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Took 30 Days To Set Up My Phone/Cable/Internet Account
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KINGSTON, NEW YORK -- We just built a house and planned to move early in the morning April 30, 2013, and since I work in communications full-time out of my home, I wanted to make sure I had Internet and phone up and running by the time we moved in - without phone and Internet, I can't work. On April 10, my builder said it was time to call Time Warner to get a tech to bring out cable to run in a conduit between the cable box by our driveway up to the house's cable box. Everything else had been installed by the developer and builder, and the builder had just done the same thing with the house next door (which took about two days).

My builder said that if it was going to take too long, Time Warner could just drop off the cable, and he would run it up to the house. When I called Time Warner April 10, the woman who handled the call took directions to our house down several times (since we're not in GPS currently, it can be hard to find), and said a tech would be out “in two to five days” and that we should have no problem getting our triple play system up and running by April 30. She also used my cell as the account number, and I said that if the tech had any trouble finding the house, feel free to call me. Then she gave me a work order number, and said she'd call me once it was installed to set up our triple play account.

By April 15, no one had shown up at our property, so I called Time Warner and was told that a tech had been dispatched April 11, but couldn't find the house. Apparently, the tech hadn't bothered to try to phone me to get directions and no one at Time Warner was going to call me to let me know of the problem. And when I asked why the tech didn't just use the directions on file. The man handling the call, **, said there were no directions on file. So he set up another work order with a different number, put the directions into the file (which I made him read back to me), and said it would take another “two to five days” for someone to run the cable.

The next day, April 16, I received a call from the original woman who set up the work order at Time Warner, demanding to know why I had called Time Warner. I was absolutely flabbergasted and said I called Time Warner because no one had shown up at our property! She seemed angry that I'd called, and said I should have waited for her to call me. I couldn't believe there appeared to be some sort of infighting at Time Warner about who was setting up our account!

Around April 22, I called Time Warner because again no one was showing up at our house. I got a guy named **, who was able to see both work orders, but couldn't put me in touch with anyone I'd spoken with previously. Even though he said he knew ** and the division that ** was in. Nor could he give me any idea of how long it was going to take to lay this cable.

He described a process, that included getting permits, etc., that might take several weeks. I was almost speechless, since I had originally been told it would take a few days. So I repeated that really all we needed was for Time Warner to DROP OFF the cable, and we could do the rest, but he said again that was not possible. I reiterated that no permits were necessary, but he didn't seem willing to listen to me.

At this point, I was so busy trying to move that I was only able to call Time Warner a couple times to try to straighten this out, to no avail. Nobody could tell me when someone would show up, why Time Warner couldn't just drop off the cable, or exactly what needed to be done. Yet, even on Friday, April 26, I was still being told that Time Warner would probably have the service up and running by April 30.

On April 30, the day of our move, Time Warner finally came to life, called me and said it would take two weeks to lay the cable! No explanation given. I was angry – originally, I had been told service would be up and running by April 30, and now it seemed the process was only being initiated on April 30, and it was going to take much longer than anyone had ever said it would to date.

I told the woman who called that if Time Warner could just drop off the cable, our builder could get it up to the house himself in less than a day. FINALLY, she agreed that Time Warner would do that. So she asked for our builder's name and number, which I gave her. She said Time Warner would call him to find out when he would be there so they could drop off the cable. (Time Warner never did call our builder.)

Instead, on May 1, a tech finally showed up at our house! It took about an hour to pull the cable from the box at the end of the driveway up to the house. I told the tech, **, who was very sympathetic, about what had happened, and he said it never should have taken Time Warner THREE WEEKS to run a 50-foot cable. That afternoon, I called Time Warner to set up our triple play and was disappointed that the earliest they could come was FIVE DAYS LATER, on Monday, May 6 in the morning. Still, I was thrilled we finally had the cable laid. It was a week of lost work (about $1,000), but at least I'd be up and running the week of May 6, I thought.

Little did I know.. On May 4, Time Warner called my cell, which my husband picked up, and a woman told him she was confirming that Time Warner would be by on WEDNESDAY, May 8 to set up our triple play. When he told me, I hit the roof, and called Time Warner to find out why they were delaying the installation of our triple play by two days. The woman who took the call said that Time Warner had cancelled Monday's appointment, and that she would call me back within two hours to resolve the situation. She never called back, so several hours later, I called Time Warner again and got another operator.

