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Worst Cellphone Service Provider on the Planet!
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 6 years, since the company still conducted business under the name VoiceStream. I had originally switched providers from Sprint, because my messages on that carrier habitually arrived hours, days and even weeks after they were sent. In their defense, Sprint ultimately waived all the early termination charges as well as the last month's bill, in return for a promise that I would not sue them -- a reasonable settlement, in my humble opinion!

In the beginning, both the service and equipment provided by VoiceStream were excellent. However, from the time that the company began trading under the T-Mobile name, both the equipment and service standards have been on a constant decline.

When my problems with reception and late arrival of messages first began, phone number portability was not available. All my business advertising included my cellphone number and, since I could not, at that time, transfer it to another carrier, I did my best to deal with the issues. During one of my many delightful conversations, a T-Mobile technical expert told me that the company had oversold its capacity, and did not have enough bandwidth or towers to accommodate the increasing number of customers. With an assurance that more bandwidth and towers would be available "soon", I stuck it out.

At one point, my messages started arriving really late again. My real estate customers asked why I had not returned their calls or responded to their messages. I explained that I had not received them. On April 30th, 2007, between 5-6 pm, 5 messages were delivered to my phone which had originally been sent on April 21st -- 9 days earlier! Furious, I called T-Mobile and told them I had actually lost a real-estate deal as a result of this delay, and could not believe their response. A customer service MANAGER actually told me that T-Mobile advises its customers NOT TO USE THEIR PHONES FOR BUSINESS!

That should have been the last straw, but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. I went through countless troubleshooting exercises with countless technical service representatives, including numerous master resets, and was eventually told that the problem lay in the phone itself -- a Motorola RAZR. They suggested I contact the manufacturer directly. At that point, I called customer service to cancel my service, and was referred to a supervisor. Naturally, she threatened that I would have to pay a $200 cancellation fee and, if I did not, they would turn the matter over to their collections agency.

When I asked how T-Mobile could hold me to a contract (which, by the way, I never signed), when T-Mobile had not lived up to its promise of service, guess what they said? Even though the messages were being delivered late, I was still receiving them, and was still able to use my phone to place and receive calls, therefore T-Mobile was complying with its obligation under the contract.

Being the masochist that I evidently am, I dug into my pocket, yet again, and spent $437 on a shiny new T-Mobile Wing and memory card, hoping that this additional investment in state-of-the-art hardware would resolve my problems. No such luck. Within the first week, I took my phone back to the store where I purchased it, and asked a salesperson for some assistance. His retort was a very firm "Don't waste your time with that piece of **! You can still return your phone for a full refund; buy a Blackberry instead -- they work!" I should have heeded his advice, but I wanted certain features which were not available on the Blackberry.

So, again, I tried to work through the issues. But, despite countless calls to customer service and technical support (for some reason, their records show no trace of most of my calls!), numerous master resets, repeated and tedious re-installations of updated versions of Windows Mobile 6.1 (which, by the way, was not included on the disc which came with the phone, even though it was supposedly compatible with Windows Vista), I am still receiving messages up to several days late, my battery dies by 4 pm, and my phone takes ages to load websites, and when it does, is unable to display many of the images on the website.

Today, I finally decided that it is time to make a change. I called T-Mobile, and was again threatened with the $200 early termination fee. I had asked for a copy of my contract several times, at the T-Mobile store where I purchased the phone, and was told I could only get this from Customer Service. I had called Customer Service on many occasions, asking for a copy of the contract I allegedly agreed to, and was told repeatedly, by various levels of representatives, supervisors and managers, that I could only get this at the store where I purchased the phone.

When I explained that I was no longer prepared to chase around after this mythical contract, and that if they could not produce a contract, I would challenge the $200 early termination fee. They informed me that they would collect the fee one way or another. They apparently have my contract "on file", but nobody seems to know where this file is, or how to find it, or even where to look!

