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I Am Amazed
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A few years ago I was browsing at a store when I remembered I needed toilet cleaner. I grabbed a bottle of The Works toilet cleaner which I had never used before. Took it home and I was impressed with how clean it got the toilet so I've been using it ever since. Fast forward to last night. I wanted to clean my garbage can so I took it up to soak it in the bathtub. I usually keep a bottle of bleach up there for household cleaning but must have used it all. Not wanting to go down to the basement I decide to use this toilet cleaner instead. (It disinfects right?) So, I start running the tub and squirt some of the cleaner in. While I do this it hits some stuff that has been on the tub forever and it starts fizzing. So, I took out my sponge and wipe it and all this stuff comes off. Now, I am intreaged and I read the bottle that says "removes soap, lime scale, and hard water stains." Today I go up to finish my garbage can job and let the water out of the tub and more of this stuff is coming off. So, I drain all the water, take the garbage can out and pour more of The Works in the tub and to my amazement it removes everything that has accumulated in the tub! I have lived in my house six years and I have never been able to get the tub cleaned. I have tried CRL, comet, soft scrub, pretty much everything. I have scrubbed it to the point that I could be on that commercial with the ladies with the arm braces. Nothing worked. It was so "bumppy" that I thought some of the finish was actually coming off the tub and that is why it was like that. It was gross and embarrassing but we had to deal with it till we had the money to replace it. I can not believe this stuff just took it right off in a matter of minutes and I didn't even have to scrub it. It just wiped right off. Now we don't need a new tub after all. I am so excited I am literally leaving right now to go buy the regular cleaning product of it so I can try it on the shower door. If that works even half as well it's bye bye comet and lots of other cleaning products I use. I just had to tell someone how great this stuff is and thought you all might like to know.
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andbran on 06/30/2010:
I know the product you are talking about. never thought about using it around the house.
biomajor on 06/30/2010:
That's wonderful! I might have to try it in my kids' tub LOL
Venice09 on 07/01/2010:
I never heard of this product, but it sounds wonderful. Where did you buy it? You must have the cleanest garbage can in town!
mrnmrsweibel on 07/01/2010:
I went to the store last night and it turns out I was wrong and they don't have a regular household cleaner product of it but they did have one designed for showers so I grabbed that. My only complaint is its not in a spray bottle so I'm not sure how well it will do on the shower door but we'll see. It will definitely be my new bathroom cleaner at least.
Venice, I live in PA, not sure if its available where you are. I got it the first time at our dollar store because I took my son there and that's when I remembered I needed some. I've also bought it at Big Lots and Walmart. It didn't clean the garbage can thought. I had to dig out the soft scrub for it after all (darn white garbage cans).
I told my husband about it last night when I talked to him (he's away working), and even he thought it was funny because he's tried getting this stuff off the tub too. I apparently have no life because I just can not get over how excited I am that my tub looks like new.
Nohandle on 07/01/2010:
MRN, nothing to do with you having no life. You found a product that worked for you. Nice review.
Venice09 on 07/01/2010:
When I find something that works, really works, especially over time, I get excited too, mrsweibel. Buying a cleaner is certainly easier and cheaper than having a bathtub replaced. I'd be doing the dance of joy, too!

We have a couple of dollar stores here and Walmart, so I'll keep my eyes open. I used to clean the tub with SoftScrub until I discoverd Magic Eraser. But I'd love to try The Works in the toilet bowl, which for some reason is harder to keep clean in the summer.

By the way, SoftScrub is a good product and probably works great on a white garbage can. I've been using it for many years on all kinds of things. And it's not too hard on the hands either.
trp2hevn on 07/13/2010:
I bought some of this stuff too. We have well water where I live and when the water softener isn't working right, we get a build up of rust stains. I was amazed at how easily this stuff cleaned the tub. I was even more amazed at how toxic the smell was. The hazard warnings on the label are pretty scary. Gloves and a mask are needed for sure.
mrnmrsweibel on 07/17/2010:
trp, I didn't think the toilet cleaner smelled that bad but the shower and tub stuff did. I also actually didn't like the tub and shower stuff as much. It is so watery that it just ran down to the drain. I am thinking about buying a spray bottle to put it in in hopes it will stay on the tub longer while I am cleaning it.
I have told lots of people of the success I've had with this product and now have a few friends using it too.
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