This is what she told me: “We never do installations on Mondays.” And I said, "So why did the agent who set up our triple play schedule an installation time on Monday?" And she replied: “Well, we DO do installations on Mondays, but we really don't, and we don't have any available technicians right now.” I said, “WHAT are you talking about? What kind of a system is that? DO YOU or DON'T YOU have techs available for installations on Mondays?” Then she said she'd note in the file to expedite our installation if a tech became available, but the installation appointment was now for Wednesday. So another half a week of work lost ($500).

On Monday, May 6, I was at a local shopping center and got a call on my cell phone from a Time Warner tech who said he was going to install our triple play but needed directions to our house. He was about two minutes away, he said. Overjoyed that Time Warner had apparently rescheduled the Monday appointment, I gave him directions and said I'd meet him there in five minutes. But as I raced up our driveway, the tech called again and said, “I'm sorry, ma'am, but I just got a call from my supervisor telling me that Time Warner has cancelled the installation appointment.”

I was so angry – but I stayed calm. I said, “You mean to tell me you're about 30 seconds from my home, and now Time Warner has again cancelled the installation appointment, despite the fact that A) you're available, and B) I've raced back here to my house to meet you?” His answer: “Yes, ma'am, I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do about this. I'm very sorry.”

On Wednesday, May 8, I was in the driveway around 9 a.m., and a Time Warner truck drove up. I thought it was the installation tech, but it was instead **, the tech who pulled the cable up the driveway. He was aghast that I still didn't have service and couldn't figure out why it was taking Time Warner a month to do all this. He said he would call his supervisor to put in a report about it. He said he had come by to make sure the installation tech had done the work right and closed up the cable box.

Finally, at 11:30 a.m., the installation tech showed up. ** was very nice and installed everything. He groused quite a bit about Time Warner, and how they overwork their techs, setting up piggyback appointments that were impossible to finish in the small amount of time given. Then there were problems with the Internet service, which was supposed to be “Turbo,” but was taking minutes to download a page.

** said everything was set up correctly, and he couldn't figure out what the problem was. He spent an hour on the phone with a Time Warner tech, but they still weren't able to resolve the problem completely. Then ** said he had to leave, as he was already two hours late for his next appointment, but that he'd call me later to make sure it was working. He never did call, and it wasn't working.

On the afternoon of Thursday, May 9, after struggling with the internet all morning, I called Time Warner yet again, and finally got a tech named ** on the phone. He spent an hour with me, trying to figure out what the problem was. Finally, he was able to figure out that I was in a “bad channel.” He switched me from channel 1 to channel 7, and that fixed the problem. By then it was 5 p.m. It had taken exactly a month, with eight work days lost ($1600), from when I made my first call to Time Warner to get a routine triple play system up and running – something that normally takes, what, a few hours?

Then, of course, there's the fact that Time Warner installed a corrupted cable box and/or wire so our TV cable system didn't work for another week, necessitating a call of an hour and a tech visit, but I don't even care that much about that. At least I didn't lose any work (or sleep) over that one! But I really do wonder what I'm paying sky high rates for here?

Time Warner Cable is a Scam
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Already having had home phone service and cable TV through Time Warner for several years, I decided to switch my internet as well for increased savings as a bundle package with a 2-year agreement. It turned out to be a huge mistake. The internet service was intermittent to say the least, but was far too unreliable, I could stay connected on a neighbor's unsecured network easier.

After weeks of complaints to customer service and visits from technicians, I spoke to a retention agent within the 60-day trial period, who begged me to have a technician come out one last time to try to fix it. I agreed, and just like before the technician was unable to make a difference, so I called the retention department back and cancelled the internet the same day. I kept the phone and cable TV service, since I had them before and never had a problem with them; I had not been given any new equipment for the internet service, so there was nothing to return with the cancellation. I should have just resumed month-to-month on the prior services like I had before.

The next bill came out and was still charged for the bundle, but like most people unfamiliar with subscription billing, I didn't instantly assume what I had believed was a reputable company had made a mistake, I could probably get a credit for it on the next bill. The next month I was charged for it again, as I was on auto-bill, and when I called they first informed me that they had no record of my cancellation and that I was bound by a contract now so if I cancelled I would be subject to an early termination fee.

I checked my records and called back, and the next representative even agreed that I had called back to cancel my service that day and was within the 60-day trial, but because I hadn't reported the error within 30 days they would still hold me to that contract. They tried every excuse to keep me in that contract, suggesting that the cancellation wasn't official because I hadn't returned any equipment, even though I never received any equipment.

