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Worst Company You Can Choose
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Rating: 1/51

MISSION, TEXAS -- So my husband and I had Verizon for about 5 years and we saw the promotional that T-Mobile had about switching to T-Mobile and they would pay your contract for Verizon. We eventually switched to T-Mobile, the sales representative told us that there was no contract, the phone cost was going to be included on the bill, and we paid a little over 100 for each phone for a deposit.

My husband had to give them his brand new Galaxy Note 2 in order for them to pay off the account for Verizon. To make the story short we had to send a paper with our information from Verizon after the first month. So I did. It's been over two months and I have not received any Visa card with the amount that he said that they were going to pay. I called the company and they told me that we did not meet the requirements that they were asking. And now we're stuck with them until we pay off our phones and on top of that my husband is already on collections and we have to pay Verizon and his Galaxy Note is lost. Worst customer service and worst company.

Unprofessional, Disrespectful and a LOSER
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went into T-Mobile to spend over $600 on a Galaxy 4s for my teenager's phone. The salesman was rude, disrespectful and obnoxious! He asked if I was upgrading or not, because he didn't want to waste his time with me (although no one else was in the store). Then, couldn't look up my usage, and lastly, said it would cost $100 in fees for the free phone that I had which I did not want to upgrade. Needless to say, I left.

This is an "independently owned" T-Mobile, up the road past Walmart on Boston Rd. is a Corporate T-Mobile, that waived fees and was courteous, kind and professional! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AT THE EASTFIELD MALL T-MOBILE! LOSER LAND!

Excessive Fees To Customers
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I have been a client of T-Mobile for over 10 year. I satisfied my contract and decided to switch carriers for better phone services and more phone selection. T-Mobile was notified of my switch to another vendor yet still charged me for an additional month of service claiming I did not provide them 30 day notice of porting to another provider. When obtaining my 5 cell phones I had to pay a month in advance, so they charged me coming in and double-charged me going out. This is unfair business practices and I will never use T-Mobile again. In fact I will do everything I can to warn people about the excessive fees charged by T-Mobile.

Yes, Inexpensive, But Paying For A Phone Without Service
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Rating: 2/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We switched from Verizon to T-Mobile several years ago at our adult child's request. The relationship with this carrier has been excellent - as long as we never left home. The limited service plan was a hassle, but we chose to live with that limitation until recently.

Retired, we have traveled quite a lot over the last quarter of 2013. During those 3+ months, we had virtually NO PHONE SERVICE while traveling - except when we were home to prepare for the next trip. I do not believe we should have to pay T-Mobile's normal rate for that time (Sept - Nov) since we probably had service only 50% of the time - maximum.

Also, we had an ill family member during the Pacific NW vacation and we're very frustrated to be unable to receive emergency calls or to call to inquire about them. Additionally, when we were in far Northwest Continental USA, we occasionally had phone service but T-Mobile reported incorrectly that we were in Canada (never) so data roaming charges were incurred. Thankfully, T-Mobile refunded those charges but there was still the risk they wouldn't and the hassle to get that done.

Again, T-Mobile products and service OTHERWISE are excellent, but these were severe enough issues that we switched to Verizon as soon as we returned home. I am writing this in the hope T-Mobile will realize how critical coverage is and expand their area. Thanks for listening and sharing this.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I have been interested in upgrading my Blackberry since last year. I opted to wait for the new Z10. I signed up for updates and patiently waited. During the wait I became impatient and frustrated. I called customer service and was offered a Note II at a great price. When I agreed and tried to purchase it like all my other phones. I was told I now had to pay full price and could not do what I had done before. I call back a couple of weeks later to purchase the phone and now the phone is out of stock.

Last week I'm at a BestBuy and see the new Z10 and a Blackberry representative She explains it's the nationwide release that everyone should have it. That she'd be more than happy to sell me a phone through AT&T. I tell her no thanks, going to stick with T-Mobile. I go to your store, and once again you don't have it. I call customer service a couple days later, and again you don't have it.

On March 26th I get an email saying phone is available. I call customer service and ask if it's online only, or also in stores. "**" says stores and that she will be glad to check. We pick a corporate store and she calls for me to check stock, at your Dadeland Mall store ( Dadeland Mall (1301) 7535 DADELAND MALL STE K4050 MIAMI, FL 33156. 305-668-0050).

She calls me back and says she spoke to store, and they have them in stock. I change my schedule around and head to the store immediately. When I get there, two reps attempt to help me. Young guy checks my account and calls girl over, who claims to be the manager. Neither one of them decide to give me their names, neither one of them was wearing a name tag.

