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Scam! Not a Reputable Company!
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
MELISSA CUELLO AND WILLIAM J MICHENER ARE LISTED, NEW JERSEY -- Placed an order on 1-30-14 for over $55. worth of scents for soap making. Everything looked legit on the website....HA what a crock! At the end of the process it tells you that you can check the status of your order/shipment. You wait sufficient time for your delivery....NOTHING! You go back to check your status only to find -conveniently-that you can't even get back on the website! It says it's closed! They provide a phone number which is nothing more than an online Google number in which NO ONE ever answers!

I placed an order with a company completely on the opposite side of the states out of California 2-5-14 and they had it shipped the very next day and received the order 2-10-14! So what in the crap is The Scent Wizards problem??? They're on the same side of the states as me! They CLAIM they've been in business for over 10yrs?!? Really? Well I guess if you consider charging people's credit cards...(stealing their money)...and never delivering the product or providing ANY customer service...a "business"-then I guess you have been "in business" that long!

So after getting suspicious I try to look the company up online again and I come across complaints dating back to 2009! ALL of which state the SAME thing...CHARGED but did not receive the not answer phones or emails!!! This would have been nice to see B4 I placed my order.

We called PAYPAL to cancel the order only to find out The Scent Wizard never accepted the charge through PAYPAL and it expired 4 days after the order was placed. But I still had access to review my order status 3 days after it had expired---it still said PROCESSING! So I was still thinking maybe my order was going to show up. I could have been placing an order with a reputable company during this time if The Scent Wizard had not been shady.

My "opinion" is the only reason they did not accept the charges is because it was done through PAYPAL and they don't get access to your credit card number. It seems through reading all of the complaints filed that The Scent Wizard immediately accepted & charged credit cards that obviously were not protected or hidden from being seen by a middleman like PAYPAL!!!

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Total Rip-Off
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LITTLE FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- Don't pay a dime to this company! It is a total rip-off and scam. You can order essential oils from their web site - Your Credit Card will be charged immediately, and that is all she wrote!! You will never hear from them again. No reply to e-mails, no response to phone messages. Their web site will show that they shipped your order, and say goodbye to your hard-earned dollars. Disgusting business practice !
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Marilyn on 04/11/2013:
I also ordered from them, but I paid with a money order. I kept checking back with them to see if my order shipped and it did say shipped, but I never received it. I kept calling and emailing also and never heard anything either. I wish I had of checked them out before I ordered from them because I don't have money to just give away. I heard that they have been getting away with this for years and they're still going strong.
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Ripped off Too!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW JERSEY -- I wish I would have reviewed these con-artists before placing an order. I got ripped off for an order also. Luckily, my credit card company will reimburse me, but only after I file a dispute.

Seems like I will have to start checking every company out before ordering anything on line now.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 03/02/2013:
What was the problem?
geoff647 on 03/04/2013:
Ordered goods over 2 months ago. credit card charged - And that was it! No further communication - No response to calls or e-mails. ZIP - NADA - NOTHING!
Gloria on 03/07/2013:
Ordered oils on 2/7/13 - today is 3/7/13. Never received a single response to any of my emails and the phone number listed goes to voicemail which is full and can take no more messages. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY - IT IS A SCAM.
Wendy on 03/22/2013:
Amen Geoff and Gloria! Did you guys report them to the BBB? I filled out a complaint. You can't post anything on their FB page, but I sent a message. I am not a happy camper. I am now looking into seeing if I can get some NJ station to pick up the story. File a complaint with the BBB.
Dana on 03/28/2013:
I recently experienced all of the same and closed the credit card I used when I placed my order in fear of them trying to steal more and now worried that they could be into identity theft because of informaton given! I am really angry that I didn't have the foresite to try contacting their phone #, or write them either by email or by mail to get some answers prior to my giving them my money. The answers that I should have had from them prior to purchase should have been:
1. Who is the owner of this company?
2. What is your business license #?
3. Who do you bank with?
4. What state is your bank branch in?
5. How long for processing an order?
6. What is your customer service # and who is the service rep?

These are just a few of the questions I thought of that I should have seriously researched BEFORE laying any money out while in the intrenet.

I tryed to contact them by email and by phone 11 or so times and only got 1 return email from a "William MIchener" giving me a lame excuse and a false promise to mail my order within 48 hours- 2 weeks later and still 0000000000000000000000000! He only got back to me because I started threatening to call their local authorities if no one got back to me! I called and email after that to get only a "full mailbox" message, and no return emails in reply to my latest requests! PLEASE DON"T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY- THEY WILL NEVER GIVE YOU WHAT YOU PAID FOR! THEY WILL BE LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!!
Deb on 05/29/2013:
I just ordered 2 wks ago and should have read these reviews first. Obviously, I will not be getting my order and am having trouble with communication as well. BBB here I come!
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The Scent Wizard Is A Ripoff
Posted by on
LITTLE FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- I ordered a few things from "The Scent Wizard" about 2 weeks ago and my order still shows as "pending".

They charged my card the same day.

They do not respond to phone calls or emails.

I have tried to cancel the order with no response.

Upon investigation, I have found numerous complaints against this company.

