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WORST WORST!! T-Mobile customer service - Wireless Phone Service
Posted by Joan2004 on 12/08/2004
COLUMBIA, MISSOURI -- My husband and I signed up for T-mobile early this year. We then asked our friends and relatives to sign up as well so that we can talk to each other for free. I now deeply regret becoming a customer of a company with such terrible customer service. We will cancel and ask all the people we know to cancel as soon as our contracts are up. No wonder they have such a high cancellation fee, otherwise, people would be cancelling all the time.

Ok, here is the story: We just had a very simple request for them. We never got our 3rd and 4th month bills for some reason. We need these bills to get our mail in rebate. The trick with the rebate is that we have to show them the 3rd and 4th month bills and also have to file all the stuff before the end of the 4th month, which only leaves us a small time frame to do so. We did not receive the bill, and called them 10 days after the day they sent the bill. They told us it would take up to 14 days to receive the bill(What in the world???!!). Since we haven't received any bills after 10 days, we felt there was a good chance something was wrong with that. So we asked very nicely if they could send us another bill right away just to be sure we can get them in that small time frame. They said they can't. They have to wait 15 days or so before they can send another bill, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS, and said it was technically IMPOSSIBLE. I'm a software engineer myself, I have never heard of anything like that. If that was the truth, then I can't imagine how terrible their processing procedure is. No manual control at all?!! By the time they can send us another bill, we will already miss out on the $300 rebate. The most upsetting part was the supervisor that we had was really really SHORT with us, he is MEAN, and NOT HELPFUL. It was so terrible to talk to such a person. I don't understand why this kind of person is in customer service. He wouldn't give us his last name, but his first name was Adam, and his employee id is: 0653903.

Other than their terrible customer service, their incapability of making exceptions for loyal customers, having no control over their own systems, T-Mobile is also infamous for their really POOR signals. A word of advice - stay away from T-Mobile!

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Posted by tander on 2004-12-08:
They also have no lee-way on paying late, if your payment is due on the 2nd, they suspend your account on the 3rd.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-12-09:
Well not always, Ive been with them for about 5 years and have been late 2 or 3 times before, once almost 2 months, and never cut off once.
Posted by TheTruthHurts on 2005-03-16:
Unfortunately the general public would disagree with you, as would JD Power and associates who ranked T-mobile's Customer Service #1 among cellular providers. That being said, there is always someone within any organization that is having a bad day/doesn't like their job/is brand new/doesn't like your accent, whatever. T-mobile has thousands of customer service reps. at several different call centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. My suggestion: Next time you have a bad experience, don't immediatly write off an entire company due to your experience, hang up and call back, you will get someone else hopefully more helpfull. On another note, your comment about T-mobile being known for their "poor signal" is rediculous. Its an all digital network. Do some research, all digital means you are getting the highest quality signal available in cellular. Couple that with the fact that they are currently the most cost effective cellular provider out there, and you should really reconsider telling all your friends and family (who probably tire of your rants) to switch carriers and pay more and sign longer contracts (T-mobile is 1 year, everyone else is 2).
Posted by lc0328 on 2006-05-20:
TheTruthHurts - Perhaps you should do some research. I have had service with Verizon and now currently Tmobile. I live in Arizona but travel to my hometown in California. With Verizon I was able to get signal for 90% of the drive and about 75% in my town. After switching to Tmobile very little of my drive has service and I am unable to get any signal in my town. I have had 4 different phone types and still nothing. All digital or not the signal sucks.
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T-Mobile Fraudulent Charges
Posted by Blink_2042 on 04/15/2014
ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- I recently have been getting several phone calls regarding a balance owed from my T-Mobile account that occurred back in 2010. When I spoke to the debt collector over the phone I was thinking that this had to be some sort of mistake.

I had not been notified of any past due balance, I have not moved, my phone number has not changed in ten years, and there has not been a disruption in my service. Which you think that my phone service would be disconnected for an unpaid balance.

