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Time Warner Customer Product
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have always had cable with Comcast now Time Warner. A year ago I decided to get the all-in 1 service (cable, internet, phone) to save money. Well, that is when my issues began. Switching from my telephone service to TW became complicated. They gave me a date that my service would begin and they were off 4 days. Well AT&T disconnected my service because the number was TW. So I was without telephone service and internet. This is when dealing with their customer service became a pain. Holding on the phone for 15 to 30 minutes. Finally, after 4 days I had phone and internet service.

Well about 3 months ago I began experiencing dropped phone service and scrambled box signals. I called about both items and was told because I had continuous issues with my box it probably needed to be replaced and I needed to go to a service center because they didn't come to your home to replace boxes. Well I eventually did just that.

I went and picked up another box and hooked it up and called so that a single could be shot to my box from their location. This process didn't work so they were sending someone out on a Saturday morning. The Thursday before my service appointment, my phone and internet went out. I couldn't get a dial tone So that same night I called TW and the customer service person told me that they would note my account and that the service person could resolve my phone and internet issue on Saturday.

Saturday arrived and no one had shown up, so I placed a call to TW. The person I spoke to told me the number I gave them was bad. Well that number was the none working TW phone line. So she told me there isn't anyway we can get someone there today we have to reschedule for our next available time on Tuesday and this was an all day appointment from 9am-7pm. I complained to the CS person and told her I wanted to speak to a supervisor and she told me no I couldn't and also I was told by this particular person that I wasn't the only TW customer and that I had to wait again.

Someone showed up at my house on Tuesday and repaired everything my phone, internet and cable. However, there were still issues in one of my rooms. So the tech scheduled a “crawler” to come out to my home and find the wiring issues I was having. This appointment was set 2 weeks out. During this time my phone would go out while I was speaking. It went out at least 5xs during this time. It would eventually come back in 10 minutes. It was simply a pain.

The 2 weeks were up and someone came to my home and gave me a window of 8am –12pm. They were 1 ½ late. After the wires were repaired and my phone was repaired, I was told to call TW and have them shoot a single to my cable box and it didn't work after 3xs. Someone had the wherewithal to schedule a tech to come to my home on Saturday.

This is the day I decided to move on. My window of time was 8am-12pm for Saturday. I called at 10am and was told someone was still coming. I called again at 11:30 am and was told someone will be there. I called again at 1:30 pm. The CS person told me they would contact the service department and someone will contact me shortly. No one ever called me.

I called again at 2:30 pm and this customer service person contacted the service department and then sent me to a supervisor. This supervisor told me he would contact the service department to find out what was going on and call me back. The supervisor called me back around 6:30pm and told me someone would be out to my home between 2-5 pm on Sunday the next day. NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP!

I didn't call Time Warner and complain. I just decided Monday morning I was going back to AT&T for my phone and internet and DirecTV. I will not waist any more hours of my life with cable. In my opinion, they shouldn't have decided to grow as quick as they have without having proper service in place.

The Worst Customer Service
By -

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Time Warner strikes again... yesterday, May 19th, Time Warner came to install my new phone/cable/internet services. Really this was just an upgrade since I already have the cable service and had the internet previously. The appt. was for 8-11am and the techs (used loosely) arrived at 9am. They entered my home and were happy to find the wiring already in place so this would be an easy job for them. Upon "completion" the tech came to me for signature. I asked if the internet was set up including email and passwords, he said "no" and then proceeded to do so.

Seeing that we may have an issue beginning here I checked the phones, all clear, then the cable which had been upgraded to the new digital DVR. There was no sound! I assumed the second tech must have checked this since he was working on the cable and was now sitting comfortably in the car waiting on his partner. The tech was not sure what to do, and had to call the lead tech for assistance, no luck!!

I live very near a Time Warner store and suggested that may be he could swap out the box there. He advised Time Warner did not allow that anymore and that he was a 3rd party contractor. He told me they have some internal fraud which has now caused a change in this policy. He took my cell number and said he would get another box and call me to make sure I was home before he came back to install. Guess what? He didn't call or come by and it was 3pm!

I decided to call customer no-service and find out what was going on. They knew nothing about this and showed the job complete. They also told me it was too late for them to contact the installer as it was 3:30pm. I told them I knew that they worked until 7pm so they needed to find someone to come and install this box. They said this was not possible and I advised the agent to find someone who could help. (My experience with TWKC tells me that if you scream and demand to speak with a supervisor, you usually make some progress).

They found the installer and determined he was gone for the day. They said they would escalate this to his supervisor and she would call me back. Having called TWKC many times, they seem to have an issue with returning calls, so I was not willing to accept this and told her I wanted to hold and have her conference us. She refused and I got her name and number and said the supervisor had one hour to call me or I would call her back. Surprisingly, the supervisor did call back, however, during that time I had used my limited knowledge of cable boxes and it had started to work correctly. I thought I was done with TWKC, but oh was I wrong!

