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Time Warner Is Horribly Unreliable
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Rating: 1/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- I am paying for 20mbps download speeds. That's all. Just some decent internet. If you could just give me 16 or so reliably, that's all I ask. Instead, Time Warner, instead, you can barely give me 2mbps download speed, and even that isn't reliable! Frequently dropping to. 5, .8, .2, oh we're up to 3mbps now... Hey did it just spike up to 14?? That's great... oh its back down to 1.3 now. Fantastic. Why Time Warner? Why?

How many times do I have to call your customer service? They're very nice over the phone by the way. But I still don't want to talk to them. I just want to surf the internet. How many times do I have to have a tech over? Why do I suddenly get that 20mbps download speed I pay for for an hour or so after the tech leaves, only for it to drop back to it's normal abysmally depressing speeds?

If I wanted dial up I would get dial up Time Warner. You don't understand Time Warner. You're the only option I have. I can't even get Comcast where I live. Why can't we just be friends? 20mbps Time Warner. That's all I want. I'll even take 15, even for a few hours at a time. That's all I ask. I beseech you Time Warner Cable. I give you money. I give you money every month. Why can't you give me internet?

Billing goes up all the time
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Rating: 2/51

We started with Time Warner 3 years ago at the promotion price of $14.95. We got a price increase notice after each year. Each time we were told we were offered a new promotion price and we were told the original price, which were higher each year. We have been paying $29.99 for the past year and we just got the notice we have to pay $38.95 from next month.

When I called the Customer Service about their price increase, I mentioned that we might consider cancelling the service if the price kept on increasing like this. The customer service asked me right away whether I wanted to be connected to the related department to cancel my service. This is terrible. I would advise anyone who wants to use Time Warner think about something else.

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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- This is a complaint that I sent to TWC today. If you are considering becoming a TWC customer please consider that they have crap service, treat their employees badly and outsource jobs to other countries. If you are reading this & you are a company that is in competition with TWC (other than AT & T), wonderful! You are missing out on a great opportunity! I would like to switch services and it would be awesome to see a really good company who hires Americans take business from TWC! There are many people who feel the same way!

To TWC Management: I have been a customer of TWC since 2005. Recently I called for tech help regarding my internet. Much to my disappointment I had to speak to a young man in the Philippines looking at his manual. Yes. It was that obvious. I then spoke to a lady in your customer service who was in South America. (yes, I asked) I can always tell because they let the phone ring and ring then it always sounds like they drop the phone before they answer.

At any rate... as an American Citizen I am EXTREMELY disappointed with TWC for out sourcing & not hiring Americans. I will be posting on Facebook and twitter and asking my friends and clients to do the same.
Also... because of your lack of loyalty I will be looking to change services. I'm also aware of your management "style" or lack thereof when dealing with your techs here in the field, it's obvious that you do not value your employees and the almighty dollar is the bottom line. You inspire no loyalty in your customers or employee's.

In addition... your quality of service has diminished. My cable TV and phone line have been out for the last couple hours, when I called to inquire about the problem I was told I would have to wait four days until a tech could come out. Why do I pay you $200 a month...? Also... I just became aware of your hidden service fees as well! Shame on you TWC!! I am a believer that what goes around... comes around. Sure your poor management skills and not giving job opportunities to American Citizens will come back to haunt you!

Years of Good Service, However a Problem happens.....
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRBORN, OHIO -- So this is a sad story of Time Warner Cable; we have had their service for a long time. However, a problem "recently" occurred ("recently" was a term used by many TWC representatives, which was a month ago) and they were unable to actually disseminate the issue for the longest time. I had a technician come out today, this has been the third technician to come to my house.

It was finally explained to me that a node was presenting an extremely high current causing noise on the drop off causing all sorts of issues for this area. I'm a night shift worker, so at 1am I am online, because its all I have to do for the next 4 or 5 hours before I sleep. This problem occurred around July 21st, so its been near 2 months now... I had been told numerous times that the issue would be fixed within 24 hours to 48 hours. This is a total lie considering the amount of time this has persisted.

I have talked to many TWC representatives, some were nice, most just wanted me off their phone (this was due to me asking complex questions). I've even had a supervisor get on the line and say to me after a transfer to their tech department "IT WILL BE FIXED SOON" then attempt to be nice. I understand I have called in many times, but this is no way to treat a customer that has not complained once since cable connections were available in my area (2004).

