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Sick, Frustrated and Fed Up
By -

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Since late August of this year, we have had to have TWC send out service techs because we keep losing our signal. The first one that came out spent 3 hours here and finally got another tech here that figured out the problem in 15 minutes. The first tech did some work in one room and I did not see it until after her left. My 8 year old son could have done better. A couple of weeks later, we had the same problem. This time the tech seemed knowledgeable and even commented on the other tech's work. WE even spoke to a supv. about it as was told that he would send out a supv. to look at the work.

WE were also told that the 6 days of service we missed would be credited to our bill. TO date, no one has come out to inspect the shoddy work and we still have not been credited for the 6 days of missed service. Since all of this has happened, I found out that a friend who has TWC is actually getting more services from them and paying less money. NO, it is not a promotional price. We have both been with TWC for years. I have spent 2 hours today trying to speak with anyone at TWC that can provide some answers about my issues. So far all I have gotten are low-level employees that read from scripts that can't help me.

Doesn't TWC empower anyone to make decisions and help customers? Does TWC even care about customers? I am sick and tired of lousy service, high bills and a company that simply does not care about the people it serves. I am through. I will be looking at DISH, DIRECT and AT&T U-VERSE. I will find one that is NOT TWC.

Are You Serious???
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Unfortunately they don't have "worst service ever" in the drop down box on their contact form. After conceding to sign up for their bundle package to include my telephone service, I was sent to the Third Party Verification "service." After wading through all of the electronic instructions and answering every question, I was told there was a problem and sent to someone less personable than the computer... much less. Bordering on rude. I had to repeat the ENTIRE tedious process - was given a confirmation number, and was promptly hung up on.

The next day I received a message on the home phone to say that the TPV did not take and I had to call back. I spent 20 minutes in queue, I was sent to the number without anyone pressing the right buttons (I figured out which ones and did it myself). I go through the idiocy for the 3rd time and got another confirmation number.

Last night some poor woman had to call me back and tell me that I had to do it for the 4th time. She was very nice (not her fault) and agreed to stay on the line while I did this thing again so I would have a witness to the confirmation. She did. All done. Scheduled for a week from yesterday. "You don't have to do anything, we'll handle canceling your account with AT&T." They handled it alright... someone from TWC had called AT&T the night before scheduled my service to be disconnected last night. Which it promptly was.

I have a young daughter in the house and now a week with no phone, no fax. I know unfortunately that this is the sort of service that I am to expect from that company. The incompetence is bewildering to say the least. While, with the exception of the TPV lady, everyone has been very nice.

The best part is when I sent this same summary to the Customer Service Chat detailing everything I have just written above including my contact info, the CSR actually replied with, "So you want to confirm your install, correct?" He then sent me some prewritten canned responses and told me he would escalate my problem to a "higher department" who would get right back to me in 2-3 business days! What the heck is going on with these people- it's like they don't even try to give customer service!

Shady Business Practices
By -

Summary: Time Warner Cable withheld details of the dispute from its customers, deliberately set up a 1 sided poll (What customer wants a price increase??) and used that poll decision to back up its dispute with Fox. The fact they did not disclose the details of the dispute implies that they knew it was not the decision the public would make but wanted public support regardless.

Full: When I first heard about the campaign I thought it sounded great. A similar event took place in the UK a few years ago, Virgin Media lost Sky (which was showing Lost at the time) due to pricing disputes. They decided to get tough and as a result lost the network. They did keep their customers informed of the decision and the transition and provide us with a new On-demand service with a large amount of programming. In my opinion they covered the loss very well.

When I looked into this campaign the first thing I noticed was that the only information about the dispute was that the price involved was up to 300%. So essentially they asked the public "Do you want to pay more for what you are receiving right now?" The obvious answer is "NO!" and that's what they got.

What they did not disclose is what networks were involved, what prior contracts existed, how much the price increase was, how much fees would increase by for the end user etc. If it's an increase of 50c a month that's not a huge deal and if the network had a fixed rate for 5 years it's probably time for a price increase anyway. Prices should increase with inflation regardless.

I'm not advocating either side of the dispute, I don't even get TV from Time Warner so the outcome won't (at shouldn't) affect me however I don't like seeing companies manipulating people. Time Warner Cable set up a 1 sided poll and used the result to back up their decision to get tough with Fox (as it was revealed after the poll was closed).

In English what Time Warner did is something along the lines of "Do you want us to increase your prices at all? Nope? OK well we're going to cut 5 of your favorite channels. Bye now!" It not only shows how little Time Warner thinks of its customers but also that they thought the decision would not be popular and so withheld any useful details. If the public had known the details of the dispute the poll results may well have been different.

In conclusion while privacy is necessary for many aspects of business when you involve your customers in a decision at least keep them informed. Don't treat them like sheep, asking them a question with an obvious answer.

Incompetent Thieves
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- We have had Time Warner Cable for ten [10] years. Once before they cheated me by false billing but this time enough is too much. They advance bills which ignore prior timely payments. I was billed $101.33 after having paid timely my monthly installments a week in advance.

