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Thomasville Flooring

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Poor quality of thomasville enginerred flooring
Posted by Eckeru13 on 01/22/2008
Installed 1,595 sq. ft of Thomasville dark walnut engineered hardwood flooring.

The product is substandard, the micro-thin veneer can't be refinished. The finish does not hold up to normal wear and tear. After a few weeks the floor looks horrible smudging does not come out.

This is the poorest quality flooring I have ever experienced.

Rick Eckert
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Posted by richf on 2008-05-27:
I'm with you. I've had the same problems. The floor smudges easily (it needs to be cleaned daily) and scratches very easily.
Posted by guardian angel on 2008-06-03:
Smudges on hardwood can be removed with lighter fluid on a rag. Scratches are part of every hardwood, depending on the finish the manufacturer uses. Aluminum oxide scratches alot easier, scratching the aluminum oxide not the actual wood. Engineered floors are just a layer of hardwood over a subbase therefore they cannot be refinished. Best tool for scratches is an Almond stick. You can buy it at a local hardware store for about $6 and it will fade out any scratching on hardwood. I even use it on wood furniture. These are the hints we give to all our customers at our flooring store.
Posted by cherpep on 2008-06-03:
An almond stick? What is that? In what section of the typical hardware store would I find that?
Posted by Ponie on 2008-06-03:
cherpep, you can also buy it in the paint department at a Meijer store.
Posted by cherpep on 2008-06-03:
Thanks! Very helpful comments!
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Poor Quality and Poor Customer Service
Posted by Minneapolis condo on 02/11/2008
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- I am very unhappy with these floors. They were beautiful until winter. The floors are not properly treated and they have shrunk unevenly up to a 1/4" in some locations. Thomasville has washed their hands of the issue and I am left with floors that cost me $1800 and now need to be replaced. I am not a wealthy person and cannot afford further action at this time. The floors distract from the value of my otherwise well kept home. I will never purchase Thomasville flooring again.

This has been a very unpleasant experience and I would not recommend these floors to anyone. Home Depot has also not stood behind their product and customer in this purchase.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2008-02-11:
you have a humidity or a climatic condition in your home. How did you acclimate the wood prior to installation? Was it new construction. Slab? Did you test the moisture in the subfloor and the wood before installation? It is installation related issues dealing with acclimation and not a mfctrs defect. HD is correct in walking away. If you correct the moisture or humidity concerns the floor will respo9nd. Expansion and contraction is a normal function of hardwood.
Posted by fascismsux on 2008-02-12:
dan gordon- bull-crap, the posters problem is shrinkage , that means that the flooring hadnt been brought to a proper low level of moisture content(shrinkage ) through the manufacturers drying process , and because of that the flooring decided to do this after it was laid as flooring naturally does . that much shrinkage , of properly kiln dried flooring , would be nearly impossible to blame on the moisture / humidity conditions in the home , unless the posters home is a kiln and even then ....? I say take pictures , get estimates , sue them !
Posted by dan gordon on 2008-02-12:
How do you know how HD stored the wood? I had times where wood was transported from the distributor in open trucks in winter? How is that the mfctrs responsiblilty? Installers still have the obligation to confirm the moisture content of the wood being installed to the moisture in the slab or subfloor
Posted by fascismsux on 2008-02-12:
dan gordon- well - I dont know how HD stored it ,and neither do you . more info would have been best , like what species of wood etc .-- all Im saying is that unless the poster kept the flooring outside in the rain or did something similar , then that much shrinkage cant be blamed on poster . And NO flooring installer that I've ever seen checks moisture content - i wanted to buy a device for checking MC myself and lowes couldnt even get me one . Im just saying that the manufacturer is most likely responsible - Did HD leave the flooring out in the rain ? Maybe , if so then its their fault - either way -If Hd sells flooring that is defficient or has retained so much moisture as to require another trip through the kiln ,Its their fault , HD cant expect avg joe to have access to a kiln .
Posted by dan gordon on 2008-02-12:
Its easy to see there is a problem. The dilemma is determining who is at fault. If it was professionally installed the installer has the burden to determine proper job site conditions. The key is the poster said it was fine till winter. Do they heat with wood? What is the relative humidity in the home? Thats why I commented the way I did. Assuming the truth of your last comment, the HO has the obligation to determine moisture content or give the wood enough time to acclimate to the condition the wood will be used. 1/4" gap isn't all that unusual. The good news it will generally be fine in summer. Its an inherent quality of wood, and not a mfctg. defect.
Posted by guardian angel on 2008-06-03:
I'm afraid to say that Dan Gordon is correct. I have worked for a small flooring company for 15 years and this is by far the biggest complaint we receive on hardwood floors. Shrinkage is part of a hardwood floor. Read up on this @http://www.hardwoodinfo.com/display_article.asp?ID=197. Understanding hardwood floor is mandatory for all of our customers. As far as the moisture meter go to a flooring store, not a big box store and they can order you a moisture meter from their vendor. Any reputable installer of hardwood floors has one of these. There are a lot of hack installers who install flooring, that don't follow the industry standards that create problems. There is not one flooring manufacturer that will stand behind a product when the required installation procedures were not followed. All warranties are there to protect the manufacturer, not the consumer and it is the consumers responsibility to buy flooring from a company that stands behind their installers. Then when you have a problem the store is there to protect your investment. I have handled numerous complaints from most of manufacturers of flooring products and only because our installers are certified have they replaced a floor. But with regards to the issues on shrinkage you are having adding moisture to the room will solve the problem. I live in Wisc and have solved many a flooring complaint with this simple step.
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Dissatisfied With Thomasville Engineered Flooring Purchased At Home Depot
Posted by Marym926 on 04/09/2014
Three years ago, I installed Thomasville engineered hardwood flooring purchased at Home Depot. The floor is scratched, buckled, splintered and easily scratched. I am totally dissatisfied with the product. Additionally, it is no longer sold in Home Depot and cannot be purchased on line either. There is no webpage available that references Thomasville flooring at all, only Thomasville furniture. This leads me to believe that this is an inferior product and, therefore, is no longer available.
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Horrid Walnut Floors
Posted by Unhapply wooded after on 03/27/2011
Unfortunately, I've now had the un pleasure of having this floor for over 2 years now. It is the biggest pain in my life. I may as well have white carpeting, with feet that leak black ink. The floors WILL not get clean, or stay clean. For the money spent on them I would have expected even a semi-decent floor. This sucks. I bought 99cent per sq ft wood flooring from a basic brand for a kid room and is 100x more durable and better looking then the 4+ per SQ FT flooring.

