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I Love T-Mobile! (3 Years Loyal)
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I have been with TMobile for 3 years. Before that I was with Sprint, US Cellular, and At&T.

First off, they beat the competition by FAR! They have the BEST customer service of any company I've ever worked for! I don't understand why I saw so many negative complaints on here. Today, I had to call customer care. I got a native English Speaker as I ALWAYS DO THANK GOD! (Sprint, I would ALWAYS get someone who did NOT speak English reading a script) Anyhow, I had a question for them to help me because my husband is in boot camp. Though I am the primary account holder, I am not really able to pay our bill for the next 3 months, but I did NOT want to lose them as my provider and I'm sure they did not want to lose me as a customer as they tell me every time I call "thank you for being a loyal T-Mobile customer"

Anyhow, the nice gentlemen offered me several options to help me find options for this situation. He even offered me all of the advice that a friend would...such as a slight suggestion "If you could pay this time, you might be able to draw out the last 2 months without getting a disconnect though I would not advise that because you probably want to keep connected"

Since I was not really happy for that option he asked if I would maybe want to suspend my account for 3 months with something called a "seasonal suspension". This is an option they have for people who are leaving the country. Anyhow, instead of paying 180, I could just pay 30. If I went to a pay as you go or per month company it would help lower my monthly bills.

This is just an example of the EXCEPTIONAL customer service that I ALWAYS get with T-Mobile. I have only been mistreated ONCE when calling customer care in the 3 years I've been with T-Mobile. I was in the store calling, it was the only time I got a disconnect. The man that was helping me in the store, heard the way that they were talking to me and apologized sincerely. He then offered me $100.00 credit on my account for the mistreatment. I called later to complain about the people who had talked to me before...not that I wasn't satisfied with the credit : ) but I did want to make sure these people would not talk to other customers this way. Anyhow, I was apologized to and he put a complaint through while I waited on the phone. This guy was very sincere and said that T-Mobile does not want to be represented like that and he is happy when loyal customers call to let them know about these things. He saw the credit on the account and said, "I have never seen that! They must have really mistreated you!"

Anyhow, there are going to be bad seads anywhere and that includes from the customers themselves! If you call TMobile and are nice every time, then they will be nice back. If you start yelling at them right away, the representative doesn't deserve that. Just TALK to them and they are AlWAYS willing to go ABOVE and BEYOND!!! I'm so happy to have them as my provider!!! : D

Tmobile Free Companion Flight Concierge Service & Price Match Guarantee Scam!
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T-Mobile advertised a "Free" companion flight ticket for renewing or signing a 2-year contract with the company. What they did not advertise is how buying the ticket through their vendor company would not hook directly to pricing found on the airline's sites and tickets would be double the price. However, you can do a "Price Match Guarantee" where you find a price that is lower than theirs on an airline website for the same flight, they will match the price you found plus add 15% on top of that -- so basically you have to pay 15% for your companion flight, plus taxes and fees... so it's not really free (that is a lawsuit waiting to happen...).

Also, when you submit this price match there is a list of things you need to provide (ex. your pin number, screenshots of the fares, etc.) via fax or email. On the site, it says they will contact you in 2 business days. Of course the fine print somewhere says promo terms subject to change without notice-but after a month you would think that if they were revising their official response window to 10-14 business days they would update their user terms on the site to align customer expectations? Also, when you submit this price match via email they don't give you a confirmation number, just automated email that they received it and will be in contact.

I've called this "Concierge" service and been hung up on by an agent when I asked their name because they were so rude, falsely promised my concerns were being escalated to a manager (which I learned from another agent there saying if they didn't take my contact info other than my name there was no way the other agent submitted my concerns to a manager because they don't have a file of the Price Matches in their center to access), told that they are really busy and may not make the 10-14 days, that they don't have control on updating the website to say they will be in contact within 10-14 days instead of 2, told it was my fault for not contacting them via phone to do my price match, etc.

