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Car Size Shell Game - Thrifty / Dollar Car Rental Austin TX
Posted by BackToAustin on 04/12/2012
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Your taking a trip, you go online and request rental car quote for a car at your destination, request a full size car and see the words full-size car like a Chevy Impala or similar. When you get to the car rental location the car is a mid-size “smaller” car but wait you were quoted and are paying for a full-size car. Here is how it happens; Clearwater Transportation LTD runs Thrifty Car Rental / Dollar Rent a Car at Austin Bergstrom Airport Texas, when they get car rental request for a full-size Car Chevy Impala, they gives you a Chevy Malibu, Toyota Camry, or Nissan Altima all are listed by the manufacturers as Mid-Size vehicles. How do you get less then what you were lead to believe your paying for? I asked them, and here is their answer: “There will always be a reference vehicle and will state “ or similar “ due to the fact that different locations runs different size, makes, and models in any given category. When you book a reservation we do not make any guaranty to a specific make, model, or exact specifications”. The Rental company can magically re-size a vehicle from the what the manufacturer has stated its size Mid-size to the new Full-size. So what is next you order a full size 12oz steak dinner and get a 8oz smaller version and are charged for the 12oz because that all they have and that what we call our smaller steaks here the full size steak dinner.
How can Car rental company advertise car rentals of Mid-size cars as Full–size. The secret is in what you call it. I was told by that Car rental company manager “you better contact the renting location and find out what that company runs in it size class”. So you can’t believe or trust in what is advertised on National Car Rental web sites you have call the company and ask them so what do you call a Full-size car at your location. What is this a new version of the shell game, Car Renters beware you may not get what you paid for, trust no one, verify, then if they are playing word game go to someone else your money is good at the other guy store.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2012-04-12:
very common practice. Just rented a car for next week. A mid size with Hertz is a Toyota Corolla or Nissan Sentra. A compact is a Kia Rio.
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Thrifty Car Rental: Bait and Switch!
Posted by Siennao4 on 01/08/2012
POMPANO FL, FLORIDA -- Before our winter vacation trip to FL, I shopped for rental car deals.

A great promotion from Thrifty offered me a minivan for our week in FL at a rate lower than what most dealers were charging for compact cars.

When I made the reservation in advance, I was surprised by the price and was not sure how valid, so I called the Pompano Fl location and inquired. They assured me the promotion was good and that they would have my car or an upgrade avail on my date. They also told me a spouse was included in the rental rate.

When we got there, the manager of the Thrifty Car Rental Pompano FL location (Mr. Oddy) told me that my reserved Van was not avail (supposedly Thrifty in FL was "all out" of vans), and the only option was a tiny compact. We are a family of 5 and luggage, on vacation. He offered me no options except to call other locations myself, and hope for the best. We spent over 4 hours on the phone with customer service, being passed from representative to representative and getting hung-up on. Their only option was to make a new reservation at a higher rate and a different pickup location. It was apparently a Bait-and-Switch Promotion!

I reached the off-property Ft Lauderdale Airport location, explained our dilemma, and they said they had no vans. When I asked to speak to the manager, they hung up on me. The second call I was patched to his voicemail! I called back from another phone and asked about renting a minivan that day. The agent (Paul) assured me they had vans and gave me the rate (much higher than our reservation). When I said I would be right there to pick it up, and I already had a reservation, he suddenly claimed he made a mistake and they had NO vans. I asked for the manager and they disconnected the call. I called back, and got the manager, a VERY nice man (Leaman), who said he would go get a car for me and have it ready. We got there in the dark, and they were waiting. We did agree to take the insurance, even tho we are covered on our own policy and thru the credit card, but felt we wanted to give them something for their help. We did not agree to pay the $10/day extra for the spouse to drive. That was an unexpected turn!

In any case, the van was realtively new and shiny on the outside. Only after we got in and drove a bit, did we realize it smelled like it had been used for a sex and Pot smoking festival, with a heavy dose of cheap aftershave. The next day we tried to air it out in the sun, but it was really dity inside, and many parts broken or rusty. Also, the gas mileage was AWFUL! The 20 mile trip to the airport used almost 1/4 tank!