There were the predictable mishaps of getting disconnected when requesting to speak to a supervisor. I was repeatedly lied to, and finally, I had had enough. I already had a new service provider and wasn't going to continue to pay Time Warner since they never provided me with service anyway, so I cancelled.

The only promise they ever kept was to penalize me with the early termination fee, which I am still disputing. Their customer service reps were reluctant to or not empowered to assist or research any further. I called to request the recordings of all the phone calls I had made that month, yet their customer service reps don't even have access to listen to their own recordings of customer service calls, and instead referred me to a legal department to make that request.

There seem to be no checks and balances in their company to prevent a dishonest retention representative from getting credit for a save by lying to a customer, and even worse, nobody in the company seems to think that's a problem; instead they all appear to support it. All the reps seem to have been trained to deliver fake apologies, like "I'm sorry you feel that way", which is about as apologetic as saying "I'm sorry you're an idiot."

Once their mistake had been pointed out, and they even admitted to it, there is no reason why they should not be able to correct it, unless they were deliberately making mistakes as a means to profit. As far as I'm concerned, Time Warner Cable uses unethical practices to enforce fraudulent contracts, and their policies and procedures are designed to shield those practices.

Deceptive Marketing Or Classic Bait & Switch Kings
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NEW YORK,, NEW YORK -- I signed up for an $89.99 bundled service package. Time Warner Cable (TWC) required that I pay up front for the first month as well as the installation. It seemed like a good deal and I verified on two separate occasions (prior to installation) that my service would be no more than $90 per month. I didn't receive a bill so I called Time Warner to inquire and pay the bill. Here's where the nightmare started.

First, getting a live person on the phone is nearly impossible. This is of course by design as I later made aware by two separate TWC customer service employees. What happens is you dial their number (1-888-TW-CABLE) and reach a recording. The recording asks you several different questions and gives you options to select from. You'll never hear an option to speak to a customer service representative. So you keep trying to pick the right answer to get to a live person. The only way to get a live person is to not push any buttons and let the recording ask you questions over and over and over again. If you do that, you'll eventually get transferred to a live person.

Once I got a live person, he supposedly looked into the computer and found that my bill was $195. When I told him there was no way my bill could be that much, he stated that I had three services and gave me prices for each one. When I told him that I had signed up for a bundled service package that was $89.99 he told me that was impossible and they didn't have a package for that price.

I then asked for a direct callback # so I could gather all of my original documentation and call back in 20 minutes without going through their awful phone system. They said that the number I called was the only number they had. I then asked if they could have a manager call me back in 20 minutes. The customer service person told me they would have their supervisor call me back in 20 minutes. I of course didn't receive a return call.

I called the national sales team that initially set up my new service and they said I would need to call the customer service line. The representative I talked to agreed that the phone system was "the most awful thing ever" and sympathized with the situation. I then called the TWC customer service line again. (It should be called the LACK OF Customer Service Line after the service I received.) Once I reached a live person **, I immediately exclaimed that I was highly irritated and I wanted to speak to a manager.

** responded with "Managers do not speak to customers directly". When I demanded to speak with a manager, he responded with the same statement again! I then asked who his immediate supervisor was and told him I wanted to be transferred to that person. ** told me that his supervisor's name was ** and said he couldn't transfer me until he made notes in the system regarding my account.

During the time it took him to enter the notes there was laughter in the background, this of course added to the lack of professionalism. After being held idle by ** I demanded again to talk to his supervisor and he said he couldn't transfer me until he was finished with his notes. When he finally finished and transferred me, I got ** voicemail. I HUNG UP!

Since TWC is set up to avoid it's customers and their managers do not speak to customers directly I will resort to posting this message on poster boards such as,, **, and placing fliers in my neighborhood, malls, gas stations restaurants, and new housing tracts. Maybe if I warn enough people in a concentrated area about TWC's deceptive practices, false advertisement and lack of care or concern for their customers it will deter others from being put in the same position I'm in.

Until someone within TWC's management team decides that their customers are worth talking to and calls me, I'm making it my mission to find two ways each day to communicate my experience to others.