Again, I challenged the notion that T-Mobile had not provided the service which it advertised, and which had been an inducement for me to keep my business with the carrier. I was told that, under the terms of its mythical agreement: "T-MOBILE IS NOT OBLIGATED TO PROVIDE SERVICE".

In a nutshell, NOBODY at T-Mobile gives a damn about what a customer has to say. They wouldn't even let me finish explaining my problem before responding with a scripted answer, while I was still talking. I have been told repeatedly that I could not be transferred to a supervisor, or a manager, since the representatives do not have staff directories, or the ability to transfer calls to anyone in particular. Attempts to resolve these issues have been to no avail.

Today, I have spoken to 7 different individuals at Customer Service, in both their Georgia and Oregon offices (they are very cagey about revealing which location they are in -- I wonder why?!). The manager of a very rude supervisor I spoke to was even more obnoxious, and ultimately hung up on me (not before I got his name and location, though). By some magical pathway, through the gates of the Customer Loyalty department (who didn't want to lose me as a valued customer, but would basically sue me for their early termination fee if they did), I did ultimately manage to reach a member of the management team in their Oregon office.

She reluctantly apologized for the manner in which I had been treated, qualifying her statement with the disclaimer that she found it hard to believe that a manager would act that way, and had not herself been a party to the conversation, and therefore had no way of knowing whether indeed that had happened or not. I suggested she pull the tape recordings of all my conversations that day, so she could personally verify my allegations.

I explained to her that I was no longer willing to tolerate poor service quality, chronic equipment problems and, above all, arrogant, disinterested and rude employees, and had therefore decided to move my business to another carrier. She countered by offering me a new phone at the sharply discounted price (NOT!!) of yet another $300, and then only with a new 2-year commitment, or the option to resolve the matter with technical support.

When I explained that I had tried several times to resolve the issues, and that these had all been unsuccessful and an enormous waste of my time, and that I was also not prepared to spend any more money on new equipment, nor to renew my commitment, she told me that she could assist me in closing my account, and that I would have to pay the $200 fee. I told her that I needed a phone which would enable my real-estate business, not thwart it.

Tomorrow, I will be digging into my threadbare pockets and buying a shiny new Apple iPhone from AT&T. I'd rather take my chances with the devil I don't know than the devil which has revealed itself, in so many ways, on so many different occasions, and through countless different customer service personalities, during the past 6 years! BUYER BEWARE--DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, NOR MONEY, AT T-MOBILE! You might as well just toss your wallet into a dumpster and save yourself the aggravation! And you'll get just about the same quality of service!!

(NOTE to T-Mobile executives: I have the names and locations of most of the people I spoke with today, including the employee ID of the member of the management team. I suggest you listen to the tape recordings of all my calls, today and on prior occasions, and check my file for letters I have previously sent to T-Mobile!)

Lack of service
By -

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- 12/22/2006

(via contact form on T-Mobile website)

Mobile phone number is 404.316.4993

When I called to switch my service from a regular plan to T-Mobile To Go (on 12/18), the person I spoke with said it would be switched over in 24 hours. She lied, the proof for which I'll get into later.

Ever since the 19th I have had no service whatsoever. It just says "Searching" when I turn on the phone. I can't dial out, add minutes or even dial 611 to get T-Mobile.

I called and spoke to your customer service folks who in turn forwarded me to technical support. He told me that when my service was switched that you must have deactivated my SIM card and that I should take it to a T-Mobile store to get it fixed.

When I went to the store, the person there told me that it can take up to 72 hours to switch plans. Moreover, she said there was nothing she could do to help me.

In the meantime, I have no service. Is there anyone at all that can fix this issue? Please call me on 770-643-1439 when you have a REAL answer to this problem. I would appreciate it if you actually could fix the problem this time, so please don't just make something up and call.

Tracey Anderson

12/22 5:23 PM

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile. You should expect a response within 24 hours. Please reference case number 3531518 in the event you need to update your request. Please submit your request only once to ensure a timely response.

