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Simple Way To An.... Empty Pocket.
By -

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- 03/12/08 I called to purchase the product and was told that I would be responsible for the initial $9.99 shipping price and if I did not like it, I had 30 days from the time I received the product to return it and I would be responsible only for the cost of sending the product back and would not be charged for the cost of the product. I received the product on 03/18/08 and requested my RMA on 04/14/08. Shipped back on 04/18/08. I followed the return policy in 100% compliance yet there was a pending withdrawal of $64.74 from my account.

I called the customer service line ** and was told "I'm very sorry. I will forward this to corporate and you will receive a refund in 7-10 days." I told them it needed to be done immediately and they were not authorized to withdrawal any funds from my account. Transaction expired and was not posted at that time. On 04/29/08, a $64.74 debit was taken from my account by them. On 05/02/08 I called CS ** to find out why yet again they had charged my account. He informed me that a reversal was issued on 04/30/08 for the full amount. I filed a discrepancy with my bank and was issued a provisional credit.

The refund finally posted 05/06/08 but was only for $63.77. This was $0.77 less than they withdrew. I had to call yet again to CS ** to ask why they are still illegally holding my funds. I now have to wait an additional 3-5 days for my full refund. The 30-day "Risk free trial" is false advertising and illegal.

Resolution Sought: Simple Way is not customer friendly. They have their sights set on your money, not your child's education or needs. I would like an explanation of why they do not comply with their own policies, yet hold us to them to the letter. I would like the overdraft fee I incurred of $16.00 refunded due to their unexpected and unauthorized withdrawal. I would like them to audit their financial transactions and refund any moneys due to customers who were shortchanged, no matter how small the amount.

I Am Quite Unhappy
By -

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered this product thinking that it might help my severely learning disabled child. I reviewed the program and sent it back within the 30 days, then it came back to me "refused" so I sent it again and again it came back "refused" so I called the company but there was a "staffing problem" and no one would call me back for at least two weeks. Apparently I didn't read the return policy that states you have to call the company and receive an RMA number that you write all over the package and send it back. This is what I did and stupidly I didn't get a tracking slip.

So, the company claims they never got the program. I believe they are lying to me. I don't have the product any more and they claim they don't either. Their solution? To give me a discount on the product that I sent back to them three times. They are horrible and they have hurt me financially.

Company Response 03/10/2009:

As Director of Customer Service. I would definelty like to assist with this concern and your account. If you could please contact me via email so we could try to discuss and resolve the account.

Thank you,

Leinati Hackley
Director of Customer Service
A Simple Way to an A

What A Scam!
By -

I ordered this program, got bullied into purchasing two, total came to over $500, called to return, was offered a discount and advised to call back the next day with decision, called back couldn't get through that day, called the next day and was advised it was too late to return it and that it was also too late for the discount I was offered. I was never told this program cost so much or I would not have ordered it. I am struggling to care for 4 children on a single income. I only wanted to provide my children with something that would help them become better students.

Now I have to try to provide a roof over their heads because now I can't return this non-effective program and my account is being deducted money I don't have. All I wanted was to help my kids out. I feel like I was taken Advantage of and the return policy is such a SCAM!!! When you call to return it, you are then pressured into taking more time to make sure you don't want a better future for your kids. This program is way overpriced. I'm sure corporate doesn't have to worry about feeding their kids on a regular income of less than $30,000 a yr. I am so stressed right now I don't know what to do. I mean is this legal?????

Purchase Policy - Misrepresentation of Purchase Agreement
By -

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA -- Be Very Careful! When I ordered the program, I was assured that I had until the end of the semester to pay for the program and if it didn't work, they would honor their guarantee and I could send it back. Now that the program hasn't worked (the end of the semester is here and grades didn't improve), they aren't holding to their word. Also, the program didn't work well at all with my high school sophomores. It appears that the program is designed for elementary age students.

Not Worth The Money
By -

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- I got this product for my son to help him to become a better student. When I ordered it they told me that they would only take out of my checking account for s/h and that they would bill me. They have been taking $50.00 out of my account without my permission. I called and told them I don't want them to be taking money out of my account that I would mail my payment. They don't accept anything but taking it out of your account. They told me if I didn't let them take it out of my account that they would turn me into collections that I cannot send the product back.

I called them because it was not helping my son. They said I couldn't send it back because it's been over a month since I received it. It hasn't been a month since I received it, it has been over a month since I ordered it. I guess they count those 3 weeks when you wait on it as part of your time. I don't recommend this product. It is not worth $300.00 at all. You could buy all this product at Wal-Mart for about $8.00. It is such a waste of money.

I was so disappointed with this product and the way they treated me. I will probably keep paying this because of my credit, but I don't recommend it to anyone. I just wanted to let you know so you don't make the same mistake that I did. Thank you.

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