I called Thomasville to complain, they told me to use Bona floor cleaners, which I had been doing....they said they would contact me back, never did. I clean these floors every other day, honestly, I could clean them every hour and it still wouldn't be enough. The smudges and oils that these floors attract is unreal. Even only wearing socks, it still smudges! Not to mention how easily the floor chips, and scratches. Even those I can deal with, as to be expected with wood floors, but the constant dirty looking floors is the most aggravating. I will shop and Lowes from now on, considering this Thomasville flooring is only sold through HD and neither company cares about how horrible the product is.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-03-27:

you may have a high gloss finish on this floor. If that is the case its pretty easy to recoat the floors with a matte finish without refinishing. Its a possible solution. A mfctr isn't going to be responsible for the floor you chose that shows footprints. Perhaps you used an improper cleaner initially?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-28:
I dont understand how you say they "attract" oils. Sounds to me, you drag in too much dirt. Maybe walnut flooring isnt for you.
Posted by MLHL on 2013-06-11:
I have these exact floors and I get loads of compliments on them. When they're clean they look like the reflection off a calm dark lake at night and when they're dirty, well, I just let the whole floor get dirty and then individual footprints aren't as noticeable. Yes, you can see every crumb that my toddlers drop, so just get a Roomba. I've been much happier since I quit trying to mop them and I just mainly dust them and vacuum them.
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Mr. Direct Copper Sinks
Posted by To Farve on 03/09/2011
We received everything in good condition. Packaging was excellent and the product looks great. We haven't installed it yet, but at this point, I'd recommend the company and the product.

