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Billing Issue
Posted by on
I'm not sure if this is the correct spot to put this, but, iI saw the issues with Time Warner in L. A. and thought they might like to know how TWC is treating their disabled customers here in Texas.

I got service with TWC Internet 4 months ago and am very satisfied with the speeds etc, however, I had to pay over $130.00 to get my service installed, now, 4 months later after paying on time etc they tell me I woe a bill of $285.00 from 2006, after I spend all this money to get the services.

here is a copy of a message I sent to TWC after they refused to let e pay the debt out, even after this letter, they still refuse to allow me to pay it out now I will loose my account August 18th of this year.

I have had TWC Internet service at this address for about 3 or 4 months now, and paid $135.00 that's plus deposit because of my credit and installation fees.

I have paid on time $46.53 EVERY MONTH 2 DAYS BEFORE THE DUE DATE, but was called by the fraud department yesterday and told I owe a bill of $285.00 from the year of 2006.

I told the lady I don't remember it but if I owe it I would be happy to pay it, but she is not willing to work with me, I kindly asked her to assist me and spread the amount over like 6 or 7 payments that I could include with my regular monthly payments.

I am on 100% disability and can provide proof if need be. thing is I cannot afford to pay $285.00 by August 18th of this year as my monthly income is only $500.00 a month plus what little I make working on web pages on the internet, I do this to provide myself and son with food and to purchase my medications that I need to sustain myself, such as Diabetes, P. T.S. D Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and severe anxiety & panic disorder, high cholesterol & triglycerides, Mediation for my prostate and Bladder.

I am more than willing to take care of this bill but PLEASE help me, work with me on spreading the amount over the next 6 or 7 monthly payments, if Not I will loose my internet connection and the only other source of income I have besides disability, besides that, this is the only means I have to stay in contact with family members in several different countries.

I will be happy to work for TWC Internet, I have don't DSL Tech support, Road Runner, Dell Hardware etc tech support in the past,, I am open to posting TWC services banners on my web sites etc, anything to get your company to help me.


I can prove my disability status, I can prove all of the medications I have to take and I can also prove that my bill can be paid on time.

I Can and am willing to give you prof on all of this.

Just PLEASE help me with this, I BEG OF YOU!
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by texrevmike (2 comments) July 15, 2011 6:58 PM PDT
So after their refusal I sent this message to All TV News investigative channells and several news papers in this areas Dallas Texas

My name is Rev. Michael O'Connor Sr,

I am a 45 yr old mentally & partially physically disabled male being treated for P. T.S. D - Bi-Polar disorder & a severe Anxiety / Panic disorder, plus numerous other health issues, I have been on disability for 3 years now.
I am having an issue with Time Warner Cable, I have had my account with them for about 3 or 4 months and have paid on time each time.

in 2006 I started getting ill and couldn't keep my account with them and now after this long and me keeping this account current they are telling me I owe $285.00 from 2006, and if I do not pay by August 18Th that they will close my account until I pay the full amount.

With my income as it is, I cannot afford to pay this all at once, it will even be hard if they'd allow me to do it on payments but it would be doable, I asked for them to spread it over 7 payments and they said they cannot do that. they want it all or I loose my account.

I depend on this internet account to work on web pages for a friend of mine in Houston, and as a way to supplement my income, my disability check after $200.00 child support is taken out for a child I have never been able to see in Florida is $512.00, my current wife and I are separated and I give her $200.00 mthly to help take care of my boy because he is there part of the time, now I am left with $300.00 a month, my rent in a very small 2 room garage apt is $450.00 mthly, I am on Medicare. Medicaid & a Medicar advantage plan and have to take 9 different medications a day.

which is not really much since I have a good drug plan, but, this connection affords me to purchase my medications by doing various things on the internet.

This also provides me to help buy the things that my 8 yr old son needs, cloths, Shoes, supplies etc.

also, my elderly aunt assists me with $200.00 monthly to level out my bills.

I am on food stamps as well.

however, without this internet connection, I am as good as sunk.

Can you people please try to take this into consideration and PLEASE try to help me with this? I beg of you. it may not seem important to you but could mean near devastation for me, it is also my only source of social interaction, but without this, I am in a losing battle.

I am a former Reserve Police Officer & Former U. S Army.
I have created a group on Face book, PLEASE go to see it and ready the document attached to it.

