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Wrong Size Windows
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WARMINSTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Were the wrong size and they installed them anyway using a piece of wood to finish the gap. Owner offered to pay me for paint to cover the wood. Company doesn't warrant any business from ANYONE. Failed to return repeated calls and owner finally appeared to stand by his companies ridiculous work after complaints to BBB. This company does not respect the customer and when confronted with ridiculously overpriced, substandard workmanship they cut and run. Shameful that the salesman spoke glowingly about their warranty work and the fact that they have all these guarantees. Guarantees don't carry water if they have no plan on honoring them. Now I have overpriced, wrong sized windows in the house and no way to remedy it but take them to court. Sad that miss measured windows (their tech took the measurements) were installed and even after being shown the lack of fit that the owner wouldn't take responsibility. SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!!!
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fast327 on 07/02/2010:
Sad to say, but this type of jury-rigged construction is done more often than one would think. It is often covered up by wider casing. In your case, it is the bleeding obvious!
njgarcia72 on 07/06/2010:
And the saddest part is that the double hung window out at the back of the house fine. Checked under the casing and there is no quarter round filler. Again, if you choose to surrender your hard earned dollars to Thermal Shield Enterprises, LLC - DON'T BELIEVE THEIR GUARANTEE AND LEARN TO MEASURE THE OPENINGS YOURSELF. Their website lies, their tech who took the measurements obviously fudged the numbers and the only reason I actually ended up with windows is because their subcontractor knew how to fix their screw ups. The owner of Thermal Shield doesn't honor his published warranty and even a BB rating of zero did nothing. Offering to pay for paint was a sad admission that his company screwed up, even though he continued to deny any wrongdoing. DON'T CONTRACT WITH THERMAL SHIELD ENTERPRISES, LLC of WARMINSTER, PA.
jlebeau76 on 02/12/2012:
Truly a pathetic company that also burned me. A ton of excusues and people quiting on the job. Do not use them!
orin be on 10/08/2012:
they installed windows for me also. it rained ablount a week later and it was niagra falls coming out of my kitchen windows. turned out they didn't calk the windows . when I called LAtonya, their secretary she told me I better calm down and they would possibly be able to schedule something in 4 weeks. the guy came out and calked part of the window and neglected any other windows they missed as well. they would not come out again to fix. now my windows are super drafty and all my money wasted into a crappy company.
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Mis-measured windows
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WARMINSTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- If you plan on using this company, learn how to accurately measure your own window frames. They sent their "Factory Trained" technician over to measure the openings for customer windows and when they arrived to retrofit the installer had to perform miracles because they were mis-measured. Thankfully they hire talented staff (this particular guy was actually a general contractor doing this for some side work) as he and his helper were the only reason I actually had windows that day. The company doesn't honor their published 100% satisfaction guarantee and the windows, while beautiful and most likely durable (have only had them for 2 weeks) are pricey. If you are going to get replacement windows from Thermal Shield, Warminster-PA, do yourself a favor and double check the technicians measurements. If I had, I would have corner round trim installed in the places were the "Custom" replacement windows didn't fit. I am only luck that they had the general contractor on his day off come do this installation otherwise I would be left with six holes in my house and no recourse.

Be forewarned because not only is that warranty questionable, they don't return phone calls and also miss appointments with half hearted apologies.
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