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Refurbished Computers
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I purchased a Dell OptiPlex GX520 "Off-Lease" Desktop PC from this company. It had a 30-day exchange/return policy. After five days it arrived. However, the keyboard that was sent did not have the correct plug. I called and they sent an adapter; another five days. The adapter did NOT solve the problem. I called and they sent a new keyboard; another seven days off the 30 days. We now discovered that the computer did not have the devices (ethernet controller, SM bus controller, etc) installed so the PC could not be used on the internet. I called. A disk was sent with the devices; another seven days gone.

The package arrived on a Friday. I had to wait until Monday to have a tech walk me through the installation. Two more days gone. We got the PC up and running. We ran an Anti-Virus program and found that the machine had 118 viruses. Frustrated I waited until Monday to call TigerDirect. I explained the problem. Their response: "Sorry your 30 day-window has elapsed." In other words, "SUCKER! YOU ARE STUCK!"

TigerDirect equals FRAUD
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I purchased a computer for TigerDirect and there were no instruction pamphlets for it. I had some trouble with the computer and asked online and by phone for instructions and NEVER RECEIVED any HELP. They said most people that buy it knows what how to use it all and they won't give and manuals...

Now months later I made a purchase to TigerDirect while I was sound asleep. I received an e-mail about my purchase that they are charging my credit card. I can't reply to the e-mail. They use a no reply address. I have no links to click to let them know I did not order this. They took the privilege to order it for me since they kept my account on their file... I had to spend time on Mother's Day canceling their fraudulent order that they made for me. And still to this day no manuals for that junk computer.

TigerDirect has no right to steal from my bank account. They have no right to keep my banking info to steal from me. Since I did not order anything I could have easily deleted their e-mail never knowing about their FRAUD until I seen my account summary... LOL. Yes purchase CA ANTI VIRUS protection in my computer that I can't use because CA isn't doing its job. IDIOTS.

TigerDirect Lost Package Rip-Off
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I bought 2 laptops from One sent to me and one sent to my best friend. The one sent to me was perfectly fine. The one sent to my best friend was never received. He never received or signed for the laptop. However, the tracking number (from UPS) stated it was delivered. I called TigerDirect and they told me to call UPS (TigerDirect's shipper). I called UPS and UPS told me that TigerDirect have to file a claim. I believed UPS did a back track/tracing for the lost package.

I did not received a single call from TigerDirect notified the situation or an outcome of the case. I called back and they (TigerDirect) said that UPS closed the case because it was determined "delivered". I ask them how is that possible when my best friend did not received it? They said that's all they have and they told me to call UPS. I called UPS requesting proven evidence that the laptop was delivered. They (UPS) told me that I have to get that information from TigerDirect. They (UPS) cannot give it to me since I'm not the shipper. I called TigerDirect and they said that all the information they have from UPS is that it was "delivered" based on the UPS's tracking information.

It's ridiculous that I have to pay for something that was lost by UPS. I called my credit card company and filed a dispute. Now, I have a bill from a collection agency. I'll not pay for this laptop. I'll file with any/all company handling issues like this. I'll also make sure my voice be heard on the online rip-off forums because this is basically a RIP-OFF.

Worst Experience Ever
By -

Worst Experience Ever. Do not use TigerDirect through Circuit City. They have the worst customer service and they are just a middle man. I bought a television from Circuit City and I called them to install it. They offered me a complete install at the same price as the television. I bought a 42" plasma so it wasn't cheap. I don't want to put the price. So they gave me a complete install price and I said "charge it to my credit card." They set up an install date and when the installers got here they were just a subcontractor working for TigerDirect. This subcontractor wanted an additional fee of over $800 to go ahead with the service. So here is my problem.

Don't call someone who is a middle man, go to a direct source. Complete install does not mean complete install with TigerDirect. They are just one expensive phone call and that's all they do. They also have charged my credit card for a number of different things which are now in disputes. BEWARE. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

TigerDirect SUCKS
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VANCOUVER -- I purchased an HDTV, DVD player, and cables online from 2 hours later I found a better deal at my local Future Shop. So I phoned their 24-hour number to cancel my order. This was on a Friday. The message I got was "We are currently closed please call during regular business hours." I emailed them immediately saying "STOP!" I should have just phoned my credit card to put a stop on the order. LESSON LEARNED.

I spoke with a sales rep the following Monday regarding my cancellation. She argued with me that they are open 24/7. I couldn't believe it! Anyway, they shipped the cables and DVD player but hadn't processed the TV. They were going to charge me shipping on the sent items.

My beef is that they charged me full shipping on the TV that was never sent!!! I argued with them on the phone, got pissed off with zero customer service, called her a few choice names, and slammed the phone. I am out $100 for something that never even shipped!!!

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- On December 13, 2005 I ordered a Western Digital hard drive for a total of $98.98. I paid using my PayPal account, and had them use my credit card. The hard drive was a Christmas present for my father. On December 17 I checked the status of the hard drive online, not having received any email about it shipping. The status was that it was backordered.

