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T-Mobile Indifferent to Jeopardizing Senior Citizens by Forcing Internet Transactions as Only Choice
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Rating: 1/51

ACROSS AMERICA, WASHINGTON -- I have been a loyal customer with T-Mobile for just short of a decade. Recently, I had a problem and T-Mobile followed up with a phone call to review their service and to garner feedback if it was satisfactory. My biggest mistake was participating.

The representative took the opportunity to pull a fast one. When I mentioned that I had never got anything from T-Mobile, not so much as a free phone during my contract time and I was fed up with the service. She said she would arrange a loyalty reward of a discounted phone as they would hate to lose me. HA HA. It ended up with one of T-Mobile reps calling a secondary phone I pay for a family member, and leaving a voice mail which compromised my personal information. Did T-Mobile care, NO!!

My account was to be adjusted to lower my payments on a newer and better plan and I added another line. I was offered a 25% discount on a new phone as well. At the end of three separate 1 hour conversations, only then was I told that she needed my email address in order to finalize the changes. Now in more than 10 years I have not given T-Mobile an email address, all changes were always done over the phone. However, this time she insisted that she had to have an email address to make any transaction to my account. I knew this was not true.

As a senior citizen who has had a major problem with identity theft, and been the victim of scams, I told her I did not use the internet, and I would prefer to go into one of her outlets, provide my ID and that way give confirmation that I authorized the changes. She said it could not work that way. I said that it was sad T-Mobile is forcing senior citizens (I am almost 80 years old), to compromise their security. I had already told her of some of the problems I suffered with identity theft, even before she asked for my email address.

Now T-Mobile will say that they have one of the most secure systems, so did the bank that screwed up causing the identity theft and thousands of stolen dollars. I explained that though T-Mobile may be secure, my computer and email would be the weak link, and I was not willing to risk that. She said she could not help me.

But then a few days later I got a text saying the changes had been made to my account. So I called, curious to know how that could occur. I was told that only part of the changes had been made, my plan had been partially changed, but nothing had been done about sending out the new phone, or switching the line. Mind you, all of this was done simply by my word over the telephone.

My question was, if you can do part of the changes how come you could not do all of them? I felt bamboozled and said so. No one could give me a good answer why T-Mobile was insisting that they could change my account partly but not do the entire deal. The representative then hung up on me after talking down to me as if old age makes me an idiot. Her name is ** and she works in T-Mobile's loyalty department, and need I say she is the worse patronizing motor mouth one could ever have the misfortune to encounter. She was hollering through anything I tried to say, impolite, rude and far too full of her own crud.

My older son called on my behalf (he has permission to make changes to the account), however, this time he was not allowed. They insisted I had to call in with the last four digits of my social and everything would be done as it was already set up. However, once I called in, it was a different story.

The representative ** had added $27 dollars to the phone, and still insisted that I had to give an email address. She spoke to me as if I was begging them and that she was doing me a favor. I told her, I was not the one who raised the subject of the new phone, it was offered to me as a loyalty reward. She insisted the price had gone up (within 5 days). That T-Mobile was doing me a favor and she did not have to honor the discounted phone. In addition she also tried to sell me insurance on the phone.

I told her I was not interested in insurance, realizing she was looking to squeeze as much more money as she could out of me. She then returned to needing an email address to complete the deal, though she had said earlier in the conversation that she would waive it. That is when she hung up. I thought she would call back, but it was the next day, I got a call from my relative telling me about the message she had left on his phone with compromising details of my account.

Of course, no one would put me through to a manager or supervisor to file a complaint, and from what was read to me in the notes ** wrote, she made it sound as if I was a crazy old woman trying to make T-Mobile give me a discounted phone. That I'd asked for a discounted phone'. Not even bothering to mention it was offered to me. Though the representative who read **'s notes to me said it was against company policy for any representative to contact anyone but the primary party on the account, or leave messages that could compromise financial and private information, I still never got to speak with a manager or supervisor to make this report directly.

T-Mobile no longer calls me since then to check on the quality of service either, effectively wiping out any change I could make a complaint. My account is still extra high as they reverted it back to the original plan where I pay for any pictures or images sent per item. My blood pressure rose so high from all of this stress, that I could not manage the switch I had planned, to rid myself of T-Mobile. So I wound up paying for another month.

