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T-mobile --here's how to get your money back
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To similar complainants, do not bother contacting Robert Dotson. He already stepped down as T-Mobile CEO. You may not also receive a response back from their Executive Customer Service email address. Your best bet would be to file a complaint with the BBB, FCC, and State Attorney General. In my case, T-Mobile finally agreed to credit the $300+ fee after my BBB complaint. Yet somehow in their response they managed to deny any fault/responsibility on their part- go figure. Here was my original complaint to BBB:

I'm filing a complaint against my cell phone provider, T-Mobile, because T-Mobile has wrongfully billed us of a one time charge of $327.99 and is unwilling to waive the charge. My entire family and I have been customers of T-Mobile for many years. On August 23, 2010, I renewed our two year contract with T-Mobile and purchased a Samsung Vibrant at PhoneX, a T-Mobile retail store. However, the Samsung Vibrant started having trouble turning off and on. The phone was never dropped and always had a protective covering.

On January 15, 2011, my husband and I brought the phone back to PhoneX. The employee at the store inspected both the outside and inside of the phone (took the phone apart) in front of us. He called T-Mobile and put in the exchange request for me. I asked him multiple times if this exchange is free and whether I would be charged for anything, and he said NO since there was no physical damage and ensured us that the shipping fee was all we had to pay.

However, when we received our February statement, a whopping $327.99 was charged as a one-time fee. Below is the documentation of the phone exchanges that took place afterwards with T-Mobile consumer service. Please note that some names were not spelled out over the phone so I had to guess on the spelling.

3/4/11 evening: Angela says that the phone was charged because although no outside damage was found with the phone, there was "inside damage." I say, of course there was inside damage because it was a defective phone from the get-go! She was not able to provide any evidence of where exactly the phone was damaged. I tell her that since my T-Mobile store employees already checked the phone, that either the phone was damaged on the way to the return center or the examiner there purposely damaged it. She could not provide an answer and transferred me to her supervisor Herbetta.

Herbetta says that there's no way that I would get a defective phone because all phones are checked when they leave the manufacturer (Toyota probably said the same thing by the way). I ask her why T-Mobile even offer warranty if all phones are PERFECT. She offers to reduce my fee in half as part of "good will." I told her that is unacceptable and that I will not pay a penny. She transfers me to her manager Victor.

Victor tells me that my T-Mobile store was not really a T-Mobile store but a dealer. I tell him that since the store carries T-Mobile phones and sells your plans, how could the customer possibly distinguish which is a store is completely T-Mobile which one isn't? I explain to him that the store employees had verified the return process on the phone with someone else at T-Mobile.

Victor also offers me a 50% reduction which I do not accept. Victor tells me that he will look into the records of what exactly was wrong with the phone and pull up the phone conversation that took place with the PhoneX employee on the day the return request was made. He tells me he will give me call back at 11 AM the next day. He never called.

3/30/11 evening: Pammy - She transfers me to her manager Anaette. I tell her that I want to speak to Victor and gave her the ID number. She tells me that she doesn't know of a Victor and that the ID number doesn't exist. She denies that anyone at T-Mobile ever offered the 50% reduction. I ask her to provide evidence of where the phone was damaged or just return the phone to me so I can get a third party to look at it. She says that she can't do either and hangs up on me.

3/31/11 and 4/4/11: I go on the web and I find the email and number for T-Mobile's Executive Customer Service team. I send an email on each day and receive no response. I also call the number provided for the Executive Customer Service team only to be sent directly to a voicemail box that says that it's currently full in messages. 4/5/11 afternoon: I find the number of Robert Dotson (T-Mobile CEO) on the web and call the number. I learn from the operator that he's no longer with the company and she transfers me to someone else's voicemail so I can leave a message.

During this time, PhoneX has also called T-Mobile customer service numerous times to explain the situation on our behalf and told me that a T-Mobile customer service representative will call me to provide a resolution or evidence. I never received any calls. The PhoneX senior store manager is also willing to provide a statement if requested.

Incompetent, Unqualified Customer Care Service Representatives
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This happened to me twice already. Last July-August, 2010 I was unhappy with my postpaid account so I switched prepaid. The lady I spoke to said she is offering me a $25/month plan for 200 minutes/month if I switched back. But I had already paid $50 for the prepaid card. She said that the offer is good for 90 days if ever I decide to switch back. So after consuming the $50 in 2 months, I tried to take up on that offer.

