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Unreliable Workers With Terrible Communication Skills
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Rating: 1/51
KINGSTON, NEW YORK -- I've always heard horror stories of Time Warner Cable, but until now I was lucky enough to not have my name on the account. Unfortunately, the time has come where I live on my own and was forced to deal with them myself. I moved into my new place on 8/4/13 and called Time Warner Cable on the morning of the 5th. It seemed too good to be true; I was having my modem sent to me and it was supposed to arrive on Wednesday, 8/7/13. Thursday comes around and I still don't have the modem. I call Time Warner Cable again, deal with the terrible automated service they used to filter phone calls and am finally (10-15 minutes later) communicating with a human. This man tells me that the actual delivery date was Thursday, and that it should be at my place by 8 PM that night.

Friday morning comes around, still no Internet. I'm forced to call and deal with the automated system again. I get in touch with someone and they inform me that the information was not sent through properly, and that my product was not shipped at all. Not only was I told it was going to arrive on Wednesday, then on Thursday, but TWO of their workers told me that I would receive my Internet in no time. I'm transferred to a 4th person (because the 3rd was unable to help me, but intelligent enough to know that the package was not shipped) and I'm given the option of having it sent back out or pick it up myself in Kingston. I opt to pick it up because I did not want to deal with the same thing happening. I currently do not have a car, so picking it up was a bit problematic but definitely worthwhile in my book.

I guess the moral of the story is always have a roommate to deal with Time Warner Cable, because it's a complete waste of your own time.
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Erroneous Collection Practices
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Got a call from Time Warner Collection Services stating I was past due. I was sure I had paid online using my Bill Pay feature through my bank. I gave the agent my debit card # and told her not to charge the card until the coming Friday. I woke up this morning and check my Bill Pay and realized I did pay it on time. I called TWC and spoke to Ethan operator #5309. He was a pompus jerk who told me they had no records of receipt of that payment. It was up to me to prove I had sent and they had received it. Told me to contact my bank and have them fax proof. I waitied for my Bank to open they were able to find the copy of the deposited check and was stamped on the back that it was deposited to TWC account with Wells Fargo. My bank faxed the information to the fax number Ethan the IDIOT gave me. I followed up an hour later with TWC's collection number. I was greeted poorly by some young dumb girl named Raquelle. She was rude as well and told me that they were going to process my credit card and if I canceled my payment I agreed to that my account would be suspended. I asked for a supervisor. This even ruder supervisor got on the phone named Adriene operator # 2578. She was rude and instead of looking up the open ticket # I gave her on her computer she decided to argue with me about cancelling my prearranged payment. I explained to her my payment was already received back on the 13th of June 2013 and I find it interesting they charged me a late fee and are threatining to cancel my services for non payment. All this poorly trained so called SUPERVISOR had to do was look at the Ticket # I gave to see I already called and had my bank fax proof that they had received the payment and had deposited it. WOW you pay your bill on time and they charge you a late charge and have their collection agency call you and then when you prove them wrong they are rude and want to cancel your service. TIME WARNER need to get their records straight and FIRE THIS CALL CENTER THEY HIRED FOR COLLECTIONS AND TREAT THEIR PAYING CUSTOMERS L:IKE CRAP. Soon GOOGLE TV WILL WIPE THE FLOOR WITH THEM AND THEY WILL OFFER THEIR SERVICES FOR 49.99 FOR ALL IN ONE. By then they will have upset all their customers.... CANNOT WAIT TO CANCEL
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Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA -- I called to change my scheduled payment and they said they couldn't help me. The technician came out a few days later to completely disconnect services and he was very courteous and called. He had asked me what I wanted to do and when I could pay so I told him the TWC reps wasn't willing to help and wouldn't help. He then made the arrangement with me like I wanted to begin with, he asked for my bank routing and account number. We then read it back and forth several times to make sure it was accurate. The day that it was scheduled to run and the day after I called to make sure it went through and was run. The automated phone system said the payment had been made. As of 6/20/13 at 11:45 my services were disconnect. I called to find out why, I was then told that it was because I provided a wrong account number. That's a lie. I had logged in to my online banking to get my account number for this. I told them that was BS and that the representative must have entered it wrong as I had clarified the correct account number several times while looking at it online with the technician. The only thing they could say was " I am sorry, I understand your frustration, there is nothing we can do at this time. You will need to go to a local office and make the payment via cash or money order."