It has been the most stressful and nasty experience. T-Mobile has no respect for senior citizens and makes no provision or allowances for their needs. Rather, the rude ** females like ** are allowed to jeopardize our safety and violate our privacy with no consequences. If someone like this ** could be in T-Mobile's loyalty department and get away with treating a loyal customer and senior citizen so poorly, this company needs to be out of business.

This country really needs more competition in the mobile department. Legally, senior citizens should not be forced to conduct business via the internet. There are a million reasons why. If T-Mobile really wanted to improve its service it should seriously look into feedback like mine and provide proper choices to seniors.

They'll Rip You Off!
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- The worst possible company. The worst customer service ever. Would never RECOMMEND these guys to anyone. Stay away from them!!! Thieves and liars with very bad attitude of people working for them. This being said from customer they lost 5 yrs later. They milk your money slowly.

First they overcharged me few times, for messages I sent and I had unlimited plan... later for minutes I overused with is fine. Here and there they would slip few buck for this or that. I didn't care I was too lazy to switch to someone, had few friends with them and hated to deal with their customer service so I'll peacefully just pay whatever. Well, they figured it out and used it well.

Last year I took my boss's daughter to Europe, she was 3 yrs old. They froze my account for 3 months. I went to State and Monroe location to speak with the manager of the store. I asked particularly what the fee was for doing it, he said it's FREE. Then, I asked to pay any bill, or fee I might have since I knew I'll get back from Europe with no money. I told him I do not want to be back and bill waiting for me for God knows what. He said "pay the last bill, that's all". I did it. Last thing I strictly requested to have cell in function day before my arrival to the airport so I can inform kid's parents we are fine, etc...I came back, phone DID NOT work. I went through hell because of that.

Anyway, called them and they said I got to pay $75 reactivation fee plus some bill they pulled out their ass saying billing cycle begun, when I paid the last bill and I asked that the manager before I left.I paid it all to have my phone back! I finally decide I'm done. Canceled my contract May 25th 2013. Gave them address to send last bill plus cancellation fee. Paid my previous bill that would came every 13th of the month.

Month later I called to see why am not getting any bill. Representative called ** tried to convinced me I canceled my contract on Jun 20th instead of May 25th. Thank God, I had all info down, time and everything of my cancellation date. However, once I put her in corner and she spoke to FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT she told me they'll fix the issue and call me back in next few hours. The issue was I got charged $407. They charged me $97.04 the last bill. That was OK as I said I'm paying on 13th and I assumed that fee was for the new billing cycle. I agreed to that fee. Then, I agreed to pay $200 cancellation fee as well.

I don't know whose lunch was left unpaid since they found $110 extra for me to pay. I paid $300 and since am leaving for Europe I did not pay those charges of 100-something bucks. I did not spend those. Explanation was of course "new billing cycle begun" already once you paid your last bill. It's funny, since in total I spoke with 4 people today and I swear to God they all have different stories. At least they could have make them sound the same.

I'm done with them, stay away people! STAY AWAY. I'll write review on every possible site they even mention T-mobile, inform all my friends/family here and in Europe, since I paid my price other people shouldn't! They do not deserve to have customers at, all. Do not deserve to be bought from AT&T, they do not even have a contract any more. A lot of unsatisfied customers left behind, a lot of people they didn't care to keep. Very bad way to do business.

Always Being Played Bt Tmobile
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- When we got the 3 lines of service at the mall, we where told we would have unlimited everything on the first 2 lines for 99.98, then add a line for 10.00 plus 35.00 unlimited text and web. He said our bill should be somewhere around 155.00. K. I called in because I'm blind and the mall was giving me a hard time switching my phone but in the process I hear them say recent account activity.

So I listen, it was saying this was change and that was changed, so when a live operator came on, I asked why was stuff changed. She claim it wasn't but she notice we use a lot of web and that's why our phone go slow. I say "I thought it was unlimited". She got to say something about 4g, didn't understand. Told her that ain't what we signed up for. Told her about the phone I needed to return, so she made a note so I could return it and I told her I didn't agree with the charges but I'll see when I got to the mall.

So I get to the mall. They still didn't want to change my phone. I had to use my phone and call 611 again. Finally got a phone after a hour but they was pretty upset so basically got nowhere about the bill. He was so upset that he didn't even fill out my rebate form and still to this day we haven't got our rebates, getting the run around for that. So yesterday I get a text from them saying the bill 203, so now you know I want to know why. Called them, got three different stories to why it's that much..