When we returned the car, I was careful to fill up near the airport. I even filled over the line. At vehicle check-in, the agent demanded to see my gas receipt (I never take one) and I told him just to look at the gauge. It was tough to communicate, but he finally agreed to settle it. Apparently, you need to prove you filled less than 10 miles from the airport!

All in all, the Pompano manager is awful at customer service. He made NO effort to plan ahead and have the proper cars, nor did he help us secure another car. The Ft. Lauderdale/Port Everglades manager, Leamon, is a gentleman and truly represents Thrifty in how he fulfils customer service.

NEVER, in 25 years of renting cars in Florida, has a rental company ever told me: "We have no cars for you, too bad, go away", when I had a reservation in advance. I think the BBB should look into the promo and how many people got ripped off... Thrifty's telephone customer service agents need better training. If I can't be assured that the car I rented will be available, if not an upgrade, then why would I want to rent from Thrifty? I don't need the aggravation.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-09:
The BBB is probably going to be of little help. Thrifty has been a paying member of their's since 1972 and as long as they pay their dues, their rating most likely won't go below A-. You can, however, file complaints at http://www.myfloridalegal.com/consumer and http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml Your best option is probably not using Thrifty again, though.
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Thrifty San Juan Unethical Practice
Posted by Beagle76 on 01/02/2012
SAN JUAN -- Buyer Beware. I rented a vehicle from Thrifty at their San Juan, PR location the week of the 16 - 23 November 2011. I had made the reservation via Travelocity. During the initial check in, I noticed that the price on the contract was approximately 10% higher than I had originally locked with Travelocity. No big deal for me at the time but it was a sign of later things to come.
I was offered a 'optional' service called 'easy pass'. Knowing I could pay for the tolls myself I declined the service. I was told by one of the attendants that if I used the service I without having it included into my contract I would be charged a fine of $40 by Thrifty. I asked the attendant and her counterpart to confirm whether or not I could pay for tolls with cash and to which the response was yes. With that, my family and I went on our way. A few days later while cruising in the south coast of PR, I attempted to pay for my toll fee via the cash lane only to be told by the attendant that the vehicle's easy pass was active and had already paid the toll. Naively thinking I could pay into the vehicle's account with the intent of arguing with the rental agency about the vehicle's unwillingness to allow one the ability to pay in cash, I gave the toll booth attendant $10.00 to add into the Thrifty account. That didn't work, I was advised that even though I had elected to pay for my tolls in cash, their vehicles already come with the 'easy pass' pre-installed which does not allow for one to pay the toll without using the service. As a result, I was fined $40.00 by Thrifty.

Here is what is wrong with Thrifty's policy. If the vehicle is set to pay for tolls then do not give the option to the driver. Instead, add the usage fee to the baseline rental fee. To do otherwise is a cheap way to increase your margins by trapping tourists into an unfair company fine. Absolutely unethical and disappointing behavior. I sent the company an email to their service department two weeks ago asking for a refund of the fine in order to salvage my relationship with them but received no answer. I am never again going to use their services. I should have gone with Enterprise.
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Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2012-01-03:
I've had something like this in Florida. They instructed us to put the EZ Pass away when going through a toll, if we were going to be paying by cash. If not, then it will pay automatically. We put it away and had no issues.
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Lost & Found
Posted by J5whittle63 on 01/01/2012
HEBRON, KENTUCKY -- I rented a car the day before Thanksgiving. I took the car back on the following Sunday. On the day I went to get a car I heard people in the line at the counter complaining that the two car that they were trying to rent had problems and they were pissed. By the time me and my son got to the counter we were given a car that smelled like someone had sex in it. So at that point we went back in and had to upgrade to a different vehicle which nothing was wrong with. I had no issues with the vehicle that I eventually rented. My problem is when I returned my car no one inspected it so we went into thifty to drop off the keys which we had to wait for thirty minutes because the only had one employee working behind the desk and that was frustrating. Well I will get to my point I dropped my car off left and noticed that I left a bag in the back seat and since it was the next morning I thought it would be no problem getting it back the only problem is you can't reach the lost and found supervisors unless you call for a week. I left several message he never returned my call and when I finally reached him he told me that he would investigate it and call me back which he never did. Which is unprofessional. I then reported it to upper management which later sent me an email explaining that they are not responsible for lost items are left in the vehicles which is unacceptable to me because I dropped my vehicle off on Sunday I noticed my bag missing on Monday morning and you can't tell me where my bag is. By the way had two hundred dollars worth of Christmas presents in. The point is whoever checked the vehicle in stole my bag or whoever checked it out stolen my bag so I am going to let everyone I know even though it is a small amount of money it is the principle to me and since I had gifts for my family that they didn't receive I am very upset. So people beware don't rent a car at cincinnati airport cvg thirty car rentals because they don't care about the little people and have dishonest people working for them.