This was a TWC representative error yet I as the customer have to pay the consequences of their mistakes. The floor manager and her supervisor was unwilling to go out of their way to make this right as I provided them everything they needed and I also gave them more info. The customer service from TWC is crappy they don't care about their customers they only care about getting through the day.

On top of me having to go out of my way to make a payment I thought and was under the impression had already been made they wanted to charge me an NSF fee. NOT HAPPENING. I will not pay for someone else's mistakes. I stayed on the phone literally with TWC for almost 4 hours before I said screw it I'm calling corporate. Needless to say I didn't call corporate only because I couldn't find the right number for my area. I will not pay my account balance ever, they can pick their box and equipment up because I will not deliver anything to them.
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Annie on 2013-07-01:
They did the same exact thing to me. They disconnected my service because of a error on there part with the account number. I said let me pay it through the phone. I needed to pay it in person cash or money order. I canceled my services with them needless to say they didn't care. I asked the main cancellation department I won't cancel just let me pay bill online or over the phone, she said sorry there's nothing I can do. Really okay I canceled. The dumbest company ever.
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Time Warner Is A Rip Off
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This will be the second time that Time Warner has lost or supposedly we gave them the wrong information why would I give someone the wrong information to pay someone elses bill. Are you dumb? Paid my bill through the auto pay on the 28th of June. My bill was due the 1st they pulled 175 dollars out of my account and can not locate it at all now they are saying we owe them almost 500 dollars people are stealing money. They have no idea what they are talking about how can you pay someone else's bill when you must put in your phone number twice to pull up your account balance to even see what you owe through automated. It makes me sick like we just work for others to rip us off if they do not find my money or credit my account before the 8th I will be filing a lawsuit this is the 2nd time they have done this sick and tired of being sick and tierd of there dumb mistakes and stupid service.
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Interrupted Service
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Hi. I owned TW (Time Warner) service 4years ago. after I disconnect my service I got open balance with 200 something. I called TW about it. They told me that It's charge of non returned kits. I returned kit and I got balance no longer.

Now my brother open account with TW 2 months ago. We live in together. He got interrupt service on last Friday. So he called TW he found out that I have open balance with TW so they interrupt service.

I called TW ( Robert from credit/collection Dept.) and explained about returned kit. But they are now saying that it is non paid service fee. I could not accept it b/c they told me its for non-returnable kit.

Anyway I think it could happens. But I did not agree with them on interruption on my brother's account.

They explained me that We shared internet service 4years ago, so they interrupted my brother's service.

I complained him that then why didn't them explain my brother about it when he opened the account. He answered that they never knew about this situation and We are not on contract, so it won't be necessary.

I was upset about that they service customer without respection and not under contract.

They have their own policy which is not explained to customer. They ignore the right to know.

My brother requested that he has credit on his account about 50 something dollars to transfer money to my account. But they rejected b/c it is different account.

It never make sense. They said They provide service to property not account. But they cannot transferring money even we are in same property.

For last, My brother request the service back.
It also declined.

I asked a statement I made 4 years ago.

We still have interruption on internet service.