I called and at first got a guy who admitted it was wrong. He said, "I don't know why we do this. You have been a perfect customer for 10 years. Just ignore it." Next day I got a call from a woman who would not allow me to finish half of sentence. She was doing a very loud, very fast motor mouth condemnation of my general character. I got in the fact that the last phone contact ended with the collection manager admitting that Time Warner Cable Los Angeles had fallen behind woefully in their posting of received payments!

She stated, even if it is true that we have fallen behind in our postings by two [2] months you should pay two months in advance!! We'll save it for you and credit your account. I got in just this: "Why should I do that when you are 2 months behind in your posting of the last 2 months payments?? How can I trust a service provider that cannot keep up with posting simple ongoing current payments and then sends out late notices for bills paid two months ago???"

I referred her to the fellow I spoke to last. She said "He's no longer with us." She was screaming at me. Finally, I blew my top and scared the hell out of her. Time Warner Cable is misusing the collection dep't to demand that people pay 2 months in advance and threatening to cut off service (which they DID do to me)!

The next thing I knew, I was receiving calls from their collections dep't daily stating that I had not paid at all! I owe them nothing. Like a PONZI SCHEME (worse in fact) the crooked part here is that they bill mindlessly then think they can call and use intimidating of your credit record as a scheme to get you to pay 2 months in advance.

I filed a formal complaint Consumer Affairs "Local Franchise Authority" **... You can do that too. They have jurisdiction. Even though the F. C.C. does not, I filed a complaint with them because when I called them they were very interested and asked for a letter.

Time Warner Sucks as a Professional Organization
By -

AKRON, OHIO -- Time Warner is essentially out of step in proper management of its customer base and service. The evidence is in the service that drops out of internet applications as well as contacting customer service by telephone. The internet consistently goes to a state of no connection on a daily basis. Having to reset the modem is always a daily chore and to never know when a person is going to have to do so is always an unknown throughout a 24 hour period. If a person were to look at the wiring harnesses found on the electric poles owned by FirstEnergy, they would generally see a pile of strung wire hanging out of the main splitter boxes.

The sloppiness of this kind of setup only leads one to sense that the service management is lax in oversight for quality appearance and technical ability. The professionalism of this trade practice creates the suspicion underpaid employees with no desire or lack of training and experience for quality.

Making a phone call to their call center is a waste of time for customers needing to cover bill paying and deal with a service problem such as a disconnect due to constant malfunction. Having to have to listen to a commercial advertisement should only be an option for the caller, not a necessity. Warner needs to streamline this call service and work to install the latest well designed equipment to implement and quick answering capability for all customers.

What they have done instead is come up with a slogan of Time Warner Business Class advertisement and whatever it stands for, to cover for its lousy calling service design. Who would care to go business class if the provider cannot operate on a home service level? The precept still applies, "To whom much is given, much is required." Or when a person can handle the small things first, then they can handle larger responsibility. The Ohio Public Utilities Commission should really be making every effort to become involved with this company.

Best To Avoid If You Want Any Of Their Services!
By -

CANDOR, NORTH CAROLINA -- Okay, I've had so many different internet providers (Earthlink, Embarq) and almost every television provider (DirecTV, Dishnetwork, local cable). I'd like to start off by saying I've had TWC for a year now and do not enjoy it. First, of course from outside the view of only paying a single payment for phone, internet, and television is more simple than having two places to worry about paying. However, it is actually worse.

For instance, when TWC was set up, they had contacted our former internet/phone provider and canceled our subscription to them, which means that we could not access our old email after they made the phone call. This is a bad thing of having everything in one services.

Also, cable runs by electricity. Your phone with TWC is running through the box they give you, which is run by electricity. If the power goes out, you CANNOT use the phone 'til it goes back on. So, if you do not have any cell phones, you will be stuck without any phone in case of emergency. Also, they give you the first month free but after that, our rate went up to $140 a month, when we used to only have to pay around 100 for basic internet, phone, and the typical satellite TV.

Not only do they rip you off by the illusion of them taking care of everything, they also rip you off by charging more moolah for their services. Okay, away from the technical stuff...the internet is fairly fast. Also, you can record two shows at once, which is pretty cool, and finally they have trailers of movies coming out in theatres/on DVD.

That's pretty much all that is good. Changing channels is slow, the remotes can be used as boomerangs, and if you hit the wrong button you could be taking up to two minutes to exit the application. Also, the interface is just UGLY. The Pay-Per-View is extremely limited, and which I tried to watch the new Batman movie and it was unavailable. In the end, I do suggest you avoid TWC or any other cable providers and instead stick with two separate companies for your phone and tele provider. Cheers.

Poor Business Practices
By -

RAEFORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- I called TWC to see about switching from satellite to cable since every time it rains our satellite goes out. We were told we were eligible for a "Win Back" program so I proceeded to set up an appointment for service. At the end of the call (took over an hour to set up) the customer service rep told me I needed to make a payment for the installation, so I paid 214.86 by debit directly from my checking. I was given a number to call for my "win back" incentive and was told when I called we were not in the area that was currently having that offer, so I told them to cancel the appointment.

