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Fictitious overcharges
By -

FORT COLLINS -- Where to start? my opinion and with
our experiences, T-Mobile is the most unscrupulously run operation I've ever
encountered. We have four phones under a shared
1600 minute plan with them. One of the phones
has a monthly $14.99 surcharge for unlimited
text and instant messaging. Our December 2005 bill came in an 8 1/2x11" envelope, was hundreds of pages in length and was a whopping total
of $1086. What?!?

They had charged $0.35 as used minutes for every single text/instant message on that phone. On top of that, because each message was charged
as a minute-they chewed through the 1600 minutes and charged all phones for minutes over the 1600 limit. The 1600 minutes were "used up" by
messages that were charged as minutes.

It took several weeks, calls and emails to at least six different T-Mobile customer support "specialists" and their business care email address to get the problem resolved. Each call ended in the following. "We are going to give this to our offline billing department...we'll get back to
you within one week." Finally we got the fictitious charges cancelled from the bill. But they never reversed the charges for overbilling us for the minute overage. They dropped the messaging charges, but NOT the charges for the over 1600 minutes that the fictitious message minutes. Worse, repeated instances occurred where the same "minute" was charged for multiple times--because some messages were sent/received within that same minute (!). They never dropped these charges.

January's bill comes--and they have done the same thing again, with the same phone, with the same outcome--a bill of over $966. Again with the
repeated phone calls to at least a half a dozen customer support specialists, the repeated run around, repeated, wasted time. Finally, again, after endless phone calls and stalling, we get the bill credited for the fictitious charges. They still did not drop the fictitious charges for the minute overages triggered by the fictitious minute/message charge. They rolled December's charges for this over to January's billing.

February's bill comes--and they have done the same thing AGAIN, with the SAME phone AGAIN, with the SAME outcome AGAIN--a bill of over $684. All the same billing for the various fictitious charges from December and January showed up.

We haven't started round three, but I am now convinced that our only recourse is through whistle blowing and legal action in small claims court
or through binding arbitration. After three months of this, our conclusion is that they will continue to deal in bad faith on this matter--now and in the future.

Having scoured the terms and conditions agreement, it is clear to me that the only way to get billing disputes logged them and potentially resolved
is in writing to the address listed in section 2 of the Terms and Conditions. Write about any illegitimate or fictitious charges on your
bill to this address:

Customer Relations
P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

You should understand that you can also take T-Mobile to small claims court for any illegitimate or fictitious charges. This may be your only
protection since they may unilaterally decide to hand your bill over to a collection agency for a new set of hounds to ruin your life.

In our case, they have dealt with us in "bad faith" at every turn. If (when) you are unable to get a result from their customer relations, you
must "serve" T-Mobile by sending all paperwork and a description of your complaint to this address:

Corporation Services Company
1010 SE Union Ave. SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Then you can contact the--American Arbitration Association for a disposition. Their phone number and web site are: 800-778-7879

We are not deadbeats or bill dodging non-payers. We have credit scores of of 900/930, 805/850 and 800/825 from the three credit rating services. We have become gravely concerned that T-Mobile will file a fraudulent, negative report against our record with the big-three credit bureaus if we refuse to pay these fictitious charges. That would negatively affect us for years. There seems to be no recourse and no end to them continuing to
levy fictitious charges, abusively bill and continue and repeated deal in bad faith.

This has been a nightmare for months now.

Our contract with T-Mobile ends on March 29, 2006-Independence day, Bastille Day or whatever you want to call it. After that date, we will cancel service and begin legal proceedings against T-Mobile for fictitious charges and abusive billing practices. We are left with no other choice.

Do NOT Switch to T-Mobile - They Have the Worst Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

LAYTON, UTAH -- One of the phones broke on the third day, I waited till my next day off (thinking no big deal). They said nothing they could do. They told us it would take 60 days to get reimbursed for early termination. We waited 60 then 90 days, still no reimbursement... We go back into the store and are told we need to submit last bill to switch to Tmobile. We attempt to do that and are told we are outside the 60 days to initiate it and there is nothing they can do. The store took our phones and mailed them in (so they said).