Took me to say 8 times to speak to a manager, which I believe sounded like the same customer service rep. I might can't see but my hearing is excellent. So soon as she gets on the phone she goes "the charges are right". I say how and why was things changed. She goes "100.00 for first 2 lines, 20.00 a piece for web first two lines, 10.00 add third line, 35.00 web and texting unlimited". I go how that ain't what he offered and that's not what we signed up for.

I also asked her how is it they want 203.00 for 3 phones on a contract but without a contract it's 150.00 for 3. She goes "I don't understand". I said we started to get a 50 card with y'all, no contract, everything unlimited, talk, text, web; but with a contract we got robbed. She goes "I don't know what to tell you. Besides, if you want your bill cheaper drop your Internet down".

I'm like "it already goes super slow and why do I have to drop when I thought those on a contract get better deals". I tell my daughter "I told you, don't get them. They haven't got any better". They sign you up having you think you got good stuff then once you pass your 30 days they switch because they know you stuck for 2 yrs.

Another Misrepresentation of Phone Prices
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Tucson, AZ - I read the review "Misrepresentation of Phone Prices in Stores" from a week ago on this website. Unfortunately, my family had the same situation in November 2011 in a Tucson T-Mobile store. I have 3 children, two are U of A students, so we are careful about spending money right now. We've had a family plan with T-Mobile for 6 years and our contract was up in December. We were seriously looking into Verizon because a friend was able to get a great Verizon phone through Amazon for $50, but thought we would at least look at the new cell phones at a T-Mobile store in Tucson.

The minute we walked into the store a salesman approached us and asked how much we were paying for our family plan ($187 per month) and said they were running great deals and could lower our phone bill. And if we purchased phones that day, we also wouldn't have to pay an upgrade fee. We started asking about the differences between the phones on display. There was a large printed number next for the price of each phone and then some smaller fine print down below.

In the past 6 years with T-Mobile, the smaller advertised price was the price you paid if you renewed your 2 year contract and the larger price was the price of the phone if you bought the phone separate from the contract. We all walked around the store referring to the phones by their labeled prices. We asked the salesman "Can you tell me the difference between the G2x for $99 and the Galaxy S II for $229?" He NEVER once corrected us by saying that the real price was $399 for the G2x and $529 for the Galaxy S II. We NEVER would have considered these phones if he had been clear about the right price!

We ended up buying 4 phones that day at the T-Mobile store and in going through the paperwork (in the store) found that each phone had the extra $300 added on over 20 months ($1200). When I hesitated and questioned this, the salesman said that it would be part of our monthly phone bill and that the new phone bill would be between $145 and $150 for twenty months and then it would drop down substantially for the last four months of the contract.

I figured the extra that was added on would be alright if we saved $40 a month on the phone bill, so we went ahead with the purchase ($990 for 4 phones). Overall, I found the whole purchase very confusing. Why don't they display the real prices of the phones? Would you buy a car for the advertised price of $15,000 and then find out later that you are really paying $60,000?

When the January bill came, I was shocked to find that it was $188! So I called the salesman and he said that he would fix it. He told me to punch in #225# and he had corrected it to the price he had told me in the store ($148). I asked whether $148 would be the price we would be paying every month and he assured me that it was. Well guess what? February's bill came and it's $188 again!!

I called the salesman back and also the store manager, they both are not able to adjust it back to the agreed upon price of $148 per month. I have been very frustrated trying to contact anyone else in T-Mobile that will correct this! Now we are stuck with T-Mobile for another year and 9 months. And like the other article stated "Buyer beware... No resolution in sight to date for us!"

Very Bad Customer Service
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On March 24, 2011 I ordered my new T-mobile phone and service over the phone with the sales department. Everything went fine and the salesperson was very friendly. After the order was completed, I received the order number and the confirmation number. The phone arrived in a few days just like I was told and everything was fine.

However, within hours of having received the phone service was turned off. I called T-Mobile and was promptly transferred to India, a very unpleasant surprise. I tried to explain that I just got my phone and it was turned off within hours but communication was rather difficult, even when they could understand what I was saying, they had no idea what to do. They kept telling me that I haven't paid my bill and my phone was shut off for this reason.

