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Rating: 1/51

ADDISON, TEXAS -- I'll just put this in a list format:

  • Took me seven hours to sign up for basic internet (was finally able to get it done because I eventually found someone that was from the USA).

  • They lied to me about the gift card they offer. They told me there was nothing I was supposed to do except pay my first two bills on time and it would be in the mail. Lie. They refused to give it to me after I inquired about it.

  • I pay for 15 mpbs download and get a measly 3 mbps download. No other company I have ever dealt with has ever charged me a price for something I never even received. I received 1/5th of what they promised me.

  • The customer service is awful. When I asked for a credit to my account (because I was paying a higher price for... nothing?) they offered me a measly $10 credit.

  • Actually going to switch my service this weekend. I don't care if I can only find up to 6 mbps download with other providers. It's still much better than paying for 15 and getting 3.

  • This company is criminal. If you have any sort of cognitive brain function, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.

Super Sucks!!! TWC Is a No No... Find Other Options!!!
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Rating: 1/51

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- Super sucky issues with Time Warner cable... 9/3/2013.

  1. TWC charges $10/month for cable box, $5.99 for internet modem.

  2. I want to cancel cable TV, keep only internet. I will have to pay $40 fee for some BS reason that they have to send technician out here to block cable signal even if I return the set top box. Signal nowadays got scramble, there's no way we can steal the signal and if that's the case, it's not customers' responsibility for them to send technician. Who does that nowadays!?!

  3. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with customer service IF you want to downgrade or cancel the service. You actually have to go in line at the local office.

  4. I have been customer for close to 5 months. Paying $80 Digital Cable/3Mbps Internet+$10 set top box+$6 for modem+tax = $107/month. And I would like to change my package to $65 for Basic Cable + 20Mbps internet as advertised... guess what... I cannot do that because that is available for new customer only.

I am going to return EVERYTHING to them tomorrow... this is some BS of 21st century in the United State. I am so sorry for people who work for TWC, TWC Executives should be ashamed of themselves!!! The company only relies on small town where people have no choice, I hope they go bankrupt soooon!!!

Worst Consumer Experience of My Life
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Absolutely awful customer service. Initially, there was an issue with the previous tenants not canceling their service. Time Warner tasked ME with going to a local branch and switching over the service to my name. Then after a $100 payment covering my deposit and first month of service, they and told me everything was good to go and sent me on my way. Annoying, but not a deal breaker. Well when I got home, the modem didn't connect to the cable signal.

After 3 hours on the phone, most of which was spent on hold, the technician came to the shocking revelation that either my modem or cable outlet was not working. I set up a service appointment (earliest available was 5 days later). So the day finally comes and lo and behold no tech comes out... I called to see what was up and after a mere hour and a half on hold I was told the tech did in fact come, removed the lines for the TV service, didn't activate any Internet service, and left... All without even ringing the doorbell or notifying me in any way.

Now, I have to wait another 2 days for another tech if he/she even shows. Time Warner treats their customers like garbage and if it was not the only Internet service available for my neighborhood I would have nothing to do with them. I am a student and Internet access is essential so this comes as a huge inconvenience for me. For the love of God, stay away from these idiots if it is at all possible.

Lack of Reasonable Timely Response to Internet Issues
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Rating: 1/51

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- So angry with Time Warner Cable. We've been having intermittent internet service issues.. I finally got fed up and called in for service last Thursday.. They finally sent a tech out Yesterday - Tuesday... After the tech messed around with It for over 3 hours. Now have NO internet and one of the Tv's is all snowy and the digital box in the living room keeps pixelating.. Steams about to come out my ears.. So they said they need a replace the drop into the building.. For which they use a 3rd party contractor..

So I called to check on status today since no one had called. These clowns now say it could be two weeks be for its taken care of.. Time Warner Cable and this contractor truly fit the definition of "Customer NO Service.. I hate DSL but its sure looking better and better. AT&T may be my next call.. If anyone asks me about using Time Warner Cable, I'd tell them never at this point.. Poorest complaint response I've ever experience out of the five different cable companies and two satellite companies I ever dealt with.