T-Mobile Web Correspondence
14:23:20 PT

12/24 2:56 PM

customercare@t-mobilesupport.com wrote:

Dear Tracey,

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile via email. My name is Malcolm, and I will be happy to help you today. You contacted us regarding the status of your T-Mobile To Go phone. I can definitely understand how important it is to have an active line for emergencies and I can definitely assist you with this today.

Tracey, I have reviewed our policies and was able to confirm that converting your account from monthly to T-Mobile To Go is supposed to only take 24 hours. As well, I have viewed your account and do see that it was successfully converted to T-Mobile To Go on December 18. Based on this, I am going to need to reiterate what Technical Care has already told you. Your SIM card was deactivated in the process of converting your account. You will need to purchase a new SIM card so that we may update your account with the new SIM number. Please accept my apologies that I was not able to give you any new information. For additional information regarding your account, you can also call in to our T-Mobile To Go Account Management department at 1-877-778-2106. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I also see the PIN number on your account is currently set to the last four of your mobile number. For you account security, could you please include a new PIN number (or password) for us to put on your account? Make sure it is something you wont forget, as you will need to verify it before we release any account information or make any account changes.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to reply to this e-mail quoting case number 3531518 or contact our Customer Care department at 1-800-937-8997 or 611 (send) from your handset. Our Customer Care representatives are available 24 hours per day for all your T-Mobile needs.

Thank you, Tracey, for allowing me the opportunity to assist you with your questions today. It has been my pleasure providing you, a valued customer since November 23, 2004, with T-Mobiles World Class Customer Service. Thank you for choosing T-Mobile as your wireless provider, we value you as our customer.


Malcolm G Rep ID# 7263006
Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA

12/24 4:43 PM

Why should I purchase a new SIM card? Isn't that something you should issue at no charge? It wasn't my fault that you deactivated the card, and I wasn't told that I would incur any such charge by switching services.

Moreover, why did the person at your store tell me there was nothing she could do to help me? Are you telling me that she was wrong and that I have to go back to the store again? What guarantee do I have that I'll be able to get up and running this time when I go there when no one was able to help me the last time I was there?

If, as you say, T-Mobile values me as a customer I would think that they would be a bit more helpful in this matter.

Tracey Anderson

12/26 6:46 PM

Dear Tracey Anderson:

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. My name is Marilynne and I appreciate the opportunity to assist you today regarding your enquiry about having your SIM card replaced at this time.

I understand that you would like to have a new SIM card provided to you at no charge. I see that you are upset that your service is not working at this time, Tracey, and I would be happy to assist you with this issue today.

To provide you with the best possible service, Tracey, I am forwarding your email to our Technical Support Department for further assistance. Please expect a response from our Technical Support Department within twenty-four hours to provide you with the help that you require.

I hope you have found this information helpful. Our goal is to provide World Class customer service and I hope that I have provided you with that today. If you have any further comments, questions, or concerns feel free to contact us at any time.

If you would like any more information you may respond to this email including case number 3531518 in your subject line. We are always happy to assist you.

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile. We value our customers. I have appreciated this opportunity to assist you today, Tracey. Have a good day.


Marilynne S 7228228
Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA

12/26 7:26 PM

customercare@t-mobilesupport.com wrote:

Dear Tracey Anderson,

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile's Technical Care Group. I understand that you are having problems with the service on your phone. My name is Phil. Please be assured that I am here to help you with your issue. I understand how this can be quite frustrating not being able to make or receive any call on your phone.

Tracey, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a valued T-Mobile customer since December of 2006. We appreciate your loyalty.

Upon review on your e-mail, I can certainly understand your concern regarding this issue of not being able to make or receive any call on your phone, as I would have felt the same way as well.