TWC Is Just Money Hungry
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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- In these hard times for everyone do you think that big business would be a little understanding, you know in all that we the people just got done giving dozens of them billions of dollars so they, the big business, can keep on giving us, the people, there services. Well that is not the case with TIME WARNER CABLE. I just now spend twenty minutes with customer service trying to resolve a disconnect issue. I had in front of me a bill stating I owed $81.75. so my wife went down to put $50.00 on it and told them we will pay the rest next week. Nope they wouldn't have it. Pay all the bill now Because we were scheduled to be disconnected today.

Well upon seeing the receipt it showed we owed $137.75. Well to all those who know TWC bills you ahead. For those who don't know that means TWC bills you for services you haven't used yet. A lot like going to the store to buy milk for $2.50 and being changed $5.00. Cuz the store knows you'll be back in 2 days to get another gallon. Once more if you're later paying the pre-billing they charge you an Administrative Collection Charge. A fancy name for usury fee. Anyhow the collection site for TWC gave us a # to call to set up an agreement for payment. Cool. Nope.

I was told the same thing the collection site did. pay the $37.28 or get disconnected. What? This is their form or payment agreement. My way or the high way. I tried getting this woman on the phone to see it my way. Just wait a week for the rest of the money. Because I didn't want to pay the $25 re-connect fee. Would you? Something needs to be done to these people so they see the big picture.

An attorney would have a field day with this company. Just look at all the complaints. But TWC is still on the BBB's award list. How? people listen to me. TWC hides behind policies and regulations. Don't let them con you. You have rights. If you are not satisfied with the company call them and complain. Daily. Weekly. Monthly.

If they wish to hide behind utility status and policy. Be smart. Would you let the power company do this to you? How about the water department? Nope, didn't think so. Use the info to your Advantage. If you have one static channel or phone interruption or even internet drops off, complain. Daily if you have to. They offer you a contract that they see as binding. So see it that way too. You pay for constant service good service. Get it.

All cable companies have a list of customers they see as problem. Yeah that is right if you call too much or are loud on the phone, you get marked as problem or disgruntled customer. Once on you never get off of it. I should know I worked for both the big companies. Comcast in Chicago and Time Warner Cable in Oregon. Oh and if you're an attorney, look in to this because there is a case action suit in all these complaints. I see it, can you.

My Account Number
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QUEENS, NEW YORK -- Today I had a run into the MOST STUPID action of TIME WARNER ever, that they are plenty!!!! I needed my account number to pay my bill. I was in the office and I could not get through the automated billing service without the account number. I acted like a civilized man who lives in a civilized culture and called Customer Service. The girl needed my account number to give me my account number. I explained to her how STUPID this is, and she said this is the regulations.

I begged, pleaded, asked, yelled, and no way, she needed my account number to give me my account number. I asked if she understands modern-days' logic, and she said yes, but she needed my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I told her that this in not National Lampoon and she can ask me any question, such as date of birth, address, or any other information, and she said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations.

I tried telling her that in non-civilized cultures humans and close-to-humans would have mire brains than that, I need my account number so I can pay my bill. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked her how does TIME WARNER hire people? How do they make these regulations? If people need their account numbers they should get them. Customer service basics says so. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations.

I asked her to take a break, walk around the block, smoke a cigarette (or a joint as it so happened with the guy who writes regulations for TIME WARNER), so she can relax, then it might dawn on her: If I had the account number there would be no need for me to ask for it. She said that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations. I asked to speak t a supervisor, she said she needs the account number so I could speak to a supervisor.

I asked if she would be kind enough to mail me the bill (my bills stopped coming in the mail). She said she needs the account number to start mailing me the bills. I said, "How would I know the account number if you are not mailing it to me?" She said she needs my account number so she can verify why the bills are not coming to me. And finally she said she will talk to a supervisor. She put me on hold listening to ugly stupid ads about how WONDERFUL service is at TIME WARNER for a while. She came back, apologized for the wait, and said (Ready for this???) that she needs my account number to give me my account number because it is the regulations.

Outage Takes > 5 Days to Resolve, No Phone Nor Internet for Almost a Week
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Looks like I have to live without my phone and internet for a week. And I pay more than $100 per months for this? What kind of service I'm buying with my money?! Here is the full story: Starting Saturday afternoon I found the internet connection very slow. Even some very reliable websites (gmail, yahoo) was only working intermittently or got timed out. I thought it might be just temporary glitches, thought it might fix itself later so I brushed it off.

