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Paid for new service & immediately shut me off with no refund!
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I signed up for the triple play promo online. I kept getting emails that there was a problem and when I would call, I'd get a foreign customer service representative that couldn't figure out the issue. They cancelled 4 different install appointments at the last minute but no one could tell me why! Finally, I called a local number and the representative didn't know what the issue was either but put my order through manually. He said the only thing he could see was that there had been someone with the same last name at my address a few years ago that had an outstanding balance.

I have a fairly common last name, so it wasn't terribly surprising. He said there were no notes on the account so there wasn't any reason to not get it up and running. The day after installation, I get a call from the "risk management" department. This lady tells me she did a background check and I've been at my address for three years. The outstanding bill was from two years ago so I must know who it is. I explained that, no, I don't and asked, how, exactly, did they do a background check without my consent or my ssn?

She then tells me they need proof of identity and some sort of utility bill from my previous residence (ya know because I keep year old electric bills just sitting around). I told I'd be happy to give something from when I bought my house but I was much more concerned about the background check. She kept talking over me & getting all ghetto.

Then she tells me she's turning off my service. I told that I prepaid, she can't do that. "Time Warner has the right to deny service to anyone." Absolutely, but they don't have the right to take money for a service they aren't providing. I asked to speak to a supervisor & was told she'd put in a request and he'd get back with me in 24-48 hours. Then she hung up on me. I called back and kept getting sent to her extension.

I finally unplugged all the equipment and took it to a local Time Warner office. I called the bank and put a reversal on the payment. I called Dish Network and had an install the next day. I had Time Warner for a total of about 18 hours. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Are these guys for real?
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- After reading other's experiences with TWC, I think bad service must be their mission statement. Brief synopsis.
Home phone and internet went out on Friday,Aug 30. Called them (waiting about 45 min on cell). Set appointment for next Tuesday (their first available day) at 4PM. 4PM-5PM waited and no one appeared. Called TWC, waiting on cell phone again (using minutes) almost an hour and was told "he is on the way".

At 9 PM, called back (again long cell phone wait) and was told that "You have been bumped until tomorrow". Explained that I work (and actually show up at my job) and set appointment for 3PM. Wednesday, went home at 2:30...waited until 3:30 and no one the way, never a call letting me know.

Called them (you already know the long cell phone wait part) and was told that I had called back and re-scheduled it for September 19th...2 weeks away. When I asked when I supposedly called and why I would have wanted to wait for 2 additional weeks, no one knew and I was hung up on. Called back (waiting an additional 40 minutes) to be told that they were busy and had been calling my home number and leaving a message and I didn't call back. I told them that this was impossible as (stay with me here TWC)...THE HOME PHONE WAS NOT WORKING!!!

Finally on Thursday (almost a week later), my husband came home and a TWC van was at our house...still no phone calls...we just got lucky! Technician said it was the modem (their equipment) and he would be back to fix it. You can guess how this worked out. About a week later, we did have internet and home phone service restored.
NOW....called about 10 times asking how the credit for days without service would be adjusted and was always referred to a supervisor who never called me back. Wrote letter to Dallas main response.

Finally, someone called us at home to let us know that our bill was ONE MONTH overdue. Explained our problem and that I was trying to rectify the bill. TWC person said they could credit us $4.95....yes FOUR DOLLARS AND NINETY FIVE CENTS for the 2 1/2 weeks, cell phone minutes, days taking off work, no service! When I complained, she said..."Well, we don't have to do anything." Took my $4.95 and paid bill in full. Next month's bill....can you guess how much the "late charge/administrative fee" was??? $4.95!!! If there was ANYONE else to use...believe me, we would. If you can....AVOID THESE PEOPLE.

Oh and no way to contact them on their website. Only the never answered customer service line. Saw in our local paper that TWC was cutting customer service reps and consolidating into one area. Wonder what that one lack of customer service rep for SouthEast Texas will do now?