J w

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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-01:
At the risk of being deleted, how can you tell someone had sex in a car just by the way it smells?
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-01-01:
Some people's olfactory senses are very well developed shorty and can classify and identify odors with extreme accuracy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-01:
I've got the nose of a bloodhound, but I don't recall ever getting into a rental car and smelling sex in it
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-01-01:
I'm thinking that a car could smell something like persperation (acute example would be the Seinfeld episode), and that one *might* describe the smell in this way. Point is, it smelled like humans.

I have never heard of a car rental place that is good at handling "lost and found". Maybe it happens and I am unaware of it. Anyone here have a postive experience with this? All I hear is that the stuff is never seen again - sad but true.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-01-01:
I had the same question. What does sex smell like?

In addition, although frustrating, I can understand a car rental agency not being responsible for lost items. Some people may assume that just because a certain amount of time has passed, the merchandise should be able to be retrieved. This is simply not the case. We've seen a lot of rental stories here where a car is quickly rented out after it has been returned.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-01-01:
very helpful review.

best comment lexophiliac!!
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2012-01-01:
I think this is a good reminder to check your car for personal belongings before you leave it. It's difficult for the car rental place to do much if they don't have it. They don't know if someone from their place took it, if a future customer took it, or if something was even there to begin with.
Posted by andbran on 2012-01-02:
i cant believe you left 200 dollars worth of merchandise in the car and thought no one would take it.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-01-03:
At some of the busier rental car parking lots I have been to, the rental cars are left unlocked.
Especially where there are lines of cars being checked in, with renters all around and a couple of attendents walking through doing check-ins. This means that another renter, seeing the package on the back seat, could have stolen it.
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Posted by Jeasen4382 on 11/12/2011
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY! It seems that they can manipulative the electronic check in process and you end up paying for things you declined at check in. If you cannot avoid renting from this company then check the papers they hand you very carefully before leaving the counter. I did not and it cost me several hundreds of dollars, four + hours of my time and a 200 mile drive. The local manager nor the Thrifty super desk via their 800 number would do nothing to correct the situation. I will protest the charges with my credit card company but I do not have a good feeling that I will be satisfied. Take your rental car business elsewhere. Deal with a company that cares and does not cheat non-suspecting customers. DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM THIS COMPANY. You will end up paying more than you bargained for.
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Posted by investigativeguy on 2012-07-06:
Yes Thrifty and Dollar both trick you into insurance AFTER you decline it.They tell you to sign a small electronic pad after you verbally decline insurance.You think when you click on the pad you are declining but in reality they have just signed you up for pricey insurance. If this has happened to you,fight back , tell us your story email investigativeguy@gmail.com
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Rip Offs
Posted by Klduncans39 on 09/28/2011
I Rented a weekly rental of which online allows you to make a reservation of less than $20 bucks a day only to get hit with all these outlandish taxes you never even heard of plus when you return the car you get nothing back in return because you use a debit card. In the beginning of this whole BS contract they run your credit for a debit card! What's the importance of running your credit with a debit card that does not return the deposit? Forget about less than $20 a day when you pay a deposit of %15 or what ever is greater! Then to top it off you have to without a doubt get their insurance that does not cover your property, but it says in the contract it does. WTF, so I leave a brand new phone that no one does not find, then calling every day after the rental was returned to no surprise no one finds it & the MANAGER GEORGE at the Lauderdale lakes fl location on 441(ST. RD7) says to me if no one seen it I'm out of a phone, with no kind of empathy or support of WHAT WE CAN DO other than RIP YOU OFF FOR SPENDING $337.00 WITH NO RETURN OF ANY DEPOSIT!!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-28:
There is a lot going on in this complaint, but it seems the main problem is a phone that you misplaced.