When I called back customer care, a different lady told me that the plan I was promised no longer exists. It just recently was scrapped off. And I had to wait 24h to be converted back to postpaid. I waited 48h. When I called back, they said anytime from 24h to a week. So I waited a week, with no phone. After a week, I called back already frustrated and they said they can only offer me the 500 minutes plan for $30 and added text messaging. I was billed for $60 that month, and when I looked, the messaging feature wasn't included. They didn't make me pay for the text charges at that time.

The second incident is when I cancelled my no-contract account most recently and had my number reserved so I could use my sister's extra account. The only thing they had to do for me is to change the number of my sister's extra phone line to the number I had reserved. My sister called a representative and he said I had to wait until the current billing cycle is over. When that day came, my number and account got deactivated.

My sister called another customer care representative who said that my number was switched to prepaid. This is after having spoken to another representative who was asking her to confirm her identity by waiting for a password being sent to her email. My sis had me call prepaid customer care who knew nothing and who passed me on to the next postpaid customer care representative who this time seemed to make sense.

I was asking for her extension number but said she has none and offered to call my sister, which she did and was able to make the changes, but we had to wait for another 24h for the activation. So tomorrow we will see if they were true to their promise. If not, you'll see me writing here again.

What I learned from these two experiences are the following: (1) A majority of the T-Mobile customer care representatives either don't want to help you or are not equipped with the necessary information and training needed to carry on with their job. (2) It's best to take note of the name of the rep, the date and time you called, the length of your call if necessary and the reference number of your conversation.

So when you call back for a follow-up, you can refer them to the reference number instead of having to retell your predicament again. (3) Be persistent. You're the customer here and all you really need is some quality service for the price you pay and for the number of years you stayed with them.

Tired of being charged for services I don't use because they can't sell me on them.
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I was a SunCom customer for years. NEVER and I mean NEVER had a complaint with their service or customer care. When they told you that they were going to do something you could count on it. Their word meant something! Then T-Mobile took Over. What a total nightmare that has been! I have three phones, one for myself and the other two for my daughters while they were in school and you know how the girls like to text to their friends. I quickly found out it was cheaper to get unlimited services on the phones. I told them that I would pay for their phones until they were out of college and got a job.

The oldest got out and got married to a Marine (takes such good care of her). I was going to call and cancel one of the phones. The woman on the line at the time was very nice and said that I could keep all three phones for the same price and my youngest daughter is just starting college and getting married (to a musician!). Nothing against musicians - but sometimes it takes a while so I decided to keep the phones. They already had a child and another on the way, my daughter was in college and working too so. I even had internet put on the phones. Which brought the bill to $190. The nightmare is just beginning! It gets better! (I'm sarcastic I know.)

My mother was told that she had two weeks to live that she had stage 4 cancer. I went to Tennessee to tend to her believing that she was dying. I called to make sure that my phone was covered in that area and was told yes that it was. The next month I received a $2,980.00 dollar phone bill. (Remember - I have unlimited EVERYTHING on my phones.) I called for days arguing about it. I ended up paying around $800 for their mistake which has become the norm. (I'm so stupid for not just going with someone else, but I have had a lot going on in my life.)

My mother is dying, I'm still trying to get over being poisoned by someone who was supposed to love me for insurance money and I have to deal with severe pain on a daily basis, while not trying to let anyone down. I figured that was the best that I would do with some of the most hateful and rude customer service people that I had ever had the displeasure of talking to and made the best out of it, while my poor mother's hair was falling out from the chemo, she was going blind and actually did from the tumors behind her eyes, and was in a wheelchair because the cancer had eaten through both of her hips. I'm getting off track.

I called to see how much it would cost to put internet on my phone and they told me it would be $30 a month, I declined. She was extremely hateful about it so I told her "you know what - just take it off my daughter's and her husband's phones too." They didn't really need it. They have internet service at home and I really needed to save as much money as I could right now. My Phone bill never went down. I still pay $190. I just was too busy with my mother to question it and figured that they would just tell me that it was some kind of monthly upgrade fees of some kind so.

