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Changed My Bill Without Permission
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I've been having billing problems with mobile since I decided to add another line. I was told it was $80 for two lines. Next thing I know the bill is $96 and some change. When I asked I was told it was fees and taxes. Why I wasn't informed by three different associates I had previously discussed with, I have no idea! Fast forward nine months later in looking up my bill to pay and it's $103!!

I called immediately (because I already had angst about the taxes and fees that were for some reason never mentioned) and was told by a completely useless representative that the secondary account holder who doesn't pay the bill or has access to make changes called T-Mobile and added 3gb more of web for $10 a month. I asked why I wasn't told and how he was able to make changes and the representative told me that all he knows is "only you can decide who has access to your account and can make changes". Ok I didn't make any changes so do you mean me singular or both of us plural? And he said "T-Mobile cannot change your billing without your permission".

This confused me to the highest level because I asked him if the account password was used and he said the person called from the secondary line to change it. I know because I made sure to state it to the associate who helped me at the store. Often times when I called customer service too I would ask. None of my questions were being answered so I had to hang up on him and call back to speak with someone with better English. I also noticed that the English spoken by these reps are often hard to understand making me believe the jobs are being outsourced.

The lady I finally spoke with said basically the 1gb that the secondary account holder was using finished and he was sent a promo to add 3gb more for $10 and he agreed. Please note this change was made with a party that didn't have access to change my billing and when it happened it was added to my bill and T-Mobile NEVER informed me of this change so I could cancel it immediately! How this happened is beyond belief and the representative is making me pay for it stating the 3gb was used so I have to pay. I will be shopping for a new cell phone company immediately.

Horrible Customer Service and False Advertisement
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Rating: 1/51

So I recently switched from Verizon (who regardless of what people say have excellent customer service) to T-Mobile and let me just say that since I've been with them I've had nothing but horrible customer service. It took me 5 tries to switch to T-Mobile. I talked to three different people who told me I needed an activation code for my SIM card (which I didn't) and then told me because I didn't have one I'd have to purchase a new one, even though the one I got with my phone was a brand new sim card.

This made me mad because here I am trying to switch to you and I'm being treated like crap. You can't port your old number regardless of what they say because they'll tell you you need more than you actually do so they bully you into getting a new number. Which fine, I got a new number and activated my service, no big deal. Then I see all over the website and multiple articles as well that T-mobile is now offering free music streaming that won't count against your data.

Oh wait but this is actually false because there's only ONE plan that offers this but they don't bother to tell you this anywhere and when you call them out on it rather than being understanding and sympathetic they want to sit there and have a full on argument with you and come up with multiple excuses as to why you're wrong and they're right. Not to mention they told me that because I had a no credit plan that I don't get free streaming music. But on the website under the no credit plan it clearly states that you do qualify for Music Freedom (which is what they're calling this so called free streaming). Perfect customer service in my opinion.

There's even an article on cnn.com from the CEO that music streaming is now free and nowhere does it specify that only certain plans are free. On their website under EVERY plan and EVERY data package there's a little bullet that clearly states that music streaming is free for certain apps including Pandora and Spotify. I am so extremely disappointed with T-Mobile.

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to T-Mobile and switched from AT&T yesterday and had to go back and pick up a phone for my son - the same model I have - its voice quality is poor and for doing business, it isn't good enough and I wanted to get a different phone for myself. The representative today said, "Oh, it's good enough." He listens to phones all the time - I explained about being an audio engineer and he said it's OK.

I asked to talk to his district manager who was there yesterday and he refused to put him on the line but talked to him like I wasn't there - after asking to speak to him 3 x's and he refusing I took my stuff and got in a yelling match with him.

I called customer service after I left and they talked me around and someone said they would call me back by noon. It didn't happen. I called executive offices - talked to Stephanie, she said district manager won't be there till Sunday and I had to wait or go back to the same store and talk to the same guy and exchange it. I said the phone is still there, I will simply go to another T-Mobile store and choose my phone. She said no, I had to go back to that guy.

After a long argument trying to go to a store where the district manager was, she said no, have to wait to see him till Sunday or go back to the same character I dealt with this morning. I can't go to another store, so eventually she said there will be another person there later and that I still have to go there. I asked to speak with her boss and she said no one higher than her. Everyone has a boss - it means that they have no care at all whatsoever about their customers - just sell then screw the customers. Problem is they are all like that or they have terrible connections.

Contracted "Collectors" Don't Play by the Rules!
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PINE HILL, NEW JERSEY -- My older sister is on a very low fixed income. A couple of years ago she was given a combination of medications that affected her memory and left her confused at times. It took about three months to recognize how the problem affected her financially. She overpaid some bills, double paid others and forgot to pay a few. Needless to say, this ended up destroying her credit which up to this point had been pretty good.