They both go on to ask me who called me? When I tell them no one called, I called customer service. They proceed to tell me that the stock they have is for "their customers" and they cannot be selling phones to other stores. I explain I'm not from another store, that I called customer service, and last I checked I was a their customer. Manager says "they didn't speak to me" I go on tell them to look at my account and the tenure. That I've been a customer for over 10.5 years.

Apparently that meant absolutely nothing to them, and I am told they "cannot sell me a phone, because I'm not on their preferred list." I become irate and tell them that was BS and ridiculous. When I ask for the manager's card, she gives me a blank generic store card and refuses to give me her name. I call customer service and specifically tell the representative that I was livid and would do my best to contain my anger and not use every expletive I could think of. I slip one word in and she tells me she understands but to keep calm. Looks at the notes, and ask me for info on the store.

She agrees with me, what I was told was ridiculous. That if customer service sends a customer to a store, they should be able to sell me a phone. Puts me on hold and calls the store. When she comes back on, she now has "**" on the line. He says "it was ridiculous to turn me away, just come back to the store and he will take care of it." Now all of the sudden, they can sell me a phone? I slip another expletive (**). That I was not going to do that.

At this point because of their inadequacies, I had wasted two hours of my day, and as a consultant that gets paid by the hour. I had now lost more than what two phones cost me. That I should have been sold a phone when I was there, not given some excuse that "I was not on their preferred list" "**" goes on to tell the representative on the phone, "just hang up on him".

At this point I become even angrier because I cannot believe his audacity. Where has your customer service gone to? I hang up on the representative to gain my composure. Few minutes later I call back your support to get names of the reps and your representative once again gives me the run around. I am beyond disgusted. Is this how a loyal customer with such tenure gets treated? This entire incident was a complete lack of respect for my time, and years spent with the company.

Lied to Get Me to Sign 2 Year Contract. Sending a Booster Then Canceled Order. I'm Stuck!
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Rating: 1/51

I am begging for help! I'm sorry about the length of this and I'm hoping someone can help and tell me how to deal with T-Mobile. I've been a loyal customer for several years and I had wonderful cell service until June 2011 when I moved and service was non-existent.

I could not make calls inside my home, use the internet or send a text message. All phone calls had to make while standing outside by the street often in the rain or snow or in the heat. The first time I called I was told they would test the signal and asked me to go inside. I told them the call would drop if I walk inside. I walked in and the call dropped. I went outside so they could call back. This went back and forth several times.

My next phone call I was rudely told T-Mobile doesn't guarantee I will get service inside my home. I have a child that is home alone and I had several instances where he needed to contact me and could not. I got him a phone for this reason so he could reach me in an emergency. My son has several months with zero usage and my phone usually less than 100 minutes, maybe a 100 text and some internet service. None of these in my house. I complained a couple time but was treated poorly each time and being told they don't promise service will work. I let it go because I knew I was within my 2 years of the contract and would get out then.

On September 11, 2012 I called to cancel my contract and request information on porting my cell phone numbers to another company because thankfully my contract was up. I spoke with ** about porting my number and we talked about how bad the service had been in my home.

He proceeded to convince me to let your company send me a booster. I declined. He kept telling me give it a chance because if I didn't like it or it didn't work I would send it back within 20 days and the contract was void. More than once I told him I don't want to do this and I was a little upset the reps on all the previous calls treated me poorly and essentially said “read your contract, we don't promise our service will work in certain locations.”

He said he understood and apologized for the calls with other people. I told him I want to make 100% sure before I agree to do business with T-mobile again that I can get out of the contract because I am not paying over $125 a month for two phone lines that I can't use at my home. He assured me this would be the case. He made me go through the phone prompts agreeing to a contract. I assume (or assumed) the rest of our conversation was also recorded??

The next day I got an email saying the booster was canceled. I immediately and was told it wouldn't work where I live and will block neighbor's signals. I immediately called about the booster and they said because I also told ** there was a something between the walls separating my town-home and my neighbors when it was actually just walls separating the units. I was locked into another two years of unusable service. There is a garage on one side and something between the walls on the other side which is why the booster order was canceled. I'm sorry this probably doesn't make much sense.

After a tearful night and realizing I must me the stupidest person on the planet to get screwed over by T-mobile I got furious. Hopefully they give ** a big raise. He earned it. As I work in a customer service and am appalled at the sleazy way they do business. Is there anything I can do? I ported my numbers to another company and cannot afford to pay the termination fee and cannot afford to have a big ding on my credit, more important I REFUSE to give them a dime. I feel tricked and ashamed that I was so dumb to get duped like this.