I wasn't in the mood to argue with any nasty customer service person about it with my mother dying and my nerve pain was getting worse. But then my bill after that wasn't just $190 (the first month or two) but after that it was $240 I had to call every month. They said it was internet charges. I tried to tell them that I couldn't use the internet on my phone because some web2go page had started popping up every time my wi-fi box would pop up. I would pick my service and the browser would open up to web2go, not always, but when it did I couldn't use it because it said that I had to agree to pay $1.99 a MB so I would close it out.

It seemed however they were able to manage to put T-mobile in as my internet carrier so that they could track my wi-fi usage. I was able to take care of that. But still can not use my phone most of the time. And when I do they can tell me when I do. It is none of their business. I have asked every month for it to be taken off of my phone and blocked. It is an invasion of privacy. I shouldn't be forced to order a service that I don't need. I talked to a nice man today but still had to pay for service that I didn't use. Can they really be hurting that bad that they have to steal from their customers. I can promise them that I need my money more than they do.

I had the creep's name and employee number but I am trying to get in touch with the president of the company. I want to show him that I still have the web2go on my phone and never agreed to pay for ANY web charges!!! But have paid for many because I have been lied to and told they were for my children's 411 calls and other things like that. This guy had just put that charge back on my phone a couple days ago after it had been taken off by a supervisor several months ago and as mean as he was a won't be completely satisfied until he is fired!!!

I pray that someone makes some serious personnel changes in this company and policy changes. You don't keep customers by charging them for services that they do not order every month and then telling them that it's new policy!!! It won't be long and this company will lose every customer they have. If they keep going like this.

They don't even have an e-mail address so you can send them complaints and you know that the complaints sent through the mail are promptly filed - file #13. Thanks to this site I found a bunch of them so they will all hear from me.

Service Issues
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CINCINNATI AREA -- When I first signed up for T-MOBILE back in 2008, I was quite pleased with the plan I purchased. I did the Fave Five Plan. It was affordable and exactly what I needed. My phone was decent, the payment was decent and the first month I was very content with T-Mobile.

Sometime after this I started having a lot of dropped calls. It was very awful! I assumed it was my phone so I called Tech Support and they had me reset my phone and told me that they would have someone look into the cell tower closest to my home. I really did not believe this would be my solution. I had "retry", "not available" errors on my phone and was told to replace my SIM card, which a T-Mobile store did for me at no charge. I figured the next thing I needed to do was to get a new cell phone, and I did.

What is great about T-Mobile is they allow you to do an early upgrade, they allow you to also make installment plans on a phone with NO interest. I was happy I was able to upgrade my phone before my two year contract expired. I was also pleased that when I erroneously ordered the 500 minute Even More plan (thinking it had Fave Five), their customer service allowed me to go right back to the Fave Five grandfather plan and there was no error in billing because of it. I get my new phone thinking it might actually improve my service. I even added more to the phone such as unlimited internet.

However -- NO SERVICE issues still, this was horrible! There was absolutely NOTHING I could do to get better service. Nothing. Dropped calls, constant texts in limbo, my texts getting sent days later or I get texts days later. Internet was a total JOKE. I saw absolutely NO reason to keep a phone I cannot use because I rarely had service.

98% of the time I was in my home my cellphone had NO bars and was constantly saying "searching". I had a call drop twice during a phone interview. I had calls drop during long waits for customer service, I had calls drop in the middle of me trying to leave a voicemail of a client. I could no longer trust T-Mobile's service.

I ported my number in August 2010. My new carrier took my T-Mobile number over and I didn't have to do a thing. My T-Mobile account was deleted as soon as my number was ported, which took no more than 30 minutes to do.I am so very happy with my new service. T-Mobile did not mess up my bill, my final bill was $0 and I have yet to receive a termination fee, which confuses me because I agreed to a new two year contract when I did the upgrade. My new carrier works amazingly and I am glad I am no longer with T-Mobile because of the service issues.

If you live in the Cincinnati area (corner of Indiana, Northern Kentucky) you will probably get very spotty service. Meeting a person that worked for T-Mobile, he told me that about 50% of the people they sell plans to come back within the 14 day period because they can't get service in this area. I have yet to know of anyone personally that has been happy with their T-Mobile service here. It might be great elsewhere, but I would make sure you test the hell out of it within your trial period or you'll be just as frustrated as I was for almost TWO years because of NO service at home, work or anywhere really!