In not being able to resolve with their company, I contacted Tmobile customer service directly today and had a heart to heart with an agent who seemed to defend the crappy concierge and promotion (instead of apologizing and being empathetic like most Tmobile reps do when they feel a customer is upset). But he said he was escalating to management and the shareholders would see my complaints and as a customer since 2003 they do take my complaints seriously. I did a quick Google search to see if anyone else was blogging on this sketchy promo-and when he gave me attitude that I was only his 2nd complaint in 2 months, the web is saying otherwise.

As a marketing professional, I see so many legal problems going on with this promo and definitely would join a class action lawsuit. They said my day 14 is really tomorrow (although I submitted the Price Match on 2/18 and have all the documentation and in my math it's been more than 14 days as of tomorrow, but I digress...) and if I don't have a call tomorrow offering my price match for my flight request for March 20th I will be filing a formal complaint to the FTC. This was a huge promotional promise that came with a huge commitment of extending my 2 lines for 2 years... I won't sit back on this one!

Roaming And Early Termination Fees
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MAINE -- I used T-Mobile as my cellphone carrier for years, perhaps 5 years, without any problems. Then... I got a letter from them canceling three of the lines on my family plan, which included 4 cellphones, because according to them I roam too much. I called them to ask if I cancelled the fourth line if I would be charged an early termination fee. They said yes, so I explained I would be giving that line to one of the three people they are cancelling for roaming too much. They then said they would not charge me an early termination fee for any of the four lines.

My next question was how do I keep my telephone numbers and not get hit with an early termination fee. They said I had to transfer the numbers before they cancelled the plan or the numbers would be unavailable to me, and that I could do that earlier than they planned to terminate me and they would not charge me an early termination fee. OK. I bought another plan from another company, transferred the numbers, paid my last bill and thought we were done with T-Mobile. What a mistake. That was in June '08.

I got a bill for $200 for an early termination fee on the fourth phone. Contacted T-Mobile, they were "so sorry that should never have happened" they would take care of it. They did charge it to my credit card anyway. I called again, "they were still so sorry that should never have happened" they would fix it. They didn't so I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge. T-Mobile never responded to the dispute, so I was not charged. To date I have not heard another word about that early termination fee.

Then I got a bill for $615 dollars, $600 early termination fees for the three phones they terminated, $15 for two days of service. I called them and again "they were so sorry that never should have happened" they would take care of it. Again they charged my credit card, again I called them, again they were "so sorry that never should have happened". They didn't credit my card so again I filed a dispute with my credit card company. T-Mobile didn't respond to the dispute, they sent it to collections!!! I have never had a bill go to collections in my whole life!! They are even worse to deal with than T-Mobile.

So after five days of intense phone calling to T-Mobile and the collections agency, today they said "We are so sorry that never should have happened. We have it back from collections, we have waived the early termination fee (waived as if I owed it in the first place), now your bill is $15". I asked for a written bill stating the amount I owe them in a final bill. I would like it in witting that they have "waived" the early termination fees and my final bill is $15. They can't send me a bill because I am no longer a T-Mobile customer!!! Is this crazy or is it just me? I have never had anyone tell me they can't send me a bill when they want money from me.

They said I can go to a T-Mobile bill pay, but they still cannot print a bill for me. Also the closest one is about 225 mile away from me. I did call them and they can take my payment but they can't give me a copy of the bill, nor can they tell me how much my total bill is because I am not a current T-Mobile customer so I am not in their system!!! So here I sit waiting, will I get another bill from T-Mobile or a call from their collection agency? If it's collections do you suppose they will send me a copy of the final bill? This would really be comical if it weren't my credit we are talking about here. I wonder how long before we will see this scenario on a sitcom?

I do not recommend this company to anyone for anything. This is NO WAY to do business. I wish I could send them a bill for all the hours I have been on the phone trying to sort this out. This is Oct 31, so this story has taken 5 months so far...

Fraud, Fraud and More Fraud... Please Read & Beware
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My story started with my wife getting me a Blackberry Curve through T-Mobile (my cell provider). I received the phone right before we left town for Christmas. 3 days later I realized that I didn't like the phone and I tried to take it back to the T-Mobile store on MacArthur Blvd. in Las Colinas. I was then told that I had to send it back through mail.