WARNING: Do not trust the Sales People!
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I have been with T-Mobile since I've had a cell phone, probably about 11 years now. What I've experienced when dealing with the customer service is scary to say the least. EVERY TIME I've ever renewed a plan the representatives have lied to me about what exactly I am getting. It's quite amazing the number of times they've done this. They will tell you a number of things to rope you in to renew or sign up for new plans. In the past I've been given what I thought were set plans, set monthly charges, the list goes on. Every time I go through the motions I always find out that I have been schemed.

When my last 2 year agreement finally ended I felt it was time to play hard ball. I told them that under no circumstances would I agree to lock myself into another one their policies. So they offered to keep me on regardless, on what I was made to believe were my terms. They said my monthly fees were going to be lowered by about $15 and that I was getting a number of additional services. I asked the service representative over and over to confirm the services and fees which he did reassuringly at least ten times on the 40 min plus call. Though he would not give me a confirmation number which should have raised some red flags.

After the call ended, I made sure to call right back to confirm the new plan and of course 90% of what the representative told me was a straight out lie. The new representative told me he never heard of such plans and it ended up that they also added a data fee that I had no interest in which I would have been charged an additional $20 each month if I didn't catch it that day. My monthly statement only went down $3 and my services were cut in half!!! There was no way to get in touch with the representative who promised me the moon and I was written off once again. Luckily this time I'm not locked into anything so I could finally just split and go with another provider.

They have continually done this to me in the past. They promise one plan and lock you into another and there is NOTHING you could do about it until the 2 year term is up. The best bet in dealing with T-Mobile is to record all phone conversations when negotiating a contract. This way you have proof. I know it's a headache but it is so worth your time when considering the pitfalls of dealing with these corrupt sales people. This has happened to me three times, don't fall victim to the same schemes. These guys really suck.

They'll Rip You Off!
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- The worst possible company. The worst customer service ever. Would never RECOMMEND these guys to anyone. Stay away from them!!! Thieves and liars with very bad attitude of people working for them. This being said from customer they lost 5 yrs later. They milk your money slowly.

First they overcharged me few times, for messages I sent and I had unlimited plan... later for minutes I overused with is fine. Here and there they would slip few buck for this or that. I didn't care I was too lazy to switch to someone, had few friends with them and hated to deal with their customer service so I'll peacefully just pay whatever. Well, they figured it out and used it well.

Last year I took my boss's daughter to Europe, she was 3 yrs old. They froze my account for 3 months. I went to State and Monroe location to speak with the manager of the store. I asked particularly what the fee was for doing it, he said it's FREE. Then, I asked to pay any bill, or fee I might have since I knew I'll get back from Europe with no money. I told him I do not want to be back and bill waiting for me for God knows what. He said "pay the last bill, that's all". I did it. Last thing I strictly requested to have cell in function day before my arrival to the airport so I can inform kid's parents we are fine, etc...I came back, phone DID NOT work. I went through hell because of that.

Anyway, called them and they said I got to pay $75 reactivation fee plus some bill they pulled out their ass saying billing cycle begun, when I paid the last bill and I asked that the manager before I left.I paid it all to have my phone back! I finally decide I'm done. Canceled my contract May 25th 2013. Gave them address to send last bill plus cancellation fee. Paid my previous bill that would came every 13th of the month.

Month later I called to see why am not getting any bill. Representative called ** tried to convinced me I canceled my contract on Jun 20th instead of May 25th. Thank God, I had all info down, time and everything of my cancellation date. However, once I put her in corner and she spoke to FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT she told me they'll fix the issue and call me back in next few hours. The issue was I got charged $407. They charged me $97.04 the last bill. That was OK as I said I'm paying on 13th and I assumed that fee was for the new billing cycle. I agreed to that fee. Then, I agreed to pay $200 cancellation fee as well.

I don't know whose lunch was left unpaid since they found $110 extra for me to pay. I paid $300 and since am leaving for Europe I did not pay those charges of 100-something bucks. I did not spend those. Explanation was of course "new billing cycle begun" already once you paid your last bill. It's funny, since in total I spoke with 4 people today and I swear to God they all have different stories. At least they could have make them sound the same.

I'm done with them, stay away people! STAY AWAY. I'll write review on every possible site they even mention T-mobile, inform all my friends/family here and in Europe, since I paid my price other people shouldn't! They do not deserve to have customers at, all. Do not deserve to be bought from AT&T, they do not even have a contract any more. A lot of unsatisfied customers left behind, a lot of people they didn't care to keep. Very bad way to do business.

