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Incompetent, Possible Fraud
Posted by Shlbycindy43 on 05/05/2013
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I paid my Time Warner Bill 2 days ago and gave them an advance payment with my debit card to be deducted on 5/22/13. This morning I checked my bank account and they had debited the amount that was supposed to be taken out on the 22nd.

I called the office and got a recording that they knew about this issue and were working to resolve it as soon as possible. I am on a fixed income and that was all the money I had in my account. I tried to talk to a customer service agent and was pushed around to six different people, none of which could answer my question. A few of them told me they were sending me to the correct department only to put me back to their automated system. One of them yelled so loudly in the phone, even after I asked her to talk a little more quietly that I finally had to hang up and call again. NONE of them could tell me when this would be rectified. I've notified my bank and they are opening a case of fraud against them since this debit was done without my knowledge or consent.

When I gave the information for the payment to be debited on the 22nd I asked the billing representative if she was sure it would not be debited before then and she assured me several times it would not. Now I've incurred bank charges and Time Warner doesn't seem to care they have placed me in a precarious position. I have also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding what they did. As soon as my money is returned to me, I will be canceling my service with them and I am seriously considering filing charges against them. I do not for one minute believe this was a computer glitch that just happened on a Saturday morning when you cannot get in touch with anyone in their office or at your local bank.

I firmly believe this was done deliberately and since they have the recording I think it's safe to assume I am not the only one they did this to today. I've had to call them at least once a week because my service is not working properly. I absolutely hate AT&T but I have no qualms about going back to them for my service. I do not give companies a second chance when they steal money out of my bank account. Beware if you do business with TWC. NEVER give them permission to deduct money from your account. Their customer service is horrible. The agents are rude and have no idea of how to talk to a customer who has a problem.

I did keep my cool with them and tried to be nice but after the fourth one sent me to the wrong department I wasn't very nice about it. I strongly suggest no one does business with this company.

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Posted by Yvette on 2013-05-27:
TWC customer service stinks...they send me a bill for $391.00,i called today to have my bill explained and to drop their services and was pushed around to 6 individuals and they still cannot explain except to say that I had a past due of $16 .54 ...Please my fellow citizens do not get TWC services because their customer service STINKS.
Posted by jen on 2013-06-06:
Once you call in a payment and give them your info they randomly decide to take money out of your bank account at will...I paid in feb of this year...they took 521.67 from me in march...221.73 in april...25.00 in the beginning of may and 299.45 may 22.. that's ovrr a grand..we called the bank for fraud...and the news...these people are crooks...
Posted by Vic on 2013-07-07:
TWC is a unethical business that cares about profits over people at all times. Red flag when they offer a $300 gift card to return to their triple play package! They can no longer get business by positive word of mouth ratings, for they have an average of a 75% poor rating on most sites. There is a catch with anything free they offer, nothing is secondary to customer appreciation, as they like to call it. False advertising is very severe and it can be proven by their many discrepencies. I am awaiting my next bill post talked into staying by their cancelation dept. If I find one dishonest price hike on this new plan, I am reporting them and writing to their ethics dept in NYC. They have to follow rules of business practices they state they abide by! I have given them too many chances and they take advantage. They need a class action suit and a fine for their deficiencies. They are losing business in every state and many have them because they have no other options. Having a monoploy on cable doesn't excuse poor service and justifying a lack of integrity.
Posted by Steve on 2013-07-15:
I developed serious problems with my cable service at the end of. The tech support person told me to take my cable box in and have it exchanged. He got it working for a couple of hours. I called back and they sent another tech. He traded that one out with the same result. Three cable boxes later and I was told the problem was with the incoming cable and said installation would come out to fix it. Two days later I was getting the same spiel. Finally a sympathic agent contacted and outside agent who examined the line and said nothing was wrong with it. He did some diagnostics and said the wrong codes were sent to the box. After he changed them everything worked fine...for the first time in a month. I called in again protesting this incompetance and poor customer support. I got a supervisor on the line who said he was going to comp me for all of July for all my problems. A week later I got an Email telling me my July bill was due. I called in to speak to a supervisor and after being on hold for 20 mintues
Posted by maryellen garcia on 2013-10-10:
I need help with time warner cable I am so stressed I am a 67 yr old senior and don't seem to make anyone understand everyone seems to be a dumb s--t. I turned all equipment and cancel service on 08-07-2013 and they are still charging me or should I say billing me. I have my receipt with dates, serial numbers and whatever and said I only returned a modem and the not converters, they want me to take the receipt to the location where I turned them in but I feel I am getting the run around. I felt like a did my part and have my documentation.. they cant look up the receipt number on the computer with rep ID number they said no because they have too many to look up???? I have been bounced around and transferred everywhere in the universe..Finally said I would get a letter from them stating no balance on October 10th 2013 per my request but I can call back in 5 mins later and no one knows nothing.. I am waiting until today which they said I will get my letter and after today not sure what I am going to do.. We have a tv station here in san Antonio that help people like me to investigate and broadcast on the air problems like mine..If you have any advise for me lets here it. I am hoping that if I don't pay my bill they will report me to the credit dept here in San Antonio and ruin my outstanding credit, I also mention that to them. I need help I am getting sick over this.
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Unethical contract and threats
Posted by SKW on 03/15/2011
I contact Time Warner Cable to connect a home-based business/personal internet service. My residence was zone both residential or commercial. I resided there and obviously requested residential service as it was almost half the cost of business service & that I would be using it for mostly personal. The percentage of business use in the residence was less than 30% of the total square footage.