When I finally was able to get the address to mail the phone back it was already at the 11th day of my 14-day trial period and the rep told me as long as the post mark date was within 14 BUSINESS days from the date you received it, you WILL receive proper credit to my account. I mailed the phone with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION on the 13th day which happened to be Jan. 2nd, 2008.

On Jan. 27th, 2008 I received my bill only to see that I am still being charged for the phone I had already sent back 3 weeks earlier. I called to investigate and was told that they could not help me without a tracking number, which I had but couldn't find because I was moving. I continued to call every other day to see if the returns department had credited my account??? IT GETS A LOT BETTER I PROMISE JUST KEEP READING. I was told that my package was NEVER received and that there is no way to contact the National Returns Center and that I didn't have proof or confirmation of delivery. They thought I was bluffing about having a tracking number but I actually had it with.

When I called today Feb. 6th, 2008, when they looked it on the USPS site where it shows that it was delivered on Jan. 4th, 2008, they told me that the reason I will not be receiving a credit is because they received the phone on the 15th day after I had received it even though it was actually the 13th business day which I was advised initially.

They were adamant about telling me that they could not credit my account the $267 I am owed, I told them to then give me back the device they received on Jan. 4th, 2008 (YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THE RESPONSE I GOT, WHICH WAS) “We CAN'T send it back to you. We don't even know where it is it would have been sent to the manufacturer.” So I said "then give me the credit if you are not going to send the phone back to me" and their response was… "Sorry we can't do that because you didn't return the phone within the 14 days.”

My response was “So what, you are going to bill me for the phone that I sent back already and have proof that you received it AND keep the phone and sell it to someone else??? This is fraud??” They continued to repeat that they can't credit the account, can't send me another phone because they have already sent it once, and they can't locate the phone that I sent back and that I had to pay the $267 for the phone that THEY now have!!!

And when I threatened to cancel my service after having been a loyal customer since 1999 (since it was Arial communications) they said that because I got a discount on the phone they automatically extended the contract for 2 more years and that they will charge and additional $200 on top of all of this mess…I realized then that this was not going to go anywhere positive or even remotely fair.

T-Mobile is so fraud that they won't give the legal department contact info but no worries, I already have an appointment tomorrow with Fox News channel 4 and I am preparing all of the documentations of the calls, receipt dates, shipping, names and dates of contacts, and already working though my lawyer to file a complaint with the state and carbon copy every local news agency to expose this fraud company.

Nicest Reps... But Also The Most Clueless!
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Rating: 2/51

QUAKERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- When I first got T-mobile, loved them. Seemed like great rates and great customer service. When I decided to move to Canada to be with my fiance, that is where things got really complicated. T-mobile won't even work in Canada. So I would have to get an unlock code to be able to use a Canadian carrier on my brand new phone.

The FIRST time I called for the unlock code, no problem, I would get it in 1-14 days. Okay. I got an email the next day saying that I need to pay my phone bill (that I didn't even receive a bill for yet). Fine. So I paid it off and requested a SECOND time to get the unlock code. It went fine. The second email said I need to pay off the phone. Jesus Christ! Why didn't they tell me that the first time!? So I called in and paid off the phone and requested for the THIRD time the unlock code. The third email I got said I needed to pay off the last bill. Very confusing since it wasn't even on my online account.

So the FOURTH time I called in, they told me I didn't need to pay any more money because I had a credit of $279.38! YAY! Although nobody was able to give me a straight reason as to why I had a credit. I requested the unlock code again! I waited a few days and never got it. So I called for a FIFTH time asking about the status of the unlock code. They told me I cannot request for an unlock code until the last bill is up on September 18th. UGH! So I had to wait another 2 weeks without a phone. VERY UPSET. And this lady told me I had a credit of $238.36.

So I called on the 18th for a SIXTH time and requested the unlock code. I asked about the credit and they said I could not get the $238.36 back until October 4th. I asked her if it would automatically be put back into my bank account and she said no, I would have to call again on the 4th.

