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T-Mobile stole $196.08 from my checking account
Posted by DJH on 02/11/2005
CHRISTIANA, PENNSYLVANIA -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident.

On January 30th I made an electronic payment of $197.00 to T-Mobile from my checking account. I came to discover on Tuesday, February 1st that they had not only taken the $197.00 which was authorized but they also took an additional $196.08 which was not authorized. Now I am out the $196.08. They basically stole money from my checking account. I have called T-Mobile Customer Service repeatedly and spoke with their Customer Service Reps. which by the way SUCK!! They have no answers for me and if they do not have any answers for me they lie as one of them did, telling me the check was in the mail when in reality it was NOT. Now I am out the $200. I told them that I want out of the contract and I was told by Karen a Supervisor at T-Mobile that was not grounds for breaking the contract. If stealing money from peoples accounts is not a valid reason for getting out of the contract then I do not know what is. I need some help here and I know that I am not the first customer that they have stole money from.

As a resolution, I would like the following:

I have called T-Mobile repeatedly telling them I want my money back and I have also made a formal complaint with my bank and they are going after them for the stolen money.

I want my money back immediately and I want out of the contract and I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

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Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-02-11:
1. A high bill.
2. Dispute it with your bank - tell them to note your account - not to alloy tmobile to debit from your account.
3. Don't give them your checking account info or anyone else - now tmobile has it - someone else from the same company later will probably do the same thing.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2005-02-11:
Send in complaints to:
Your State Attorney General
Posted by SouthernCAStar on 2005-05-14:
File a complaint with Federal Trade Commission throught their website, your State Attorney General and Better Business Bureau.
Posted by issbill on 2005-06-03:
On XX-XX-2005 the EXACT same type of thing happened to me. I logged in to make a payment on the T-Mobile phone. I made a payment. I made sure I DID NOT check the option for them to take out recurring payments. I made sure of this thoroughly 3 times before logging out. The very NEXT day BAM T-Mobile illegally billed my checking account for both my phones. When I called the rep was blunt, saying "No the money cannot and will not be refunded." When I asked to speak to a supervisor the rep said I could not. When I demanded to speak to a supervisor or manager for the refund the rep became shaken and put me on hold. The rep then came back and said the supervisor would not speak to me about this and the money would not be refunded. And here is the catch the rep tried to plaacate me by saying, "The checking information has been removed from the account so it won't happen again." T-Mobile clearly knows this is happening. Clearly if one goes on line and authorizes a one time payment and even if one makes sure the Easy Pay recurring billing option is unchecked the site "checks" it as you leave/log out. Then BAM your checking account or credit card is billed by them. When I threatened legal action the rep then told me "My supervisor told me that if you threaten or mention legal action or a law suit I can no longer give you any information on your account. I cano nly now give you the address to our legal department" :which the rep haltingly and nervously gave to me. From the rep's nervousness I am assured the supervisor (the coward who refused to speak to me about this) was right there with the rep or on the line listening. what we need to do here is begin the class action process. These type of either greedy or cash strapped companies need to be and can be brought down. I have a acquaintance who was just before the California Supreme Court and so I am contacting him about this procedure. All who wish to join me in my fight should post here.

Not giving up after all this stress and BS.
Posted by Abztract on 2005-07-10:
Sigh; this company has put me through hell more than once. I also broke of my contract with them becuase they didn't keep their end of the bargain. I am now with Sprint and use my old T-mobile as a pre-paid to go phone for other things when I don't want to give out my main phone number.

So on July 3rd, 2005 I add $10.00 worth of airtime which gives you 30 minutes. Well before the call ended the rep tells me I have 111 minutes. I asked her wow "how do I have 111 minutes" she says "umm I don't knot". Puts me on hold and when she comes back on the line tells me everything is ok and I should only be charged once and if there is a billing mistake to call back (I used my debit card which was a big mistake). I called t-Mobile right back the rep said the same thing as the other person said everything is fine.