It should not take 3 technicians coming to someones home to invade their privacy, to invade their schedule, to set aside life priorities just to fix an issue that should have been fixed months ago considering 2 others have been here and done the same thing. Some might say since its such a big issue to me then it should not be a big deal if these 3 things happen.

I argue that the problem that caused me money loss, time loss, and my opinion of my ISP to be degraded should not have occurred in the first place. I should have received proper handling and care, not run of the mill play book crap provided by representatives who happen to schedule your technicians. It seems there is a huge lack in skill in these departments and needs to be managed properly.

Time Warner - False Advertising
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Rating: 1/51

MENTOR, OHIO -- Time Warner advertised a bundle with home phone, basic cable, and internet for $89.99. As the customer service representative spoke further, more added fees continued to mount. There was a monthly fee for the box, a monthly fee for wireless, and so on. By the time she was done and had added the anticipated taxes, the bundle was over $120.

While this price may not seem outlandish for these services, it is WELL OVER $90! I believe Time Warner uses false advertising to attract customers, then loads on additional hidden charges. SHAME ON YOU TIME WARNER! I will not use your services based on the false advertising, and plan on cancelling the cable I currently receive through your company based on your dishonest practices.

Holding New Customers for Previous Bills
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Rating: 1/51

GARLAND, TEXAS -- I am a NEW customer. I just moved into this resident and ordered cable and internet service online, they sent me an email requesting more information. I then called CS, gave them the order number. The representative could not find it so he told me to call the local CS. I called them and the representative stated the purpose for the call was in reference to the resident that lived here with the last name as I and asked if we were related. I said no. She then told me to fax over my lease. I said, "No, I will take it to the local office" and I did along with my ID. The order was place by the representative and he scheduled my service.

10 minutes before the installer arrives I get another call from CS, stated they have checked public records and found that I was related to the previous resident and it shows that someone else with a different last name still lives here. I told the representative no one lives here by that name and I'm not related to whom ever they were speaking of but she continued to argue with me and tell me I was lying and that they will cancel my order and refund my money in 5-6 wks.

I went to CS and they would not refund my money right away even though they deducted money from my credit card the day before. I would have to wait 3 days to get my money back even though there was no particular reason not to offer me service and I a BRAND NEW CUSTOMER WITH NO PRIOR SERVICE. THEY WILL NEVER HAVE MY BUSINESS AGAIN NOR WILL I RECOMMEND ANYONE TO THIS COMPANY!!!!

Appalling Hellacious Experience. Have Already Convinced Many People to Transfer.
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I signed up for Time Warner cable a couple months ago and initially everything was fine. Then I was moving and requested the transfer of services which they let me do well enough. However once the technician came out he couldn't figure out how to set anything up and said 'Oh yeah its your TV. Get a new one and then I can set it up.' and he left. After the pleasant experience I decided to cancel. Then the issues started. I called and canceled and received the confirmation. Unfortunately I ended up being billed again, of course. I was told ' they would look into it'. Then after relenting and needing internet for work I went back to them.

First they were supposed to send me my modem, that never happened. The representative on the phone point blank said 'oh yeah looks like they forgot to order it so it was never shipped'. Then after waiting almost two weeks after I place the order a technician finally comes to my house to install. Lo and behold he tells me that my cable was never disconnected and I was still being billed! After he set me up he called in the cancellation himself and gave me the confirmation number. About two weeks later however I receive a bill for not only the bill for my cable but also for the installation of the modem!! Even though I had the free home kit installation which THEY never shipped.

Once getting into chat I was told if I paid 110 dollars that they would send me back the money in a business week. I already had a credit on my account from my deposit on my cable but they refused to apply it. After point blank refusing to pay this bill I was assured my balance would be voided. However this is TWC and of course about a week later the balance was at 99.00. I am sick to death of this company and I am going to make sure I tell everyone how I was treated. BBB here I come.

Probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced
By -

About a year ago, my wife and I got rid of our land line and we now rely on cell phones. The only thing we used our land line for was internet, and at that time we switched to Road Runner, so it was no longer needed. Everything was great for about a year, then one Sunday without warning, we had no internet. We have a wireless network, and neither our desktop nor laptop worked.

On Monday, my wife calls Time Warner and spends 52 minutes on hold (being transferred from one place to another) and her cell phone dies. My wife tells me that she went through a level 1 and level 2 tech and they couldn't help. She was waiting for a level 3 tech when her phone died.