TW is very rude and they have policy which is non-sense. Also it is not explained to customer at all. They also interrupted service without notice.
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Run away as fast as you can from Time Warner
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MISSION HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I don't even know where to begin with how horrible Time Warner is. I've been dealing with them since May 18th, 2007. Against my better judgment I brought my digital box to their Van Nuys office and exchanged it for an HD box. What a nightmare that turned out to be. I had to exchange a box before and the one I got in return the menu was in Spanish so I had to return it for another one. I didn't want that to happen again so before I left I asked if the person could check to make sure the menu was in English. She wanted to know why I didn't I fix it myself if it was in Spanish. I told her that if I spoke Spanish I would but I don't so I can't. She then told me she wasn't going to check. If it was in Spanish to call their Non-Customer Service. I got home and thank God the menu was in English, BUT the cable box didn't work. I called their Customer Service and the girl who answered proceeded to yell at me, telling me that I should have never been given the HD box, that a technician would need to come out. I told her that I had a digital box before that worked fine so no one needed to come out. All she needed to do was activate the box/send a signal to it. She refused. I asked to speak to a Supervisor. She said one would call me back within 2 days. It's been almost 3 months and I'm still waiting for a call back. A little later I called their Customer Service again and got another rude person. He said he tried to send a signal but it didn't do any good. He advised me to unplug the HD box from the AC. I told him I already did that several time and nothing happened. He then started arguing with me and told me to do it again. I told him that I worked in the Fiber side of Verizon and knew exactly what was wrong. The box needed to be activated. He wouldn't listen to me.

I finally got fed up and hung up on him. 5 days later a technician came out. It took him less than 5 minutes to fix the problem. He called their dispatch department to get the box activated. I was furious but I let it go. I let it go until the middle of July. I started getting pop up reminders that a program that I wanted to watch was on in 5 min. I never set any reminders. I called their Non-Customer Service again and the first thing out of the persons mouth was a technician needed to come out. I told him that he was wrong and it was a software problem. We were going back and forth for several minutes until I asked for a Supervisor. He told me one would call me back. I told him I have been waiting for a Supervisor to call back since May and wasn't waiting anymore. After waiting for around 10 minutes a RUDE so called Supervisor came on the line. He refused to do anything. I asked for his supervisors name. He refused to give it to me. I asked for the Local Managers name. Again he refused. I asked for the Area Managers name. He refused again. I asked for the President of Time Warners name. You guessed it. He refused again. I asked for their corporate address. He said to look it up online. I asked for their Customer Relations number. He gave me the same number as Customer Service.

I looked on Time Warners Web page for their address and Customer Relations number. I couldn't find anything. I finally had to call directory assistance to get their number in New York City. I got through to someone who said that they'd refer my complaint to their Presidential Office. About 9 days later I finally got a call back from the Presidents Office. The person who I'm still dealing with to this day is really nice and helpful, but he's starting to get me mad. We tried a lot of troubleshooting to get the pop ups to stop but nothing worked. We finally agreed that a new box should tried. At that point I made a BIG mistake. I decided that I wanted to get their DVR. The person in the Presidents office gave me the day and time frame I wanted. He also said that he would send a senior technician out. About an hour before they had to show up I started getting worried I would be blown off so I called their Non-Customer Service again. I explained my worries to the person who answered and asked if he could verify with their dispatch to make sure I wouldn't get blown off. He refused. I didn't ask for a Supervisor because I knew they wouldn't do anything. The technician finally showed. Late. I started to tell him what was wrong. It was a short and one sided conversation. This so called senior technician hardly spoke English. He tried for around an hour to get the HD DVR to work.

I tried telling him that my TV had to be on input 6. He kept saying it had to be on channel 3. Nothing worked on either setting. A little while later another technician came out. Thank God he spoke English. The second technician figured out what the problem was. The first guy had the cable box on a channel I don't get. I was so happy my TV was working again that I forgot that the TV had to be on input 6. I didn't notice anything was wrong until I went to a HD channel and I was still getting 480 resolution. It was a Saturday so the only thing I could do was leave a VMS message for the person I was dealing within the Presidents Office. I also called him the following Monday. I told him I wanted someone that spoke English out that day at 3:30 PM. The technician did show at 3:30 PM and he spoke English. I told him that I wasn't getting 1080 HD resolution and my TV had to be on input 6. He looked what I had hooked up and said that I could not have my personal DVR connected to their DVR. I told him that the person in the Presidents Office said I could. He said that person was wrong. He started unplugging things and said my TV had to be on input 5. I thought that was odd since 6 is the HDMI input on the back of my TV. I figured he was right though since he got my HD channels working properly. After he left I thought about it and realized he was wrong. Everything worked the way it should except for the 1080 resolution until he started unplugging things.

