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Will Not Honor Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I wish I would have heed Mark's warning, but I didn't. I talked to a Sales Rep named Sherry. She seemed knowledgeable on motors. I asked about how the warranty worked. All she did was sell me a broke down motor and a pack of lies. I brought to her attention the Review Mark wrote (there was no Company Response at the time). She told me there was no litigation ever brought against the company. She told me Mark was never a customer, and they have a 100% mechanic's reimbursement record if anything would ever go wrong in 3 years. She NEVER said I had to send them the engine back!!!

After 2 months my Jeep starting to make a knocking noise, and leaking oil out of the block. I call Titan Engines to see what to do. They told me to send them the motor back and they will look at it. Never said nothing about me paying for anything. I do that (they did pay for the shipping). A week later a man (Frank) calls me, and says the block was leaking. It would be $1200 to fix it!!! He said it was my fault, and gave several hypothetical reasons why the block cracked.

I asked about the 3 year warranty. He said because it was my fault the motor was no longer under warranty. He asked if I wanted him to ship my motor back or fix it, I said "Send it back." They sent it back in pieces!!! You could see where someone used a silicon to patch up the original crack in the block.

I hate to admit it, I accidentally joined the Titan $2,000 club. Why don't the State of Florida shut down such a dishonest company? Now because I let a smooth talking sales woman into not believing the review Mark posted, I'm out over two grand!

Bought Cams on the 18th; I Called on the 30th to Find Cams Discontinued; No Call and No Refund Yet
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I purchased 2 cams off eBay on the 18th. I had to call them on the 30th to find out that the parts I bought they didn't even have and were drop shipping. They should be checking. I called the manufacturer and found out these cams were discontinued over a year ago and they haven't had any on the shelf for a year. I still have not received my refund and the ad selling these cams is still on eBay. Titan should of called me to let me know this and did an refund before 11 days passed.

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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, TENNESSEE -- I bought a motor for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. From the first mile it was junk. I called and called, nobody would honor the warranty. Titan Engines sent my Mechanic a cam kit, to fix the ticking problem. After we put the cam kit in. I got 160.1 miles on the motor. Coolant was leaking into the block. I called again. A rude dude named Matt told me to ship them the motor. Then they would see what the problem is, then tell how much it would cost to fix it. Keep in mind Titan Engines has a 3 year warranty w/ unlimited miles. Why should I pay for any repairs??? They even stuck my mechanic on putting in a new cam kit!!!

Lucky for me the motor break down happened so fast, I never mailed my warranty in. On the back of the warranty is a CLAIM RESOLUTION. That says you won't sue them in real court. So I go to the Marion County Court House and file a Law Suit against them. Well, come to find out TITAN ENGINES is really not the company's REAL NAME!!! MOTOR PARTS of OCALA is their real name ( The Registered Agent is JAMES ** (In case anybody needs to sue them, this info took me and a lawyer 2 hours to find out. Shell company after another).

Court day comes around. No one from Titan Engines shows up. I get a default judgment. You would think this is the end, but no!!! They get a lawyer to ask for a "Do Over" because the Registered Agent could not read a simple summons. The Judge upholds his Default Judgement. I start to collect, the lawyer files the same motion, same reasons to Set Aside my Default Judgement. After the 15 day filing deadline. I'm still in legal limbo.

Best thing you can do is buy a motor off of someone else. I see by the post above, a DRUNK or NERVOUS person more than likely assembled my junk engine. It's been over a year, I still haven't got my money. I guess I'm going to have the Sheriff Seize their bank account...

Company Response 05/10/2016:

We are sorry for this customers problems, however he is incorrect in his acquisitions. HE WAS PAID $3249.00 FOR A $1670.00 PURCHASE.
This customer did not purchase engine from Titan. It was purchased by a garage in Tennessee. That is why the case was set aside.
He had a cam failure due to improper break-in procedures. We offered to repair the engine upon return.
He never sent the engine in.
He sued for 3249.00. The garage paid 1670.00 for the engine, plus core deposit.
We DID send the customer $3249.00 for full settlement.

They Would Not Fix My New Engine While Under Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I wish mark would of posted his comments in january. I bought a engine from titan engines in january of 2016.
i also had knocking problems with the engine. I called to get a different motor (swap them out). Titan would have nothing to do with this course of action. They hem hawed me around for 2 weeks. The problem was the cam shaft. At first they told me, I did not break the motor in properly too. Must be a pitch!!! Someone named frank told me the manufacturer of the cam shaft did not warranty their product. I told frank, I bought a entire motor that was suppose to be under warranty from titan engines. The cam shaft was between titan and manufacture.

Unfortunately, I sent in my warranty. Just like mark said there is a resolution clause that says you cannot sue them in court. Instead you have to pay 50% of the fees to have a mitigation firm (in florida) to decide. I live in albany, ny. If I have to go all the way to florida I want to go to real court. Not some mickey mouse court!!! In short i'm out $2020 plus I have to buy another motor for my jeep!!! If you don't mind being ripped off, titan engine is the place to drop a cool two grand for nothing. I ended up scrapping my titan engine before I put one mile on the motor.

Response to Company Reply
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, TENNESSEE -- The company's reply is a complete lie!!! They only cut me a check for $3117. $1600 for motor, $300 core charge,
$750 to pay mechanic to replace the faulty cam, $300 Filing Fees (You get the filing fee back, if you WIN), $175 shipping, $280 COURT ordered interest. (All amounts are not exact, just ball park, except check total.) Also the judge did not see it the way Titan Engine says. The motor purchase was charged to my credit card!!! I had the motor shipped to Tennessee, because that's where I live. It was shipped to the repair shop. Because that's where it was installed... du!!!

The judge upheld his default because Titan Engines entered QUESTIONABLE EXHIBITS (The judge's exact words) for the appeal. They submitted a forged credit card transaction report. They switched my name for the mechanic's name. Also submitted a "doctored" up invoice. Titan Engines stated they said the "Break in" was done improper. How do they know? They stated I "never sent the engine back for examination". If they can't examine the engine, how can they diagnose it??? Lies, lies, lies.

Trying to collect the judgment was a mess too! Took around a month. I had to threaten involving the Sheriff to get their attention!!! I would NOT suggest anyone buy a bolt off this shady bunch, much less a whole engine!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

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