I explained to them I just received the phone that day and how could it possibly be turned off for a late payment when I've never had a bill yet, which to most people is pretty self explanatory. To make a long story short, somehow T-Mobile lost my original credit card payment that was used when I ordered the phone and service on March 24, 2011. I received a confirmation number for that original payment and received the phone. When I check my credit card statement, it shows the payment has been paid. It obviously was paid...

But trying to explain such a simple thing has been much harder than I anticipated not only due the complete lack of communication with the customer support in India, but the complete incompetence of the department. It appears that no one knew how to deal with resolving this issue. I was put on hold numerous times and even hung up on. I actually haven't written down all the many times they have shut it off after I thought we resolved the problem, because I keep thinking they are sure to be able to resolve the problem!

I call support and have to explain the same thing completely again, over and over... day after day. I have been told numerous times that I have to send a copy of the credit card statement to them, which I have. In fact, I have sent it 4 times now. The third time I faxed it, I even called right back and asked them to go over to the fax machine and confirm they received the fax from me. They said they had received it and they would contact me in 3 to 4 business days.

Well I never heard anything back from them so again I called back, and I got the same story “They never received the statement, please fax it to them and they will get back to me in 3 to 4 days.” Now my phone's been off since April 26. I've called and called numerous times with the same results every time. How is it my fault if your company lost my original payment. I made it, you received it, sent me a confirmation, sent me the phone and somehow lost the paperwork showing it was paid.

Now I'm not the type of person to complain, but in this case the lack of communication is just unbelievable. This has been going on since March 30th, the day I received my phone, and still has not been resolved! As of the date of this posting, nothing has been done yet, and the phone is still off.

T-Mobil Lack of Integrity When Dealing With Customers
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What in the world has happened to T-Mobile??? They USE to be the very best and now they are at the rock bottom. In January I called to upgrade my phone and extend my contract. I received a MyTouch. They told me I needed 4G to resolve the problems I was having with dropped calls. The touchpad didn't work so T-Mobile sent me a new phone then had me return the damaged phone. I of course footed the bill for the $21 to return the phone.

The second phone didn't work right. I called T-Mobile and talked for a very long time to a very nice representative. She told me that they appreciated my customer loyalty and she felt that I should change phones. She said they had had some problems with the MyTouch. I returned the phone (at an additional $21 out of my pocket). I called a few days later after checking out a couple of other phones the representative had offered me. I chose the Galaxy S. I was told that they would honor the $49 offer I had on the MyTouch.

After getting the new phone I called to make sure they had adjusted my account. The guy I talked to told me they changed me $249 for the phone and I said, "WHAT???!!" He said "it is okay, they credited the $249 back so you actually received the phone for free". So last week I received my bill and it was $349. So I called T-Mobile and was told that they would email the account specialist I spoke with and the credit would be applied in the next couple of day.

I called today because the credit still hadn't shown up. I was told the offer I had received for the MyTouch had expired and that the best they could do for me was offer me $100 off (off the $249). I asked to speak with a manager. The manager tried to make it seem like she was doing me a great favor and told me that if I didn't accept the offer there wouldn't be any other discounts offered after we hung up the phone.

I asked what if I sent the phone back. She told me I could sent the phone back and it would reset the clock. I told her that I would sent the phone back and then check out the phones at Costco. She told me that Costco wouldn't give me a phone if I sent if back for about 30 days. She said that is how long it takes to process the phone and make sure I sent everything back. I feel like I am working with TERRORIST!

Since I have to have a working phone I had to accept their second offer because they would not honor their first offer. I have never (and had I not been tricked by T-Mobile), I never would have paid over the $49 for the phone. They have almost always been free. It will be the very last time I have a contract with T-Mobile.

I am very angry and frustrated. I have been a loyal customer to T-Mobile for over 11 years. In the past 2 months I have been on the phone for at least 14 hours troubleshooting my phones or talking to customer service. This is absolutely the worst service I have ever received from anyone. I have generated a large number of referrals to them that have resulted in them getting more business. That ends today. As soon as my contract is up I will be changing companies. And in the meantime, I will be filing a complaint with the Attorney General and telling everyone I know that they are not the company they used to be and to absolutely not trust them.