I called the person in the Presidents Office again. He said I was right, and their technician was wrong. He told me how to hook everything back up. Well today I started to do just that. That's when I discovered the technician disconnected my HDMI cable and used component cables. I got the HDMI reconnected and tried to get my personal DVR connected the right way, but everything I tried didn't work. I left another VMS message for the person in the Presidents office saying I wanted someone out Monday at 3:30 PM. We'll see what happens next.
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CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA -- My Mom died on 9.04.2008. Time Warner Cable owes us a huge refund, and just found out they want more money from my Mom. I called to find out why my cable was going in and out. I used my cell phone. I gave Time Warner my cell to resolve the credits due us. So during the call it goes to collections and wants me to pay some figure for some service???. I went down to my other hard line and called and got right through (12 min), the NBA games where causing the spotty service. OKAY. I asked what's up with my cell and some money due? Well She says it because of this and that. Typical Time Warner. When my Mom bought this home in April 2008, with the bundle, phone, Internet, TV, package, We hoped see would enjoy the new home and the bundle package. My Mom got worse. During late April 08, May, June, July, Aug, she passed on Sept 4, 2008...she kept on paying Time Warner. She never got to use the TV, phone, computer, we where in Hospitals, out of town, in town, Hospice out of town, a very tough time. She paid the bill every MONTH. In Sept I had to write out the bill. But every time we would get back to Her home there would be several calls from Time Warner about some collection. My Mom was too sick to handle it so I would call and they said, sorry it must be an old number and yes your Mom's account is just great. I said please do not keep calling, as this upsets Her. Well it continued on and on. Did not matter if we had paid, Her phone number was linked. So around the end of December 2008, I called TWC and asked to speak about this service that nobody was using. They said We are so sorry about your Mom. We can shut down the service and we will credit you for the following months. I told them OKAY...they said just keep paying the bills, YOU WILL get a credit. Now we are up to APRIL 2009, One Year and now the bills are coming in a la carte. I must have made 200 calls to TWC. I used to get INDIA. Then I got Desert Falls, but the same old run around. If you needed to speak to Cathy She was not in, but Dave would help you. I felt like this was some sort of shell game!!. I STOPPED Paying TWC in Month number 13 or 14 and still with the new a la carte issues I was still way behind. They have now put my Mom account in collections and they still send me bills about someone that lived at that address years before my Mom. I have spoke to so many folks that said I will HANDLE IT. It has never happened. I called about just my own personal service on my cell phone and the Lady said "DID YOU MAIL IN A DEATH CERTIFICATE". I did. It was returned. I was told Scott, we know there is no usage, we know. You did not have to do that. The tragic saga goes on. It is now May...almost JUNE 2010. TWC still has not paid me back. So TWC in San DIEGO is horrible. Good Luck to all that due the right thing and still lose with this firm. Making $$$$$$ off a victim of CANCER. Time Warner Customer service is Horrible. I am calling New York. Take Care. DELF.
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User Replies:
Alain on 2010-05-24:
I'm a bit confused. Usually an estate is settled in about 6 months or so. Since the bundle was purchased by your Mom, any bill would be to her estate. If the estate is settled then Time Warner is out of luck. If the estate isn't settled any billing (or billing dispute) is the responsibility of the estate, not you. You should not be paying them a thing out of your pocket.
beanbagbritches on 2010-05-24:
You need to talk to the collections department & get the name of someone to whom you can fax a copy of your mother's death certificate. Otherwise, stop by your local TWC office with the certificate & speak to someone in person. This is crazy.
DELF on 2010-05-25:
The bundle was purchased by my Mom. In April 2008. She died from Cancer on Sept 4, 2008. I believe She had a one Year Contract. So She was in Month number five according to TWC. I was the executor of the estate. I just found that either TWC did not care or they do not have a policy when a loved one Dies. Either way I had to make some payment ,so I thought. Since I am the sole survivor I did not give it too much thought about what check book the payment came from. I still want TWC to refund my money. Thank you for the post.
DELF on 2010-05-25:
I did bring up a copy of my Mom's DC to the TWC office in Carlsbad, CA. They said they had trusted Me. They did not need it???? Yet the lady in customer service while I was trying to get an answer as to why the NBA game was messed up....told Me to do that!! I even mailed one to the office in Desert Falls, near Palm Desert. It was returned to me unopened. TWC is one strange firm. They say do this and then say don't do that. It's not fun walking around handing out Death Certs. Is it CRAZY. It SURE is. I was up all nite, upset again with TWC. Thanks for your HELP.
DELF on 2010-05-25:
