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T-mobile Store And Customer Too Many To List Here Domestic Terrorist Threat, Fraud, They Kicked Me Out Of The Store
Posted by on
T-Mobile Representative at the store #7970, address: 1013 W Foothill Blvd # D, Upland, CA? - (909) 981-2211.

T-Mobile Representative over the phone while at the T-Mobile store: 1st time calling didn't write down name but got REP ID# 0151623; then I spoke to REP ID# 8474918; then spoke to [snip] while at the store REP ID # 871205216;

T-Mobile Representative not in the store aftermath: [snip]

I enter the T-Mobile store and [snip] which has 3 years with T-Mobile is the sales person returning my G1 device Brittney asked me what the reason of my return was. I told her because they are having too many issues with the phone and I am not going to get into a contract if the phone doesn't function as advertised and she informs me that there will be a $10 restocking fee, which on my original contract does not state how much the restocking fee would be.

I am OK with the $10 restocking fee, so when she ask me to sign the return receipt I looked at the amount I was receiving and from what I remember it said Refund $203.XX, I looked at my original purchase receipt and deducted the $10 restocking fee and I was coming out with a refund of $218.XX. I asked Brittney why I was getting less money back. She said that it's because of the sales tax.

Since I purchased my original order in West Covina, CA with a sales tax of 8.25% they will not be refunding me the exact sales tax because where I was returning it at a T-Mobile Store # 7970 address: 1013 W Foothill Blvd # D, Upland, CA? - (909) 981-2211 and their sales tax is 7.75%. This did not make any sense to me because from my understanding and previous experience. I asked Brittney if I could speak to a manager or supervisor, she said none were available, so I asked her if she can call someone, her answer was NO.

So I went ahead and called 611 from my mobile handset and get a lady with REP # 0151623 and I inform her of the situation and she tells me that I am in the right to get a full refund, so when I tried to put my cell phone on speaker so Brittney could hear what this Representative from T-Mobile customer care was telling me and while trying to put it on speaker the call got accidentally disconnected.

After the call got disconnected I was able to persuade Brittney to call from her store phone, so she did and I spoke to a lady with REP ID 8474918 but then I was transferred to Darla and I asked Darla about the sales tax and she was agreeing with the store that I shouldn't get the full amount of sales tax now while all this was happening Brittney tells Darla that I am recording the call,

and during that point Darla told me that I am not allowed to record the call, but I told her that I wasn't and asked her what evidence did she have regarding me recording our conversation, which was basically Brittney word against mine, Darla told me that if I was recording the call that she is not allowed to speak to me, I told her that I had someone on the telephone that was listening to everything that is happening and she said that was fine.

I asked about 20 times to speak to her supervisor she never brought her supervisor on the phone but was quoting him saying that in order for me to receive my refund with the same sales tax I would have to go back to where I purchased the device. I asked her several times where the money is going if I would to return the phone at the store that I was in. She did not give me an answer.

I gave her many examples of my personal experience from a car charger in Northern California T-Mobile store and returning it in Southern California with no problems. Nothing was making Darla budge to go on my side. I asked Darla if she could get the 1st Rep that I spoke to because she was making sense to me and she said that there was no possible way.

Then I asked her if the IRS knew what was happening with their Fraud scheme she put me on hold right away. Darla came back on the phone and I explained to her that customers where listening to our conversation and I if I could speak to a supervisor because we were getting nowhere and I started explaining to Darla that Brittney was very rude and has been giving me bad customer service

and she didn't want to call her superior to fix this situation at that point Brittney took the handset off the phone which took it off speaker phone and I was shocked I extended my hand saying what are you doing put it back on speaker, because she started telling Darla that I was being intimidating and during all this Genell (Genell is an employee at the T-Mobile store where I was returning my device) tells me to get out that they refuse to give me service and if I didn't get out that they were going to call the police so I was in total shock.

While all of this was happening I told Genell that I was recording her kicking me out and making threats to me saying she is going to call the police. Genell told me you put that camera away or else I will get someone to come after you because we have all your information, your address, your social, and your credit card number. OH MY GOD, I wish I would have been recording her but by then my cell phone battery died. Genell Broke a privacy policy agreement to keep customer information confidential, to me what she did is considered a domestic terrorist threat.

On my way back to work I was able to get my phone to turn on and I gave a quick call to 611 T-Mobile customer services I didn't write the representative name or representative id because I was driving and I just told the representative from T-Mobile what has just happen. She was in shock as well. I told her that my battery on my phone was about to die and that as soon as I got to work I would call back.

I got back to my job site and plugged my phone in and called 611 again and this time I got Jennifer and somewhere while waiting on hold I was transferred and talking to Stephanie at the end Stephanie was in shock to what happen as well and she told me that she would take care of my situation and that I was right about the sales tax and I should get it all back.

I explained to her that I was my last day to return the device because the contract that I signed states that I must return it within 14 days because on the contract that I signed it states that all returns must be made within 14 days. She insisted that I go to a T-Mobile store to return it and she would call them ahead of time so I wouldn't have any problems, but I was too mentally anguished to what just happen to me I told her I was scared to go into a T-Mobile store and if I could mail it in instead.

She said no that I would have to return it to a T-Mobile store then I had to explain to her that I was at work and that I went on my lunch break to return the phone and I wouldn't get off of work till 1 or 2 am. Stephanie comes back telling me that I have 30 days to return the device without any penalties so I asked her if she can email me a statement or fax it to me saying that because on my contract it says 14 days to return the phone she said she couldn't fax or email me confirming it,

so then I asked her if she can show me on her website where it states that, she couldn't Stephanie told me to go on Google and do a search under California state laws regarding returning mobile devices. I said OK, and then I told her that I want some disciplinary action taken against Genell for violating the law. She told me that she would have a supervisor call me within 24 hours to discuss this matter because they were all in a meeting. Its 11/5/2008 3:02pm and I still haven't received a call. I am really upset over the whole matter I had to leave work early because I was just too upset and I told my boss what happen and he let me go home early because he saw how upset I was.

P.S. My friend on the other line was recording the conversation without my knowledge while I was talking to Darla there's about 9 min footage of how they were trying to rip me off and commit Fraud regarding sales tax, I don't know if its legal or illegal to use in a court of law.
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User Replies:
Principissa on 11/08/2008:
They should have refunded sales tax. I can see the restocking fee, but you paid the sales tax, it should have been refunded.
Anonymous on 11/08/2008:
My calculator says that .5% of $228.00 is $1.14. All this over $1.14?
Anonymous on 11/08/2008:
You should pay the restocking fee. Once the phone has been used, it cannot be sold as new. The tax? Well, it is a small amount, but they should have refunded the money. $1.00 multiplied by many customers can be quite a chunk of change.

How would the representative have known to tell you that she would not talk to you if you were recording the call if had not suggested to her that your friend was already recording? Since you were told that she would not speak to you during a recorded conversation, I believe that you cannot use it in court.

