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Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS, TEXAS -- My cable and internet were shut off due to non payment, because the account holder moved out and has not yet switched ownership over to me so my fiance called to pay just the past due balance so we could at least get service back. We paid $137.90 and were told that our services would be turned back on immediately. SIX days later they were still off. So I called and they said they had no record of our payment on our account, despite the payment showing up on our credit card history. So the woman told us she would mark it as a missing payment and a mistake on their part, and reconnect our service immediately.

I told her to stay on the line with me until it came back online. It never did. She scheduled me an appointment with a technician for the following day at 1:00 pm. The next day, I waited until 3:00 pm before calling. I told the woman he was two hours late and we needed our cable and internet. She said the reason why no one showed up was because our account wasn't even paid in full, that we still owed $50.Outraged, I asked her how that was possible since we paid the past due balance and were promised our service back. She said there is an additional $50 fee to reconnect a past due account and that they took that $50 out of the $137.90 that we paid, so technically our past due balance was then $50 short.

Nobody had mentioned that extra fee when we paid initially and they didn't even bother to call and tell me the technician wouldn't be coming. They just left me waiting for no one. So, being short on cash because I had already paid them, I had to borrow $50 from a family member. I paid the money, and was told once again that my service would be up and running in a few minutes. It never happened. I called back and got a guy who didn't know what he was doing. He actually suggested to me that I try turning off my TV, and turning it back on again as if the TV would make a difference with the cable problem.

After each question he would ask me, I could hear him relaying the information to someone else on the side, like he was equally as clueless as I was. So who is supposed to be helping me here? Certainly not him. After 10 minutes of him telling me to restart my computer and turn off my TV, which was useless, he suggested I wait until midnight to check it again, because that's when my account would be refreshed. This morning it still wasn't on, so my fiance called AGAIN. They said they would send a specialist to come look at it but didn't give us a specific time of day. They said
they would call before they came over. Sohere I am now, waiting for the specialist again. and the worst part is, I know they aren't going to refund me for the time we haven't had service, even though we've paid.

If Time Warner wasn't the only service provider around here, I would drop them in a heartbeat. but I believe that's why they don't care about actually doing their job, because they don't have to fear losing customers seeing as they are our only option and they know it.
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User Replies:
Hazen on 07/18/2013:
seek legal advice, if not take action, immediately!
CL on 08/03/2013:
Worst customer service - on hold for over one hour with the same music playing over and over...... the right doesn't know from the left, they issue ticket that are not followed up....but they want to make sure they get paid for their mediocre service......terrible company
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Incompetent, Possible Fraud
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I paid my Time Warner Bill 2 days ago and gave them an advance payment with my debit card to be deducted on 5/22/13. This morning I checked my bank account and they had debited the amount that was supposed to be taken out on the 22nd.

I called the office and got a recording that they knew about this issue and were working to resolve it as soon as possible. I am on a fixed income and that was all the money I had in my account. I tried to talk to a customer service agent and was pushed around to six different people, none of which could answer my question. A few of them told me they were sending me to the correct department only to put me back to their automated system. One of them yelled so loudly in the phone, even after I asked her to talk a little more quietly that I finally had to hang up and call again. NONE of them could tell me when this would be rectified. I've notified my bank and they are opening a case of fraud against them since this debit was done without my knowledge or consent.

When I gave the information for the payment to be debited on the 22nd I asked the billing representative if she was sure it would not be debited before then and she assured me several times it would not. Now I've incurred bank charges and Time Warner doesn't seem to care they have placed me in a precarious position. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding what they did. As soon as my money is returned to me, I will be canceling my service with them and I am seriously considering filing charges against them. I do not for one minute believe this was a computer glitch that just happened on a Saturday morning when you cannot get in touch with anyone in their office or at your local bank.

I firmly believe this was done deliberately and since they have the recording I think it's safe to assume I am not the only one they did this to today. I've had to call them at least once a week because my service is not working properly. I absolutely hate AT&T but I have no qualms about going back to them for my service. I do not give companies a second chance when they steal money out of my bank account. Beware if you do business with TWC. NEVER give them permission to deduct money from your account. Their customer service is horrible. The agents are rude and have no idea of how to talk to a customer who has a problem.