However upon a thorough research regarding this situation, Tracey, can you please provide us with the SIM card number, so that I can verify and update the information for your To Go account. I can certainly understand your frustration regarding your phone not working at the moment, however when you do switch the account to a prepaid account, it usually takes 24 to 72 hours, but sometimes it do take less than 24 hours. As I see on your account that you have activated your account on December 18, 2006, so you should be able to have service on your phone.

Tracey, please respond to this e-mail along with the SIM card information, so that we can research it further for you. We as you would like to make sure that everything is working well for you. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that might have cause you regarding this situation.

Please be reminded that you may check the following account information on My T-Mobile:
* Minute Balance
* Dollar Balance
* Current Expiration Date
* Gold Reward Status and/or amount need to achieve Gold Reward Status

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again by replying to this email or by calling 1-800-937-8997 from a landline (611 from your handset).

Tracey, I would like to thank you for providing me with the opportunity to assist you today. Thank you for being a valued T-Mobile customer. We appreciate your business.


Phil, Rep ID: 2743680
Technical Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA

12/27 9:27 AM

Please be aware that I've had this phone since I was a regular T-Mobile customer, over 1-1/2 years ago. My SIM card number has not changed; it's the same number that I provided to two previous T-Mobile technical support people: 2607-0001-2463-4455 SLB2.2

I'm getting very frustrated with this; whatever you folks did to de-activate this card should have been quite an easy fix. If you can de-activate it, you should be able to re-activate it just as easily. If not, please let me know so that I can make arrangements for service with another company. I can't continue to be without cell phone service.

Tracey Anderson

12/28 6:10 PM

Dear Tracey,

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile via email. My name is Candi and I will be happy to assist you today. I understand from your e-mail that you are having problems with the Sim card that was released in order for you to switch to our prepaid service. I can certainly appreciate your desire to have this issue resolved as quickly as possible. It is very important to me that your questions are addressed; I can definitely assist you with this today.

Tracey, I have reviewed our system and see that the Sim card number of 8901260700012463445 for the line ending in 4993 was released for you in order for it to be activated on your new prepaid account. Please check the Sim number on the card that you are having the problems with so that we can make sure that the correct Sim card was released.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to reply to this e-mail quoting case number 3531518 or contact our Customer Care department at 1-800-937-8997 or 611 (send) from your handset. Our Customer Care representatives are available 24 hours per day to provide world class service for all your T-Mobile needs.

Thank you, Tracey for allowing me the opportunity to assist you with your questions today. It has been my pleasure providing you, a valued customer with T-Mobiles World Class Customer Service. I would like to thank you for choosing T-Mobile as your wireless provider; we value you as our customer.


Candi C Rep ID# 7238625
Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA

I STILL have no service!

Fraudulent Sales Practices and rude & threatening C.S. Representatives ( all but 1 anyway)
By -

HADLEY, MASSACHUSETTS -- Please help! While X-Mas shopping at the Hadley, MA. Mall, I was yelled at from across the room by some man working a T-Mobile Booth in the center of the mall. He said "Yo, Can I see your cell phone for a minute". I noticed that it was the same company that I already had, T-Mobile. Having some problems with T-Mobile's service in the past, I decided to talk with this young man. I explained that through no fault of T-Mobile, I had lost my phone last year and when I called to get a replacement, they informed me that I had to purchase a new phone and contract with them.

I had complaints about the old phone having a poor reception, and they sold me an expensive upgrade that would be a better replacement. So I paid and supposedly upgraded, and yet the phone doesn't pick up that well, even in my own hometown where they assured me it would. When I called T-Mobile to complain about my reception, they told me that they were expanding their network in my area very soon and that everything would be great. This young guy now tells me that T-Mobile has had problems with these phones since they started offering them.

In fact, you can't get that phone anymore. He assured me that if I purchased this new "QUAD BAND" phone, that he would give me a new contract that would give me 100 additional free minutes per month, start immediately, and he would also give me another free phone for the other family member. I asked him to check to see if the phone would have coverage in some towns that I now travel through while working a second job.