This seems like a small issue to get so upset about. I would have been angry as well, but when dealing with businesses you have to keep a cool head. I have a hard time understanding why this whole ordeal was so upsetting that you had to leave work. Get control of your emotions. It is upsetting but in the big scheme of life you are going to have to deal with more upsetting situations. If this is how you are going to react you are in for a lifetime of anguish.
Nohandle on 11/08/2008:
I don't know where to begin with this one, so I won't. John, BA and I agree.
tnchuck100 on 11/08/2008:
Well stated, John.
Anonymous on 11/08/2008:
Elevating the stupid comment by "Genell" when demanding the OP put away a camera to a 'domestic terrorist threat' tells the whole 'mountain-out-of-a-molehill' story. But then, as John pointed out, the whole episode revolved around a whopping $1.14. The OP needs to call the IRS about the 'fraud' and Homeland Security about the 'terroristic threat'. Both agencies will give the OP's concerns the attention they deserve.
Starlord on 11/08/2008:
Recording conversations is a very tricky area. It depends on the state you live in, and I believe California is one of the worst. In Arizona, a conversation may be recorded if one of the participants okays it. If you are recording your conversation, you have okayed it. I believe in California both parties must agree to the recording or you are committing a felony. To be a third party and record a conversation they are not a party to is called wire tapping, and is really a felony. The T-Mobile reps you spoke to might just press charges for illegal recording.
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Did Rumsfeld Start Working For T-mobile?
Posted by on
T-Mobile's service itself is fine. I have had nearly flawless service, with only a few dropped calls, and those are either while travelling in the middle of nowhere, or out in remote training locations. The customer service is fine so long as your problem is easily defined and fits into their standard procedures. However, if your problem is not standard, the weakness of the customer service section rapidly becomes apparent. This is a revision to an earlier post as the behavior has not only continued, but gotten worse.

This all started about two months ago when I signed up for T-Mobile and before I came down on orders for Iraq. Unfortunately, T-Mobile botched the initial bank draft that I had set up to pay the bill. When I attempted to call them and fix the issue, T-Mobile's system literally hung up on me. It took them three weeks to acknowledge that I had been hung up on, and then was told, "We shut down from 10:00PM to 3:00AM." No apology, and after more than a month still no explanation for being hung up on 9:00AM.

This inability to admit fault should have been a strong indicator of the lack of professionalism that was to follow.

With access by phone inexplicably blocked, I decided to send an email to T-Mobile through its password protected My T-Mobile site. After providing the password, phone number, billing address, etc, the customer service section refused to do anything unless I verified my identity. Unfortunately, the information they wanted was my Social Security Number (SSN), and they wanted me to send it over an unsecure email.

Hold on a second here, the SSN that provided for a credit check somehow became the default password for my account? It somehow became the default password for the account without my knowledge or permission?

When I objected to using my SSN as a password, T-Mobile responded with, "When contacting customer care via e-mail you are required to provide your full billing name 10 digit mobile number and SSN ... We are unable to make any exceptions to this as this is an FCC mandated policy" (Alana L, T-Mobile CS Supervisor)

Unfortunately for T-Mobile, I was not unaware of actual FCC requirements about the safeguarding of information.

1. The FCC requirement involved is that a company take 'reasonable' steps to avoid pretexting, or having someone call up and pretend to be you so they can get your phone records.

2. The FCC actually has a specific admonishment to avoid using SSN as a password in any circumstance.

3. The FCC lists several approved methods for ID verification to avoid pretexting, and none of these approved methods involve the electronic or public transmission of sensitive information.

Please bear in mind that a phished email containing the 'required' information listed by Alana not only easily allows pretexting at will; it will also make stealing your ID extremely easy.

After almost a month of fruitlessly pointing this out, I finally reached George, the CS manager. His first response was, "Gee, I'd love to help you, but you haven't given us your SSN so I really have no idea if it is you or not." Please remember, this is the manager, the guy that sets the tone, and after a month this was the level of professionalism and maturity that any customer will face. In route to him, there were several CS Reps who were so rude and combative that I literally had to ask that they not be allowed to communicate with me ever again.

George's final response to my concerns before disappearing was, "Well, you'll just have to trust us then, as we have your best interests in mind."

Exposing yourself to ID theft just before deploying into a war zone is a good idea? Allowing a corporation to set sensitive information without a customers knowledge or permission as a public password is a good idea? Ignoring FCC approved ID verification methods in order to force me to use an unapproved method is somehow in my best interests?

After George disappeared, a complaint to the Better Business Bureau brought me in contact with Mrs. Masters for the Executive Customer Service Section. Mrs. Masters attempted to explain that verifying my ID was important, and even went so far as to acknowledge that sending information via an unencrypted email was a bad idea. Nevertheless, she wanted to me to go to a T-Mobile store with a valid photo ID, no problem so far, but would then have to whisper my SSN in order to prove I really was the person in the government issued photo ID.

After attempting to point out that the FCC explicitly states that photo ID is the sole means for ID verification in person, Mrs. Masters also simply shut down. Not only was their no explanation as to why my SSN had become my password without my permission or knowledge, but access to my password protected account was blocked, preventing me from even being able to pay my bills. That a password met the requirement for ID verification was ignored. T-Mobile refused repeated requests to restore my access until I gave them my SSN again (apparently by shouting it in public).

All the offers to verify my ID through several different FCC ID approved methods were ignored. The BBB unfortunately cannot bind anyone to agreement, and complaints to the FCC were literally ignored.

When I tried to have a military attorney explain the situation, T-Mobile literally imploded. The CS department completely shut down. As my normal billing method was now blocked, several inquiries about alternate methods were met with demands that I write their legal department by mail for a response. I literally had to call with a lawyer present before they would discuss alternate billing methods. Even when I secured an alternate method for payment, when I attempted to use that method I was met with yet another diatribe demanding that I give them my SSN. Only threats from a lawyer finally allowed me to pay my bill and prevent T-Mobile from using my credit rating as a weapon against me.

Again, the methods T-Mobile uses to verify ID are not supported by the FCC. There is a lack of regulatory understanding and enforcement, as well as a complete lack of understanding and acknowledgement about very real threats from phishing and other ID scams. Under these circumstances, can a customer refuse to use their SSN as a password? Wouldn't it seem reasonable to just use an alternate method that does not expose consumers to ID theft and is approved by the FCC? One would think so, but clearly not T-Mobile.

The only progress I have made in this endeavor is that the CS department no longer claims that sending SSN information is an FCC requirement. I just have to do it. A worse example of corporate incompetence and abuse I cannot find.

I am now returned from Iraq. I see in the comments section that at least one of 'George's' peers has left a comment, and also left explicit comments that contravene the FCC guidleines regarding the use of photo ID's. This is clearly in keeping with T-Mobile's attititude throughout the situation where ignorance and arrogance are apparently more important that following actual government regulation. However, upon reactivating my account, the demand for my social security number was not made and a presentation of an valid ID did NOT require any portion of my SSN as per the FCC guideline.

Apparently, by directly contacting an agent at the FCC who took up the issue with T-Mobile as I left for Iraq. Apparently, making demands about FCC requirements directly to the FCC did not go quite as well as T-Mobile thought it would. In the furture, when an issue is pending resolution, it would behoove T-Mobile to prevent its agents from insulting its customers and repeating the same inaccurate information in public when they are clearly in violation of FCC regulations. Appropriate professional decorum, a term that T-Mobile has great difficulty understanding.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/25/2008:
There is an army saying that I will adapt to this situation: "It is better to anger God, than to anger a corporation...because God will eventually forgive you." I found this post very interesting. It would not be unreasonable to request 'the last four digits' of a SSN. Perhaps they would settle for that? I would never give out my full SSN over unsecured e-mail or in a telephone call (unless I initiated the call to a well-known number). Poster, keep your mind on business (not TMobile) while in Iraq...and come home safely.
Deely on 05/25/2008:
I had an experience with T-Mobile that I have to wonder about. I have a minute phone with T-Mobile service and on their website they have a statement to the effect that your T-Mobile minutes can be used even if you don't call anyone. There was some mumbo jumbo explanation about it and I sent an email to them, along with their message, that just said "bull". It wasn't but a few minutes later that my phone stopped working. Was that just a coincidence? I'll never know. But, without the expensive warranty I couldn't get a phone replacement.