Not My Internet, They Say
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. I decided I wanted Internet from Time Warner Cable, so I went online and filled out the form and gave them my credit card information. I didn't give my Social Security number since they said I didn't have to if I was willing to have automatic withdrawal. But apparently if the person asking for service doesn't provide a Social Security number, Time Warner looks in their system and finds someone with the same last name and uses HIS Social Security number. Anyway, that's what happened.

The installer came to hook it up. He said it wasn't in my name but in someone else's. I said, "But I'm paying for it." He said it still wasn't in my name. Well, okay, what did I care? The installer hadn't been gone thirty minutes when the Internet quit working. I tried to talk to someone (after being on hold for about twenty-five minutes), but I didn't have Internet, you know -- some guy with my last name had it -- so they wouldn't talk to me.

I therefore had no power to get anything done, and they get pretty huffy with you when you call and try to cancel or get things taken care of if you insist that it is YOUR Internet when they've chosen to make it someone else's (I have the receipt they sent me--in MY NAME). After a few days I went to the local office and returned the equipment and made them take my credit card off their records. They refused to return my money so I'm out $35. They said that if I'd give them MY Social Security number they'd come back and give me Internet. Not in this lifetime, Time Warner, not in this lifetime.

Unreliable Service- Worst Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Time Warner Cable is the worst experience I could ever had. Every month you receive a monthly bill higher than the previous one. On top of it, your Internet service is always down whenever you in need to use it, you may have cable and picture will freeze and on top of that you could be experiencing no volume at all for weeks and weeks. When you call for help, they refer you to technicians than don't know what they doing. Some will promise you they will come to your home or call you after a certain time and won't show up.

The worst is when you decide to cancel, the number you call say you must call during office hours and will disconnect. I finally got someone on a week day and they have the guts to tell me that my cancellation request will cost me $40 on my last bill. LOL. I came to the office at Broadway to drop off the equipment, and that have me a number. The waiting time was over an hour and half.

Time Warner Cable is a Scam
By -

Already having had home phone service and cable TV through Time Warner for several years, I decided to switch my internet as well for increased savings as a bundle package with a 2-year agreement. It turned out to be a huge mistake. The internet service was intermittent to say the least, but was far too unreliable, I could stay connected on a neighbor's unsecured network easier.

After weeks of complaints to customer service and visits from technicians, I spoke to a retention agent within the 60-day trial period, who begged me to have a technician come out one last time to try to fix it. I agreed, and just like before the technician was unable to make a difference, so I called the retention department back and cancelled the internet the same day. I kept the phone and cable TV service, since I had them before and never had a problem with them; I had not been given any new equipment for the internet service, so there was nothing to return with the cancellation. I should have just resumed month-to-month on the prior services like I had before.

The next bill came out and was still charged for the bundle, but like most people unfamiliar with subscription billing, I didn't instantly assume what I had believed was a reputable company had made a mistake, I could probably get a credit for it on the next bill. The next month I was charged for it again, as I was on auto-bill, and when I called they first informed me that they had no record of my cancellation and that I was bound by a contract now so if I cancelled I would be subject to an early termination fee.

I checked my records and called back, and the next representative even agreed that I had called back to cancel my service that day and was within the 60-day trial, but because I hadn't reported the error within 30 days they would still hold me to that contract. They tried every excuse to keep me in that contract, suggesting that the cancellation wasn't official because I hadn't returned any equipment, even though I never received any equipment.

There were the predictable mishaps of getting disconnected when requesting to speak to a supervisor. I was repeatedly lied to, and finally, I had had enough. I already had a new service provider and wasn't going to continue to pay Time Warner since they never provided me with service anyway, so I cancelled.

