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Timeshare Traveler Will Lie to You and Scam You - Don't Believe Them!
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PINELLAS PARK, FLORIDA -- In October of 2010 I got a call from Jerome ** at Timeshare Traveler saying he wanted to sell my timeshare. I told him I already had it listed at two sites, and all that happened is that the money I paid was tied up indefinitely and I wasn't getting any results. I told him I had two daughters getting married within a month of each other and another daughter starting college, resulting in thousands of dollars of expenses and I could not afford to tie up another $1808 to list the property indefinitely at another site.

He replied that this wasn't just another listing - that he had 5 business clients that he worked with regularly that were interested in the resort where I own my timeshare and he didn't have inventory to sell them. I told him I didn't believe that and wasn't interested. But he insisted that he could bring me three offers almost immediately, so I wouldn't be tying up my money indefinitely and wouldn't it be great to have the money from selling the timeshare to help with all those expenses (which it definitely would have been!). He said there was a 7 day right of revision on the contract, and he would bring me at least one offer in that 7 days or I could just cancel.

He seemed so sincere and I did need the money, so I said OK, but I told him and the person I was transferred to to confirm the order (who confirmed the 7-day right of revision) that I was only doing this because Jerome assured me that he would bring me a bonafide order within 7 days and that if he didn't, I was definitely going to cancel because I needed the money and could not afford to have it tied up indefinitely.

Well, Jerome did not bring me an order in 7 days, so I cancelled. I asked for, and received, a confirmation from the office manager that she had received my cancellation within the 7 days. However, they did not refund my money. Instead I started receiving calls from Jerome almost daily insisting that he had a buyer and had started the paperwork, but had to stop in the middle of the transaction because I'd cancelled. I told him I didn't believe it, that he had not brought me the offer in 7 days as promised and that I wanted my money back as promised. But he just kept harassing me about this buyer that was getting ticked off because I'd "backed out" on them.

I kept insisting that I wanted my money back, but they didn't refund it. Then Jerome started telling me that, in consideration of the expenses I had told them I had, the owner had decided to offer me to sell the timeshare for 1/2 the original fee. So if I would just send an email rescinding my cancellation, they would refund $904 to me and continue with the sale of the timeshare for the other $904. I still said no - I just wanted to cancel and get my money back.

This went on for months and Jerome just kept calling and insisting that this buyer was waiting and he needed this property and he just needed an email from me to authorize him to complete the sale and that they would refund half my money and do it for half price.

Finally, it became apparent that they were not going to refund my money and that getting back half the money was better than nothing, and maybe Jerome was sincere about this, since he kept calling and was so insistent. So finally, I sent the email authorizing them to go ahead with the sale. When I sent it, I was on the phone with Jerome, who said he'd be back to me that afternoon with the paperwork. But from that moment on I never heard another thing from them, and I never received any refund.

Months went by, and I called and called, but every time I called Jerome was never available and there was supposedly no one else who could help me and they said he would call me right back, but he never did. I asked to speak to the owner, but he was never available and never returned my calls either. I finally wrote letters to everyone at Timeshare Traveler detailing what had happened (basically what I have written here) and asking someone to help me. I got a call back about the letter from the Office Manager and I went through it all with her on the phone again.

She said she'd take it to the owner (who was one of the people I sent the letter to) and see what she could do. That's the last I've ever heard - she has never called back and no one has ever returned my calls and I have never received any refund. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and the response from the owner said that they had never promised me they had a buyer, they had never promised me a refund, and they had done everything they could to resolve the issue with me - all of which were blatant lies.

Of course there is nothing I can do now, since their contract doesn't promise a buyer - only a listing, and I sent an email authorizing them to go ahead with selling it, which was a huge mistake, but I was desperate to get back at least part of my money - and they know that, and they took advantage of that.

So DO NOT deal with this company. They will lie to you and they do not keep their promises. They make promises verbally which they then deny, and you have nothing on paper to prove it. Especially watch out for Jerome, who comes across so sincere and will promise you anything and has no compunction about out-and-out lying to you, even when he knows the financial situation you are in. Thankfully, partially because of my conversations with the BBB, they are at least now flagged on the BBB site as a company who promises buyers to customers and don't deliver.

I no longer have any hope of recovering my money - the company did what they were contractually obligated to do - put a listing of my timeshare on their site. So they know they can get away with this kind of scam. I'm just posting this to warn others, so hopefully someone else won't get scammed like this.

Timeshare Traveler will rip you off
By -

PINELLAS PARK, FLORIDA -- Do not have anything to do with this company! I inquired about their service and was told multiple times that "they had inquiries for rentals but had no inventory". This is their pitch to get you to jump without checking them out. I got on their website and they had 35 pages of inventory in Florida alone! In the meantime, they fraudulently charged my credit card for $800 without having a signed contract. I have been trying for 8 weeks to get this money credited back to my account.

They keep promising to do it, but they don't carry through. The last promise supposedly came straight from the company's owner 2-1/2 weeks ago, but I have still not received my credit. I am now pursuing the matter through my credit card company and I've filed complaints with the Florida BBB and Attorney General. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE SCAM ARTISTS!!!

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