UPDATE ON WASTED TIME/$$ MONEY. I found some phone numbers for some TWC executives late last night. Last night was Sunday and I knew the best case was to call up about Four folks back in NYC. So I made four calls to folks that work at TWC. I got a call back from a lady that worked "in the office of the president". She was in New York City. She let me talk for about 45 min and She took notes. She gave her complete name and return phone number. Then I got another call from someone from San Diego area, "from the office of the president". That was a brief call.... I was at Work. But I did have a break and called back the NYC person and She said that the Lady in San Diego had been briefed and of course was local and on same time zone. So I got two calls today and need to follow up with the San Diego TWC Person on May 25,2010. I also got a third call from someone in Corporate that said He thought my message was important. I told Him that such and such from NYC had called me and He said that is good. Time will Tell. I have finally got to some folks at the top. I hope they "GET IT". They need to implement a sound policy for those that have died quickly or were killed like my sister by a drunk driver, or those that have just died. WHY IS IT Always money? and firms that are too "BIG TO HEAR"! So Time Warner did listen..today. I will let you folks know what happens...how to they get back my credit??? my time, my money for services never used. I HOPE MY PROBLEMS WILL HELP OTHERS in the future. This has been a pain in the neck!!! At least I received three calls today. A Good Start. Wish Me Luck. The little guy vs TWC.
Alain on 2010-05-25:
Good luck, and let's hope..good results!
beanbagbritches on 2010-05-25:
DELF...that's excellent. Unfortunately, there is no real policy about customers who die that is enforced throughout the company. Nor is it clearly communited to the staff on the phones. I hope you get some satisfaction over this situation.
jktshff1 on 2010-05-25:
Beanbag!!!good to see ya....
DELF on 2010-05-26:
Dear Alain, Thanks. My call to the local TWC rep in "office of the President went Horrible. She was condescending , arrogant , and did not care.
DELF on 2010-05-26:
Dear beanbag , Thanks. The call to the "Local" regional TWC call went horrible. She must have asked me 9 times about my Mom's Death Cert. I felt as if She did not believe my Mom had passed away. She said to me , "you have power of attorney" and I said to Her, I never said that. She went on some rant about the fact that someone AT TIME WARNER put me on my Mom's account. I have no glue as to what she was getting at? I did mention that the reason they have the last four of my SS# is because I have an account with Time Warner at MY HOME. What that has to do with getting the account adjusted is a mystery to Me. I said ever since my Mom had opened up with you folks we got these calls 2-3 times per month about another Person that owed money to this firm. If my calling on behalf of my I'LL Mom and explaining WHO I was and Why I was calling...blah..blah..blah. to get them to understand they were calling the wrong party!!!!(So my mom could rest I gave them my cell #, so shoot me TWC). If my Mom had been okay She would have taken care of this trivia. Just what She did not need!!! Harassment from TWC. So Eva Braun in San Diego has now accused me of being on the account. GO FIGURE. Then She brought UP the DC again!!! I told her I dropped one off at the office in Carlsbad and mailed one To: the big office in Desert Falls. That was returned by mail. Go Figure. I'll make the lady 10 copies. So I asked Her WHERE is the refund? I told her I was owed around $700- $1,000 usd. She replied, "We can't mail a check to a dead Person"!!!! But if you get me a death CERT I will wipe out that $120 usd on your collections report. I said I owe nothing!. TWC owes Me. She said how come you never called until May 23, 2010. I said I have called over 150 times since May 2008 and since Oct 2008- August 2009...perhaps 100 -150 calls. She had no record. NADA. I asked about what happens when a Person dies??? Why was I told that my Mom had a one year contract. That I was STUCK with it. I told Her to check with the folks regarding the usage? Phone calls. Internet use, TV use. She said that is impossible to check. So I felt like some criminal, but a criminal that had paid the SOB firm over $110 usd every month for a long time. I had to get off the phone with this lady before I said something I would regret. Bottom Line....TIME WARNER DOES NOT CARE. They have the money and that's it!!!.Sorry MORON!!! I called the gal in Desert Falls office...all 4 ext numbers and never got her on the line. I did call back and speak to NYC contact and told Her I was upset with the person in San Diego. I was told to call back anytime. I did later on because I found some info about people that I had talked with. Some guy at TWC told me that I had called too many times and that He would not let me speak to the Gal in NYC. REAL NICE FIRM. He did turn out okay...but it's the same from the low level folks up to the top. The plan is that you will just go away. He said why did you keep PAYING??? I said I was told I had to per the contract. So this has really opened up a lot of sad times for me and memories of my Mom. TWC should be taken to Court for all this grief. AM I A MORON? Perhaps. I believe when folks tell me I will be refunded my MONEY!!. You would think the top brass at TIME WARNER would see that I have been a client since 1987. Almost 24 years or 288 payments. $24,000. Not these folks. Take Care. I hope Wed is Better with TWC. PS. If someone has a suggestion or has been through this torture and has prevailed, let me know. THANKS. TRUST is a TWO way Street. I do not trust TWC. I had a long day. I hope this post HELPS. GET IT IN WRITING. TWC does not follow through. IMO. TRUST is the core of any firm. Good Night DELF.
beanbagbritches on 2010-05-30:
DELF...TWC can mail a check to your mother's estate. It may be time for you to get some legal advice. Sorry it has been so difficult to get this situation settled. What a pain.