The only promise they ever kept was to penalize me with the early termination fee, which I am still disputing. Their customer service reps were reluctant to or not empowered to assist or research any further. I called to request the recordings of all the phone calls I had made that month, yet their customer service reps don't even have access to listen to their own recordings of customer service calls, and instead referred me to a legal department to make that request.

There seem to be no checks and balances in their company to prevent a dishonest retention representative from getting credit for a save by lying to a customer, and even worse, nobody in the company seems to think that's a problem; instead they all appear to support it. All the reps seem to have been trained to deliver fake apologies, like "I'm sorry you feel that way", which is about as apologetic as saying "I'm sorry you're an idiot."

Once their mistake had been pointed out, and they even admitted to it, there is no reason why they should not be able to correct it, unless they were deliberately making mistakes as a means to profit. As far as I'm concerned, Time Warner Cable uses unethical practices to enforce fraudulent contracts, and their policies and procedures are designed to shield those practices.

Deceptive Marketing Or Classic Bait & Switch Kings
By -

NEW YORK,, NEW YORK -- I signed up for an $89.99 bundled service package. Time Warner Cable (TWC) required that I pay up front for the first month as well as the installation. It seemed like a good deal and I verified on two separate occasions (prior to installation) that my service would be no more than $90 per month. I didn't receive a bill so I called Time Warner to inquire and pay the bill. Here's where the nightmare started.

First, getting a live person on the phone is nearly impossible. This is of course by design as I later made aware by two separate TWC customer service employees. What happens is you dial their number (1-888-TW-CABLE) and reach a recording. The recording asks you several different questions and gives you options to select from. You'll never hear an option to speak to a customer service representative. So you keep trying to pick the right answer to get to a live person. The only way to get a live person is to not push any buttons and let the recording ask you questions over and over and over again. If you do that, you'll eventually get transferred to a live person.

Once I got a live person, he supposedly looked into the computer and found that my bill was $195. When I told him there was no way my bill could be that much, he stated that I had three services and gave me prices for each one. When I told him that I had signed up for a bundled service package that was $89.99 he told me that was impossible and they didn't have a package for that price.

I then asked for a direct callback # so I could gather all of my original documentation and call back in 20 minutes without going through their awful phone system. They said that the number I called was the only number they had. I then asked if they could have a manager call me back in 20 minutes. The customer service person told me they would have their supervisor call me back in 20 minutes. I of course didn't receive a return call.

I called the national sales team that initially set up my new service and they said I would need to call the customer service line. The representative I talked to agreed that the phone system was "the most awful thing ever" and sympathized with the situation. I then called the TWC customer service line again. (It should be called the LACK OF Customer Service Line after the service I received.) Once I reached a live person **, I immediately exclaimed that I was highly irritated and I wanted to speak to a manager.

** responded with "Managers do not speak to customers directly". When I demanded to speak with a manager, he responded with the same statement again! I then asked who his immediate supervisor was and told him I wanted to be transferred to that person. ** told me that his supervisor's name was ** and said he couldn't transfer me until he made notes in the system regarding my account.

During the time it took him to enter the notes there was laughter in the background, this of course added to the lack of professionalism. After being held idle by ** I demanded again to talk to his supervisor and he said he couldn't transfer me until he was finished with his notes. When he finally finished and transferred me, I got ** voicemail. I HUNG UP!

Since TWC is set up to avoid it's customers and their managers do not speak to customers directly I will resort to posting this message on poster boards such as,, **, and placing fliers in my neighborhood, malls, gas stations restaurants, and new housing tracts. Maybe if I warn enough people in a concentrated area about TWC's deceptive practices, false advertisement and lack of care or concern for their customers it will deter others from being put in the same position I'm in.

Until someone within TWC's management team decides that their customers are worth talking to and calls me, I'm making it my mission to find two ways each day to communicate my experience to others.