Face Book Group

Face Book Document

My friends are all supportive as I have a friend base on Face Book of almost 5000, and 5200 I know that I game with periodically.

PLEASE HELP ME in any way you can! just maybe this wi help me, I am physically & mentally unable to work a normal job like so many others, I do not want pity, I just request a little bit of help.

God Bless you with whatever decision you make in regards to this.

Rev. MichaeL a. O'Connor Sr

Read more: http://news/. cnet.com/8601-10784_3-9964733.html?communityId=2066&targetCommunityId=2066&blogId=7&tag=mncol#ixzz1SEnF03JY
Another Customer Service Nightmare
Posted by on
GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I just moved back to the USA from Germany, after 5 years of military service I was excited to be able to get back to the "real world" of home convenience and what I thought would be superior service, at least that’s what I thought when I left the states 6 years ago. Shortly after purchasing my first home after arrive in NC I was impressed with the bundle deal TWC had for phone/internet/ cable. When I called I let the cs representative know that I wanted basic cable, high speed internet, and digital phone service.

After listen to the representative fumble through the scripted mumble jumble I explained to her that I would like to get an international calling plan so my wife can stay in contact with family in Germany and Poland. I specifically ask for this because she needs to keep in contact with her family and if I didn’t she would not be happy which means I would not be happy. The cs representative explains to me that it would no problem. For 19.99 you can get 1000 minutes to call land lines, mobile phones cost extra.

Sounds great, just what I need. So hook up and service are accomplished. Over the next 2 months calls are made and the family is happy. After reviewing the 2 bills that followed the initial service bill I noticed that I was being charged $90 and $72, respectively for digital phone service. What’s going on here?? I was told it should be 19.99.

So begins the cs representative journey in to the 9 rings of dumb! I always try to take the honey vs. vinegar approach, but these people pushed my limits. The first call after waiting 15 minutes to talk to someone, oh yeah and the extremely annoy automated system to get to the holding cell, I had to explain to the cs representative that I originally asked for the international plan and didn’t receive it. She then proceeded to tell me I did not have it and she could set it up for me. OK that’s great but what about the 2 months I didn’t have it? Her response was that she could not help me with that because she could not see on the computer that I asked for it. After politely explaining to her that that was not expectable she told be all she can do is put in a trouble ticket so a supervisor can pull the tape and review it to see if I did ask for it.

First of all have we reach a time were so many people have defrauded this company like this to assume that I, THE CUSTOMER, would be wrong? This is bad business. I know that the company recently reported that they are losing millions right now, but come on this is a mistake on their local customer service department, due to lack of training and caring.

It did not occur to me that I should ask when I would be notified of the results. So I wait……and wait….. Almost 6 weeks later I call back and I work my way through the automated system to get to the holding cell. 20 minutes later a human answers the phone. He is a kind sounding gentleman named Randy. After explaining the history of my previous calls he begins to stumble and checks the computer system, I am in the holding cell for 5 minutes he comes back on and tells me that he sees that a supervisor has pulled the tapes on 23 Jan and 30 Jan. I called about that in December! I ask to speak to a supervisor, he hesitates and says one is in a meeting and the other is on a call with another customer. I insist to speak to him. HOLDING CELL TIME: 10 MINUTES.

Supervisor Gary then gets on the line I go through the history with him he pulls it up and tells that the tapes from my original call were reviewed 2 times. But he does not know the results of the review because it was someone else. I ask so what does that mean to me? He informs me that I did not ask for the service originally and if it was asked for I would have seen some credit on my account bill. I ask why I would not be called to be informed. His response is that policy tells them to not to call, just show any or no change on the bill. My next question is, is it possible to hear the tapes for myself? His answer is no because NC law does not allow it. How about a transcript? No sir. I tell him that I understand how a poor process works and the signs of a poor process are here. And I will not accept a second handed answer that the tapes were checked. I would need hard proof.

Note: every answer given to me also included the same response: I did not review the tape I don’t have access to what was on the tape.