I honestly do believe that my area had decent coverage and at some point that changed. I even attempted to roam on the two networks that my phone picked up when I could not get a signal, AT&T and Cincinnati Bell. I was unable to do this.

In my area I am very pleased to say that AT&T is really great for coverage. There has only been one place in the middle of nowhere my phone did not have a signal with AT&T. T-Mobile was spotty and terrible. I do believe you should stay away from T-Mobile if you live in this area because it is quite frustrating not being able to hold a 5 minute conversation without a dropped call.

If you decide to test another cell company out, see what their return period is and test it for at least a week, or at least two depending on the time frame of the policy. If you decide you like the new carrier's service better, have them port your old cell number to your new phone. This cancels everything with your previous carrier. PS. Still not sure why I have not received a notice for a cancellation fee.

Customer Service is a Joke!
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My boyfriend and I recently switched from Verizon to T-Moble so we could share a plan together. My boyfriend was the main account, but we added myself so if I needed assistance or to make changes, I would be able to do so. We were told by a sales representative when we purchased the phones that it was available to us and my boyfriend set it up with a customer service representative on the phone within the next week. We both decided to wait to switch our numbers until our Verizon contract ended which was the following month. He called and got his switched immediately no problem.

Today I try to do the same. I provided all of the information they requested of me, including my bf's name and last 4 numbers of his social security. I was told by the representative today that with this information, I would be able to switch the numbers. I was then surprised when he said he needed to speak with the main billing account, my bf. Unfortunately, he was in a situation where he couldn't even have his phone so I tried to explain that he's unavailable. Their response was, "Well, we can't do anything until we speak with him."

I was annoyed, but I've worked in customer service before and I know what's it like to be on the other side of the phone so I kept my cool. I explained that my bf is unavailable, but I have provided the information you requested, so please follow through with the process. His response is again, "Well, we can't do anything until we speak with him." I was starting to get annoyed. I said that I understood him the first time, but he's unavailable. I asked why he couldn't fulfill my request when I was added to the account. He then just repeated himself again! I felt like I was talking to a broken record.

Knowing this conversation was going nowhere, I asked to speak with a supervisor to come with a solution. He puts me on hold, then a couple of minutes later, asks for my bf's number so he can call him instead of transferring me to the supervisor. I mean really, what part of "He's not available" is hard to understand? I was getting frustrated at this point and asked for the supervisor again, having to spend a few minutes why I must speak with a manager. Only then did he do it after making me wait at least 7 minutes.

So I get on the line with the supervisor and I explain my situation to him. After I finish, he pauses, and then says the EXACT same thing as the customer service representative! At this point I am mad and normally I am a laid back person. I asked why they would add me to the account if it doesn't do anything? I also asked if there was ANY other solution possible, but he just kept repeating himself, not listening to me.

After the 4th time I had to cut him off, stating that I understood him the first 3 times he said it. He started to repeat himself again, which I interrupted and said, "Look. I not hear to yell or argue with you. I asked to speak with you to see if there are any other options for me. I know what your policy is, you've been repeating it non-stop since we started. If you have nothing to actually offer me, then this conversation is over. So, do you have any solutions for me?" He paused and meekly said no. I mean, I felt like I was talking to a little robot kid!

I called another number to file a complaint, but I can only do it online through the account (not including those who were added of course) or I could get a power of attorney. Really? I have to go that far just to get my old number? I have never dealt with such horrible ignorance they call customer service until now. I cannot believe they would treat their customers this way and have nothing to offer. Once our contract is over, I am leaving T-Mobile in a heartbeat!

Customers Evidentially Are Not Very Important!
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Earlier this month I went into a T-Mobile store to purchase a phone that I had been interested in. A Blackberry curve. I asked the sales associate if they had the phone available in the color that I wanted and when I was told that they did, I asked about the price. I was told that it was $99.99 up front with a $50 mail in rebate. This was all that was said about the price at this time.

When I got to the counter to complete the transaction I was told that the phone needed the internet. I informed the sales associate that I did not want the internet. I just wanted to use it as a phone and she stated that was possible but in order to have all functions of the phone it required the internet. I stated that I just needed it to work as a phone.

9 days later I noticed that there was a $2 charge on my bill for a partial month of required blackberry web. I immediately called customer support to see what this was. I was informed that it was a requirement of getting the phone at the price I received it at. I explained to them that this was never disclosed to me and they told me I would have to take it up with the store and have them remove the data plan for me.

