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Was Charged $430 More for Being Late (Flight Cancelled)!
Posted by Jrdlucas on 06/25/2013
I booked a car for $255 (before tax and insurance) a week. My flight was cancelled so I arrived 20 hours later at the airport. Thrifty had cancelled my reservation and charged me $636 to get exactly the same reservation again!

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Never Again!
Posted by Ocheewah on 06/15/2013
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- May 2013 Starting with the positive. Got a great rate for a five day rental on a mid size SUV and the gentleman at the front counter at the airport was extremely nice, friendly, and courteous. From that point on, there is not a good thing I can say about my experience with Thrifty. The first car I was given didn't even make it out of the parking space. Awful noise coming from transmission when I put it in reverse. Thrifty guy told me the brakes were wet because the car had just been washed and the noise would stop after it was driven. Funny cause the car didn't appear to be just washed and I know what wet brakes sound like. I refused the car.

Second car was absolutely covered in whole dead bugs. The windshield was so filmy with bug guts you could barely see through it. There were used drink cups and swizzle sticks in the car. I refused this car also although the Thrifty guy assured me that "The car has been serviced. This is Florida. Those bugs just don't come off". Again kind of funny because on our way out of the airport an hour later, this same car (recognized the scratch on the back bumper) was in front of me pulling out of the garage and spotless.

The third car I accepted. A couple of minutes after hitting the main road, I noticed the Oil Change Required light was on. It stayed on the entire trip making me somewhat nervous about all the driving I did and waiting to see if the actual oil light would come on. When turning the car in, I mentioned it to the girl who did the check in and she said that light stayed on all the time because Thrifty serviced its own cars and so they couldn't turn it off. Funny that every mechanic I know knows how to reset the codes. I really don't appreciate being treated like a stupid woman which is exactly what Thrifty employees did. Nor do I appreciate having to worry about a car I've paid to be able to drive. Don't care how good the deal is, I won't be a Thrifty customer again.

Update 6/13/2013 - Today I received an email from Thrifty stating I was going to receive a coupon in the mail good for one free day of car rental. A few minutes ago, I got another email stating that I should ignore the previous email. Apparently, I will not be receiving a coupon and they apologized for any confusion their 'eagerness" had caused. Way to Win customers and inspire confidence Thrifty. Wasn't going to use you again anyway.
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Crooks! They Over Charged and Under Deliver!
Posted by Donaldsons on 06/04/2013
N CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I scheduled a reservation for a vehicle with the intention that they were located in the airport I was arriving at. When I arrived I discovered that they in fact were NOT located in the airport as advertised. I contact them and they sent a shuttle to come pick me up. When I got there I was informed that there was a charge for the shuttle even though they failed to mention this prior.