I did keep my cool with them and tried to be nice but after the fourth one sent me to the wrong department I wasn't very nice about it. I strongly suggest no one does business with this company.
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Yvette on 05/27/2013:
TWC customer service stinks...they send me a bill for $391.00,I called today to have my bill explained and to drop their services and was pushed around to 6 individuals and they still cannot explain except to say that I had a past due of $16 .54 ...Please my fellow citizens do not get TWC services because their customer service STINKS.
jen on 06/06/2013:
Once you call in a payment and give them your info they randomly decide to take money out of your bank account at will...I paid in feb of this year...they took 521.67 from me in March...221.73 in April...25.00 in the beginning of may and 299.45 may 22.. that's ovrr a grand..we called the bank for fraud...and the news...these people are crooks...
Vic on 07/07/2013:
TWC is a unethical business that cares about profits over people at all times. Red flag when they offer a $300 gift card to return to their triple play package! They can no longer get business by positive word of mouth ratings, for they have an average of a 75% poor rating on most sites. There is a catch with anything free they offer, nothing is secondary to customer appreciation, as they like to call it. False advertising is very severe and it can be proven by their many discrepencies. I am awaiting my next bill post talked into staying by their cancellation dept. If I find one dishonest price hike on this new plan, I am reporting them and writing to their ethics dept in NYC. They have to follow rules of business practices they state they abide by! I have given them too many chances and they take advantage. They need a class action suit and a fine for their deficiencies. They are losing business in every state and many have them because they have no other options. Having a monoploy on cable doesn't excuse poor service and justifying a lack of integrity.
Steve on 07/15/2013:
I developed serious problems with my cable service at the end of. The tech support person told me to take my cable box in and have it exchanged. He got it working for a couple of hours. I called back and they sent another tech. He traded that one out with the same result. Three cable boxes later and I was told the problem was with the incoming cable and said installation would come out to fix it. Two days later I was getting the same spiel. Finally a sympathic agent contacted and outside agent who examined the line and said nothing was wrong with it. He did some diagnostics and said the wrong codes were sent to the box. After he changed them everything worked fine...for the first time in a month. I called in again protesting this incompetence and poor customer support. I got a supervisor on the line who said he was going to comp me for all of July for all my problems. A week later I got an Email telling me my July bill was due. I called in to speak to a supervisor and after being on hold for 20 mintues
maryellen garcia on 10/10/2013:
I need help with Time Warner cable I am so stressed I am a 67 yr old senior and don't seem to make anyone understand everyone seems to be a dumb s--t. I turned all equipment and cancel service on 08-07-2013 and they are still charging me or should I say billing me. I have my receipt with dates, serial numbers and whatever and said I only returned a modem and the not converters, they want me to take the receipt to the location where I turned them in but I feel I am getting the run around. I felt like a did my part and have my documentation.. they cannot look up the receipt number on the computer with rep ID number they said no because they have too many to look up???? I have been bounced around and transferred everywhere in the universe..Finally said I would get a letter from them stating no balance on October 10th 2013 per my request but I can call back in 5 mins later and no one knows nothing.. I am waiting until today which they said I will get my letter and after today not sure what I am going to do.. We have a tv station here in san Antonio that help people like me to investigate and broadcast on the air problems like mine..If you have any advise for me lets here it. I am hoping that if I don't pay my bill they will report me to the credit dept here in San Antonio and ruin my outstanding credit, I also mention that to them. I need help I am getting sick over this.
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Paid for new service & immediately shut me off with no refund!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I signed up for the triple play promo online. I kept getting emails that there was a problem and when I would call, I'd get a foreign customer service representative that couldn't figure out the issue. They cancelled 4 different install appointments at he last minute but no one could tell me why!

Finally, I called a local number and the representative didn't know what the issue was either but put my order through manually. He said the only thing he could see was that there had been someone with the same last name at my address a few years ago that had an outstanding balance. I have a fairly common last name, so it wasn't terribly surprising. He said there were no notes on the account so there wasn't any reason to not get it up and running.

The day after installation, I get a call from the "risk management" department. This lady tells me she did a background check and I've been at my address for three years. The outstanding bill was from two years ago so I must know who it is. I explained that, no, I don't and asked, how, exactly, did they do a background check without my consent or my ssn?

She then tells me they need proof of identity and some sort of utility bill from my previous residence (ya know because I keep year old electric bills just sitting around) . I told I'd be happy to give something from when I bought my house but I was much more concerned about the background check. She kept talking over me & getting all ghetto. Then she tells me she's turning off my service.

I told that I prepaid, she can't do that. " Time Warner has the right to deny service to anyone." Absolutely, but they don't have the right to take money for a service they aren't providing. I asked to speak to a supervisor & ws told she'd put in a request and he'd get back with me in 24-48 hours. Then she hung up on me. I called back and kept getting sent to her extension.

I finally unplugged all the equipment and took it to a local Time Warner office. I called the bank and put a reversal on the payment. I called Dish Network and had an install the next day. I had Time Warner for a total of about 18 hours. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:
Wtme on 01/19/2013:
I am going through the exact same issue paid activated then shut off over a 6 yr old bill! There has to be a statute of limitations for this stuff it's ridiculous they have a monopoly dump twc
cabletech on 09/05/2013:
there isn't. People would get cable, never make a payment, and then just hook up under another name. To stop this cable companies started doing a public records check ( not a background check ) . Same family rules they call it. If someone in your household ( boyfriend, girlfriend ) or a family member owes a bill at your address you are not allowed to hook up services until that person pays their bill. I seriously am wondering if there is more to this story......... public records has you living there 3 years ago. Is it true? If it is then just pay the bill
cabletech on 09/05/2013:
and there is no statue of limitations on a bill. It can only be reported or have legal action filed until it is 7 years old but they can deny you service forever until you pay it. Just because credit reporting time lines run out doesn't mean the bill isn't owing and doesn't mean they have to do business with you again
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Product Delivery with Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- In November, we relocated to the Santa Clarita Valley of California. We quickly established service with TWC for Home phone, Internet, and cable television. We have had issues with our telephone service from the beginning. Most of our incoming calls were not coming through. Individuals and businesses were getting a message that our telephone service had been disconnected or is out of service. Needless to say, this was alarming since my oldest son attends elementary school where they had tried to call us on a number of occasions and got this message. This has been the case with Doctors, Family Members, and perspective employers and casting agencies.

