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This company or should I say not a company, I bought a phone card online hoping I will get what I paid for but waited for hours and no phone card or pin info was given to me and I called the customer service number but it is always a voicemail no respond of anything I would say report this to Better Business Bureau.
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Alain on 06/03/2011:
Looks like Tipidtalk is based in the Philippines. You could complain to http://www.fcc.gov/complaints and http://ftc.gov/bcp/consumer.shtm, but I suspect they'll have limited jurisdiction. Your warning to fellow consumers is appreciated, though.
PepperElf on 06/03/2011:
Yeah I don't think there's much the FTC can do about it. If the company is overseas, it's likely the website is also hosted overseas too. The FTC won't have any jurisdiction there that I know of.

I'm checking out the "whois" info right now...

Oh interesting. The FTC just might have some jurisdiction after all. The Tipidtalk website is hosted by "Network Solutions", a US-based company.

Carry on, and see if you can file a claim with the FTC
marie on 02/25/2012:
I bought cards from this company.I get their promo card surprisingly, I can't use the card line is always busy. I tried it for how many days. It has been a month since I bought it but never had the chance to use it. I called their customer service no one is taking my call!Even toll numbers are not working.
cherry on 03/17/2012:
Thank you for all your reviews. It is good that I checked the reviews of this site because I signed up for an account and about to purchase phone card now.
Che on 05/05/2012:
The unlimited minutes card is a scam from tipidtalk.com. I wasted my $5 for buying this kind of card. I have only used it for 5 minutes or so last night but now it is not working anymore. Try to call their customer service but no one is answering the phone and their voice mail is full.
cyril on 03/17/2013:
I just bought 5 unlimited pldt phone cards 2 days ago... opened the required account and was advised that TipidTalk will give me a call. I never heard anybody calling me... I tried to open the account I made but I cannot open it... called the number they gave me but the google account was not available and I left a message to call me back. I called their sales number and the same thing happened... nobody answered. I believed that this is a scam and I would like to warn people that reads this not to buy or do business with TipidTalk. I will call my bank to cancel the credit card transaction and I will also report this matter to the Attorney General of California for fraudulent business practices. PLEASE BE WARNED!
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Waste Of Money And Time!!!!
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I went to TIPIDTALK. COM to buy this $5 prepaid phone card "AKO'Y PINOY" which was supposedly on sale for only $3.99, so I bought it hoping I could get to use it right away...I had to wait for a day to get the email reply with the numbers, already having a bad feeling that somehow I should have just went to Longs Drugs and bought it there the night before...So as I dialed the access toll free number Lo and Behold! I heard an automated voice saying, "The number you dialed is incorrect, make sure you dial the correct number." I immediately called their customer service and told them the access number they gave does not even work, all they can tell me is to try again...so I freakin tried again and this time I knew I should have not trusted buying the phonecard in this stupid website. Of course however many times I tried it didn't work and when I called the customer service again...they said that the phonecard no longer works in HAWAII and CANADA!!!

So I hope with this review, people won't make the same mistake of buying anything from TIPIDTALK. COM. These guys should be ashamed of yourselves for cheating on honest hard working Filipinos who would like to get a decent phonecard that actually works so they can call their families back home.
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