I tried for a month to get some satisfaction, but never did and had to wind up buying a new phone. It was a Nokia and only 2 years old and was never abused, so I know it had nothing to do with handling. I guess I will never know what caused it to go out like that.
robotzombie on 06/05/2008:
I know this customer's very upset about not being able to handle the issue by email, but I laughed when I read this, because I work in the same center as George.

Pretty sure this customer's been banned from further email replies, both for refusing to verify the last 4 digits of his SSN (I guess he'd be happy if we'd given out account information to anyone who provided his name and number?) and for calling in a lawyer, as we are not allowed to respond to legal questions and have to refer customers to the legal department's mailing address once they play the "lawyer" card.
Jimbo831 on 06/28/2008:
Yeah, this guy's a moron. He only does need to give the last four, and if he has a serious problem with that he can do one of two things. He can give it to us over the phone (not an unsecure email) and we will then set up a password for him to use every time in the future. He can also go into a T-Mobile store, where a photo ID is acceptable proof of ID and he would not even need to give his last four. From there, the store can help him set up a password on his account. This guy is just the type of person who wants to cause a ton of trouble for everyone for fun. It is ridiculous to refuse to give something to verify your identity. If he is so worried about people stealing his identity, he should be happy we're not talking to people who can't verify it, otherwise we may give out his personal info to some stalker of his. What a tool!
gree0232 on 10/30/2009:
Oh, I just love this. After re-deploying from Iraq, I discover that T-Mobile has changed its policy and is now in complete compliance with my initial requests! So, please take note of the two previous T-Mobile agents who wrote me off as a moron. I will also remind the agents above that I retain the written demand from your department that I provide them with my full SSN. Apparently, when the FCC got involved after several complaints the issue was cleared up. Typical statement from their typical customer service.
gree0232 on 10/30/2009:
For Jimbo, the FCC lists several methods to verify your identify, none of which require you to share any portion of your SSN. T-Mobile flatly refused to use any of these methods, they refused to allow me to go in and show a government issued photo ID and set a password. Additionally, the FCC regulations have specific guidelines that are supposed to prevent any portion of your SSN from being used a password. A final piece, during an earlier deployment, I had my identity stolen, and that took six months and an inordinate amount of pain to fix. For the first month of this dispute, T-Mobile agents repeatedly demanded that I share my entire SSN, even going so far as to quote their internal regualtions that I needed to do so. After a month of reading the FCC guidelines to them, I changed tone and refused to use ANY portion of my SSN pending adjudication. Not until formal complaints were filed did T-Mobile offer a compromise of using my last four, a compromise that they had previously refused when they were listing their internal regs. Each FCC approved ID verification methods was offered individually and rejected, and the entire menu was offered and rejected by T-Mobile.

You will notice that none of this makes it into 'George's' buddy's comments, just the need to verify ... using a verification method that violates FCC regulation AND refusing to use any other approved method to verify. Clearly they were doing me a favor. In the end, not only wer ethey dishonest both to me and in this forum, but they lost.
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T-mobile will not provide customer service.
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I know this is long but read on and you will be cured of ever wanting T-mobile. They lie, and refuse to work with customers as they promised. Here is my T-mobile story. I have also sent the info to the FCC. I will not use T-mobile again.






From: customercare@t-mobilesupport.com
Date: January 2, 2006 1:30:17 AM CST
To: blocked
Subject: [Ack] Case 944647 Rate Plans.GeneralRatePlanQuestions

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile via email. We apologize, due to the busy holiday season, we are experiencing high volumes and we may not be able to respond to you within our current 4 day response time. Please reference case number 944647 in the event you need to update your request.

T-Mobile Web Correspondence
23:30:08 PT


From: customercare@t-mobilesupport.com
Date: January 4, 2006 4:57:43 PM CST
To: blocked
Subject: Re: Case 944647 Rate Plans.GeneralRatePlanQuestions

Dear WM,

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile. My name is Karen and from reading your e-mail I can see that you want to cancel 2 of the existing 3 lines on your account as you are not getting proper coverage on them. I know it is annoying when you do not get the coverage you need so I will certainly help you to get this sorted out today.

I am just reviewing your account and see that you have been with us since Apr. 26, 2005 and will take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment to us. I have a question about the coverage that you suggest. If you have 3 lines all in the same area and only 2 of them are not getting service maybe the answer is not the coverage but the phones themselves. We have a handset exchange program in place for our customers that have purchased their handsets through us so if you will kindly give our Customer Care department a call an agent there can troubleshoot the phone and if it needs to be replaced you will be able to do it right then. You will also have the option of upgrading to a different kind of phone any time after March 26, 2006.

If you would like to check the coverage for your area you can go to www.t-mobile.com and click on coverage. A map is available there and you can put in the address of where you are checking coverage and you can see for yourself what kind of coverage is available for the area.

I also apologize for the delay in replying to you. Due to unusually high e-mail volumes the response time is delayed. I appreciate your patience in this regard.

I hope that the information I have provided has answered your questions W. If you have added concerns or questions please respond to this e-mail including the case # 926593 in the subject line or call our Customer Care department. The toll free numbers are 1-800-937-8997 or dial 611 plus send from your handset.

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile as we value our customers.

With warm regards,

Karen S. 7264565
Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile, USA


From: customercare@t-mobilesupport.com
Date: January 24, 2006 12:35:18 PM CST
To: blocked
Subject: Re: Case 988845 re: case 944647

Dear WM,

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile.

We apologize for the delay in our response to your issue. At this time we have been receiving a high volume of emails and are working to respond to each customer accordingly. Thank you for your patience!

W. I understand the frustration that this issue is causing you. At this time, please answer the following questions to ensure that the issue you are having is a handset issue and not coverage.

When did this problem start?
Did this problem happen suddenly, or has this gotten gradually worse over time?
Where did this issue occur all over or a specific address including city, state, and zip code?
Did this problem happen at a certain time of day?
What is the exact issue with the handset?
Have you turned the phone off and then back on again?
Is the issue with calling landlines or other mobile handsets?
Is this problem occurring indoors or outdoors?

With the above information we can log a service issue, which will determine if the issue you are having is handset related or coverage related. However, if we have already logged a service issue on your behalf and the issue was determined to be handset related, we can complete a handset exchange for you. A handset exchange is a free service as long as your phone is still under its one-year warranty. If your handset is not eligible for a handset exchange we will be happy to help you with a handset upgrade. If your handset is exchanged and found to be out of warranty you will incur a $100.00 out of warranty fee.

You will receive a phone of equal or greater value, but not necessarily the same phone model. If you have purchased accessories for your phone, they may not be compatible with your replacement phone.