I would be surprised if insurance offered by the rental company covered such a loss, especially if there is no way to prove it was in the car when you returned it.

Each of these items needs to be addressed individually - for example what in the contract leads you to believe the rental insurance should cover the phone?

As far as not getting a deposit returned, are you saying that they kept more in payment than the final bill? That should be illegal, if it happened.
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Sharp Practice
Posted by Mervynnixon84 on 09/22/2011
I hired a car recently from the Thrifty agent at Munich Airport and the car was excellent but the rate on the net was €60 for eight days which also seemed very good. When I arrived they said I would have to take out German insurance and that would have brought it up to €380 but all I could do was opt for €345 and take a €600 hit in the event of an accident. Thuis should be made clear on their site as the other co's rates were higher but included the insurance, it seems. This is really very sharp practice to lure in unsuspecting customers.
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Deceptive practices, fees
Posted by Njdominy25 on 09/15/2011
I travel frequently for business and I have rented hundreds of cars, always from Avis or Enterprise. My wife and I decided to visit San Francisco on vacation and she used Kayak to make a booking at the SFO Thrifty. Her rationale was simple: they offered the cheapest rates for a one-week rental of a mid-sized car. At first, I was pleased with the choice when we arrived at the rental car facility - Thrifty had the shortest lines by far. Now in retrospect I should have suspected a problem. I have never before experienced such smarmy service. Although I was explicit in declining additional insurance, it was applied anyway as a 'waiver'. And once the contract is issued, this insurance-disguised-as-a-waiver cannot be reversed. When I protested, I received a smug lecture on the importance of reading a contract before signing it. This is true, but my experiences with Avis and Enterprise were always more transparent. Finally, when returning the car I was asked to provide a receipt proving that I had filled the gas tank within 10 miles of the airport. Although I had done this moments before, I didn't think to keep the receipt - and this mistake cost me another $9 in fuel charges. My conclusion is that Thrifty might advertise the best rates, but that they make up for the difference in deceptive ways. Be careful. I will never rent from Thrifty again. I would rather give business to more honest and transparent companies.

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St Maarten Thrifty Attempted ripoff.
Posted by Chris Birchall on 05/26/2011
5310 E. 31ST ST TULSA,, OKLAHOMA -- This letter is to make sure that Thrifty Car Rental 102 Airport road Simpson Bay In St Maarten N. A. doesn't attempt to make an additional false charge against my Visa. The charge of 131.01 is $5.91 over what my paperwork from Expedia shows would be the total cost of the rental car.
I will forward copies of any paperwork that is necessary including the reservation from Expedia after you have had the opportunity to read this letter, look at the pictures and their associated descriptions concerning the false charge I believe Thrifty will attempt to charge against my account number 000-000-000-000-.

My husband and I arrived in St Maarten late afternoon on May 17th and proceeded to Thrifty Rental to pick up our car reserved through Expedia for seven days to return on the May 24th 2011. We were the first people to the rental counter. We had arrived first we were the last to leave of 7 couples arriving with us to pick up cars.
The person waiting on us was new and didn't understand the computer system well. We showed him the reservation made through Expedia showing a total dollar figure and he didn't know how to back into the number in his software.

We decided to take the car and speak with Expedia to resolve the overcharge after we returned. We were given a car we looked over the car found dents and scratches had them noted on the proper form and left. When we arrived at Simpson Bay Resort we found out there wasn't a door handle to open the passenger side door.