On Sunday evening situation stayed the same. I power cycled my modems, wireless routers and computers several time but problem persisted, so I called customer support. The representative asked me to go through the same power cycle thing, somehow it worked better after the representative resetting the modem from their end. I thought problem was fixed for good. Only to find out the problem came back after used the internet for about 30 minutes. I call them again, this time the representative told me there was a regional outage and ask me to call again tomorrow to find out the status. OK, it was time to bed anyway so I decided to wait.

Tried to go to some websites on Monday morning - same problem. I have a real job so I have to go to work and had no time to deal with this non-sense. After I was back to work, I used their online chat to talked with some technical support. She basically told me I have to confirm it wasn't my wireless router being the problem, suggested me to use their website speed test when I'm back at home. Also the tech support told me there was no outage last night on record. So wth was the representative talking to me last night? Probably just making up stuff to get rid of an annoyed customer. Way to treat your customer Time Warner!

Back at home from work, tried the suggestion. Big surprise - of course the problem is still there even I plug my computer directly into the modem without router. Tried to go to the roadrunner speed test website to do the test as suggested by the support, the connection was so slow that I can't even load that test page, what a joke.

Call them again, this technical support seems to be more knowledgeable, he did some test, and tell me my connection is dropping intermittently that's why it appears slow, they need to a tech to my place to take a look. OK fine... so just help me fix it right? Nope - they can't get any one out until Friday!!! WTF? Problem started on Saturday. They can't fix it until Friday?!

At this point my digital phone isn't even working so I have to leave without my phone and internet for about a week. This is internet age and we're not cavemen I can't imagine how can I survive without both internet and phone. OK maybe if I drop dead from heart failure because I can't call 911 in time as the phone in my home is not working, it will make a story and maybe Time Warner will up their service? Again... WTH...

The whole thing is very frustrating. I lost count of how much time I spent to get them to admit there is something wrong with their hardware (which I suspected to be the case to begin with), and then it takes them ages to send someone to fix their faulty hardware. WTH? I pay more than $130 for this kind of service? Serious if there is a choice I'll never use Time Warner again. Give me a break Time Warner.

Service Appointment Lies and Deception (Rectified Incident)
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NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been jerked around and deceived by Time Warner Cable's call centers about setting up an appointment to transfer service. The issue was remedied after a long struggle on my part and being on the phone all morning, including with my cellular phone dropping calls and phone system problems with Time Warner Cable.

I called Time Warner Cable the morning of 08/26/2010 to transfer service within North Carolina. The phone number that I used was 1-800-TWCABLE, which is advertised on TWC's Website, including for matters of service disconnections. I am an undergraduate starting school on 08/30/2010 and was getting my apartment lease on 08/26/2010, so I wanted either the earliest possible appointment on or before Sunday the 29th, or if that was not possible, I could only do evenings between Monday-Friday.

The first agent was able to give me an appointment for 08/31/2010 for 7-9 p. m., which was the earliest time that would work for my schedule, but unfortunately after Sunday. 7-9 P.M. is the latest possible time slot on any day. Because I asked to be put on the waiting list for 7-9 P.M. on Monday or anytime Sunday or sooner, the agent said that, because she is a Sales agent, she would need to transfer me to Customer Service to be put on the waiting list, but did still confirm my Tuesday evening appointment. (I don't even know why I had gotten the Sales department instead of Customer Service.)

After being transferred I spoke with a Customer Service agent, who said she could put me on the waiting list, but also searched for an earlier time for me. She found that 7-9 P.M. on Monday actually was available (even though it wasn't when I spoke with the Sales agent), so she was going to set me up for that Monday time slot instead, but unfortunately, my cellular phone dropped the call right as I was confirming this change. Up to this point, I had recorded this first call -- both the Sales and Customer Service agents.

Because the call was dropped, I tried to call back on my landline (on which I couldn't yet record the calls). For some reason the phone system had problems at the point where it routes the caller to the department they want; for example, I would say "Customer Service" then "Appointments" or just "Appointments", and sometimes it would drop my call or give a busy signal after that. When I was transferred to someone, after waiting some time, for some reason I got the "Retention" department, and the lady was going to transfer me back to Customer Service because "Retention" couldn't help me.

This time the call accidentally went into a dead queue (error on their end) and the Retention agent called me back while I was in that queue, but I had to answer on my cell phone and was stuck with the call on my cell again. I asked her if she could call me back again so I could answer on my landline, but she said she could only call me back once because the error was on their end. So I was transferred to Customer Service again. This time, I gave the agent my callback number and said it's very important that she calls me back if we get disconnected.

