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Paid Services Not Being Performed
Posted by Big Body E320 on 10/22/2007
METAIRIE, LOUISIANA -- On Friday, 10/19/07 I went to this establishment for a wheel alignment because my vehicle was pulling hard to the left & the steering column was not aligned (this diagnosis made by my regular mechanic a week earlier during a test drive with me present).I also asked to check the struts & brakes, an additional cost of $14.99.I left the location to get lunch. I was gone for about 25-30 mins when I received a call advising me that my front struts & back brakes needed replacing. He quoted prices for each. I declined the repairs & wanted the wheel alignment only. I asked how much longer it would be? He advised that it would take approximately 1 hr. After about 15-20 mins, I returned to the establishment (which was 5-7 mins. away) to find my vehicle in the section where I parked when I first arrived (NOTE: when I left, the vehicle was on the rack in the service area).I stated that it hasn't been an hour since you called and my vehicle is parked & ready to go. The salesperson's comment was that it doesn't take quite an hour.

I still insisted that I wasn't gone very long. I paid the bill & left. On my way home, I noticed the car was still pulling hard to the left & the steering column still was not aligned. I was very upset & called back immediately. I was assured that the alignment was done & asked if I was given the printout. I said NO & asked how was it possible that it was done and the problems still exist. I was offered no explanation. I demanded a full refund for service I was charged for and had not received. I feel that the business practice of this establishment is not only dishonest & deceptive to the consumers, but illegal.

I was fortunate enough to detect that service was not performed on my vehicle after paying for it, but what about all the others who trust that they're getting what they're paying for.
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Posted by Tuckelbum77 on 2009-08-19:
Tuckelbum77 here: I am thankful for these stories of disingenious work by the mechanics of established businesses in tire and brake establishments. We can avoid them henceforth! Truly, it's a pity, the amount of rip offs and dishonesty that prevails among them. Of course, if they keep it up, they'll reap what they sow! See Galatians 6:7!
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Went In For Brake Inspection, Came Out Almost In Debt $800
Posted by Feelscrewed on 05/10/2008
TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA -- This is the email I sent Tire Kingdom themselves...

In a nutshell, when hitting my brakes, I heard a "scraping" sound, which my boyfriend verified was a problem with one of the brake pads THATS PRETTY MUCH IT....Tire Kingdom "found" $715 worth of "work" that needed to be done....I am so fed up and aggravated with this company that I am fighting every whim of my being to start a lawsuit...

I am emailing in regards to the terrible service I have received at one of the new locations in Titusville, FL. My boyfriend and I had went in there to have a brake inspection, and being he has a lot of knowledge on vehicle maintenance and up keeping, he checked out my brakes before hand to see what needed to be done. All he had thought that was an issue was possibly a rear brake pad, a tightening of the E Brake and a new light bulb in the right tail light. When we arrived to Tire Kingdom, we had mentioned of these issues, to which we received a phone call 45 minutes later explaining to us that there were several other things wrong with the vehicle that my boyfriend had already previously looked at. They included leaking of brake fluid, warped rotors, and worn out front brake pads. They then proceeded to tell us that this would all cost around $715.00!! That is RIDICULOUS. We had researched the prices of parts supposedly needed and the cost is nowhere near that. On top of all of this, when they were backing up my car, the guy scraped the bottom of my car with the top of the lift, adding insult to injury by causing other issues that were not originally there.