We learned that Thrifty maintains a desk at the resort from the resort front desk personnel. We found the person manning the desk and explained the lack of a door handle. He called the main office where we rented after we showed him the lack of a handle on the passenger door he told us told us he had another car for us outside. The resort rental person wrote out a damage transfer sheet showing we were getting another car we were told to keep our original contract with it.
The day before we were to turn the car in we drove down the hill from the resort to go to breakfast . I noticed the car would lurch rather than take off smoothly. I took the car into the rental agent at the resort desk as he was close. The agent explained he didn't have a car that day at the resort, he further explained we would have to take it back to the main office a couple of miles down the road.

I asked him to drive the car before we took it to the main office I was concerned that the car was not safe. He was reluctant to test drive the car but eventually obliged us my husband jumped in the car with him.
He took off at a high rate of speed on the resort ramp leading from the front desk. My husband asked him to slow down as it was more noticeable at slow speeds and it was dangerous to drive fast where so many people were walking. He stopped driving fast than he noticed the lurching as we had.

My husband was reluctant to drive the car he suspected the transmission. We didn't want to be stranded between the resort and the rental place. The resort agent assured us the car was low on transmission fluid and said the car would make it to the rental office no problem.
Any other car rental company would bring you a car or have the vehicle towed to their location. This company has no concept of service or safety.
We pulled up to the rental office an employee came and we explained what the vehicle was doing. He got into the vehicle drove it back and forth it did the same thing. He went into the office to arrange another car. A few minutes later another man came out and saw some fluid on the ground near the left front tire.
He drove the car around the corner to the wash area my husband and I followed. My husband told them he wanted the car jacked up so he could take a closer look as long as they were accusing him of damaging the vehicle they complied.

After jacking the vehicle up the mechanic with the agent standing there looked at my husband and said you have hit the oil pan. We both replied that we hadn't hit anything, My husband knelt down and looked he could see the plastic cover that is supposed to protect the oil pan was completely eaten away. My husband responded that the entire bottom of the plastic cover was worn away he also pointed out that the dents and scratches in the oil pan were rusted not shiny metal as you would have if the damage was recent. My husband brought his face closer to the pan asked the mechanic and the rental agent to come closer he again pointed out that there was no new damage showing that all the scrapes were rusted over the front leading edge was scaly rust it had been there along time with no new bare shiny metal showing. He also pointed out that there were no puncture holes or oil on the pan.
The mechanic said yes it is rusty but it wasn't leaking. My husband replied again that we had not hit anything that this was obviously old damage he also stated that we were able to drive the vehicle to the rental place without the engine seizing.

My husband stated again that the agent at the resort rental desk said the transmissions oil was low and that was the cause of the lurching. My husband stated the oil must be leaking from the filler bolt on the pan or from somewhere above. He repeated there is no puncture holes on the pan and no oil showing anywhere on the pan.

My husband is a Private Investigator he is accustomed to running investigations and asking questions to obtain answers. He had the feeling they were going to attempt to run a scam by the way they were acting prior to him asking them to jack up the car.
They stopped answering his questions.

While the vehicle was jacked up my husband continued to take pictures of the dented rusty bottom of the pan and it's worn out cover. He then told the rental company he wanted the plastic cover removed so he could look closer and take photos even though the cover was worn away from the bottom my husband wanted to see the sides of the pan they complied removing the cover. They wouldn't say anymore about the vehicle they asked us to leave the wash area.

They brought us another car my husband took a beach towel I was holding to transfer to the new car and lied down on it on the ground in front of the vehicle after getting the man's attention. He ran his hand on the inside bottom of the plastic cover. When he pulled his hand out it was full of oil from this replacement vehicle.

The plastic cover had a crack approximately 8 inches long but not completely worn away. The man than told my husband I will get you another vehicle. He brought around another car of the same make and model my husband lay on the ground again ran his hand on the same location again his hand came out covered in oil. This plastic cover also had a crack which my husband photographed.