We are not able to exchange handsets that are no longer under warranty because they are older than one year old or because they are damaged beyond repair. If your handset falls into one of the following categories it will be considered damaged beyond repair:
" Equipment with liquid damage, (the liquid damage indicator is red)
" Equipment with a broken or cracked LCD screen
" Equipment that is crushed
" Equipment that is in multiple pieces
" Equipment that is melted
" Equipment that has animal chew marks
" Battery door, keypad or other moving parts glued so as to be non-functional.
If your handset is not eligible for a handset exchange we will be happy to help you with a handset upgrade.
The device you receive may be a refurbished unit. It will carry an additional 90 day warranty or the remaining balance from the original device, whichever is greater. You will receive a letter with your replacement phone. It will provide important instructions on how to begin using your replacement phone, and how to return your defective phone to T-Mobile. Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure that you only return the necessary equipment.
If you wish for us to place an order for your defective phone, please respond to this email with the IMEI of the defective phone. The IMEI is a number that is located on the back of your phone under the battery. Also, please respond with the address, which you would like to send the phone, and the shipping option you choose from. You may choose UPS Ground shipping, which is a cost of 9.95. Shipments are delivered within 3 to 7 business days. Or you can choose UPS Express. UPS Express is an expedited shipping option with a $15.00 additional charge. Express shipments will be delivered within 3 business days.

Also, Equipment Protection can be added within 14 days of a Handset Exchange. The14-day enrollment period begins the day an Exchange Order is placed with Customer Care. If you are interested in adding the equipment protection plan to your replacement handset please let us know. Keep in mind that once the 14 days passes we will not be able to add the equipment protection feature to your handset.

Again thank you for your patience!

If you have any further comments, questions, or concerns feel free to contact us at anytime.

Thank you for choosing T-Mobile.


Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA



From: customercare@t-mobilesupport.com
Date: January 31, 2006 4:17:14 PM CST
To: blocked
Subject: Re: Case 988845 re: case 944647

Dear Delia : (not my name)

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. At this time it looks like we may need to an exchange for the two V180's on the other lines. This is a free service as long as the phones have not been physically damaged or have water damage to them. This process works by us sending you a replacement phone and then you would return your defective phone to us. Please be advised that if you do not return the defective phone within 7 days of receiving the replacement phones you would be charged a restocking fee. As long as you meet the requirements for no damage to the phone, and if you would like to do the exchange, please let us know, and we will process that order for you.

If you have any further comments, questions, or concerns feel free to contact us at anytime.

Thank you for choosing T-Mobile.


Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA



From: customercare@t-mobilesupport.com
Date: February 8, 2006 5:09:52 PM CST
To: blocked
Subject: Re: Case 988845 re: case 944647

Dear WM,

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We can see from our email correspondence you have answered some basic questions regarding coverage. Currently you have three lines and your original intention was to close two of the lines, keeping one line. Your motivation was due to the two phones in question are dropping calls. Each phone has a SIM card. Take the SIM card out of one phone and place it in the phone that is NOT giving you trouble. Use the phone and report if you experience dropped calls. Do the same for the other questionable phone and report the findings. Once you complete this trouble shooting step, place all SIM cards back in their original phones to avoid confusion. This test lets us know if the issue is truly the equipment, the SIM cards, or the network. We will discuss other options in our next correspondence.

Thank you for choosing T-Mobile.


Customer Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA


It is not my job to test your bad equipment. I have tried to work with T-Mobile to resolve this problem over the last 6 months in a fair way to me and T-Mobile is not able to provide that.

My last correspondence with T-Mobile is below from you where I was to get 2 new phones. I wrote back and said send the 2 new phones. now you are asking me to do something else.
I am done with trying to work with T-Mobile. You could not even get my name right. It's W. not Delia.
I will find another company that cares more when my contract is up in 2 months.
Thanks for nothing. I will also write the FCC to let them know of your practices.



From: customercare@t-mobilesupport.com
Date: February 9, 2006 2:08:35 PM CST
To: blocked
Subject: Re: Case 988845 re: case 944647

Dear W.

Thank you for contacting T-Mobile. My name is Annatjie and I will be happy to help you with any concerns you may have with T-Mobile Service.

You contacted us regarding bad equipment you have and that you are offered two replacement phones. I can understand your frustration and I do apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused you.

To expedite your question, I have transferred your issue to our Technical Care group. You should receive a response within 24 hours. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience.

Upon review of your account I see that you have been with us since April 26, 2005 and I want to thank you for being a loyal T-Mobile customer, your business is truly appreciated.

If you have any further questions or concerns please reply to this e-mail or contact our Customer Care department at 1-800-937-8997 or 611 SEND from your handset.

Thank you for choosing T-Mobile W., we value you as our customer.


Annatjie J
Representative ID: 7259373
T-Mobile Web Correspondent Team


From: customercare@t-mobilesupport.com
Date: February 14, 2006 12:50:31 PM CST
To: blocked
Subject: Re: Case 988845 re: case 944647

Dear W.,

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile regarding your issue.

We understand that you are waiting on two replacement phones for your signal issues. This can be disappointing when they have not been sent out yet.
We would be happy to assist you.

Looking over the notes on your account, we did not receive the Two IMEI numbers needed to process the exchange for your phones. Please provide the mobile number and IMEI of the phone used on that number. The IMEI is a number that is located on the back of your phone under the battery. Also, please respond with the address, which you would like to send the phone, and the shipping option you choose from. You may choose UPS Ground shipping, which is a cost of 9.95. Shipments are delivered within 3 to 7 business days. Or you can choose UPS Express. UPS Express is an expedited shipping option with a $15.00 additional charge. Express shipments will be delivered within 3 business days.

If you have any further comments, questions, or concerns feel free to contact us at anytime. Our Web site, http://www.t-mobile.com/ is also a great source of technical information including how-to and tips and tricks using your phone. Alternatively, our support number is 1-800-937-8997 or dial 611 from any T-Mobile handset at anytime.

As a valued customer, thank you for choosing T-Mobile. We appreciate your business.


Ray 2743387
Technical Care Specialist
T-Mobile USA

This is a copy of T-mobile's lack of customer service efforts over the last 6 months.
It is the same copy I have sent to the FCC. As I explained before, I am done with T-mobile. I will not do anything to continue this relationship. You were given chance after chance to fix this problem. The bottom line is you sold customers bad phones. You may not have made the phones, but if you sell them, you are responsible if they do not work. Now that that mistake is coming back at you you are refusing to let me out of my contract. Technically you have already broken the contract in my eyes by not providing the service you promised when I signed up. Your customer service is shameful. I might even use this as an example to my own employees of how bad it can get.
At the end of April I will gladly find a new carrier.


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tander on 02/15/2006:
Did you ever call them, why the emails? My experiences with T-Mobile have always been very good. I've been a member for many years, and we have had problems, but they've always worked with us to solve them to our satisfaction!
Mad Eye Moody on 02/16/2006:
I think you're doing the right thing by meeting the terms of your contract and getting the heck out of dodge. Cell phone companies make me ill.
Also - to me it seemed like they had too many cooks in the kitchen - it seemed like they had two different departments working on the same complaint...and both departments seemed to be at different stages of the game. Anyway...good luck.
Anonymous on 03/04/2006:
T-Mobile has the best customer service by far of the cell phone carriers. If you won't work with them to troubleshoot your phones, then that's your problem. If you don't want to live with contracts, get prepaid. Note that a) T-Mobile actually REPLIES to your e-mails, unlike Cingular, etc, and b) they were extremely courteous.
comary on 03/06/2006:
I disagree with what robwolf wrote. I do not feel they were curteous. I left tmobile when my contract was up because of their poor customer service. I had made many phone calls - where they were not "curteous" about the problem. Their response was "well, there's nothing I can do - pay the charges." No - I will NOT pay for bogus charges! I'm sorry you had to go through all this with tmobile and you should cxl the service! They are awful!!!!!!!!!! I had a problem with my phone - the antenna kept falling out and when I took it in the service representative said that he had the same phone and it also happened to him. Got a "refurbished phone" and it happened again - got a "refurbished phone" and it happened AGAIN. they refused to give me a different phone - I even asked for a cheaper one because I paid more to get the better phone - which SUCKED!
Marsy on 03/07/2006:
Thieves, scoundrels and liars?