So here we are. Today is October 4th and I just got off the phone, for the SEVENTH time with a customer service representative and supervisor. They told me I owe $67!!! I called in order to get refunded $238.36 and they tell me I would not be getting anything back, I actually have to pay $67! I was FURIOUS! I refused to pay anything else so luckily the supervisor made my balance 0. But Then where the hell is my $238.36!?!

The Supervisor was barely able to explain it to me. It was an issue with the system that said I had a credit of 238.36 and it just finally balanced out on the 24th. So I was told by THREE representatives that I would get a refund and now when I call the get it after having to wait a month for it, I'm told I WILL NOT BE GETTING ANYTHING BACK!

T-Mobile has some the nicest, most empathetic customer service reps... BUT THEY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY ARE DOING! In one month, I must've spent over 12 hours trying to work with the customer service department. They made my already difficult move to Canada 10x worse! Especially since I couldn't use my phone for over 3 weeks!! Very polite service team but VERY STUPID!!! Beware!! If they ever tell you something positive, it's probably them making a mistake!

Terrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

I have been with T-Mobile for 7 years. During that time I have had them disconnect my phone when I called in to activate a phone for another line. I have had several coverage and billing issues. The worst is that I was lied to in order to be signed to a new contract. I called T-Mobile in January because I was having problems with my phone and I was close to renewal. I asked if there was anything they could do for me since I had been with them for so long.

The girl I spoke to exclaimed that she could give me the Samsung III for $10.00 as long as I signed up for another 24 month agreement with all of my lines. I advised I wanted to make sure that one of my lines did not have a contract as I planned to disconnect it and I also advised that I wanted to be sure that when my husband's phone came up for renewal I would be able to get a discounted phone for him as well. I was advised that I would be able to get him the same phone I have for $189.00. I explained that if it was not possible I did not want to sign another contract. Again I was assured it would be done. A month later I got a bill for $900.00.

I called the company to find that I had been charged full price for my phone and that the girl never noted that she had only charged me $10.00 but they went ahead and gave me the credit for the phone that I was promised. I again verified with them that I would be able to get the promo price for my husband's phone when his phone came up for renewal. I was again told that I would. I called again the next month to make a payment over the phone and again I asked another representative was it noted that my husband's line would get the discount. I was told yes.

I called back this month because his phone is eligible for upgrade this month to ask what date I could upgrade his phone for discount pricing. I was told they no longer do discounted phones and that I would have to put a down payment of $249.00 and pay $20.00 a month for him to up upgrade. I was livid and asked to speak to a supervisor who also informed me that they would not honor what they told me but she would allow me to pay $180.00 down that day and pay 20.00 a month thereafter.

I explained that was not was I was told originally and that I wanted the deal that was offered to me. She would not budge and told me I could do it that day but could not guarantee it would be available to me after that date. I filed with the BBB and I spoke to my attorneys who wrote them a letter. Still to this day I have not heard back from them.

I called today and spoke to a supervisor who had a nasty attitude that advised me she could ask her manager to release my other lines from contract so I would not say they were forcing me to stay in contract under false pretense. She got her manager to release the other line out of contract but my husband's contract is not out until June. So he is now stuck with a phone that freezes up on him and no options. T-mobile does not care about their customers at all, it is all about the money. I have been a loyal customer for 7 years and they basically gave me the finger. And to top it off they still left me in contract so I have to go to court to be let out of this agreement.

The Squeaky Wheel...
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Rating: 4/51

READING, PENNSYLVANIA -- We have had a contract with T-mobile for 9+ years now, starting with just 2 phones then by 2005 going up to 4 phones on their family plan. We've had a good deal of trouble in the past 3 to 4 years with billing, costs of services and problems that T-mobile's own customer service operators have caused by not listening, not being properly informative, and just general laziness on the part of their customer service.

Here's a few ways that we got the problems fixed. First, my husband started the plan and even though we were both at the kiosk in our local mall, they put all His information on the plan, so if I had a question or He needed me to call due to his not being able to while at work, they refused to speak to me as I was not on the plan. Solution: a simple one, all I had to do was to have my husband call as soon as he got home from work, ask for a customer service supervisor and put my name on the plan as a person who could do everything he does.