When I learned of the situation, I immediately contacted TWC and alerted them to the problem. At first, I was told that it was probably because I had not paid my bill. However, I quickly corrected the individual by informing him that the bill has been paid on time. In fact, as a general rule, we pay our bills when we receive them. This was the case with TWC.

We have had more technicians coming out here to our residence to investigate the problem. They have done a few things to try to appease us, such as change out the Telephone modem. Each and every time, they suggested that there was no such problem and that they felt I was trying to get out of paying the bill. Again, stupid since each time, the bill is always paid. Just as I did the other day. Only once did a TWC customer service representative acknowledge that it happened to him twice and he ended up calling me to my cellphone.

The other issue is that they repeatedly point the finger at ATT, suggesting that they are fowling the telephone line somehow. However, this recorded message was occurring with all carriers, both landline and cell. Interestingly, they have managed to clean up most of it. However, the one that seems to be a problem is AT&T landlines calling into my TWC Line. I had been accused making it up. Yet, there are just too many witnesses.

Recently, I got fed up with TWC's failure to fix the problem and called the offices of the President, Glenn Britt. His Executive Customer Service Intervention team was put on the line where I was told there was nothing they could do, accused me of lying and threatened me with service disconnection and call the police. Naturally this infuriated me more and demanded to speak with a supervisor. We got into a heated exchange and they hung up on me while calling me an "Ass".

I pay them for a services that are not being delivered. Since this occurred, we have experienced problems with the sound coming from both our television set boxes and our internet connection. We loose sound and have to reset the cable boxes at both TV's. I have had to reset the Internet Modem as well, due to issues there. We experienced something new last night with the telephone. You could not hear the person on the other end of the call when the called more than a minute. You started to hear an Echo, became scratchy, and much of the call was inaudible. This occurred several times.
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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 06/20/2011:
Time Warner's phone service is unreliable. I switched my landline back to AT&T after only two months of having Time Warner's service because of numerous outages on both my phone and Road Runner. A TWC tech checked all of my connections inside and outside the house, put in a new splitter, and checked the cable from the house to the pole. Finally it was determined that the problem with my service was with the main line on the street. I also cancelled Road Runner and got AT&T's DSL service. Since then, I have had no phone or internet problems whatsoever. I still have cable TV with Time Warner.
bumpfus on 06/27/2011:
Time Warner phone cable and internet ar unreliable as I work from home and get disconnected daily while wrking.... How frustrating when we pay good money for services that fail
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Another Customer Service Nightmare
Posted by on
GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I just moved back to the USA from Germany, after 5 years of military service I was excited to be able to get back to the "real world" of home convenience and what I thought would be superior service, at least that’s what I thought when I left the states 6 years ago. Shortly after purchasing my first home after arrive in NC I was impressed with the bundle deal TWC had for phone/internet/ cable. When I called I let the cs representative know that I wanted basic cable, high speed internet, and digital phone service.

After listen to the representative fumble through the scripted mumble jumble I explained to her that I would like to get an international calling plan so my wife can stay in contact with family in Germany and Poland. I specifically ask for this because she needs to keep in contact with her family and if I didn’t she would not be happy which means I would not be happy. The cs representative explains to me that it would no problem. For 19.99 you can get 1000 minutes to call land lines, mobile phones cost extra.

Sounds great, just what I need. So hook up and service are accomplished. Over the next 2 months calls are made and the family is happy. After reviewing the 2 bills that followed the initial service bill I noticed that I was being charged $90 and $72, respectively for digital phone service. What’s going on here?? I was told it should be 19.99.

So begins the cs representative journey in to the 9 rings of dumb! I always try to take the honey vs. vinegar approach, but these people pushed my limits. The first call after waiting 15 minutes to talk to someone, oh yeah and the extremely annoy automated system to get to the holding cell, I had to explain to the cs representative that I originally asked for the international plan and didn’t receive it. She then proceeded to tell me I did not have it and she could set it up for me. OK that’s great but what about the 2 months I didn’t have it? Her response was that she could not help me with that because she could not see on the computer that I asked for it. After politely explaining to her that that was not expectable she told be all she can do is put in a trouble ticket so a supervisor can pull the tape and review it to see if I did ask for it.

First of all have we reach a time were so many people have defrauded this company like this to assume that I, THE CUSTOMER, would be wrong? This is bad business. I know that the company recently reported that they are losing millions right now, but come on this is a mistake on their local customer service department, due to lack of training and caring.

It did not occur to me that I should ask when I would be notified of the results. So I wait……and wait….. Almost 6 weeks later I call back and I work my way through the automated system to get to the holding cell. 20 minutes later a human answers the phone. He is a kind sounding gentleman named Randy. After explaining the history of my previous calls he begins to stumble and checks the computer system, I am in the holding cell for 5 minutes he comes back on and tells me that he sees that a supervisor has pulled the tapes on 23 Jan and 30 Jan. I called about that in December! I ask to speak to a supervisor, he hesitates and says one is in a meeting and the other is on a call with another customer. I insist to speak to him. HOLDING CELL TIME: 10 MINUTES.