The stock symbol is DT--has been steadily declining for a year. Hmmmmm... ISS does not list a corporate governance quotient for DT--as it does for 8000 other stocks worldwide. What's that smell?

Don't be fooled. Hang on to your wallet. Hide the silver. Send the kids and pets somewhere safe. Turn out all the lights and run for your life.
perplexed on 03/12/2006:
FYI, I did call initially and I got nothing on the phone either. Besides, customer service is customer service no matter how you contact a company. If you advertise you provide online customer service them I expect to get the same results as any other contact.
I am a web site owner and spend most of my time on the computer. I would have wasted even more time on the phone talking to T-mobile instead of working. Thanks for everyones comments. WM.
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Cannot Cancel Contract Signed With Fraudulent Agent Store
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JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- I signed up T-Mobile's service on July 9, 2005 through US Power Wireless (T-Mobile Agent Code: 0044592; Address: 39-02B Main Street, Flushing, NY; Tel: 718-321-9188; Fax: 718-321-0388).

Although I just wanted a basic family plan (2 lines included), the agents told me that, by signing up 5 x $39.99 individual plans, I would receive a series of rebate checks, making this a better deal, even if I do not use the 3 extra lines.

However, in September, their rebate check was bounced. Phones were unanswered. Store was locked. And their bank reported insufficient funds in account (North Fork Bank, A/C: 3059-70374-8, A/C Name: U.S. Power Connection). I am left with worthless rebate checks in hand.

In essence, I was sold a service plan (5 x $39.99/per month) based on misrepresented information (that the rebates will offset higher costs) by a T-Mobile agent with no intention to honor the contract in the first place.

This is NOT a case where I am terminating the service prematurely to switch to other providers. The contract was established on fraudulent information in the first place and should be rectified accordingly.

My true intention
July: 49.99$ family plan + 2 activation fees
August: 49.99$ family plan

What I actually paid
July: 5 x 39.99$ individual plan + 5 activation fees
August: 5 x 39.99$ individual plan

I called T-Mobile several times trying to solve this issue, during a period of almost 2 months. I was first told that T-mobile received many similar complaints against that agent and would follow up. So far, no response was received.

The second time I got to speak to a supervisor, who asked me to fax in all documents. I faxed my contracts with T-mobile and with agent store, as well as bounced rebate check of that store. I got the fax receipt showing the transmission was OK. But I didn't get any returned call.

Then I called again and spoke to another rep. He said he would double-check if my fax was received and then get back to me in 3 days. I didn't receive any call.

Today I called again and spoke to yet another rep. Again my issue could not be solved without another round of investigation, which might or might not generate a response to me.

I have no complaint about all the reps I spoke with. They were all polite and did their customer service well, following company policy strictly. However, I am very frustrated by the policy (or lack of policy) of T-Mobile in solving my problem, and I do think some answers are unfair/unacceptable to consumers.

Here are some of the answers I find unacceptable:

(1) I cannot cancel an unused line, otherwise I have to pay $200 in cancellation fee. However, T-Mobile can transfer this line into my family plan (so that I can pay $10 a month, or $120 per year for a line I have no need for...)

From my perspective, this contract was established on misrepresentation and fraudulent intent of agent store. Therefore, it was not an agreement by a well informed consumer, and should be corrected. (Can I say this contract was invalid in the first place?)

This is very different from the scenario that I cancelled a contract prematurely to switch to another service provider, in which case I think an early cancellation fee is understandable.

(2) I cannot dispute charges more than 60 days ago.

I voiced my complaint to T-Mobile in September for the July & Aug bill and the possible fraudulent activity. That was definitely within the time frame. It was because T-Mobile didn't respond to me for a prolonged period of time, forcing me to call in time after time, resulting in this issue to appear as 'more than 60 days ago' in November! This is T-Mobile's fault, and I cannot accept that as a valid reason for not correcting my early bills.

(3) "T-Mobile has nothing to do with these independent stores."

True, T-Mobile does not own them, but T-Mobile does activate my service, based on request of that agent store. It would be a real stretch to say that T-Mobile has no contractual or moral responsibility in regulating agent stores' sales practice.

Let me paraphrase the whole message I got from T-Mobile: "We will do nothing. It is your problem. T-Mobile is not responsible for our agents’ activities, but we are happy to take your money, even if our agent stores misrepresented us. By the way, if you want to walk out of a contract due to unethical practice of our agents, we will hit you with a back-end fee."

As a first time customer, I am very frustrated by this entire experience. To average consumers, T-Mobile's agent store IS T-Mobile. Average consumers are not in a capacity to find out the relationship between these stores and T-Mobile, as long as T-Mobile activated the service plan. And I sign up a service plan provided by T-Mobile, not that agent. My payment went to T-Mobile first, and then T-Mobile split that with the agent store.

In communicating with T-Mobile, I have been very patient and wanted to be fair.
I NEVER requested T-Mobile to honor the rebate checks issued by that fraudulent agent store. I repeatedly told reps that I understand T-Mobile was not completely aware of what was going on. I only requested T-Mobile to allow me to back out of a wrong contract and pay what I truly intended to pay (i.e. a basic family plan for first 2 months, and family plan + 2 additional lines from 3rd month onwards.)

I have also been keeping up with the monthly bills, despite T-Mobile's unfulfilled promises that some resolution can be reached before I pay my Sept/Oct bill. I have acted in good faith despite all the outstanding disputes, and have the right to expect T-Mobile to be equally honorable in business dealings.

I urge that T-Mobile do the right thing to customers, before I escalate further.

It's not that I cannot take a few hundred dollars of loss. It is that I won't tolerate such unfair treatment. I will keep escalating or pursue legal channels, if it is not resolved. And I will spare no effort to dissuade people around me from using cell phone service providers that give me unfair treatment.
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MyraEllen on 12/16/2005:
If you didn't need the lines, why did you sign the contracts? Were they just going to sit unused for a year? Was the rebate checks really enough to make up for that? Or were you planning all along to argue to have them shut off once you received the checks? Something doesn't sound right here.
Jitterbean on 12/20/2005:
The next time that you talk to them ask them to file a complaint with risk assessment team. This is the fraud team and they will get back to you. Also ask them to see under policy of fraudlently actived lines or contracts. Hope this helps
hush on 01/03/2006:
Authorized or not authorized, same level of commitment or no commitment
From T-mobile website:

Conduting business->overview:

"And, the partnerships and dealers we work with have the same level of commitment to service. We also believe in adhering to the standards and policies designed by government and regulatory affairs. To learn more, access the links to the left."