On Tuesday I call back. After waiting for: 17 minutes on the phone, I talk to a human being. I tell them that I need to talk to a level 3 tech, and they insist that we go over the problem again. So again, I am transferred to a level 1, and subsequently a level 2 tech, and neither can help. I am waiting on hold for a level 3 tech going on 1:13 minutes when my phone beeps warning me it is going to die. So I get my charger and plug it in. At 1:37 minutes (and about the 500th cycle of the recorded message, I decide that they have forgotten about me, and every minute I sit here, is a charge on my cell phone.

I immediately call back and the first human answers the phone after: 12 minutes. I tell her that I was waiting for a level 3 tech, and was on hold for over a half hour. She says "yeah, their really busy." I explain to her that I am on my cell phone, and I ask if I can get a voice mail, so they can get back to me at their convenience. "No, we don't have that capability." She says, "You can hold for a level 3 tech; the wait will probably be between 30 and 40 minutes. Or if you want to call back after 10pm, they shouldn't be so busy." (call time :23 minutes)

I decide that I will send them an email, so they can read it and get back to me at their convenience. I go to a neighbors house to use their computer, and it turns out that Time Warner has no email address. None that I could find anyway. They have plenty of phone numbers but they aren't real helpful.

I call back at 10pm Wednesday (the following day) the first Human picks up after holding for: 18 minutes. (I'm starting to get pretty angry) The person tells me that they are transferring me to a level 1 tech. After a somewhat heated exchange, I finally explain to them that I have talked to a level 1 and a level 2 TWICE already, and neither could help me.

So he puts me on hold for a level 3. Somewhere within the first cycle of their recorded message, there is a recording that says "due to an abnormally large call volume, wait times can be between 30 and 40 minutes. Remain on the line or call back at a later time." I figured, it's 10:30 at night, I am sure their call volume can't be THAT large. And I assumed the message was left on from earlier in the day. I was wrong. I waited for :47 minutes and hung up.

The following day (Thursday) I call back. I talk to the first human at :16 minutes into the call. To her credit she was very nice, and attempted to be very helpful. I explained the situation, and she said that she would see if she could get a level 3 tech on the phone and not just transfer me. I wait on hold for :12 minutes. She gets back on the phone and says that they are experiencing a very heavy call load, and that the wait would be 30-40 minutes.

Again, I asked if I could get a voice mail, and again, she confirmed that they don't have that capability. She said that she could go ahead and schedule and appointment for someone to come out, and I agreed. (this particular woman was very pleasant and helpful) But she told me that the earliest available appointment would be Thursday (one week away). With little choice, I agree, and they tell me they will be there between 1:30 and 3:00. The following Wednesday, I get a voicemail from Time Warner. The message says "Hello, this is ** from Time Warner; I am just attempting to make first contact." I have no idea what this means, and he leaves me no number to contact him.

So I call Time Warner: 13 minutes into the call, a representative picks up and I tell them about the call. He says "Yeah, they just call to confirm the appointment for the following day." I say "Okay, so how do I get in touch with him to confirm?" "He didn't leave you a number?" "No." (long pause) "Well it says in the computer that you still have an appointment for tomorrow." "Are you sure?" I say, "Yeah, it says right here..." (total time of call :27 minutes) The following day (Thursday), I take a half day off of work to be at home when the Time Warner guy gets there. I get home a 12:00 and I wait until 4:00. No one shows.

At 4:00 I call Time Warner (at this point, I am furious). After spending: 19 minutes on hold, I talk to a human being. I tell the person that I was supposed to have a tech person come to my house between 1:30 and 3:00. They say that a person tried to call and got no answer. I check my phone and there are no calls, so I tell the guy, "He called yesterday, and I called back. He didn't call today". He says, "It says here that he called and no one answered." Frustrated, I say, "Okay, so now what can we do?" He says, "Well, I can schedule another appointment for you...." "Okay, when's the earliest appointment?" "Next Wednesday." "Don't bother." (click)

Today it has been almost 3 full weeks since the internet went out, and I called an independent tech guy to come fix it for me. So in retrospect: I spent 325 minutes on the phone (I don't know how much that will end up costing me). I took a half day off of work (about $85.00) had to hire someone else to fix it anyway ($55.00). And I went without internet access for almost 3 full weeks (which I will still pay for)

I am not happy with Time Warner. When it works, it's great, but if you need customer service, say a little prayer. I switched from cable television to satellite for a similar customer service issue. If there were a way to contact them, I wouldn't have posted this. But it appears that they don't care about their customers, since they allow no way (outside of waiting on hold for an hour) to contact anyone there. And with no contact point like this, there is no way for upper management to monitor the job their subordinates are doing. It's pretty clear, they simply don't care. This company probably has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Wasted my time and lied out of their BLANKS!
By -

We were using Time Warner (TW) and found a better deal with another service provider who offered us a packaged deal for a lot cheaper. So we left TW. We returned all of the equipment, ported our number over to the new service provider, took time off work to get the new set up going. The next day after returning the equipment, ** from TW called me asking if there was a way they could earn our business back. I explained that I was offered a deal for $79.99 for the packaged deal with another company along with freebies for 3 months.