The next day I had watched the TV multiple times and used the DVR with no issue. I went upstairs to make dinner and came back to a flickering TV set and a dead cable box. Prior to calling I always try to reboot the box and remove the power cable. This did not work. Back to the phones... TWKC no-service.

I finally reached an agent after 5 min (short for TWKC standards) and was advised there was no outage in my area, which I knew since my 2 other TV's were working fine. I described the previous day's situation and that my box was dead. I was told someone could come out a week from Wednesday, 8 days away!! I told the agent there must be something that can be done to get someone out here more quickly. He advised that no one in his Costa Rica office was able to do that. I asked to be transferred to someone in the US, preferably KC. He did so.

When I reached the KC office, I was told it was not possible to have someone out any earlier. I asked to speak to the person I had spoken with before and I had her extension but she was out of the office. She told me she would send an email to the department and I would get a call back. TWKC email and phone work the same... not very well, so I insisted that she call and not send an email while I waited on the line.

She said she was unable to call them and I asked her to have her supervisor call for her. The supervisor then came on the line and I had to explain everything again. He told me that dept. was gone for the day so I would get a call back tomorrow. I told him this was not acceptable and that with a brand new box and given all the issues, I expected some compensation for my time. I told him I was also only willing to go to the store if he credited 1 months service, which he refused. He told me he could credit 2 days but no more. I also told him I wanted a credit for the activation fee from the previous day which he agreed to.

Having spent so much time in 2 days with these people, I told him again I would only accept 1 months service credited. He said "no other utility company would do that" therefore he would not either. I told him "you are not a utility" he said "yes we are, we are the cable company" I informed him they are a bad cable company at that and thank god for AT&T now coming on the market so we have another option from TWKC. He continued to refuse to credit my account. I finally hung up and will go to the TW store tomorrow.

I am really concerned now for a few reasons: How long will such poor service be allowed? Time Warner has been bad since they entered the KC market and I don't know many people who are happy with them. What happens when I have phone problems in the future? Will I also have to wait one week or more for someone to come out? The only thing I can say to anyone reading this is SWITCH TO AT&T and forget Time Warner!!!!

Customer Service/Cost of Product
By -

BAY VILLAGE, OHIO -- I would like to register a complaint. I spent the entire day, yesterday (April 12, 2008), on the phone with Time Warner. I spoke with four different customer service reps. This began in the morning and ended in the late evening. The bottom line for my complaint is that Time Warner is taking away channels and raising prices. This is really foolish, when you can obtain more services from other providers for less, namely AT&T U-verse.

A technician arrived to install digital phone, yesterday morning. I realized within twenty minutes after he departed that the phone quality was poor, Time-Warner had failed to provide me with Voicemail, and they also downgraded my television cable. This was not what I ordered. I immediately called Customer Services. I stated that I wanted to terminate the digital phone service immediately, that I was upset with the changes to my cable and that wanted to roll back the services to previous setup.

The first rep was unable to change my subscription back to the previous setup. So, she attempted to put together a new package. She said that my bill would increase by twenty dollars per month. She also said that she did not know how to remove the phone and that another rep would call me back. Nobody called, so I finally called Time Warner again and received a notice that all my services were scheduled to be removed on April 29, 2008. I finally reached a representative and attempted to straighten out the mess. I was put on hold and then cut off. I called again, repeated my story, and asked for help. I was put on hold and then cut off, again.

Now at this point, you're probably wondering whether I was nasty to these people. I was absolutely not nasty. I was bending over backwards to be nice to them. I knew that I had to be really nice, in order to get my order corrected. So, I stayed patient, calm, and polite; I thanked them for their help. I finally reached a rep named Shannon and she seemed to know what she was doing. She partially restored my cable lineup. Because Time Warner has reorganized their channels, the package that I had previously was no longer available.

So, I was put on another plan in which I lost the channels that I watch regularly, gained some others that I do not like, and had to eat a twenty-dollar increase on my monthly bill. Shannon also pointed out that this rate was also only for six-months. After that, there would be another increase. I repeated back what I thought she said, “Bottom line... they're taking away channels and charging more." She replied that “it seems that way but it's because you were on a plan...”

I understood the situation perfectly, despite the narrative about how Time Warner was realigning their channel lineup. When you set aside the crap, Time Warner completely screwed up this order, will not or cannot correct it and penalized me in the end. So, why should I pay more for less when I can get everything that I want from AT&T U-Verse? Why should I be patient? Why should I recommend this company? Why can't I watch the show the Sundance channel that Time Warner interrupted? Why is all of this so complicated? Quite frankly, I'm afraid to send this complaint because I will probably get penalized with another increase in my bill.