When I opened the car door, I saw a bunch of grease on the interior and steering wheel, which I had cleaned before we got there. I am very dissatisfied with the unprofessional, RUDE, and dishonest employees that work there, and I will make it known to whomever I can that this is not a worthy place of spending your hard earned money for work that doesn't need to be performed on your vehicle.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-10:
I gather that you did not have the work done? Good for you! If you had them do the work, you would not be posting as 'Feelingscrewed', you would be posting as 'Thoroughlyscrewedandsore'.
I had a similar experience with my local Goodyear joint. I took my vehicle in for a winter oil change (I normally do my own simple maintenance). They offered a 'free inspection'. I consented. Ten minutes later, they brought out an $850 estimate for 'important repairs' my vehicle needed. Brakes, power steering flush, transmission flush, coolant flush, clean the injectors, and replace a $15 tail light bulb ($2 at NAPA). I was also told I needed a new battery (the one in the vehicle was less than two months old). I declined the work. Many people do not. Find a reliable shop and let them do the work if your boyfriend cannot. Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, your experience is common!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-10:
Actually depending on the car and what parts would be required, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-10:
Quite true, dealer. A newer car with now-standard ABS brakes can easily exceed $1000 for a complete brake job. However, the OP researched the parts required for her job and they were 'substantially' cheaper. And while parts are only part of the expense, brake jobs are not labor intensive. Some shops will sell new rotors, rather than turning the old ones, will replace slave cylinders instead of rebuilding them...etc.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2008-05-10:
NTB National Tire and Battery, which is also known as Tire Kingdom, is known to be a ripoff joint. They charged my mother $2400 to have a rack and pinion installed on her 1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass. She could have had the same repair done for half that price if she went to an independent mechanic. And their ads are unbelievable too, with too many "extras" added on, like a "$15.99 Pennzoil oil change", but they add "environmental and shop fees" on top of that price. Most other auto service chains, when they advertise oil changes, usually advertise an "out the door" price, with "no ups, and no extras" (to quote Earl Scheib, when he advertised $29.95 auto paint jobs many years ago.) Once you add the "environmental and shop fees", that $15.99 oil change will end up costing close to $25 anyway. And their tire prices don't include the required services either, like valve stems, mounting, balancing, and old tire disposal fees. Most reputable tire dealers advertise an "out the door" price on their tires, which INCLUDE the above services-and their "out the door" price is often less than NTB/Tire Kingdom's price, once you add the required services to their lowball price. Perhaps these "environmental and shop fees" vary from vehicle to vehicle, since some vehicles use only 4 quarts of oil, while other vehicles use anywhere from 5 to 8 quarts of oil...some pickup truck/SUV diesel engines, and Cadillacs with Northstar engines, use 8 quarts. But still, an "out the door" price will make it easier for customers to get an idea on how much an oil change or tire replacement is. I don't recommend NTB/Tire Kingdom. There are more reputable places out there to have your car serviced.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-05-10:
I agree with GenuineNerd...I had my car at NTB this past month...because my "Service Engine" light was one..they replaced the front 02 sensors and said the back ones were fine. They charged $60.00 for the Diag. Test and said the test would take ONE HOUR to run...(obviously to run up the labor time)totaling just over $400.00. The next day the engine light came back on again. Thinking it may be somthing that would be covered in their "guarenteed" work the day before, I was told the two back 02 sensors needed replaced along WITH a complete Converter Assembly, they qouted me the price of $1095.57 PLUS the tax! I took the car to my regular garage, they rand the Diag. Test and told me the converter assembly didn't HAVE to be done right away and I can drive with it for a year if I wanted to and it wasn't going to affect the performance of the car. He took one look at the problem and knew that I never drive on the highway and only suggested that I have someone take it out for a drive on the highway for about ten miles and it would be fine. He DID suggest the converter assembly be done before my next emissions' test, which isn't until next year anyway. No problem with the back sensors at all. He cut the engine light off, gave me my car keys and sent me on my merry way with NO CHARGE and he ran the diag. test in less than three mintues! Looks like NTB would have seen the issue with the converter assembly when they ran the test the day before, but probably wanted me to bring the car back so they can charge up more labor hours because that was something that could have been done (if really needed) while he had the car up on the rack.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-05-10:
Thanks to Pirate for his suggestion, I just got my own Diag. Code Reader delivered today...now I can check my own before taking it in to anyone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-10:
If your boyfriend is such a car genius, then why didn't he replace your brakes? It is ridiculous to complain about a retailer marking up the price of parts. When you go to a bar, you pay $5 for a drink you could make for $1 at home.
Posted by knt2000 on 2009-11-16:
I went in to just install tires, and they told me that I needed $1,200 worth of repairs/labor/parts. Needless to say, I did none of it. I even checked the prices of the parts, and they were 4 times the cost, and they get their stuff from Advance Discount Auto. I know, because my wife works for discount, and they even get a 20% or more discount on the retail prices. It was fun too, the guy approaches me to tell me that I need these "repairs" and he looks like he is talking to someone that has a patient in the hospital that is dieing and he got some REALLY bad news....
Posted by Hmmm on 2011-05-28:
I bet you all would like the parts to be sold at cost and no labor charged? Large auto shops have much higher costs than privately owned shops (better equipment, more employees). Thus labor rates are higher. Labor is quoted off of book time which is listed by the manufacturers and pulled off of Mitchell. Besides all of that, the price of the parts are marked up to offer nationwide warranties. Or should companies not mark them up and replace defective parts at no charge, incurring more costs? If you choose to decline the work, that is your prerogative. But you bash on these companies for trying to make a profit? This is not a for non-profit charitable organization. Think, people.