After hanging up, I immediately called the store and spoke with the assistant manager that was on duty. He continued to basically call me a liar by telling me there was no way that happened because his employees are trained properly. I called customer support back to try to get some help in this matter. They offered to lower the data plan from $30 to $20 per month, which still was not satisfactory to me considering I did not want the plan and was not informed that it was going to be added to my bill in the first place.

The next day I called the store back and spoke with the store manager who told me he would not remove the data plan but would reimburse my gas for me to come return the phone since I live 37 miles from the store. I asked to speak with the district manager and was told that the manager would give him a call and call me back. When he called me back, I was informed that I could not contact the district manager to actually speak with him, but could have his email address. However, he was not going to remove it either.

The biggest issue was that I had already sold the phone I had previously. I feel that T-Mobile stole from me in a sense because now I will be forced into getting another phone (that I didn't want in the first place) at a higher price and be stuck in a 2 year contract extension with them. I have been a customer since 2003 and always pay my bill in full every month. I have 5 lines of service with them and am on their highest minute plan and messaging plan for these lines.

I felt that there was more that could be done, so I again tried customer support - (a supervisor this time). They told me again that there was nothing they could do. I eventually got sent to the customer loyalty department who after about 20 minutes of talking said the most they could do for me was offer me a $20 credit to my bill for the inconvenience.

I asked why they could not at least give me a better deal on a phone since I wasn't going to be getting what I actually wanted and would have never bought the phone (or sold my other phone) if the sales representative would have disclosed the "catch" to me getting the discount on the phone I purchased. They give great discounts to new customers, why can they not do the same for a customer that (when I take back the phone) will not be contractually obligated to stay with them. I was told that they do this for new customers to generate new revenue.

What a ridiculous answer! You are basically losing money to make money because they will now lose me and my 5 lines as well as the rest of my family which is 10 accounts all together because none of us are under contract and all because I am not as important as a new customer. They really should train their associates better - or better yet maybe not have young kids selling on commission - because I really feel that the associate purposely omitted the "catch" because she knew she would lose the sale (and thus the commission) since I had already told her that I did not want the internet.

As a side note, the data plan also was not listed on the contract that I signed and was given a copy of. I brought this up to every single person that I spoke with and was told that it is not on the written contract because it is not required on every phone purchase and when it is required it is ALWAYS disclosed and explained to the customer before they sign the written on contract. What a load of crap!!!

Betrayed Customer
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We have been with T-mobile for some time. The last phone I had done not make it through the service period. This phone only lasted a few months before it started falling apart in the same way. It is a flip phone (Samsung) and the connection where it flips open breaks off. (Did on my last phone too.) The phone also had a malfunction in the LCD screen. The inside and outside display screen were intact but the crack occurred internally.

I called the service center and spoke with the most pleasant gentleman who told me they should not fall apart like that. Stated it should all be under warranty as I have not had my phone a yr yet. I told him how the flip connection slowly cracked and then broke off. I told him how the LCD no longer works. That if you looked closely you could see a internal crack. He stated that as long as the phone was not dropped or submerged in water it should be fine and replaced. He did state that if they got the phone back and it was indeed submerged in water OR dropped I would be charged $100 for replacement.

I returned it only to get a letter back stating I was charged $100. The letter stated they would not cover any broken or cracked plastic (I informed him it was before I sent it in!!!) and they would not cover any broken display screens. (My external display screens were NOT broken. If you looked close you could see it was cracked inside the mechanism. I informed him also of this before I returned it.)

I called Customer service to complain about the degree of extreme violation I felt over this. After voicing my complaints to the first gentleman, he went to transfer me and instead dropped the call into the "Wait for a rep" Queue where I again waited, provided all the info to the automated teller and was hung up on. Now I call for the THIRD time finally getting MR. **. He did not hang up on me and actually transferred me to his boss Lesmy. They stated they would listen to the conversation I originally had re: repair of my phone and call me back within 72 hours.

Four days later I called them. It was a waste of my time. They cannot find a copy of the call so did not seem to believe what I had to say. Nobody had listened to anything at this point from what I heard. I am now told not all calls are recorded. Despite the fact I know the damage was not physical, they claim it was and I have no recourse but to pay the $100 for another cheap phone. I learned this time all the things the initial representative should have told me and did not. That broken plastic and LCDs are NOT covered. I should have taken it to a T-mobile stand and asked the representative there before sending it in. At Least I would have more recourse.

