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TiVo Steals... TiVo sucks
Posted by User583232 on 05/06/2010
A fair warning about TiVo and why TiVo sucks.
Short version: I paid for a lifetime subscription. TiVo cancelled my account, claimed I called and cancelled, and claimed they credited my account. I never called and cancelled my account and they never issued a credit to my credit card. Now I have a useless TiVo machine with no service and I'm out over $300.
Details: I used to always brag about TiVo and have purchased 6 TiVo machines. I have been a TiVo customer for years and currently have three TiVo boxes "running." I have to put quotes around running since TiVo took it upon themselves to turn off one of them, which I paid a lifetime subscription for. I received and email warning and I emailed back to TiVo and even attached screenshot showing I had a lifetime subscription and never received any response. The proceeded to shut off my box. I then had the pleasure of calling TiVo. Should you ever call them, be prepared to be on hold forever. After giving up on two previous occasions, I finally planned my day around it and was able to get through after about 20 minutes of being on hold. The customer service representative was less than helpful. He claimed I called and cancelled my account, which I had not. I explained I had a lifetime subscription and he insisted I cancelled my account and claimed my credit card was credited. My credit card was never credited and I explained that. He then claimed their records showed they issued me a credit and he blamed my credit card company and said I had to take it up with them.
I called my credit card company and they confirmed I never received a credit from TiVo.
I got online with TiVo, which still took about 30 minutes to get a representative. The guy looked at my account and agreed something did not look correct; however, he would have to send it to a supervisor to look at. Even though he did absolutely nothing to rectify the problem, except pass it along, he seemed helpful. He told me someone would call me and I asked if they would leave a message with a number I could call back without being on hold forever, since I don't answer calls I don't recognize, since they're oftentimes sales calls. He said they would leave a number that was a direct line. Did they ever call and so much as leave a message? No.
Bottom line: TiVo can take your money, claim you cancelled, claim they refunded your money, and leave you with a useless TiVo box and out hundreds of dollars. But they'll make sure they wait a few months, so you don't even have recourse with your credit card company. TiVo SUCKS.
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Posted by bcd on 2010-05-06:
Request a copy of the credit receipt containing the transaction ID number. A merchant must honor that request. If they provide you with a transaction ID number, then you can verify the credit with your credit card issuer. If they fail to provide the transaction ID number, then you have caught them in a lie.
Posted by Rob on 2011-05-25:
Tivo does steal in my opinion. I cancelled my account 2 years ago on the phone with a service rep of theirs, and just found out they've been billing me monthly since then. (it was a credit card that I hardly use, so didn't notice. Bill is set to auto-pay.) "We can give you a 90-day credit."

Stay away from TIVO.
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TiVo Service Rip-Off
Posted by Nsdriv on 02/05/2010
My first mistake was purchasing a Humax TIVO/Video recorder combo a few years back, my second mistake was purchasing the lifetime subscription. All in all my initial investment was about $800.00 for both. About 6 months later the DVR started freezing up, which required unplugging the unit and resetting it. I researched the issue and found it was a common problem with this unit. I contacted Tivo and was told I could replace the unit with another, but it would use up the one transfer that I was allowed on my lifetime subscription. Since the reviews on the unit weren't very good I decided to live with the unit I had instead of risking another lemon then I would lose my lifetime subscription. I figured down the road I would purchase a better unit....well here we are. the machine gave out all together so I purchased a series 2 unit and went to transfer my subscription only to be told I would not be allowed to do so because it has to be the exact model machine I already had....problem is that model is now obsolete. They would be more than glad to sell me another 400.00 lifetime subscription...TIVOs lifetime service is a rip off!!! because every few years the will obsolete the current model and you will have nothing to transfer...then it gets better...It's a 200.00 transfer charge.....This company is crap!!! Save your money and get a DVR from your cable provider. Customer service is a joke...all they have is excuses for this and for that...I will never deal with them again, I understand now why HHGregg doesn't sell them!!
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Terrible customer service!!!!!!!!
Posted by Wgrand on 10/15/2009
I prepaid for a years worth of service and TV continued to bill my credit card for a years monthly fee! When I requested a refund for this double billing my request was denied. Not only were the customer service people not helpful - they were increadably rude.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
For a year you've been receiving this double billing and didn't notice until now?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-15:
BK, that's what I was wondering. I would be disputing with my charge card.
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Customer Disservice
Posted by The_Lens_Of_The_Customer on 09/06/2009
Before entering into a relationship with TV (tee-voh), carefully consider the difficulty you will most certainly encounter when it inevitably comes time to "break up" with TiVo.

After 2 and 1/2 years of being generally satisfied with the service, we realized that our casual and rare use of the service no longer warranted spending the monthly fee to keep it.

After calling to cancel the service the day my account was billed for the NEXT month's service, I had to go round and round with their customer "service" department to cancel the account and get refunded the charge. The charge was indeed refunded in the customer un-friendly time frame of 10-14 days as promised, but unbeknown to me, the customer "service" representative neglected to actually cancel the account.