TWC Is Just Money Hungry
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- In these hard times for everyone do you think that big business would be a little understanding, you know in all that we the people just got done giving dozens of them billions of dollars so they, the big business, can keep on giving us, the people, there services. Well that is not the case with TIME WARNER CABLE. I just now spend twenty minutes with customer service trying to resolve a disconnect issue. I had in front of me a bill stating I owed $81.75. so my wife went down to put $50.00 on it and told them we will pay the rest next week. Nope they wouldn't have it. Pay all the bill now Because we were scheduled to be disconnected today.

Well upon seeing the receipt it showed we owed $137.75. Well to all those who know TWC bills you ahead. For those who don't know that means TWC bills you for services you haven't used yet. A lot like going to the store to buy milk for $2.50 and being changed $5.00. Cuz the store knows you'll be back in 2 days to get another gallon. Once more if you're later paying the pre-billing they charge you an Administrative Collection Charge. A fancy name for usury fee. Anyhow the collection site for TWC gave us a # to call to set up an agreement for payment. Cool. Nope.

I was told the same thing the collection site did. pay the $37.28 or get disconnected. What? This is their form or payment agreement. My way or the high way. I tried getting this woman on the phone to see it my way. Just wait a week for the rest of the money. Because I didn't want to pay the $25 re-connect fee. Would you? Something needs to be done to these people so they see the big picture.

An attorney would have a field day with this company. Just look at all the complaints. But TWC is still on the BBB's award list. How? people listen to me. TWC hides behind policies and regulations. Don't let them con you. You have rights. If you are not satisfied with the company call them and complain. Daily. Weekly. Monthly.

If they wish to hide behind utility status and policy. Be smart. Would you let the power company do this to you? How about the water department? Nope, didn't think so. Use the info to your Advantage. If you have one static channel or phone interruption or even internet drops off, complain. Daily if you have to. They offer you a contract that they see as binding. So see it that way too. You pay for constant service good service. Get it.

All cable companies have a list of customers they see as problem. Yeah that is right if you call too much or are loud on the phone, you get marked as problem or disgruntled customer. Once on you never get off of it. I should know I worked for both the big companies. Comcast in Chicago and Time Warner Cable in Oregon. Oh and if you're an attorney, look in to this because there is a case action suit in all these complaints. I see it, can you.

My Account Number
By -

QUEENS, NEW YORK -- Today I had a run into the MOST STUPID action of TIME WARNER ever, that they are plenty!!!! I needed my account number to pay my bill. I was in the office and I could not get through the automated billing service without the account number. I acted like a civilized man who lives in a civilized culture and called Customer Service. The girl needed my account number to give me my account number. I explained to her how STUPID this is, and she said this is the regulations.

I begged, pleaded, asked, yelled, and no way, she needed my account number to give me my account number. I asked if she understands modern-days' logic, and she said yes, but she needed my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I told her that this in not National Lampoon and she can ask me any question, such as date of birth, address, or any other information, and she said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations.

I tried telling her that in non-civilized cultures humans and close-to-humans would have mire brains than that, I need my account number so I can pay my bill. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked her how does TIME WARNER hire people? How do they make these regulations? If people need their account numbers they should get them. Customer service basics says so. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations.

I asked her to take a break, walk around the block, smoke a cigarette (or a joint as it so happened with the guy who writes regulations for TIME WARNER), so she can relax, then it might dawn on her: If I had the account number there would be no need for me to ask for it. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked to speak t a supervisor, she said she needs the account number so I could speak to a supervisor.

I asked if she would be kind enough to mail me the bill (my bills stopped coming in the mail). She said she needs the account number to start mailing me the bills. I said, "How would I know the account number if you are not mailing it to me?" She said she needs my account number so she can verify why the bills are not coming to me. And finally she said she will talk to a supervisor. She put me on hold listening to ugly stupid ads about how WONDERFUL service is at TIME WARNER for a while. She came back, apologized for the wait, and said (Ready for this???) that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations.

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