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The worst company ever
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CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- If you are thinking to get service with Time Warner cable think it twice. I have been with Time Warner cable in the past and to this date they still suck. I have decided to accept an offer that was left in my front door. "Get time Warner cable today with installation fee waived. Well I have decided to call and had them come to my home. I was getting the basic cable TV and wireless service. 3. I have decided to get more channels and a higher range on the wireless so I called the time Warner customer service the day before the technician came over to my home. I was told to tell the guy to call time Warner from my home to upgrade and get what I wanted. Well it turned into "The nightmare before Cable". Lol! This guy was rude to start with. My partner was home when he got there and I called to tell him to call time Warner for me instead of getting basic TV and internet. 3; to get cable and internet #7. I was like OMG! Was this guy having a bad day or what? (Wait I am the one who will have bad days with time Warner) This guy (if I can call him technician)had no clue what he was doing. I hung up with him and was on my way home hoping to be there on time to talk to him in person but he was already gone. The cable TV was installed all right. The internet...He installed the basic 3 not the range 7 and I could not get a signal in my compute at all. Here I go calling Customer Service again. The phone representative said sorry for the inconvenience. We will reschedule to install the following week. Wait wait a minute! Next week? No no no. I need my internet now ( I said) The phone representative then said she will contact the guy that was in the area already to get it installed. Oh God here we go again. The guy came. Not so rude this time. He was not able to install the internet at all for some reason. I don't know why. I am not a technician. He is. Well, He had no clue either. Can somebody please help me here? I got so frustrated and told the guy to just install the standard cable and forget about the internet. Everything was OK. We were enjoying our TV until the bill came over. Wow! What the F...? Time Warner was charging me 3 installation fees. $29.99, $39.99 and another $39.99. Does this make sense to you? I was supposed to get free installation but I got 3 charges here. Here I go again. I called customer service but of course the call had to escalate to a supervisor. I was livid ( not rude. Let me make that clear). Time Warner decided to remove those charges and they told me that it will take about 3 days before my due date 8/27/09 to get just the normal charge. Should I believe them? I am so afraid of that new bill. Bottom line. I have Time Warner cable because I have no choice. They are the only ones in my area unfortunately. I hope that Verizon or anybody else get our area also for me to say "bye bye". technician
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TWC Vendetta on 2009-08-13:

