!!!) said, now that's why we canceled your order because you are mad. And he hung up the phone!. What a company! I will contact BBB to complain again.
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Anonymous on 04/05/2011:
I have been so tempted to order plants online this spring, but have held back because of this. The shipping can be tricky. my mother orders online from Spring Hill Nursey, Jackson & Perkins, and Logee. She's never had an issue and if I was going to order, I'd try them. The Spring Hill website includes customer reviews, so that's a bonus. Just Google their names and you'll find the web address.
Susan on 06/05/2013:
Just received 2 agave plants from TyTy Nursery in Georgia. Tiny bare-root plants, some arms arms broken. I have gotten much healthier plants from Home Depot!
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