My T-Mobile Nightmare
By -

On Dec. 30th, my husband and I decided to get cell phones at T-mobile. We purchased two My Touch phones, and signed up for the Flex Account. With the flex account, you pay your first month's cell phone service up front. My husband opted for unlimited minutes (and unlimited everything else). I decided I didn't need unlimited minutes.

The guy who was selling us the phones said I should get the plan with 1,500 minutes a month (unlimited everything else). He said it was "the best deal they had" at $79.99 a month. While putting everything together, they ran into a jam and called customer care and had me pay for my cell service over the phone. They then took my husband's money for his cell phone service (it was 100 something). I had a phone number that I wanted ported from my old cell phone service. They said fine, no problem and initiated the request. It would take anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours.

24 hours later, when the phone number didn't port over, I called customer care. I found out because the area codes were different from the previous number and the new number, it couldn't be ported over. Apparently the guy at the store must not have been aware? Both area codes are local to my area. They said in order for me to get the number ported, I would have to temporarily change the number to both phones to the matching area code, and then my number would change, because we were on a family plan.

My husband had already provided his new number to his multiple business contact. After a lot of arguing, we finally agreed to have it changed... but after I hung up and talked to my husband, we realized we didn't sign up for a family plan (also they said it would take 24-72 hours to be changed). I called back Customer care to inquire about our account. I was told that they put us under a shared 1500 minutes. I did not want that. My husband uses his phone frequently for business and needed unlimited. It took hours to sort out the mess. The 1500 plan that the guy at the store told me to get, doesn't even exist for an individual plan.

At first they wanted to charge us for changing our plan, and made us feel as if we were lying or trying to get over on them. This is 24 hours after buying the phones!! I had the contract right in front of me, that called out both lines, the minutes we were getting and the monthly cost... The same plan they are going to be holding me accountable for, they didn't want to be held accountable for!! They tried to say we paid over 100 for the unlimited plan, and then turned around and changed it to the family plan and paid a second time (who would pay twice without some sort of refund?? And actually the transactions happened in the opposite order).

Finally, when they realized we weren't trying to downgrade our plan, they fixed it. I ended up having to go with a family plan in the end anyway, as there was one cent difference between a family unlimited plan and two individual plans (one unlimited and one with only 500 minutes... and the 500 minute plan cost the same as the 1500 minute plan they talked me into but didn't exist).

Because of all of the issues and trouble, and the fact that my husband didn't want to have to give business contacts a second number in 24 hours, I asked T-Mobile to cancel the request to switch our phone number (which was made only a few hours before). They promised that it was canceled, that would be no problem, we can keep our numbers.

Three days later, I received a text saying they changed our phone numbers. I called T-Mobile and had to explain the whole story so that they would agree to change the numbers back to the original numbers and not charge us the $15 for a number change (we are still waiting).

Today (Jan 7th) I received a text message while I was at work, saying our phones had been suspended and needed payment. We prepaid for the month, it's only been a week. What is going on?? So I called customer care, yet again... and had to tell them the story again of what happened. This time they quickly admitted the error, they reinstated our phones and took the charge back.

The customer service representative even notified me that because the phones where temporarily suspended that the numbers were unable to be changed back so she resubmitted the order (another 24 - 72 hours... why does it take so long to change a phone number??). She did say she would call in two days to see if the phone number changed or not. Hopefully it will change back soon!

Now, just a few minutes ago, I received a text saying we have reached our message limit. Neither me nor my husband are big texters but it doesn't matter if we were... we have UNLIMITED text. So I call AGAIN. The guy I talked to seemed to have a lot of trouble understanding my question and just kept saying that we have unlimited text.... I would say I know we have unlimited text, but that's why I am calling, because T-Mobile just sent me a text saying that I reached my limit. He just said that must be an error. I am positive, I will be calling back soon because our texts probably won't work. I dread another phone call to customer care!

Their customer care is outsourced in India and there is a bit of a language barrier which is really frustrating when you are trying to explain your issue and the other person isn't understanding. I can't believe I have had this much trouble within my FIRST week of service.

The phones we have are awesome, the prices are good but they have so many technical issues, customer service issues and the guys who sold me the phones were clueless of both the actual plans that T-mobile offered, the fact that my number wouldn't be ported with a different area code (they made the request and were given both numbers from the very start). After this experience I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!

