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Consumer sues TigerDirect / OnRebate over no rebate.

A Texas consumer has filed a class-action lawsuit against Port Washington-based computer products seller Systemax Inc. and two subsidiaries alleging they schemed to dupe customers out of advertised rebates. Systemax called the suit "completely frivolous and without merit." "All consumers who properly complete the rebate application and submit the required paperwork have their rebates paid, period," said **, chief financial officer of Systemax.

The suit, filed Oct. 18 in federal district court in Brooklyn, accuses Systemax and its TigerDirect and OnRebate subsidiaries of conspiring to delay or deny rebates after customers applied for them. The companies "routinely failed to comply with their own deadlines" of processing rebates within a promised eight to 12 weeks, the suit alleges, a practice that it claims allowed Systemax to "enjoy undeserved profits in the form of interest and un-cashed rebate checks."

The suit was filed by **, a Texas resident who in November bought a 400MHz computer from TigerDirect.com with an advertised $40 rebate. According to his lawsuit: ** promptly mailed in all the rebate materials and, after two months, had not heard from OnRebate. He sent an e-mail Jan. 24 inquiring about the rebate. In a Feb. 28 response, OnRebate said it had not received all the necessary materials to process his form. In March, the company refused to send the rebate, saying ** had missed the cutoff date, according to the suit, which lists several other alleged instances of consumers being denied rebates.

The suit takes issue with the company's promotional claims touting services that "streamline the rebate process, increasing customer satisfaction." ** said, "The overwhelming majority of consumers who apply for rebates have them processed accordingly and in due course and are happy with the process." ** was traveling this week and could not be reached. His lawyers didn't respond to calls seeking comment.

File a Complaint Against TigerDirect
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I just had a problem with TigerDirect. I ordered a printer, canceled the order, and received the shipment anyway. TigerDirect customer service ignored my e-mails and faxes. I won a small claims suit against Tiger and then Tiger refused to pay it. I'm working this out with the courts right now.

Worst Rip-Offs on the Net Today!
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I bought an Athlon 3200XP Processor and an AMD Motherboard from TigerDirect. Both were RETAIL priced, no OEM< versions! Naturally both were 'backordered' AFTER they said on the phone that they were 'in stock'. They charged my credit card the day they took the order. They sent me the OEM version of the processor which is always lower priced than the retail version. This company actually changed their web page to look like BOTH processors were the same price! I was aware of many complaints of fraudulent activity so I had 'screenshots' of the pages I ordered the parts from.

After calling numerous times to try to get a refund and being denied (motherboard was also DOA) I posted a bad review on Resellerratings.com and the next morning shortly 6 after 7 AM I was awakened by ** calling me from TigerDirect. Know what this man said to me ? "What will it take to make you go away." (This company also billed my credit card TWICE for the processor.) Anyway, we agreed on a refund of my order, plus shipping AND the company did a 3way call to my credit card company to get the second charge taken off.

The moral is: TigerDirect are complete and total rip-offs AND liars also. IT borders on actually being a completely fraudulent company! The rebate scams are horrendous. TigerDirect also OWNS 'Onrebate.com'...so ...75% of their customers NEVER get any rebates. Plus... fraudulent charges on credit cards are RAMPANT from TigerDirect.
Consumers BEWARE... avoid them at ANY cost! Check their ratings out at: ResellerRatings.Com... hit the 'LOW' category to get an idea of what they do to people!

Worst Experience Ever With Ording Online
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On Tuesday July the 19th I ordered an Akai 42 inch Plasma TV from TigerDirect.com along with a universal wall mount for it. On the 20th the order status on their site showed the ordered was processed and delivered to the carrier for pick up. On the 25th the order status changed to shipped and showed a tracking number for it but nothing about what shipping company was carrying it. On the 26th I received an e-mail with the same tracking number and a link to DHL's online package tracking page. My credit card was also charged for the payment on that day. The tracking number showed as not valid.

Later on the 26th I received another e-mail saying that the order, "or at least part of it" had shipped. No tracking number or shipping company info in it. I relied to that e-mail asking what was meant by "part of it" and telling them that I would not accept delivery of just the wall mount if the TV wasn't with it especially since I was paying almost $200.00 for truck shipping. On the 27th the tracking number still showed not valid. I contacted the DHL shipping company and they replied that an air bill had been generated under my name by TigerDirect but that they had not taken possession of the package/packages under that tracking number.

On the 28th I finally got a human on the phone at TigerDirect/ had to go through their phone ordering option to get that/ and the guy checks and tell me that the order had shipped but it was another shipping company and gave me another tracking number and the url for the company. After the call I tried to check the number but the website kept coming up as a 404 not found error.

Today is the 29th and I still have not had a response to 3 separate e-mails I sent to TigerDirect concerning this. Note: On the 26th I did receive an unsolicited phone call from them trying to sell me the extended warranty. I had to tell the lady 3 times that I wasn't interested in an overpriced one year warranty. I have contacted my credit card company and am initiating a dispute of the charge on my card. I would not recommend TigerDirect to my worst enemy.

Bait and Switch Online
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Selected a laptop, when checking out, the price changed. Called and first they told me it was out of stock, but the website did not say it was. Then they told me it was in stock after further review, but would not sell it to me unless I purchased the extended warranty. Classic Bait and switch.