At this point my husband who is usually reserved and quiet said what kind of a racket do you have going here, attempting to blame me for a leaking pan that all of the vehicles you bring out have.
The man said nothing he brought around an upgraded much newer vehicle. Again my husband got on the ground ran his hand this time the plastic cover was not cracked and no oil was leaking. Before leaving they asked my husband to write out a statement my husband said I have nothing to report we did not hit anything he told them he could not report what he did not do.

He told them that it is obvious that you don't inspect or provide proper maintenance to your vehicles' as I has just found two more with the same defect. The man from the car rental said they wouldn't give us a car unless we wrote out a statement. My husband wrote out exactly what he told them that he had nothing to report. I have a copy of the statement my husband wrote.

The following day was our day of departure we came to return the car we were given the day before. My husband started the check in process. When you rent the car Thrifty requires their customers to allow them to take two separate imprints of your card on credit card slips. On one of the credit card slips they write the contract amount. On the other slip they write 850.00 dollars or leave it blank I can't remember and require you to sign both. They said when we left the island they would give the slip back to us that represented the deposit to tear up.

We finished the checking out my husband said you haven't given me the deposit credit slip you asked us to sign. The man replied that it looks like you have a damage report here. My husband replied that we had not damaged the car and suggested that the man read the statement my husband wrote.
My husband asked to speak to the manager they said he was at a meeting and encouraged us to call their customer service number. My husband told them that they wouldn't be able to get away with what they were doing that he had taken pictures of all of the leaking cars they had attempted to give him prior to giving him the upgraded car. He told the agent he wanted to show these pictures to the manager. This agent replied again that the manager was in a meeting. We had to go to the airport to catch our flight and left.
I'm attaching the pictures along with the explanations of each picture my husband wrote. The pictures show the vehicles oil pan area they attempted to say we damaged, the other vehicles they brought out that were leaking oil and the final vehicle we took which was clean and dry.
This company needs to be stopped my husband will be sending these pictures to Expedia, as well as Visa. His intention is to send this package to Thrifty headquarters, Media outlets, and the Insurance Industry to learn if Thrifty or Dollar at the same St Maarten address (companion businesses under the same roof) have made similar claims against other unsuspecting innocent people and got away with it.
Thank you, Chris Birchall

The following descriptions are of pictures I took of the area where we were being accused of hitting the oil pan. Unfortunately I'm not able to post these pictures here but reading the description will give you an accurate picture of the scam Thrifty in St Maarten was attempting to pull against us.