3 days later I check my bank account only to find out T-Mobile Charged me 10.70 three times for a total of $32.10, obviously I wasn't happy. I called T-Mobile to fix the problem since they said they would. I was then refused a refund and hung up on, one of the reps lied to me when I asked to speak to a Supervisor by telling me she was a sup, but I managed to persuade her to let me speak to a sup. She got slick and cold transfered me to another rep that went through the same motions. Yes you are right we did double bill you, but we can't give you a refund. I cought the mistake as soon as it happened let the rep know and called afterwards, they admit their mistake but still hand me no refund what gives?

I didn't authorized this and that's I how get treated. They made my blood boil, so I let go. The extra $20 plus they stole from me. I'm just going to stick to buying those refill cards that if I decide to keep supporting this big time fraud of a company should of learned my lesson the first time around.

People NEVER give T-Mobile access to your bank account.

This is supposed to be pre-paid no contracts, no hidden bills and charges, yet they charged me an extra .70 cents on each $10 refill.
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WORST WORST!! T-Mobile customer service - Wireless Phone Service
Posted by Joan2004 on 12/08/2004
COLUMBIA, MISSOURI -- My husband and I signed up for T-mobile early this year. We then asked our friends and relatives to sign up as well so that we can talk to each other for free. I now deeply regret becoming a customer of a company with such terrible customer service. We will cancel and ask all the people we know to cancel as soon as our contracts are up. No wonder they have such a high cancellation fee, otherwise, people would be cancelling all the time.

Ok, here is the story: We just had a very simple request for them. We never got our 3rd and 4th month bills for some reason. We need these bills to get our mail in rebate. The trick with the rebate is that we have to show them the 3rd and 4th month bills and also have to file all the stuff before the end of the 4th month, which only leaves us a small time frame to do so. We did not receive the bill, and called them 10 days after the day they sent the bill. They told us it would take up to 14 days to receive the bill(What in the world???!!). Since we haven't received any bills after 10 days, we felt there was a good chance something was wrong with that. So we asked very nicely if they could send us another bill right away just to be sure we can get them in that small time frame. They said they can't. They have to wait 15 days or so before they can send another bill, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS, and said it was technically IMPOSSIBLE. I'm a software engineer myself, I have never heard of anything like that. If that was the truth, then I can't imagine how terrible their processing procedure is. No manual control at all?!! By the time they can send us another bill, we will already miss out on the $300 rebate. The most upsetting part was the supervisor that we had was really really SHORT with us, he is MEAN, and NOT HELPFUL. It was so terrible to talk to such a person. I don't understand why this kind of person is in customer service. He wouldn't give us his last name, but his first name was Adam, and his employee id is: 0653903.

Other than their terrible customer service, their incapability of making exceptions for loyal customers, having no control over their own systems, T-Mobile is also infamous for their really POOR signals. A word of advice - stay away from T-Mobile!
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Posted by tander on 2004-12-08:
They also have no lee-way on paying late, if your payment is due on the 2nd, they suspend your account on the 3rd.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-12-09:
Well not always, Ive been with them for about 5 years and have been late 2 or 3 times before, once almost 2 months, and never cut off once.
Posted by TheTruthHurts on 2005-03-16:
Unfortunately the general public would disagree with you, as would JD Power and associates who ranked T-mobile's Customer Service #1 among cellular providers. That being said, there is always someone within any organization that is having a bad day/doesn't like their job/is brand new/doesn't like your accent, whatever. T-mobile has thousands of customer service reps. at several different call centers throughout the U.S. and Canada. My suggestion: Next time you have a bad experience, don't immediatly write off an entire company due to your experience, hang up and call back, you will get someone else hopefully more helpfull. On another note, your comment about T-mobile being known for their "poor signal" is rediculous. Its an all digital network. Do some research, all digital means you are getting the highest quality signal available in cellular. Couple that with the fact that they are currently the most cost effective cellular provider out there, and you should really reconsider telling all your friends and family (who probably tire of your rants) to switch carriers and pay more and sign longer contracts (T-mobile is 1 year, everyone else is 2).
Posted by lc0328 on 2006-05-20:
TheTruthHurts - Perhaps you should do some research. I have had service with Verizon and now currently Tmobile. I live in Arizona but travel to my hometown in California. With Verizon I was able to get signal for 90% of the drive and about 75% in my town. After switching to Tmobile very little of my drive has service and I am unable to get any signal in my town. I have had 4 different phone types and still nothing. All digital or not the signal sucks.
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T-Mobile Fulfillment Is a Scam
Posted by Jmrnoodles on 08/22/2013
STREAMWOOD, ILLINOIS -- Tmobile fulfillment center came to visit the dealership I work at a few weeks ago. One of the sales reps, "Steve" approached me with an offer that he claimed would reduce my monthly bill. After asking several questions about the offer he assured me I would be able to use my old phone (Samsung s3 with sprint) and that data would be unlimited. He told me that my phone would have to be unlocked and after asking the right questions he finally admitted that 4g data would be, "throttled" down to 3g data.