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Time Warner Wrongful Billing
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CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I had had Time Warner for some time in a bundled package that included cable and Internet. As with anything to do with Time Warner, if you do not need their help then the service, although majorly overpriced, is good. However, when you need help from this company, then you see the real side of the company.

Around March, 2008 I had problems with the phone company not working after an outage near my house. As they were either unwilling or unable (or rather too inept) to fix the problem, I called Time Warner and offered to bundle phone with the cable and Internet that I currently had with the company. They sent out an installation tech and had the product installed on that Saturday. Two days later the phone stopped working. To make a long story short, it took them well over a month to actually install the phone and get it working due to the lack of workmanship and skill of the installers (including stapling through the actual phone line).

However, when I signed up for the phone, cable, and Internet bundle, I had to agree to two years of Time Warner. The young man on the phone took me through the verification taped conversation and at the end, when he asked if I would agree to the two years, I told him that I would if they would do what he agreed, which was what I had, plus the phone, for $ 150.00 per month that included taxes. I made sure that I had that caveat in the conversation, as I have seen Time Warner in action, which is to promise everything and deliver nothing.

Over the next three months, the bill was never what he promised and I ended up having to drop services to get it to the $ 150.00 that he had promised.

The other problem that I had was that in July of 2008, I had to move to another state. I let them know that I was moving well before the disconnect and when I disconnected, I took the equipment and at a local office paid the bill. I asked twice if that was the final bill and the girl at the counter said yes, but refused to write it on the receipt as the final payment.

Two months later, in September, I received a bill from Time Warner for an "early disconnect" Program fee. Which meant that they wanted $ 150.00 plus tax for my disconnecting early from the agreement that they never fulfilled.

I contacted the local office and their response was to pay the money. They told me that they had me on tape agreeing to the fee, but would never play the tape, nor could they produce it, although everyone I talked to swore that I was on tape agreeing to it.

Tiring of their ongoing "scr*w you" attitude, I contacted the corporate office who finally found someone in the Dayton, Ohio office who I could finally talk to. Her response was that they normally forgave the fee if the person had moved. I sent all of the information that she asked for. After this conversation, I could never get her on the phone. I got a bill in October that still had the fee on it. When I called the main office, they had the young lady return the call. She told me that they decided that I should pay it, although she, too, could not produce the tape that had me agreeing to it.

I then called the corporate office again, in Stamford CT. The President's office called Dayton and confirmed that I had to pay or they would attack my credit report.

I got a letter the next day from a credit bureau that asked for the money and a fee, totaling almost $ 200.00 or they would report me. This is a tactic of a con man or a criminal. Do things fast and do not let the mark think.