At this point I realize this guy will not bend over backwards to help me with my problem. I explain to him that I am not satisfied and I will have to change service to another company(s). He tries to explain to me that it standard policy that start up service calls are explained in detail. Meaning that if asked for international calling plan that they should have explained to me all the details of that plan. After asking me what countries I was calling, I told him Germany and Poland, he quickly explained to me that Poland is not on the plan. My wife, who’s listening on the other line, hands me the welcome letter for the international calling plan. I tell him that it is. He then tells me that not all cities are included in those countries. The letter does not mention this fact. He then tells me that all cs representative must and do explain this in detail insinuating that I was wrong. I tell him I’m switching to another provider and he apologizes to me.

I then call back to ask what the prices would be for digital phone services with the international calling plan. The friendly cs representative tells me the plans covers Germany and Poland, but land lines only. I ask if there any other restrictions or details, she says no. I explain that will have to call back.
Finally I decide the same night to switch to a satellite provider. After an amazing customer service experience I am good to go. By the way, it was outsourced cs most likely from India. But Lance and Steven were extremely helpful! I then call TWC back to cancel my cable service. 4 busy signals later I get through. Ellen answers my call and I explain I would like to change my service. She pulls up my account and then tells me there is an error showing on my account. She puts me in the holding cell.

5 minutes later she gets on and tells me she is trying to find out why she can’t get in. holding cell. 5+minutes. She comes back on and tells me someone else must be in my account. I tell her about the call earlier and she puts me on hold. Holding cell 3 minutes. She comes back and asks me who I spoke to, I tell her Gary. Holding cell 2 minutes. She comes back on after tracking down who Gary is and tells me that he is on his lunch break and he must have left my account open. I ask her to be sure to get word to Gary to get it closed so when I call back in the morning I can cancel my cable service. She apologizes in sleepy voice.

I will be changing all my services over to other providers this week. Mainly due to the poor service from Time Warner cable and their obviously poor processes in managing their Customer service. They made me wait, they were not helpful, they insisted I was wrong and they could not prove. Stay away from TWC they are losing money due to poor business processes, and will try to recoup it by charging customers more without them knowing it.
New DVR Boxes
Posted by on
WACO, TEXAS -- If you are lucky enough, you will be able to trade you digital DVR for a new Samsung model. These units are trickling into the center. In essence, you have to ask for them at this point in time. Previously, the Scientific Atlanta model was hanging up and showing sluggish performance. So, I was lucky when they had a Samsung in stock. Be advised, the operation of this box is a noticeable improvement, but you will have some problems. So, when you see that the box is exhibiting problems, I suggest rebooting it by a simultaneous pressing of these three buttons: a) info; b) volume up; c) volume down. Wait until the time comes back up on the display and then things should be fine. I had to do this a few minutes ago. So, I consider this to be an improvement in service since the hard drive was said to be larger on this new digital DVR.
Unethical contract and threats
Posted by on
I contact Time Warner Cable to connect a home-based business/personal internet service. My residence was zone both residential or commercial. I resided there and obviously requested residential service as it was almost half the cost of business service & that I would be using it for mostly personal. The percentage of business use in the residence was less than 30% of the total square footage.

Time Warner refused to provide residential service and claimed they would only offer business class service with a 3-year contract, and a difference of $82 (residential) vs $162 (business class) per month for internet.

After installation, the installer handed me a slip for me to sign agreeing that service was connected. I had no idea that the slip I was signing was for the 3-year contract. I had hoped to negotiate the contract on my account after connection. After connection, I tried to discuss this contract with a representative on the phone. He was quick, vague, told me the contract was my only option, they only offered 3-year contracts and mentioned NOTHING about termination fees.

After closing my account 9 months later and early, due to economic downfall of my industry and inability to cover my monthly personal and business expenses, I was informed that I owed them over $3000.00 for future service per my contract. I disputed this and informed the representative that I was unaware of an early termination fee and to please explain it to me. The representative said he would "settle my account" and I would be invoiced for a lesser amount. I waited for an invoice. One never came.

Twenty two months later, in early February 2011, I received a letter from CMI collection agency stating I owe "their client" $633.33. I contact CMI asking what this is for, and they stated Time Warner sent my old business account to collections. I asked CMI representative why Time Warner Cable did not make attempts to collect the outstanding balance they claim I owe FIRST, or send me an invoice, and the representative could not answer that question. I disputed and sent CMI a letter asking to settle, as I was told back in April 2009 that Time Warner would agree to settle my contract. I am not capable of paying this in full at this time.