He asked me to give him the name of the towns so he could look them up. And when he did he told me that there would be no problem because when he looked them up on T-Mobile's website, they had a Digital Tower there. No Problem he said! I told him that T-Mobile had told me this once before and that I only had 3 or 4 months left before my current contract would expire, and I was thinking about changing to Nextel because some co-workers have Nextel, and it works great in those towns I mentioned. He said if it doesn't work that I could just bring it back and he would cancel it out and I could go wherever I wanted.

I told him that I would not be able to try it until the following month because I would only be in those towns at that time. He said "no problem, just call T-Mobile if it didn't work. They would take care of it for me". So like a fool, I tried to keep my faith in T-Mobile and I once again renewed my one year agreement with them, and purchased the phones that he said would absolutely work where I needed them to.

Approximately 16 days or so later I received a bill from T-Mobile stating that I owed an additional $236.00 from an account that at the time was paid up current. They told me that it was due to overages that I incurred from when the minutes were used up. I explained the whole thing to them and they told me that I was two days late with reporting the fact that the phone did not work in the areas they promised me that it would. That there is a 14 day cancellation policy. I asked why the store rep failed to leave this out of their sales pitch. T-Mobile is playing dumb to the unlawful sales practices of this particular seller of their own network.

While being seriously rude to me, the C.S. Rep said that they would be happy to cancel my contract and allow me to seek services elsewhere. And when I thanked them, he asked me if I wanted to use a VISA or Mastercard to pay the $600 cancellation fee ($200 per the 3 phones in my family plan). The sarcasm was more than I could stand! I was so upset, I hung up and said that when my contract was up, I was going to make sure that all my family members cancelled theirs as well, since I was the guy who asked them all to go to T-Mobile so that we could keep in touch and it would save us money.

So here we are, the new year and all (1/3/06), and I paid T-Mobile $136.20 of the extra $236.20 that they are robbing me. First they sent me a text message to inform me that the bill was still $100.00 short of what I owed them to keep the account current. Then I received a call from a young man the next day who believe it or not, was somewhat polite to me. I explained that after having X-Mas only 1 week prior, that I could only send him the $136.20 that I had available because of my bi-weekly pay schedule.

I told him that if he would please not cancel the service I would give him the remaining $100.00 in two days when I got paid again on 1/5/06. I told him I would do it on the T-Mobile website as he said it would post in 2 hours. I thanked him and agreed to take care of it. Later that day, I received an additional Text Message that said Your bill is delinquent and your service would be interrupted. I ignored it because I thought it was probably one of those auto generated messages.

A few hours later I received another phone call from T-Mobile C.S. that told me the same thing, I was delinquent with my bill and that they would be terminating my service and charging me an additional fee for re-connecting it later. When I tried to explain the arrangement that I made with her company rep earlier in the day, she told me that what I said to the guy meant nothing and that she had the right to terminate my service at any time.

She became more obnoxious and said "So, will you be using a credit card to take care of this delinquent account today sir?" I told her that this was harassment, and that I was considering legal action because this whole thing was directly related to the un-ethical business practices that her company was using. She sort of chuckled under her breath and said, "NO, this is because you don't pay your bill".

I said I can not believe that the famous actress would have her name associated with this company, knowing this is how they treat their customers, and I hung up on the girl because she was taunting me trying to get me to curse at her so that she could just say that I was livid with her and out of control. She did in fact lie in her writing about our conversation. She not only suspended my phone service the very same day, she only wrote in her notes that I was irate and hung up on her leaving her no choice because I was un-willing to take care of my delinquent account.

I found this out the next morning when I tried to call on my cell and there was another message saying I had to call T-Mobile to activate my account. Despite the fact that this entire company had it in writing on my account from the only nice person that I spoken with yet from T-Mobile two days earlier, they decided to allow their representatives to use threats and harassment tactics. T-Mobile needs to have people get together and file suit against them as so many other companies have had happen. Then, when they are paying out penalties to their victims they will hopefully learn their lesson.

