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Poor service
Posted by Todd69 on 03/21/2012
The new store in Titusville Fl. scratched my wheels when they dismounted my tires. Called the store manager (I thought that is who you call when you have a problem) was totally blown off and put on hold for someone else. I was given the deer in the head light look when I showed them. I also had problems with the other Titusville store before, that is why I stopped using them. Never use them again. I would use Wal-Mart first.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-21:
I don't know if scratching wheels during mount/dismount is covered by most establishments. By its nature, you have a steel object rotating around the circumference of the wheel to encourage the tire on or off.

Expertise will vary at these kinds of places. Your complaint may prevent others from having the same experience at this location.
Posted by todd69 on 2014-02-25:
trmn8r-Scratching someones wheel should not be common practice, just because something rotates around the wheel. They have a mag wheel machine that will prevent this from happening. You right expertise will vary, that is the whole point of putting my 3 cents worth. My complaint is to prevent people from using either one of the Tire Kingdoms in Titusville.
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Poor customer service
Posted by Wandaortiz on 03/08/2012
HALLANDALE, FLORIDA -- Lazy employee. Could not find me in their system, mind you I have been a customer for over 3 years, could not care less, his response: sorry, but I can't find you in the system....i just walked out, never again. Will take my business elsewhere, matter of fact, Goodyear is across the street and they are bending backwards to get Tire's business and they are succeeding. GO TO GOODYEAR AND SAVE YOURSELF A HUGE HEADACHE!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-08:
Bravo, good ol Goodyear!

This is exactly why the free enterprise system in the U.S. is so great.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-03-09:
Just the name "Tire Kingdom" would make me suspect. Goodyear is a reputable name and I would trust them to do business with.
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Rip Off
Posted by Nurses.two on 02/13/2012
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This was my second bad experience at this location. A year ago I had tires installed and they were grossly improperly aligned after waiting many hours. Last week I returned to have tires rotated and was happy to see a new crew. I was told the struts were bad so I had them replaced. After returning home I googled " tire wear from bad struts". Something didn't add up and visited the next day several other mechanics to get confirmation that the struts indeed needed replaced. I'm sorry to say I never got confirmation. When I returned to ask for old struts, they were already picked up by scrap guy. What are the chances. These guys are crooks. BEWARE!
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Posted by Skye on 2012-02-13:
I think after the first bad experience, going back a second time would be a BIG risk.

Thanks for warning others.
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Avoid This Place! (Scam)
Posted by Stefano28 on 12/01/2011
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I had previously gone to Tire kingdom to do some tire changes. Never will I make that mistake again. If you do not know to much about cars, I recommended you avoid this place. Every times I went in, I ended up paying literally 100% more then what they would tell me over phone. Best part about the situation was that a day later the tire popped. I called in and they told me that they would replace it free of charge. I set up a date to go to get my new free tire but I wasn't able to make it so I ended up going 4 days later, and when I got their they said that I didn't buy a warranty and that I would have to pay for the new tire. One year later I call over the phone to go again for new tires, they told me the tires I wanted were in stock and would fit my cars rims. When I got there, they denied I ever called and made me pay double the price I was quoted over phone. And on top of all this, they made me wait 2 hours for them to change the tires on my car. Mind you it was a Tuesday morning and the place was empty. I will never make the same mistake again. Please avoid this place for your own good.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-02:
I know a bit about cars, and can you explain to me what you mean by the tire "popped"? I'm not sure that is a technical term. The bead broke, a hole appeared in the sidewall, etc? Was there a manufacturer's warranty that applied to whatever problem you had?

As for the latest situation, was a brand discussed over the phone? A doubling of the price is huge. You say that they "made" you pay double. Did you reverify what was to be done and at what cost before they actually began? If I was quoted double the next day, I'd leave.

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Service paid for and not received
Posted by Arlowmark16 on 10/09/2011
Went in to Melbourne FL location where Brian and Tony treated us very unfairly. We waited three hours for our tire change. Then when the car was ready they informed us that the alignment machine was broken. They still insisted on charging me for the alignment $125 and that I should go to another one of their locations to get the work done! Brian was especially rude and goading about the whole affair. Honestly the worst consumer experience of my life, total rip off, can't believe that people / companies like this are allowed to deal with consumers. Avoid this company at all costs.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-10:
I'm not sure charging you in advance for the service and then trying to send you to another location is permissible, but you can find out via http://www.myfloridalegal.com/contact
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-10:
Would they not give you your car if you didn't pay the charge? If they were holding your car hostage for not paying a charge on a service you didn't received I would've called the police.
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Bad service from harry
Posted by Ladybrown on 07/12/2011
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Came to the location on Friday have service doing spoke to he suppost to put the info in the computer he didn't he said he will have my part by Monday guest what no part came in on Monday spoke to someone else they had no ideal what I was talking about now the day is Tuesday he have my car still the same problem no part I had to call his manager guest what happen there nothing no help at all I call a part store they said that Tire Kingdom just call for the same part HE told me had to get the part from the deal. I call the deal and it will take two day to order and said my car will be ready tomorrow you get it... he just lied to me again poor customer service at the garner ferry location.. and if you look good he want to talk to you and you phone # he ask me about my personal life instead of my car. poor service poor service then I ask for the dist manager # he gave me a fax number dist no help DIST MANAGER you suck that is his dist manager please don't call him you will not get any help she call he didn't wanted to hear a word she had to say .....this is what my daughter went though
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Horrible Service BEWARE
Posted by AimeeL on 07/12/2011
KENNER, LOUISIANA -- My issue began at the Tire Kingdom in Kenner. They installed wrong size tires... :(
I then had to go to Tire Kingdom in Baton Rouge/ESSEN ln because of a blow out only to realize I had the wrong size tires on. Well they corrected the issue but didn't balance the three tires they replaced. Even though they claim they were "fixing" the incorrect work of the other store in Kenner.