This entity is a criminal enterprise who has a government license to steal. They have the cable monopoly in the area and do not care if they give proper service or if you get what you pay for.

Remember, the facts are these, they never fulfilled their end of the contract. The amount was never what they promised and they never took steps to make this happen. I had to drop services to get it under $ 150.00 (or $ 150.00 with taxes, which is what they promised). I had to move in order to keep a job and again they did not care. All they want is their money.

I have sent the check, for the $ 150.00 plus tax, as I do not want these criminals to ruin my credit, however, they are nothing more than common criminals who care little for customers.
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donadame on 2008-11-02:
First of all most companies charge an early disconnection fee - Sprint mobile, Verizon, etc. This isn't uncommon. I have Time Warner myself. I never heard of a tape recording? Did you get the verbal agreement in writing at all when you both "agreed" on $150? When you went in person I am sure you really paid the last bill. The extra $150 was not technically a bill, but a penalty fee that was not added on at the time.

Sorry you're going through this.
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TimeWarner Customer Product
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have always had cable with Comcast now Timewarner. A year ago I decided to get the all-in 1 service. (cable, internet, phone) to save money. Well, that is when my issues began. Switching from my telephone service to TW became complicated. They gave me a date that my service would begin and they were off 4 days. Well AT&T disconnected my service because the number was TW. So I was without telephone service and internet. This is when dealing with their customer service became a pain. Holding on the phone for 15 to 30 minutes. Finally, after 4 days I had phone and internet service.

Well about 3 months ago I began experiencing dropped phone service and scrambled box signals. I called about both items and was told because I had continuous issues with my box it probably needed to be replaced and I needed to go to a service center because they didn’t come to your home to replace boxes. Well I eventually did just that.

I went and picked up another box and hooked it up and called so that a single could be shot to my box from their location. This process didn’t work so they were sending someone out on a Saturday morning. The Thursday before my service appointment, my phone and internet went out. I couldn’t get a dial tone. So that same night I cal led TW and the customer service person told me that they would note my account and that the service person could resolve my phone and internet issue on Saturday. Saturday arrived and no one had shown up, so I placed a call to TW. The person I spoke to told me the number I gave them was bad. Well that number was the none working TW phone line. So she told me there isn’t anyway we can get someone there today we have to reschedule for our next available time on Tuesday and this was an all day appointment from 9am-7pm.

I complained to the CS person and told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor and she told me no I couldn’t and also I was told by this particular person that I wasn’t the only TW customer and that I had to wait again.

Someone showed up at my house on Tuesday and repaired everything my phone, internet and cable. However, there were still issues in one of my rooms. So the tech scheduled a “crawler” to come out to my home and find the wiring issues I was having. This appointment was set 2 weeks out. During this time my phone would go out while I was speaking. It went out at least 5xs during this time. It would eventually come back in 10 minutes. It was simply a pain. The 2 weeks were up and someone came to my home and gave me a window of 8am –12pm. They were 1 ½ late. After the wires were repaired and my phone was repaired, I was told to call TW and have them shoot a single to my cable box and it didn’t work after 3xs. Someone had the wherewithal to schedule a tech to come to my home on Saturday.

This is the day I decided to move on. My window of time was 8am-12pm for Saturday. I called at 10am and was told someone was still coming. I called again at 11:30 am and was told someone will be there. I called again at 1:30 pm. The CS person told me they would contact the service department and someone will contact me shortly. No one ever called me. I called again at 2:30 pm and this customer service person contacted the service department and then sent me to a supervisor. This supervisor told me he would contact the service department to find out what was going on and call me back. The supervisor called me back around 6:30pm and told me someone would be out to my home between 2-5 pm on Sunday the next day. NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP!
I didn’t call Timewarner and complain. I just decided Monday morning I was going back to AT&T for my phone and internet and Direct TV. I will not waist any more hours of my life with cable.

In my opinion, they shouldn't have decided to grow as quick as they have without having proper service in place.
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