When I attempted to send the text of this letter in the Contact Us area of the Time Warner website, the text area was too small for my letter. When I attempted to connect to a Live Chat, I received a message that it was unavailable. What a company!

Time Warner Lack of Service
By -

SUSSEX, WISCONSIN -- Three weeks ago I attempted to call to have my voice mail fixed on my home phone through you. After 45 minutes on the phone continually being told I you would be right with me, I hung up. A couple times since then I attempted to call only to wait endlessly with no response. Last week I attempted to contact AT&T about switching to their service. I was connected IMMEDIATELY to someone willing to help me. Unfortunately, for the exact same services I have now it would cost me an additional $20 a month. I therefore declined their service and decided to give you one last try.

When I called I was set up with a package I was agreeable to with a reasonably good install time. It was to occur August 22nd between 11am and 1pm. I ensured twice that they would contact my cell phone 10 minutes ahead of the tech's arrival so that I could meet them there, as I work close by. At 11:00 this morning I called once again to verify they were going to call me ahead of time. I once again gave them my cell phone number to call.

At 12:30 I went home to eat lunch assuming the tech would be there shortly. Upon arrival I found that someone had called my home number. Assuming the worst (as I have learned to do with your company) I called again to verify that they hadn't screwed up. I was told by Justin that nobody had been out to the house yet, and seeing as it was 1pm already I asked him when my appointment was going to occur. He stated that he would have dispatch. Call me back within minutes.

After 45 minutes of waiting and no calls coming back I once again called your number. This time I was told by "Chamiqa"? that they had attempted to call me at 11:59am and that they had tagged my door. I never received a call on my cell as requested, and there was no tag on my door. I was told I could reschedule. I threw my phone in disgust.

After cooling off I called AGAIN and asked to immediately speak to a supervisor. Kristi informed me that she needed some basic information and she would get me in touch with a "lead". After sitting on hold twice she asked to be able to call me back, as no "lead" was available. 20 minutes later she called to say that they had gone to the wrong address. At that point she stated that she would reschedule the appointment. That appointment couldn't happen until August 27th. At that point I had had enough, as I still wasn't speaking to a supervisor and I was being treated as if this was MY fault. I am still waiting to hear anything in return.

Run away as fast as you can from Time Warner
By -

MISSION HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I don't even know where to begin with how horrible Time Warner is. I've been dealing with them since May 18th, 2007. Against my better judgment I brought my digital box to their Van Nuys office and exchanged it for an HD box. What a nightmare that turned out to be. I had to exchange a box before and the one I got in return the menu was in Spanish so I had to return it for another one. I didn't want that to happen again so before I left I asked if the person could check to make sure the menu was in English.

She wanted to know why I didn't I fix it myself if it was in Spanish. I told her that if I spoke Spanish I would but I don't so I can't. She then told me she wasn't going to check. If it was in Spanish to call their Non-Customer Service. I got home and thank God the menu was in English, BUT the cable box didn't work. I called their Customer Service and the girl who answered proceeded to yell at me, telling me that I should have never been given the HD box, that a technician would need to come out. I told her that I had a digital box before that worked fine so no one needed to come out. All she needed to do was activate the box/send a signal to it. She refused.

I asked to speak to a Supervisor. She said one would call me back within 2 days. It's been almost 3 months and I'm still waiting for a call back. A little later I called their Customer Service again and got another rude person. He said he tried to send a signal but it didn't do any good. He advised me to unplug the HD box from the AC. I told him I already did that several time and nothing happened. He then started arguing with me and told me to do it again. I told him that I worked in the Fiber side of Verizon and knew exactly what was wrong. The box needed to be activated. He wouldn't listen to me.

I finally got fed up and hung up on him. 5 days later a technician came out. It took him less than 5 minutes to fix the problem. He called their dispatch department to get the box activated. I was furious but I let it go. I let it go until the middle of July. I started getting pop up reminders that a program that I wanted to watch was on in 5 min. I never set any reminders. I called their Non-Customer Service again and the first thing out of the persons mouth was a technician needed to come out. I told him that he was wrong and it was a software problem. We were going back and forth for several minutes until I asked for a Supervisor. He told me one would call me back.

I told him I have been waiting for a Supervisor to call back since May and wasn't waiting anymore. After waiting for around 10 minutes a RUDE so called Supervisor came on the line. He refused to do anything. I asked for his supervisors name. He refused to give it to me. I asked for the Local Managers name. Again he refused. I asked for the Area Managers name. He refused again. I asked for the President of Time Warners name. You guessed it. He refused again. I asked for their corporate address. He said to look it up online. I asked for their Customer Relations number. He gave me the same number as Customer Service.