I called and spoke with a representative from T-Mobile and they were unable to tell me why there was a balance and could not provide proof of notifications sent to me of an outstanding balance. I also asked for them to send any documentation for the charges to my personal e-mail address (which was verified over the phone) and I have still not received the documentation which was requested on two separate occasions—both over a month ago.

I am very upset with how this has been handled and never received any paperwork stating that I would be sent to a collection agency. It is very unnerving to all of a sudden have a miscellaneous charge appear out of nowhere from 4 years ago and to be sent to collections (which adds on fees and effects my credit score).
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-04-16:
You have the right to send a letter disputing the debt to the collection agency via certified mail. The collection agency is required to investigate and respond within 30 days.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Neelix12983 on 04/08/2014
ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to T-Mobile and switched from AT&T yesterday and had to go back and pick up a phone for my son - the same model I have - its voice quality is poor and for doing business it isn't good enough and I wanted to get a different phone for myself. The representative today said, Oh, it's good enough he listens to phones all the time - I explained about being an audio engineer and he said it's OK.

I asked to talk to his district manager who was there yesterday and he refused to put him on the line but talked to him like I wasn't there - after asking to speak to him 3 x's and he refusing I took my stuff and got in a yelling match with him.

I called customer service after I left and they talked me around and someone said they would call me back by noon. It didn't happen. I called executive offices - talked to Stephanie, she said district manager won't be there till Sunday and I had to wait or go back to the same store and talk to the same guy and exchange it. I said the phone is still there I will simply go to another T Mobile store and choose my phone. She said no, I had to go back to that guy.

After a long argument trying to go to a store where the district manager was- she said no have to wait to see him till Sunday or go back to the same character I dealt with this morning - I can't go to another store- so eventually she said there will be another person there later and that I still have to go there. I asked to speak with her boss and she said no one higher than her. Everyone has a boss - it means that they have no care at all whatsoever about their customers - just sell then screw the customers, problem is they are all like that or they have terrible connections
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Contracted "Collector's" Don't Play by the Rules!
Posted by Rashephard on 03/18/2014
PINE HILL, NEW JERSEY -- My older sister is on a very low fixed income. A couple of years ago she was given a combination of medications that affected her memory and left her confused at times. It took about three months to recognize how the problem affected her financially. She overpaid some bills, double paid others and forgot to pay a few. Needless to say this ended up destroying her credit which up to this point had been pretty good. One of the bills she forgot to pay was her T-Mobile bill so they canceled her account (three phones) charged her a $200 early termination fee per phone plus charged her for two months of service after they had canceled her account. The total was over $900. It went to a collection agency and I negotiated on her behalf and a price of around $695 payable by check over a period of six months was agreed upon. When the monies were all paid the collection agency refused to send a letter stating the agreement was met satisfactorily. Now T-Mobile has contracted a second collection agency and they are telling my sister that the money she paid to the first collection agency didn't count as it was paid by check and not automatically withdrawn from her account and they are asking for the full amount over $900, which she doesn't have. The question should be asked if T-mobile regularly seeks out senior citizens so they can suck them dry using underhanded methods and counting on their confusion to take advantage of them. I would advise everyone who is a senior citizen or who knows of one using T-Mobile's services to never renew their accounts and to get away from them as soon as it is legally possible. Corporations such as this are able to get away with this legalized form of extortion because we the consumer allow them to walk all over us. We have the power people and we need to stand up to these bully companies and let them know we mean business. There is power in our wallets and if enough people leave because of their unfair business practices, they will eventually get the message!

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-03-18:
Almost sounds like the collection agency scammed you and T-Mobile. It sort of sounds like the collection agency pocketed the money you paid them.
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Harassment Texting
Posted by Greyowl28 on 02/25/2014
DENVER, COLORADO -- I was with T-Mobile for about 8 years, but last year I started to get text messages when my monthly bill is due . Then it became everyday . I called T-Mobile to stop texting me about the monthly bill. Sure enough the very next day I received another text. So I called T-mobile again and T-mobile said they would stop. Of course, the next I receive another text . I called T-Mobile again explained to them if you don't stop texting me I will go to another cell phone company.