Time Warner refused to provide residential service and claimed they would only offer business class service with a 3-year contract, and a difference of $82 (residential) vs $162 (business class) per month for internet.

After installation, the installer handed me a slip for me to sign agreeing that service was connected. I had no idea that the slip I was signing was for the 3-year contract. I had hoped to negotiate the contract on my account after connection. After connection, I tried to discuss this contract with a representative on the phone. He was quick, vague, told me the contract was my only option, they only offered 3-year contracts and mentioned NOTHING about termination fees.

After closing my account 9 months later and early, due to economic downfall of my industry and inability to cover my monthly personal and business expenses, I was informed that I owed them over $3000.00 for future service per my contract. I disputed this and informed the representative that I was unaware of an early termination fee and to please explain it to me. The representative said he would "settle my account" and I would be invoiced for a lesser amount. I waited for an invoice. One never came.

Twenty two months later, in early February 2011, I received a letter from CMI collection agency stating I owe "their client" $633.33. I contact CMI asking what this is for, and they stated Time Warner sent my old business account to collections. I asked CMI representative why Time Warner Cable did not make attempts to collect the outstanding balance they claim I owe FIRST, or send me an invoice, and the representative could not answer that question. I disputed and sent CMI a letter asking to settle, as I was told back in April 2009 that Time Warner would agree to settle my contract. I am not capable of paying this in full at this time.

I received a letter from CMI, simply stating Time Warner does not settle accounts. No additional documentation I asked for was provided (ie. final invoices or their attempts to collect). I disputed a second time and stated I would seek legal action and CMI threatened they would "purposely damage my credit" if I did not pay in full immediately.

I feel coerced into an unnecessary lengthy business contract and threatened by CMI's claim they will purposely damage my credit. I find sending a consumers account to collections, regardless if they owe or not WITHOUT their knowledge or offering an opportunity to be informed of status of their account, is unlawful. Why should Time Warner be allowed to dictate whatever settlement "amount" they want? Especially since their rates have reduced since 2009.

They will never receive a dime for this "early termination fee", and these contracts should be against the law.

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Posted by Ytropious on 2011-03-15:
You will be using their internet for business purposes at some point, yes? Then why shouldn't they force you to have business class? If you have a legal business you are running out of your home your SOL I'm afraid. Business is business.
Posted by momsey on 2011-03-15:
Of course if you have a debt and it's in collections and you still don't pay it, your credit will be affected. If you originally were told that you owed $3,000, and the bill is now $633, then it seems clear that there was some settlement reached.