Request different shipper
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Recently I order products from Tiger Direct.com. Have used them before and did not have a problem till this last order. It was sent UPS and due to ongoing issues I have with the driver who delivers on our street the product was returned stating it was refused and it was not. So I will no long order from any company that uses UPS as their shipper. I did receive an order that was sent USPS without incident but bulk items are sent UPS. Due to UPS drivers issues they are biting the very hand that feeds them.

Tiger Direct SUCKS
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VANCOUVER -- I purchased an HDTV, DVD player and cables online from TigerDirect.ca 2 hours later I found a better deal at my local Future Shop. So I phoned their 24 hour number to cancel my order. This was on a Friday. The message I got was "We are currently closed please call during regular business hours". I emailed them immediately saying STOP! I should have just phoned my credit card to put a stop on the order. LESSON LEARNED. I spoke with a sales rep the following Monday regarding my cancellation. She argued with me that they are open 24/7. I couldn't believe it! Any way, they shipped the cables and DVD player buy hadn't processed the TV. They were going to charge me shipping on the sent items.

My beef is that they charged me full shipping on the TV that was never sent!!! I argued with them on the phone, got pissed off with zero customer service, called her a few choice names and slammed the phone.

I am out $100 for something that never even shipped!!!

Terry Weaver
Vancouver Canada

Tiger Direct did not credit gift certificate
By -

I purchased a laptop and used a gift certificate toward the purchase and was not given credit for it. I completed the fields as directed in the online order form to redeem the certificate. The amount was not credited on the online order so I called and talked to a cs representative who took my gift certificate information and said I would be credited. When I received the invoice, it did not show the credit so I called back. I was told that I should receive the credit and if there was a problem the representative would call me back. He did not call back so I called back the next day to confirm that it was taken care of and was assured by a third cs representative that I would receive the credit. When I received my credit card statement they had charged my credit card the full amount with no credit for the gift certificate. I have yet to get this resolved.

Unfulfilled Rebates
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On July 9 I ordered a Hanns-G 19" LCD display from this site. The fact that the monitor was "factory recertified" was obscured until I was at the checkout page. No matter, I thought. With the $50 rebate I'll be getting, the price is still fair enough. Don't bet on it! TigerDirect is now using a rebate processing service called OnRebate.com that makes it nearly impossible to collect. I've jumped through all of OnRebate's hoops, including re-submitting the rebate information and at least the rebate was "accepted" as of 8/15/2006. I was advised that it would take 8 to 10 weeks to process. It is now November 27, 2006 -- well over the 10 weeks maximum and no rebate check is in sight. Repeated e-mails to OnRebate's customer service department go unanswered. If you're ever tempted to buy anything from Tiger Direct that involves a rebate, save yourself the frustration. Wire me the airfare and I'll come out to wherever you are and hit your foot repeatedly with a hammer. The transaction won't be any more satisfying, but at least you'll know to put on steel-toed shoes before I arrive.

11/28/2006. Just received an e-mail from a Tiger Direct employee stating that the rebate check had been issued on 11/24/2006 and to allow 10 days for it to arrive. Will keep everyone posted. If the check arrives and doesn't bounce, I shall update this posting to reflect this.

11/30/2006. The check finally arrived in today's mail. I'll attempt to negotiate it tomorrow.

Fraudulent & shoddy practices
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TigerDirect is a total scam outfit. 2 weeks ago they emailed me a come-on for an Epson PictureMate photo printer which they advertised as $99 "after rebates". This was a total fraud. Once I placed the order for which I was billed $199 +S&H, and went through their incredibly complex rebate downloading maze, I discovered that $50 of the so-called rebate was in the form of a Visa debit 'gift card' which had to be used within 30 days and the other $50 was contingent upon my purchase of an Epson PC or camera. Needless to say, I cancelled that order immediately.
Not having learned from that mistake, I then ordered an Emachines refurb desktop computer just last week for the advertised price of $299. I was billed $399 + 22 SH and then had to jump through all the hoops again to get the $100 rebate. When I got the machine, it was defective. It would not even boot up! I then started reading the return instructions on the Tigerdirect shipping invoice. Boy was I surprised. First off, they won't even take returns on like 5 or 6 of the major brands. Then if they do take the return, the customer has to pay for shipping. Also, it's a "repair or replace" policy. You can't EVER get a refund! Rather than dealing w/Tiger, I went directly to Emachines and they did send a FedEx shipping label and gave me an RMA. Of course by doing that I did exactly what Tiger wanted me to do - not bother them with a return hassle. Why would I? They probably would have just sent me another junk machine.
Finally, I have to admit that this is not the first stinker I have gotten from Tiger. 2.5 yrs ago I bought a 'barebones" special from them and the mobo and hard drive self-destructed last year. This leads me to believe that Tiger must buy all the defective/return merchandise it can get its grubby paws on from the major manufacturers and then just resell it 'as is' hoping that the customer will not want to go through the hassle of returning it to them. Makes sense now that I consider it. They buy junk for almost nothing, repackage it, then pawn it off on unsuspecting people online. In other words they operate on the principle "throw a ton of sh*t at a wall and most of it will stick. What doesn't we'll sweep up and throw it again".
OK, I guess I must have some sort of craving for abuse. Well, never again, let me guarantee you of that. The last blow came when I clicked the 'unsubscribe' link on one of their numerous spam emails they keep sending me. It was a bum link! Just like the company.

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