The next day sure enough another text. So, I switched to another cell phone company. Then T-Mobile called me, asking why I'm dropping their service. So, I asked T-Mobile are you deaf? I warned you what I would do if you kept texting me, I would switch to another carrier.

The problem with most companies, is that they don't listen until you drop their services ie Banks, Cell Phones, and retail stores. What does it take for companies to listen to the consumer?
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Posted by clutzycook on 2014-02-26:
I have T-Mobile and I get those text messages too. They're annoying as all get out, but when I ask TM to stop sending them, they say that they can't. So, I've started responding to the text messages, using the most colorful language I know how to use. I doubt anyone reads them, but it's a good catharsis.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2014-02-27:
when i had verizon i had phone messages all the time too.
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Impossible to Get Service
Posted by Frazerguy05 on 02/21/2014
Well, I got a T-Mobile 4G hotspot and a SIM card to use T-mobiles no-contract Mobile internet...and every time I went to register it it would send me a text message to my DATA ONLY device which would make me disconnect from the internet provider I am currently using to get on my "Hotspot admin" page to read the message. then when I got back to the sign in page the temporary password was no longer valid because I had to sign out and then return to the page to enter the temp password which of course would be invalid by that time because they would resend a new password every time you tried to sign up for their My T-Mobile account....WTF? are they trying actively to drive people away? are they serious about getting people to sign up? Because they make it impossible to do.. I am just going to stay with my current provider and am posting on this forum because it is also impossible to give direct feedback to T-mobile as well because I couldn't even sign up for the service because they made it way to difficult...Good bye T-mobile even though you never had me as a customer because you made it impossible to get signed up. I hope you do better in the future. But I for one will never use your service in the future.
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Poor Service From T-Mobile
Posted by Debleg83 on 02/10/2014
I changed my service to a prepaid T-Mobile service. I still live in the same area and getting poor service. I've never had this kind of service since I owned a cell phone.

If someone knows of a decent prepaid company I can transfer to, I really would appreciate it. Thanks...
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Tmobile Customer Service Is Pathetic and Obnoxious
Posted by Asadmuslim on 01/08/2014
GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Called 668 for a query about paying my bill for a post paid number that I converted to prepaid. Got transferred 4 times as no one knew what the procedure was. Last transfer was a recording saying business hours are over. Did not get an answer to such a simple query. 0 ownership 0 empathy. Posted the complaint on Tmobile fb page with in 10 minutes the post was deleted..A major sin in social media management. Speechless.

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New Customer - Can't Get Them to Take My Business!
Posted by Annmarie12623 on 01/08/2014
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Two days into placing an order for new service with T-Mobile. First their credit approval system didn't work, now the electronic signature software doesn't work. Crazy! At the end of the first day, they finally logged the order. This is the end of the second day. They want an electronic signature to confirm. Have been trying all day. Haven't succeeded. Can anyone tell me why I want to do business with T-Mobile?
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Worst Customer Service Ever & Unethical
Posted by Deeparker on 01/05/2014
CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a very expensive smartphone under the condition that it would be unlocked. T-MOBILE sent and charged me for 2 phones, when I only ordered one. Then, I had to fight with them to take off the charges. I had the whole paper trail, but they refused to take it off and kept transferring me to different departments until I got a recording. I'm guessing, they hoped, I'd give up and pay for the two phones. TG, I paid for it with my credit card, so when they did the same thing to my them, the charges were removed. That should have been my first clue to run!! Then, they overcharged me on one of my bills and they refused to take it off. I got a continued conversation of HOW it occurred, but no RESOLUTION. Luckily, it was only $15, but that's money that I could have used. Then, I decided to go elsewhere, but realized I didn't have my unlocked code.

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