IMG 6572 This picture shows the underside of the pan and worn away plastic cover while still attached to the vehicle. In this light it is difficult to see the rust in the scratches on the bottom of the pan. If you look at the raised circle closest to your view you will see a tinge of red. The next pictures were taken after I told the company to remove the plastic cover so I could see the entire pan. I changed the camera to flash and the macro setting so the colors would show true. This picture and the following pictures prove that this damage happened at a much earlier time. The protective cover has obviously been hit many times before as it is completely worn away. There is rust on the pan where the scrapes are not shiny metal. If the damage were recent it would be shiny metal not rusted over. There is no oil on the pan that they claimed we hit while driving this car. The following pictures with the pan cover removed tell the whole story this companies employees are attempting to collect money from innocent people they are committing fraud.
IMG 6576 This picture is of the same vehicles pan taken by laying the camera flat on the ground using the macro setting and shooting straight up with the flash. It clearly proves that the damage to this vehicle took place a long time ago as deeply embedded rust is in the scraped areas. Notice you don't see any puncture holes or oil leaking anywhere on this pan.
IMG 6582 This is a picture of the protective cover laying on the ground after I asked the rental company to remove it so I could see the pan clearly. It is clear that this cover is completely missing only the sides are intact.
IMG 6583 This picture was taken Immediately after they removed the plastic cover so I could get a better look. What I find interesting is I don't see any oil at all on this pan. All I see is old rusty damage. This is not a transmission pan this is the oil pan for the engine. We reported that the vehicle was lurching forward which they stated the transmission was low on oil. If the engine oil pan had drained the engine would have heated and seized up. There was no check engine light on, the engine ran fine. The oil pan and transmission fluid pan are two separate and distinct systems on any vehicle. They are not connected in any manner in any vehicle. The fluids are completely different a transmission uses transmission fluid the engine uses oil. If you look closely at the rear and the right side of the pan in IMG 6583 you will see to shiny spots like oil has dripped down the sides from somewhere up above and has run partially onto the bottom . Also there is no damage what so ever in these two areas. It appears to me that oil is dripping from something leaking above that can't be seen. There are no puncture holes anywhere on this pan in the metal only scrapes. It is possible that the mechanic failed to tighten the filler bolt after he added oil. It looks as though there may be a slight amount of oil at the bottom of the bolt. But you don't see any oil blown back onto the pan which proves the oil is coming from above.
IMG6575 This picture is of the damaged protective cover still bolted to the vehicle. I placed this picture out of sequence to point out the oil stain in the upper left hand corner. Please notice the oil stain in the top left corner is not touching or near the pan. The oil pan stops and the corner where this stain is several inches behind the pan. Please look at picture IMG6585 notice that the darkest largest oil stain on this damaged pan is the same area reverse side of stain showing in IMG6575. Also notice the second darkest oil stain is in front of the pan several inches. This proves without a doubt that the oil leak is from above dripping down. Please notice there is no damage to the pan not even a scrape in the area where these oil stains appear.
IMG 6584 This picture was taken of the same pan from a different angle. It shows clearly that there is no puncture or new scrapes to the bottom of this vehicles oil pan. This rust has been in place for quite some time. If there was recent damage shiny metal would be obvious not rust . If there was leaking from this pan it had to be due to a mechanic not tightening the filler bolt you see in the pictures. It is obvious there are no punctures to the pan nor any blown oil on the bottom of the pan.
IMG 6585 This picture speaks a thousand words remember that the bottom of the protective cover is eaten away as shown in IMG6582 there is no protective cover over the pan. Notice the oil stain to the extreme sides of the cover as shown in IMG 6585. When I reached my hand up to inspect the second and third cars before they finally gave me an upgraded vehicle my hand was rubbing the inside bottom of the protective cover not the pan see IMG 6587 and IMG 6588). The way I was twisted laying on the ground it was easier to touch the inside bottom of the cover with my palm than it was to touch the bottom of the pan. I believe this oil is leaking onto the protective covers from above. Possibly from a transmission line. As I said earlier the vehicle was lurching when you put it into drive or when you started out from a light. I asked the agent at Simpson Bay Resort (Thrifty Rental Desk) to drive the car before we were told to drive the car to the main Thrifty office as I feared it may break down on the way after he finished driving the car he stated the transmission is low on oil. Notice that the two spots on this plastic cover match the location of the shiny spots I discussed in IMG6583 if the cover was bolted back up on the vehicle. The oil must be leaking from somewhere up above this pan and dripping down onto the plastic cover as I stated above there are no scrape marks on the bottom of the pan that meet up with the oil spots on this worn away cover.
IMG 6586 Again this picture proves that I didn't hit anything look at the old rust in the scrapes. More importantly notice there is no oil on the pan. I'm convinced that the oil must be leaking from up above and dripping close to this pan onto the ground. This company is running a scam attempting to make innocent people liable for damage that is most likely a defect in the vehicle. A non mechanically inclined person would be bulldozed by their intimidating condescending attitude.
IMG6587 This is a picture of the next vehicle Thrifty attempted to give me as you can see the plastic cover is torn it has been hit at some point. When I reached inside bottom of this cover with the agent looking on I pulled out my hand covered in oil. When I showed the agent the oil he said I will get another vehicle.
IMG6588 This is the same vehicle same damaged pan with better lighting and positioning. It shows you how much a picture can change when you get light and position to show the full extent of the damage.
IMG6594 Here is the protective pan cover for the upgraded vehicle I accepted after showing the agent that two additional cars after I turned in the leaking one also had oil dripping down into their covers. This was a newer vehicle the cover was undamaged and when I reached my hand in there was no oil present.
IMG6595 This is the same as IMG 6594 from a different angle clean and dry.
IMG6596 same vehicle different angle