If T-mobile sticks to their own words, they should take responsibility to the fraud of US Power Wireless (or US Power Connection). They should take care of their customers (NOTED, these customers are T-mobile customers... not "just" fraud agent's customers!)
TmobileSucks on 01/05/2006:
I completely agree with you. It is not about the money. If you do your best to honor your responsibility, the least T-mobile could have done was to say "We will look into this and honor you for your suffering". T-mobile as a company has no heart. I recently encountered the most horrible experience with T-mobile all because of their "SYSTEM".
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I Love T-Mobile! (3 Years Loyal)
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I have been with TMobile for 3 years. Before that I was with Sprint, US Cellular, and At&T.

First off, they beat the competition by FAR! They have the BEST customer service of any company I've ever worked for! I don't understand why I saw so many negative complaints on here. Today, I had to call customer care. I got a native English Speaker as I ALWAYS DO THANK GOD! (Sprint, I would ALWAYS get someone who did NOT speak English reading a script) Anyhow, I had a question for them to help me because my husband is in boot camp. Though I am the primary account holder, I am not really able to pay our bill for the next 3 months, but I did NOT want to lose them as my provider and I'm sure they did not want to lose me as a customer as they tell me every time I call "thank you for being a loyal T-Mobile customer"

Anyhow, the nice gentlemen offered me several options to help me find options for this situation. He even offered me all of the advice that a friend would...such as a slight suggestion "If you could pay this time, you might be able to draw out the last 2 months without getting a disconnect though I would not advise that because you probably want to keep connected"

Since I was not really happy for that option he asked if I would maybe want to suspend my account for 3 months with something called a "seasonal suspension". This is an option they have for people who are leaving the country. Anyhow, instead of paying 180, I could just pay 30. If I went to a pay as you go or per month company it would help lower my monthly bills.

This is just an example of the EXCEPTIONAL customer service that I ALWAYS get with T-Mobile. I have only been mistreated ONCE when calling customer care in the 3 years I've been with T-Mobile. I was in the store calling, it was the only time I got a disconnect. The man that was helping me in the store, heard the way that they were talking to me and apologized sincerely. He then offered me $100.00 credit on my account for the mistreatment. I called later to complain about the people who had talked to me before...not that I wasn't satisfied with the credit : ) but I did want to make sure these people would not talk to other customers this way. Anyhow, I was apologized to and he put a complaint through while I waited on the phone. This guy was very sincere and said that T-Mobile does not want to be represented like that and he is happy when loyal customers call to let them know about these things. He saw the credit on the account and said, "I have never seen that! They must have really mistreated you!"

Anyhow, there are going to be bad seads anywhere and that includes from the customers themselves! If you call TMobile and are nice every time, then they will be nice back. If you start yelling at them right away, the representative doesn't deserve that. Just TALK to them and they are AlWAYS willing to go ABOVE and BEYOND!!! I'm so happy to have them as my provider!!! : D

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T-Mobile Sucks on 12/13/2012:
There is no way you could have had a positive experience with them unless your issue was easily resolved and it did not involve asking for money back. Once you say the magic words "refund" they put you through to a whole different set of people who cannot speak English well and you cannot hear them on the line. No matter what your plan is, you willnever get a refund, even if their service terminates in your area. I waited for them to resolve an antenna outage for 6 weeks and they still refuse to give me a refund even though my line is completely dead.
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Tmobile Free Companion Flight Concierge Service & Price Match Guarantee Scam!
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T-Mobile advertised a "Free" companion flight ticket for renewing or signing a 2-year contract with the company. What they did not advertise is how buying the ticket through their vendor company would not hook directly to pricing found on the airline's sites and tickets would be double the price. However, you can do a "Price Match Guarantee" where you find a price that is lower than theirs on an airline website for the same flight, they will match the price you found plus add 15% on top of that --so basically you have to pay 15% for your companion flight, plus taxes and fees...so it's not really free (that is a lawsuit waiting to happen...).

Also, when you submit this price match there is a list of things you need to provide (ex. your pin number, screenshots of the fares, etc.)via fax or email. On the site, it says they will contact you in 2 business days. Of course the fine print somewhere says promo terms subject to change without notice-but after a month you would think that if they were revising their official response window to 10-14 business days they would update their user terms on the site to align customer expectations? Also, when you submit this price match via email they don't give you a confirmation number, just automated email that they received it and will be in contact.

I've called this "Concierge" service and been hung up on by an agent when I asked their name because they were so rude, falsely promised my concerns were being escalated to a manager (which I learned from another agent there saying if they didn't take my contact info other than my name there was no way the other agent submitted my concerns to a manager b/c they don't have a file of the Price Matches in their center to access), told that they are really busy and may not make the 10-14 days, that they don't have control on updating the website to say they will be in contact within 10-14 days instead of 2, told it was my fault for not contacting them via phone to do my price match, etc.

In not being able to resolve with their company, I contacted Tmobile customer service directly today and had a heart to heart with an agent who seemed to defend the crappy concierge and promotion (instead of apologizing and being empathetic like most Tmobile reps do when they feel a customer is upset). But he said he was escalating to management and the shareholders would see my complaints and as a customer since 2003 they do take my complaints seriously.

I did a quick Google search to see if anyone else was blogging on this sketchy promo-and when he gave me attitude that I was only his 2nd complaint in 2 months, the web is saying otherwise.

As a marketing professional, I see so many legal problems going on with this promo and definitely would join a class action lawsuit. They said my day 14 is really tomorrow (although I submitted the Price Match on 2/18 and have all the documentation and in my math it's been more than 14 days as of tomorrow, but I digress...) and if I don't have a call tomorrow offering my price match for my flight request for March 20th I will be filing a formal complaint to the FTC. This was a huge promotional promise that came with a huge commitment of extending my 2 lines for 2 years...I won't sit back on this one!
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Roaming And Early Termination Fees
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MAINE -- I used T-Mobile as my cell phone carrier for years... perhaps 5 years. Without any problems. Then........

I got a letter from them canceling three of the lines on my family plan, which included 4 cell phones, because according to them I roam to much. I called them to ask if I canceled the fourth line if I would be charged an early termination fee. They said yes, so I explained I would be giving that line to one of the three people they are canceling for roaming to much. They then said they would not charge me an early termination fee for any of the four lines.
My next question was how do I keep my telephone numbers and not get hit with an early termination fee. They said I had to transfer the numbers before they canceled the plan or the numbers would be unavailable to me, and that I could do that earlier then they planned to terminate me and they would not charge me an early termination fee. OK.

I bought another plan from another company, transferred the numbers, paid my last bill and thought we were done with T-Mobile. What a mistake. That was in June 08.

I got a bill for $200 for an early termination fee on the fourth phone. Contacted T-Mobile, they were "so sorry that should never have happened" they would take care of it. They did charge it to my credit card anyway, I called again, "they were still so sorry that should never have happened" they would fix it. They didn't so I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge. T-Mobile never responded to the dispute, so I was not charged. To date I have not heard another word about that early termination fee.

Then I got a bill for $615 dollars, $600 early termination fees for the three phones they terminated, $15 for two days of service. I called them and again "they were so sorry that never should have happened" they would take care of it. Again they charged my credit card, again I called them, again they were "so sorry that never should have happened". They didn't credit my card so again I filed a dispute with my credit card company. T-Mobile didn't respond to the dispute, they sent it to collections!!!! I have never had a bill go to collections in my whole life!! They are even worse to deal with then T-Mobile.