They should have sent you an invoice for the bill before sending it to collections, so that is a valid complaint.
Posted by localgod on 2011-03-16:
A+ again, Y! Business is business, and not residential.
Posted by bob932304 on 2011-03-16:
"I had hoped to negotiate the contract on my account after connection." Contracts are normally negotiate BEFORE a service of any type is provided, not after.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-03-16:
TWC does not negotiate. Most large companies don't haggle for a lower price! Haggling is for flea markets if you ask me. Also good luck on not paying that early termination fee. You signed the contract. Contract law doesn't have a "your honor I didn't read before signing" clause. You're going to be paying it or you're going to have bad debt following your around.
Posted by Alan on 2013-12-22:
Time Warner engages in underhanded business practices. I installed their service in my business two years ago. Last month I was forced to close my office after over 25 years. When I went to disconnect the internet and phone service I was hit with a whopping bill of over $4000 for payment as if service had continued throughout the contract term. This, despite the fact we had specifically negotiated a clause in our contract for a and 175 early termination fee.

They claim that a subsequent contract was signed, the officer of the company does not remember signing that, it is all done through on line electronic signatures. While he had the first contract in his email, there's no additional emails with a further contract. The new contract mysteriously has the and 175 early termination fee language removed. Their representative tried to claim this must have been an oversight but they still insist upon full payment.

The next thing they told me was priceless. In order to negotiate with them, they simply must have a disconnect sent in which means I have to sign a termination agreement agreeing to pay the entire amount. I contacted my attorney and decided to tell them I am willing to pay the $175 otherwise they can sue me.

Time Warner is an underhanded company and should be exposed for what they are.
Posted by Vinniew on 2014-01-19:
Call back and say that you will contact the pubic utilities commission in your state and file an informal complaint. If this doesn't get results then do it. If you need to escalate, file a formal complaint.
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Pay Express Tool is frustrating
Posted by Saucey Babe on 12/29/2009
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I agree with so many others - the Time Warner Pay Express Account system is horrible. I same as others agreed to give up my paper bill for on line so help "Go Green" and I have had nothing but heart ache. Folks just give up and call and pay your bill via phone - but for sure have your account number - and if you did not write it down from your paper bill you are out of luck because no matter how much info you give them - customer service will not give you your account number - you can always wait until your account goes deliquent - then they call you and will accept payment even if you don't have your account number - go figure!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-29:
I've never had any issues with it.
I get an email that my bill is due. I click on the link and it takes me right to the payxpress page. I type in my username and pw. I click the button that says: "one time payment." I enter my information, click submit... and done. My payment is accepted. I write my payment down in my check register because I know it takes about 6 days to post. And done. Real easy.
Or I google Time Warner Cable. Go to payxpress from there... rinse and repeat. Again, real easy.
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Paid for new service & immediately shut me off with no refund!
Posted by Databurst73 on 10/22/2012
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I signed up for the triple play promo online. I kept getting emails that there was a problem and when I would call, I'd get a foreign customer service representative that couldn't figure out the issue. They cancelled 4 different install appointments at he last minute but no one could tell me why!

Finally, I called a local number and the representative didn't know what the issue was either but put my order through manually. He said the only thing he could see was that there had been someone with the same last name at my address a few years ago that had an outstanding balance. I have a fairly common last name, so it wasn't terribly surprising. He said there were no notes on the account so there wasn't any reason to not get it up and running.

The day after installation, I get a call from the "risk management" department. This lady tells me she did a background check and I've been at my address for three years. The outstanding bill was from two years ago so I must know who it is. I explained that, no, I don't and asked, how, exactly, did they do a background check without my consent or my ssn?