When I finally got my contract it clearly stated I could not use my phone with Tmobile service and I later discovered I would need to pay up to 300$ for this, "unlocking" service. I ended up paying about 20$ to have the phone shipped back. Steve promises to cover the shipping cost. I then receive a second call from Tmobile asking for my tracking number again. I am now told I will be billed for, "pro-rated charges" on a phone I never even turned on or used. Hope this warning to potential Tmobile fulfillment customers is helpful.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-24:
It sounds like a scam that is totally unaffiliated with T-Mobile. I suggest notifying your bank that this company is a fraud.
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Sending refurbished replacement hand sets that don't work.
Posted by Patsydupree on 02/07/2013
SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- I had no problem with T-mobile until my phone which was still under warranty started to have so many glitches I couldn't use it any more. To make a long story short I was sent six different "refurbished" hand sets within a six month period. They didn't work either. The company has trained its personnel to be excellent in terms of polite run-around verbiage. The last phone they sent me worked for a while and then it too started to glitch. I terminated my contract. I have had to pay $549.14 in early termination fees and a prorated last bill. It should be unlawful for a company to provide such poor service and still take my money, contract or not. I paid for many hours that went unused because my many cell "phones" wouldn't work properly and then when I couldn't take it any longer I had to pay the exorbitant fee to opt out of the contract. Lawful on their part? Yes. The right thing to do? I don't think so.

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Posted by ok4now on 2013-02-08:
I had a similar experience with T-Mobile. Once you get locked into their contract they own you. I rode it out to avoid the steep cancellation fees. Never again. I'm now contract free with Cricket. They're not perfect but for $50 bucks a month everything is unlimited. They do throttle you back with heavy internet usage which is not important to me. Good call clarity, no drop calls and no surprise bills. I can walk if I'm not happy and owe them nothing.
Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-08:
I worked for a major wireless carrier for a time, and processed the phones that were "returned" under warranty. The basic "refurbishing" involved checking for the moisture damage indicator, testing and possibly replacing the battery, then wiping and reloading the "original" software (ignoring any fixes or updates avaialble for glitches). The phones were then repackaged and made available for the next customer (read as "sucker).

I personally no longer buy high end phones and consider any phone I buy as disposable.
Posted by emeraldlorraine on 2013-05-30:
I have TMobile trying to charge me $349 for not returning the phone within 60 days (by May 1) though they gave me extensions. Ironically, I am now onto another replacement Galaxy II. The first one doesn't charge and the 2nd
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Lied to Get Me to Sign 2 Year Contract. Sending a Booster Then Canceled Order. I'm Stuck!
Posted by Lalar255 on 09/29/2012
I am begging for help!

I'm sorry about the length of this and I'm hoping someone can help and tell me how to deal with T-Mobile.