I received a letter from CMI, simply stating Time Warner does not settle accounts. No additional documentation I asked for was provided (ie. final invoices or their attempts to collect). I disputed a second time and stated I would seek legal action and CMI threatened they would "purposely damage my credit" if I did not pay in full immediately.

I feel coerced into an unnecessary lengthy business contract and threatened by CMI's claim they will purposely damage my credit. I find sending a consumers account to collections, regardless if they owe or not WITHOUT their knowledge or offering an opportunity to be informed of status of their account, is unlawful. Why should Time Warner be allowed to dictate whatever settlement "amount" they want? Especially since their rates have reduced since 2009.

They will never receive a dime for this "early termination fee", and these contracts should be against the law.

Chat Customer Service is Terrible
Posted by on
Below is a word for word exchange with TWC customer service. Issue still not resolved. Moving it 1 month and will not renew with them

David Smith: Thank you for contacting Time Warner Cable. At the end
of our chat you will be given the option of taking a brief survey. My
name is David. Please give me a moment while I access your account.
Jumpper_: thanks.
David Smith: Are you recording the show?
Jumpper_: No.
Jumpper_: I am on a chanel. start watching
Jumpper_: then press the pause button
Jumpper_: get up get something to eat, what ever.
Jumpper_: come back and start watching
Jumpper_: at the end of the hour
Jumpper_: the show I am watching is not over
Jumpper_: at that time, it jumps to live TV
Jumpper_: I miss the end of the show
David Smith: You are just pausing the show.
Jumpper_: yes
David Smith: So for you to view from the time you have paused it,
you should be recording it.
Jumpper_: for a few min 10 to 15....
David Smith: I will explain it to you in a better way.
David Smith: Have you scheduled the show which you have paused it?
Jumpper_: no, I press guide, look for a show, hay looks like
something worth watching.
David Smith: When you pause anything on the TV, only the screen is
paused not the show.
Jumpper_: My Old DVR did not care how long I paused the show.
David Smith: If you want to pause a show, it should be recording in
the back ground so that you can play it from where you have paused it.
Jumpper_: I could come back and start watching the show where I left off
Jumpper_: and I could watch the show ALL the way to the end.
Jumpper_: that is the problem, at the bottom of every hour, anything
that was time shifted with a pause, gets lost and goes to live TV
David Smith: Yes. The show should be recording in the back ground
so that you can play it from where you have paused it.
Jumpper_: It does that. where the probem comes in is that at the end
of the actual hour, It just jumps back to LIVE TV on that chanel
Jumpper_: I miss what ever time it was paused at the end of the show
Jumpper_: does this make sense?
David Smith: You cannot pause and play it from where you have left
it unless it was set for recording.
Jumpper_: 8:00(---watch TV----Pause for 10
min------watch----watch----*9:00* live TV
Jumpper_: The ----watch 10 min---)
Jumpper_: end of the show
Jumpper_: gets lost
Jumpper_: I watch 50 min of the show
Jumpper_: and the last 10 min of the show goes into thin air
David Smith: Have you set the show for recording?
David Smith: Do you see the Start Over option on the TV?
Jumpper_: some shows
Jumpper_: have the start over option but not all
David Smith: If that option is there, you will be able to get from
the beginning.
Jumpper_: not all shows have the start over option and by the time I
loose the end of the show, there is no more start over, the show is
David Smith: In that case, have you set the show for recording
Jumpper_: No I do not set the show for recording
Jumpper_: I should be able to pause a show
Jumpper_: and then watch it to its conclusion.
David Smith: Please set the show for recording.
David Smith: You will then be able to watch from beginning.
Jumpper_: My previous DVR's never did this
Jumpper_: I don't want to watch from the beginning.
Jumpper_: I want to watch the END of the show
Jumpper_: I have already watched the beginning
Jumpper_: I want the DVR to let me watch the whole show
Jumpper_: What should happen 8:00 CSI (----watch----8:10 Pause TV
8:20 Press play-----watch-------9:00--watch last 10 min of CSI)
Jumpper_: What happens 8:00 CSI (----watch----8:10 Pause TV 8:20
Press play-----watch-------9:00 Last 10 min of CSI goes away) Start
watching the next TV show LIVE at 9:00
Jumpper_: Anything? or should I switch to AT&T U-verse or Dish to get
a DVR that worsk right?
David Smith: In that case, please contactour customer service
department at 816-358-8833 or 800-531-2453
that is equipped to process your request.
David Smith: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Nothing but a SCAM
Posted by on
45014, OHIO -- I called in to inquire about a bundle package with Time Warner Cable and the rep was very nice and after 45 minutes she set me up with a bundle consisting of select on-demand channels, in state phone service & road runner light PLUS HBO, Cinemax & Showtime free for 6 months & free installation all for the wonderful price of $65.43 a month... well of course I took that package! Then came the tech's out to the house... 4 of them mind you and after 3 boxes and a bunch of bull they told me I have to have a new line ran. OK so a few days later and another 1/2 day off of work this tech came out and said my line was fine I just had a bad box 4 boxes later I am up and going with cable. I received a bill in the mail in the amount of $163.42... ummm I thought it was to be $65.43? I call and was told that the rep I had was new and I am to pay for the movies she told me was free, installation that she told me was free and all of the other charges on the bill and that the package she set up for me does not exsist! WHAT??? My digital phone was to activated on Friday and that didn't happen so I give them another day.... nothing I call on Sunday (Mother's day) and I have to stick around the house because they are sending a tech out because the modem is bad. Needless to say I missed going out to dinner with my children. Now today they have taken my box and disconnected my phone and I still have a big fat bill that I will not pay... Oh the supervisor was kind enough to credit my account for $20.00... PLEASE is this really how you do business. I trusted their company and employess to provide me the service I was told I would get. Would someone honestly cancel service with their current provider if they didn't think they were getting a better deal? I'm fighting this and have turned them into the Better Business Bureau and I am seeking legal counsil. If I did business this way at my job... I'd have no JOB!
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I hope to be able to give TWC ZERO stars! For the second time, they have cut our line and capped it off BY MISTAKE! We have the internet/phone/cable bundle. So for 2 days, we were without any service. To make matters worse, when I called to get a tech out here asap, they said the first available appointment was 2 days out! What? A company that large, should surely have enough technicians, or even contractors to send one out to what I would consider a SERVICE PRIORITY! After escalating my request for immediate customer service and speaking with a supervisor, I was given an appointment for the following morning. Still not acceptable. But, hmm, how did an appointment suddenly become available?