She then tells me they need proof of identity and some sort of utility bill from my previous residence (ya know because I keep year old electric bills just sitting around) . I told I'd be happy to give something from when I bought my house but I was much more concerned about the background check. She kept talking over me & getting all ghetto. Then she tells me she's turning off my service.

I told that I prepaid, she can't do that. " Time Warner has the right to deny service to anyone." Absolutely, but they don't have the right to take money for a service they aren't providing. I asked to speak to a supervisor & ws told she'd put in a request and he'd get back with me in 24-48 hours. Then she hung up on me. I called back and kept getting sent to her extension.

I finally unplugged all the equipment and took it to a local Time Warner office. I called the bank and put a reversal on the payment. I called Dish Network and had an install the next day. I had Time Warner for a total of about 18 hours. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Wtme on 2013-01-19:
I am going through the exact same issue paid activated then shut off over a 6 yr old bill! There has to be a statute of limitations for this stuff it's ridiculous they have a monopoly dump twc
Posted by cabletech on 2013-09-05:
there isn't. People would get cable, never make a payment, and then just hook up under another name. To stop this cable companies started doing a public records check ( not a background check ) . Same family rules they call it. If someone in your household ( boyfriend, girlfriend ) or a family member owes a bill at your address you are not allowed to hook up services until that person pays their bill. I seriously am wondering if there is more to this story......... public records has you living there 3 years ago. Is it true? If it is then just pay the bill
Posted by cabletech on 2013-09-05:
and there is no statue of limitations on a bill. It can only be reported or have legal action filed until it is 7 years old but they can deny you service forever until you pay it. Just because credit reporting time lines run out doesn't mean the bill isnt owing and doesn't mean they have to do business with you again
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Time Warner Is A Rip Off
Posted by Badazzyellagurl2 on 07/06/2011
This will be the second time that Time Warner has lost or supposedly we gave them the wrong information why would I give someone the wrong information to pay someone elses bill. Are you dumb? Paid my bill thru the auto pay on the 28th of June. My bill was due the 1st they pulled 175 dollars out of my account and can not locate it at all now they are saying we owe them almost 500 dollars people are stealing money. They have no idea what they are talking about how can you pay someone else's bill when you must put in your phone number twice to pull up your account balance to even see what you owe through automated. It makes me sick like we just work for others to rip us off if they do not find my money or credit my account before the 8th I will be filing a lawsuit this is the 2nd time they have done this sick and tired of being sick and tierd of there dumb mistakes and stupid service.
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Chat Customer Service is Terrible
Posted by Jumpper on 01/28/2010
Below is a word for word exchange with TWC customer service. Issue still not resolved. Moving it 1 month and will not renew with them