I've been a loyal customer for several years and I had wonderful cell service until June 2011 when I moved and service was non-existent. I could not make calls inside my home, use the internet or send a text message. All phone calls had to make while standing outside by the street often in the rain or snow or in the heat. The first time I called I was told they would test the signal and asked me to go inside. I told them the call would drop if I walk inside. I walked in and the call dropped. I went outside so they could call back. This went back and forth several times.

My next phone call I was rudely told T-Mobile doesn't guarantee I will get service inside my home. I have a child that is home alone and I had several instances where he needed to contact me and could not. I got him a phone for this reason so he could reach me in an emergency.

My son has several months with zero usage and my phone usually less than 100 minutes, maybe a 100 text and some internet service. None of these in my house.

I complained a couple time but was treated poorly each time and being told they don't promise service will work. I let it go because I knew I was within my 2 years of the contract and would get out then.

On September 11, 2012 I called to cancel my contract and request information on porting my cell phone numbers to another company because thankfully my contract was up. I spoke with Kevin about porting my number and we talked about how bad the service had been in my home. He proceeded to convince me to let your company send me a booster. I declined. He kept telling me give it a chance because if I didn't like it or it didn't work I would send it back within 20 days and the contract was void. More than once I told him I don't want to do this and I was a little upset the reps on all the previous calls treated me poorly and essentially said “read your contract, we don't promise our service will work in certain locations.”

He said he understood and apologized for the calls with other people. I told him I want to make 100% sure before I agree to do business with T-mobile again that I can get out of the contract because I am not paying over $125 a month for two phone lines that I can't use at my home. He assured me this would be the case.

He made me go through the phone prompts agreeing to a contract. I assume (or assumed) the rest of our conversation was also recorded??

The next day I got an email saying the booster was canceled I immediately and was told it wouldn’t work were I live and will block neighbor's signals. I immediately called about the booster and they said because I also told Kevin there was a something between the walls separating my town-home and my neighbors when it was actually just walls separating the units. I was locked into another two years of unusable service. There is a garage on one side and something between the walls on the other side which is why the booster order was canceled. I'm sorry this probably doesn't make much sense.

After a tearful night and realizing I must me the stupidest person on the planet to get screwed over by T-mobile I got furious. Hopefully they give Kevin a big raise. He earned it.

As I work in a customer service and am appalled at the sleazy way they do business.

Is there anything I can do? I ported my numbers to another company and cannot afford to pay the termination fee and cannot afford to have a big ding on my credit, more important I REFUSE to give them a dime.

I feel tricked and ashamed that I was so dumb to get duped like this.
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Posted by Krm620 on 2012-12-11:
Yes, report them to your State's Attorney General and any other government agency you can think of. They will never help you and will try to wear you down. The more people complain, the better it will be for the consumer being victimized by this completely dishonest company.
Posted by sonnybun on 2012-12-12:
In September of 2012, T-Mobile reps lied to me as well offering a second phone line for free and only charging me for data. I purchased s smart phone based on their representations and lo and behold, a month later, my phone bill increased by $120, not $20.

T-Mobile refused to even listen to what I had to say and their contract review department "closed" the case. I subsequently reported them to the Better Business Bureau, the FCC, and I also disputed the charge for the telephone on the credit card bill.

They claim I have a contract with them however it is a verbal contract and that contract was made by TWO of their representatives. They are NOT honoring the terms of that contract thus they are in breach of the contract.

I sent them an email yesterday informing them of the steps I had taken and giving three three days to try to resolve this matter amicably and responsibly. This resulted, for the first time, in a telephone call wherein they left a message stating that they would get back to me within five business days. Whether or not I will allow them to dictate the terms of their response given their behavior, I don't know. I might hold them to the three business days and then switch. On the other hand, it could get ugly, they can damage my credit, and if I can find a way to do away with them, send the phone back, and never do business with them again, that's what I'll do.

T Mobile used to be an honorable company. It's sad because they no longer are. I am profoundly disappointed. I did business with them for almost ten years. It's a shame they don't understand that this type of behavior is what puts companies out of business. Perhaps that's where they're headed and they know that. I can't say for sure why they're behaving this way but I can say I don't think I'll buy their stock.