I looked on Time Warners Web page for their address and Customer Relations number. I couldn't find anything. I finally had to call directory assistance to get their number in New York City. I got through to someone who said that they'd refer my complaint to their Presidential Office. About 9 days later I finally got a call back from the Presidents Office. The person who I'm still dealing with to this day is really nice and helpful, but he's starting to get me mad. We tried a lot of troubleshooting to get the pop ups to stop but nothing worked.

We finally agreed that a new box should tried. At that point I made a BIG mistake. I decided that I wanted to get their DVR. The person in the Presidents office gave me the day and time frame I wanted. He also said that he would send a senior technician out. About an hour before they had to show up I started getting worried I would be blown off so I called their Non-Customer Service again. I explained my worries to the person who answered and asked if he could verify with their dispatch to make sure I wouldn't get blown off. He refused.

I didn't ask for a Supervisor because I knew they wouldn't do anything. The technician finally showed. Late. I started to tell him what was wrong. It was a short and one sided conversation. This so called senior technician hardly spoke English. He tried for around an hour to get the HD DVR to work.

I tried telling him that my TV had to be on input 6. He kept saying it had to be on channel 3. Nothing worked on either setting. A little while later another technician came out. Thank God he spoke English. The second technician figured out what the problem was. The first guy had the cable box on a channel I don't get. I was so happy my TV was working again that I forgot that the TV had to be on input 6. I didn't notice anything was wrong until I went to a HD channel and I was still getting 480 resolution. It was a Saturday so the only thing I could do was leave a VMS message for the person I was dealing within the Presidents Office.

I also called him the following Monday. I told him I wanted someone that spoke English out that day at 3:30 PM. The technician did show at 3:30 PM and he spoke English. I told him that I wasn't getting 1080 HD resolution and my TV had to be on input 6. He looked what I had hooked up and said that I could not have my personal DVR connected to their DVR. I told him that the person in the Presidents Office said I could.

He said that person was wrong. He started unplugging things and said my TV had to be on input 5. I thought that was odd since 6 is the HDMI input on the back of my TV. I figured he was right though since he got my HD channels working properly. After he left I thought about it and realized he was wrong. Everything worked the way it should except for the 1080 resolution until he started unplugging things.

I called the person in the Presidents Office again. He said I was right, and their technician was wrong. He told me how to hook everything back up. Well today I started to do just that. That's when I discovered the technician disconnected my HDMI cable and used component cables. I got the HDMI reconnected and tried to get my personal DVR connected the right way, but everything I tried didn't work. I left another VMS message for the person in the Presidents office saying I wanted someone out Monday at 3:30 PM. We'll see what happens next.

Hassles and Outages
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Rating: 1/51

STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Service outages, threats of retaliation for nonpayment, when I had already signed up and been confirmed for such payments. Hassle and delay when attempting to terminate service. Refusal to provide retroactive credit for days of non-use after they said they were unavailable. Twenty minutes of hassle and screwing around when I finally did reach someone to cancel.

Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, MAINE -- By far the worst customer service I have ever received. Called the first of this year to cancel my cable subscription and then received a bill at the end of the month. They totally disregarded my call and never shut off my cable. I was basically ignored and now have to pay for something I thought was taken care of. BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. I highly suggest you use a different provider.

Billing/Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH CAROLINA -- This company is so crooked. It's ridiculous. I'm being charged for remote fees. Yes I'm paying for each of the remote controllers every month. Shouldn't that be included with the boxes that I'm paying for? Beware of this company and review your monthly charges, for they are quick to tack on extra fees without notifying you! I'm done with this lousy company.

Every Customer Rep Tells You a Different Thing. They Will Fight With You to Prove They Are Right.
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Rating: 1/51

LEETONIA, OHIO -- I have had ongoing issues with Time Warner Cable. It has only been only over the last year. They will fight with you even when you are trying to get something corrected. They have bad notes written about me from bad customer service reps. I started getting ill on the phone from them fighting with me... they raised my rates and denied it. They talk to you like you are stupid. I already cancelled my television. Now I am looking for an internet service.

New DVR Boxes
By -

WACO, TEXAS -- If you are lucky enough, you will be able to trade you digital DVR for a new Samsung model. These units are trickling into the center. In essence, you have to ask for them at this point in time. Previously, the Scientific Atlanta model was hanging up and showing sluggish performance. So, I was lucky when they had a Samsung in stock.

Be advised, the operation of this box is a noticeable improvement, but you will have some problems. So, when you see that the box is exhibiting problems, I suggest rebooting it by a simultaneous pressing of these three buttons: a) info; b) volume up; c) volume down. Wait until the time comes back up on the display and then things should be fine. I had to do this a few minutes ago. So, I consider this to be an improvement in service since the hard drive was said to be larger on this new digital DVR.

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