So after five days of intense phone calling to T-Mobile and the collections agency, today they said "we are so sorry that never should have happened, we have it back from collections, we have waived the early termination fee, (waived as if I owed it in the first place), now your bill is $15". I asked for a written bill stating the amount I own them in a final bill. I would like it in witting that they have "waived" the early termination fees and my final bill it $15. They can't send me a bill because I am no longer a T-Mobile customer!!!!
Is this crazy or is it just me? I have never had anyone tell me they can't send me a bill when they want money from me.

They said I can go to a T-Mobile bill pay, but they still can not print a bill for me. Also the closest one is about 225 mile away from me. I did call them and they can take my payment but they can't give me a copy of the bill, nor can they tell me how much me total bill is because I am not a current T-Mobile customer so I am not in their system!!!

So here I sit waiting, will I get another bill from T-Mobile or a call from their collection agency? If its collections do you suppose they will send me a copy of the final bill? This would really be comical if it weren't my credit we are talking about here. I wonder how long before we will see this scenario on a sit-com?

I do not recommend this company to anyone for anything. This is NO WAY to do business. I wish I could send them a bill for all the hours I have been on the phone trying to sort this out.

This is Oct 31, so this story has taken 5 months so far.....
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Fraud, Fraud and More Fraud... Please read & beware
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My story started with my wife getting me a Black Berry Curv through T-Mobile (my cell provider). I received the phone right before we left town for Christmas. 3 days later I realized that I didn’t like the phone and I tried to take it back to the T-Mobile store on MacArthur Blvd. in Las Colinas, I was then told that I had to send it back through mail.

When I finally was able to get the address to mail the phone back it was already at the 11th day of my 14 day trial period and the rep told me as long as the post mark date was within 14 BUSINESS days from the date you received it, you WILL receive proper credit to my account. I mailed the phone with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION on the 13th day which happened to be Jan.2nd, 2008.

On Jan.27th, 2008 I received my bill only to see that I am still being charged for the phone I had already sent back 3 weeks earlier. I called to investigate and was told that they could not help me without a tracking number, which I had but couldn’t find because I was moving, I continued to call every other day to see if the returns department had credited my account??? IT GETS A LOT BETTER I PROMISE JUST KEEP READING.

I was told that my package was NEVER received and that there is no way to contact the National Returns Center and that I didn’t have proof or confirmation of delivery, they thought I was bluffing about having a tracking number but I actually had it with when I called today Feb. 6th, 2008, when they looked it on the USPS site where it shows that it was delivered on Jan. 4th, 2008 they told me that the reason I will not be receiving a credit is because they received the phone on the 15th day after I had received it even though it was actually the 13th business day which I was advised initially. They were adamant about telling me that they could not credit my account the $267 I am owed, I told them to then give me back the device they received on Jan.4th, 2008 ( YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THE RESPONSE I GOT, WHICH WAS) “we CAN’T send it back to you, we don’t even know where it is it would have been sent to the manufacturer” so I said then give me the credit if you are not going to send the phone back to me and their response was…”Sorry we can’t do that because you didn’t return the phone within the 14 days” my response was “so what you are going to bill me for the phone that I sent back already and have proof that you received it AND keep the phone and sell it to someone else???

This is fraud??” they continued to repeat that they can’t credit the account, can’t send me another phone because they have already sent it once, and they can’t locate the phone that I sent back and that I had to pay the $267 for the phone that THEY now have!!! And when I threatened to cancel my service after having been a loyal customer since 1999 (since it was Arial communications) they said that because I got a discount on the phone they automatically extended the contract for 2 more years and that they will charge and additional $200 on top of all of this mess…I realized then that this was not going to go anywhere positive or even remotely fair.

T-Mobile is so fraud that they won’t give the legal department contact info but no worries, I already have an appointment tomorrow with Fox News channel 4 and I am preparing all of the documentations of the calls, receipt dates, shipping, names and dates of contacts and already working though my lawyer to file a complaint with the state and carbon copy every local news agency to expose this fraud company.
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sabletaz on 02/07/2008:
They should have given you 30 days instead of 14, like Sprint and ATT does.
Principissa on 02/07/2008:
What I don't get is that you waited until the 13th day to send it back. If you realized you didn't like the phone 3 days into using it you should have sent it back then. Not waited. I think that since you did return it, albeit a little later than you should have that they should at least give you a credit for the phone. You did uphold your end of the agreement.
Sammyzn23 on 02/07/2008:
I received the phone on Dec 22nd, left town for Christmass, got the phone on the 25th as my gift by the 28th I did not want it, took on the 29th to a T-Mobile store and was told that I have to call customer service for the return address which took 2 days to get. That put me at the 31st of Dec. everyone was closed on the 1st of Jan and I sent it back on the 2nd, I was told that I had 14 business days to send the phone back, I sent it back on the 10th business day actually and now they are saying that it is 14 calender days and they are claiming that we received the phone on the 20th and not the 22nd which is not true. BUT you guys are focusing on 1/2 the issue...the AMAZING THING IS THAT they refuse to give me credit back for the phone that they have received(and I have the proof) and they refuse to send it back to me to use it, so they have my money and the device and I am frankly screwed!!! does anyone see the problem here??
and yes Sabletaz I totally agree that it should be 30 days coz 14 days is sometimes not long enough as you could see my case..
Principissa on 02/07/2008:
I guess you didn't read what I wrote then.
CrazyRedHead on 02/07/2008:
You have 14 days from the date you ordered the phone, not received it. I sat down with a calendar to figure this out, so please bear with me. I used to work for AT&T doing this and I have also sent back a phone to T-Mobile before, I actually called them on the 14th day to tell them that I am sending the phone back and I wasn't charged anything. I take it you received the phone about 2 days after you ordered it, what does there computer say, the date that you ordered the phone will automatically populate at the time of the order, you really need to find that confirmation number.

Also, I always make a copy of the order off of the computer, so if there is any problem I can refer back to it. If you ordered the phone on the 20th and sent it back on the 2nd, that is 14 days right there, although the date that you called and requested the return labels should be used.

Once/if the phone is received back at there warehouse and it shows in there computer, you will then be able to reorder another phone, you might even be able to once you are able to produce the tracking number, they did for me. The phone is actually your responsibility until they receive it, did you send it insured with signature requested? The retail prices of phones are to expensive to not be insured, or to trust snail mail with, and a signature request would ensure the date when the phone was received and signed for.

Contacting the media will probably not produce the results that you want, since what there computer says is usually all the evidence that is needed, unless you can produce your own that backs up your case. T-mobile's lawyers are very good at this kind of thing and eventually the cost of them dragging this out will outweigh the actual retail cost of the phone. Good luck.
Steffanut on 05/07/2008:
T mobile policy is that you have 14 days from receipt of the phone to return it, except in California, not just a T mobile policy but state laws.
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Fictitious overcharges
Posted by on
FORT COLLINS -- Where to start? Well...in my opinion and with
our experiences, T-Mobile is the most unscrupulously run operation I've ever
encountered. We have four phones under a shared
1600 minute plan with them. One of the phones
has a monthly $14.99 surcharge for unlimited
text and instant messaging. Our December 2005 bill came in an 8 1/2x11" envelope, was hundreds of pages in length and was a whopping total
of $1086. What?!?

They had charged $0.35 as used minutes for every single text/instant message on that phone. On top of that, because each message was charged
as a minute-they chewed through the 1600 minutes and charged all phones for minutes over the 1600 limit. The 1600 minutes were "used up" by
messages that were charged as minutes.