Report them all over the place. What they're doing is plain WRONG and consumers have to fight back. I think a class action lawsuit is in order. Anyone interested in pursuing this should contact me at bowles.alison@gmail.com. With enough people, we can contact an attorney who specializes in class action lawsuits and see if he/she/they will take it on. I think they should be made an example of. Please contact me if you want to see justice done.
Alison Bowles, NYC, September 2012
Posted by mermaid1959 on 2013-08-15:
File a complaint with the FCC
1. click on wireless telephones
2. next click on billing service privacy and
other issues
3. click on form 2000B....fill out and submit!

There is also a contact number for you to call
Posted by Looking4NewCarrier on 2013-09-20:
I'm looking for a better carrier than AT and T, and want to thank you and all the others on here who are sharing their experiences with T-Mobile. I had heard they were better due to monthly pay plans instead of 2-yr contracts, but after reading this and other horror stories about dealing with T-Mobile, I'm ruling them out. Sounds like headaches of a whole new kind to switch to them. I'm very sorry to hear about your experiences with this company. Why do these cell phone carriers make everything so difficult? It's just a phone, after all. Seems they are all bent on being as rude as can be.
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They Will Lie to Get You to Sign a Contract
Posted by Rcbig87 on 08/17/2012
I have personally been with T-Mobile for over 5 years. Let me start by saying they used to be a credible company and I very rarely had problems with the service and prices. Since I have switched to a smart phone the prices have sky rocketed. I cannot get my bill down past 85 dollars a month and I don't even have unlimited minutes.

Recently I went into a T-mobile store trying to get a better deal on my rate plan, the representative told me he could get me into a value plan if I signed another contract and they were having a special and they would not be charging a migration fee which was somewhere around 200 dollars, so I signed the contract. Well when my bill came it was 358 dollars so I went back to the store because they could not help me over the phone due to the fact I was told by the representative I would not be charged the fee.

I went in and the manager was very professional and took care of the charges without a problem, and even reverted my contract back to what it previously was. So very recently I looked at my bill and saw it was almost 100 dollars and seeing as my girlfriend pays half of that for the same services only she uses prepaid T-Mobile I called trying to get a better deal. They transferred me to some kind of account specialist who told me I could be put onto a classic rate plan of 500 minutes, unlimited text and data with my insurance for only 67 dollars a month if I signed a 2 year contract. So I agreed to the deal, and today I looked at my bill and it was 158 dollars.

I looked at the billing details and came to find out they took away my unlimited messaging which I never agreed to because I use text messages a lot. So to sum things up they gave me back my unlimited messaging for 10 dollars more a month and reverted the overage fees but now I am stuck in another 2 year contract, and my monthly price is virtually the same maybe 5 to 10 dollars cheaper.

