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The Peoples Chemist-Restocking Fee
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Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a product from this company by mistake. After I found out that they wanted to charge $62.00 bucks for one months supply of a blood pressure med, I emailed them the next day that I wanted a refund. I got the box today and emailed them and they said they will charge me a 20% restocking fee. They were rude and for $12.00 if they can spare that, I would run for the hills from them as they are trying to rip people off. Customer service is definitely not in their mind set. Stay far away from this 2 person company.
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Alain on 04/19/2013:
There are a lot of fly-by-night companies that make their money on restocking fees, handling fees, etc. You can see them advertise on the Internet, doing infomercials (often featuring a washed up celebrity) and pushing their sometimes dubious products on late night TV ads. As always, the best consumer defense is research, common sense and reading the fine print (if readable). Reviews like this are helpful, too!
Obsfucation on 04/19/2013:
I think restocking fees at a big box store are outrageous. In this case however, OP ordered the item, they shipped it, OP changed his mind and wants to ship it back and then they really do have to restock it. Frankly, $12 doesn't seem unreasonable.
Trueenough on 07/05/2013:
You ordered it (by mistake? seriously?).

They now have to open the package which you sent back, inspect the product (and possibly discard it), break down the box which is now unusable and restock the item. All of which requires a paid employee(s).

20% may seem high, but what about the customer who sends back a $5 item? Is the 20% ($1) of that order enough to offset the labor of restocking?

Your "mistake" is the cost of being a responsible consumer. Be more careful next time, and don't expect the Seller to be responsible for your mistake.
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