Customer Service Gone Wild
By -

I called T-Mobile yesterday because the warranty phone that was sent to me hasn't kept a charge since I received it approximately one month ago. About a week after using it, I got sick and tired of always charging it, at home - work - car. So, I called the wonderful (cough cough) Customer Service Department. Explained my situation. Was advised a new battery would be sent out. About a week later I received it.

Guess what, it was to the original phone that was replaced. So, let's try this again. Called up the Non-Helpful Customer Service, advised of the continued dilemma and that the battery didn't fit this phone. Advised yet again, that a new one would be sent out. Another week and there it sits on my door step. I'm anxious because I want to actually talk on the phone without it being plugged into some outlet. It fits!!! Woo hoo... Oh wait. Hold the woo hoo. After a few days, same thing - one phone call and two texts and three bars of power gone. I deal with it for few more weeks. I guess I hadn't totally given up hope.

When I needed my phone yesterday I went to use it and it was dead. So after placing it on the charger yet again, I waited for it to at least three bars before I called dear ol' customer service (spit). I spoke with a man. He said "we can't troubleshoot it. You're calling from the phone that you're having issues with". Great this is my only link to communication with the world - no home phone. I am solely dependent upon T-Mobile.

I said "why don't you tell me what troubleshooting I need to do and I can call you back". I received the response - "well we can't do that. Our guidelines say you have to call from another phone other than your cell". Really, well the lady I talked to previously gave me some troubleshooting, and he said well that's really the only things we can suggest. So the smarty pants that I am. I said good save :-)

After bickering and getting nowhere fast, I opted to speak with a manager. Let the games begin or shall I say entertainment. This no so smart so called Manager decided to go toe to toe with me. Little did he know he was not going to succeed. Once he realized this he became overly rude and unhelpful. But then again, this is T-Mobile Customer Service. I explained the issue over and over and he really thought that was the natural life of a battery for my device.

OK, so the average person is going to send two texts and make a 15 minute phone call and put the phone on the charger - I don't think so. My previous phone could be used for three days before being charged, and the kicker it's just one upgrade from my old one. A lot of the same features. He then tells me - "well your phone is doing things behind the scenes that you can't see and that can use up your battery".

Please some techno guru out there tell me how that is possible. I said seriously, I didn't think this conversation could get any worse. Sooooo... I finally just say, "I'm done wasting my time, just send me a new battery, and as for me being a "preferred" customer - I'll take that status to another carrier who actually knows what their doing". I then bid him a good-bye.

Cell Phone Stopped Working After 5 Days - No Refund or Replacement, Etc.
By -

GRAZ AUSTRIA -- My European trip was almost ruined by T-Mobile, specifically the creep that ran the store in Graz. We were just leaving Salzburg for Graz when I noticed the T-Mobile shop at the train station. We entered the store to look for a cheap telephone that would fill our needs for the remainder of our trip. Since we were planning to rent a car, I thought it best to have a cell phone with us in case of any trouble.

We found a phone. It was 19 Euros. With that we bought minutes for another 20 Euros. They programmed it for me and we happily left the store. While waiting for the train, I called our friend in Graz to let him know we were on our way. Yes, it was great to have a cell on hand.

We had a lovely time in Graz. We called Canada a couple of times and then we ran out of time. No problem - we merely walked down the street to the nearest store and bought another 20 Euro's worth. The nice lady programmed it in for me.

About 5 days after initial purchase, it simply stopped working. No dial tone. Dead. I knew it wasn't the battery because I had charged it overnight. I looked in the directory and found a T-Mobile shop just a few blocks away. We walked in with our receipt, the telephone and all the associated literature. The young man at the counter was really nice and tried to get it going but couldn't. He said it's broken. I said I know but we didn't break it. It was never dropped or mishandled. It simply stopped working.

I said OK, then I'll just trade it in for another. (This is common practice anywhere in Canada and the US. If something you buy is a lemon and you take it back with your receipt, you either get a refund or a trade for a new one. In fact, even if it's not a lemon but you changed your mind, the same applies). He said he couldn't do that.

I asked to see the manager. The little creep came out. I told my story again. He said he's sorry he can't help me. I was surprised. "Why not? OK, then give me a refund." No, he can't do that. "OK, then how about I trade it in and upgrade to a better phone?" No he can't do that. "What can you do? " "We can send it out for repair. It will take 10 days." I said "in 10 days, I'll be in Ireland. So you won't do anything?" He's sorry but no.