Billing problems
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RICHLAND, INDIANA -- I call to get cable hooked up. I've had their internet for 6 months now. Not to many problems with it after getting the first few bills straightened out. I made the mistake of setting up a auto pay for the internet through them. It was never started and then they tried to stick late fees on me, but that was in the first two months. After that I didn't have a problem until yesterday. WOW it was a huge one.

I tried to hook up to their cable and found out I am showing as delinquent on my bill which was crazy to me since I have my bank take it out of my account for me. I did a quick check on my account online while I had Time Warner on the phone. I discovered that I showed I paid that bill 5 days before it was due... taken out of my account grant you!!

The lady at Time Warner told me that all I had to do was sent them a copy of my bank statement and all would be good. YEAH RIGHT!!! I went a step further and had my bank send them a copy of what is a called a webshot. Time Warner rejected it saying that it didn't prove that I had paid them. My bank was very supportive telling me that they would try everything to help me get this cleared up. I called my bank a few more times only to find out that Time Warner had accepted the webshot for another person the very next day BUT NOT MINE!!!

The person I talked to at Time Warner told me that they would get back to me and follow up with me very quickly. I said "how quick?" He replied "next Monday." Well I was talking to him on a Monday. So since when is a quick time 7 days? I was just in shock with that!!! When I asked to talk to his boss I was told that they weren't in... How typical!!!
I'm now rethinking my change from DirecTV to Time Warner... Is the money savings worth this every month?

Unreliable Workers With Terrible Communication Skills
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Rating: 1/51

KINGSTON, NEW YORK -- I've always heard horror stories of Time Warner Cable, but until now I was lucky enough to not have my name on the account. Unfortunately, the time has come where I live on my own and was forced to deal with them myself. I moved into my new place on 8/4/13 and called Time Warner Cable on the morning of the 5th. It seemed too good to be true; I was having my modem sent to me and it was supposed to arrive on Wednesday, 8/7/13.

Thursday comes around and I still don't have the modem. I call Time Warner Cable again, deal with the terrible automated service they used to filter phone calls and am finally (10-15 minutes later) communicating with a human. This man tells me that the actual delivery date was Thursday, and that it should be at my place by 8 PM that night.

Friday morning comes around, still no Internet. I'm forced to call and deal with the automated system again. I get in touch with someone and they inform me that the information was not sent through properly, and that my product was not shipped at all. Not only was I told it was going to arrive on Wednesday, then on Thursday, but TWO of their workers told me that I would receive my Internet in no time.

I'm transferred to a 4th person (because the 3rd was unable to help me, but intelligent enough to know that the package was not shipped) and I'm given the option of having it sent back out or pick it up myself in Kingston. I opt to pick it up because I did not want to deal with the same thing happening. I currently do not have a car, so picking it up was a bit problematic but definitely worthwhile in my book. I guess the moral of the story is always have a roommate to deal with Time Warner Cable, because it's a complete waste of your own time.

Erroneous Collection Practices
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Got a call from Time Warner Collection Services stating I was past due. I was sure I had paid online using my Bill Pay feature through my bank. I gave the agent my debit card # and told her not to charge the card until the coming Friday. I woke up this morning and check my Bill Pay and realized I did pay it on time. I called TWC and spoke to ** operator # **. He was a pompous jerk who told me they had no records of receipt of that payment. It was up to me to prove I had sent and they had received it. Told me to contact my bank and have them fax proof.

I waited for my Bank to open. They were able to find the copy of the deposited check and was stamped on the back that it was deposited to TWC account with Wells Fargo. My bank faxed the information to the fax number ** the IDIOT gave me. I followed up an hour later with TWC's collection number. I was greeted poorly by some young dumb girl named **. She was rude as well and told me that they were going to process my credit card and if I canceled my payment I agreed to that my account would be suspended.

I asked for a supervisor. This even ruder supervisor got on the phone named ** operator #**. She was rude and instead of looking up the open ticket # I gave her on her computer she decided to argue with me about cancelling my prearranged payment. I explained to her my payment was already received back on the 13th of June 2013 and I find it interesting they charged me a late fee and are threatening to cancel my services for non payment. All this poorly trained so called SUPERVISOR had to do was look at the Ticket # I gave to see I already called and had my bank fax proof that they had received the payment and had deposited it.