Supervisor Gary then gets on the line I go through the history with him he pulls it up and tells that the tapes from my original call were reviewed 2 times. But he does not know the results of the review because it was someone else. I ask so what does that mean to me? He informs me that I did not ask for the service originally and if it was asked for I would have seen some credit on my account bill. I ask why I would not be called to be informed. His response is that policy tells them to not to call, just show any or no change on the bill. My next question is, is it possible to hear the tapes for myself? His answer is no because NC law does not allow it. How about a transcript? No sir. I tell him that I understand how a poor process works and the signs of a poor process are here. And I will not accept a second handed answer that the tapes were checked. I would need hard proof.

Note: every answer given to me also included the same response: I did not review the tape I don’t have access to what was on the tape.

At this point I realize this guy will not bend over backwards to help me with my problem. I explain to him that I am not satisfied and I will have to change service to another company(s). He tries to explain to me that it standard policy that start up service calls are explained in detail. Meaning that if asked for international calling plan that they should have explained to me all the details of that plan. After asking me what countries I was calling, I told him Germany and Poland, he quickly explained to me that Poland is not on the plan. My wife, who’s listening on the other line, hands me the welcome letter for the international calling plan. I tell him that it is. He then tells me that not all cities are included in those countries. The letter does not mention this fact. He then tells me that all cs representative must and do explain this in detail insinuating that I was wrong. I tell him I’m switching to another provider and he apologizes to me.

I then call back to ask what the prices would be for digital phone services with the international calling plan. The friendly cs representative tells me the plans covers Germany and Poland, but land lines only. I ask if there any other restrictions or details, she says no. I explain that will have to call back.
Finally I decide the same night to switch to a satellite provider. After an amazing customer service experience I am good to go. By the way, it was outsourced cs most likely from India. But Lance and Steven were extremely helpful! I then call TWC back to cancel my cable service. 4 busy signals later I get through. Ellen answers my call and I explain I would like to change my service. She pulls up my account and then tells me there is an error showing on my account. She puts me in the holding cell.

5 minutes later she gets on and tells me she is trying to find out why she can’t get in. holding cell. 5+minutes. She comes back on and tells me someone else must be in my account. I tell her about the call earlier and she puts me on hold. Holding cell 3 minutes. She comes back and asks me who I spoke to, I tell her Gary. Holding cell 2 minutes. She comes back on after tracking down who Gary is and tells me that he is on his lunch break and he must have left my account open. I ask her to be sure to get word to Gary to get it closed so when I call back in the morning I can cancel my cable service. She apologizes in sleepy voice.

I will be changing all my services over to other providers this week. Mainly due to the poor service from Time Warner cable and their obviously poor processes in managing their Customer service. They made me wait, they were not helpful, they insisted I was wrong and they could not prove. Stay away from TWC they are losing money due to poor business processes, and will try to recoup it by charging customers more without them knowing it.
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User Replies:
BokiBean on 02/05/2009:
*grin* @ nine rings of dumb
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Open Letter to Time-Warner Execs
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I am sending the following letter to everyone in the Time-Warner Corporate management that I can find. I have lost hope that they will help me, but at least some might actually hear of my problem. The local office has done nothing to help.
Aug. 7, 2008

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am sending this letter to many within your organization in hopes of finding someone who actually cares about customer service. Is it in bad form to write to one so far up the chain-of-command, as you are? Customer service is not a matter of concern among the local Time-Warner representatives. By that I mean, the service technicians who visit people in their homes, the reps. who work the phone lines or the staff and management of the local Time-Warner offices. I would hope that by the time someone reaches your stature, they would have learned to care. Sorry if I sound bitter.

This letter will constitute my 7th attempt to resolve my current problem. I have to state that I have been a very satisfied customer, for many years, until now. I also have come to realize that longevity within your customer-base gives me no standing with you. I suppose it is easy to simply let dissatisfied customer leave, and seek new ones, than to resolve problems when they arise.

On Thursday, July 31st, a technician came to my new apartment, to transfer my service. He worked on the installation in our livingroom for a good while. Eventually he said he did not think the outlet was connected in that room. So he would 'test' the equipment in a back bedroom. After ascertaining that there was an active outlet back there, he stated that the outlet in the livingroom would have to be connected. At this point he said he was going to the office at the apartment complex where we live and speak to the maintenance personnel. He also stated that he would be met thereby someone directly associated with Time-Warner, since he was contractor-labor. Before he left he asked me to sign the work-order.

Up to now I had no reason to doubt his integrity and signed the work-order. I did not stop to think that I was actually signing off on the transfer of service. This is a point of concern to me, because I was not thinking in terms of whether or not Time-Warner or it's representatives were trustworthy. I have reached that point in my thought-processes now due to circumstances, but at that time I was still naive and believed what I was told.

A few minutes after he left, he called back and said, “A Time-Warner Specialist will return tomorrow with the maintenance crew, to make that connection in the livingroom." This is as near a quote as I am able to render. I am certain of the words "Time-Warner Specialist" and "maintenance crew". The implication was that personnel representing the apartment complex would also be on-hand for a combined effort.