David Smith: Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end
of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My
name is David. Please give me a moment while I access your account.
Jumpper_: thanks.
David Smith: Are you recording the show?
Jumpper_: No.
Jumpper_: I am on a chanel. start watching
Jumpper_: then press the pause button
Jumpper_: get up get something to eat, what ever.
Jumpper_: come back and start watching
Jumpper_: at the end of the hour
Jumpper_: the show I am watching is not over
Jumpper_: at that time, it jumps to live TV
Jumpper_: I miss the end of the show
David Smith: You are just pausing the show.
Jumpper_: yes
David Smith: So for you to view from the time you have paused it,
you should be recording it.
Jumpper_: for a few min 10 to 15....
David Smith: I will explain it to you in a better way.
David Smith: Have you scheduled the show which you have paused it?
Jumpper_: no, I press guide, look for a show, hay looks like
something worth watching.
David Smith: When you pause anything on the TV, only the screen is
paused not the show.
Jumpper_: My Old DVR did not care how long I paused the show.
David Smith: If you want to pause a show, it should be recording in
the back ground so that you can play it from where you have paused it.
Jumpper_: I could come back and start watching the show where I left off
Jumpper_: and I could watch the show ALL the way to the end.
Jumpper_: that is the problem, at the bottom of every hour, anything
that was time shifted with a pause, gets lost and goes to live TV
David Smith: Yes. The show should be recording in the back ground
so that you can play it from where you have paused it.
Jumpper_: It does that. where the probem comes in is that at the end
of the actual hour, It just jumps back to LIVE TV on that chanel
Jumpper_: I miss what ever time it was paused at the end of the show
Jumpper_: does this make sense?
David Smith: You cannot pause and play it from where you have left
it unless it was set for recording.
Jumpper_: 8:00(---watch TV----Pause for 10
min------watch----watch----*9:00* live TV
Jumpper_: The ----watch 10 min---)
Jumpper_: end of the show
Jumpper_: gets lost
Jumpper_: I watch 50 min of the show
Jumpper_: and the last 10 min of the show goes into thin air
David Smith: Have you set the show for recording?
David Smith: Do you see the Start Over option on the TV?
Jumpper_: some shows
Jumpper_: have the start over option but not all
David Smith: If that option is there, you will be able to get from
the beginning.
Jumpper_: not all shows have the start over option and by the time I
loose the end of the show, there is no more start over, the show is
David Smith: In that case, have you set the show for recording
Jumpper_: No I do not set the show for recording
Jumpper_: I should be able to pause a show
Jumpper_: and then watch it to its conclusion.
David Smith: Please set the show for recording.
David Smith: You will then be able to watch from beginning.
Jumpper_: My previous DVR's never did this
Jumpper_: I don't want to watch from the beginning.
Jumpper_: I want to watch the END of the show
Jumpper_: I have already watched the beginning
Jumpper_: I want the DVR to let me watch the whole show
Jumpper_: What should happen 8:00 CSI (----watch----8:10 Pause TV
8:20 Press play-----watch-------9:00--watch last 10 min of CSI)
Jumpper_: What happens 8:00 CSI (----watch----8:10 Pause TV 8:20
Press play-----watch-------9:00 Last 10 min of CSI goes away) Start
watching the next TV show LIVE at 9:00
Jumpper_: Anything? or should I switch to AT&T U-verse or Dish to get
a DVR that worsk right?
David Smith: In that case, please contactour customer service
department at 816-358-8833 or 800-531-2453
that is equipped to process your request.
David Smith: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
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Posted by goduke on 2010-01-28:
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-28:
yeah same thing godduke. What is he complaining about? My DVR does the same thing. If you have something paused too long, it will eventaully just go back to live TV. They ALL do that.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-28:
well i was going to suggest fios

but i don't know how long you can pause live tv for.
i know you can pause it for a few minutes

but the hard drive in your unit DOES have limited capacity

so i'd recommend - if you think you'll be away for longer than a few minutes, actually record the program instead of just pausing it
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-28:
It will stay there, but if you leave it paused for TOO long, it will switch back to live TV.
Posted by merope on 2010-01-29:
I thought it was a given that everyone knew that the pause function is time-limited.
Posted by redwolf4k on 2010-10-18:
You guys are not understanding the problem correctly. Yes, a dvr pause function is time limited, but he is not loosing the oldest information when he leaves the dvr paused....he is loosing the most CURRENT information, on the hour, which makes absolutely no sense. I have never heard of this, with any cable or sat provider dvr. Something is wrong. It makes sense to have a show paused for 30min, and then wind up loosing some of the show where he paused it, but thats not whats happening. He is loosing all of it, as soon as the hour turns. I personally wouldn't be paying my bill if this was happening to me.
Posted by sayb on 2013-09-07:
same thing is happening to me...you should be able to pause the television for an unlimited time!!!! i used to be able to do that and now I can't. it is frustrating...a long phone call or other emergency happens...why could we do it before and not now? that is the real question. also i have taped a series and about once a week it fails to tape. weird
Posted by jw on 2013-09-08:
You cannot record start over or look back so twc expects you to record the "live" one and the watch the restarted one just in case you have to take an extended break. I am so ready to go back to dtv but the weather outages are so bad.
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Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by Tuke on 08/02/2007
ENCINO, CALIFORNIA -- We have had the worst experience with Time Warner customer service.