Second, there were billing issues now at least 7 times where fraudulent companies billed us for things through our T-mobile account. This was basically due to my mother-in-law going on the Internet and giving out her cell phone number to places, mostly through FaceBook.

Solution: another fairly simple fix, once again my husband had to get on the phone with a customer service supervisor to get the problem fixed. Since HE was not the person who activated the charges, they were bound by their own contract to reverse these charges and to block Her line from ever making them again. He also had an interesting conversation with his mother which I won't repeat as I'd have to leave a lot of "bleeps" because of how he explained it to her...whew...

Third, and our most difficult problem to date: Our daughter truly wanted one of those smart phones and when she found out that T-mobile Was letting current customers get the phones with only a 2 year upgrade and a full rebate for the over $300 of course he did this for her. He was assured at the time by the store sales associates that he would get a full refund on his money. So far it's been more than the 8 weeks promised and we did not get the refund.

So, our daughter went to the store to find out what was going on, as that's where we bought (a free phone?) this phone. Now they're telling us that the paperwork, which was extensive, for the rebate through their own company, was completed incorrectly, but they won't give us a copy of the paperwork, and the problem on it is the numbers that the personnel at the store had to have put on it.

I'll tell you this much. In the earlier 2 incidents my Husband Had to be the one to call because he does NOT get intimidated, but the csrs (customer service reps) at T-mobile do. He will stay calm, until he feels that he must yell, and when doing that he'll do it with the first few customer service representatives that answer the phone, as they will be the ones who will block him from the customer service supervisor, and they will also be the ones who can't really do anything for him.

Once they list him as an Angry Problem Customer and get him on with a Supervisor, he'll be calm, explain how much we pay for service with them, also explain how Loyal we've been to them and how many of our friends and family we've gotten to switch to them for their own plans. THEN he will do everything and stay on the line forever until he is assured to get his money back.

Basically with T-mobile or any other cell service, cable company, movie rental place, home phone service...etc. "the Squeaky Wheel Always gets the Grease"...meaning that the loudest, most angry, and most immovable person will always Win out over these companies.

I know that there are people out there who will say, "Yeah, but that will never work for me" but it really does work. It would probably work just as well for a woman, any other woman, but I lose my cool too easily and being someone who worked Customer Service for most of my life until I had to go out on disability from the severe pain I have (I have a Chiari II malformation - which was diagnosed way too late to help much). I am extremely hard to please as it was ME who was "kissing the butts" of other people for so many years, at my employers' requests. I'm just not one of the women who can get this to work.

Anyone can get their problems, legitimate problems, resolved if they make themselves enough of an annoyance, and that means keeping at the customer service personnel the same day, not giving in and thinking you'll call back at a different time or date. As a former Customer Service Person, I know that you just have to stick with the issue and NOT give in, and eventually the situation will be resolved to your satisfaction. Customer service, good customer service is what makes the world go around right now, so no company can truly afford to have bad customer service, though sometimes they do try.

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Rating: 1/51

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- Account Number **. Phone Number **. My Contact number is **. Primary Account Holder is **... to speak on the account is.. **....** has the **, the number in question to be turn off. In July of 2011, I was paying my bill by phone. The customer service told me about a new family plan that would save money, so I changed over. He told me everything that I already had would just roll over to the new plan.

From the beginning there were a lot of mistakes on his part. I made so many calls back to T-Mobile, because my phone wasn't working. I had lost my text messages as well as my picture texting. He had made such a big mess out of everything. Then as he repair the 918--number the problems begin with the 520. She wasn't able to text, he also made my broadband stick for my Internet phone line where my Internet wasn't working for weeks.

I called T-Mobile every day or two, to fix the problem. If that wasn't enough mistakes, when my bill came, it was over 9,00 dollars because of the mess up and had me paying all types of things. If you would just read back through all of the notes on the account please, it would indeed enlighten you.

Now I was told I could drop off ** line in April. Now when I just called them, it's July 2013. She no longer needs the phone. She had the phone because she was going to college out of state, but due to family matters she had to return back to California ASAP.