I can't tell you how pleased my wife and I were. The fact that I would have to take off work on Friday, Aug. 1st, mattered little to me at that time. I still had plenty to do in getting the new apartment right, and it would be worth it to have the television connected. This is a 52 inch, flat-screen TV, worth $3000 which rests on a new $1700 entertainment center. It is the focal-point of our livingroom.

I called my boss and managed to take off yet another day. On Friday, I waited for that specialist and crew. The time-window given was 12-noon to 8pm. At around 4pm I began to worry because I felt that the apartment personnel would probably leave around 6pm at the latest. So I called the local number for service, 210-244-0500. The man that answered did some checking and reported that there was no work-order pending, and no comments on my account regarding an additional visit. He asked if I had not ordered a single connection, and did I not receive such? I answered yes, to both questions. So he offered to start a new work-order.

I explained to him as slowly and carefully as I could the exact nature of the situation. ...that I had been told a specialist was coming, that a crew from the apartments would be working with them, that they would arrive between 12-noon and 8pm…

He was completely disinterested in my little tale and just wanted to get that work-order written. He kept repeating, "I am following procedure". After quite a while and a lot of back and forth between us, I let him go. I told him I would visit the local office and work out the problem with them.

As soon as I got off the phone, I paid a visit to the apartment complex office. There I spoke to Mandy who was also on duty the day before. One of the maintenance crew, Jesse, was there as well. I asked them if the Time-Warner technician had stopped by the day before. They said he had not. It seems as though when he called back with the wonderful good news of the Time-Warner Specialist and work-crew coming on Friday he was probably already well on his way to his next stop. What is particularly insidious about his conduct, apart from even the blatant lying, was that his lie would cost me a day’s wage. He could have told me the truth just as easily, and we could have both moved on by now. Instead, as a representative of Time-Warner, sub-contractor status not-withstanding, he lied to one of your customers. Does it make any difference to you?

No doubt he has moved on but my wife and I are still staring at our partially assembled entertainment center wondering when this situation will be resolved and we can finish it out. (It is quite large and parts can only be assembled after the equipment is installed.)

So, I left the manager's office and drove to the local Time-Warner office at IH 10 West and Callaghan Rd. Once there I spoke to a nice young lady at the window. I asked if I could speak to a manager about a certain situation which I did not feel she could resolve. Crystal explained that the supervisor was out on vacation and would be unavailable for some days. I did my best to explain the situation to her. She listened and left me for a time, I believe stating that she would try to reach the technician. She went back and forth from the window to the back explaining that she was 'still trying'. At one point the customer service rep at the window next to mine, told a customer that she had just spoken to the supervisor.

When Crystal came back once again, I mentioned this, and said that I would still very much like to speak to the supervisor as well. She seemed a little non-plussed and told me that the supervisor had only just stepped in for a moment, from her vacation. I suggested that we could meet...

When the supervisor did come from the back room she also seemed a little put out. No doubt she was anxious to get back to her vacation. She asked what the problem was, and I asked if I needed to start over from the beginning. At that point she made it known that she was aware of the problem and I should call the supervisor of the technician that came to my house. I know the technician only as #9274-8. He was not wearing a name-tag, and I can't recall the name of the company on his uniform shirt. I do remember the large bronze-colored, hexagonal-patterned earrings he was wearing.

Anyway, I told her I did not see any reason for me to call that man, the technician's supervisor, since he and I have no working relationship, no contract for services of any kind. Furthermore, Time-Warner is the one who receives my monthly payment, and Time-Warner is the one I had arranged to have my service transferred with. To date, this work has not been done. Up to now, none of my efforts to resolve the issue have met with success. Not only has Time-Warner not met their commitment to provide the service for which I am paying, but I have been billed 39.99 for the transfer. This comes as a double surprise to me because not only has the service not been provided, but there was no mention at any point in time, of a charge for the transfer. Time-Warner has already received payment fot the services which have not been provided.

I don't want to get side-tracked on the transfer charge- if that is standard operating procedure for you, I won't fight it. But it would be best in the future to make folks aware of that charge before performing the job. And only charge for it, if the work has been done.

Just FYI, the supervisor in your local office also told me that the technician is denying ever stating that a Time-Warner Specialist and work-crew would come to my apartment, and that it was up to me (or someone) to get that livingroom outlet working. At this point the supervisor (the one in the office) also stated that if I wanted to re-schedule the visit, she could do that for me, but if the outlet wasn't working they would not complete the job.

So what do I do now? Is there anyone within the Time-Warner organization who has any interest in my situation? I am painfully aware that my little business means nothing to you, who are 2nd largest cable television provider in the U.S. It will not make any measurable difference to you if I stay or go, as a customer. It only comes down to whether anyone up there, where you are, has integrity and cares about doing the right thing. Every word in this letter is as true as I can possibly make it, according to my best recollections. However, I left a lot out, in order to keep this letter short.... There is also the matter of my other email-attempts to resolve this issue. I'll let that go.