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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-05-26:
Did anyone read the entire complaint and want to paraphrase?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-26:
"The charge of 131.01 is $5.91 over what my paperwork from Expedia shows would be the total cost of the rental car. "

That makes it quite a valid complaint but not enough to read all of that. I hope you are able to come to a satisfactory resolution with them.
Posted by old fart on 2011-05-26:
Exquisite boring details..good luck to Thrifty.
Posted by momsey on 2011-05-26:
Wow, that's long. Is all of that really in reference to an overcharge of $5+? I agree with blue. Good luck.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2011-05-26:

The $5.+ is in addition to a complaint that the OP beleaved that Thrifty is going to submit a 'damaged car report' and charge the OP for.

And that the OP has very good proof that he did not damage the car (photos of old damage and other cars in similar condition).
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-26:
Ok, I read it and it is a very valid complaint. Very detailed! It was not really about a 5 dollar over charge. They were accused of damaging the second car from the agency(first had to be returned due to a missing door handle). The husband, a private investigator, took pics and asked lots of questions. They were given two more cars that he proved had the same damage, before they were given a decent car. Upon checkout, they were refused their security deposit.

I think they will have their money back. Not only do they have photos of the car they were accused of damaging, but they have pics of two more cars with the same exact damage from the same company.
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Thrifty Car Rentals Review - You rent a car, but the deal is a bomb!
Posted by Marvelloso on 05/25/2011
LISBON -- I have posted a video on YouTube showing my experience, at: http://youtu.be/xZplcXlghyA

But basically, what happened is...

In February 2011, I rented a time bomb from Thrifty Car Rentals. I thought I was renting a car, that was what I booked, but Thrifty fooled me. After the first 200 kilometers the car started to fail, and my wife and I had a tough time for 15 days!

I was with my wife in Portugal and decided to rent a car with Thrifty to go to Spain. Our road trip started on a cold rainy day of winter, and the first thing to fail was the air conditioning. Have you tried to drive a car when it's cold outside without air conditioning? Well, the windshield gets dangerously foggy, and the only way to fix this is by opening the window. Thank god I was in Spain and not in Canada. It was "only" 9ºC (48º F) outside. Blood doesn't freeze at this temperature.

But that was only the beginning...

The next day I noticed that one of the tires was flat, so I filled it up. But that tire was actually loosing air, permanently and gradually, so I had to do that everyday for two weeks. And the reason is because Thrifty doesn't offer assistance to their clients in Spain, even though I was only 200 kilometers away from their closest agency. They didn't offer (or accepted, after I asked) to send me a replacement car. Instead, they told me I should fix their vehicle myself!

When I finally got back to Lisbon and expressed my discontent, they didn't care much, and just offered a miserable 20% discount, as a deal to get rid of me. The amount would be refunded directly to my credit card account.

And that's when I was fooled again. I should have known they would never reimburse me. They were only trying to get rid of a complaining client before another sucker came in to burn his money away with them.

But I was still hopeful, trusting on the company and thinking that was an isolated problem when, one month Iater, I sent an e-mail through their website, at
Thrifty.com explaining what hapened. Few days later they confirmed my fear when I read their answer saying that was not their problem and I should deal straight with their agency at Lisbon. As if Thrifty Portugal, at Lisbon, was not really Thrifty.

It's really disappointing. I recommend this company to be a (bad) case of study for business schools around the world.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-05-25:
why would you use the air conditioner to remove fog on windows in the winter?
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-05-25:
well AC can work for that. the fog is caused because the glass has two different temperatures on each side. You can either warm it up until it's completely warm, or cool it down to match the outdoors.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-25:
It is caused by the temperature difference, but it isn't cooling the glass that removes the condensation, it is blowing dried air over it.

My car's air conditioner runs when the defrost is on - it mixes with the warm air.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-05-25:
of all the vehicles i have owned, they all had a defrost setting. isn't the purpose of a defrost is to remove frost and fog from the inside of the windscreen? the vents are directly pointed to the windscreen.

trmn, correct, the defrost setting does use the ac components.
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