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Fired before unemployment would be eligible
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OCALA -- Well basically I was hired onto Titan Engines as a engine tear down technician. When I started working the guy who was training me treated me as badly as possible by yelling at me constantly. It seemed as though he wanted me to quit. Besides the constant yelling he would ask me to do things that were unnecessary like taking an oil pan to the back of the yard through freezing rain. (this could have been done the following day when there was no freezing rain as the oil p[an was not in the way). After taking the pan to the back of the yard he decides I took the wrong one and I have to fetch the pan and take another on back there instead. It got to the point where I talked to the superintendent about why the guy was treating me this way and the superintendent said tomorrow we will all sit down and have a meeting to see why he's treating you like this. (That meeting never happened) Well as time went on I realized the guy who's training me is drunk every day. Not to mention he's AT LEAST 30 minutes late every morning. I know this because I was 30 minutes early every day and dealt with the other employees asking he where's so and so. My reply was "I'm not sure" finally 6 months down the road I got some kind of food poisoning and was VERY sick so I called work before I was scheduled to arrive and asked if I could take the day off and they said "Absolutely! Just come back when your feeling better." So the following day I was no where near 50% back on my feet and I called again with the same response. The third day I was feeling well enough to go to work and when I arrived everything was normal, or so I thought. At the end of the day the Supervisor calls me into his office and says "I'm letting you go." My reply to him was "can you tell me why?" And his answer was "We need someone that's consistent" So respectfully I left. But How exactly am I the one who's inconstant? The guy who trained me is drunk and late EVERY day! Oh wait let me guess Titan engines is behind on work because of this drunk guy and lets hire on some gullible teenager to help us catch up and then fire him before he can claim unemployment. Well how about the fact I'm not some little teenager who can run back to mommy and daddy? I'm now losing my home to foreclosure because of this company's carelessness. [snip - no names please].
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