My wife was present during the technician's visit, and although she did not hear the phone conversation wherein the technician stated that the Time-Warner Specialist was coming, she was aware of him leaving our apartment, to speak to the maintenance staff (which he did not do), and she heard me discussing plans to be home on Friday, for that return-visit.

Please intervene for us. My home telephone number is xxx-555-1234, and at work it is xxx-555-5678. I am at work from 7:30 am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. My email address is TimeWarnerCust@Other.com, although I would prefer a phone call, or even a face-to-face if that were possible.

Your Customer
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Anonymous on 08/07/2008:
Unfortunately, in many cities, there is no one but the sucky Dish to compete with Time Warner Cable. This has given them absolute license to be perfectly horrible. They have become so big they couldn't care less about customer service any more. I wish you luck, buddy. I feel bad for you.
Badshah on 08/13/2008:
The problem was eventually resolved by the contractor. He called me at work during the day, on Fri. Aug. 8th, and we talked. He was the first person in this ordeal to speak to me like a real human-being. AND on Sat. morning a man came out to my Apt. and made the connection in the attic. He said it was a simple matter of reconnecting the cable which had been disconnected. He was also very nice and competent.
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The Worst Customer Service
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KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Time Warner strikes again.....yesterday, May 19th, Time Warner came to install my new phone/cable/internet services. Really this was just an upgrade since I already have the cable service and had the internet previously.

The appt. was for 8-11am and the techs (used loosely) arrived at 9am. They entered my home and were happy to find the wiring already in place so this would be an easy job for them. Upon "completion" the tech came to me for signature. I asked if the internet was set up including email and passwords, he said "no" and then proceeded to do so. Seeing that we may have an issue beginning here I checked the phones, all clear, then the cable which had been upgraded to the new digital DVR. There was no sound! I assumed the second tech must have checked this since he was working on the cable and was now sitting comfortably in the car waiting on his partner. The tech was not sure what to do, and had to call the lead tech for assistance, no luck!! I live very near a Time Warner store and suggested that may be he could swap out the box there. He advised Time Warner did not allow that anymore and that he was a 3rd party contractor. He told me they have some internal fraud which has now caused a change in this policy. He took my cell number and said he would get another box and call me to make sure I was home before he came back to install.

Guess what? He didn't call or come by and it was 3pm! I decided to call customer no-service and find out what was going on. They knew nothing about this and showed the job complete. They also told me it was too late for them to contact the installer as it was 3:30pm. I told them I knew that they worked until 7pm so they needed to find someone to come and install this box. They said this was not possible and I advised the agent to find someone who could help. (My experience with TWKC tells me that if you scream and demand to speak with a supervisor, you usually make some progress).

They found the installer and determined he was gone for the day. They said they would escalate this to his supervisor and she would call me back. Having calle3d TWKC many times, they seem to have an issue with returning calls, so I was not willing to accept this and told her I wanted to hold and have her conference us. She refused and I got her name and number and said the supervisor had one hour to call me or I would call her back.

Surprisingly, the supervisor did call back, however, during that time I had used my limited knowledge of cable boxes and it had started to work correctly. I thought I was done with TWKC, but oh was I wrong!

The next day I had watched the TV multiple times and used the DVR with no issue. I went upstairs to make dinner and came back to a flickering TV set and a dead cable box. Prior to calling I always try to reboot the box and remove th power cable. This did not work. Back to the phones....TWKC no-service.

I finally reached an agent after 5 min (short for TWKC standards) and was advised there was no outage in my area, which I knew since my 2 other TV's were working fine. I described the previous day's situation and that my box was dead. I was told someone could come out a week from Wednesday, 8 days away!! I told the agent there must be something that can be done to get someone out here more quickly. He advised that no one in his Costa Rica office was able to do that. I asked to be transferred to someone in the US, preferably KC. He did so.

When I reached the KC office, I was told it was not possible to have someone out any earlier. I asked to speak to the person I had spoken with before and I had her extension but she was out of the office. She told me she would send an email to the department and I would get a call back. TWKC email and phone work the same...not very well, so I insisted that she call and not send an email while I waited on the line.

She said she was unable to call them and I asked her to have her supervisor call for her. The supervisor then came on the line and I had to explain everything again. He told me that dept. was gone for the day so I would get a call back tomorrow. I told him this was not acceptable and that with a brand new box and given all the issues, I expected some compensation for my time. I told him I was also only willing to go to the store if he credited 1 months service, which he refused. He told me he could credit 2 days but no more. I also told him I wanted a credit for the activation fee from the previous day which he agreed to.

Having spent so much time in 2 days with these people, I told him again I would only accept 1 months service credited. He said "no other utility company would do that" therefore he would not either. I told him "you are not a utility" he said "yes we are, we are the cable company" I informed him they are a bad cable company at that and thank god for AT&T now coming on the market so we have another option from TWKC. He continued to refuse to credit my account. I finally hung up and will go to the TW store tomorrow.

I am really concerned now for a few reasons:

1) How long will such poor service be allowed? Time Warner has been bad since they entered the KC market and I don't know many people who are happy with them.

2) What happens when I have phone problems in the future? Will I also have to wait one week or more for someone to come out?