My advice to anyone is before you sign that 2 year contract look into prepaid. You get more for your money and won't have to pay a cancellation fee if you want to go somewhere else, yes the phone isn't free but you can find a good deal on a decent phone trust me it will be cheaper in the long run. Just watch out for these guys and their contracts they will lie to your face to get you trapped in them, and then they keep trying to get you to sign more and more.
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Posted by ok4now on 2012-08-21:
Been there, done that with T-Mobile. My contract was about to expire and they pushed hard to get me to sign again for 2 years. Screw them. Went to Cricket, unlimited voice, text and data for $55.00 a month. No fees or taxes. Plus No Contract. Bought their top of the line phone (Mercury) currently on special for $140.00. Android smart phone, fast processor, 2 cameras, good battery life, you'll love it.
Posted by CARLOS on 2013-07-15:
Posted by Angry on 2013-09-20:
I was completely scammed in the same way with their "migration fee" that was suppose to end my old contract and merge me to a new plan. This was explained to me in two different states at two different stores in the aame way! Oh no! I paid the fee and then was told I still am in contract now just on the new plan!
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Billing, Lying To Your Customers
Posted by Fruitlove29 on 11/07/2011
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I have multiple lines with this company, I recently renewed my contract with them because I was told my bill would be lower, to my surprise it has increased, The billing date was changed to the 28th of every month for every customer. I did not receive notification of this process, just looking on my account on my device is how I knew, not any type of letter was sent neither any type of phone call, this is not good customer service, they advertise on TV what a good company they are, I would not recommend them to anyone. When your bill is enormous, they will not work with you to split the payments in half. LOOK T-MOBILE. Are you aware of the financial crisis this country is in, we want to pay our bill, but you are not willing to work with us. So much for caring about your customers.
False advertising, or just plain lying, they are guilty of both, I will not be with them too much longer, forget the contract, why should I HONOR it when you don't honor your end of the bargain.
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Posted by habelle on 2011-11-07:
It seems you have two separate complaints here. The first is that you renewed your contract with an understanding that your bill would be lower and your due date would stay the same. If your price was increased, you need to immediately contact them and find out why. Express your concerns and what you were told. Hopefully you made note of the date, time and CSR's name. The second part of your complaint seems to be about paying your bills fully in a timely manner. If you cannot afford services at this time, please find a way to cut back. You could use pre-paid phones if necessary. We can't cry "recession, give me a break!" when companies need to stay in business and you're upset about paying for what you purchased. This is your responsibility. Not theirs. Best of luck finding out why your rate went up. Kindly pay your bills or cut back where you need to.
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Poor Service - Coverage and Customer Service
Posted by Tmobilestinks on 07/13/2010
I've been with TMobile almost 10 years. I've gone thru every growing pain with them. Now that I'm having CONSTANT problems with the service, they are turning their back on me. About 6 months ago I started getting many, many complaints from my customers not being able to reach me. About 75% of ALL calls made and received on all 3 of my handsets get dropped and repeat calls are necessary. I lose signal an all 3 handsets in 4 counties and in 5 states. "phantom" phone calls are going out from all 3 handsets to people in my contact list at all hours of the night. I receive about 6 of these "phantom" calls from one other handset on the account on a daily basis. All 3 handsets are different models so it's not a device issues. Every call into TMobile resorts in the same canned speech - Well, our technicians can't find a problem. I'm certainly not imagining this and I'm losing business on a daily basis. However, TMobile will not assist me in releasing me from my contract, resolving the issues permanently, and are rude and sarcastic when I call in. Early on in the issues, I went to the extent of purchasing a new handset thinking it was a device issue. Now the response from them is "Obviously you weren't having problems 3 months ago because you bought a new phone"...I bought it to try and resolve the issue - Not because I was happy!!! This company has gone from a decent comapny after working thru growing pains to one of the worst I can think of. I would never rec TMobile to anyone after this long fiasco.

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Posted by whenNO on 2010-07-15:
I had very bad experiences with T-Mobile. The connections drop many times. Sometime my cellphone(8220) reboot by itself during conversation. T-Mobile didn't know how to fix it.
Very bad service.
Posted by tmobilestinks on 2010-07-16:
They must have made some internal changes because I didn't have any problems for years. It seemed like overnight my service tanked. I own a business and can't afford to not have my phone working properly. I train dogs and often have clients dogs in my home for extended periods of time. They need to be able to call and check on their pets. All they get is voicemail and I get no indicator they called.

When the "phantom" calls starting going out in the middle of the night, that was the end of the line for me. They finally did release my contract so I can find a new provider now. But it took almost 6 months.
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I Love T-Mobile! (3 Years Loyal)
Posted by Ms. Cervantes on 05/10/2009
I have been with TMobile for 3 years. Before that I was with Sprint, US Cellular, and At&T.