One of the bills she forgot to pay was her T-Mobile bill so they canceled her account (three phones), charged her a $200 early termination fee per phone plus charged her for two months of service after they had canceled her account. The total was over $900. It went to a collection agency and I negotiated on her behalf and a price of around $695 payable by check over a period of six months was agreed upon. When the monies were all paid, the collection agency refused to send a letter stating the agreement was met satisfactorily.

Now T-Mobile has contracted a second collection agency and they are telling my sister that the money she paid to the first collection agency didn't count as it was paid by check and not automatically withdrawn from her account, and they are asking for the full amount over $900, which she doesn't have. The question should be asked if T-mobile regularly seeks out senior citizens so they can suck them dry using underhanded methods and counting on their confusion to take advantage of them.

I would advise everyone who is a senior citizen or who knows of one using T-Mobile's services to never renew their accounts and to get away from them as soon as it is legally possible. Corporations such as this are able to get away with this legalized form of extortion because we, the consumer, allow them to walk all over us. We have the power people, and we need to stand up to these bully companies and let them know we mean business. There is power in our wallets and if enough people leave because of their unfair business practices, they will eventually get the message!

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Rating: 2/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- T-mobile has been my carrier for five years. I have bought numerous phones from them and currently have four lines. Customer service is usually not bad. I have only dealt with one associate who had an attitude after I opted for the less expensive Galaxy Light. I use my phone around children and they break a lot. So I was very excited about JUMP. First, Jump only works after 6 months. The Galaxy s3 was dropped and broke after 2 months.

Second, you have to pay the insurance deductible first before you can trade in the phone. You cannot trade in other phones. Jump is applied to the line for which the phone was purchased. So the fact that my daughter was using the s3 on her line is now a problem because her line did not have Jump. Her line had handset protection. Keys facts, a T-mobile representative transferred the phone to her line. He cut the SIM card then when it didn't work made a new SIM card for us. Second, when I bought the less expensive Galaxy Light I was told I did not have to purchase Jump because it was already on my line. Yet, now I am told it only applies to the S3.

A lot of confusion that adds up to a) the S3 is on back order through the insurance company, b) the deductible is $150, c) the loaner phone I was offered is a flip phone, d) I can't purchase another phone with Jump until I get a working s3 again, e) I have a working HTC Radar that I owe $160 on and does practically nothing in terms of apps, f) T-mobile offered me $11 for the Radar, g) I still have a contract until next year even though my plan is a no contract plan. The conclusion, do lots of research about Jump and T-mobile before switching carriers. The employees are not sure how the plan will work since it's not actually active yet.

Incompetent Associate Manager
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Rating: 1/51

LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Went into this location about a week or two ago and went in to buy minutes for my prepaid phone. The associate manager there (Mandy) told me that I would receive my minutes at an increment of $.10 a minute since I was a "gold rewards" member. I gladly purchased 30 dollars in minutes expecting to get 300 minutes, and received a text saying my new balance was 185 minutes (my remaining minutes plus the new balance). When I asked Mandy why I didn't receive my 300 minutes, she said "I don't know, you should have" and shrugged. At this point I asked for my money back since I wasn't given what was promised, and she said she couldn't issue me a refund.

At this point I was very frustrated and asked to speak to the store manager, to which she said in a rude tone "I am the manager, there is nothing I can do". I left the store and called customer care who said that there was nothing they could do. Apparently you only get the ten cent per minute increment if you buy a hundred dollar card, so why didn't the associate manager know this?

I spoke to an associate at the store a few days later (I needed to buy more minutes at this point) and we began talking, at which point I voiced my frustration about my encounter with their manager. It turns out this young lady has been with the company for several years... How is that possible without knowing the policies??? My issue here is that I was told wrong information, immediately brought it to her attention, and she refused to take responsibility. I've never had a single poor experience with this location, but this "manager" obviously has a lot to learn. If you are in the Levittown or Langhorne area and need to go into this store, beware this individual.

Crap - 5 Different Departments
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Rating: 1/51

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- After only a month with the device, they tried to charge me an additional $67 for late fees on a pre-paid plan. They had given me a promotion and even though they spoke to the manager that validated the promotion, they would not honor, before bouncing me to several wrong departments while I was on an in store phone with T-Mobile representative standing next to me.

Finally after 2 hours of fighting they switched my account back and validated it, but I could not pay my bill because all the servers were down due to the store being closed. Due to this I also am not being credited nor do I have the ability to view the credit that they owe me from when their managers over charged me. As far as customer service they have the worst and will not honor what their own employees state was promised by a room full of managers (4 to be precise).