The only thing I can say to anyone reading this is SWITCH TO AT&T and forget Time Warner!!!!
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tiger_lily on 06/04/2008:
wah wah, do want a tissue. stop complaining. They are hoping people like you are leaving. Get a grip its just cable. READ A BOOK!!!!
NightWatcher on 06/15/2008:
you do know the more you yell and scream the less likely they are to help you the way you want.
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New DVR Boxes
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WACO, TEXAS -- If you are lucky enough, you will be able to trade you digital DVR for a new Samsung model. These units are trickling into the center. In essence, you have to ask for them at this point in time. Previously, the Scientific Atlanta model was hanging up and showing sluggish performance. So, I was lucky when they had a Samsung in stock. Be advised, the operation of this box is a noticeable improvement, but you will have some problems. So, when you see that the box is exhibiting problems, I suggest rebooting it by a simultaneous pressing of these three buttons: a) info; b) volume up; c) volume down. Wait until the time comes back up on the display and then things should be fine. I had to do this a few minutes ago. So, I consider this to be an improvement in service since the hard drive was said to be larger on this new digital DVR.
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Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
How long have you had this new box?
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
I've never had any complaints about my box.
Anonymous on 08/29/2010:
We have Comcast in our area, and I've never had a problem with the box/equipment that they supply. Of course if I did there wouldn't be much I could do, since they are the only competition in the area. LOL! The only other option for us is Dish Network, Direct TV, and such, but I learned my lesson with them years ago. Never again.
DeathBreath on 08/30/2010:
I am happy your box is working. For a Scientific Atlanta digital DVR, that is truly amazing.
Amber on 07/28/2012:
I'm absolutely apalled they even still service Sientific Atlanta it lags ALL the time so what is the latest box right now?
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Chat Customer Service is Terrible
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Below is a word for word exchange with TWC customer service. Issue still not resolved. Moving it 1 month and will not renew with them

David Smith: Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end
of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My
name is David. Please give me a moment while I access your account.
Jumpper_: thanks.
David Smith: Are you recording the show?
Jumpper_: No.
Jumpper_: I am on a chanel. start watching
Jumpper_: then press the pause button
Jumpper_: get up get something to eat, what ever.
Jumpper_: come back and start watching
Jumpper_: at the end of the hour
Jumpper_: the show I am watching is not over
Jumpper_: at that time, it jumps to live TV
Jumpper_: I miss the end of the show
David Smith: You are just pausing the show.
Jumpper_: yes
David Smith: So for you to view from the time you have paused it,
you should be recording it.
Jumpper_: for a few min 10 to 15....
David Smith: I will explain it to you in a better way.
David Smith: Have you scheduled the show which you have paused it?
Jumpper_: no, I press guide, look for a show, hay looks like
something worth watching.
David Smith: When you pause anything on the TV, only the screen is
paused not the show.
Jumpper_: My Old DVR did not care how long I paused the show.
David Smith: If you want to pause a show, it should be recording in
the back ground so that you can play it from where you have paused it.
Jumpper_: I could come back and start watching the show where I left off
Jumpper_: and I could watch the show ALL the way to the end.
Jumpper_: that is the problem, at the bottom of every hour, anything
that was time shifted with a pause, gets lost and goes to live TV
David Smith: Yes. The show should be recording in the back ground
so that you can play it from where you have paused it.
Jumpper_: It does that. where the probem comes in is that at the end
of the actual hour, It just jumps back to LIVE TV on that chanel
Jumpper_: I miss what ever time it was paused at the end of the show
Jumpper_: does this make sense?
David Smith: You cannot pause and play it from where you have left
it unless it was set for recording.
Jumpper_: 8:00(---watch TV----Pause for 10
min------watch----watch----*9:00* live TV
Jumpper_: The ----watch 10 min---)
Jumpper_: end of the show
Jumpper_: gets lost
Jumpper_: I watch 50 min of the show
Jumpper_: and the last 10 min of the show goes into thin air
David Smith: Have you set the show for recording?
David Smith: Do you see the Start Over option on the TV?
Jumpper_: some shows
Jumpper_: have the start over option but not all
David Smith: If that option is there, you will be able to get from
the beginning.
Jumpper_: not all shows have the start over option and by the time I
loose the end of the show, there is no more start over, the show is
David Smith: In that case, have you set the show for recording
Jumpper_: No I do not set the show for recording
Jumpper_: I should be able to pause a show
Jumpper_: and then watch it to its conclusion.
David Smith: Please set the show for recording.
David Smith: You will then be able to watch from beginning.
Jumpper_: My previous DVR's never did this
Jumpper_: I don't want to watch from the beginning.
Jumpper_: I want to watch the END of the show
Jumpper_: I have already watched the beginning
Jumpper_: I want the DVR to let me watch the whole show
Jumpper_: What should happen 8:00 CSI (----watch----8:10 Pause TV
8:20 Press play-----watch-------9:00--watch last 10 min of CSI)
Jumpper_: What happens 8:00 CSI (----watch----8:10 Pause TV 8:20
Press play-----watch-------9:00 Last 10 min of CSI goes away) Start
watching the next TV show LIVE at 9:00
Jumpper_: Anything? or should I switch to AT&T U-verse or Dish to get
a DVR that worsk right?
David Smith: In that case, please contactour customer service
department at 816-358-8833 or 800-531-2453
that is equipped to process your request.
David Smith: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
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User Replies:
goduke on 01/28/2010:
Anonymous on 01/28/2010:
yeah same thing godduke. What is he complaining about? My DVR does the same thing. If you have something paused too long, it will eventaully just go back to live TV. They ALL do that.
PepperElf on 01/28/2010:
well I was going to suggest fios