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Tire Kingdom Metairie, LA screws over their customers
Posted by Surreal on 06/29/2010
METAIRIE, LOUISIANA -- My front 2 tires were balding and the right one had the inside of the tire coming out. I had to call my parents and ask them to help me out since I couldn't afford new tires. I initially wanted to go to the Goodyear by my apartment since my back 2 tires were Goodyear. I had asked my parents to just send me the check (since I know most auto places like to screw over women I was going to have my boyfriend with me). But instead, they called me to tell me to go to Tire Kingdom since they were having the buy 4 tires for the price of 2 sale. They had some set up where my parents would go to the one by them to pay for me. I wasn't comfortable with this but my parents insisted I do this. So, I went and lo and behold I get a phone call telling me my BATTERY was out of juice...would not jump start or anything.
The funny thing is that I had no problem with my battery at all. Of course, the manager claimed he'd never screw over his customers, etc. But, what I was afraid would happen, happened. Here is a young girl, who's parents are paying for the bill (and aren't there in person) so they knew my parents would buy me a new battery so I wouldn't be stuck without a car. Real nice.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-06-29:
I'm not saying that they didn't mess around with you, but when I had to replace my battery it didn't give me any warning. If you want to pick your own place, pay for it yourself. I hope you said thanks to your parents for buying you tires and a battery. Mine would have laughed and sent me money for a bus ticket!
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Rip Off Artists
Posted by SFM1972 on 01/01/2010
Tire Kingdom is the biggest Tire store in USA, as well as RIP OFF ARTISTS. This company thrives on passing the buck on complaints. It is really not the store managers faults, as I used to be one. So if you want the inside scoop of this CRAP COMPANY, hit me up at sfm1972@live.com some time and I will help if I can. One time a store had a car stolen by an EMPLOYEE, and it total lost the vehicle. TK would not help customer out. Managers are always told to help a customer out what ever it needs, but when it happens and they do get problem taken care of, corporate boys start with the reprimands. This company sucks. A manager is told at start in interviews that he will only work 50-55hrs a week. NOT !!! My average hours were 75-90 hrs a week. NO SH**!! The most ridiculous thing is the pricing. You will get ripped off. IF you price out a job at tk, find out what the part numbers are and go check a local AUTO ZONE, ADVANCE AUTO PARTS, NAPA and see if they have that part number and have them price it out to you. TK has a 200% mark up. NO SH**!!! 200%. They have serious action taken against managers that do not follow these RIDICULOUS PRICE RIP OFFS. Like I said, just email me if you want more. The 4.5 years I was there was a joke, no employee loyalty rewards, I had to stay there due to I needed the job. In that 4.5 years I was there, in my region in North Carolina we saw almost 12 vice presidents in this area. Each one you had to prove yourself to and each with a different approach on how to rip people off. The average mechanic or tire tech turn around time is only 5 months due to the bull they put on their employees. Wish some thing could change about this company, but Orland W. and Bill I. the big wigs there get paid way to much money to change their policys.
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Don't Know Why You All Were Treated So Badly.
Posted by Starman535 on 02/28/2014
I really don't know why the folks who are ragging on Tire Kingdom didn't just go to another location. The location near where I live (South Miami, FL) has always treated me fairly, and given good prices and service. I expect the problems they encountered were due to the location's management.
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Posted by Cjackwal on 02/03/2014
SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Tire Kingdom in Gastonia tried to tell me that the batteries in all four tire sensors died at the same time. The Tire Kingdom in Shelby badmouthed the branch in Gastonia saying that they were slackers. After getting new tires in Shelby my tire pressure light came on again. I drove 20 miles to Shelby and they tried again to get it to stay off. After leaving it came on again halfway home. Incompetents!
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Service Oil Change
Posted by Blovingshimer on 05/18/2013
My son, his girlfriend and myself, each time someone goes in for an oil change, we're given a reason why they can not do it. It can't be done unless other work is done. I will not purchase any additional tires or any other service. I've been a customer for over 20 years. Bye!
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-05-19:
Many businesses in the auto repair field use oil changes to promote added repair work. They do not make much money on just oil changes so other services are pushed. It also gives them a chance to give your car the "look over" to find repairs that are needed. (and sadly many that aren't needed)It is like grocery stores selling milk at or near their cost just to get you in the door and expand their customer base in hopes of selling other products. You will always find the milk at the farthest corner of the store. Losing an "oil change customer" for this type of business means nothing to them. Usually the quality of the oil change at this type of business is also sub-par. What you should do is find a place that does oil changes at a competitive price and then ALWAYS tip the worker $5 (give it to the tech in person). Before long you will be recognized by the workers and get great quality service. It also doesn't hurt to read the name on their shirts and address them by it.
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Basic Oil Change...
Posted by ABOOTH2 on 04/14/2013
LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- Start off I'm a daughter, sister, grand-daughter to mechanics, but with that being said I don't always have time to do oil changes at home, I went in for the convenience. Mark my words I will never do it again. I walked in and explained I just want an oil change and new wiper blades that's it. I was then asked if I want the free maintenance check, brakes and lines check, I said no just change the oil. Services person then said I'm going to go it the vin number and mileage from our car I will be right back. When the service person came back asked me about my tire pressure light, I told the services person it is for the spare tire and I don't want anyone to mess with the cover because it isn't the easiest to get on and off. From my husband doing it has put a ripe on the cover and I don't want it any worse.