It took several weeks, calls and emails to at least six different T-Mobile customer support "specialists" and their business care email address to get the problem resolved. Each call ended in the following. "We are going to give this to our offline billing department...we'll get back to
you within one week." Finally we got the fictitious charges cancelled from the bill. But they never reversed the charges for overbilling us for the minute overage. They dropped the messaging charges, but NOT the charges for the over 1600 minutes that the fictitious message minutes. Worse, repeated instances occurred where the same "minute" was charged for multiple times--because some messages were sent/received within that same minute (!). They never dropped these charges.

January's bill comes--and they have done the same thing again, with the same phone, with the same outcome--a bill of over $966. Again with the
repeated phone calls to at least a half a dozen customer support specialists, the repeated run around, repeated, wasted time. Finally, again, after endless phone calls and stalling, we get the bill credited for the fictitious charges. They still did not drop the fictitious charges for the minute overages triggered by the fictitious minute/message charge. They rolled December's charges for this over to January's billing.

February's bill comes--and they have done the same thing AGAIN, with the SAME phone AGAIN, with the SAME outcome AGAIN--a bill of over $684. All the same billing for the various fictitious charges from December and January showed up.

We haven't started round three, but I am now convinced that our only recourse is through whistle blowing and legal action in small claims court
or through binding arbitration. After three months of this, our conclusion is that they will continue to deal in bad faith on this matter--now and in the future.

Having scoured the terms and conditions agreement, it is clear to me that the only way to get billing disputes logged them and potentially resolved
is in writing to the address listed in section 2 of the Terms and Conditions. Write about any illegitimate or fictitious charges on your
bill to this address:

Customer Relations
P.O. Box 37380
Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380

You should understand that you can also take T-Mobile to small claims court for any illegitimate or fictitious charges. This may be your only
protection since they may unilaterally decide to hand your bill over to a collection agency for a new set of hounds to ruin your life.

In our case, they have dealt with us in "bad faith" at every turn. If (when) you are unable to get a result from their customer relations, you
must "serve" T-Mobile by sending all paperwork and a description of your complaint to this address:

Corporation Services Company
1010 SE Union Ave. SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Then you can contact the--American Arbitration Association for a disposition. Their phone number and web site are: 800-778-7879 www.adr.org

We are not deadbeats or bill dodging non-payers. We have credit scores of of 900/930, 805/850 and 800/825 from the three credit rating services. We have become gravely concerned that T-Mobile will file a fraudulent, negative report against our record with the big-three credit bureaus if we refuse to pay these fictitious charges. That would negatively affect us for years. There seems to be no recourse and no end to them continuing to
levy fictitious charges, abusively bill and continue and repeated deal in bad faith.

This has been a nightmare for months now.

Our contract with T-Mobile ends on March 29, 2006-Independence day, Bastille Day or whatever you want to call it. After that date, we will cancel service and begin legal proceedings against T-Mobile for fictitious charges and abusive billing practices. We are left with no other choice.
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Anonymous on 03/04/2006:
Have you even tried to get them to look at the plans you have and make sure nothing's wrong? Plus, I never use minutes while texting. That's ridiculous.
miketech on 03/05/2006:
Ouch! That's a lot of testing. My son did something similar with Version. He swore he didn't text that much. 2 and 3000 text messages a month. I don't see how it's possible but he can do it very quickly. I took the phone from him so no more texting is going on and the bill has been $99 ever since. Do the mobile companies cheat the billing on text messaging?
Marsy on 03/05/2006:
robwolf: The phone that was being charged for text/instant messages has a $14.99 per month plan for _unlimited_ text and instant messages.

Text and instant messages are _not_ to be charged as minutes per the plan--whether or not you have an unlimited text and instant message plan.
comary on 03/06/2006:
I feel so sorry for you. I used to have Tmobile and I HATED them!!!! Their customer service was SO POOR and getting back to you with questions and inquiries were AWFUL! I hope everything works out!!!!!!!!
jumper on 03/18/2006:
T-Mobile is the worst cell phone company out there . The Motorola v330 is the worst phone they give you. Customer service is full of it.
jr14 on 03/18/2006:
OMG, I'm sorry for everyone's pain with T-Mobile, but I'm also relieved to see my husband and I are not going crazy, we've been dealing with a living hell from T-mobile for the last year and we cannot seem to get them to just GO AWAY!!!!

I won't go into too much detail, it would take too much time to explain years of what I call customer abuse -- just suffice it to say that after years of erroneous charges, defective equipment and overbillings and rebates we've never received because of errors on their end, I finally snapped at the beginning of this year and broke our contract -- I felt it was worth the $200 termination fee, it had gotten that bad.

Well, I did not realize that because we had two liones, it was $200 PER LINE -- more small print I probably didn't notice.

Nonethless, we decided to bite the bullet and pay the $500 + we owed just to be free of T-mobile.

Well, my husband inadvertently sent the bill to the wrong address and after three weeks we were getting calls from T-Mobile asking why we still haven't paid our bill off yet. I called Cust. Serv., only to be told they "never received it."

Once we realized the bill went to their Mesa, AZ address, we called to ask them what could be done to expedite the bill being sent to billing in Cinci, and were told we should "cancel that check" and send a new one, as there is no one at the Mesa, AZ address to process the check.

After deciding we should do this, to avoid the check being double cashed, (and paying $33 of our own money to our bank) we sent a new check and were relieved to see they finally cashed our check. We were FINALLY DONE WITH T-MOBILE..... or were we???

A month later, we received a bill for $20. Chagrined, I called cust. serv. once again, this time with a HUGE chip on my shouder, only to be told they were charging us for a cancelled check fee -- for the original check we sent to Mesa, which THEY suggested we cancel!!!! WTF????

I called finance and was told sorry, we cannot reverse this charge, you MUST pay this or be turned to collections!!

I'm STEAMING mad but my husband feels we should just give up, pay the $20, why let them ruin our excellent scredit scores. Me, on the other hand, I'm so angry I say let them rot in hell before giving them another frigging DIME!!

Any suggestions????
signed --


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Horrible Customer Service and False Advertisement
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
So I recently switched from Verizon (who regardless of what people say have excellent customer service) to T-Mobile and let me just say that since I've been with them I've had nothing but horrible customer service. It took me 5 tries to switch to T-Mobile. I talked to three different people who told me I needed an activation code for my SIM card (which I didn't) and then told me because I didn't have one I'd have to purchase a new one, even though the one I got with my phone was a brand new sim card. This made me mad because here I am trying to switch to you and I'm being treated like crap. You can't port your old number regardless of what they say because they'll tell you you need more than you actually do so they bully you into getting a new number. Which fine I got a new number and activated my service no big deal. Then I see all over the website and multiple articles as well that T-mobile is now offering free music streaming that won't count against your data. Oh wait but this is actually false because there's only ONE plan that offers this but they don't bother to tell you this anywhere and when you call them out on it rather than being understanding and sympathetic they want to sit there and have a full on argument with you and come up with multiple excuses as to why you're wrong and they're right. Not to mention they told me that because I had a no credit plan that I don't get free streaming music. But on the website under the no credit plan it clearly states that you do qualify for Music Freedom (which is what they're calling this so called free streaming). Perfect customer service in my opinion. There's even an article on cnn.com from the CEO that music streaming is now free and nowhere does it specify that only certain plans are free. One their website under EVERY plan and EVERY data package there's a little bullet that clearly states that music streaming is free for certain apps including Pandora and Spotify. I am so extremely disappointed with T-Mobile.

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