At this point, I do not know what is worse, the lack of respect for me as a customer by the repeated dropped and non-returned calls. The violation of being billed for something I described in detail to them and then being billed and sent a letter stating everything to the contrary. If you purchase a phone from them under warranty for one yr, it will not cover, (per the letter I received) any broken or cracked plastic, broken display screens or triggered liquid damage indicators. I ask you, what is left to cover? I would rather have my old broken phone back than the memories I now have. I truly feel betrayed by this carrier I have been a faithful customer to.

T-Mobile refused to honor our agreement...
By -

13170 CENTRAL S.E., 107-A1, NEW MEXICO -- I will earnestly attempt to convey my experience as accurately as possible. What you do with this information is up to you. Some of you may be tempted to retaliate in favor of T-Mobile. That is also up to you, but not necessary, as I don't intend to waste additional time involved with, or about, this Cellular/Communications Provider: T-Mobile. To begin with, my Wife and I were shopping and comparing new Cellular Phone providers. We visited a T- Mobile facility and the premise to contract with T-Mobile was based on the following.

I qualified for a Corporate account discount. T-Mobile's sales staff agreed to waive the activation fee and include a 15% discount on (2) individual Plans: (1) Wireless Broadband (Web Jet) & (2) a Family Plan for two Cellular Phones. We felt satisfied that T-Mobile (this was our initial experience with this provider), appeared to be working with us and they were a greater value when compared to other providers (i. e.-AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc…). However, our new relationship began in an inauspicious manner.

For example, our new Wireless Broadband (web jet), would not access the T-Mobile website to view our personal account (i.e.- I was only allotted up to 5 Giga Bytes usage and wanted to view current usage to prevent additional costs…); but, would allow access to virtually all other URLs. Therefore, I had to call the Tech Support on 4 different occasions (total 220 minutes: you must first explain your situation to a “gatekeeper”, who subsequently triage/transfers you further, to a specific department). Then, you explain your situation again, to the next Representative.

Some suggested resolution examples were: the location that set up your account did not correctly set it up; you may be having trouble with your Web Jet, and a long list of other suggested problems, or fixes. I ultimately fixed the problem myself (after considerable time and many different configurations), but am not totally sure what remedied the situation- it just began working. It must be noted that I also brought my laptop and Broadband to the T-Mobile facility and they could not resolve the problem, but suggested that I call 611: the “Psychic Department”—I'm not kidding you.

I was never convinced that all of this time, time spent calling Technical Support, would ultimately be credited back to me, as I had a maximum usage of 750 anytime minutes. Eventually, when I was able to view my minutes used, all of this time was accumulating to my anytime usage and indicated that I was over my usage limit (stressful situation).

You see…the Technical Representative told me that until you have been with the company 1 month, they can't really view your account (you're kind of akin to a nonentity- per Rep.), and answer your important questions: you know…do I have additional charges that I am not aware of? That's an important question. Don't you agree?

Next…we received our first Statement from T- Mobile. The amount of our first bill was greater than we had expected. In fact, after inspecting the bill, we concluded that T- Mobile had not included our 15% discount, on one of the two Plans. Well…15% may not seem that significant (over $200 per year in terms of our plan), but this amount was significant to us and we had chosen T-Mobile based on the premise that T-Mobile would discount our plan (it was our agreement)!

Next, we brought our statement to the same T-Mobile facility and discussed the bill with the Representative that we created our agreement and contract with. The Rep. inspected the bill and agreed that we had not received our 15% discount—we had received one of the 15% discounts and the other activation fees were waived. In light of this, our Representative called the Corporate HQ to discuss this situation and receive an adjustment in our favor (their image and reputation was on the line).

Well…after several minutes of explanations, and assertions, that she had indeed agreed to discount our plans, based on information by T-Mobile, the Rep. was told that T-Mobile would simply not honor the agreement (T-Mobile would simply not honor their pre-contract agreement, post purchase), that's right. By now, I began to perceive this behavior as a form of “Bait and Switch.”