After being hounded by the customer service lady, I was talked into buying their insurance even though I said no 3 times. Then they charged my debit card an additional $150.00 for deposit instead of having it show as a pending charge. I had to contact my bank to dispute the charge that they wanted to wait 2+ weeks to refund back to me. Someone needs to investigate this company. They are holding people's money and refunding it when they are good and ready. THEY ARE CROOKS!!!
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Poor Service - Low Corporate Integrity
Posted by Bnagle360 on 01/22/2013
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- Be wary of renting from Thrifty in Seattle.
If you do not pay for their electronic toll payment option at over $10 per day and travel over the evergreen bridge you will certainly receive a $15 charge, plus the cost of the toll for each transit. You cannot pay cash at the bridge. You cannot contact the toll authority web site or toll free number and pay with a credit card for a car registered to the rental company. That's the way the process works. Once you go over the bridge without the electronic toll box, you are on the hook to Thrift!.
Thrifty, for their part, will not accept responsibility for informing consumers of this situation. Their position is that they offer you the box and if you decline, that's your problem. We did not know that there was no cash option at the bridge when we reserved the car or when we picked it up. We did inform Thrifty at the rental counter upon return that we owed a toll and wanted to pay. The agent gave us a piece of paper with a website and a tollfree number to call, with process instructions. We called that number and attempted to make payment. We told the agent the license plate for the car and the time of the bridge transit. We were told that the payment would be processed. 4 months later, Thrifty billed my credit card for the tolls plus a $15 administrative fee. I offered to pay the toll. They will not waive the administrative fees. They do not make exceptions. Neither do I.
Goodbye Thrifty. I simply do not do business with a company that insists on profiting from it's customer's failure.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-01-22:
This is pretty standard across the car rental industry.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-22:
I like the last sentiment but find that, in fact, most companies do profit off the failure of others.
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Insurance Scam
Posted by Indodpe1 on 10/11/2012
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Once arriving at Thrifty had to deal with desk personnel that car I wanted they did not have. Told him I had e-mail confirmation that vehicle would be available when I arrived. They then discovered the vehicle was on site. next wanted to know if I wanted daily insurance told him no. When trying to hurry to get out of the place which had already delayed my departure for our Oregon vacation I made the mistake of signing the receipt without reading all the way down. Upon returning vehicle was hit with a $259 bill for insurance. Called Thrifty customer service after I returned home from vacation and was told there is nothing they can do.
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Misleading and dishonesty business operations
Posted by Sunzi888 on 10/01/2012
SALT LAKE CITY AIRPORT, UTAH -- When I did comparison shopping online before my trip with the same type of full size car among various car rental companies, your pricing was the reasonable one, and that is why I choose your company for rental car this time.

But when I retune my car to your company location, I noticed that the price printed on the agreement was higher than what was I booked. (I can supply you with the evidence that the confirmation email that I received from your company after I booked car rental online if you would like.) I asked the guy at the return location, but he insisted that you have to raise the price, and I have to pay more. I did not get much time to argue with him because I have to catch up my flight.

I have rented cars for my various trips through different car rental companies in many years either by booking via Expedia or Hotwire.com or via rental car companies directly, but never once a company will not keep their promised price based on the booking price! Your company breached the trust that I entrusted in your company and did not keep up your contractual obligation to keep the rental car price as you have already agreed upon when I did the online booking.

I demand a refund of the price difference into my credit card immediately, and an apology from your company!

If your company will not honor your online car rental booking price, you should not in this business at all.

I will report your misleading and dishonesty business operations to FCC, and other consumer protection agencies, as well as post thousands of review comments at Internet forums, that to make sure there will be no victims to fall into your cheating traps in the future!

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Posted by bob932304 on 2012-10-02:
Just wondering what the contract you signed when you took the car said. That is the bottom line.
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Thrifty Car Rental is completely unethical...
Posted by Mjakes28 on 09/26/2012
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I rented a car from Thrifty through Expedia. This was an international car rental for the Copenhagen, Denamrk airport. The overall price breakdown provided included "estimated taxes and fees" and came to a grand total of $132.00 for a one day car rental.

Upon arrival I was informed that there was an additional VAT Tax of 25% and a Location fee of 300 DKK. These additional fees increased my overall cost of a one day rental by 69%.

I went back and complained to both Expedia and Thrifty. I knew Europe had a VAT Tax, but why weren't these taxes and fees included in the "estimated taxes and fees" in my initial price breakdown? The answer from Thrifty was that these additional fees were clearly detailed in the T's and C's.

Am I at fault for not pouring over the Terms and Conditions? Yes. However, if they as a company already know that the customer will incur these fees, why wouldn't these fees be detailed in the price breakdown provided when I placed my order? Why would these fees be buried in the T's and C's if for no other reason than to appear more price competitive than one really is? Is this not a clear example of a bait and switch and deceptive business practices?

The customer service was terrible. They couldn't have cared less and were completely unwilling to do anything at all to turn around this customer experience. To top it off, the car had a dent in the back door which apparently did enough damage so that you couldn't lock the door. We didn't realize that until later on that night. Again, Thrifty's response was sorry, but again, we aren't going to do anything for you.