I was told I would get my refund in 3 business days (bear in mind I made the payment only an hour earlier). They debited my account that day 18 July 2008 and as of today 29 July there has been no credit posted to my checking. The very worst part of all of this is that I have made over 7 phone calls and an email contact and NO ONE has had the courtesy of returning my call and no one that I have talked to seems to be able to tell me how or when I will get my $214.86 returned.

I was given the name of a supervisor and her number and have left 3 messages for her to return my call. I have now gone to my bank to dispute the charge and I am ready to file a complaint with the NC Attorney general's office. It is nearly impossible to get someone on the phone and I have wasted nearly 6 hours of my life trying to get information from this company regarding my complaint.

We are a brand new subdivision and I will be sure to tell anyone moving in about my negative experience with this company. I did what they asked me to do, I made payment (even before I actually received any services from them) yet they will not and have not refunded my money in a timely manner nor have they had the decency to respond to the messages I left for the supervisor. If this is how they run their business then I want NOTHING to do with having any services they offer.

Just for the record, I had ordered a very expensive bundle that would have cost me $214.86, guess they don't care if they have my business or not. With rising costs of everything and people being more cautious on what little things they can cut out of their budget, they may want to work on their customer service and business practices. Count me as one very dissatisfied lost potential customer.

Unbelievably Horrible Customer Service
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Avoid TWC. I'm currently on hold right now as I type this and it's 30 minutes and counting. I am not even a customer yet but I called TWC to install services for cable, HD/DVR, phone, and internet. In the end, they would (have) made over $1500 off of me per yr. I called Tuesday to set an appointment for the following week for a home we purchased. Reps says okay, they have to call the current subscribers (hey, the line just said a rep would be with me's been 40 minutes) who live there. I tell them no, I don't to bother them. They persist even though they're moving out next week. Rep calls back tells me they contacted current owners, says all is well, let's schedule install.

Sets up a date for the following week. I say okay, can't wait, thanks.
Today's Friday. I called Thursday because I forgot what the install date was. Rep says there's a problem, appointment was cancelled because of "transfer". Tells me this is typical and that they usually move the date back to the original once they "transfer". Rep says they'll send email to other rep who cancelled requesting that they call me. I ask if I should call back tomorrow (today), rep says yeah, good idea.

I call today (Friday). New rep, provide my phone # for the 9th time. Rep says my appointment was cancelled and was moved to 2 weeks from now. I advise the rep that (1) TW didn't call me the first time to advise that 1st install was cancelled, (2) no one called me back per the last rep, and (3) I had not been contacted to confirm/agree to install date in 2 weeks.

No apology. None. I advise that I'm a new customer and have options. No word. I request to speak with a supervisor. Rep says new phone # can't be provided for a week following "transfer". I tell them I couldn't care less and refer back to 1-3. Rep takes my phone # for the 11th time and tells me a supervisor would call me back. It's been 6.5 hrs and I've not received a callback so here I am, listening to their "hold" music.

Best part is, I'm in San Diego and I have two choices: At&t or TWC so I'm limited to say the least...which is how they like it I assume.

Time Warner Cable Baloney (Not Bundle)
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- They quoted an introductory price part of their Win Back Program with a thirty day free trial. The service took several visits to complete the installation of the phone and Internet service. The customer service agent offered a cold-hearted apology for the connection problems. Then, the bill came 20 days later, four times the amount that was quoted over the phone when I signed up for the service.

I called the help desk, for clarification of my bill. They didn't have any record in their customer log of a price quote for my address. Funny! I explained to them that I was part of the introduction program and I have a flier stating the price that I would pay monthly (around $99). After a few more calls and the run around; I called a new account agent to get a price check and she quoted the better price than the original contract. I took that information to the main office of Time Warner in Fayetteville, NC., and for two hours I explained my situation to agent who seem to be making a customer log.

She told me that they would review the audio tapes. A regional manager would contact me within three days. Not one call from the regional manager but I did get one from a Time Warner collection agency. I ended up canceling my service with Time Warner; five days after my trial period, I paid for the thirty days of service assuming that I would hear form a manager or customer service to resolve the issue. I ended up paying over $225 for 40 days of the Time Warner Baloney Bundle service on four TVs. Check and re-check. Time Warner service is shady.

Time Warner Is A Rip Off
By -

This will be the second time that Time Warner has lost or supposedly we gave them the wrong information. Why would I give someone the wrong information to pay someone else's bill? Are you dumb? Paid my bill through the auto pay on the 28th of June.

My bill was due the 1st, they pulled 175 dollars out of my account and cannot locate it at all. Now they are saying we owe them almost 500 dollars, people are stealing money. They have no idea what they are talking about. How can you pay someone else's bill when you must put in your phone number twice to pull up your account balance to even see what you owe through automated? It makes me sick like we just work for others to rip us off. If they do not find my money or credit my account before the 8th I will be filing a lawsuit. This is the 2nd time they have done this, sick and tired of being sick and tired of their dumb mistakes and stupid service.

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