Copper Sink
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Posted by Alain on 2011-03-10:
The 904 is nice. I saw them for around $419. Is this about what you payed for it?
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Flooring Review
Posted by Dale S on 01/27/2011
I bought the Thomasville Brazilian Cherry 5" plank flooring for my new house. I paid over $5.000 for this product. DO NOT BUY THIS FLOORING!! It looks nice when clean and is pretty straightforward to install. But after installation it will never look good again. It is impossible to keep clean. It shows every speck of dirt and and mark that touches the surface. It is a dark wood, but if you even walk across it without shoes, it will leave a print.(even with socks on) We use "Bona" brand hardwood floor cleaner, but after cleaning, in good light, you can see the streaks and marks. Every tiny waterspot, footprint, or anything with moisture or dust will show. Even spots that you do not walk on will start to show dust after a day or two. This floor could be cleaned two or three times a day, but as soon as you walk on it, the spot you walked on needs cleaning. If you are planning to install laminate flooring, look somewhere else.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-01-27:
that is a characteristic of a high gloss product. Why is it somehow a mfctg defect? You saw it before you bought it. You can pay just a little bit of money and recoat the floor with a matte finish. That will lessen the gloss and you may like it better. Ask a installer for a 'screen and recoat'. May cost $1-2 per sf.
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Thomasville Flooring
Posted by Dbruce38141 on 01/07/2011
I had Thomasville Jatoba flooring installed in my home and within 3 months one of the boards developed some type of fungus on it. The interesting thing about this is that the fungus was not spread across multiple boards (it is confined to the one board). I contacted Home Depot who sent their installer out to inspect to see if this was a problem with the installation. After close inspection it was determined the issue was a defect in the board not in the installation. I then contacted Thomasville who sent out an engineer who made the claim the issue with the one board was due to moisture. Myself and the installer tried to explain that if moisture was the issue then more that just one board would show, however that is not the case. They refused to replace the board. I would not recommend this product or this company to anyone who is considering wood flooring. Try to find a company that has a great product and more importantly a company that is willing to stand behind the product the sell.
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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-01-07:
doing a simple board replacement should be under $100. Agree about the moisture but unless you want to go to the expense of hiring an independent inspector it hard to argue with them. Did they take a moisture reading?
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One of my biggest mistakes
Posted by Sadinstl on 12/03/2010
I bought about 250 square feet of flooring for my poker room. After installing it and useing it the first night, the floor dented beyond belief. The first dent was from my 70 pound son sitting in a folding chair. I called the Home Depot the next day to start my complaint process. They requested pictures of the damage and the chairs used, which I sent and they "never received". Finally, after 2+ weeks, they told me I must call the manufacturer to file a warranty claim. My first call to Thomasville was met with "you should have protected the floor". 3 separate calls to the 800 number went unanswered.

This product is not intended to be used on any surface unless you are using bean bags and only wearing socks. My entire house is furnished in Thomasville furnishings, so this is especially more disappointing.

As a sharehold in Home Depot, I will be selling my stock and doing everyhting I can to bring down the company. I am done with Home Depot.
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Posted by saj80 on 2010-12-03:
You probably won't bring Home Depot down, so let's skip to reality: what did the manufacturer (Thomasville) say about the floor, and what is their warranty? Since Home Depot didn't manufacture the product and it has been installed, they are correct that the issue is now between you and Thomasville. What grade of flooring was this, based on prices at Home Depot?
Posted by dan gordon on 2010-12-03:
I was a factory rep in flooring. No laminate floor is warranted against dents, so there is no valid claim plain and simple.
Posted by unhapply wooded after on 2011-06-21:
Dan Gordon....I see you have the same response to everyone's complaint about the Thomasville flooring. I have no read over 100 complaints along with mine about the floor. Do you think that possibly it is a manufacturer mistake since even when you touch a NEW piece of flooring with your hand, it leaves a residue? I mean, seriously, who would sell a product like that? And who would be LOOKING for that when you buy flooring? I will NOW, since I've dealt with it, but would have never thought to do so before hand since I've never owned flooring that is soo poorly and cheaply made but sold at a much higher price. I truly believe having lived through this nightmare, that this is a defect. Maybe that is why they HAVE replaced and refunded the people who have NOT let them get away with ripping them off.
Posted by Byron on 2014-01-26:
Purchased Thomasville Jatoba engineered flooring (5" x 1/2" plancks with satin smooth finish) at Home Depot.
I installed about 800 sq ft via glue down.
Have not had any problems for over 3 years!
However, this is a HIGH MAINTENANCE style flooring
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Do Not Buy
Posted by Shellys on 09/28/2010
We purchased Thomasville ebony wood flooring in December 2009. The product immediately had chips on the sides and corners of the wood. The problem was even on boards that were not installed. Thomasville sent out an inspector who said the problem was "site caused". Nobody could ever tell me why/what was "site caused". It seemed as though the boards were defective and they put the clear coat on anyway...Thomasville never offered to do anything about the problem, let alone admit responsibility. They did not care that they had an unhappy customer, not a care at all. I was told to only clean the floor with a DRY swiffer...Finally, after months of calling, our Home Depot has offered in an store credit (probably in part to get me to stop calling them...)for the cost of the floor. Home Depot was told by Thomasville that our problems were caused by our 3 large dogs...well, our dogs are all under 25 pounds. Yes, our floor has scratches. Scratches are going to happen on a wood floor. The difference is, the scratches remain dark in color while the "chips" are white and do not cover. Bottom line, I will never by a Thomasville floor and would suggest you don't either....
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Thomasville Flooring
Posted by Lu lu on 05/13/2010
Thomasville flooring is being made in a china warehouse that is not certified to produce hardwood flooring. And Home Depot is very aware of this.
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