I can't understand why I've been done in the matter. I have been a very faithful customer. I don't feel I should have to pay to have the line turn off. I didn't make the mistake. You don't have very smart people working there, if they're giving us the wrong information just to make points. If you have any questions for me you can reach me at **. I would like to stay on with T-Mobile, but not if I'm not treated with the respect I deserve.

Misrepresentation of phone prices in stores
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Rating: 2/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- T-Mobile has been difficult to work with through customer service for any resolution. I went into the store when my contract was expiring on November 23, 2011. I had information with me from Verizon with their plans and fees for an iPhone to compare to the smartphones and plans at T-Mobile. I am a single mother of two special needs children, so our budget is very important for our family and I needed to consider value.

The customer service person told me that I should renew because the phones were the same price... Verizon offers the iPhone at 199.99 with a 2 year contract, and the T-Mobile representative said their HTC Sensation would be 199.99 and the plan would be much cheaper than Verizon per month as well. I resigned with him for another 2 year contract in store.

Now, I received a bill stating payment "3 of 21 for $15". I called T-Mobile customer service to explain there is a mistake and that I purchased a phone for $199.99 with a 2 year contract renewal. The representative told me that the phones are $499.99 and that I paid in store a "down payment of $199.99 and still owe $270 to payoff my phone at $15 per month via statement for 2 years". I was shocked! I would NEVER have invested $500 into a cellphone!

The representative told me to go back to my local store and see what they could do. I did so the following day and the employees were not helpful. They just said call customer service and stated that I bought the Sensation when it just came out and no one in the store actually knew the price of the phone!

They also showed me their bold price signs by each phone and said the $199.99 is a down payment NOT price of phone with 2 year contract. The price is very large and bold on the tags next to each phone, BUT very tiny print under each price says down payment, and in even finer print much lower on the tags, it states two plan options and the full retail price of the phone. BE SURE TO READ ALL THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU SIGN A CONTRACT!

I am appalled at T-Mobile for misleading advertising, sales and contracts. I would never have considered purchasing a phone for $499.99 anywhere. This was my first upgrade to a smartphone and data plan, so I came from a free Gravity 2 with my first T-Mobile 2 year contract at Costco in 2009. That was reasonable and HONESTLY EXPLAINED to me at the time of purchase. This renewal was underhanded, misleading and inappropriate. The T-Mobile attitude is no resolution and basically that the 2 year contract is signed and binding.

I will not renew with T-Mobile again based on this experience. They would charge me $200 to leave my contract now, so I am stuck for 18 months paying full retail price for a phone I was told was "199.99 with my renewed 2 year contract just like Verizon"... NOT TRUE!

I would rather pay more at Verizon for honest representation and upfront plans, than ever go through this again... I hope anyone looking for an economical break really compares the plans and reads the fine print before signing on or renewing with T-Mobile. Our family was definitely taken, and don't you think T-Mobile could or would remove the $270 balance on a misrepresented phone or downgrade our phone to one that fits our budget and IS what we asked for initially? Then, to add insult to injury, the customer service reps on phone and in store, were trying to add services which cost more per month to us!

From my experience, T-Mobile is all about the short-term sale not longevity with clients and customer satisfaction. Sad. I would like to take this problem higher up in T-Mobile so they realize they are losing good customers, and so this does not happen to others. I have always overpaid my monthly statements and been a great customer. There is no reason to mislead and treat customers with a cold shrug of the shoulders and a " too bad, you signed the contract" attitude with no recognition or resolution to the problem. Thanks.

Part 2: To add to this review, I would like to notify others that I contacted T-Mobile customer service AGAIN and spoke with a supervisor who suggested that I go back to the store where I purchased the phone/plan and speak with that store manager for my second visit to resolve this issue. I called and left a message because the store manager, **, was on another line. He never even had the courtesy to call back to resolve anything.

Next, I have to find a regional manager for help, and then up to the corporate level. The amount of time, frustration and energy it takes to reach a person who actually cares is unbelievable. This is all taking time away from my special needs children as well... all for a misrepresented phone. T-Mobile is not a good place for customer service from our family's experience. They back the legality of their contract, the sales employee and not the customer. Your needs are not their concern once you have signed on for another 2 years. You are stuck so be sure you know exactly what you are getting into and ALL THE FINE PRINT.

