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Poor Quality Window Tinting
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ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Tint Crafters in Hazelwood, MO has to be one of my worst experiences in dealing with any organization. They tinted my vehicle windows and the next day I noticed large creases in the window tint on both windows they tinted. I took it back and they did the two windows again. The next day the passenger side window again had creases in middle of the window. I took it back again and they re-did the passenger window. When he completed this one he rolled down the driver window and it was still a little wet. This caused more creases in the driver window and the guy told me to come back the next day. I contacted the owner concerned that this will be the 4th time I will have to return due to the poor quality work. The owner got very smart with me on the phone and implied he did not need my business or the business of people I refer. I asked the owner to strip the tint and refund my money and he refused. I asked him to meet me at the location the next morning to get this tint fixed. He agreed and we met me the next morning. His actions that morning appalled me as he cursed and threw tools all over the garage. He worked on the driver window for a few minutes and attempted to get the creases out. He rolled down the passenger window and checked it. He then released the vehicle back to me. When I got in the car I rolled up the passenger window to find they did not tint all the way to the molding leaving an area without tint. I went back and spoke to the owner once again and after cursing and throwing more tools he did the passenger window himself. He cursed his employee out for agreeing to tint the windows knowing it was too difficult. When he backed it out he stated the warranty that was guaranteed to at purchase is not valid since the tint is darker than legally allowed in MO. I advised this was not explained at the time of purchase and I expect him to cover any defects if the windows still proved to be poor quality. He stated "Do not bring the van back; it is not covered under warranty." I advised, if it is not correct I will have to charge it back to my credit card. The owner stated he would come get the vehicle with a wrecker if I did so. Realizing this was an empty threat I did end up having to charge the amount back since the windows were still not correct.

On one of my many trips up to the location another customer stopped me and asked if I was having trouble too. We had a long discussion and we both expressed many of the same concerns about quality and then the professionalism, or lack thereof, from the owner.

If you have to deal with this organization on warranty or repair issues, good luck! Especially since they cannot get it right the first time or even the fourth time!
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User Replies:
supertinter on 07/19/2007:
Well, I can't judge on the customer service issue, but...I know a little about window tint. If three different tinters tried to tint the same car and it didn't come out right, then chances are its your car.
CarGuy2 on 07/24/2007:
If they could not have completed the work they should not have agreed to do it. If they realized when they got in the middle of it and they could not do it they should have stopped and said they are unable to do it. I have had the windows on several vehicles tinted and a shop in West County had the courtesy to tell me they did not have the skill to complete the job on my truck due to the way the window was made. I think that it was due to being in a hurry and the single person working having to answer phones, wait on customers, and then go back and attempt to complete the work.
supertinter on 08/14/2007:
Couple things to consider: After market window tint installation is NOT PERFECT. I can point out contamination and imperfections in any window tint job you put before me. The customer must accept a small degree of imperfection. I don't agree that the shop has any obligation to turn away the work if they cannot get it up to to a certain degree of customer expectation. Some cars have dirt and dust in places that don't and sometimes even can't get cleaned, not even by a detailer. These problem areas tent to "inject" dirt under the film when the film is installed.

But that said, the shop IS under obligation to put extra time into any job that requires it. (In this case, it sounds like Tint Crafters put in triple time) It's the shops responsibility to quote a job accordingly. If a car requires an extra hour to complete, then the shop should quote (in advance) an extra hours work.

In this case, I give the benefit of the doubt to Tint Crafters. Some people just can't be satisfied no matter what you do. Tint shops generally don't give refunds, the quality of the end product is far to subjective.
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