T-Mobil lack of integrity when dealing with customers
By -

What in the world has happened to T-Mobile??? They USE to be the very best and now they are at the rock bottom. In January I called to upgrade my phone and extend my contract. I received a My Touch. They told me I needed 4G to resolve the problems I was having with dropped calls. The touch pad didn't work so T-Mobile sent me a new phone then had me return the damaged phone. I of course footed the bill for the $21 to return the phone.

The second phone didn't work right. I called T-Mobile and talked for a very long time to a very nice representative. She told me that they appreciated my customer loyalty and she felt that I should change phones. She said they had had some problems with the My Touch. I returned the phone (at an additional $21 out of my pocket). I called a few days later after checking out a couple of other phones the representative had offered me. I chose the Galaxy S. I was told that they would honor the $49 offer I had on the My Touch.

After getting the new phone I called to make sure they had adjusted my account. The guy I talked to told me they changed me $249 for the phone and I said, "WHAT???!!" He said "it is okay, they credited the $249 back so you actually received the phone for free". So last week I received my bill and it was $349. So I called T-Mobile and was told that they would email the account specialist I spoke with and the credit would be applied in the next couple of day.

I called today because the credit still hadn't shown up. I was told the offer I had received for the My Touch had expired and that the best they could do for me was offer me $100 off (off the $249). I asked to speak with a manager. The manager tried to make it seem like she was doing me a great favor and told me that if I didn't accept the offer there wouldn't be any other discounts offered after we hung up the phone.

I asked what if I sent the phone back. She told me I could sent the phone back and it would reset the clock. I told her that I would sent the phone back and then check out the phones at Costco. She told me that Costco wouldn't give me a phone if I sent if back for about 30 days. She said that is how long it takes to process the phone and make sure I sent everything back. I feel like I am working with TERRORIST!

Since I have to have a working phone I had to accept their second offer because they would not honor their first offer. I have never (and had I not been tricked by T-Mobile), I never would have paid over the $49 for the phone. They have almost always been free. It will be the very last time I have a contract with T-Mobile.

I am very angry and frustrated. I have been a loyal customer to T-Mobile for over 11 years. In the past 2 months I have been on the phone for at least 14 hours troubleshooting my phones or talking to customer service. This is absolutely the worst service I have ever received from anyone. I have generated a large number of referrals to them that have resulted in them getting more business. That ends today. As soon as my contract is up I will be changing companies. And in the mean time, I will be filing a complaint with the Attorney General and telling everyone I know that they are not the company they used to be and to absolutely not trust them.

Customer Service Gone Wild
By -

I called T-Mobile yesterday because the warranty phone that was sent to me hasn't kept a charge since I received it approximately one month ago. About a week after using it, I got sick and tired of always charging it, at home - work - car. So, I called the wonderful (cough cough) Customer Service Department. Explained my situation. Was advised a new battery would be sent out. About a week later I received it.

Guess what, it was to the original phone that was replaced. So, let's try this again. Called up the Non-Helpful Customer Service, advised of the continued dilemma and that the battery didn't fit this phone. Advised yet again, that a new one would be sent out. Another week and there it sits on my door step. I'm anxious because I want to actually talk on the phone without it being plugged into some outlet. It fits!!! Woo hoo... Oh wait. Hold the woo hoo. After a few days, same thing - one phone call and two texts and three bars of power gone. I deal with it for few more weeks. I guess I hadn't totally given up hope.

When I needed my phone yesterday I went to use it and it was dead. So after placing it on the charger yet again, I waited for it to at least three bars before I called dear ol' customer service (spit). I spoke with a man. He said "we can't troubleshoot it. You're calling from the phone that you're having issues with". Great this is my only link to communication with the world - no home phone. I am solely dependent upon T-Mobile.