The agent I spoke with said she couldn't do anything with my account because another agent was modifying it. I explained my situation, that I wanted the Monday appointment 7-9 P.M. which I was told was available. This agent was going to call me back once she could get into the account, but eventually it was unlocked, and she saw that it popped up that I did have an appointment for 08/31 7-9 P.M. However, I accidentally lost the call from my unreliable cell phone again. The agent did not call me back as I had asked.

I called back to Customer Service and spoke with a man, but this time he said that he saw my appointment as being for 08/31 from 3-5 P.M. I inquired why it was 3-5 instead of 7-9, but he insisted that he saw nothing for 7-9 p. m., even though the other agents I had spoken to were aware of the Tuesday night appointment. He said that the earliest available evening appointment was going to be 09/03. I was very upset, and I made it very clear that I had recorded the initial phone call in which the first (Sales) agent confirmed my appointment for 08/31 7-9 P.M. I argued with the agent at length that it was wrong for my appointment to be mysteriously revoked like this.

He said that the maximum relief that he could provide me would be one day's service credit. He gave me some flak about my dropped calls that I had mentioned, but to prove what I was saying, I even played Bits and Pieces of the call recording in which the first agent confirmed the Tuesday 7-9 P.M. time before transferring me to the Customer Service agent to be put on the waiting list. (Also, each agent said that if a call is dropped, the previous agent would have to undo or drop all of their changes on the account.)

The agent I was speaking to said that without a confirmation number, which the Sales agent did not give me, there was no way he could look up the original appointment. He asked for the Sales representative's name, and when I gave it, he said that agent doesn't work for Time Warner Cable but for some 3rd-party contractor or something. I pointed out the phone number that I was using to call TWC and asked if I had been scammed; he said no. He wasn't being helpful at this point, and I was persistently upset and wanted to know what happened to my original appointment.

After quite a long runaround, he eventually finally resolved to call the dispatcher to ask if they could make this situation right by squeezing me in for the same day that I was calling, 08/26. This was put in place, and he still agreed to the one day's service credit. I was finally relieved at this improvement, and to get accommodated on the same day. He gave me a confirmation number, and I remarked that apparently it is very important that we customers make sure we get a confirmation number (which I never knew about) and to record the phone calls.

The dispatcher and I agreed for 4 P.M. -- the time that I actually had a meeting with my property manager to see the apartment for a final time and to sign my lease and get my keys. I did have to take care of both matters at once, and the signing of the apartment lease was the priority, but the service technician was patient, courteous, and understanding of the situation.

After I was finished with my property manager, I completed the appointment with the technician and the service was in place. Thus the end result was pretty good, though this accommodation was a side-effect of being on the phone all morning and having to go through the stress of being deceived about my scheduled appointment time, which never should have happened. If I had not recorded my initial phone call in which I was promised the appointment, and not made such a compelling argument, I would have been ripped off and forced to go with a much later appointment, and only one day's service credit to make up for it.

When I called up my phone company (not TWC) to transfer my phone service thereafter, I also asked them to add the paid feature of unlimited 3-way calling (the feature that I need to use for my method of recording calls), so that I can more reasonably record calls on my landline. That's what I'm going to do, both with Time Warner Cable and my phone company.

This situation evidences that when customers are promised appointments, they may be ripped off by Time Warner Cable as their appointments may mysteriously "disappear" or be changed without communication. Apparently everybody needs to know to ask for a confirmation number if they are not automatically given one. I am also encouraging people to record phone calls with telecommunications companies, especially in one-party consent states.

"Sorry There's Nothing I Can Do"
By -

RICHMOND, KENTUCKY -- Absolutely the worst company that I have ever dealt with. I suppose this is what happens when a cable provider monopolizes a town. Any call to Time Warner goes directly to their corporate lines and the "Supervisors" that you need to speak with to get anything done are MIA. I have tried for three weeks - no exaggeration, literally three weeks to the day - to get television and internet service through these guys. I honestly need internet service to do my job and I am a graduate student - so I am in a bind to have it. One would think that they would want our business as we plan to be here a few years and have perfect credit.

My wife called on a Friday, and the soonest that they could get to us was in two weeks. They only offer hours from 8AM-5PM and being working people it was hard to fit in their schedule. The only opening that was available was for a 3PM-5PM time slot. We asked if we could make it about 3:15 as my wife is a teacher and would be able to make it by then. The lady on the phone said it should be fine.