I was absolutely told by their salesman that my htc sensation phone would be "the same $199.99 as the Verizon iphone I was looking at plus a cheaper monthly plan..." Now, 3 months later, my discovery on my invoice that I was sold a full retail 499.99 phone on a payment plan is considered my fault! The phone supervisor said I should have called sooner and that I am out of my grace period, so he could not help.

So, I owe $270 on a phone and $200 to get out of a contract, or I am stuck with T-Mobile for another year and 9 months. What a great way to treat customers who always pay bills on time and have been most honorable! Buyers beware... No resolution in sight to date for us. :(

The service is very bad
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I'm the customer of T-Mobile since I reached to United States for 8 years. I always get the T-Mobile services from the dealers since 2010. Someone use my husband name to opened an account without we known that. We only know when we received a billing statement one day. We settled this unknown account about 9 months. As this happened we decide to open an account at the T-Mobile store at Flushing. The Code store is 7683 Main Street of Flushing.

When we open a new phone services the service is very good and I brought a insurance also from the T-Mobile in case the phone had a problem but when it happen when we really need the backup service is very very bad as I don't figure out this will happened to me. I went to line up the line but when is my turned I asked a favor to check my phone the sales represent asked me to called to 1800 toll free number to claim my phone. I said I did called but the insurance company asked a few question that I don't know how to answer.

The first question is about the, “Is it a device problem?” The second question is a memory card problem and the third question is the Sim card problem. I don't know how to answer them so I went to the store to get the answer and asked them directly called to the insurance company and you know what happened? After is my turn on line they called to 1800 toll free they walk away without helping. When I asked the person who helped me before to talk to the insurance company to see what happened he said he not free. Can you believe that?

He name is Paul but on that day there is 2 people name Paul. He an American guy not only that on the same day. I still remember is on 08/09/2011. I buy accessories I tried to paid can you believed that the store manager name Jack asked me to make a line again and I said I did make a line already and the person who in serve me walked away without helping. You know the store manager said then, “You have to make a line again”. Can you believed that?

When I was waiting for the my turn to paid the accessories I asked the store manager Jack if someone can help me to use this accessories. He said yes but when I paid already and asked for helped again what happened? The sales representative name called Hoa said he don't know how to fix the accessory and when I was with him that time he went to serve another customer to opened a new account and asked me to wait when it was my turned. He trying not to serve me because I'm not opening a new account I'm buying a accessory and just make a claim of my phone.

I told Hoa, “You now make already twice in a line and you ask me to wait because you want to serve another person that is behind 2 of me," and I getting so angry and I tell him about it but he feel like nothing. I said very loud over there, “I not a customer of the T Mobile? Why nobody can serve me?” Then come another person called Jack, “He is not the store manager, he just a sales representative. He come to me and said, “Let me help you.” He fixed my accessory and also helped me to answer the question for the insurance claim company about the three question that the insurance company asked.

He told me that the insurance company supposed to do the claimed for me in the phone and the question that they asked of course as the customer how they can answer only the person who works the in the T Mobile can answer. Jack the representative also mention that the insurance company is not helpful at all so the claimed of my phone he have to do in the store directly and he said it not supposed to do it in the store. You see I went to the store for 4 hours waiting on line for twice and nobody is helping until I shouted in the store for help. I remember that time was 2 Paul and 2 Jack.

The Jack store manager don't ever want to help you when he know you are on trouble getting help. He know that because I asking him for help. The store at 7683 T Mobile had the discrimination at the Chinese people because the sales representative including store manager was thinking I am the Chinese person come from China and they are American Chinese with a good education.

I cannot believe that Chinese people treat Chinese like that. I feel so bad about it and hard feeling. My husband and daughter was there that time also. They cannot believe also. The discrimination and the service in the Chinese area. Vivivn and Steven feel so disappointed about the service in store 7683 in Main Street Flushing.

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