I said "why don't you tell me what troubleshooting I need to do and I can call you back". I received the response - "well we can't do that. Our guidelines say you have to call from another phone other than your cell". Really, well the lady I talked to previously gave me some troubleshooting, and he said well that's really the only things we can suggest. So the smarty pants that I am. I said good save :-)

After bickering and getting nowhere fast, I opted to speak with a manager. Let the games begin or shall I say entertainment. This no so smart so called Manager decided to go toe to toe with me. Little did he know he was not going to succeed. Once he realized this he became overly rude and unhelpful. But then again, this is T-Mobile Customer Service. I explained the issue over and over and he really thought that was the natural life of a battery for my device.

OK, so the average person is going to send two texts and make a 15 minute phone call and put the phone on the charger - I don't think so. My previous phone could be used for three days before being charged, and the kicker it's just one upgrade from my old one. A lot of the same features. He then tells me - "well your phone is doing things behind the scenes that you can't see and that can use up your battery".

Please some techno guru out there tell me how that is possible. I said seriously, I didn't think this conversation could get any worse. Sooooo... I finally just say, "I'm done wasting my time, just send me a new battery, and as for me being a "preferred" customer - I'll take that status to another carrier who actually knows what their doing". I then bid him a good-bye.

T-Mobile Fraud
By -

DILLON, COLORADO -- I signed a one-year contract with T-Mobile on Dec. 13, 2005 for 1500 minutes a month at the rate of $39.99 a month. Since then they have tried to steal money from me on five separate occasions using four different methods. The entire experience has been a nightmare. And this is only the end of March, 2006.

The first occasion came when T-Mobile tried to change the terms of my contract to $49.99 a month from $39.99 without my consent. Calling their hand on that, they insisted that I would have to prove to them that my contract called for the lower figure. The correct response from any good and honest business would have been to offer to research it at their end and get back to me. Instead, they put the onus on me, the customer, to prove what I had signed. I call this “theft”. I had to fax my copy of the contract to them three times before they would acknowledge receipt of it. Only then would they grudgingly agree to erase the fraudulent charge.

Occasion number two came when I went online to verify that they had made the appropriate change to my contract and discovered that I was being charged for “Email Notification” since I had signed up for web services a week earlier at the stated flat rate of $5.99 a month. I added this service on the phone with a customer service representative who I repeatedly asked, “Are there any additional charges of ANY kind for this web service?” Her answer was consistently, “No sir, there are no other charges of any kind.” Their web page also clearly states “No additional data or airtime charges”.

What I discovered was that they were charging me $0.05 per email notification, which had already added up to $8.50. Calling them again, I made them remove these charges and I turned the email service off. I call this a problem with “truth in advertising” and “deceptive trade”.

Occasion numbers three and four came when they fixed each of the two above problems. On both occasions T-Mobile sent me a flurry of text messages proudly telling me how good they were to me to fix the problems. And each text message appeared on my next bill with a charge of $1.35 beside it. Imagine, they were charging me to tell me that they had cleaned up their own mess. Wonderful. And by the way, there was zero mention of additional charges for text messaging when I signed the contract. I call that a problem with “truth in advertising”.

Occasion number five came when instead of crediting me with the agreed-on phone rebate of $50.00, they sent me a letter telling me that the tiny little numbers from the circuit board of the phone that I had to fill in (the ones that took a magnifying glass to read) did not match up with their record and thus, they were denying the rebate. I call this “deceptive trade”, and I see a clear pattern of it.

I have refused to pay the last round of text message charges (Again, all of these messages originated from T-Mobile Customer Service) and I took the $50.00 off of my last payment to them. T-Mobile has retaliated by turning my phone off. I call this “breach of contract.” To sum it up, all I wanted was cell phone with a simple rate plan. That's all. What I got was fraud, deception, and outright theft. If you sign up with these people, you know what to expect.