Always Being Played Bt Tmobile
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- When we got the 3 lines of service at the mall, we where told we would have unlimited everything on the first 2 lines for 99.98, then add a line for 10.00 plus 35.00 unlimited text and web. He said our bill should be somewhere around 155.00. K. I called in because I'm blind and the mall was giving me a hard time switching my phone but in the process I hear them say recent account activity.

So I listen, it was saying this was change and that was changed, so when a live operator came on, I asked why was stuff changed. She claim it wasn't but she notice we use a lot of web and that's why our phone go slow. I say "I thought it was unlimited". She got to say something about 4g, didn't understand. Told her that ain't what we signed up for. Told her about the phone I needed to return, so she made a note so I could return it and I told her I didn't agree with the charges but I'll see when I got to the mall.

So I get to the mall. They still didn't want to change my phone. I had to use my phone and call 611 again. Finally got a phone after a hour but they was pretty upset so basically got nowhere about the bill. He was so upset that he didn't even fill out my rebate form and still to this day we haven't got our rebates, getting the run around for that. So yesterday I get a text from them saying the bill 203, so now you know I want to know why. Called them, got three different stories to why it's that much..

Took me to say 8 times to speak to a manager, which I believe sounded like the same customer service rep. I might can't see but my hearing is excellent. So soon as she gets on the phone she goes "the charges are right". I say how and why was things changed. She goes "100.00 for first 2 lines, 20.00 a piece for web first two lines, 10.00 add third line, 35.00 web and texting unlimited". I go how that ain't what he offered and that's not what we signed up for.

I also asked her how is it they want 203.00 for 3 phones on a contract but without a contract it's 150.00 for 3. She goes "I don't understand". I said we started to get a 50 card with y'all, no contract, everything unlimited, talk, text, web; but with a contract we got robbed. She goes "I don't know what to tell you. Besides, if you want your bill cheaper drop your Internet down".

I'm like "it already goes super slow and why do I have to drop when I thought those on a contract get better deals". I tell my daughter "I told you, don't get them. They haven't got any better". They sign you up having you think you got good stuff then once you pass your 30 days they switch because they know you stuck for 2 yrs.

Another Misrepresentation of Phone Prices
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Tucson, AZ - I read the review "Misrepresentation of Phone Prices in Stores" from a week ago on this website. Unfortunately, my family had the same situation in November 2011 in a Tucson T-Mobile store. I have 3 children, two are U of A students, so we are careful about spending money right now. We've had a family plan with T-Mobile for 6 years and our contract was up in December. We were seriously looking into Verizon because a friend was able to get a great Verizon phone through Amazon for $50, but thought we would at least look at the new cell phones at a T-Mobile store in Tucson.

The minute we walked into the store a salesman approached us and asked how much we were paying for our family plan ($187 per month) and said they were running great deals and could lower our phone bill. And if we purchased phones that day, we also wouldn't have to pay an upgrade fee. We started asking about the differences between the phones on display. There was a large printed number next for the price of each phone and then some smaller fine print down below.

In the past 6 years with T-Mobile, the smaller advertised price was the price you paid if you renewed your 2 year contract and the larger price was the price of the phone if you bought the phone separate from the contract. We all walked around the store referring to the phones by their labeled prices. We asked the salesman "Can you tell me the difference between the G2x for $99 and the Galaxy S II for $229?" He NEVER once corrected us by saying that the real price was $399 for the G2x and $529 for the Galaxy S II. We NEVER would have considered these phones if he had been clear about the right price!

We ended up buying 4 phones that day at the T-Mobile store and in going through the paperwork (in the store) found that each phone had the extra $300 added on over 20 months ($1200). When I hesitated and questioned this, the salesman said that it would be part of our monthly phone bill and that the new phone bill would be between $145 and $150 for twenty months and then it would drop down substantially for the last four months of the contract.

I figured the extra that was added on would be alright if we saved $40 a month on the phone bill, so we went ahead with the purchase ($990 for 4 phones). Overall, I found the whole purchase very confusing. Why don't they display the real prices of the phones? Would you buy a car for the advertised price of $15,000 and then find out later that you are really paying $60,000?

When the January bill came, I was shocked to find that it was $188! So I called the salesman and he said that he would fix it. He told me to punch in #225# and he had corrected it to the price he had told me in the store ($148). I asked whether $148 would be the price we would be paying every month and he assured me that it was. Well guess what? February's bill came and it's $188 again!!

I called the salesman back and also the store manager, they both are not able to adjust it back to the agreed upon price of $148 per month. I have been very frustrated trying to contact anyone else in T-Mobile that will correct this! Now we are stuck with T-Mobile for another year and 9 months. And like the other article stated "Buyer beware... No resolution in sight to date for us!"

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