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User Replies:
Alain on 06/30/2010:
You might try going to the website or calling 973-504-6200 to see if they can advise you on this problem.
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/30/2010:
Something smells funny about the way they are doing business.
Disaster Worker on 06/30/2010:
I looked at their website out of curiosity. It looks cheesy.
Beachgirl74 on 09/11/2010:
I used them as well, and exactly the same thing happened to me. I loved their product, but not until I threatened in an email (that was never answered) to contact that Better Business Bureau, did I receive my products. I have since found another company and they have wonderful customer service and and I thrilled to use them.
SharonJ on 09/12/2010:
I eventually did receive the order, but I still felt ripped off as I was buying a birthday present and the date had long gone by. I also feel ripped off by them because I canceled 3 times by email and twice by phone and my cancellation request was completely ignored, in fact I never once heard from anyone in the company. When I got the package I was very very unimpressed by the "copycat" scent, it just smelled like scented dish washing liquid. Never again and still highly un-recommend this company.
HONEST BUYER on 12/30/2010:
PepperElf on 12/30/2010:
For the money they "stole" from you.. contact your credit card company and file a dispute.
idontthinkso on 12/30/2010:

Dude.. Decaf..
tish on 04/01/2013:
I ordered from the last year and never received my order, disputed it, got my money back and moved on. don't know if its a scam but they don't answer emails or phone calls. I will never order from them again. I only tried them, because they have some scents that others don't have.
Vena on 05/23/2013:
I placed a order for my wife's birthday and received nothing? I have tried calling them and they have their answering machine on from the weekend stating the mailbox is full - try back later? What a joke!! Very unprofessional!! I informed my wife that I have something special coming in the mail for you that never showed up. I'm very upset!!
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Another delivery problem
Posted by on
LITTLE FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- Order placed 8/2/2010. My card was charged 8/4/2010.
It is now 10/4/2010, and I have not received the order. I have also been calling and emailing them on a daily basis and have gotten NO response whatsoever.

I have filed a complaint with the NJ Consumer Affairs online (thanks to the complaints about them here!)
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User Replies:
Skye on 10/04/2010:
You should do a chargeback TODAY on your credit card. You have 60 days to dispute the charge, and today is day 60.

Thanks for warning others.
getoverit on 10/04/2010:
I think you might have sixty days from the statement date - not the transaction date.

Hopefully, you haven't thrown away your credit card agreement - it will tell you.

Whatever you do, file your dispute in writing. The customer service people at the credit cad company might tell you you don't have to but I'd bet almost any money that your card agreement requires that disputes are made in writing.
Skye on 10/04/2010:
Yes. If you want to dispute a charge, you must notify your credit card company within 60 days after the date of the statement on which the charge appears. If more than 60 has passed since you were charged, then the credit card company is not obligated to investigate or respond to your complaint.

OP, contact your credit card company today, and ask for the dispute department. They will send you forms for you to fill out, regarding your dispute. By calling them today, they will note on your account you started the dispute charges.

tnchuck100 on 10/04/2010:
Let me add: Send your written dispute certified mail/return receipt requested. In your letter make reference to the phone call that you made that was within the 60 date limit.
getoverit on 10/04/2010:
I've been successful with at least 10 credit card dozen disputes. I've never used a form. Unless, for some reason, you really have to use a form, I would not wait for a form. I would mail in a letter ASAP. Be as factual as possible and include whatever documentation you can.

tnchuck100 is right: Certified with a return receipt is a good idea.
Talonvaki on 10/05/2010:
Thanks for all the advice! It's actually a credit union's debit card, so we'll see what I can do, but I will call them today.
tnchuck100 on 10/05/2010:
Debit card disputes don't usually work the same as with credit cards. However, since this is a credit union your chances of getting help have increased greatly.
Some Guy on 07/13/2011:
I have been a customer of The Scent Wizard for years...great company...great products...and great customer service.
Jennifer on 02/01/2012:
Some Guy, you sound like one of the lucky ones. The first and only time I ordered from The Scent Wizard, they charged my credit card and over two months later, they finally sent my order. In the meantime I was e-mailing them but they never responded. When I opened the box, they were all labeled "Joop For Women" instead of "All About Eve" by Joop which is what I had actually ordered. I contacted them again by e-mail and finally received a response from someone who was convinced that the Joop For Women scent hadn't been used for a while therefore it must have been a labelling error. Unfortunately it WAS Joop For Women which I had received. Joop For Women has an oriental/woody scent whereas All About Eve has a fruity scent. I will never ever order anything else from The Scent Wizard again.
Scorpia on 04/25/2012:
I have not received part of my order still, Placed on 3/21/12. In the first place my original order took 10 days to be shipped with no tracking number and when I got it part of my order was wrong (Clear rolling bottles intended of Blue and no shipping list). I called on 4/5/12 (like the website requires) I talked to a lady that said that she would have it shipped to me the next day, so I waited even longer. I called again on 4/16/12, talked to "Jena" and she told me they hadn't sent it because the shipment that came in was all broken, so she would send me out a double dozen, take care of it personally and I will have a tracking number by 6pm that night. There's nothing in an email, nothing on the website, and there is no fallow up.
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