Two weeks later, I get a call from my wife (who was supposed to meet the Time Warner guys) that there was a note on the door saying "Sorry We Missed You." The note was half-filled out, as the cable guy's ink pen had run out mid-sentence. That guy must have been ecstatic to get an early start on his weekend.. as he didn't have time to find another ink pen. I looked at my phone to see the time of the call, and it was 3:06PM.

She immediately called Time Warner to try to get the guys to come back, as they couldn't have much more than pulled out of the driveway, but the number sent her directly to a touch-tone corporate pass-around. Finally she was able to reach customer service and they considered it "unfortunate" but since she had admitted to being late for our 3PM time slot it was our fault and all she could do was reschedule.

In technicality they were right on this one. We had a 3PM-5PM time slot and my wife was 5 minutes late. I think that it is rude, frustrating and stupid - but TECHNICALLY they are right. Although the lady told us that 3:15 should be fine - it was informal and not corporate policy. So, OK. When I get home I immediately called the number, which sent me back to the corporate touch-tone pass-around and I explained the situation.

The lady on the phone was exceptionally nice and said that she would set us another appointment for the next Friday (the once-again nearest open date), but would elevate our status so that if there were any cancellations we would be contacted. She stated that we should get a call the next day - but, worst case scenario, they would be there the next Friday in the 8AM-12PM time frame. I explained to the lady that my wife could not make that time frame, but that I would take off of work.

By now you've guessed that I did not get a call throughout the whole week, and Friday morning I was up and ready at 8AM to let the cable guy in. He arrived at 10AM and spun a big rut in my drive-way (I'm not really mad about that, just had to include it). I went out to greet him, and he immediately began questioning my name and address. Turns out, the account was in my wife's name, and therefore he was not allowed to talk to me.

He repeated that he was "sorry" but there was "nothing he could do." I tried to reason with the guy; I explained that I had made the call to schedule the appointment and I had clearly told the lady that I would be there. The guy was not open to reasoning or even willing to listen to me - he was seemingly thrilled to have found a reason to leave the appointment early. I tried to show him a check that had both my wife and my name on it, he would not look at it... just continued to mumble "I'm sorry - There's nothing I can do."

He said that the only exception would be if I had a signed letter written from her with a copy of her driver's license. Typically, I don't carry things like that with me on a daily basis and I was never told that I would need anything like that. I asked if I could call my wife or drive to her work (5-minute drive) and he shook his head "No." At this point I was frustrated and I told him to just leave.

I called Corporate to complain, but I just got passed around on the phone and had to explain my story in excess of a dozen times. Literally. And after an hour of trying to get something done on the phone, they said they would "see what they could do" and would call me back immediately. After another hour and a half, I hadn't been called.

So, I drove to the local office and attempted to explain my situation to the lady there. She wouldn't make eye contact with me. I will admit that I was frustrated, but I didn't raise the tone of my voice, use strong language or anything remotely unreasonable. I made sure not to pin my frustration on her as she was inherently innocent. No matter - she couldn't have cared less about what I had to say, and repeated the official Time Warner motto "I'm sorry." She said that she would make a call to the guys in the field and "see what she could do" - and then would call me back directly.

A few more hours pass - and it is now almost closing time for Time Warner - and I haven't gotten a call. I made another trip to their office, but it was to no avail... same response from another lady. I requested to speak to the Supervisor, but he/she wouldn't come out to meet me. I'm now waiting on a call from this "Supervisor."

I have never been treated like such trash in my life. The Richmond Time Warner Office couldn't care less if they get your business or not. Luckily for them - they have a monopoly on high-speed internet. The only other options are satellite internet and DSL. So even though Time Warner treats everyone like dogs - we all keep running back to them asking for more. If there is an entrepreneur out there looking for something to get into - consider becoming a cable service in Richmond. I'll be knocking on your door the minute you're open for business.

Worst Service Department in the World
By -

HARLINGEN, TEXAS -- About two years ago I made the terrible mistake of ordering Time Warner's complete package which includes cable, internet and phone. This began a lengthy session with some of the most incompetent service people I have ever dealt within my entire life. From the phone techs, who by the way really need to learn to speak clear English, to the local "techs" that are the most untrustworthy in the world and has had very little on the job training, that is when you actually have one to show up for an appointment.