We needed to change our plan from just internet and basic cable to include also a phone service. At the same time we found their package called All the Best which we have decided to opt for. To get this installed they scheduled a guy to come in over a week from then between 1 and 4 pm, which I guess is typical? As annoying as it is to have to wait a week. We figured fine let it go they are busy.

The date finally comes and 3 pm hits so my wife calls them to see if the guy is still coming, which they assured us he would be before 4 pm. At 4 pm we call them again and they assured us that the guy would be there shortly. Around 5:30 we call them again and they say sorry the guy can't make it we have to reschedule, give us some reimbursements etc. While we are doing all this annoyed on the phone the guy shows up finally. (Makes you wonder how much the support people on the phone know, apparently nothing they just BS you all day long to shut you up.)

Then the guy starts installing all the new services when he gets a call from his boss, apparently they have a problem with another customer so he needs to go for 30 minutes to deal with that. He leaves his equipment behind as he assures us he will be back.

1.5 hours later we decide time to call support. They tell us that the guy is not coming back and we need to reschedule etc, which this time we refuse to listen to and after about 30 minutes going back and forth on the phone with the customer support trying to get them to understand that the guy left his equipment and our current service is not even working the guy finally comes back. (Again support has no clue what is going on with the field people.)

The guy gets everything hooked up, and we check everything, seems like phone and internet are finally working properly. However we do not have the cable package we had ordered. The technician informs us that his orders do not say anything about the new cable lineup thus there is nothing we can do and we have to call Time Warner to get it figured out.

We call customer service again, and they tell us they can schedule a technician to come two days from then between 1 and 4 pm. Which we are extremely annoyed about, but apparently there is nothing we can do about it (by now it is 9 pm) so we accept.

Two days goes by and it is 1:07 pm, my cell phone rings with "Private Number" which is what my apartment buildings down stairs front door shows up as so I answer. I hear some fumbling and then the phone hangs up. After few moments the phone rings again with "Private number" again, I answer and hear nothing again except fumbling, I figure it is the technician at the front door so I hit the key to open the front door. Just because I felt something weird might be going on I get my shoes and walk down stairs, there is nobody at the door, so I figured must have been someone else as any number that the caller ID can not fetch shows up as "Private Number". After all you would think that if the front door was giving problems the technician would call the home number on the account to see if they can get hold of someone, which is my cell phone.

An hour goes by and my wife gives me a call after she has landed from her flight and apparently the technician has left a voice mail on her cell phone stating that he was here and that he could not get hold of anyone in the apartment. After this I give a call to customer service yet again, assuming that they can just dispatch the guy back to my building the same day as it is only 2pm still well within the 4 hour time that the technician was supposed to show up. However I am given the same run around. Now I have a time for the technician to come install it tomorrow between 9 am and 7 pm (yes anytime during the day). My other alternative according to the guy is week from now because according to them "it is not their fault nobody was in the apartment when technician came by". Which baffles me as out of any number the tech should have been calling it would be the number on my cell phone not the one on my wife's and of course the front door is our fault if the technician doesn't know how to speak to the telephone headset on it as those haven't been around that long... even though he did figure out how to dial my apartment form it.

Now I already know that I will not be able to be here all day tomorrow, however I am hoping that they show up at a time when I am there. (Although I am sure that this will not be the case.)