I highly discourage anyone from switching to T-Mobile. With buying 5 smart phones I worry we may be stuck with them T-Mobile for at least a little bit longer.

Free 7 Day Test Drive Phone
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Rating: 1/51

PALATINE, ILLINOIS -- On August 28th I ordered a T-Mobile test drive phone. Delivered on August 29th. Returned to authorized store on Sept. 4th - one day early. Order # **. Email received by T-Mobile asking me to return the phone - Called Test Drive Dept. and they assured me no problem. Another email received by T-Mobile 1 week later asking me to return the phone or I would be charged for the phone. Called Test drive Dept and spoke with supervisors. Again, assured no problem. Pending charge placed on my credit card Sept. 24th. Again called T-Mobile. Pending charge was dropped after 7days and another was placed on my CC the following day. Again I called.

Pending charge dropped after again 7 days and another was placed on my CC the following day. Again I called. Both of these times this is happening while I am on vacation and we are getting fraud alerts from our bank - freezing our CC. How nice! So now... this is the 4th pending charge I have on my account.

My bank can't do anything to stop the pending charge because it hasn't gone thru to a charge, but no matter what I do, the charge continues to haunt my CC. Really! Most people don't have the time to deal with such things... I do! I am now on a writing campaign to trash T-Mobile. Why would I want to do business with a company who can't even get my first transaction with them right? But even worse... can't seem to fix the problem!

I've Only Had the Phone 10 Days!
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Rating: 1/51

Not happy at all right now. Switched to AT&T 10 years ago because T-Mobile stunk and have been with them ever since. Thought it was a great deal to get my 13 yr old a phone through T-mobile, even though my gut still said stay away... Called 3+ times already with a billing issue and I've only had the service up and running for 10 DAYS! They didn't credit my initial deposit, then when I called with the receipt and transaction information, they credited it to the current balance, so I still have a "past due" balance!

Get your stuff together T-mobile. At least don't patronize me and pretend that you fixed it. Call it like it is, you aren't fixing it- you're patching it until it works itself out after I make a payment. Until which time my son will still get text messages hounding him for a past due balance which isn't really past due. Kind of annoying and probably just the beginning of my issues... Anyone thinking of taking up T-mobile - consider it carefully... is the headache worth it?

Lies... Threats... Buyers Beware!!!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- I had a salesperson for T-Mobile [yes, I'm using lower case letters for this company as it is a lower class company full of lies] come into my office and paint a beautiful picture of what he could save me on my monthly bill. He stated that the service would be wonderful, and that [direct quote] they would "serve the divorce papers to my current cell phone provider and handle the switchover."

Needless to say, NONE of that happened. I ended up with 2 phone bills from 2 companies. I have talked to T-Mobile as well as the fulfillment center's collections department. They won't take the phone back, even though it shows that it was NEVER used, it was not activated, and I had no air time through them. They are now hounding me for a $400 break contract fee and calling and threatening me, including 'taking me to court' for the $$.

If I mention that I want to hire a lawyer, I am told by the horrid person on the phone that if I mention legal actions, he will disconnect the call. WHAT?? He can threaten me, and I can't fight back? Everyone that I talk to says that T-Mobile is the WORST company out there. I have to agree. Why don't we all get a class action lawsuit together and put them and their 'fulfillment' center out of business for good???

Legere Team got to go!
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Rating: 2/51

WASHINGTON -- Unbeknownst to Pay As You Go customers who toggle between the 'Minute plan' and the '$2.00 or $3.00 per day plan', had a rude awakening on August 17, 2014. Pay As You Go 'Minute plan', with Gold Rewards, is grandfathered. Once you toggle, a note appears that once you switch, you will not be able to access the minute plan (something to that effect). This has been replaced by $3.00 per month for 30 minutes talk & text (additional talk/text - .10 cents per). I think you have to refill every 90 days. At the same token, it also specifies paying $100.00 for 1 year. It sounds like the Legere Team want to milk cheap customers who seldom use the phone.

