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2006 Chassis To Make A 2007 Motorhome
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RED BAY, ALABAMA -- I purchased a 2007 Allegro motorhome made by Tiffin Motorhomes,inc. Based in red bay AL. After getting this motorhome, I had to have vehicle identification number to get insurance. At that point I saw that the vin# showed the unit to be 2006. I e-mailed Tiffin Motorhomes about this and after a big run around they did admit to using a 2006 chassis. And that this was a common thing that they do. (Try to get insurance or sell this motorhome as a 2007 with the vin# that is on the chassis showing it as a 2006). Tiffin motorhomes refused to do anything about this, I will have to take it court.

I just want every one to know what happened to me. All you people who work hard and save for years to buy that dream motorhome be careful. So you won't end up with a nightmare.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 10/30/2007:
If you read Motorhome magazine, you will find this is a common complaint. The manufacturers buy a bunch of chassis at one time and use them until they are gone. However, your motorhome is a 2007 model and will be titled as such, since the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin will show it as a 2007. You might need to know it's a 2006 chassis if you have to take it in for chassis work. Don't waste a lot of money on attorneys until you do more research - I don't think you will get too far on this - I've been seeing this complaint for ten or more years.
warddw1526 on 10/30/2007:
Are you kidding me? Your purchase is a nightmare because the chassis (which is not a used chassis) is from 2006? I want your problems
killerklown on 10/30/2007:
lol...dream motorhome...stop! I can't BREATH!
steve101 on 10/30/2007:
Things are only going to get worse for the motorhome industry. With gas around 3 bucks and these gas hogs getting 5-7mph, you see hardly used units for sale all over town for 20 cents on the dollar.
DigitalCommando on 10/30/2007:
steve101, your going to see the same thing happen with hummers and oversized king cab pickups.
heaven17 on 10/30/2007:
There's a Motorhome magazine?
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/30/2007:
Yes, there is. Also, Trailer Life (for towed RV's). It's a big business in this country. The Good Sam club is the largest national RV club, it has over a million members.
FoggyOne on 10/30/2007:
There is a magazine for about everything. You name it (be nice) and there is probably a magazine for. Be naughty and there is probably a magazine for that too. Cats, dogs, birds, camping, boating, flying, needlework, etc etc etc
heaven17 on 10/30/2007:
Live and learn.
I'm an Airstream man myself. I don't actually OWN one, but those sleek silver bullet-shaped babies are the bomb.
Mrs. Jones on 11/02/2007:
I'm never buying a motorhome now!
Parmm on 02/22/2011:
You do not register a motorhome by the chassis VIN. You register it by the Coach builder VIN and year. This is the accepted practice at all DMV and insurance companies.
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