I signed all the papers told to make my self at home. After a few minutes the service person came back and said I needed a new battery gave me a estimate on that. I thought to myself I said no to the free maintenance check.

After another 10 minutes passed and the service person came back with something else that was supposedly wrong. Well long story short I was being hounded for just about everything. Thankfully I am related to mechanics if any big problem happened with my car I would have one of them work on it. I just wanted an oil change. After an hour I was finally able to get my car back and leave. I was so pissed when I left that I didn't notice the big grease stain on the fabric on my door.

As a woman the experience wasn't good at all. I feel bad if any other woman/man came in without not having the knowledge or the resources of being mechanically inclined would have one heck of an expensive trip. If I did everything they said was supposedly wrong I would have at least paid thousands.

You make your industry look bad doing business like this.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-04-15:
This experience isn't just because you are a woman. Maybe worse then usual, but my guess is tehy would do the same to others who don't wear skirts. Great review - thanks for letting people know. This place is to be avoided at all costs, which will be a lot higher than they should be to the unwitting customer.
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Posted by Jpena543 on 10/31/2012
PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA -- I was a regular at the Tire Kingdom Store #056 9898 PINES BOULEVARD Pembroke Pines, FL 33024, until last year, I went for my usual oil change, and they tried to sell me an unneeded engine flush claiming they found sludge. I refused, and they said that it was company policy and would not do the oil change w/o the flush. I have worked on cars since I was 12 years old, so I have a clue. I asked how did they find sludge w/o draining the oil? They said it was on the dip stick! My car had less than 50K miles and I had checked and wiped the dip stick the day before driving the one mile to the shop. Of course I left immediately, got my oil changed down the street, I looked over their shoulder as they drained the oil, no sludge.

A few days ago I went for brake estimate to the shop at Tire Kingdom Store #260 2600 PINE ISLAND ROAD Hollywood, FL 33024 this time the guy looked at brake rotor through the rim and with a very concerned look pointed to bluing on the rotor and said they would have to be replaced. I told the story to a friend and he laughed and said they tried to sell him on a flush and replacement of his power steering fluid, the car has electronic assisted steering, not hydraulic! LESSON LEARNED: AVOID ALL Tire Kingdom ripoff shops!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-31:
Does Tire Kingdom specialize in tires, or am I being presumptuous?

I go to STS for my tire work, but I would never ask them to do anything else. I do my own oil changes and most work like brakes, exhaust, etc, and have a local mechanic for special jobs I don't want to do or don't have the tools to do.

I would have the same reluctance to have AAMCO do anything except transmission work, though they claim to be jacks of all trades.
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New Customer and Won't Be Back
Posted by Rhcurran on 09/06/2012
KINGSLAND, GEORGIA -- Had a flat so our vehicle was towed to Tire Kingdom on Kings Bay Road--between 6-7pm, shop open till 9pm. Tire Kingdom had a special buy two and get two free but of course our tires did not qualify and they needed to be ordered and would not be in till the next morning. Ok. Ordered two new tires and an oil change, and asked Tire Kingdom to check out a couple of problems. Heard from them at almost noon the next day--they had not changed out our tires or done the oil change but had priced out a $200+ plus part plus $99 for labor and wanted the go ahead to order it. We declined and waited and waited and waited. Called back around 7pm only to find out that the oil change STILL had not been done and they hadn't checked out one problem we had asked them to. So two days without our car to do an oil change and change out two tires. BIG FAIL. We were new customers and told them up front that we needed work done on another vehicle depending on how things went with this one. That won't be happening. I have no confidence in the work, or even that the work has been done. You need to be able to trust your mechanic.
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