Representatives Spoken to: Jennie, found out they were ripping me off for $50 even though it was more, but would still not honor their promise. John, this man transferred me to the wrong department and would not honor the price change Jennie made to my account (he was her supervisor). Erica, she was with the prepaid accounts even though John told me specifically that I needed the post paid accounts. Karlo, he validated that it should be $30 a month. Changed it and then we had to call back to have him change again to the $30 instead of $40.

This came because I dropped a phone number, when I asked specifically if that would affect my bill I was told no. T-Mobile, is a good company but they have crappy customer service. If it was not for their prepaid option plan and that after hours of yelling and ruining our entire evening (i.e. all the stores had closed at the location we were at), I still ended up not being able to use the credit they over charged me last month. If you go with them understand, even if it's in writing and their employees tell them it is true, they will not honor their store promotions.

T-Mobile Customer Service Reps Trained to Lie About Phone Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased 2 new phones at an outrageous price this year. I have been a 10+years loyal customer to T-Mobile. This is the first time I asked about insurance on the phone since phones have become so expensive. On two occasions, before purchase, I went over the insurance plan with the service representative who stated they were recording the call for “quality and training purposes”. I have friends who have been ripped off by other cell companies over phone insurance and I wanted verification that T-Mobile was not one of these companies.

Both T-Mobile service reps I spoke to explained that “T-Mobile has in-house insurance and that the fee would be charged directly to my account. Also that there is no depreciation or deposit if ANYTHING should happen to this phone. Including lost or stolen.” I asked both reps to document our conversation and read it back to me. The first representative stated her computer froze and the company was having a system issue company wide for me to contact them the next day.

I contacted them the next day and received the same information and placed my order. It has been about 6 months and the screen is broke on one phone. Today I contact T-Mobile and want to file on my in house insurance. The service representative Cassandra told me that there were no notes to the effect in my account. That the last note made was an inquiry on adding a line (this was false information. I am the only person on my account and have not checked on another line).

I was transferred to an out of house phone insurance company who wants a $150 deductible. I contacted T-Mobile back and asked to speak to a supervisor and that I was recording the call for quality assurance. Bryan put me on hold and then came back to tell me that if I was recording they had to hang up. I called again and asked to speak to Customer Retention or the Legal Department with T-Mobile and that “I am recording this call just as you are.”

The service Rep Camile said their company policy states they have to hang up if someone records their calls. It seems there should be some legal ramification for training your staff with false information to make money off of loyal customers. I also asked for a copy of the notes made to my account and was told they could not provide them because they were private company information and I would have to submit legal documentation to see them.

Lied About Service
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Rating: 1/51

We joined T-Mobile 2yrs. ago for a cheaper plan with 2g phones as we are on a fixed income, we had just wanted unlimited talk and text. They told us at the time that we were in a good service area. After the first year of constant bad service and many, many calls to their company, we were finally told by one of their techs that despite the good service area that we live in, our reception would be lousy if we did not upgrade. The classic bait and switch.

We tried to work our way up their corporate ladder to get help but were ignored for the length of our contract. Service was so bad we couldn't call from inside our home and had to stand outside positioning our arms in the air at different angles until a text was sent. We struggled with this terrible service for those 2yrs. until our contract was up the beginning of Aug. 2013 at which time we switched to Straight Talk.

More trouble arose when they didn't want to switch one of our phone numbers to our new phone. Our bill was due on Aug. 9th but they cut off our online account even before they released one of the phone numbers. Plus, we had paperless billing. We called and asked them to send us out our last bill. No problem we thought, as of the date I write this Aug. 24th 2013.

Not even a month into the billing cycle we received a call from a pre-collection company about collection of their last bill. Even the collection company couldn't understand why they would refer us to them without simply sending us our last bill. So, we sent it into them.

This company from the start lied to us, would not address our issues, and then tried to hurt our good credit by sending my last bill to a collection center. So please, stay as far away from these crooks (our opinion) as you can. In our opinion these people don't care about the customer at all.

T-Mobile Fulfillment Is a Scam
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Rating: 1/51

STREAMWOOD, ILLINOIS -- Tmobile fulfillment center came to visit the dealership I work at a few weeks ago. One of the sales reps, "Steve" approached me with an offer that he claimed would reduce my monthly bill. After asking several questions about the offer he assured me I would be able to use my old phone (Samsung s3 with Sprint) and that data would be unlimited. He told me that my phone would have to be unlocked and after asking the right questions he finally admitted that 4g data would be, "throttled" down to 3g data.

When I finally got my contract it clearly stated I could not use my phone with Tmobile service and I later discovered I would need to pay up to 300$ for this, "unlocking" service. I ended up paying about 20$ to have the phone shipped back. Steve promises to cover the shipping cost. I then receive a second call from Tmobile asking for my tracking number again. I am now told I will be billed for, "pro-rated charges" on a phone I never even turned on or used. Hope this warning to potential Tmobile fulfillment customers is helpful.

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