After multiple emails and phone calls back and forth, they just told me they have closed my ticket and that's it. This company is unethical, has incredibly deceptive pricing, and couldn't care less if you had a good or bad experience with them. I own a small business and I can tell you one thing, we are never doing business with Thrifty again.

Beware, Thrifty, Dollar and Sixt are all under the same umbrella corporation. I won't do business with any of them.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-26:
No, I don't believe this is a clear example of "bait and switch". As you state, the terms and conditions were available to you.

Bait and switch is a different animal.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-09-27:
Renting a vehicle overseas is difficult enough without getting a third party like Expedia involved. This just shows the advantage of renting directly from the rental car company.

Looking at the Thrifty Website, if the op had booked directly, the VAT is listed right on the price that your are required to pay.
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Abusive customer service
Posted by Poorcustomerservice95 on 07/21/2012
VANCOUVER, CALIFORNIA -- Abusive customer service(tall male),when questioning the forms, prior to signing. Forced you to sign forms, prior to inspecting vehicle. I wanted to write a comment in comment section, that I had my own car insurance, he verBally scolded me in a very loud voice(everyone looked that was in line) and said if I did not sign forms the way he told me too, I would be without a vehicle...therefore stranded in Vancouver Airport...
Talked to manager about his behavior and his response was,"you poor thing, he was tired from the end of his day".

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Deliberately Given Wrong Directions
Posted by Cjduck8069 on 05/22/2012
WINDSOR LOCKS, CONNECTICUT -- My friend and I rented a car from Thrifty in Windor Locks, Connecticut near the Bradley International airport. When we went to return the car, with 2 hours left before our flight departed, we got hopelessly lost--because the map that Thrifty provided to us with the car was totally wrong, showing the car rental place in the opposite direction up Route 75 to where it actually was. We called Thrifty, and they connected us to their "directions department", where we were then given more wrong directions, also in the opposite direction to where the Thrifty that we were looking for was, and were told that our Thrifty was on South St.--the Thrifty is actually on Spring St.!!!

I have an awfully hard time believing that this was all innocent, considering how much it costs if you bring the car back late. We only found the agency by driving around an industrial park area for 30-40 minutes, and very nearly missed our flight. Absolutely terrible--these people are nothing but thieves!!!!

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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-24:
It's hard to confirm they're thieves, but they certainly seem inept. There's not much but a mailing address on their web site for customer feedback unless you're a 'Blue Chip Member'. There are other car rental companies that would probably appreciate your business and can give accurate directions. Perhaps you may want to take your business to them?
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Thrifty is DISHONEST about charges!!
Posted by Jazznette on 05/11/2012
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I have rented with several companies in Orlando, FL. Thrifty is BY FAR the worst. You are quoted one thing and when you actually rent the car the charges are at least $150 more than what you were quoted. This company nicles and dimes you for everything. If you miss a $ .50 too they charge you $25.50 because of a $25 Administrative fee, which can never be justified where the fee actually comes from. After much research, it seems SEVERAL people have had the same issues with being overcharged with these hidden fees until you actually sign the contract. This rental car company preys on tourists!! Leave the counter, you are better off trying to rent from another company!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-11:
What actually happened? What does missing $.50 mean? Is the administrative fee charged to everyone, or was it a penalty of some sort? What made up the rest of the $150 extra that you were charged? As is, I can't tell why you paid more than you were supposed to.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-05-11:
thank you for the warning.

very helpful review!!
Posted by bob932304 on 2012-05-12:
The 50 cents was for a 'toll' not a 'too'.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-12:
Oh, that makes sense. Yes, if you rent a car and blow through a toll, the rental car agency charges a fee in addition to the fine. I don't blame them. It costs money to pay the staff to process the paperwork associated with that.
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