When it became apparent that TWC had cut our lines (a neighbor witnessed it), I immediately called back. When the person on the phone realized it was THEIR fault that I had not service, he called the dispatcher and was able to schedule an appointment within an hour. Again, hmmmm, NOW you can send someone out after realizing it's your company's fault. But, don't get your hopes up, because this company rarely keeps it's promises. No technician showed up. Not only that, but one phone number for TWC said they were closed for the day. So I take to their "online chat" to see if they can locate the missing technician. No one came on the chat line either.

Not only do I work from home, and have lost revenue, but, we had to use up our cell phone data plans as well.

The technician finally showed up the following morning, as originally planned and was completely dumb founded. He had NO RECORD of the disconnect of service for our address, or any one in our neighborhood. I kept saying that this has happened before and it needs TO STOP!

He quickly reconnected our service and was very sympathetic and professional. Poor soul, has to work for such a terrible company!

Over the years, we have had numerous, random outages with the phone and internet, weak signals, slow internet, modem change outs, DVR box changes, etc.

Recently, after paying for our ever increasing bill, we were given an upgrade to Whole House DVR for less than our current plan. We were told we would have the ability to record 4 shows, doubling our current capacity. After installation, it still only has the ability to record 2 shows simultaneously. Total false advertising.

The paying public needs to take a stand against this giant company and quit being victim to its unethical practices. We need to demand change and contact City council members, the FTC, or any other watchdog organizations. We deserve better.
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Unreliable Workers With Terrible Communication Skills
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KINGSTON, NEW YORK -- I've always heard horror stories of Time Warner Cable, but until now I was lucky enough to not have my name on the account. Unfortunately, the time has come where I live on my own and was forced to deal with them myself. I moved into my new place on 8/4/13 and called Time Warner Cable on the morning of the 5th. It seemed too good to be true; I was having my modem sent to me and it was supposed to arrive on Wednesday, 8/7/13. Thursday comes around and I still don't have the modem. I call Time Warner Cable again, deal with the terrible automated service they used to filter phone calls and am finally (10-15 minutes later) communicating with a human. This man tells me that the actual delivery date was Thursday, and that it should be at my place by 8 PM that night.