Thanks Time Warner for the worst customer service experience of my life so far! I would not wish my worst enemy to have you as the cable provider. Now I have to go research who I can switch at least the phone and internet to, unfortunately I am not allowed to install satellite TV on my apartment building so I will be stuck with Time Warner for that.
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Posted by slammer on 2007-08-12:
DO NOT GET PHONE SERVICE -AND DUMP EVERY LAST BIT OF SERVICE YOU HAVE FROM TIME WARNER - They are the most incompetent company I have ever dealth with. I had cable and internet. I decided to switch my phone also. Started in May with my order. This is the nutshell version - trust me you don't have time for the full version. They schedule 3 weeks out and tell us we need to have someone home all day. They call day before - oops - we don't have your number released from your old company yet. Gotta reschedule for 2 weeks out. Call day before again - oops we still don't have number...reschedule 1 week...oops no show...we call...they say hmmmmm... your not on the books...can't reschedule you until July 18....July 6 our old phone service stops NO PHONES!!!! call Time Warner..."sorry nothing we can do still July 18 until install...but we DO HAVE YOUR NUMBER PORTED NOW"...Fed up so asked TW customer service rep to explain the procedure for securing my phone number IF I decide to not use TW after all. She puts me on hold and comes back telling me she went ahead and canceled my order....I never told her to cancel!!!! She puts me on hold again and then says oops my mistake we still do not have your number ported!!! I call Verizon to ask them get them establish new Fios, internet, phone, etc. They confirm my number is ported with TW and advise best to go ahead and get TW to establish service first so I can resecure my number then switch. Call TW to reorder my phone service...Speak to Carley at TW "ohhhh sooooo sorrry I will STICK with you for the entire process to make sure you are taken care of...never heard from her again!!!!They reschedule for August 8. It is now 30+ days with no telephone in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 8 tech shows...oops we can't install...we don't have your number released. IT was all I could do to stop from driving my #$%$@$%$%@#* car through the front door of the TW CEO's house. End of story...I canceled every last service I had with TW- canceled phone order, internet, cable. I have new FIOS from Verizon and I am ordering new phone with Verizon...may not get same number...Thanks for nothing Time Warner...you suck.
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Fraudulent Collection Practices
Posted by Georgiatrackdawg on 04/21/2014
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- ​​I had TWC for a few weeks and decided the Verizon services/movies/OnDemand selections were better, so I cancelled my TWC account within the 30 day guarantee period. They refunded most of my money and sent me a $0 balance statement, but here's the kicker:

About 2 months later they send my account to collections and I get a letter from the collections agency saying that I owed $126. I disputed the claim in writing with supporting documents. I thought the shenanigans were over when that collections company sent me a letter saying the account was withdrawn. Of course not! Instead of TWC using the letter/documents and reviewing my account history to resolve things on their end, they sent me to a different collections agency for the same amount. So now I must go through the process again. This is clearly fraud, and a waste of my time. I wonder how long the nonsense will continue.

​When I called TWC about this, the manager tried to tell me that a $39 fee would be deducted for installation charges, even though the website clearly says all your money will be returned. This company is a joke. I'm reporting them to the BBB.

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Worst Customer Service Ever
Posted by Jfarroni on 04/18/2014
COLUMBUS -- I cancelled my cable, internet, and phone service on March 18th. The day after I switched to AT&T U-Verse. I turned my equipment in on that Tuesday. I was told by that lady that I would have a credit to my account of about $2. I received a bill about a week later. I called in and the representative said do not worry about that bill, it was automatically sent and I do not owe anything. About three weeks later, I received another bill. I called back in again and the representative AGAIN said do not worry about the bill and actually I have a credit for my account. Today, I had a full bill amount deducted out of my bank account. I called in and the representative said my service was not cancelled until March 25th and they did not put in the order until April 6th so I will be charged a partial amount. Now, if I did not even have the equipment nor the service hooked up, why in the world would I be charge for a partial amount, especially after three reps told me I would not be. This is exactly why I left Time Warner and would NEVER EVER recommend Time Warner to anybody. They do not care at all about customers or doing the right thing.
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Bad service
Posted by Vonnie_02 on 04/12/2014
EL PASO, TEXAS -- I am really disappointed with my service with Time Warner Cable. This is my first time with them and Its already a bad experience. First of all, I was charged for an on demand movie that refused to show. and when I called to complain about it, the customer representative couldn't explain the reason why. Secondly, I was charged an additional amount that couldn't be explained why I was being charged for. I feel I am being ripped off by this cable service and I am thinking of switching services.
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