I called the 800 number given on the TigerDirect Website and waited in queue for 25 minutes before reaching someone. I was informed that the hard drive was expected at the end of the month. I cancelled the order and was told my money would be refunded immediately. (BTW, I got a Seagate hard drive from New Egg in time for Xmas. Love them.)

In the flurry before Christmas, I didn't pay attention to the refund from TigerDirect. After New Year's I turned my attention back to the everyday nitty gritty. Like prying my money out of TigerDirect. I called on Jan 3 to inquire about my refund. When you call the 800 number you reach their automated voice system. They never provide an option to speak to a real person. I experimented in trying to reach someone and found that if I say the words "talk to someone" you get put in queue. That day I was in queue for 20 minutes, then disconnected. I called back and hung in for 25 minutes to get to someone.

I was informed that my money was refunded on December 27 to PayPal. I had checked my PayPal account prior to my calling TigerDirect, nothing there. I've used PayPal for years and they've always performed transactions in almost real time. But I decided to call PayPal and check.

I call PayPal, and was told nothing was received from TigerDirect. They give me another number to call at Tiger, but it reaches the same voice system. This time I decide to use the ordering something option and see if I could get a real person sooner and take it from there. Well, I did but I ended up on the phone for another 45 minutes between being in queue and being transferred - before reaching someone who was supposed to help me. What a rude jerk. This is still all on Jan 3.

The guy tells me that my money was refunded, but since I'm complaining they'd start the refund process again. I questioned that strategy and tried to get a supervisor. I was told speaking to a supervisor wasn't possible and that this was the way it worked. Basically that I was a jerk and my money (supposedly already refunded) would be refunded in 24 hours. I asked for a direct phone number to call back if I didn't get the money. He gave me a number and an extension.

I then went onto PayPal and filed a dispute for this transaction. I have filed a dispute with the credit card company, and I have filed a complaint with the FL BBB (which Tiger does not belong to.) And I'm posting complaints to forums like this. I have given them a couple of days, and checked PayPal today, Jan 9, 2006. No money. I called TigerDirect again and tried the extension Mr Jerk had given me. Guess what, it didn't work. What a surprise!

I called the 800 number and got through to ** in less than 15 minutes! Woohoo! ** told me that she would start the refund process and send the request to the one person who handles PayPal transactions. The refund would take 3 to 5 days. I questioned her about the process supposedly already started on Jan 3, and why that didn't work out; and for that matter why the supposed refund of Dec 27 didn't work. ** didn't know and had no record of my other calls.

According to **, the way the process works is that they refund the money to PayPal and PayPal is then responsible to let me know they have it. Aaah, yeah. I know that. My problem is that the money is not getting to PayPal. It's been almost a month now. Well, ** didn't want me to speak because obviously I didn't understand how the process worked. I think I do. I think that TigerDirect, just like, just likes to get money - they don't like to provide the product or give you your money back.

So it'll be interesting to see what happens as a result of all disputes and complaints I've filed. And I'll keep calling TigerDirect, just to see what they come up with next. PS. Don't buy from them.

Update 1/10/2006. I have been informed by PayPal that my money has been refunded. So, it took a little over 3 weeks to get a refund that should've happened within days. On top of the delay is the sheer frustration of dealing with TigerDirect customer service. If I put a dollar amount to the hours spent on them, I squandered more than the original hard drive cost.

Fraudulent Credit Card Charge
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Rating: 1/51

FLAGLER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Received my credit card bill and found a $700 charge from TigerDirect. Have NEVER used this company EVER. Reported to bank which initiated Fraud Investigation and cancelled card. Called TigerDirect and was told they wouldn't tell me what was charged to my account even though I gave them the credit card (I cancelled the card). No one there today to talk to me but they promise someone will contact me tomorrow. LOL.

Bait and Switch Online
By -

Selected a laptop, when checking out, the price changed. Called and first they told me it was out of stock, but the website did not say it was. Then they told me it was in stock after further review, but would not sell it to me unless I purchased the extended warranty. Classic Bait and switch.

Request different shipper
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Recently I order products from Have used them before and did not have a problem till this last order. It was sent UPS and due to ongoing issues I have with the driver who delivers on our street, the product was returned stating it was refused and it was not. So I will no long order from any company that uses UPS as their shipper. I did receive an order that was sent USPS without incident but bulk items are sent UPS. Due to UPS drivers issues, they are biting the very hand that feeds them.

Horrible. Stay away from Tiger Direct.
By -

Hi. I was initially impressed with the service but later on realized that Tiger Direct is definitely not the place to shop especially the items with rebates attached to it. Rest assured, you will never get the rebate and they will have all the excuses in this world not to. After all, this is one of the primary source of Tiger Direct's income. Shop at your own risk.

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