Linda explained to me that she could give me showtime and a movie channel for 1 full year and give me digital basic cable and 1 digital box, the highest speed internet (Road Runner Turbo) and phone service with a battery backed phone modem all for $74.99 and they would waive all installation and activation fees. She then said the prices would go up in a year but if I called to say that I would leave, that they would most likely keep the special price for me.

When the installer came 2 weeks later, he forgot to give us a remote and the battery pack for the phone. I also found that I wasn't given the Road Runner Turbo... just the regular internet. I work from home on the internet so speed is important to me. They told me this was never on my order. They sent a man over to give the battery pack and a remote. I got a notice from TW 2 weeks after installation that I was being charged $141 a month and to pay. (That's twice the amount I was quoted!)

So I called them and I disputed. They said that they didn't have a package for $74.99 and they went to listen to the recording and said that they would have ** call me back. I haven't hear a darn thing from her. I got a notice today (almost 3 weeks after installation) stating a disconnect notice and a bill for $397.50. I called the billing department to dispute this. They told me there are activation fees, prorated fees and then told me they couldn't give me the details but to call another number and they could help me. I have been on hold for this number (800.892.2253) for over 90 minutes!

I just leave it on speaker waiting for a representative to answer while I give all of my feedback to any online site I can. How can they legally make an offer, get people's business based on that offer and not keep their promises? I took two days from working to have the setup and install and I went based solely on their promises and now they are lying!

Outage Takes > 5 Days to Resolve, No Phone Nor Internet for Almost a Week
By -

Looks like I have to live without my phone and internet for a week. And I pay more than $100 per months for this? What kind of service I'm buying with my money?! Here is the full story: Starting Saturday afternoon I found the internet connection very slow. Even some very reliable websites (gmail, yahoo) was only working intermittently or got timed out. I thought it might be just temporary glitches, thought it might fix itself later so I brushed it off.

On Sunday evening situation stayed the same. I power cycled my modems, wireless routers and computers several time but problem persisted, so I called customer support. The representative asked me to go through the same power cycle thing, somehow it worked better after the representative resetting the modem from their end. I thought problem was fixed for good. Only to find out the problem came back after used the internet for about 30 minutes. I call them again, this time the representative told me there was a regional outage and ask me to call again tomorrow to find out the status. OK, it was time to bed anyway so I decided to wait.

Tried to go to some websites on Monday morning - same problem. I have a real job so I have to go to work and had no time to deal with this non-sense. After I was back to work, I used their online chat to talked with some technical support. She basically told me I have to confirm it wasn't my wireless router being the problem, suggested me to use their website speed test when I'm back at home. Also the tech support told me there was no outage last night on record. So wth was the representative talking to me last night? Probably just making up stuff to get rid of an annoyed customer. Way to treat your customer Time Warner!

Back at home from work, tried the suggestion. Big surprise - of course the problem is still there even I plug my computer directly into the modem without router. Tried to go to the roadrunner speed test website to do the test as suggested by the support, the connection was so slow that I can't even load that test page, what a joke.

Call them again, this technical support seems to be more knowledgeable, he did some test, and tell me my connection is dropping intermittently that's why it appears slow, they need to a tech to my place to take a look. OK fine... so just help me fix it right? Nope - they can't get any one out until Friday!!! WTF? Problem started on Saturday. They can't fix it until Friday?!

At this point my digital phone isn't even working so I have to leave without my phone and internet for about a week. This is internet age and we're not cavemen I can't imagine how can I survive without both internet and phone. OK maybe if I drop dead from heart failure because I can't call 911 in time as the phone in my home is not working, it will make a story and maybe Time Warner will up their service? Again... WTH...

The whole thing is very frustrating. I lost count of how much time I spent to get them to admit there is something wrong with their hardware (which I suspected to be the case to begin with), and then it takes them ages to send someone to fix their faulty hardware. WTH? I pay more than $130 for this kind of service? Serious if there is a choice I'll never use Time Warner again. Give me a break Time Warner.

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