but I don't know how long you can pause live tv for.
I know you can pause it for a few minutes

but the hard drive in your unit DOES have limited capacity

so I'd recommend - if you think you'll be away for longer than a few minutes, actually record the program instead of just pausing it
Anonymous on 01/28/2010:
It will stay there, but if you leave it paused for TOO long, it will switch back to live TV.
merope on 01/29/2010:
I thought it was a given that everyone knew that the pause function is time-limited.
redwolf4k on 10/18/2010:
You guys are not understanding the problem correctly. Yes, a dvr pause function is time limited, but he is not losing the oldest information when he leaves the dvr paused....he is losing the most CURRENT information, on the hour, which makes absolutely no sense. I have never heard of this, with any cable or sat provider dvr. Something is wrong. It makes sense to have a show paused for 30min, and then wind up losing some of the show where he paused it, but that's not what's happening. He is losing all of it, as soon as the hour turns. I personally wouldn't be paying my bill if this was happening to me.
sayb on 09/07/2013:
same thing is happening to me...you should be able to pause the television for an unlimited time!!!! I used to be able to do that and now I can't. it is frustrating...a long phone call or other emergency happens...why could we do it before and not now? that is the real question. also I have taped a series and about once a week it fails to tape. weird
jw on 09/08/2013:
You cannot record start over or look back so twc expects you to record the "live" one and the watch the restarted one just in case you have to take an extended break. I am so ready to go back to dtv but the weather outages are so bad.
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The Worst Company I've Ever Dealt With
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SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- I had previously had trouble with Time Warner before when I was a cable customer. I canceled my service, and because of their practice of billing for the coming month, they still owed me money for one month. They sent it to my old address, and I had to call numerous times to get my address successfully changed. 2.5 years later, I still have not received my refund. In fact, they no longer have a record of my account.

In Jan 08, I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend, and our only option for DSL was Time Warner, unless we got a land line. I decided to give them another chance. Their internet connection was so bad that I couldn't pick up the signal even though I was right next to the modem. My computer picked up our neighbor's unsecured network, but not our own network that we were paying $45 a month for.

We cut off our service that month, and they assured us that we would be getting a refund because of the forward-billing that they do. Instead of getting a check, every month I kept getting a new bill with a growing balance. Each month, I would have to call them and speak to an idiotic customer service representative who did not know what was going on. They would try to convince me that I did not in fact cut off my service, and that I still owe them money. I would have to point out to them that it was not possible for me to be a customer when I returned my modem months ago. At this point, I would hear an "Oh, let me talk to my supervisor." The customer service agent would come back on after putting me on hold, tell me it was their mistake, and they would cut off my service immediately, and I should no longer get a bill. Each time I would fall for it because I believed that it should not take a company numerous tries to shut off service to one customer. But then each month, I would come home to a growing bill.

The second to last person I talked to actually looked through my account and said once again that I never cut off my service. All the calls that I had made before were logged down as "bill inquiry" and "general programming". When I once again pointed out that I returned my modem in January, he "talked to his supervisor" and offered me a $40 credit to my bill, which was a ridiculous offer because Time Warner is the one who owes ME money, not the other way around. I said that I could not accept that offer, after which he talked to his supervisor again, and agreed to wipe my balance clean. At this point, I was willing to accept a loss because I do not ever want to deal with this company again. This is of course conditional on the fact that they would finally shut off my service. I wanted to talk to his supervisor, and was put on hold, at which point I was hung up on.

I had to call back again, and go through the whole process again, and finally got someone who said that all the previous customer service reps had tried to cut off my service online, when they actually needed to send someone to my apartment to cut off the cable manually. He promised that it will not happen again, but we will see next month if I get another bill or not.
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beanbagbritches on 05/10/2008:
You may want to take your receipt, showing where you returned your modem, to your local TWC office & have everything handled at once. Here's hoping your billing issues get resolved soon.
i_hate_time_warner on 01/08/2009:
Funny, I literally just got off the phone with this useless company for the same reason! I had cancelled service back in March 08, and was owed $ but to date, have not received anything. I made multiple calls, just like you, and was given the same run-around song and dance.. "oh, we apologize and a check will be sent to your forwarding address on file with us, although it will take 4-6 weeks to process". Mind you, I was stupid enough to go with them again at my new residence, and they can cash my checks in 2 days!

The previous time I called them in December 08, I was given a confirmation number to reference the status of them repaying me the $, but lo and behold, today when I called and gave the representative the confirm number, it was not found!!! I mean, did the last rep just make some number up to make me think that progress will actually be made this time around? I hate this company with a passion. Thinking of cancelling my current service but then, I'd definitely get jerked on getting the $ due me AGAIN.
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