Overcharged more than $400, offered $135 credit.
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Rating: 2/51

WASHINGTON -- Two years ago, canceled two of five lines at a T-Mobile store... or, so we thought. Also, bought two new phones, got upgraded to unlimited yada-yada. At the store, my daughter volunteered to pay the now-lowered bill for her phone, my phone and my wife's phone. Turns out, the two lines were never canceled at all and, in fact, insurance was added to those two lines and to my wife's flip-open... which is now worth about eleven cents on the market.

Bottom line: loyalty dept... today, canceled those two after a major attempt to resist... and, offered a $135 credit for about a $400 overcharge. The rep's response to my horror was: "If you dispute it, we'll simply point out that the charges were on each bill." OK... good point. All that means is that there is no point in further discussing it with the company. Only two things will change the tune: 1) Bringing the matter up with regulators and/or in a legal venue. 2) Switching to another equally devilish carrier. Anyone care to join in legal pursuit?

Rip off
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Rating: 1/51

T-Mobile bad experience: after being with them for 5 years, one of my daughters lost her phone. As I pay for insurance I called them, they disconnected her phone and authorized shipment of another. Same day, Saturday, she found the phone. We called back, they said to call on Monday as it was Saturday and the warehouse was closed. I asked her phone to be unblocked as she found it, they would not do it. They explained it was fraud and until I had proof the shipment was stopped or they got it back, they would not do it.

mind you the phone's price was $150, their deductible was $100 so I told them they should just charge me another $50 and re-connect the phone. They would not do it. I expressed my discontent at the high cost of the insurance deductible, 2/3 the original cost. This is not doing a service to their customers. I had to call and say I was taking my 5 phones business elsewhere for someone to come on the line and say when I denied acceptance of the shipped phone with a tracking number they would connect it.

All this happened on Tuesday 5pm. Otherwise, they would not have connected it until it got back to the warehouse on Thursday. Incredible, inept, even criminal way to treat their customer. Oh yeah, on Monday I called 8am as instructed. By then, the phone had shipped next day so again my daughter who is on the road all day with her own phone could not use it.

Do Not Be Ripped Off By Their Insurance!
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- For almost two years, I've been paying $7.50 for insurance on my Samsung Galaxy 5 phone. Here's what the insurance pays for: NOTHING. If you break it, crack it, lose it, or it has water damage, there is a $150.00 deductible. The very young man in the store said it's just like auto insurance. Really?

My deductible on 8,000.00 damage was $150.00. Don't be ridiculous. When I called T-Mobile to try and resolve the issue and see if they gave a damn about keeping my account, LaQueeda informed me that they were very busy and she told me how many people work in the building and then she took a long disgusted sigh. I'll be moving my account tomorrow and changing my phone number because I won't pay one more cent to those **.

Don't Become a Victim to False Advertisement
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- What I learned today: think twice, ask an annoying amount of questions and do your research. If you are thinking about switching to T-Mobile because they will pay your termination fee, don't because they didn't. Just got a call from collections because my AT&T bill was still existing and now up to over $500. No one at T-Mobile informed me of the process that I had to go through to make this happen.They just said, "Oh yea, we will take care of that for you."

Their service is terrible (I don't get service in my classroom in the big city of Dallas) and communication with their customers has been less than satisfactory. Their customer service is terrible and did not offer me anything to help the issue. At least AT&T would give me a couple months of free unlimited internet or something similar when I had a complaint. I was told my bill would be $120 and is now $218 with no explanation as to why I was not informed any of this. Like everyone else, we are now stuck with them until the $700 phones (more than AT&T charges) are paid off which on our current plan is 2 years. Don't do it!

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