My car drove so funny after this. The next week I went to Tire Kingdom Kenner to explain that I didn't think my tires were balanced. After two drives with the manager who swore there was no issue; after he made me wait until he serviced everyone else because "i had no problem" ; after going back and forth he finally looked at the tires. AND LO AND BEHOLD they werent balanced!!! Needless to say I was there for three hours going back and forth before he realized I knew what I was talking about.

Will never do business with any Tire Kingdom again and I would suggest you don't either!!!
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Horrible Service and Uneducated Staff
Posted by Dawun4fun on 06/27/2011
HARVEY, LOUISIANA -- This location sucks! I've personally witnessed the staff quote different prices to different customers for identical services to be performed. The management and staff are very unprofessional and everyone including the manager walks around with their trouser half off their butts. They are always on their cell phone or the establishment’s phone conducting personally conversation while customers are waiting. They also assist people that they know personally ahead of waiting customers. When the customers walk out they use expletives expressing how they don’t care that the customer left and that they can go elsewhere. I personally think they are ripping the company off at the customer’s expense. They jack up the prices due to tire diameter which doesn’t happen at Firestone or Pep boys. I was verBally quoted a price of $79 for an alignment and presented with paperwork for $169. I was told this was due to the car having 20 inch wheels. On another occasion I was told that it would cost $45 per tire to mount and balance 2 tires that were already off of the vehicle. Nearly $100 to mount and balance 2 tires is rediculos when other places do it for as low as $17 per tire. The manager proceeded to ask 3 of the staff members who were sitting in the back doing nothing except smoking (I believe it was marijuana) if they felt like doing it. They all declined and I was told that they couldn’t do it at that time. I must note that it wasn’t lunch time or near the time the establishment closes. I would ride on my axle before I’d take a vehicle there to have any service performed!
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What one may get at Tire Kingdom for 9.99$ Oil Change Deal
Posted by Shubhajit on 04/30/2011
DORAL -- I have an old Honda Accord 93 with Mileage 178K. Being an old car I make it a point to get the basic services done regularly. This time I got lured by a deal in the internet for oil change for $9.99 at Tire Kingdom. We left the car at the service station at Doral as the wait time was approximately for an hour and a half. The sales representative later called saying that the oil pan was not good and its threads were all stripped, with an estimate to repair the same for $ 400plus.
I have been an owner of this car for past 5 years and have changed oil every 3 months religiously, never ever did I get to hear about such an issue. After they changed the oil there is a constant leak of oil from the car and I am sure it will not take more than a day for the oil to completely drain off. When I dropped of the car it was perfectly fine with no leaks at all.
The Sales representative was insisting like a baby and confidently claimed the stripping was because of the guys who did the previous oil change. After I refused to make any fix to the car in terms of the oil leak, the sales representative wrote a note saying that he would never change the oil of my car ever.
What a service in $9.99 !!! My Mistake was to get lured with $9.99 money saver deal and go to such a non professional service center who can’t do what they claim to be their forte, instead leave my car with an oil leak.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-01:
You'd better get that leak fixed by someone, or keep spare quarts of oil in the car and check it regularly. And if the plug falls out while you are driving, your engine will be toast.

This is what happens at places with unskilled technicians. Just yesterday, I was changing the transmission fluid on my diesel tractor. There is a suction filter that screws in and has aluminum, large diameter, fine threads. I had it cocked slightly, and it was obvious it was cross threaded. If I had forced it, the threads would have easily and quickly been ruined.

I digress, but you need to find a place with skilled labor and use it religiously. Sounds like the tech at either the last place or this one ruined the threads through overtightening or cross threading.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-05-01:
there seems to be more and more complaints about this. i think it all depends on the technician who performs the work.

very helpful.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-05-01:
The oil pan drain plug in most cars, for some reasson, have very soft metal, and strip very easily. They make an insert that lets you seal the pan, and it doesn't cost anywhere near $400, either. It would take one heck of a leak to lose all the oil in one day, so you would notice it anytime you parked. I agree that it should be repaired right away, but not at 400 bucks. That is a pure D scam.
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Posted by Scout43a on 02/12/2011
SARASOTA -- I have gone to the local Tire Kingdom 3 times to try and have tires fixed or relaced ,, the service man there all three times was on the phone talking to someone that didn't sound like business ,, after waiting at least 7 or more minutes he would then ask what I needed , ( mind you each time is at opening and I am the only one in the store except today another man was in the store ,,each Time I am told it will be another hr before they can help me ,, They open at 8 am and I am there at 8 am ,, they never seem to have the staff
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