Now…keep in mind, our Web Jet Broadband cost $160-in advance. More importantly, the refund threshold for the Web Jet was 14 days from date-of-purchase, but you don't receive much information - refer to above - for approximately 30 days, or more (your first Statement). As a result, your refund-return-window has now conveniently expired.

Next, the Representative, after failing to convince the Customer Service Rep. at HQ to include our agreed discount, asked me if I wanted to discuss this situation with the Representative at T-Mobile HQ. I was reluctant, but agreed to do so (considering that I was a genuine, cash spending customer- in advance, mind you).

While further discussing this situation (and feeling stonewalled), with this Customer Service Representative, and failing to receive what had already previously been negotiated, this Representative attempted to “hand me off” to another Representative (possibly to frustrate me to the point of acquiescence), and I refused the hand off attempt. Again…I insisted on the discount, as previously negotiated, and was refused. At this point, the Representative suddenly changed course, and suggested that I could simply withdraw from our agreement and that he simply could not give me the discount.

My wife was indignant at this point, as it appeared that T-Mobile, not wanting to honor our agreement, could simply cut and run from their responsibility. They appeared to be comfortable, with the possibility of losing our potential long-term business, for the equivalent of 15%.

My wife and I, at this point, decided to cancel our “no contract, contract” with T-Mobile. However, we had now invested $160 in cash, for the Web Jet. Considering this, I said, “well… you all have come out really well on this. That is, you didn't honor our agreement and you sold me a non-refundable Broadband (remember the 14 day return threshold), which I am now unable to use: maybe I can sell it on Clist, or Ebay for ¼ price, I rationalized.

At this point, my wife and I felt… even more frustrated. In consideration of this, and the fact that we insisted on some sort of relief, the Manager, after much delay and great reluctance, acquiesced and refunded the cost of the Broadband: I give T-Mobile credit for the refund, but not for our investment in evaluation (we compared), time (drive to facility, calls to Tech Support) and frustration (refusal to honor our agreement, or delay in refund)…

In short, after paying over $130 and then receiving a final bill (that appears to be constructed with questionable mathematical techniques, in terms of the computerized method of prorating), we have gladly moved on to another Communications Provider. Remember…utilize this information in a manner that benefits you. That is the sole intent of this writing. Thank you.

TMobile's Breach of Contract (and terrible service)
By -

Dear TMobile: I am disputing my contract and my billing with TMobile. I bought TMobile service on Dec 20, 2009. The service was not as represented at my home (it was terrible, poor/dropped calls or not available at all), so I took the phone back to cancel service on Dec 31st, but the lines were so long, I left after waiting for over an hour. Also, the local stores were closed for 4-6 of the 14 days between Dec 20, 2009 and Jan 3, 2010.

I went back to Costco, where I purchased the phones, to cancel service and return the phones on Jan 5, 2010. I was asked to consider a 'better' phone with better reception. I relented and agreed to try a different phone. I tried using the phone over the next 10 days at my home, service, even standing outside, was not good (at best it was poor) or unavailable. I went back to COSTCO again, on or about Jan 16, 2010 and waited for nearly an hour and had to leave again without being helped.

After the first billing came in from T-Mobile we sent a communication to T-Mobile that the service was not just unacceptable at my home, but also unacceptable and unavailable at several spot along I-196, where I specifically asked and was shown maps showing there was service. The contract for services provided by T-Mobile was obviously a misrepresentation. The service is much worse than any other mobile service provider. My other firm's mobile service with Verizon is excellent.

I stopped by COSTCO at least 5 other times to return the phones, but the service representative was always busy with several people standing in line (note: the COSTCO phone agents were very helpful, just understaffed). I finally was able to return the phones on or about Feb 23, 2010, after many previous attempts (this is a 50 mile trip, each way, to go back to COSTCO which I was told returns had to happen at the place the phones were purchased).

Besides my efforts, I requested my office contact T-Mobile to dispute the most recent billing, explaining the service agreement was misrepresented and there was a breach of contract by T-Mobile for this misrepresentation. Also, noting several other contract issues that voided the contract and required T-Mobile to refund any charges back to the date I first attempted to cancel service.

No T-Mobile service has occurred (except by the COSTCO personnel) since Jan 2010, the month I attempted to cancel service (I believe only a handful of calls were able to be made on the TMobile service). My discussions with the TMobile representatives (first Rene', then her supervisor, Chris) after receiving the TMobile billing due 3/28/2010 were a waste of time, even though I tried for an amicable resolution and spent nearly an hour on the phone.