First off, they beat the competition by FAR! They have the BEST customer service of any company I've ever worked for! I don't understand why I saw so many negative complaints on here. Today, I had to call customer care. I got a native English Speaker as I ALWAYS DO THANK GOD! (Sprint, I would ALWAYS get someone who did NOT speak English reading a script) Anyhow, I had a question for them to help me because my husband is in boot camp. Though I am the primary account holder, I am not really able to pay our bill for the next 3 months, but I did NOT want to lose them as my provider and I'm sure they did not want to lose me as a customer as they tell me every time I call "thank you for being a loyal T-Mobile customer"

Anyhow, the nice gentlemen offered me several options to help me find options for this situation. He even offered me all of the advice that a friend would...such as a slight suggestion "If you could pay this time, you might be able to draw out the last 2 months without getting a disconnect though I would not advise that because you probably want to keep connected"

Since I was not really happy for that option he asked if I would maybe want to suspend my account for 3 months with something called a "seasonal suspension". This is an option they have for people who are leaving the country. Anyhow, instead of paying 180, I could just pay 30. If I went to a pay as you go or per month company it would help lower my monthly bills.

This is just an example of the EXCEPTIONAL customer service that I ALWAYS get with T-Mobile. I have only been mistreated ONCE when calling customer care in the 3 years I've been with T-Mobile. I was in the store calling, it was the only time I got a disconnect. The man that was helping me in the store, heard the way that they were talking to me and apologized sincerely. He then offered me $100.00 credit on my account for the mistreatment. I called later to complain about the people who had talked to me before...not that I wasn't satisfied with the credit : ) but I did want to make sure these people would not talk to other customers this way. Anyhow, I was apologized to and he put a complaint through while I waited on the phone. This guy was very sincere and said that T-Mobile does not want to be represented like that and he is happy when loyal customers call to let them know about these things. He saw the credit on the account and said, "I have never seen that! They must have really mistreated you!"

Anyhow, there are going to be bad seads anywhere and that includes from the customers themselves! If you call TMobile and are nice every time, then they will be nice back. If you start yelling at them right away, the representative doesn't deserve that. Just TALK to them and they are AlWAYS willing to go ABOVE and BEYOND!!! I'm so happy to have them as my provider!!! : D

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Posted by T-Mobile Sucks on 2012-12-13:
There is no way you could have had a positive experience with them unless your issue was easily resolved and it did not involve asking for money back. Once you say the magic words "refund" they put you thru to a whole different set of people who cannot speak English well and you cannot hear them on the line. No matter what your plan is, you willnever get a refund, even if their service terminates in your area. I waited for them to resolve an antenna outage for 6 weeks and they still refuse to give me a refund even though my line is completely dead.
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Stay Away From T-Mobile
Posted by Hellojtpictures on 06/27/2013
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- I was unhappy with Verizon two year contracts, so I decided to give t-Mobile "no contract" service a try. The truth is that if you get a new phone with Tmobile you are locked in with them too. Anyway, I was foolish enough to fall for their advertising and decided to give it a try. You can cancel before 14 days, they told me. Well, after 11 days of dropped calls or no calls and static in service areas on their map, I took the phone back and canceled my service.

Then they tell me there is a restocking fee for the phone. Now I'm out about 78.00. They tell me that the phone service was pro rated and I won't get another bill. The 78.00 covers the restocking fee and service charges pro rated. A couple of weeks later I start getting collections calls from Tmobile. They were giving me different amounts and stories. I owed 125.00 more, they said, then it was 75.00 more, then 35.00. The amount kept changing.

One woman told me they were charging me to transfer my phone number. It was my number for the last 11 years, and I only had service with them for 11 days! I transferred that number to them from Verizon. Or they tell you can cancel and try their terrible service, don't do it. I gave them a chance and got charged almost 130.00, so far for 11 days of service that didn't work 20% of the time.

I went back to Verizon with my tail between my legs, and learned that if you buy a phone outright, you don't have to sign a contract. Tmobile is deceptive because you are still locked in for two years because you have to pay for the phone. Other companies pretend to give you the phone free. It's never free. Either way, the experiment wasted a lot of money, and Verizon has the best network hands down. T-mobile sucks. I wish it wasn't true, but it is.
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