Friday morning comes around, still no Internet. I'm forced to call and deal with the automated system again. I get in touch with someone and they inform me that the information was not sent through properly, and that my product was not shipped at all. Not only was I told it was going to arrive on Wednesday, then on Thursday, but TWO of their workers told me that I would receive my Internet in no time. I'm transferred to a 4th person (because the 3rd was unable to help me, but intelligent enough to know that the package was not shipped) and I'm given the option of having it sent back out or pick it up myself in Kingston. I opt to pick it up because I did not want to deal with the same thing happening. I currently do not have a car, so picking it up was a bit problematic but definitely worthwhile in my book.

I guess the moral of the story is always have a roommate to deal with Time Warner Cable, because it's a complete waste of your own time.
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Erroneous Collection Practices
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Got a call from Time Warner Collection Services stating I was past due. I was sure I had paid online using my Bill Pay feature through my bank. I gave the agent my debit card # and told her not to charge the card until the coming Friday. I woke up this morning and check my Bill Pay and realized I did pay it on time. I called TWC and spoke to Ethan operator #5309. He was a pompus jerk who told me they had no records of receipt of that payment. It was up to me to prove I had sent and they had received it. Told me to contact my bank and have them fax proof. I waitied for my Bank to open they were able to find the copy of the deposited check and was stamped on the back that it was deposited to TWC account with Wells Fargo. My bank faxed the information to the fax number Ethan the IDIOT gave me. I followed up an hour later with TWC's collection number. I was greeted poorly by some young dumb girl named Raquelle. She was rude as well and told me that they were going to process my credit card and if I canceled my payment I agreed to that my account would be suspended. I asked for a supervisor. This even ruder supervisor got on the phone named Adriene operator # 2578. She was rude and instead of looking up the open ticket # I gave her on her computer she decided to argue with me about cancelling my prearranged payment. I explained to her my payment was already received back on the 13th of June 2013 and I find it interesting they charged me a late fee and are threatining to cancel my services for non payment. All this poorly trained so called SUPERVISOR had to do was look at the Ticket # I gave to see I already called and had my bank fax proof that they had received the payment and had deposited it. WOW you pay your bill on time and they charge you a late charge and have their collection agency call you and then when you prove them wrong they are rude and want to cancel your service. TIME WARNER need to get their records straight and FIRE THIS CALL CENTER THEY HIRED FOR COLLECTIONS AND TREAT THEIR PAYING CUSTOMERS L:IKE CRAP. Soon GOOGLE TV WILL WIPE THE FLOOR WITH THEM AND THEY WILL OFFER THEIR SERVICES FOR 49.99 FOR ALL IN ONE. By then they will have upset all their customers.... CANNOT WAIT TO CANCEL
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA -- I called to change my scheduled payment and they said they couldn't help me. The technician came out a few days later to completely disconnect services and he was very courteous and called. He had asked me what I wanted to do and when I could pay so I told him the TWC reps wasn't willing to help and wouldn't help. He then made the arrangement with me like I wanted to begin with, he asked for my bank routing and account number. We then read it back and forth several times to make sure it was accurate. The day that it was scheduled to run and the day after I called to make sure it went through and was run. The automated phone system said the payment had been made. As of 6/20/13 at 11:45 my services were disconnect. I called to find out why, I was then told that it was because I provided a wrong account number. That's a lie. I had logged in to my online banking to get my account number for this. I told them that was BS and that the representative must have entered it wrong as I had clarified the correct account number several times while looking at it online with the technician. The only thing they could say was " I am sorry, I understand your frustration, there is nothing we can do at this time. You will need to go to a local office and make the payment via cash or money order."

This was a TWC representative error yet I as the customer have to pay the consequences of their mistakes. The floor manager and her supervisor was unwilling to go out of their way to make this right as I provided them everything they needed and I also gave them more info. The customer service from TWC is crappy they don't care about their customers they only care about getting through the day.

On top of me having to go out of my way to make a payment I thought and was under the impression had already been made they wanted to charge me an NSF fee. NOT HAPPENING. I will not pay for someone else's mistakes. I stayed on the phone literally with TWC for almost 4 hours before I said screw it I'm calling corporate. Needless to say I didn't call corporate only because I couldn't find the right number for my area. I will not pay my account balance ever, they can pick their box and equipment up because I will not deliver anything to them.
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