WOW you pay your bill on time and they charge you a late charge and have their collection agency call you and then when you prove them wrong they are rude and want to cancel your service. TIME WARNER need to get their records straight and fire this call center they hired for collections and treat their paying customers like crap. Soon google tv will wipe the floor with them and they will offer their services for 49.99 for all in one. By then they will have upset all their customers... CANNOT WAIT TO CANCEL.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MATTHEWS, NORTH CAROLINA -- I called to change my scheduled payment and they said they couldn't help me. The technician came out a few days later to completely disconnect services and he was very courteous and called. He had asked me what I wanted to do and when I could pay so I told him the TWC reps wasn't willing to help and wouldn't help. He then made the arrangement with me like I wanted to begin with, he asked for my bank routing and account number. We then read it back and forth several times to make sure it was accurate.

The day that it was scheduled to run and the day after I called to make sure it went through and was run. The automated phone system said the payment had been made. As of 6/20/13 at 11:45 my services were disconnect. I called to find out why, I was then told that it was because I provided a wrong account number. That's a lie. I had logged in to my online banking to get my account number for this. I told them that was BS and that the representative must have entered it wrong as I had clarified the correct account number several times while looking at it online with the technician.

The only thing they could say was "I am sorry, I understand your frustration, there is nothing we can do at this time. You will need to go to a local office and make the payment via cash or money order." This was a TWC representative error yet I as the customer have to pay the consequences of their mistakes. The floor manager and her supervisor was unwilling to go out of their way to make this right as I provided them everything they needed and I also gave them more info. The customer service from TWC is crappy. They don't care about their customers they only care about getting through the day.

On top of me having to go out of my way to make a payment I thought and was under the impression had already been made they wanted to charge me an NSF fee. NOT HAPPENING. I will not pay for someone else's mistakes. I stayed on the phone literally with TWC for almost 4 hours before I said "screw it I'm calling corporate.| Needless to say I didn't call corporate only because I couldn't find the right number for my area. I will not pay my account balance ever, they can pick their box and equipment up because I will not deliver anything to them.

Customer Service From Hell
By -

Let me start by saying I was a Customer Service Rep. so it drives me nuts when I call their Customer Service for anything. I seem to always get "new" reps that don't know what they're doing, talk in circles and send me into what my old co-workers used to call the "transfer circle of hell." Every single time I call I'm polite, patient and clear with what I need because I remember what it's like to have someone scream at you because you represent the company. That being said I feel like they don't give a crap if you're polite, you're still a burden, they're still overly defensive, and sometimes rude.

I get transferred an unreal amount of times, the talking over me and in circles drives me INSANE.. Basics of customer service, solve the situation in ONE CALL whenever possible, and DO NOT talk over the customer. I could understand if I were cussing and acting like a fool but when I had to demand to talk because he was saying the SAME THING over and over I almost lost it.

Emails are pointless. More often than not I've tried to email them to avoid calling, all I get is what seems like a generic copy and paste answer that doesn't even answer my question which means yaaaaay I get to call. I had complained about my internet 3 or 4 times (being nice) and it was always "escalated." I got no call back. I finally tried online chat because calling and emailing were obviously not working... I don't know where they find these people.

I know I've typed a lot on this review but when I contact any customer service I'm clear, direct and to the point. I've never had any situation resolved by the original representative I talk to, I'm ALWAYS transferred. If it's an email the response doesn't even make sense and if it's online chat they have always referred me to a number to call and then that number transfers me to another dept. and so on until I eventually give up and just live with the problem.

Kick Away Time Warner Cable From Your Community
By -

Time Warner cable is making deceptive business to their customers. I am a victims of Time Warner deceptive service. On June 2010 they sent to me mobile roadrunner device without my consent. Then I called several times Time Warner company and told them, "I do not need this device." One customer service representative told me, "OK, we will send you return box and send it back with your device."

I was waiting for their return box for two week, but nobody send it to me, then I returned my own box. They send me monthly statement and charged mobile roadrunner fee and service charge. I called several times to the company and asked cancelled my road runner service charge. They never cancelled the charge and also said me, "if you not pay, your Internet service would be suspend."