Two months ago it started with my phone not working. After two weeks of talking on my cell phone with someone from Bangladesh or some foreign country, that could not speak enough English to be understood, kept wanting me to unplug everything from the modem or my PC and wait several minutes and then re-plug to see if it was the signal which it was not and I knew it. I waited two weeks to actually get an appointment with a local service tech.

When the tech finally showed up at 9:30 PM, two and half hours after the appointed time and that was after I had called to see if someone was coming, he just took my phone and plugged it directly into the modem which allowed me to receive and make calls, but left it with such a buzz that I was unable to carry on a decent conversation. This commenced with a rash of phone calls requiring additional service which was never received.

A week later the main TV with the DVR chose to only show a few of the local stations and nothing else. Once again I started calling for service, and by the way all of this happened before Hurricane Dolly ever showed up, but every time I called I would get a recording that they were so backed up I could not even get a dispatch person.

When I finally did get to talk to a live person and was given an appointment, I would take off work early to be at home and after waiting 2 hours after the last hour of the appointed time I would call to find out if the agent was coming only to be told he had marked the job as complete or that there was no one at home which was a total lie. This happened 3 times over a month and a half. Each time I would go ballistic to the poor dispatch person and would be told it would be another two weeks before I could get another appointment.

The best part was when I went to the office to cancel my services. The girl at the desk said, "Then I guess I should cancel this appointment they have for you on the 18th of August." I laughed so hard everyone standing in line thought I had completely lost it. This appointment was made after the last tech never showed up.

I finally decided that evidently Time Warner no longer needed my business and that they needed to know that they are not the only business in town that could provide me with the service my money was entitled to. Of which my payment steadily kept going up. And they still charged me for a partial month of service not received when I cancelled. Of course I had been paying for service up front for several months for service I was not receiving.

So Time Warner I'm afraid the way your service department is going you will be losing a lot of us as I have been hearing a lot horror stories about you. Just go online and take a look at the complaints. I intend to let everyone I know my story and I work for a very large Aerospace Company.

Time Warner Sucks
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Yes, this is a verbatim email with the lovely idiots at Time Warner Customer Service...

Forwarded Message
From: ****
To: NY/NJ Support_NYC
Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 9:53:18 AM
Subject: Re: Time Warner Cable of NYC (****)

No response?
I'll find a blog site to post this email communication as clearly your customer service is a joke. I'M TRYING TO PAY YOU AUTOMATICALLY EVERY MONTH AND YOU CAN'T GET IT RIGHT???

Original Message
From: ****
To: NY/NJ Support_NYC
Sent: Wednesday, April 9, 2008 3:26:39 PM
Subject: Re: Time Warner Cable of NYC (****)






Original Message
From: NY/NJ Support_NYC
To: ****
Sent: Wednesday, April 9, 2008 1:50:09 PM
Subject: Re: Time Warner Cable of NYC (****)

Though we appreciate the time that you have taken to contact us, we are
sorry that you have some concerns.

Please be advised that our records indicate that the reason you are
experiencing a problem with your recurring online payment is, due to a
declined payment on 8/9/2007 (Do Not Honor). When this occurs; it
places the recurring payment option in a suspended status, whereby you
are only able to make one-time payments.

Therefore, you will need to pay your current statement with a different
method (i.e. one-time credit card payment).

We do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and look
forward to keeping you as a satisfied Time Warner Cable customer.


Customer Support
Time Warner Cable

Original Message Follows:

Customer Name: ****
Customer Email: ****
Subject: billing
Account Number: ****
Phone Number: ****
Date: 04-09-2008 11:15
Comments: I REALLY WANT to pay you every month in full and on time. And EVERY MONTH I request - directly through your website - to have you collect that bill with the RECURRING credit card payment. And EVERY MONTH I get the CONFIRMATION email saying that yes, you have it. And if I go into the system for recurring payments, it shows its there and any changes would suggest "cancelling" it - that's NOT what I want. But EVERY DAMN MONTH your stupid system FAILS and I get the angry "pay your damn bill" letter. So EVERY DAMN MONTH I have to go into YOUR system to do yet another "one time" payment and again request the recurring payment. I called you today. The lady said she couldn't help me at all but YES, the "system" shows I have requested the recurring payment but for "some reason" it rejected it - but she had no info. I need someone to email me back and CONFIRM this has been fixed once and for all. I do NOT want a call - I want a written email so when (or if?) it remains broken I know exactly what person to talk to yet again. Really, this is insane - you can't even process a customer who is giving you a request to PLEASE - take my money!!

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