Not fair
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Rating: 3/51

Purchased a cell phone, the original, seven years ago with the number @$315.00 in NYC **! Paid prepaid min. on the cell phone, until the phone was reported lost or stolen 4 years ago. I repurchased a red cell phone with camera on it for 1/3 the price (was able to keep the number) in NYC!

On Jan 6, 2013 once again my purse was snatched at the Port Authority, NYC, and had to purchase an emergency phone right away and purchased the phone I now have @**. Purchased for less than $100.00! The point of the COMPLAINT is that, I called and wrote (contacted T-Mobile) trying to keep the number I had been paying prepaid minutes (approximately $5,000.00 - 6,000.00)! I even asked them to send me an equivalent cell phone and bill me since my credit should be good. Within three months, the number that had been deactivated was given to another, and this I object!

Within seven years one notes their number on myriad documents and applications. The grace period should have been longer than three months, perhaps 6 months even a year before one's number is given out. Does this new customer live in NYC? This was not fair! I had intended to purchase another phone, and would have preferred to keep the same number.

Additionally, I had 300 photos and personal information on that phone that should be immediately cancelled once the phone is deactivated and once one reports a phone lost or stolen! It is my opinion that the first original cell phone, and second updated with camera cell phone may have been taken by the same source!

Worse Experience You Could Ever Have
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Rating: 1/51

Thanks for verifying "We can see that customer relations has already denied your ETF waiver request because we do offer coverage in your location. While the signal may not be strong enough to provide coverage indoors, you should still be able to get signal outside. I sincerely apologize but since T-Mobile cannot guarantee coverage in all locations, we cannot waive these early termination fees."

That is the reply I just got from T Force. See how ridiculous that is. I am physician. If I was paged on a patient in the middle of the night, I should go outside and return the page! Are you serious cheap T-Mobile. Please give me a break. I am so frustrated and disappointed from your ignorance. You do not care at all about the safety of my patients. Thanks T-Mobile.

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Rating: 1/51

MONTGOMERY, ILLINOIS -- In May of 2012 I purchase a phone and sign a 2 year contract with T-Mobile. At the time I sign up for services my monthly payment was supposed to be 65.00 including unlimited talk, text and internet service. My monthly bill has never been consistent.. Every month is a different amount that seems to keep increasing from one month to the next. I have gone to the store repeatedly regarding this problem and no one seems to be able to give me an explanation that make any sense.

My last month payment was $126.00 dollars. When I call to complaint I was told I needed to pay or it would be disconnected. I was also told by customer service that I would have credit for the following month. This month I receive my bill and it was $100.00 dollars. I cancelled my internet service and was told by customer service last month that my bill would be $44.00 dollars. I cancelled my service.

Last night when I ask about terminating my contract I was told I would need to pay $600.00, and although I have no phone service as of 12/3/12 I would need to pay until 12/21/12. I am very dissatisfied with T-mobile cell phone services because of these problems. I have attempted to resolve this problem every month and the problem remains unresolved. This matter has become very stressful and extremely frustrating. I hope someone can help....

Refusal to Waive Termination Fee
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Rating: 2/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I've had T-MOBILE for a number of years and we had on occasion periodic inability to use our cell phone. In the past few months this problem became almost a daily problem. On 8/25/12 I finally got fed up with our inability to make phone calls. I sent a letter to Customer Relations and gave just a few examples where we were unable to use our cell phone. They responded that I should get a signal booster. However I was told on 9/8 that a signal booster would not work on my phone.

A short list of the times I could not use my phone. 9/4 through 9/8 emergency use only, or no network connection. 9/9 no signal. 9/10 no signal/emergency use only. 9/11 searching no signal. This is just a few examples of our inability to use our phone, yet they declined to waive the early termination fee. All these incidents happened in our house, outdoors on our driveway, or in our backyard. Why should I have to pay for phone service when T-MOBILE doesn't provide service. I want to let potential customers to beware of signing up with T-MOBILE because of their lack of concern for customers.

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