So the next month upon noticing an additional monthly charge from TV on my charge account, I contacted the customer "service" department to demand an immediate refund and an explanation for the *unauthorized* access to my card. After 45 minutes on the phone with 3 customer "service" reps including a floor supervisor, I have a cancellation effective NEXT month and a credit coming back to me within the next 10-14 business days.

It's interesting to me how they can easily process an incorrect - and unauthorized - charge on a Saturday afternoon, but they are unable to apply the corrective refund "because it is a Sunday".

This is a prime example of what I consider a customer disservice provided by an customer "service" department whose sole purpose is to provide a buffer between the customer and the people who create the policies and procedures that generate the dissatisfaction that I and many other TV EX-customers have experienced.

Instead of being a highly dissatisfied TV ex-customer, I wish I had known this so that I could have saved myself the aggravation and not been a TV customer at all.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-09-06:
great review.

very helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-06:
Once you get every dime back from TiVo, be sure to save all your final statements or whatnot that show you are done, just in case they try to mess around some more. Do you you have a TiVo box of some sort that will have to be returned? Be careful that hanging on to that, or even trying to check to see if the service is really off, doesn't give them "permission" to start it all up again.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-06:
Mundo's right we just got a collections call for a cell phone bill (the account has been closed for 3 months). Make sure you have every 'i' dotted and every 't' crossed, so they can't do this again. Hope you will come back and update us.
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No Commitment = Extreme Commitment
Posted by Bartvshugo on 07/03/2009
I igned up for Tivo's month to month service, specifically because it said no commitment. My account still says on it no commitment. I called to cancel because my service does not work, and it doesn't record. When I call to cancel they said that by "No Commitment" my service plan meant "no commitment AFTER a year long commitment." That they were sorry they made the mistake of putting "No Commitment" on the account, but that that was "no more dishonest than what cell phone companies do." Tivo is pulling a classic bait and switch, call it "no commitment" even though they ADMIT that it is in fact an iron clad commitment to their service. Their early termination fee of $200 was more than the ENTIRE year long plan that THEY signed me up to. To them NO commitment means thats your plan after a commitment. I was ripped off.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-03:
Did you read what you signed?
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-03:
Contact your state's Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

No commitment should be self-explanatory.
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TiVo Series 3 - The Truth Is Out There
Posted by LOB on 02/08/2009
NEW JERSEY -- Like many others - I was delighted with my Series 3 when I bought it in late October 2007 - with the original hefty pricetag. Despite some initial install problems (cable company at the time not comprehending cable cards) - once I got up and running I didn't look back.

Thats until late Jan/early Feb of this year when my S3 began simply coming apart at the seams. Freezing, Rebooting, GSODs etc. Like many others because you have an S3 with cable cards..the S3 going down leaves you with nothing to fall back on.

Despite constant running around replacing HDs, cable cards, cables etc.. all known possible fixes provided by support.. still problems that eventually leaves you feeling like you've just been kicked to the curb with Tivo moving on and no longer caring about their S3 customers. In fact you end up feeling like a nuisance rather than a valued customer.

After reaching out to other S3 owners. The amount of users having the same problems with their S3's after a roughly 12-14 month period simply astounds me. (If you don't believe me do a google search for Tivo series 3 problems). It really makes me question why the S3 was indeed discontinued.. did Tivo simply get tired of replacing them or handling the endless tech problems?

True Tivo can't do enough for you when you are a perspective buyer or a new customer..but once youve become a long term customer with problems-they are suddenly a lot less unresponsive.

True maybe the new Tivo HDs are a lot better..maybe its only those unfortunate enough to own an S3 who'll be left behind with now very expensive doorstops..but regardless, based on my own experience..i will not be looking to Tivo in the future for my DVR needs. Which is sad because I really do believe it was originally a great product and service. But once things went bad with the S3.. and they obviously did.. the number of people left out in cold, and brushed aside after spending so much hard earned money is simply unexcusable, even from a once great company like Tivo.
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Tivo Cheated Me And Many Other People
Posted by Steve1351 on 02/08/2009
These TV service reps have an incentive to do anything they can to force you to add services. I had a representative add one year prepaid service to an old inactive TV that was on my account without telling me. Then when I realized that I was got an extra charge on my credit card I tried to get a refund and they would not refund even though they acknowledged that the TV was not active and was not calling in for program info. They repeatedly lied to me.
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Canceling Lineups That Are Not Deleted By Cable Company And Clicking Sound From Box
Posted by Malsburys on 12/31/2008
I do not usually bother when a message comes up saying the channel lineup has changed, but today one of the channels I regularly record was deleted from the guide. I checked my cable box and the channel was still available.

I called TV and the best they could do was say it would take 5 to 7 days to add it again. This means I miss a great deal of programming What is the purpose of TV if I can not record anything?

Also programs have started to freeze when playing. I was happy to find out that TV would exchange my box for a new one - great!! But apparently "exchange" means it will actually cost me $149 for a new box - am I missing something?
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