I lost it. I snapped. I wanted to wallop him. Nothing? I told him I hoped the same thing would happen to him. Let's see how he likes it -- or words to that effect. I stormed out of that shop. Since then I've been trying to get a hold of T-Mobile in Austria. Their website is not user friendly and, although I filled out a complaint, I never heard back. Now, I hear they're coming to Canada. I'll do what I can to spread the word about their horrible service. I wonder how long they'll last here?

Fraudulent Practices by T-Mobile
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DENVER, COLORADO -- I have been a customer of T-Mobile for about 2 years now during which time I've seen their sub-standard service yo-yo back and forth from mediocre to worse and back. Over the past 6 months it has deteriorated so significantly and caused so many problems that I decided I would cut my losses and get out of my family plan contract. When I tried to disengage I was told that I would have to pay a hefty penalty of $400 for canceling the service prematurely.

I explained to them that the only reason I am canceling is because they failed to provide the service I diligently paid for every month… That I often cannot get a line out; that call waiting notification only works sporadically; that calls are automatically forwarded to voicemail for no apparent reason; voicemail notification comes through sometimes but never on a consistent basis if at all; text messages can come in anywhere from immediately to several hours or even days after being sent; coverage is absent in many areas of the Denver Tech Center even though they assured me when I was first thinking of signing up that I was in a strong signal area.

Then, when they failed to persuade me to reconsider they pointed out to me that the T-Mobile contract small print stipulates that T-Mobile is not obligated to actually provide service. That's some contract! How can they get away with this?

I have patiently spent hours on the phone with a multitude of T-Mobile representative who were dismissive and condescending, in my attempt to get service repaired and minimize my financial losses. I went as far as to upgrade my phones last August because the store manager at Park Meadows Mall explained that the low-level phones they themselves sold me were the source of my problem, and that all would be rectified by upgrading to a better phone.

In the meantime I still do not get my call waiting notices, text messages or voice mail notifications in a timely or consistent manner and in fact, frequently get an error message when I try to make a call out saying that my call has failed. Duh!

Unfortunately this translates directly into lost revenue for me. I use my cell phone predominantly for business and T-Mobile is making me look unprofessional as well as unreliable because of the numerous dropped calls, the inability to make a call at any given time of the day or night, and the inability to retrieve messages left for me by my clients.

I have done everything that the T-Mobile techies suggested: cycled the phones, swapped SIM cards, done master resets, etc. all to no avail. I spent countless hours on the phone with T-Mobile representative while they transferred me from representative to representative to representative often disconnecting me in the process (even though they swear they do not have a dropped call issue!).

Because they are unwilling to provide a direct dial number to a level two technician for help, customers are forced to go through the entire process from scratch over and over again when they disconnect you until you are worn out and bloodied and finally give up in disgust - which is probably exactly what T-Mobile is counting on.

Today I was told by a T-Mobile representative that all cellphone services were inherently lousy and transferring to another service provider would do me no good, but I could try negotiating with the store I purchased my service and phones from because they could leverage their commissions against the cancelation fee.

So I went directly to the local T-Mobile store that sold me the service. No surprise there: nobody wanted to take responsibility for the shoddy service and broken promises. But they certainly made it clear to me that they would definitely penalize me for trying to unload a bogus service that doesn't do what its supposed to do. Where's the legality in that?

The assistant manager of the T-Mobile store in Park Meadows Mall got very angry when I asked him how many lost potential customers it would take for him to break even on the $400 penalty they were going to impose on me? Because I would be sure to tell everyone I came in contact with about my terrible experience with their service. He was so livid that he physically followed me out of the store to wait and see if I was talking to anyone and then called mall security to harass me. I do believe that was in direct violation of my first amendment rights, but I was not about to take on the two burly security guards that answered his “distress” call.

Since when is this type of bullying legal? Why isn't anyone standing up to this crooked, fraudulent company? I'd like to know what recourse I have. There are thousands of customers in our Denver Tech Center area alone who are being held hostage by this company, let alone all over the country. All you have to do is google “T-Mobile complaints” and you will read story after story from disgruntled customers who were outright swindled by these pirates. This is not right, and it certainly is not the American way. I have sent this complaint to the local television media. I would steer clear of this company at all costs!

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