After a week, they cancelled my service. My kids doing school projects, so I need be high speed Internet. I called Time Warner and asked reinstate my service. They told, "you have to pay your balance and reconnection fee." I paid all balance and I got connection. 2 to 3 months OK, then they sent to me monthly statement and charged early termination fee for mobile roadrunner service.

I spoke to the employee at the customer service and said I returned that device. She said, "We got, but, you returned after one month." I explained, "I called your company within month and spoke to the representative for return box, but nobody send it me, that is why the device late for one week."

Anyway, you have to pay early termination fee plus each month late fees. Otherwise, your service will suspend. I paid, the all money and I requested "send me old statements from last June 2010 to December 2010 for verify my extra charge." The company said, "we do not keep old statements before six months."

How is their business. I paid around unnecessary 500 dollar for this deceptive company for their deceptive service due to the consumer harassment. (Even I did not open the mobile device and also I scare their service.) So, be careful. I requested refund my money but Time Warner do not. The company never consider customers right.

The Old Switcheroo
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- We all enter knowingly into contracts for cable, internet, and phone services that we are being scammed a bit. One price to start and then up it in a few months or loads of channels and then charge you different prices later, but this time I seriously don't even know what to do. I had Time Warner cable internet services in San Diego for a bit over 2 years. I was not informed that after one year my price would go up from 40 to 56 dollars a month. I was on the automatic payment system and they just upped it without so much as an email. I called and said I was going to jump ship, they offered it to me at 47 a month so I stayed.

3 months later without a word, back charging me 56 a month again. Well we finally decided to move away and I canceled their every more expensive services and mailed them back their modem. I looked online to see if it arrived and according to the tracking number no one was there to receive it and it was at the post office. Called Time Warner, was informed that it was my problem to get it there. Called the post office, was informed that the sender could no longer do anything, only the receiving party could get at the package now. So back to Time Warner, pleaded to talk to a manager and gave them a number to call to have the package redelivered.

Time Warner calls back in an hour and says that they did receive the package had it there already and it was not the right modem. Not possible. I say, "How did you get a package redelivered to you in a hour?" "Oh it was here all along." "So the US post office is lying then?" "You owe us 81 dollars" say Time Warner or the right modem. They sent me back "my modem". It arrived today and is not the modem I put in the box. I'm not a techie or whatever but I know the size and color of something I sent out a week ago. So what do I do? Is there anything I can do? Time Warner cable has duped me.

Time Warner has SERIOUS Ethics issues!
By -

Let's see. I was delivered terrible service this past weekend and needed more service on Monday which meant a return visit. My appt was for the 8a-11a window. NO ONE EVER SHOWED! I called and support said they'd transfer my ticket to the department which escalates issues and they should call me within 30 mins. NO ONE EVER CALLED! So, I called again to tell them no one has been out to my residence and it's hrs after the window plus I told them about the promise support made in saying someone would call me back in 30 mins but never did.

STILL NO ONE EVER CALLED! I had to make a 3rd call and was told the tech whom has my ticket noted he was out of modems and will be out tomorrow. I asked why wasn't I told this via email or telephone since they have both. He said he was sorry! Time Warner customer service stinks but I'll tell you what they really do well. LIE to their customers!

They note accounts well in attempt to convince customers they're right on top of things when in reality they're bombarded and haven't put in a system to handle demands. They're likely cutting corners and purposely not hiring enough personnel to properly handle customers and thus increasing the demands on current personnel. How many times have we all seen this style play out?

I've talked to several personnel in support {top and lower tier} and these people are lying on daily basis to customers. If and I do mean IF because Time Warner may have already done some backroom bargaining and you may not have any choice but to deal with them but IF you have another choice or choices I highly suggest you try them out instead of dealing with Time Warner Cable.

Oh, I not being totally fair when I say their service stink. The company whom they're contracted with that's in charge on burying the cables do a great job. Their field techs and installers are pressed and most are incompetent. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

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