I have already paid T-Mobile too much money. The service is terrible and unacceptable and misrepresented by T-Mobile's agents. The more I tried the service in Jan 2010 the more I found the service agreed to as unacceptable and a misrepresentation of what was offered.

I want billings already paid be refunded and any other costs billed be deleted and the contract to be shown as voided. As a concession, even though trying to resolve this whole affair has cost thousands of my billing hours, I will pay for phone calls actually made in the first 30 days by me. This will result in an overpayment amount by me and a refund required by T-Mobile of the difference. I am offering this concession in good faith. You will see I was unable to use the phones effectively during the first few weeks due to poor service. I did not use the phone at all after Jan 2010.

Bottom line: terrible service, that was misrepresented by T-Mobile agents, and poor service that discourage or made impossible the ability to comfortably cancel the service and return the phones purchased. Please refund the monies paid by me (after my good faith allowance for T-Mobile deducting $43.00 for the few calls made in Dec/Jan 2010. Also, show me in writing the contract is rescinded. If you do not comply, I will be forced to take this matter to court, as well as to state and local telecommunications officials, plus the appropriate consumer protection personnel.

Loyal Customer Extremely Disappointed
By -

T-Mobile customer support flat out lied to me, and then refused to admit their mistake that cost me over $200! I would like to start by saying that I have been a T-mobile customer for years. When I first signed up, their customer service was among the best I could find- 24 hour support, hardly any hold times, it was wonderful. Although I did occasionally have issues with services I didn't have popping up on my bill, or voice mail suddenly stop working, they issues were always quickly fixed with no hassle by customer support.

Recently I did notice their customer service start to decline. No longer could I call and speak to a representative and their hold times grew longer. Still, compared to the other cellular companies I was relatively happy. That was until this month. In December, due to a terrible tragedy striking a dear friend, we used way too many minutes. The result was overage charges exceeding three hundred dollars. I called T-mobile on January 8th and explained the situation. The woman I spoke with was very nice, and explained that if I signed up for one of their unlimited plans, she could make it retroactive so I wouldn't have to pay the tremendous overage fees.

This sounded good to me, but as I explained to her, I would have to talk things over with my fiance and decide for sure what we wanted to do. That was OK she explained to me, but my billing cycle ends on the tenth so I would have to call before then. But then she said she could leave a note on my account, so if I called within the next week they could retroactively apply the change to my account and I wouldn't have those overage fees.

It was a chaotic weekend for my fiance and I, but I managed to call back within the next week and switch over to an unlimited plan. I specifically asked at that time to make sure the overage charges were going to be taken care of. The representative was very nice, and assured me that yes, the overage charges were taken care of and I wouldn't be charged with them.

So, imagine my surprise when I check my account online and see all the overage charges still there. Immediately I called T-mobile support. The Representative explained there was nothing they could do, the billing cycle ended on the tenth and because I didn't switch my plan before then I still had to pay the overage charges. In vain I explained how I was told when I switched to the plan the overage charges would be taken care of, how when I first called the lady said I could call back anytime within the next week and it would be fixed.

That simply can't be the case I was informed. There is no way a T-mobile Representative would have said that to me. I must have been mistaking. I continued to explain how the original lady was very clear when I spoke to her about it, and how when I did change the plan they verified the overage charges wouldn't be an issue. Still this representative insisted she couldn't fix it. If it was a T-mobile issue she could, but since I signed up after the tenth, there was nothing she could do.

I asked to speak to a manager. He said the same exact thing. I pointed out to him it was only a two day difference, and if I knew I had to call back by the tenth I would have. That didn't matter though, the tenth was the cut off date.

The reason I am upset? I feel the error here is T-Mobile's. When I originally called on the 8th, and again on the 12th they confirmed the overage charges would be taken care of. Now I am told that is simply wrong. It is my belief T-mobile should have told me in the first place I needed to make the change by the tenth instead of letting me wait until next week. I also feel that having been a T-mobile customer for several years, the company should acknowledge that regardless of whose mistake it was, I clearly was under the impression that it was being fixed by signing up for the unlimited plan and realize that two days should not cost me over two hundred dollars.

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